Gym Wishlist

I have recently got back into going to the gym pretty often (although not as often as I would like), however since it has been that long since I went I have gained a lot of weight so nothing really fits or accessories have gone missing. Here are just a few of the items I am looking to invest in.

 A good quality breathable t-shirt is a must. Just like this Under Armour t-shirt I have my eye on. I currently go to the gym in old football shirts which are too tight so I am looking at getting something a little more comfortable.
Just like with the t-shirt you need some comfortable bottoms. You want something that isn't going to rub and is easy to move around in. I currently wear some £5 primark jog bottoms which are super soft and baggy however with the weather warming up I am looking to get some baggy shorts so I aren't too warm in the warmer months.
Good shoes are a must my current Nike trainers are becoming worn and tired looking so I am looking to upgrade. Reebok are a brand I have heard good things about so I may give these a try when I get new trainers. 
I go through far too many pairs of gym gloves. This is because I leave them all over the house and when it comes to using them 1 has always vanished. I used the gloves when using weights and when on the rower just to give my hands a little extra protection. With me wanting to get to the gym 4 times a week it is a must that they are durable so I can get my months worth, that is why I am hoping to grab a pair of Nike gloves as I know from past experience they are worth every penny.

Those of you who know me know I have pretty bad knee problems so a good quality knee brace is a must for the added protection. Granted I don't wear this daily as I have to try work without it every now and again to try get my knee used to supporting itself. However when I do need it I need something strong. Lonsdale is a brand I have always used support wise and always will.

What is on your gym wishlist? Can you recommend any good products? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

Fish Soho Kingfisher Wax*

It is a while ago now that the lovely people over at Fish Sent me this wax to try however I have that many products on the go at the moment I have been in and out of using this. 

To be completely honest at first it took a few days to get used to how much to use and the best way to get my style how I wanted it. But now I am more than satisfied as a little does go a very long way.

Just a small amount is seeming to go a long way, meaning the tub seems to be lasting forever. One huge perk of this wax is it works well into the hair and is super easy to wash out. It also doesn't make the hair look greasy but does give it a little extra shine. Smell is also a big factor for me and too be fair the smell of this isn't too bad at all and it doesn't linger on the hair. 

I think I will be buying this again once I actually finish off everything else I currently have on the go. 

Here is a picture of how I managed to use the wax to style my hair once I had got used to it. You can buy the Fish products from Boots and Tesco stores.

Have you tried any thing from the Fish range?

See you soon
Lucy :) 

Topman Hairspray

Topman hair

When my mum came home and said she had got me some new hair stuff from the pound shop I really didn't know what to expect. What she had got me was this can of Topman hairspray.

Now to be honest I didn't even know Topman did a hairspray. It did have a fairly good hold but to start with it left little white bits in my hair and made my hair feel rock solid. Weirdly however I noticed after just over a week the white bits disappeared. Unfortunately the hair feeling rock solid did stick. For only £1 I suppose it isn't too bad but personally I will not be buying again.

Have you tried the Topman hairspray? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

Puma Suede collection

I love it when you find a type of shoes you could live in forever. For me it has always been Converse or Nikes however this changed recently. 

I went to America in 2013 where I picked up these red Puma suede's however it wasn't until earlier than year I began wearing these.  I really wish I had started wearing them sooner as they are so comfy and look great with how I dress. So far I have these in Red and Blue but I am looking into getting as many different colours as possible so I can wear them with any outfit.  I also believe they add a little bit of a smarter yet casual look to my outfits. 

What colour do you think I should get next?
See you soon

Why Football

 Football has been a huge escape for me for so many years. either this be kicking a ball against a wall, training for games or going to watch. I watched my first Bradford game when I was 5 years old I became hooked. I own a season ticket and go to every home match these day. Valley Parade is my safe place, it is somewhere I look forward to going to no matter what mood I am in. 

I have the shirts the pictures, hang around to meet players and watch football on an extremely regular basis. I honestly think football is good for my mental health too as it is that escape, to this day I still go out for a kick about. Hopefully once I am fully over my injury again I will be back out on the pitch.

Another great thing about football is how it brings the whole family together. It is me my mum, boyfriend and sister who go to the games, it is us four who spend that quality time together having a laugh getting annoyed but overall having great fun together. It is something me and Liam can sit and talk about so much as it is our common ground and how we can take ourselves off to the women's games when we want to. Doing this on the weekends I believe has made us stronger as we always look forward to putting that city shirt on and heading to the stadium together to watch the games. 
Win, draw loose I will still love the game and my team and the opportunities it has brought me throughout the years and many more years to come.

See you soon,

Wildfang Wishlist

I first heard of Wildfang through Kate Moennig and Tegan and Sara. What I love about them is their androgynous style especially as I am someone who would rather shop in a men's department over a women's department. So here are a few of the items I have got my eyes on for if I ever have enough money to get the items and pay the shipping fee. Wildfang if you are reading this please open a UK store.

The Knowles Shirt - $88
I absolutely love this shirt. The bold print and bright colours really make it a statement. The long sleeves also mean it is perfect for any weather. If you get too warm simply roll up the sleeves.

 The Last Call Button Up - $68
Just like the above I like the bold patterns on this shirt and the darker colour goes so well with the pattern. With it been short sleeved this will be perfect for the warmer weather.

The Watson Blazer - $148
Perfect to smarten up your outfit and add a little extra. This would work well for meetings through work or just as a smarter daily look.

The Shawkat Shirt - $88
You may have guessed it that I love a good quality shirt. I love this due to the pattern and how it could be used on a smart or casual outfit.

Tomboy Snapback -$38
If you read my collection post you will know I love a good hat, The bold Tomboy writing really makes this hat stand out and as a Tomboy myself  I think this may just top of any everyday outfit.

So there you have it do you have any items you are really wanting? And if your read this Wildfang please come over to the UK.

Check out all these items at

See you soon

2 Favourite Holiday Outfits

This time last week I was laid around the side of a pool in Majorca now I am unfortunately back to reality and preparing to head back to work. So for today's post I thought I would show you my favourite outfits from the time I was away.

Primark Farrel Shirt
Primark Vest Top
Sainsbury's Bermuda Shorts
All White converse Hi-Tops

I had plenty of compliments on this outfit and I really love the relaxing casual vibe. It isn't often I find an outfit I am 100% comfortable in however I know this is something I will be wearing over and over again.

Primark Shirt
Primark Blue Pastel T shirt
Primark Black Denim Shorts
Blue Toms

Again this outfit was so comfortable and I would be happy wearing this plenty of times in the summer. 

I love that I am finally finding my own style and experimenting with different patterns more often and can't wait to continue with this.

What's your holiday style? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon