My lifestyle is changing but I am hoping to change it even more...


Since the start of the year I have noticed that a lot in my life is actually changing, I am not sure what actually caused these shifts in my life but I am grateful that they happened as the changes are benefiting me in so many ways. There are plenty of areas that have changed and I am feeling like these changes are going to be around for the long run as I feel these changes have come from me maturing a bit recently and as I get older I think I am only going to become more aware of these changes and how they positively impact my life. Thanks to me now noticing these changes happening I have had a sit down and had a think about all the other changes I want to make to improve my outlook on life and improve it even more. 

As it stands life has changed by the fact I am going on far less shopping trips now as I prefer to spend my free time outdoors enjoying myself rather than spending money for the sake of it. I am also getting a bit better financially too although this is something I can still improve a bit more. Even my style is changing as it is becoming a bit more streamlined and more of what I want it to be rather than what I think others would like. So those are the changes I have already noticed but here is how I plan on changing my lifestyle a whole lot more to really create the life I am wishing for...

General life wise...

Short breaks away in the outdoors specifically camping

As I am now preferring to be outdoors more I want to really capitalise on this and use any free weekends or holidays from work to get out a whole lot more. I am really wanting to incorporate more short breaks into our year even if it is just a few nights in a lodge somewhere near a nice walk that would be great however, once the weather gets a whole lot better I would love to just pack up the car and go camping for a few nights with Liam and the dog to take on new walks and see plenty of new places.

Invest in camping and walking equipment

I guess this one goes along with the above doesn't it. However, I might be enjoying the outdoors more but I am certainly not equipped for it, Air Force on a muddy hill just doesn't work and the lack of waterproof coat can cause a bit of an issue. I know that by investing in these items I am going to get plenty of use out of them and they will make my trips out and little breaks a lot more enjoyable as I will actually be prepared for a change.

Add more cold water therapy into my life

Cold water therapy actually helps me out a lot more than I ever thought it would. There are obviously the physical benefits such as recovery time improving but it also helps me a lot mentally, I didn't expect it to have that much of an impact in that sense but it really has. I will definitely be adding a whole lot more cold water exposure into my weekly life and I have something that is going to help me with that too which you will see in a new in post very soon. 

Even less shopping trips

The shopping trips have been cut back but honestly I could cut back on them even more and see more benefits from doing this. Less shopping trips would certainly help out financially but it would also give me more chance to head out locally and explore new routes for walking and just get in the fresh air a whole lot more which is what I am aiming for. I don't need to shop half as much as I currently do.

Be more active

I did so well at being active before but I started to slip off once we got the dog and now other than dog walks I don't really do much so I really want to change that. I want to get to the stage where I am in fact more active than I used to be by getting back to football  & boxing properly, going on even more works and getting those strength sessions back into my weekly routine alongside running. Being more active will do my fitness journey the world of good but it will also free my mind a bit.

Go alcohol free

Now I did this for a few months a while back and felt a lot better in myself so I am challenging myself to at least 12 months of being alcohol free just to see what benefits I get from it. Who knows if I feel good after 12 months of no alcohol I might even push it to stopping all together but I guess with this one only time will tell. 


Spend money more mindfully 

As it stands I am still at that stage of spending for the sake of it and I no longer want to be like that. I don't want to buy items just so I don't go home empty handed, I want to able to go out and come home not having bought anything and feel good about not wasting my money. I know this one might take a while to get into but the benefits once this happens are going to be worth it.

Focus on my savings

I want to make it so that rather than focusing on the outgoings I am focusing on the savings that I am building up to help me with projects, jobs and so much more. At the moment my savings are none existent as I just dip into them for purchases I really don't need to make in the first place. I want to change that though and I want to focus on seeing those numbers going up and jobs being able to take place due to those savings increasing. I could save so much money each month if I set myself a proper budget and some proper savings targets as it would make me more determined to save rather than spend. 

It is safe to say I have some pretty big goals and visions in place for the future these days so my focus is 100% on working towards those and cutting back on anything that doesn't align with those goals. There is definitely going to be a big shift in my lifestyle and I can't wait to see where it takes me in the future and if I manage to achieve anything I set out to do. This shift is definitely needed and I am excited to see what if any of these changes take place and what impact they have on my life.

What I am hoping to gain fitness & weight loss wise in my final year of my 20's


Last week I posted all about my general hopes for my final year in my 20's which you can read here, but today is the big one as it is what I am hoping for fitness wise. The final year of my 20's is going to have a massive focus as 28 didn't go to plan so I am really hoping that 29 is going to be much better and I can really focus on my fitness and go into my 30's feeling happier and healthier than ever. There has been a mindset change and a lot of thought gone into how I can change things up and have the best year yet so here are the things I am hoping for fitness wise for the last year of my 20's...

Lose 3 stone

Now with how things have been going this could be a struggle but I am determined that by the time my 30th birthday come around I will have lost 3 stone or possibly even more. I have a note set up on my phone named 3 stone by 30 where I am logging my daily progress and I am really looking forward to seeing the numbers decrease as the year progresses. This might feel like a lot at the moment but if I slowly chip away I know I have it in me to really push on and achieve this or possibly even do better.

Feel more energetic

I am hoping that I can work on feeling a bit more energetic in my final year of my 20's. Right now I feel drained most of the time, getting out of bed on a morning is a struggle and I find myself counting down the hours until I get to go back to bed. When I was really focusing on my journey before this wasn't an issue so I am hoping to get back to that as I know when I working on myself I had more than enough energy to really focus on the tasks at hand daily so I want to get back to that feeling and being able to tick off every box on my to do list daily without feeling like everything is hard work and draining me.

Have more confidence

When things were going well before my confidence was growing however, since seeing the scales go back up I have noticed it has really started to decrease again which is a bit of a nightmare as I was doing so well. I was starting to put myself out there for different opportunities and going out more often but now I am falling into old habits that I no longer want to be in. Fingers crossed I can really work on myself and see that confidence build up once more.

I want to not mind seeing my reflection in the mirror

Getting ready on a morning is now becoming a hard task as I don't want to catch sight of myself in the mirror as I am not happy with how I look at the moment. If I can avoid  mirror I will do at all costs but I know that as my journey continues I can really work on this and I am hoping that by the time my 30th birthday rolls around I can happily look in a mirror to check my outfit without picking out a lot of flaws.

Be more active

I guess this one is going to happen either way thanks to having the dog however, I don't want all my physical activity to be through dog walks as much as I love going outdoors these days. I want to be more active by hitting as many boxing sessions as I can or as many football training sessions as I can. There will runs added into this too to help get me more active and strength sessions will definitely be added in a lot more frequently.

Have a better relationship with food

Me and food are a bit of a weird one, I prefer things plain and beige however, I know that I really need to change my relationship with food and start to add in more fruit and vegetables to help me work towards my goals and just fuel my body properly. I am going to use these next 12 months to work different foods into my diet and just get better with what I snack on and eat in general. 

Better performance at football

I am currently not happy with my performance on the football pitch whether that is game wise or even in training and I think this is down to how I am feeling with my weight and my fitness level getting worse rather than better. I really want to use the next 12 months and this current season to get my performances much better than I have been especially when it comes to my fitness. I know my fitness will definitely improve over the 12 months as my weight drops and I get a lot more active.

Push myself out of my comfort zone

Over the next 12 months I am going to really push myself out of my comfort zone as I know by doing this I will open myself up to more opportunities and also improve myself mentally. There is one big way I will be doing this which is by doing Total Warrior in June next year which is going to be a big push however, I want to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone on plenty of occasions throughout the year in all aspects of my life, this could even be something as simple as trying a new fitness class or something along those lines too. 

1 year alcohol free

Now this is the challenge I have set for myself for the next 12 months. I am planning on not drinking until my 30th birthday but who knows I might not take up drinking again at all if I like my life without alcohol in it. I know that by cutting the alcohol out I will be able to push on with my fitness goals and see the weight drop like I have done previously and it will also help with the energy side of things too. I have plenty of events coming up in the next 12 months but I am determined to stick to this.

