July 2018 Favourites

July was a weird month, I feel like I haven't done much but looking back me and Liam have done a fair bit together whether it has been getting jobs done in the house or having a few trips out. I even went to see Navi again and got to go see Bradford City in a preseason friendly, which I won't even get started on. it has also been far too warm here in the UK but luckily it is cooling down a little now. So here are some things I have been loving throughout July.

Beauty wise July has been a month where I didn't try many new items, however I did fall back in love with some of my old favourites. I am totally in love with Lynx Gold once again I have been using it everyday in the deodorant, body spray and even the shower gel. It has been perfect especially with the warm weather as the scent can last all day. My only other beauty favourite is the Superdrug charcoal toothpaste, I am actually noticing a difference with my teeth which is something I am really trying to work on.

With it being so warm I have been wearing plenty of different outfits and actually got my leg out in shorts for a change. I have been in love with my grey shorts from Primark, these were only £4 and are so comfortable. They go perfect with most of my wardrobe too and look so simple. I have been teaming these up with my favourite new vans t-shirt, they say that black is no good in this weather however I have had no issues with this t-shirt and it's nice and loose fitting without being way too big. I have been teaming these up with my Nike SB trainers which have been worn nearly everyday throughout July, whether I have been wearing shorts or jeans these trainers have been perfect.

It only came out on Friday 27th July but Orange is the new black season 6 is already on my favourites at the time of writing this it has been 3 days since it came out and I have already nearly completed it, I am going to need to find a new series soon. In terms of music I have been loving the new Drake album which I really am surprised about as I went off him for a while. My final lifestyle favourite is the fact that the living room is actually almost nearly done, we just have a few pictures to hang, a bit of boxing in to be done and a shelf to put up. It is really starting to feel really homely. 

So those are my favourites from July 2018, what are some of your favourites from this month?

See you soon,


Last Week #13

Navi king of pop

Last weekend was meant for a weekend of jobs but the weather put a stop to that and this stupid cold I seem to have developed. Saturday I ended up doing a bit of tidying and then heading back to bed, Sunday was almost the same except for the fact that night I went to see one of my favourite performers... Navi. I won't go into it too much as I want to do a full post on the show but wow he never fails to put a smile on my face. During the week was just like any other work followed by bits of shopping a few nights of the week. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Orange is the new black came out Friday, before that I re-watched the previous season then since Friday it has almost been none stop season 6. I am on episode 8 at the moment and it is so good. I have also been watching a bit of YouTube as usual.

Been reading : I think I managed about a chapter in my book, I really want to get it finished soon but for that I really need to make more time for doing that.

Been listening to : Demi Lovato has once again been on quite a bit but I have also mixed in a bit of Drake, Fifth Harmony and Hayley Kiyoko. I just can't get enough of these artists.

Bought : I hadn't done too bad again last week, I spent a fair bit in Superdrug on things I had wanted a while, I picked up a pack of Calvin Klein socks and some Sketchers leggings as I am hoping to start doing a bit of yoga and home workouts soon. I also picked up a couple of DVD's which were Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman Homecoming, both rated 12's yet I managed to get asked for id once again.

Plans for this week : I am off out for a meal tonight, then I am at my grandparents tomorrow. I am hoping that the rest of the week will be filled with getting more jobs done in the house and actually sorting it so we can see the floor in the little room. I also want to try get some more images taken for the blog and try get a little more organised.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Most I Have Ever Spent In Superdrug

Most i have ever spent in superdrug

I don't tend to go into Superdrug very often mainly because some of my favourite items are cheaper in Boots. However, on a recent visit to the White Rose I popped in to pick up some face masks, half hour I came out with a bag full of items and my bank account £41.00 lighter. I have been having bad breakouts lately and really want to start taking care of my skin more so here is what I picked up.

superdrug face masks

So fist up is what I actually went in for the face masks. I picked up 3 of Superdrug's own face masks as they were on 3 for 2. I have never used these before so I am quite looking forward to trying them out. I also picked up my first ever sheet mask, I have to admit that I only got this due to it being a collab with Little Mix but I have heard good things about these masks.

Then I went to the rest of the skincare aisle and spent way more than I should have especially on things for my face. I wanted to change up my face wash to see if that helped with my breakouts so I got the visibly clear daily wash to give a try, I used to love this range so I can't wait to give this one a go again. I also picked up the Simple face wash, again this is just because it was a Little Mix one but my mum always Simple is a really good brand for skincare. I also picked up  an anti blemish gel just to give a try because as I say my skin is absolutely awful, it is actually one reason I haven't posted any pictures of myself recently. I also got a Simple eye roll on, the main reason for this is to make me look a little more alive. I unfortunately inherited my dad's dark circle under his eyes and I will do anything to reduce these.  

