How I plan to stay on track whilst celebrating my birthday...


Well here we go we are edging closer to my birthday and one thing I don't want to do during those birthday celebrations is ruin all the progress that I have made over the past few weeks in terms of my fitness and weight loss journey. These past few weeks have been fantastic in terms of progress and the last thing I want to do is undo all that progress over the space of a few days and it take ages to get back to where I am now. It is definitely going to be a busy weekend with plenty of celebrations over 3 days so it is going to be a case of smashing my progress in the build up and creating a plan of action so that I don't go totally off track but also so that I still enjoy my birthday celebrations. 

I haven't touched a drop of alcohol all year but the plan was always to break this for a few days over my birthday weekend, I wont be going over the top with my drinking and I will be trying to go for lower calorie options but I will be allowing myself to drink between the 8th and 12th of September then it is back to no alcohol for the rest of the year. On the day of my birthday me and Liam are heading into Leeds for some shopping and a bit of a drinking session and of course we will be having a meal out there too, this is where I would normally just binge for the sake of it but this time around I wont be doing that and I will be being more mindful of what I am actually consuming and I will be making better choices from the menus. This is similar on the Sunday too as we are going to be heading to Manchester to watch the women's football, again this day will include a meal out (Hard Rock cafe is a yearly birthday treat) and a few drinks before the game and before heading home, again though I am planning on making better choices that I am still going to enjoy and fingers crossed I won't see my weight soar sky high again. Saturday is a party day at home and with me being in charge of food for this I won't be going overboard and making too much and there will be some healthier choices in the mix too, I don't need to overeat for the sake of it.

I know that on the Friday and Sunday I am going to get a whole lot of steps in as Leeds and Manchester are both pretty big places to walk around especially with what we are going for, so at least whilst I am out I know that I am being active. Just to keep up consistency though I am going to be keeping up to my workouts, these will be done nice and early in the morning and to be honest I am mainly keeping them in so that I don't go totally off track like I have done after a few days of missed workouts in the past. If I keep up the workouts even whilst enjoying the celebrations I should still notice some progress and be able to continue how I have been doing lately.

The celebrations are definitely going to be a period of having fun and spending time with family but as I say I won't be going overboard like I have in the past, it is time to learn to be more mindful and not ruin progress by binge eating and drinking, I will definitely have more fun if I don't go overboard. I will be honest I am just looking forward to eating some birthday cake and heading to the Hard Rock cafe once again. 

I am learning a lot out of my body and I am determined to make my 28th year my best yet so its time to celebrate in moderation and really crack on with hitting those goals I have set myself. It is going to be a great couple of days and I can't wait to keep showing up and being consistent even whilst celebrating, it is time to show myself what I am capable of.

The exercises I love and the exercises I hate


Now that I have been working out for a while I have really discovered the exercises I love and hate. There are some exercises that I really enjoy doing and would happily do daily but on the flip side there are some exercises I would happily avoid if they were worked into my exercise plan or the classes I attend. It has been quite fun trying new exercises but at the same time some of them have put my body through some real pain as they have proved to be a bit too difficult for the stage I am currently at aka still totally unfit. 

With some of the exercises I have been doing I have really noticed that I wouldn't have dreamed of ever doing them a few years ago however, I am absolutely loving them and I am finding the challenge of them being fantastic whilst the improvements I see from doing these exercises has really helped boost my confidence and motivation to push further into my journey.  So here are those exercises I absolutely love to do and would happily do daily... 


I never imagined I would love going boxing once a week but it is safe to say I now countdown to Wednesday evenings as the boxing class is the highlight of my week. I definitely underestimated how much of a challenge it would be but that hour a week really puts me through my paces and the amount of sweat at the end of each session just goes to show how much it benefits my fitness journey. My arms have never felt as strong as they do since starting boxing. 


As someone with knee issues I never thought I would like squats but honestly they are some of my favourite exercises to do whether I add extra weight or not. I have even grown to love jump squats over time which I never expected to happen. These are such a simple exercise and the progress I am making in the amount I can do with minimal pain is amazing.


Of course this is an exercise I love and it is one I am loving even more these days as I have finally got back to kicking the ball around. Thanks to the weight loss and other aspects of my health and lifestyle changing I am finally able to kick a ball around with barely any pain in my knee. I honestly never thought I was going to be able to play again so this has been amazing for me and even just training in the garden is something I absolutely love.

Push ups 

I can't do a full push up yet but I am slowly getting there and it is feeling brilliant as I am noticing slight progressions each time I do try this exercise and fingers crossed I won't be far off doing a full push up soon. This is an exercise I know a lot of people aren't too keen on but I am determined to crack it soon and it is certainly helping me build up my upper body strength and gives me a good marker of my progress.

Bicep curls

I really don't know why this is a favourite exercise but when I see it in my workout plan I will admit I definitely get excited when I see these popping up on my workout plan. I was never a fan of workouts with weights but this exercise seems to have a hold on me and I love it. Feeling the burn in my arms and seeing the weight increase is just fantastic.

Whilst those are the exercises I absolutely love there are some that I hate and really dread when they come up in a class or a workout plan. Some I know a lot of people hate but others I know others love, for me my body just really doesn't like them and they just push me that bit too hard for where I am at now. So here are those exercises I absolutely hate...

Walking lunges

I think it is my bad knee that makes me hate these as much as I do but I wish I could enjoy them as I know they are going to benefit me in the long run. I find I can't get as much depth into the lunges as I would like and my knee just clicks through them constantly. I can push past the pain but I can say if these disappeared I wouldn't miss them.

Hamstring curls

Oh look another leg exercise that I really can't get along with. I think I don't like doing these because I used to do these on a machine whereas now I am doing them with a slide device and on the surface I use it on the curls just don't seem to give me the effect they used to. Maybe once I get the gym sorted out in the garage and get some proper equipment this might end up being an exercise I love once again.


Ah burpees, I don't think I hate anything as much as I do this exercise if they disappeared off the face of the earth I would be more than happy. My bad knee kills after doing these and honestly I just feel wiped out after doing these. Don't get me wrong I still do them as I know they will benefit me but I can't wait until they feel that bit easier on my body.

So there you go those are the exercises I love and the few that I hate, over time as I discover new exercises I am sure this list will change but for now I would rather stick to doing the top 5 exercises and forget the bottom ever existed. 

What is an exercise you love and one you hate?

My favourite outfits this summer

Ah summer a season I used to love but honestly this year I have been hit and miss with it, its been far too warm and I have struggled when it has come to piecing items together as my wardrobe just hasn't felt summer ready this year. As I am in the process of losing weight I haven't wanted to purchase a lot of clothing for the warm weather as is there really any point when you might only get 3 warm weeks in the whole of summer? I have managed to pick up a couple of new items for the season though and worked with some older items I own to help me create the perfect summer outfits that have kept me nice and cool whilst the heatwaves have taken place, plus one outfit I got was totally out of my comfort zone but it has quickly become my favourite and is one I am going to be recreating for years to come. So here are my favourite outfits from this summer...

This outfit is one of my go to's on a warm day as it helps me stay nice and cool thanks to the materials I am wearing and the size of them. In the heat I have found I am more comfortable in jersey shorts and honestly I am not sure why but when I buy them I try to buy lighter jersey material as I know these are going to be better for the weather and 9 times out of 10 I buy them in a lighter grey colour as I find these go with more of my wardrobe in the heat. I team these up with my purple Adidas t-shirt which again is a nice cool material for the heat and the added bonus is now that it is quite over sized on me so makes it even cooler. I love the colour of this t-shirt and the fit is perfect so it has definitely become a firm favourite especially for the more relaxed casual days. This is one for those quick shopping trips or the days where I don't have much effort at all.

Another outfit that I have loved over the summer is actually usually reserved for working out but the lightweight breathable materials have really helped in the heatwaves plus the clothing is really comfortable for lounging around in which is what I often do if I am wearing these clothes for anything other than working out. Although the outfit is all black the materials help keep it cool and I have found these older Gymshark items to be really good quality. The t-shirt is a nice stretchy material and hangs a bit looser now and the shorts are on the baggier side so they are looser fitting and very comfortable. Sometimes you just have to put on your workout gear for something other than a workout and this summer it has been a lifesaver.

This outfit is a whole lot smarter than I have worn in a long time and I am absolutely love it a whole lot more than I thought I would. I got these Bermuda shorts from Primark thinking I would create a casual outfit with them but then I came across this printed shirt at Primark and thought it would create a look I have always wanted to try but have always put off due to my size. I am really glad I did give this a try as teamed up with the white sneakers and a black vest underneath it creates the look I imagined and it is going to be a style I try incorporate in the future too. This shirt isn't going to be limited to summer use either so get used to seeing it more often.

An honourable mention definitely has to go to this England away shirt from this summers Euro's, it is one of my favourite shirts and thanks to the summer of football it has been the most worn one, it even had a nice trip to Wembley when I saw the Lionesses win their first major trophy. It has been perfect for the warm weather, the colour is nice and bold and it certainly holds a lot of memories now.

So there you go those are my favourite outfits from the summer, the smarter looking one is definitely my favourite and surprisingly I felt so comfortable and confident in it which I didn't expect at all. It is amazing how you can think something really wont work but then it puts a lasting impression on your brain. As I said earlier I used to love the summer but this year I have found myself counting down to autumn both for home accessorizing and for outfit styling. I am hopefully going to go on a small shopping trip before the start of the new season to pick up some essentials for the style I am aiming for but more on that another day. For the first time ever I have to say I am glad summer is coming to an end.

What is one of your favourite summer outfits?

The birthday wish list, it's time to treat myself...

I am not too sure how I feel about the fact I am turning 28 very, very soon. It doesn't feel like 2 minutes ago I was turning 21, where have the years gone? It is a bit crazy to think how close to 30 I actually am now and as I get older the answer to the question 'what do you want for your birthday?' gets harder and harder as I just buy things for myself throughout the year rather than waiting for special occasions like I had to when I was younger. This year though I am planning on only asking for what is going to be useful to me and that is actually going to get used rather than random little things that just sit gathering dust as I have suggested them for the sake of it. I am also planning on treating myself to a few things as a bit of a present to myself before I set myself a strict budget to follow, anything I do buy as a birthday treat before then though is going to be things I have really wanted for a while and that are going to benefit me in the long run to stop me breaking the budget when it does come into play, it is time to get prepared.  So here is what I will be suggesting to people and also hopefully treating myself to for my birthday this year...


A new pair of headphones have been on my wish list for a while now and they are actually going to be a practical purchase this time around. I want a good quality pair of wireless ones that connect to my Mac so that when I am on Zoom or recording podcasts for the football site I can use them and hear everything much clearer and also stop echo in the playback. These will just make life so much easier and I know that they can be expensive so these will definitely be a treat to myself if I do get them. 

Alex Scott book

Alex Scott is everywhere at the moment and that is something I am glad of she was a fantastic football player and is now a fantastic commentator but this book is hopefully going to show another side of her too and I really can't wait to get my hands on it as I think it is going to be a fantastic read. My football related book collection is growing and this should be the perfect addition. 

Nike socks

Is it even a special occasion if you don't receive socks? My white Nike socks are starting to look a little worse for wear so it is about time I threw them out and started a fresh. These socks are my go to as they are comfortable, last a while and honestly I wear them with everything so having fresh pairs is an essential for me.

Plain hoodies

My wardrobe is seriously lacking some plain hoodies for the autumn and winter period and after creating my vision board for the new season I have identified this as an area where investment needs to be made. That is why on my birthday wish list are plain navy, black and grey hoodies. These should go with the look I have in mind and will be great for layering as the temperatures drop. 

Long sleeve printed t-shirts

I fell in love with this style of t-shirt last year and plan on increasing the amount in my wardrobe for the future. I have already seen a fair few in Primark that I would love to get my hands on so fingers crossed I can suggest these to people or treat myself to them on my annual birthday shopping trip but we all know what Primark stock can be like. I am sure H&M & River Island will have plenty in too as stock starts to change. 

Flame necklace

I am really hoping that this is still in stock at River Island as I saw this a while ago now but at the time I didn't have anything to go with it. This simple necklace is on the inexpensive side but will go great with a variety of outfits I have in mind for the upcoming seasonal change. Plus it is about time I started wearing jewellery a lot more as I have been slacking when it comes to adding accessories to my outfits.