I am really hoping that 29 really sets me up to go into my 30's so much fitter and healthier than I ever have been before as it will really set me up to push on into my 30's with a better mindset and be well onto the big goals I have set myself which I really need to push on with if I ever want to achieve them.

Let's see what year 29 holds for me then shall we. 

My autumn 2023 wish list


The 'ber months are here and I am so glad as I have definitely realised that Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love layering up and getting cosy in the autumn months and it is safe to say this year is going to be no different. My style is evolving a little bit at the moment though so I am looking forward to seeing what this autumn holds for me in terms of the outfits I end up piecing together as it could be a bit different to previous years. As my style is evolving I want to add a few new pieces into my autumn wardrobe to make it as practical as possible, so here are the items I would love to pick up...


Clothing wise there are quite a few items I want to incorporate into my wardrobe for autumn however, a fair few of these items will do me for winter too which is certainly an added bonus as I try to make my clothing last as long as possible these days. There is a nice mixture of clothing I would like to pick up to cover all occasions so here are the items that have made my autumn clothing wish list...

Plain t-shirts

A plain black, white and grey t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe so I want to pick up a few more in different fits to see me through the season. Plain t-shirts are certainly one of my most worn items especially in autumn as I use them as a base layer when layering outfits as they look great under a checked shirt or come in handy under a hoodie. No doubt I will end up picking a fair few of these up from M&S to get me through the autumn weather as I have found their t-shirts definitely fit me better than anywhere else. I will probably pick up a few long sleeved plain t-shirts from Primark too just for an added bit of warmth as the temperature drops as the season progresses.

Band t-shirt

I seem to be getting right into band t-shirts at the moment and I honestly think this is due to Primark selling some brilliant ones at the moment. This autumn I really want to add more band t-shirts into my collection though as I think they would work perfectly for the style I am going for throughout the season. They would look great with my Dr Martens but would look even better under an open checked shirt.

Checked shirts

On the topic of checked shirts I actually have a few different coloured checked shirts on the wish list this time around. I have the trusty old red & black one on the list seen as the dog ate my last one so it needs replacing and I also want one with a brown undertone as I think one in that colourway would look good with some of the outfits I have in mind for the season. No doubt I will end up buying more than the two in mind though as we all know I am a sucker for a checked shirt.

Plain hoodies

Whilst looking through what I have in my wardrobe already I have noticed that I have a serious lack of plain hoodies as the majority of mine have silly prints right across them. As I am opting for a bit of a smarter style now and am moving away from prints I really want to add some nice fitting plain hoodies into my wardrobe that will be perfect for layering or wearing alone. The plan is to pick one up in each of these colours, black, grey and navy. Once I have got those colours I should be set but we might add a few more in if needs be. 

Dog walking coat

I never thought I would ever need a dog walking coat but here we are in 2023 surprising ourselves by getting a dog. This had led to me spending a lot more time outdoors and I honestly can't complain as it is giving me a whole new lease of life. It is also showing me some big gaps in my wardrobe I need to fill though and one item I really need is a coat that is suitable for those cold rainy dog walks. I don't have any waterproof coats at the moment so I am on the hunt for something that looks nice but is also very practical. 

Grey Jeans

I said early summer that one of the number one items I wanted to purchase for autumn some nice grey jeans as the only jeans that fit me at the moment are black or a very light blue colour. I haven't had a nice fitting pair of grey jeans for a long time now so it is about time I change that. I won't be spending a fortune on a pair as I am hoping they won't fit me for too long however, I do have my eyes on a nice pair in Primark that are budget friendly and would go with planned outfits really well.

Ripped Jeans

My wardrobe is also lacking a pair of ripped jeans as my old pairs don't fit me anymore. Again these are going to be purchased on a budget so no doubt will come from Primark. I am thinking a nice black pair to go with my band t-shirts and Dr Martens but I guess I will just have to wait and see for the next shopping trip to see what pairs jump out at me. Who knows in the end I might find a nice grey pair of ripped jeans too if Primark have any that catch my eye.

Black Jeans

My current selection of black jeans has gone down hill as they either don't fit right or they are that old the colour has started to fade. There is a definite need to upgrade my jeans this autumn and I am very tempted to pick up a few pairs of black jeans this time around as I do wear them very frequently and I know that different styles will suit different outfits perfectly so they wont just be sat in a drawer.


I don't really know why but I have had it in my mind for a while that I really want a pair of corduroy trousers. After having a look around for a while I have found a pair I really like from Marks & Spencer so this autumn I am going to treat myself. These will help me create the perfect autumn outfit especially with the footwear I am planning on wearing throughout the season.


Footwear is a bit of an issue at the moment as the majority of footwear I own isn't too suitable for the autumn weather, plus with some of the outfits I have in mind for the season I know I would be better suited with a few new pairs, plus I could do with some better footwear for dog walks too as that is definitely an area I am lacking in as I never expected to need dog walking shoes. So here is the footwear I would love to pick up this autumn...

Walking boots 

I am getting into the great outdoors a whole lot more now and my wardrobe doesn't replicate that especially when it comes to my footwear. That is why walking boots are now top of my wish list so that I am well covered on the cold dark autumn months whilst walking the dog or just going out exploring. I have seen a few pairs that are on the budget friendly side so who knows I might end up treating myself to a pair so I am a bit more prepared.

Vans Old Skool Hi 

For so long a nice pair of black Vans Old Skool Hi's have been on my wish list and I think now is the time I finally treated myself to a pair. With how my style is changing a pair of these would be perfect for with those casual looks involving jeans, cords or even chinos which are still going to be worn. A nice simple black and white pair will come in really handy so lets see if I finally get a pair and create some great looks with them this autumn.

Low Converse

A bit like with the Vans a pair of low Converse has been on the wish list for a long time now and I have just been putting it off for so long, there has always been an excuse for not purchasing them but it is about time I stopped with the excuses. I am planning on picking up these in black as I know they will be more suited to the season and also go with more of the outfits I have in mind. 

There you have it those are the items that are on my 2023 autumn wish list, lets hope I can get my hands on quite a few of these items as they will come in very handy for the the colder weather. It really is time to get prepared for being outdoors more often too as I am not ready for those colder dog walks. 

What would you pick up from this list first?

Here are some general things I am hoping to achieve in the last year of my 20's


Well here we go the final year of my 20's has begun, seriously though how am I nearly 30? I feel like I only turned 21 two minutes ago. My 20's have been pretty good but I am determined that 29 is going to be my best year yet in so many aspects of my life. The hope is that by having a great year 20 my 30's will get off to a great start and set me off towards the life I have been dreaming of so much lately, it is definitely a case of less dreaming more doing from now on. I am really hoping that the next 12 months are eventful and help me progress to that dream I have and there are plenty of plans in place to help try achieve this and here are those plans..


Get better with money

I am determined that year 29 is going to be the year where I get so much better with my money, for so long I have been spending for the sake of it and I am now starting to realise that saving my money is so much more beneficially than having a load of items I don't really need cluttering up the wardrobe & house. I am really hoping I can get a whole lot better when it comes to money and only spending what I need to rather than not buying for the sake of not coming home empty handed.

Actually have savings

I used to be really good with my savings but then I got a new car, then a dog and all savings went out of the window. I really do need to learn that once the money is in savings to leave it there until it is really needed as currently I put money in and take it back out for the sake of it. If there are specific items I want I am making sure I save for it and I want to make sure there is always plenty in savings for emergencies or jobs that require doing around the house but more on those later.

Invest money in projects I have lined up

My brain is always thinking of the next thing and I currently have a fair few projects I am wanting to work on, a few are going to require equipment though so the plan is to save money and in those projects to make them the best possible and get the most out of them. By investing in the projects rather than wasting money I will be helping them progress whilst keeping myself busy so it will be money well spent in the long run especially as those projects will help towards that dream life.

Budget for the things that are important

To get saving as I want to I am going to need to start to budget properly to allow the extra money to go to savings. At the moment I don't budget which means I am more or less guessing how much money I have which stresses me out to be honest and I need to get it under control at long last. I know if I budget for those important things it is going to be much easier to navigate my money and the worries will disappear. There will be a post about budgeting coming in the future though with more of a plan in place for how I am going to tackle this.


Find my style

My style is all over the place lately and some outfits I put together make me feel frustrated and fed up so I am using the next 12 months to really find my style & get a bit of a confidence boost when it comes to the clothing I wear day to day. I can do this on a budget and whilst I am losing my weight so that when I hit 30 I have a plan in place of what works best for me.

Be more conscious of choices when adding to my wardrobe

I want to make more of a conscious effort when I am adding to my wardrobe. Rather buying for the sake of it I really want to think about the purchases I make and only add items I am going to get plenty of wear out of, items that will last me and items that are value for money. I don't want to keep up with trends anymore and new items will only be bought if they are really needed and if they align with the style I am aiming for. The amount of clothing I currently own is ridiculous so it is time that got sorted and kept under control once and for all.

Save for investing in new pieces

Oh look we are back to my current favourite word.. save. This is a big one really as I know that I am going to need a whole new wardrobe if all goes to plan weight loss wise and it is going to be a big expense replacing my whole wardrobe. That is why I am planning to spend 12 months saving up to get a head start ready for when that wardrobe build is required. Granted that rebuild might not be needed in 12 months however, a 12 month head start is definitely going to be handy.


Work on the things that make me happy

I have been neglecting things that have made me happy for a while now to prioritize other things which don't bring me half as much joy. It is time to change that though and really put a focus on those things that make me happy, whether that is one of my little projects or just sitting and playing a video game for a few hours, it is time to put those things that make me happy to the top of the priority list.

Work towards the things on the vision board

Previously I haven't really bothered with vision boards as I thought it was just a gimmick however, for year 29 I have created one and I am going to see how it goes. I have put plenty on their that is going to help me achieve that dream life and I have it put in a place where I am always going to see it so I am excited to see how this one plays out.

Spend more time outdoors

This is a big one that I am hoping for and I am 100% determined that this is going to take place. I don't need to go out shopping as much as I used to so I will use the time I used to go shopping to get outdoors whether that is for a long dog walk or a solo walk. This will give me more time to enjoy with the dog too which I am really looking forward to as we can go see new places together. I am also hoping that we can get on some trips away which are camping or in a log cabin, just embrace those great outdoors a whole lot more.


Make sorting the house a priority 

There is so much for us still to do in the house even 5 years after moving in so I am hoping that throughout my last year in my 20's we can switch it up and rather than going out shopping we can make it a habit of saving to get those jobs done and actually go ahead with them rather than picking to do something else that day just to put the job off which is something we tend to do far too often. The house is going to be number 1 priority over days out etc. 

Get jobs around the house done

So with the house being the number one priority the hope is that we get as many jobs as we can done in the next year. The jobs are mainly redecorating the upstairs of the house so it is going to be a case of having 12 months to save and get these jobs ticked off the to do list. The spare room should be a quick and easy job whereas the bedroom and hallway are going to be much bigger jobs which will require more savings. Some jobs wont even cost a penny so it is about time I got those done too and finally got the house house we want it, well at least the upstairs of the house as realistically we are a long way off getting the downstairs done due to the work involved in that.

Declutter all the areas that need decluttering

The house is now over run with junk that simply doesn't need to be in the house so that plan is over the next 12 months we go room by room and clear out every cupboard, draw you name it, decluttering will be taking place. This even includes the loft and shed, those are two areas that get very overwhelming when I have to venture into them. I am hoping that decluttered home will lead to a much better mindset too when it comes to a whole lot of areas of my life. There is just no need for all the clutter.

So there you have it those are my general aims for the final year of my 20's I am 100% determined to start my 30's the best way possible and finally have some extra money to my name and a bulk of the jobs around the home done. 29 is all about finding me and I am excited to see how it goes. 

Keep checking back as I will be doing a post all about what I am hoping the final year of my 20's holds fitness wise very soon and it is going to be an interesting post as I plan to push myself more than I have done previously.

Now lets get these jobs done and get those savings building up...

My current workout wish list for getting back into a routine...


Finally after a tough first half of 2023  I am slowly getting back to some form of routine which means I can start adding in more workouts. The return of the football season has definitely helped spur me on a bit with my journey however, the main factor is definitely the fact I am back at the stage of hating my reflection once more and also feeling uncomfortable throughout the day again. I don't want to continue feeling like this so I am making the weight loss and fitness journey my main priority once more, but I will go into that in a separate post as there is a lot due to change to help me achieve my goals. One of the main things I am doing at the moment though is getting back into my working out. I am getting back into football regularly due to the season starting back up, I am also getting back into my boxing and I am trying to hit as many weeks as possible before the end of the year before increasing the amount I go in 2024 as I have definitely slacked in 2023. I am also thinking of doing more Park Runs before the end of the year but before I do that I might try to actually complete the Couch to 5K this time around but I am determined to get running properly for the remainder of the year. 

I have really missed working out so I can easily say I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of regular workouts and I know my journey is going to benefit from this. Something that I know is going to motivate me too is picking up some new goodies to encourage me and help make the workouts a bit easier so here is my current wish list of the clothing and accessories that I would love to pick up to make the workouts more enjoyable and just that little bit easier...

High 5 energy & hydration

For some reason I keep gravitating towards the High 5 energy gels and hydration tablets, I never picked any up though as I didn't feel I actually had a use for them. With me back at football, planning on running and just upping the intensity of my workouts in general I think it is time I purchased the energy gels for game days and the hydration tablets for day to day as they could be really useful for my journey as hydration is something I keep neglecting these days. They actually do packs with a mix of products so the aim is to pick one of these up to see if there is any benefit.

Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones

I have been on the hunt for some good headphones for a while now and I keep seeing people working out in these all over my social media so they must do the job right. These are on the wish list as I want some good quality headphones for when I am working out in the home gym once it is done so I can just get in the zone and focus on the task at hand. No doubt they would be used for editing etc too as projects get up and running so I would definitely get plenty of use out of them. 

Beats Fit Pro earphones

I know I have literally just said I want the headphones but the earphones are also on the wish list as I want something a bit smaller for if I am out in the garden doing some solo football training or if I am out running. Music definitely helps me get the most out of my workouts and these are nice and compact so won't annoy me like some previous earphones have done. Again these are on the more expensive side of things however, I know I am going to get my use out of them and they will help me stay focused for those workouts.

Gymshark 1/4 zip

There is nothing better than a 1/4 zip for working out on those colder days in my opinion and I have had my eye on a few Gymshark ones for a while now to add to my ever growing collection. A new Gymshark one would definitely be great for boxing as it is freezing in the gym I go to for the sessions but it will also come in handy for any running or outdoor solo football sessions I do just to add a bit of extra warmth. I just don't know if I should wait for the Black Friday sales to hopefully get one of these or just treat myself a little earlier.

Gymshark t-shirt

I already have a fair few Gymshark t-shirts in my workout collection but I definitely want to add a few more as the ones I currently have are getting a bit too big for me. The Gymshark t-shirts are definitely a firm favourite though as they are a great fit without being restrictive and are really comfortable for working out in. No doubt over the next few months a few more of these t-shirts will be coming into the house and I think I could end up in Gymshark for all my workouts rather than mix and matching brands.

Boxing gloves

If I am going to boxing more often I definitely want some new boxing gloves as my originals from 2021 just don't cut it anymore. I am wanting something with a bit of colour on them and I have seen a few different options on Amazon that I like the look of so I think a bit of a treat is in order. The ones I have seen aren't that expensive either so I am looking forward to picking up a new pair and getting back to those regular sessions.

So there you have it those are the items that are currently on my wish list for working out, maybe a bit of newness might keep the motivation and momentum going so that I can finally see progress on my journey once more and end 2023 much better than the rest of the year has been.

What is on your workout wish list?

The goals I have set myself for September


Yesterday's post was all about my August goals and it is safe to say that was a mixed bag of goals being completed or totally neglected (if you haven't read that post yet you can read it by clicking here). I am really hoping for a much better September although I know it is going to be a very busy month as it is my birthday, my football season starts and I have a lot of content I am currently working on especially for my women's football website. It might be a much busier month but I am hoping that by planning things out a bit more I am going to be able to be productive and get ahead of myself even if life gets busy which it looks like it is going to. September is a month of resetting for me especially as I grow another year older so lets hope that all the resetting leads to plenty of goals being marked off as complete. So here are my goals for my birthday month...


No buying new clothes

I might end up with a few new pieces for my birthday however, I am not actively going to be going out purchasing items for myself. As I mentioned in yesterday's post my wardrobe is getting out of control so the plan is to stop adding to it until it's size has been massively reduced. Plus I am hoping for some big weight loss in the upcoming months so there is no point spending a fortune on new clothes if they aren't going to fit for long is there. I am really hoping I can stick to this and stop those impulse purchases.

Buy new trainers to replace my Air Force

The Air Force are definitely out of favour at the moment and I am trying to wear more of the sneakers I already own. This is all well and good but it also means I have a lack of plain white sneakers so I could do with rectifying that as soon as possible as white sneakers work so well with the outfits I piece together. My style is starting to shift though so I am hoping to find a nice smarter looking pair for the change of the season.

Declutter the wardrobe 

Right now this is the big job for the month and it is going to be number 1 priority. I am now sick of putting this job off as it really needs doing plus for months now I have had it on my goals list but not really bothered with it. This is hopefully going to be it's final appearance and I will fingers crossed be reporting back at the end of September saying this is complete once and for all. I just need to remember that once it is done it wont need doing again for a long time so why not get it out of the way.

Plan weekly outfits and stick to them

I saw this brilliant idea over on Kicks4fresh Instagram account and it looks like it has been really beneficial for her and getting an easy start to her day so I am going to try utilize the idea for my own use. I will use Sunday's to get my outfits lined up to suit each day's activities and stick to them as the week progresses. This will hopefully take the guess work out of my mornings and ensure I can get my day off to a good, quick start rather than spending half an hour looking through my wardrobe each morning. It might also help me rotate my clothing too rather than wearing the same thing every day.

Plan my Autumn wardrobe

My Autumn wardrobe last year definitely wasn't my favourite so I am wanting to make plenty of changes to it this year. I don't want to waste money either so the plan is to sit down and map out my perfect Autumn wardrobe that fits my ever changing style but also saves me money due to the fact I might only get one season out of the new items if my weight loss goes to plan. I am definitely looking forward to sitting down and seeing what I can find for the new season to help elevate my outfits. Once I have a plan in mind a whole Autumn wish list post will be on its way onto the blog so keep an eye out for that.


Save half of any birthday money I receive

I am apparently pretty difficult to buy for when it comes to my birthday so some family members settle on money as the gifts so I can treat myself when out and about. I really want to add some more money to my goal shop fund this month though so I am hoping that I can try save at least half of any money I receive, if I can save more than that though even better as it will mean getting closer to the target amount in the goal shop wallet with a lot of time left before I go on that shopping trip. To be honest I might as well save the money rather than waste it like I have done with my own money recently.

Make 5 sales from my new project

I will post more about my little project over on social media when it launches but for now all I can say is I am really excited to launch and I have plenty of plans in place to maximize the potential over the coming years for now though the aim is to sell 5 products in my first month. If I can make 5 sales it will set me off to a good start and hopefully the use of social media & word of mouth will help me grow over the course of the year and in the future. I am so excited to see how things so with this as there is definitely potential for it to grow.

Stick to a skincare routine

I started my skincare routine when I was away but slipped off it a bit once I got home. Whilst sticking to a routine on holiday though I noticed my skin was loads better than previously so I want to bring this routine back daily in the hopes of saving my skin from these constant breakouts. The aim is to get the products out where they are easy to access in the hopes of me using them more often and also getting up a bit earlier to set aside some time to do a skincare routine without rushing. This will also hopefully help the habit form for the future too.

Complete two jobs off my home to do list

The jobs I wanted to get done this year so far really haven't gone to plan so I am hoping that in September I can get at least two jobs ticked off as complete from this list. There is plenty for me to pick from and they are all different in lengths of time they are likely to take me to complete so maybe the best option will be to pick one big job and one smaller job. Keep an eye on social media to see which ones I decided to do in September and if I actually get them done or not, fingers crossed they are done and off the to do list for a very long time. 

10 no spend days

 Another goal that was on last months list that never gone done but again that was down to a lack of planning and the holiday in the middle of the month. I am determined to have 10 no spend days throughout September if not more. I think if I plan this properly I think I could easily do the 10 days but I need to make sure I do plan this rather than hoping for the best like last time around.


Go boxing 4 times

There are 4 Wednesday's in the month of September and I am more determined to be at every single boxing session throughout the month. I haven't been boxing in ages and to be honest I am really missing it so I am hoping that by going every week in September I get back into the habit of going at every possible chance as I know these sessions are great for me mentally and physically plus they might help me get back to the regular weight loss.

Football training every Monday

Finally football training is back on a day that I can definitely make, I haven't been able to go much this off season as it was on a day where I already had something on so I am really glad we are back to the old Monday nights where I know I can attend weekly unless I get injured in a game the day before. Being back training is going to be super helpful and I am looking forward to the season starting up.

Lose 4lbs

I only managed to lose 1lb last month so fingers crossed with the mix of football and boxing I will be able to really improve upon this. I need to start getting the nutrition side of things sorted out too as that is also a bit of a downfall area for me too. No point doing all the hard work in the exercise if I am going to sit and eat junk between sessions. I am interested to see how this one plays out as 1lb a week should be more than doable.

Sort workout clothes

My lack of organisation is often a reason why I miss workouts, if I can't find my clothes I can't be bothered and opt to do something else instead. My workout clothing draw is an absolute mess at the moment and I want to change that. I am hoping that at some point in September I can sit down and really clear out my workout clothes and only keep things that fit me and feel comfortable. Maybe then I will get working out more often again.

Sort out the football box

I really wanted to get this done before the new season started however, that didn't go to plan at all. The football box is simply a little box where I keep everything I need for game days and training sessions. This includes little accessories, compression wear and kit so with the season starting this month I definitely need to get my act together and get this organised to reduce the time messing around on a game day or training night.


Post across all Instagram accounts 20 times

Oh look it is another goal that has moved across from August but this time around I am determined to smash it. I have far too many Instagram accounts but I am 100% going to push to post to all of them at least 20 times across the course of September, I am hoping that with at least 1 of them I can post daily but I guess only time will tell if I can manage that task or not. Let's hope for a great month posting wise and hopefully some growth in the long run as that has certainly been a struggle lately. 

Post more frequently on Facebook accounts

Facebook is a platform I have neglected for far too long now so I am hoping that in September I can really get into the habit of posting on there and expanding the audience of all my websites rather than relying on Instagram. There is a plan in place for this to happen and I am looking forward to seeing if I can stick to it. It could be a platform to have a big of fun on.

Sort the tech bag out

The tech bag was half organised last month but this month I want to get this done properly so everything has a home, wires are in the right place and so that there is less chance of items going missing. I know that once this is done it is really going to help me out as it will mean I can find stuff easily rather than having to spend half an hour before creating content looking for the right lead or the memory card that has magically disappeared.

Make 3 new template designs

I am really wanting to make my social media flow a lot more on specific accounts so the aim for September is to create some new template designs for specific accounts so that they follow a bit of a theme. I am bringing the gaming site back in September so I want to make a general post and story template for this site and also one announcing when new blog posts have gone live. This shouldn't be a huge task but I am looking forward to seeing the result.

Resign TNG Media

With me launching the products for my project through TNG Media I have had a look at the account and I have decided I want to change things around a bit which is going to mean resigning templates, the logo and content in general so that it looks more professional and a bit smarter ready for the launch. Let's hope I managed to get this done as it will certainly level up that account.

So there we have it those are the goals that I have set myself for the month of September, I think it is safe to say that if I get these goals done I will have had a very productive month so let's see how it plays out. 

Have you set any goals for September?