After wandering around a bit I found the cleansing soap bar, something that was reduced that I just picked to test out. If it helps calm the tops of my arms down which are covered in little spots I will be very happy. Although it is a face and body one I think I will just be using this on my body. My lips are another thing I don't take care of but I really should, so I picked up the Carmex peach and mango. I am hoping this fixes them up a little and if it is good I may get a few more to keep in my bag and drawer at work. The Hydro Boost body gel cream is something I have been curious about so when I saw it was on offer I picked up a bottle for myself. I never moisturise my body and I really should so hopefully this will help me get into a bit of a routine.

 Obviously I wasn't going into the shop and not coming out without anything hair related. I picked up my trusty fluff tamer. I have lost track of how many tins of this I have gone through I love the stuff. It was 2 for £6 on V05 so i also picked up this new textured quiff spray ready for when I get my hair done again, I am sure I will do a tried and tested post on this one day. I have watched a lot of hair videos on YouTube recently and they all involve using an oil on the hair as a repair product or pre-styler so I thought I would pick up a bottle to see if it helped my hair. Finally I got the biggest can of hairspray they had in stock. I can go through 2 cans a month so I hoping I can make this last, this is the TIGI Rockaholic one which I have not used before so I am hoping it does its job.

Finally I treated Liam to a couple of items, he loves his beard when it is long I try convincing him to cut it but it isn't happening so I got him the beard oil to see if it can tame it and make it a little softer. I also picked up this texturizing clay for him as he recently had his hair cut a lot shorter than usual and I didn't fancy him stealing my products. 

I am hoping this all keeps the bathroom stocked for a while and that it helps me get my skin under control again. If you want to see a post on any of the items, let me know.

See you soon

Fashion Inspo : Halsey

Halsey is one of those musicians who I not only love for her music but also for her style. Sometimes it can look so simply and comfortable then other times it can be totally out there and showcase Halsey's personality. I much prefer her simple casual style as it is something I could see myself wearing day in day out. This style is not too feminine yet not too masculine. Another thing I love about Halsey is her confessed love for trainers or as she would say sneakers, as someone who could easily spend all my money on trainers I can totally relate to her love for them. So here are a few of my favourite casual / comfortable looks of Halsey's...

One thing I am loving looking for lately is sweatshirts or hoodies. Once the temperature drops again I know this is what I will be living in. I am only the look out for some good quality sweatshirts just like this Fila one. I love that it only has the small logo on which if worn alone you can see or if you are wearing a jacket it can be hidden. I am seeing a lot of designer hoodies and sweatshirts that I am loving at the moment so I may have to pick some up. Teamed up with some skinny or straight leg jeans turned up with some hi-tops the combination should look great. I am on the look out for an all white pair of hi-tops too so fingers crossed I can pick up a pair of Jordan's or Air Force 1's.

Another look I love is something a little smarter. The ripped jeans, boots and a long jacket work so well together and create such a nice smart casual look. This would be perfect for those nicer shopping days where you are spending time in a nicer place than usual and fancy smartening yourself up. Ripped jeans are all I wear lately and I am hoping to find a nice long jacket for later on this year, this could also work well with some nice Chelsea boots or military boots. Teamed up with a nice bag and sunglasses and it will be perfect.

Not entirely fashion related but I am getting the urge to dye my hair blue more and more lately, I am even tempted to change my style a little to this one. I personally think I suit shorter hair a lot better and even if wearing a simple minimal colour outfit, the blue hair could make the outfit stand out a little more if done correctly.

Finally you can't go wrong with a bold printed tshirt's, dark jeans and a dark jacket as the bold t-shirt print makes the outfit stand out a lot more. team it up with some bright white hi-tops or trainers and you have another perfect combination.

These outfits are all perfect for a nice casual weekend out or for if I was off out for food one night after work. Some would also be great for low key casual events. I can't wait to give some of these outfits a go for myself as this style really is one I love and is a bit like my own current style.

Keep your eyes peeled over here as I am sure there will be more fashion inspo posts coming soon along with more Halsey.

See you soon,

Last Week #12

We are getting more and more done in the house at long last. Over the weekend we got shelves put in our wardrobe and the fireplace finally fit in the living room. Now in the living room all we have to do is finish off the boxing in, put a few bits of skirting down, hang our pictures and finally add a shelf for my Disney figures. It is so nice seeing everything finally coming together, especially now where I will happily sit in the living room longer seen as I don't just have to look at a missing fireplace. I am hoping now it won't take long and the rest of the house will follow suit. So here is what I had... 

Been Watching: Seen as the world cup had finished I started watching more and more YouTube once again. I have watched everything from gaming to cleaning, tech to fashion. I also restarted season 5 of Orange is the new black, just to get me ready for the new season which I really can't wait for.

