Matalan Easy Tshirt

When I was in Matalan and found my checked trousers (that you can read about here) I managed to have a really good look around the store and was really impressed with the offerings in the men's department. The range that stood out to me the most was the Easy range as there was plenty to choose from. 

I picked up this maroon textured t-shirt from the range for just £8.00 if I remember correctly and I am so glad I did as it is definitely becoming one of my go to t-shirts. It is a t-shirt I feel myself reaching for when I don't want to wear something too plain & when I want to feel a bit smarter. So in other words I reach for it on those days where I don't want to wear a sports branded t-shirt or something with a bold print.

The top is a perfect fit in my opinion as it isn't too tight but it isn't baggy either. So many t-shirts I try on are hit & miss for me in terms of the fit, some are so tight I can barely move where as overs are too baggy and make me look even bigger than I am. That's why I reach for this top so often, it is the perfect in-between. It doesn't cling but also doesn't make me look bigger. There is plenty of movement in the t-shirt too. Another thing I usually struggle with in t-shirts is the sleeves 99% of the time the sleeves are far too big for me whereas with this one they fall closer to the skin with a little big of tightness but they aren't going to cut my circulation off any time soon.

It has kept its shape too even after a lot of washes. Sometimes if you buy a cheaper t-shirt they don't keep their shape very long which goes well with the saying buy cheap buy twice. However, the quality is really helping with the upkeep of the shape as it is a bit of a thicker feel than your usual t-shirt.

The t-shirt is nice and simple too, you only have the small embroidered easy logo on the front of the t-shirt in a nice navy colour so it doesn't stand out too much but it just adds a nice little bit of detail. What really made this t-shirt jump out on me in the shop though was the neck detail. It isn't just a standard t-shirt neck it is a thicker material with the maroon & navy stripe circling around to make a nice little pattern. It just adds a little extra to the detailing. 

It is really easy to style too, my go to for this at the moment is some black jeans and white trainers but I can wear it with any other jeans I own and I have plenty of footwear options to match too. I think this is going to be in my wardrobe for quite a while.

I will definitely be heading back to Matalan & keeping an eye on their website to see what else I can pick up as I am definitely impressed by what they have lately. It is a shop I have always underestimated but that is definitely about to change.

Have you ever underestimated a shop?

See you soon

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