Fish Hairspray

The lovely people over at Fish Soho were kind enough to send me a few products to try. The first of which was this amazing Fish fishsticks hairspray.

I hadn't used Fish hair products in the past so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It wasn't sticky and even in the typical British winter it has kept an exceptional hold. It has quickly become one of my favourites and I will definitely be repurchasing.

I go through hairspray so fast and this only lasted me around 3 weeks but this is actually a week more than a can usually last so I have to say the also adds to the reason why I would repurchase. It does make my hair feel a little solid in parts but honestly that could just be due to how much I use. 

Overall I can see me using more and more fish products. Including the couple of items I currently have in my draw to test. You can get Fish Soho products at Boots.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


Meeting Tegan and Sara

Tuesday 14th of February. Also known as the day my dreams came true.  Who knew I was actually going to be stood having my picture taken with the one and only Tegan and Sara. 

I never knew this day would come but as soon as I saw meet and greet was available for the Manchester gig that I was going to I had to get a ticket. My parents weren't happy at the £79 price tag however I believe you can't put a price on meeting your idols.

Everyone probably knows by now just how hooked I am on Tegan and Sara so l was obviously nervous. I got to the venue ready for the 6pm meet and greet with a group of very good friends I have made through Tegan and Sara's music. I was so nervous it was untrue, we gave our names and was checked in and all queued up ready for them to come out to see us. 

Whilst queuing I first heard Sara and then finally spotted her. It was all finally happening. By the time it was my turn I was a nervous wreck. I walked over to Sara got my hug and then moved on to Tegan. I showed them my tattoos and we had a nice chat about various different things. It was nice to tell them just what their music and fan base has helped me through and is continuing to help me. 

I managed to give both Tegan and Sara a letter each which I loved writing for them even if it was difficult at times. They even signed a few items for me including my ticket, love you to death case and my get along case. 

I even managed to get individual images of me with Tegan and Sara. I am still in shock over a week later. So guys don't give up on your dreams because who knows when they may come true.  I can honestly say I have been happier since this opportunity and like I have been told over and over things are getting better. Which I am sure you will all see soon.

 Here is me and Tegan. She is so small and so down to earth. I love that smile too.

Me and Sara. I spent more time talking to Sara she is so down to earth and funny. Just look how happy she seems here.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


Vivek Shraya

I first found out all about Vivek through my love of Tegan and Sara. I lvoed the song she did with Tegan called the lphabet and then I heard Your name with Sara. She also featured in the Tegan and Sara get a long DVD and I have been hooked ever since.

I am useless at reading so I am still trying to get around the books but her music in itself is just one huge reason to love her. Vivek is also in the band Too Attached (who I adore)  who have toured alongside Tegan and Sara.

I was lucky enough to get to ask Vivek a few questions so here we go.

So Vivek tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Toronto-based artist and writer.

What first got you into writing? 

I turned to writing when I was struggling with my music career and its stagnation.

What has been your favourite thing to write so far?

My favourite book I have written is She of the Mountains. It's a love story, or rather, many love stories. 

What sort of things do you find most inspiring to write either books or songs about?

Right now, I am most excited about tying art to politics, whether it’s writing about racism or singing about gender. 

What was it like to play shows with Tegan and Sara?

The Love You to Death tour with my brother Shamik (as our band, Too Attached) was a dream come true. Many dreams come true! I never imagined I would have the opportunity to play such spacious and historic venues. 

Bonus: getting see Tegan and Sara play every night from side stage.

You have done songs with both Tegan and Sara who is the easiest to work with / most fun to work with?

Haha this is a trick question! Both are fun and easy to work with. Tegan was a great experience because we had just met and become friends. She sent me a CD (remember those?) with her vocals on it for The Alphabet, and I remember feeling so in awe of what she had come up with. Sara and I worked on Your Name in person, which was nerve-wracking because I felt so shy and insecure, but she was so patient and generous. 

So seen as this is a beauty and fashion blog what's are your top 3 beauty / skincare products?

Kiehls - Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
CLINIQUE - Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

What are 3 clothing items or accessories you can't live without?

bindis, denim jackets, black leggings. 

Do you have a particular skin care regime, if so what type of products do you use?

I have been using the Clinique 3-step since my twenties. 

Any chance you may tour in the UK sometime? I would love to see you live.

I would love to come to the UK and Europe! Hopefully in 2017.

So there you have it we may even see Vivek in the UK very soon.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.