Been reading : I managed another chapter of my book Under the lights over the week, I really need to make more time for reading.

Been listening to : Demi Lovato had of course been one of my most played last week although on my walk to work all that was playing was Drake. I don't know why but I am falling in love with him again.

Bought : I was actually really good last week and didn't buy anything. I really need to try keep doing this and have weeks where we don't go out shopping.

Plans for this week : I am finally getting my hair cut, which is long overdue. I also want to get more bits done around the house and hopefully get the dining room ready to wallpaper. I also want to sort out the spare room and get rid of some stuff from in there. I also want to stick with the post ideas I have and get them up on here and actually upload on my Instagram too.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Jewellery Wish List

I have a lot of jewellery already at home but to be honest most of it is from when I was 15/16 year old, therefore most of it is either damaged or doesn't fit my current style. There is also the fact that my neck and wrists have got a lot fatter since then so nothing really fits either, that is why I have stopped wearing it apart from my watches.  The problem I am having at the moment is that I am constantly wanting to accessorise an outfit but I don't have the accessories to do it and I am left with just a watch on.

I much prefer mens jewellery to women's as some women's items can be a bit too in your face and doesn't really fit who I am and my outfits. With mens though it fits well, looks stylish without being too in your face. So here are a few items I am hoping to get to add to my everyday outfits...

I got a silver chain for my 16th birthday I think and I can remember being obsessed with it. I wore this up until I was 20 when unfortunately the clasp broke. I want to find a nice thin chain just to wear on an everyday basis as they can be subtle but still look really nice if worn right. I also want a matching bracelet for this as I used to have one but it is far too tight now.

I am loving the jewellery Topman have in at the moment and the best part is it looks great but is also really cheap. These 2 necklaces I really have to get as they will both go with different outfits and look great with the 2 pendants hanging off. These are subtle but can really add a little something extra to a nice smart casual look. I am also on the look out for some nice rose gold and gold necklaces too so I have a variety of colours to chose from.

On to the bracelets as well as replacing my silver one I want to get some smarter ones. At the moment I just wear my Pandora when I go out, and wear my bandanna / festival type ones on days when I remember. But these festival ones can get really annoying with the bits hanging down. I love this one with the skull on from Topman as it looks quite smart and will go well alongside a watch. 

I have quite liked these type of cuff bracelets for a while now but keep forgetting to go pick one up whilst I am out and about. You can get these from Topman and they don't cost a fortune but look great. If I can find them in different colours I will be picking those up too.

The Ted Baker full bangles are something I want in every colour they do. They are just so subtle yet look so classy. This will be perfect to layer with my watch or wear on its own. At just £39 as well I don't think it is bad at all. I can see me picking up quite a few of these before the year ends.

Finally I am after 2 watches, a silver one with a big face and a silver and gold one. As it stands I have only found this Gucci one at £700 that I like but I really can't justify that much on one watch. I will probably end up looking around the high street stores to see what I can find that is similar. Those colours are 2 you really can't go wrong with and will go with any outfit when I don't fancy wearing my Michael Kors.

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to find. Do you have any recommendations of where I can get these types of items? Let me know.

See you soon 


Shopping With Liam Haul

You really can't beat a bit of shopping, especially just after mine and Liam's paydays and when sales are on. We went to the White Rose shopping centre on Friday and Halifax on Sunday where we picked up a few bits. Liam got himself some new Converse at long last and then being the amazing boyfriend he is picked up a few treats for me....

I could easily have spent all night in the Disney store as it is definitely one of my favourite shops, I didn't realise just how many items where in the sale so I spent a lot of time looking around. Liam spotted the super cute Stitch Ohana mug and said he wasn't leaving it behind as he knows it is one of my favourites, we have so many mugs and this one is just £10 in store. Then I managed to convince him getting the big Huey was a good idea, I have been asking for it for ages and he finally gave in this time around. Huey was £15 and is already super cuddly.

I don't know what it is but I love Ducktales, I can't say it without singing the theme though. So when I saw the Tsum Tsums at 50p each Liam told me just to get Huey, Dewey and Louie but then I found Scrooge Mcduck and wasn't leaving him behind. It is great as well as those 4 cost less than 1 full price Tsum Tsum. He also got me this super cute Baymax beach towel that cost just £7.99, I really hope we do get on holiday soon.

Next up is the reason we went out in the first place, I wanted the Uncharted games as I have never played them before. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love gaming, I even have a 2nd blog dedicated to it, so I had to add these to my collection. Now I just need to get my PS3 from my parents house. As I said I haven't played Uncharted games before so I picked up the first 3 for just £7 at CEX. Then whilst I was looking at other games I came across Hannah Montana The Movie game, I used to love this game so at £2.50 I picked it up to go through again. 

Finally on Sunday in Halifax we nipped into JD Sports where Liam finally got some new Converse, he hates shopping and likes sticking to what he knows, so when he found a pair at £25 it took a little convincing but he finally purchased some, maybe his Nike's may finally be retired. However, whilst he was waiting for his shoes to be brought out I went for a look around and fell in love with these Adidas Aykan trainers. I was never a fan of Adidas but they are killing it lately. These were reduced from £100 to just £55 and Liam very kindly offered to treat me to them after telling me I really didn't need another new pair. But I just love these ones I actually nearly bought these at full price instead of my Deerupt's a few months back.

So there you go that is what I have picked up lately. Have you had any good pickups? Let me know.

See you soon,

Last Week #11

Why is it so warm in England at the moment, it is driving me mad. It is too warm to sit out and the house is far too warm too there is no in between. Last week admittedly was a pretty good one. Once home from work I was just crashing out from the heat, there was football on the TV and we had some family  time. Saturday I went to my Auntie's for a BBQ and to catch up with family which was great you can't beat a good BBQ especially in this weather. Sunday could  possibly have been my favourite day though, first we nipped to town and did a spot of shopping, then we headed to my favourite place.... Salts Mill at Saltaire, we spent a good few hours there, mainly due to Liam being in the book shop. Then we came home and just sat out in the garden reading our books. It made a nice change to where we usually just go into the games room when we are at home. It has however made me more determined to get something done with the garden and make it look nicer. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: The world cup has taken over our house so we have been watching that whenever it has been on, what a world cup it has been. I had also finished off One Day At A Time so now need to find something new to watch.

Been reading : As I said we sat in the garden reading the other day and I actually got through quite a bit of my book Under the lights and into the dark, I am really enjoying it so far.

Been listening to : Demi Lovato is all that I had listened to all week, I don't know what it is I just can't get enough of her. I can't see this changing for a long time either.

Bought : Personally I was good and just bought some games for the PS3 however Liam treated me to quite a few bits. I will do a post on them soon but there were items from the Disney store as well as some lovely new trainers.

Plans for this week : We are going to a gin tasting night on Thursday which I can't wait for plus the football is on Wednesday and fingers crossed Sunday. I also want to get a few more bits done in the house. I want to try update my Instagram more too.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

June 2018 Favourites

June was a good month plenty of time was spent with Liam, we actually got a fair bit done around the house. I finally had my MRI on my knee and we should hopefully have some answers on that soon, it seems to have been such a long process. But here are a few of my favourites throughout the month of June.

Beauty wise I haven't actually discovered many new items or fallen in love with many new ones. the only 2 items I could possibly class as my favourites are my new Lynx Gold deodorant and my R+Co thickening spray, which I will be doing full posts on very soon.

Primark had definitely been a favourite in June, especially the mens section. So many times I went in there and came out with bags full of items, my wardrobe is starting to take shape thanks to them. Another favourite has been my black and white Nike SB's they are such a comfortable lightweight trainer that have been perfect for this warm weather. They go well with my skinny jeans and also with my shorts which I have dared to wear outside of the house. 

This is where my favourites really come into play, we have had Demi Lovato release her new song Sober, which is absolutely amazing, we also had Drake release his new album and wow I went off Drake for a little while but that love for him is definitely back now. The World Cup is in full spin and I think this could be one of my favourite World Cup's yet, full of surprises and you really can't call any of the games. I just aren't keen on the introduction of VAR, that still has to win me over. My overall favourite for the month definitely has to be the 10 year wait ending and me finally getting to see Demi Lovato live, she was absolutely amazing and I just want to see her again already. She is one of my favourite musicians of all time and I love how much of a connection she has with her fans.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June, what were some of your favourites?

See you soon

Last Week #10

Not much happened last week to be honest which I am quite grateful for as it had been far too warm. The heat was doing my asthma no good so I have spent most nights relaxing and trying not to do too much. So here is what I had... 

Been Watching: In the space of last week I completed one and a bit season 2 of One Day At A Time on Netflix. I actually only have 1 episode left to watch, which I don't want to finish as it has been so good. Obviously I had watched a lot of the World Cup too and what a shocker it has been so far.

Been reading : The only thing I read last week was the Brewdog magazine that my auntie picked up for me. It was actually quite a good read as I do like a good craft beer. 

Been listening to : I have been hooked on listening to Jax Jones, since seeing him support Demi I have fallen in love with his music. I have also been listening to the new Drake album I am really surprised by it as I went off him for a while but I really like this new one. 

Bought : I got quite a few bits for my phone last week and got a couple of 3DS games but that is it. I actually behaved for a change.

Plans for this week : I want to get more done in the dining room and the blinds put up in the games room. Other than that I just want a nice relaxed week.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon