Finally Getting The Spare Room Done

2020 is going to be the year this spare room finally gets decorated. We originally started stripping the walls in May last year but just doing bits as and when we could be bothered but whilst the house was already a mess from the bathroom work going on we thought we might as well really get this room moving along. So we got my dad round to help finish off the stripping of the walls and ceiling and here is where we are up to now...

All the walls are finally bare, so Liam filled in any holes that had been left from where the previous owners had things on the wall. Then he ripped off all the old skirting and we had new put on all the way around the room. Whilst we were decorating the air brick cover decided to fall off so we are going to get a new one put. Since these pictures have been taken my dad has been round and painted the windowsill & skirting and caulked where it needed it. we also currently have a hole in the wall where the wires for the outside lights are going.

There was a little wall at the side of the stair head when we moved in so we knocked that down and plaster boarded where needed. The top of the stair head is also getting replaced once the rest of the decorating is done as this needs making and painting first. We still have a fair bit to do which is:

Another coat of paint on skirting and door frame
Hang the door & paint it
New wood putting on the stair head
Wallpaper walls & ceiling
Get the carpet put down
Put all the furniture up
Move items back in here
Change the sockets

I am sure there are a few more bits to do but we will find them as we get to those stages. I just can't wait for it all to be done so I have somewhere to get ready on a morning as well as somewhere just to relax listening to my record player. The plus side to this room being done is a trip to Ikea too I can't wait for that as it seems I haven't been for a while so who knows what I will end up coming home with, just as long as I stay away from items for the kitchen.

Keep checking back as when this room is complete there will be another post showing off what it looks like.

See you soon

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