Stepping Into The Comfort Zone : Puma Nova 90's Bloc Sneakers

It has been a while since I have done a sneaker post so what better way to bring them back by talking about one of my favourite things at the moment. For a while the only Puma sneakers I owned were the Puma Suede's in red and blue but last year I discovered my new favourite pair of Puma's.

In the Footasylum sale they had the Puma Nova 90's Bloc sneakers for just £29.99 and I had been looking for a nice pair of sneakers for the warmer weather and in these I have definitely found the perfect pair. 

The colourway of these sneakers is absolutely perfect for the warmer weather with the nice white, a bit of black and a nice pale pink colour. There isn't too much of each colour they are all nicely worked so that it stands out but isn't too in your face. Plus there isn't too much branding on the actually silhouette just the little Puma logo on the back of each sneaker and the Puma branding on the black tongue in the white and pink colourway to fit with the rest of the theme. 

I was really surprised with how comfortable these sneakers are as I am so used to my Adidas ones with the boost technology or my Nike air pairs. But these Puma ones are definitely right up there with the comfort level and I have worn them for long days out and they have been perfect with no need to break them in. I was worried about them getting really dirty with how white they are and how light the pink is but my trusty Crep Protect has kept them nice and clean & I have really put them through there paces. The best part though is I have worn them in a down pour and thanks to the Crep protect they were nice and waterproof. 

These sneakers are perfect with any colour of jeans although I prefer them with my black skinny jeans but they are also perfect with some nice shorts when it is warm enough for them. Thanks to buying these and the great experience I have had from them I will be buying more Puma sneakers in the future and I will definitely be keeping on the Puma website in future. 

My Current MyProtein Collection

It is quite funny how a year ago I would avoided working out at all costs, but since the start of 202 that has really changed and I now enjoy working out and have invested a lot of money into workout clothing & have even spent a fair bit on MyProtein so far this year. Now I would never have considered protein powders, BCAA's & protein bars but these days some of those items are becoming everyday staples to help my weight loss journey and post exercise recovery.

Between me and Liam (mainly me) we have definitely got quite a few items so much so that we have actually got a MyProtein cupboard and one draw with some MyProtein items in, they are slowly taking over the kitchen. Here is what we currently have... 

First up we have my daily essentials, my BCAA's. These are my go to daily items and they taste lovely. It is literally just like having a bottle of juice by my side and they are so easy to drink. My current go to flavours are the tropical, blue raspberry  and strawberry & lime ones but I am hoping to order some different flavours very soon. I ended up picking up some of these tubs from the poundshop to store the powders in as I was fed up of my arms getting covered in the powder when I was getting to the bottom of the packs. 

We seemed to have gathered a fair few shaker bottles too since starting buying from MyProtein. I prefer the plastic bottles for my BCAA's but Liam prefers the metal shakers for his protein shakes so we have plenty in the cupboard to reach for. I go this big water bottle too for when I am outdoors doing football drills but currently it has just been great for my home workouts and making sure I keep drinking plenty of water through out the day. 

Liam likes to have the impact whey protein and this time he has got the salted caramel pack, because he has this quite of this we always get his in a 1kg bag. I decided on my last order to give some of the diet whey a go, seen as I haven't had it before I got 250g bags to try. My picks were just the chocolate one and the mint chocolate one. 

During the lockdown I have struggled to find my favourite popchips so when ordering with MyProtein I picked up some of their bbq protein crisps and WOW these are lovely and possibly better than the popchips so I will be buying these again. I also got some of the hazelnut flavourdrops just to add to any porridge I might have & also add a few drops to my chocolate protein shake. Finally we have another favourite of mine the layered bars in the chocolate sundae flavour, I am usually picky with what protein bars have but these definitely tick all the boxes. 

If you want an in depth post on any of these items in the future then please let me know and I will see what I can do for you. Do you ever order from MyProtein? What are your favourite products from them? 

Weekly Round Up #21

Another week towards us resuming to some sort of normality I hope, this week has really been up and down as I am definitely getting fed up of being stuck in now as it just seems to be the same routine daily so I think it is time to mix my routine up a little bit. But here is what I got up to last week. 

Monday was by far one of my most productive days. I managed to get plenty of stuff done for all my blogs. My nanna even came round for a social distance visit in the garden too and it was lovely to see her. 

On Tuesday I managed to get a few other bits on the blogs done but nowhere near as much as I wanted to. 

Wednesday was a really nice day so I ended up spending 90% of it sat outside just relaxing and taking some time away from the screen. It was a great day but surprise surprise even with suncream on I ended up burnt.

I might as well have just written Thursday off all together, nothing got done I watched some YouTube and some Hollyoaks and that was it, I think this is when it hit me that I was getting fed up and I just lost all motivation.  

Friday was another day away from the PC and I just spent it tidying the house and although I still felt fed up and unmotivated I still ended up getting the jobs done which definitely gave me a bit of a pick me up. 

On Saturday I had a socially distanced visit to my grandparents as it was their golden wedding anniversary it was great just seeing them. Then once I got home it was time to binge watch more YouTube.

Sunday was a nice relaxed day, me and Liam both had a lazy morning then it was into the games room where I did a bit of blogging and watched more YouTube while Liam played his games. It is nice just having lazy days like  this together talking about all sorts of subjects whilst getting stuff done.  

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I managed to some more of my Hollyoaks recordings, I think I am almost caught up. I also watched probably far too many YouTube videos, I have a new favourite channel now which is Dad v Girls, their videos are brilliant. 

Reading: Again I didn't bother doing any reading mainly because I was too busy watching YouTube. 

Listening to:  I have loved listening to Demi Lovato & the Descendants once again but on Friday KSI released his new album and this has definitely taken over what I have been listening to. 

This week I want to get back on track, I want to make up a new routine so I don't end up as fed up as last week. I am hoping to get a good start on June's content, while keeping up on jobs around the house. 

See you soon

VO5 Styling Product Collection

One of my go to brands for hair styling products over the years has become VO5, they just have some fantastic items available and I have never had any issues with the products not giving me the hold I want, so here are the products I currently have in my little collection. 

I love the miniatures that VO5 have to offer, not only are they great for it I ever go on holiday but they are also great to keep in my bag if I ever needed a quick fix for my hair throughout the day. I love this texturising gum as it gives my hair a really good hold throughout the day, although it isn't an every day go to product, I do use this quite a bit but gum's are something I only tend to use every so often. 

Another great thing about the travel sized pots is that you can try the product before you buy it, which is exactly what I did with the Texture rework putty, I loved it so much I got a big tub which I have actually run out of but I will be making sure I always have a travel sized pot handy for my bag or if I go away as I like this so much. 

It isn't very often that I reach for a clay but when I do want something with a matt finish and that extra bit of texture I will reach for my matt clay. For me smell is a big factor when picking styling products as with it being in my hair all day I want to have something that smells good or doesn't smell at all and this is perfect for me. This is actually the first clay I have enjoyed using in a while. 

My absolute everyday go to item that has now unfortunately been discontinued but luckily I have two tins of this in my collection. I have found that this is an absolute saviour for those fly away hairs that no matter what I do I can never get rid of. Just a small amount of this and it can really sort out that style you are aiming for. Someday's I won't use anything else if I use thing as it gives a great look but if I do want to add something else to the style I will use a tiny bit of clay or putty. 

This is a new addition that I added just before the lockdown begun. I knew that at some point I was going to run out of my current hairspray so I thought seen as I had great experiences of other VO5 products I might as well give this a try. I still need to use this but I am looking forward to giving it a go. 

Another purchase from just before lockdown is this thickening powder that I still need to test out. My hair is quite thin and I am always on the look out for a product that will really help my hair look thicker so fingers crossed this will work for me. 

When I got the thickening powder I also picked up this surfstyle paste as VO5 themselves had told me that this was the closest product to the fluff tamer. Again this is another product I am really looking forward to trying as I think this could really make a different to my hair as it is at a longer length. 

Finally we have this textured quiff spray which again is another new purchase. My hair is now at the length I used to have it when I had a little bit of a quiff so I am thinking of giving this style a try again so let's hope this spray does give the all day hold it claims to do. 

With this lockdown my hair has got quite a bit longer so I am using these products to try create some good styles whilst having that extra length, who knows if I end up creating something good and like it I might end up keeping it around this length. 

What are your go to hair styling products? Who wants to see a how I style my hair post in the future?

Wardrobe Essentials - The tops

A new little mini series I want to start on this blog is wardrobe and life essentials. These posts will be a break down on the essentials that should be in your wardrobe and life in general. This will cover things from clothing to sneakers to accessories to help your life and getting ready that bit easier.

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts can really add to an outfit just by adding that extra layer. There are some great options for denims shirts out there and there are plenty of different styles, there are grey ones, light ones and dark ones. Some can come ripped and with hoods others will have a smarter look. Currently in my wardrobe I have a grey, a dark denim blue and a black one so there are plenty of different outfits I can make with these. I do believe that they look a lot better when layered with a plain or printed t-shirt under. 

Polo Shirts

Now this is something I will be investing in when I have lost a bit more weight. Polo shirts just add a smarter look to an outfit over just a t-shirt and they look brilliant in the spring teamed up with a nice pair of chino's or smarter shorts. The only polo shirt I currently own is a North Face one I picked up a few years ago but it is all black so I think I will have to invest in some more very soon. The best thing is that a polo shirt can dress up any outfit, wear it with jeans or chinos and it will just add a different aspect to the outfit. I know most work uniforms include polo shirts but don't let that put you off like it has me in the past, there are some great options out there that won't make you look like you are heading to work instead of a trip shopping or a night out. 

Plain T-Shirts 

This is a staple for any wardrobe and I have half a shelf in our wardrobe just dedicated to plain t-shirts. My go to at the moment are definitely black ones but once I lose a bit more weight I will be adding even more colours to the shelf. My recommendation would be to have a few good fitting black, grey & white t-shirts to hand and possibly some navy or striped ones if you like that style. The best thing about a plain t-shirt is with it being plain you can use it for layering or just having under a hoodie in the colder weather. It just looks a lot smarter than having a print all over too, sometimes nice and simple is the way to go. 


This is a new addition for me and something I will be investing in even more once I lose more weight and the weather gets colder again. If you don't fancy wearing hoodies or it is too cold for a t-shirt but not too cold for 3 layers a sweatshirt is the perfect option. There are plenty of choices out there and you don't always have to spend a fortune on them. Again I would recommend getting a few sweatshirts if possible and try get a mix of plain and printed ones so you have options for if you want to layer or not & if you want to having something nice and simple or if you want to stand out a bit more. 

Printed T-Shirts

I absolutely love wearing a printed t-shirt especially in the summer as it can brighten up a plain outfit and make it stand out. My wardrobe is currently full of printed t-shirts from a variety of brands and are probably some of my most worn t-shirts. If I am going for a more sporty style outfit I will thrown on a Nike t-shirt with my cargo pants and it creates a great casual look. Again there are so many options out there from bold prints to subtle prints there is something for everyone's style, so give them a go and see how they can add something a bit extras to your outfits.

Short Sleeve Shirts

These are absolutely fantastic for the warmer weather and just add a different aspect to wearing a shirt. I already know that I will be wearing these in the warmer weather for work now that I seem to have fallen in love with them. The best thing about the short sleeve shirts are you can dress them up or dress them down. A nice lightweight short sleeve shirt will go nicely with a pair of shorts in the warm weather or a pair of jeans when it gets a bit cooler. I love the grandad collar shirts you can get but there are plenty of different styles to pick from at a range of prices. They are really easy to layer too which I find even better. 

Long Sleeve Shirts

As well as short sleeve shirts you are going to want to own some long sleeve shirts. My personal go to long sleeve shirts are the checked ones as they are just nice and casual and give the perfect autumnal outfit. But in the wardrobe I also have added some smarter shirts whether they are plain or striped as I find these perfect for work. Having a variety of shirts in your wardrobe gives you options for dressing outfits up or down and can give you plenty of options for a variety of occasions you might face. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Similarly to the shirts as well as short sleeve options you are going to want to have some long sleeve options, just to give you that added variety for when the weather is changing. Unlike sweatshirts long sleeve t-shirts offer a lighter top that will still keep you nice and warm on those colder days when it isn't cold enough to get all wrapped up. These just add more options to your wardrobe so you aren't wearing the same things all the time. Long sleeve t-shirts are definitely something else I will be paying more attention to in the near future. 

So there you have it those are the tops that I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe or should consider adding in the future. Keep an eye on the blog as in the next few weeks we will have part 2 of this little series which is all about the bottoms you should consider owning or already have in your wardrobe.

Weekly Round Up #20

Another week in lockdown & another week of not doing much to be honest, I really struggled last week for motivation and here is how the week turned out...

Another week at home begun and it started in a pretty good way as I managed to finish off May's content for the blog. It was great seeing all my posts ticked off on my whiteboard for a change. 

On Tuesday my dad called around to drop some bits off for me at a social distance so it was nice to seeing for a little bit. Then it was a day of playing FIFA for me, I had a nice relaxed day away from the blog and it was great. 

Seen as all the months content was written and ready to go it meant I didn't have much to do for the day so I sat and started planning ideas for all 3 blogs for June, it was so nice just having a planning day for a change. It makes such a difference actually been on top of my blogs for a change and I am hoping I can keep up with this. 

Thursday was a day trying my best to get some posts written but all motivation seemed to disappear. In the end I just decided to have another slower paced day, I ended up getting one post in the end by just not pressuring myself and just watching YouTube whilst relaxing 

Friday was basically a day of working out, other than that I didn't really do much else. Once the workouts were done it was the usual routine of heading to my PC to watch YouTube.

Saturday morning started off with a nice 5k walk for me and Liam. Then it was home just to have a lazy day which was nice. It has been strange been sat at home all day without having Liam around now he is back at work so the weekends are great. 

Sunday was spent FaceTiming my nephew, playing games and catching up on YouTube. I spent a bit of time working on some behind the scenes bits for the blog too just to stay busy as Sunday seemed to last forever.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Other than YouTube I didn't really watch much last week but I did end up binge watching The Big Show show on Netflix, I didn't expect much from it but it was full of laughs. 

Reading: Reading blogs was the closest thing to reading that I did.

Listening to: There has been a mix of music being played, I had my garden playlist on whilst working out then the rest was a mix of Demi Lovato, Disney classics and the Descendants soundtrack. 

This week I want to get back into a bit of routine by having specific days sat at my PC, last week I didn't do half as much as I wanted but that is definitely going to change this week. I have a few exciting things I am working on too that I can't wait to get done.

See you soon

I Have Actually Started Going Out In A Full Tracksuit

With the lockdown happening comfort has been key. I have spent most of my days sat at my PC blogging away or sat in the games room playing my games so I haven't wanted to be wearing my jeans I have wanted to be comfy and relaxed. That is why I seem to only have worn my pyjamas, lounge wear or this Nike tracksuit.

I actually picked this tracksuit up last year for the gym but it has become my go to, even for the occasional walks we have been on. I never thought I would venture out in a full tracksuit but I just love how clean this looks, the all black with the white logo.

The bottoms are perfect for me too as they are cuffed which I definitely prefer, the top has the same sort of cuffs on the wrist too which has been fantastic as I don't have to spend half my day constantly pulling my sleeves down or up which sometimes happens thanks to my arms been small and quite scrawny at the bottom.

The bottoms are what surprised me the most, as I am short I usually end up with loads of excess material by my ankles but with this I had very little issues with this, yes there is a bit of excess material but not half as much as I get with my jeans. Sometimes with the sports style clothing items can be a bit more of a tighter fit even when they claim to be a regular fit, this tracksuit is regular fit and true to it's word, the bottoms are going to allow plenty of movement so perfect for lounging in, walking in and even working out in.

The tracksuit is a lightweight material but it is certainly helps keep me warm too which is why I love going for the sports style clothing as the material is just perfect for all weathers.

I have to say I think this tracksuit has made me want to pick up a few more tracksuits when I get back to buying clothes again let me know if there are any you can recommend?

Accessories to style a spring outfit

Sometimes the way to make a nice simple outfit much better is to add a few accessories to it. Now adding accessories is something I used to love doing but then I just stopped however, it is something I am going to get back into doing as it can just lift your outfit and those extra details may end up getting people talking, wondering where you got the accessories from. Now you will have seen in my current jewellery post collection that my collection isn't that great at the moment, but I will be working on that in the future, so for now I just have to work with what I have got. Here are the accessories I will be wearing to add to my spring items and items you should look at adding to your outfits.


Rings are something I really want to start picking up more often as I love them. A good silver ring is something that will work really well and add to your look. You could pick up a chunky or thin ring and it will just add another layer, normally my hands would be totally bear but teamed up with other accessories in the same colour scheme will get people looking especially if you do opt for a statement ring. If you own a lot of gold jewellery you might opt for a gold ring to fit in with what you have and there are also some great options for rings in this colour. You just don't want to wear all gold with a silver ring, it will just stand out for the wrong reasons.


This is an item I have always loved, from being a teenager I have always owned plenty of necklaces but I need to add more to this collection. From a young age I have had a silver chain in my collection, just nice and simple but adds an element to my outfit especially if worn with something plain. I want to add some different thicknesses of chains into my collection so I can have something nice and simple and not as chunky. There is also the option to go for a pendant necklace or a dog tag if you want to add something a bit longer with a bit more detail. I will definitely be wearing this dog tag style necklace with some of my smarter casual outfits throughout spring as I tend to go for plain t-shirts in my smarter outfits, you don't want to have too much going on at once.


Bracelets are definitely a department I am lacking in, I only really have these festival style bracelets which I find great to wear in the warmer weather, team it up with some denim shorts & plain t-shirt with an open shirt over the top I have found I love this look, plus it just stops your arms looking bare when you are wearing t-shirts. Leather and metal bracelet are also great as they can just make an outfit look a lot smarter, I will definitely be picking up some more bracelets in the metal/leather style over the next year as I just want a smarter look on my wrist and something that you can tell is quality even if it is just peeping out from under a longer sleeve.


Watches are something I have loved for years and actually have a small collection of which is certainly going to grow over the next few years as to me watches are a great investment. Whether it is a smart, sporty or tech watch that is on your wrist people are going to be looking at what you are rocking. Like I say I have quite a few watches already and each one adds something different. I have a smart looking Michael Kors watch which I wear if I am going to a party etc as it just adds a smarter look to the outfit it is what I class as an evening watch. Then we have my Apple watch which is often my daily wear, then we have some watches with silicone or leather straps. Each watch can define an outfit and get people chatting, to me my Apple watch is a daily wear as it goes with everything in my wardrobe, my Michael Kors is a fancy watch and is saved for special occasions then the rest of my watches get worn depending on what I wear. For the spring if you are going for a sport watch you are going to want to pick a sporty style watch. If it is a smarter casual you are going to want a watch that matches any jewellery you are wearing and one that is going to fit that style of outfit, this is when I will opt for a metal strap watch or a leather strap watch. The watches you should be looking at are leather straps, metal straps, 2 tone, sporty & mesh straps but overall you are going to want the ones that fit your style. For spring I will mainly be wearing a metal strap or my Apple watch as they fit my current style much better. There will be more watch posts coming in the future that breaks down the styles & options available to you.


It is finally spring which means the sun should be starting to come out. I always try to have a pair of sunglasses handy to me because you never know when the sun is going to come out and start blinding you. I have definitely learnt over the years that it is better to protect your eyes than spend hours on end squinting trying to block out the sunlight. For so long I didn't pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses and I learnt the hard way that I needed them. They might seem pricey at the beginning but if you do need prescription sunglasses invest in them. A classic pair of Ray Bans have become an essential for me but there are all sorts of options out there. Sunglasses are definitely an investment you should consider making and adding to your accessories collection because your eye health really matters. You could go all black or you could get gold arms or tortoise shell arms there are so many options to fit all face shapes & outfit styles. Try to invest in a pair that work with over half your wardrobe and you are set.


Finally we have hats which is an optional one, some people don't suit hats and others do so the choice is yours. The 2 hats I opt for are the snap-back or what is referred to as the dad hat. My snap-back collection is definitely growing and has done since my collection post you can read here. I only tend to wear hats when I am wearing a lounging/sporty outfits as they are what they go with better in my opinion however, worn with the right outfit a dad hat could look good in a minimal smart casual outfit. Granted I personally don't wear hats all the time but they are perfect for those bad hair days or when the top of your head needs a bit of added protection.

So there you have it those are the accessories I opt to wear throughout spring and the ones you should take a look at adding to your collection too. Some of these pieces won't be for everyone but you never know if you give them a go you might make that outfit stand out a bit more and fall in love with the new accessories you pick up or wear more often.

Weekly Round Up #19

Liam was back at work on Monday which meant it was back to me being at home on my own which after a few weeks of having him at home with me was definitely strange. But I had a pretty productive day and got a few bits planned out for the blog & got a few posts written. 

 Another day working on the blog for me and to be honest it was even more productive than Monday which was great. 

My mum and nephew came round to drop some bits off for me and for me to give them some bits too. It was nice to see them even socially distanced just seeing them makes the day go quicker and brightens up the day. I even played a bit of football with my re-bounder and sat out and read my book. It was great just spending some time in the sun although I ended up sun burnt. 

Thursday was another day back at the desk blogging away. I managed to get so much done once again and loved it. It has been great blogging away during the days I just seem to have got so much done. 

Firday was a bank holiday for us so Liam was off work again. It was another nice day so we went on a 5K walk where we both ended up sun burnt so we ended up spending the rest of the day in the house so we didn't get even worse.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day for us we had a sleep in, I played some FIFA then did a little bit of blogging. 

 Sunday was a late start again, we got up had some bacon sandwiches watched Brassic then I spent the rest of my time blogging away again.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Liam has got me watching Brassic & I absolutely love it. Other than that all I have watched is YouTube.

Reading: I managed to get through plenty more of my book whilst I took advantage of the nice weather. 

Listening to: With me sitting outside a bit I had my garden playlist on a lot more last week and I loved it. 

This week I want to carry on getting as much blog stuff done as possible because after Boris's announcement on Sunday I might be back to work soon. Other than blogging there isn't much I else I want to do, I might try finish some programmes on Disney+ too but who knows.  

See you soon