Vans hi-tops

Sneakers aren't something I need but with the style I am aiming for I am hoping to finally get my hands on some Vans hi-tops, I have wanted these for ages but haven't had a real need for them but now with the style changes I have the perfect excuse to get a pair. I will be opting for these in the simple black and white colourway and honestly I think the investment could lead to them becoming my most worn footwear in autumn.

Man City shirt

Liam has already told me there is a very strong chance I will be getting this for my birthday especially as we are going to the opening Man City Women game of the season. I have been wanting one of these since the Euros as I said I would be getting a shirt with the winning goalscorers name on the back and luckily for me it just so happened to be Chloe Kelly who plays for the team I support. I am looking forward to adding this shirt to my collection and getting plenty of wear out of it.

Mary Earps shirt

Oh look another shirt this time though it is for the opposite side of Manchester, Manchester United. Liam is a fan of their women's team so we have picked up season tickets for this season and we can't wait to go watch plenty of games this season. I can't be going without a shirt though and it finally gives me the chance to get a Mary Earps shirt which is something I have wanted since the Euro's. A chance to support one of my favourite players even if she is on the rival team.

Nike academy tracksuit

With me working out more and going back to playing football I am going to need something to keep me warm in the colder weather whilst I am training or watching games so after a fair bit of looking round I have settled on the Nike academy tracksuit, I know already the academy range is great quality and a tracksuit like this would allow me to train freely with no restrictions and keep me warm. I think the simple black and white one should do the trick.

Nike academy matching set

I have a few of these matching Nike academy shorts and t-shirts sets and honestly they have become one of my favourite outfits to workout in so whilst they are still cheap at Sports Direct I would love to add a few more coloured sets to the collection especially the red one. These sets are super comfy and aren't restrictive so I know I will get my wear out of them whether it is for a simple workout at home or football training.

Workout shorts

I am seriously lacking in shorts that fit me for working out in and it is driving me mad as I spend too long pulling my shorts back up rather than actually doing an exercise. I just need some that fit me right and other than the Nike ones I have found that MyProtein do some of the best fitting shorts for me and I think it is time I invested in some more rather than holding off until my size drops again. It will definitely make working out easier.

Nike pros

The final item on the list is yet another that I need to get my hands on but keep putting off mainly due to the lack of availability in my size. I am wanting a pair in black and one in white as these are the colours I am likely to be wearing for football and I know I will get plenty of wear out of them. Even though I am buying them for football no doubt I will also be wearing these for the home gym workouts and possibly even boxing.

A lot of these items I will be treating myself to as little birthday gifts to myself and I will be honest I really can't wait to get my hands on some of these items more than others, the bits that are really going to transform my workouts are definitely what I will be getting my hands on as I can't wait to take things up a gear when it comes to working out and achieving my goals. But for ow it is time to get saving before my birthday and for a little while after too so that I can get these items before that strict budget comes into play.

It is time to change some bits at home...


I am at that stage again where I am wanting to redo everything in the house as I am getting bored of it, but money just wont allow those changes just yet however, we do have a plan for those bigger jobs... we are starting at the top of the house and doing things room by room, it is going to be a long process but at the end of the day it will be worth it. In the mean time though I am starting to get little pieces that will make small changes to the rooms that wont be done for a long time, I am hoping the small changes will help me love the rooms whilst other things are taking priority and they are changes I can make on a budget which is even better. So here is what is on my current home wish list...

Autumnal decor

I want the living room and dining room to feel super cosy this autumn and to do that I want new things like candles and fluffy blankets and maybe a few ornaments that we could have out on display for a change. I am also hoping to get some Halloween themed decor this year to embrace the spooky season and I am really hoping the downstairs of the house really becomes somewhere that I am happy to spend time rather than hiding upstairs all the time.

Storage jars

The kitchen at the moment is a right mess and it could all just be solved if we became a bit better organised. I love some of the storage jars I have seen in b&m and I would love to pick some up for things like pasta, snacks and cooking essentials. These should just help tidy the kitchen up and make things a lot easier to find for a change plus they look great on the eye when they are fully stocked. This is something I think I could do with just a £20 budget so fingers crossed we can do this soon. 


I would be nice to get some flowers in the house for a change as it is not something we do too often, but for this to happen we are going to have to get our hands on some vases for the rooms we will be adding them to. I have seen some really nice ones on the H&M website so fingers crossed I can treat myself to those and finally get some flowers brightening up the living room or dining room.

Big picture frames

Now this is either going to be a DIY project or I am going to be getting someone professional to do this for me... I am framing my signed football shirts at long last. These are all getting moved into my office space now so I want them hanging in frames nicely protected rather than just being hung on coat hangers. These shirts are some of my favourite items in the house so it is about time I looked after them properly plus it should make for a pretty good backdrop in the office. 

Gaming chair

The office is looking good for now but it will be getting a complete overhaul soon, with it being plastered, painted and finally it should be exactly what I wish for. But in the meantime I am really hoping to get a new gaming chair for in here. The chair I am using at the moment just isn't comfortable and I can't work in there for long periods of time so it is about time I got a nice comfortable chair for in here. I think that having this will just bring the room together especially when it is completely redone and it will mean I am more productive in there for longer.

Kallax Unit

Oh look another purchase for the office. I have had an idea in mind for this for a while now and I think that once the walls are redone this is going to look perfect and again will provide the office with a great backdrop that fits the theme perfectly... football. Each slot will be filled with shirts and it will give me more storage space which is certainly needed at the moment as the football items are forever growing. 

So there you go it is time to make some small changes around the house to get it feeling more homely and how we want it. We have made a start on the home gym which involves us clearing out the garage and converting that so our money is going to be tied up there for a while but I am already starting to put bits to once side ready for the office as that is going to be the first room we get done upstairs once money is back in our bank accounts. Lets hope these changes work in the meantime. 

What is an item on your home wish list?

What an experience the Euros were...

I think it is safe to say a lot of people reading this post will have had the time of their lives in July thanks to the Euros and I know I can honestly say it has been the dream month for me. A full month of major tournament football here in England during a month where I am normally sat around counting down the days to the seasons starting again, then getting to see England become winners of that major tournament, it is a dream come true and honestly it still feels like a dream to me and it could do for a long time. We were lucky enough to receive all the tickets we were balloted for in the pre-sale and it just so happens purchasing those games when we didn't know who was even playing worked well in our favour as the games ended up being teams we really wanted to see and we got to see some of our favourite players in action. The tournament was originally delayed a year due to the pandemic and it seemed to be a very long wait but it was worth it all in the end and this tournament has made me even more excited for the new seasons starting up. 

As I said earlier we managed to get tickets to all those games we were in the ballot for and I am so grateful that we did, we knew the opener would include England but as for their opponent and the rest of the games we had no idea who we would be paying to see. As the tournament grew closer I sat and told Liam I was adopting Sweden as a bit of a second team to cheer on throughout the competition as I loved their style of play and Liam told me his would be the Netherlands. So when the fixtures came out and we saw we were going to be at the stadium watching Sweden vs the Netherlands you bet we were involved in a friendly bit of competition. If we weren't at the stadium watching a game though you bet we were watching at least 1 game per day on the TV, it truly was a month of only football. So here are the games that we were lucky enough to attend...

England vs Austria

The tournament opener was the one we really wanted to go see, not just because it was an England game up North but also because it was a game in Old Trafford, one of my favourite stadiums. When the groups were drawn I was hoping this would be the game against Norway but seeing Austria play was also fantastic, they really put up a fight against England and showed they weren't to be written out of the tournament too soon. The atmosphere was fantastic at this game and those 90 minutes set up the start of a perfect tournament. 


Sweden vs Netherlands

As I said earlier I said that Sweden were my second team and Liam said the Netherlands were his so we were more than excited when the fixtures were announced and we saw that we would be watching the two teams face off in Sheffield. We thought the atmosphere was brilliant at the opener but honestly these two sets of fans really brought the noise and it was a great experience being in the stadium soaking it all up and watching a good game of football, it wasn't the best game we saw as both teams cancelled each other out but it was still a good game.

Sweden vs Belgium

The next game we went to was another Sweden game and this time it was to see them take on Belgium in the quarter finals, we really did soak up this game I was in the Sweden shirt, face paint on and we joined in the fan walk to the stadium. It was a fantastic day but they kept us on the edge of our seats with their performance. Belgium really put in a performance and if I am honest I thought they were going to progress to the semi finals but Sweden managed to get that all important goal in stoppage time, it was great to see them progress but I still feel sorry for Belgium as they probably deserved the win that evening. It was great to see Tessa Wullaert play again too as I have missed seeing her at Man City.

Netherlands vs France

We were both very lucky as we got to see both our second teams in the quarter finals however, Liam's didn't get the result that mine did and France came out the winners of a very closely contested game which went to extra time and both sides looked very threatening in. Again this is a game where we really soaked up the atmosphere as we found the Netherlands fans some of the best in the whole tournament with the atmosphere they created. I have to say this was definitely the best fan walk we did as the fans are crazy but in a good way. even when they were knocked out of the tournament the fans were there celebrating how well the team had done. It was great to be there to see some of my favourite players play at long last too such as Roord and van de Donk. 

England vs Sweden

I have to say this was the game I was really dreading (although I always wanted England to walk away the winners) and I hoped it was going to be the final game not the semi finals. I was so excited to see my favourite two teams play each other in what should have been a very close game but Sweden just didn't turn up and England had a spectacular game, they shouldn't have won 4-0 in a semi final it should have been much closer but after those 90 minutes I was so relieved that England had finally broke that semi final curse and the likes of Lucy Bronze, Ellen White and Jill Scott were finally getting to the final after suffering heartbreak in the past 3 major tournaments.

England vs Germany

I got laughed at when I bought tickets to the final last year but in the end after seeing the demand for the tickets I am so glad we did manage to get them when we did as England took on Germany for the title of European champions. To know we had tickets to see this game I was like a kid at Christmas and on the day of the final we just soaked it all in. The 120 minutes were the most nerve wrecking and when that Chloe Kelly goal went in I don't think I have ever celebrated as much. There were tears all round at full time and to this day it still feels like a dream, to be able to say I was there for the Lionesses lifting their first major tournament trophy is amazing and the tournament holds memories that will last a life time. 

It was nice seeing a tournament go in England's favour after so many years of heartbreak, watching the women's game grow to what it is today and the potential it has now after the win is amazing. I am so glad we got our tickets early as I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of the opportunities we had, it has been a tournament filled with plenty of highs for a change and here our highs...

England Winning

I think this is the most obvious high for a whole lot of people. After so many years of heartbreak football is finally home. Under Wiegman the teams mentality seems to have massively changed and we look like such a threat in every game we play. Seeing them lift that trophy just puts an end to all those years of heartbreak and honestly it has put the team on the map for the newcomers to the sport but I think its also raised the hope of us who have watched for a long time that this is now only the beginning of what could be a fantastic few years with the World Cup coming up in 2023. 

Getting past that semi final curse

For so many years I have seen the Lionesses get through to the semi finals and fail to progress to the final and seeing those players sat on the floor in tears at the end of those games has been heartbreaking, especially when you get the close ups of Ellen White and Lucy Bronze, those 2 have been through it all for a long time with the squad so to see White in happy tears at the end of the semi final was certainly heartwarming and seeing them go on to lift the trophy just brought tears to everyone's eyes, everyone on that team deserve that win but you can't help feel so much more excited for those who have been part of the heartbreak in the past. 

Fan walks

Me and Liam have loved soaking it all up this tournament and one thing we have loved the most is the fan walks before the game. Being in that group of fans walking to the stadium together chanting and just enjoying the day has been fantastic. Don't get me wrong the Sweden quarter final one was great and the England semi final one was something special due to it being for our country but I just don't think you can beat the Netherlands one, that was a special experience that I know we are never going to forget, being in a sea of orange jumping around and singing whilst making our way to a quarter final game. If you asked me to walk to the game normally and do the amount of steps I did on these walks I would have complained massively but those fan walks took away all complaints.


Sometimes you can go to a women's game and the atmosphere can feel a bit flat, like only a few are getting behind the team but this tournament the atmosphere in those stadiums was unreal. Foreign fans really brought the noise for the team and showed us all how it was done, some teams fans never seemed to stop. Even the English atmosphere really started to gain momentum and the atmosphere at the final was the best I have experienced. I am really hoping we can replicate this at other games throughout the season as those players really stepped up with the atmosphere the fans created. 

Russo back heel & Stanway screamer

I couldn't do my highs from the tournament without including these two goals, they are my goals of the tournament. First up you have Stanway securing England's place in the semi final with a stunning strike which really showed everyone just what she is capable of, Man City are definitely going to miss her next season. Then you have Russo with the cheeky back heel goal in the semi final and nutmeg not one but two Swedish players, to be able to do that in a semi final just goes to show the confidence in the team and the players on the team and it has really helped boost Russo's profile, I can see a lot of people picking up Russo shirts for the new season.

Seeing players really make a name for themselves

This high doesn't just go for the England team although I think a lot of those players have made a name for themselves and will be on peoples radars for a long time, Kelly, Russo, Hemp & Toone are just a few of the ones from England that stand out for me but at the same time you have a lot of young talent from elsewhere that are going to be players that people keep an eye on in future tournaments and in future seasons, Lena Oberdorf from Germany is one of those players who really shone through the season and gained herself young player of the tournament, I know I will be keeping an eye on her future progress and I can see many other fans of the women's game doing the same.

Memories that will last a life time

The memories created throughout this month really are going to live on for a life time. Me and Liam, going to plenty of games and going on little adventures on our own, having family with us for the opener and the final has all being fantastic. Add seeing Leah Williamson lifting the trophy at Wembley to that list and those memories are never going to fade. As someone who has followed the game for a long time, long before this website even started the tournament has magical and has been a very long time coming. I think it is going to feel like a dream for such a long time but I have collected mementos along the way that I am going to hold onto forever.

Jill Scott

Yes Jill Scott really does get her own section on my highs from the tournament. Jill has been one of my favourite players for as long as I can remember and this tournament has just made me love her even more. A lot of people were complaining about why we would take her to this tournament but I think throughout the month a lot of people's eyes have been opened to the sort of player Jill is and what she can bring to the squad. She is hilarious, she can help motivate the team and she can still play brilliantly and isn't afraid to get stuck in for challenges. Plus we now have the iconic moment of what she shouted to the German player after a challenge which has already made its way onto t-shirts. She really is a national treasure.

I know I keep saying it but this tournament really has been spectacular and I am really hoping this is just the start for the growth of the women's game here in the UK, it is time clubs really capitalise on the Success and momentum we have seen throughout July to keep the game heading in the right direction. Here are some of the things we are hoping to see off the back of Euro 2022...


Attendances grow across the board

There is a full post coming about this in the near future so I wont go into it too much today. We are already seeing ticket sales soar for the start of the WSL but are we going to see that continue when people realise they are going to have to pick between the men or women due to schedules clashing, or when the weather changes and the cold evening games set in are we going to see attendances suddenly drop again? I really hope not and I really hope we see attendances increase at all levels not just in the top flight.

Momentum taking place for the growth of the game

I am really hoping that we are going to see more teams investing in the women's game along with brands putting their money where their mouth is rather than jumping on the bandwagon for a month then dropping off the face of the earth once again. It is time to build on what we have seen this summer across all levels and grow the game into what it deserves, it is time for the women's game to gather pace and start to shine rather than being overshadowed.  

See more girls and women take part in the sport

I signed up to play 9 a side again at the end of last year and joined a Friday night 5 a side session and since the Euros the amount of people being added to the group chat for organising the games has been unreal and numbers are increasing in the participation. I would love to see this replicated across all age groups throughout the country, people just starting out and others getting back to it. I really hope so see those people stick to it though and not get fed up when the weather changes or when the hype of the tournament has dropped off. 

More advertising & promotion of the women's game

We are seeing the Lionesses everywhere at the moment, on TV & in newspapers, clubs are promoting games like never before and to keep the momentum going we need to be seeing this year round not just for a few weeks after the major win. There is no point putting it all out there to totally drop the women when the men's game starts back up or have a major tournament to take part it. There needs to be consistency in keeping the women's game in the public eye to keep up with the high ticket sales and get more eyes on the game it can't just be a one off. Get more games on the TV, get more players being interviewed on major sites in build up to games an get the fans attention gripped and don't let the woemen's game slip off the face of the earth in a few weeks. 

Get those big names involved more and get the big brands on board to promote like they have since the win, if they are really wanting the game to grow like they say now is the time to get on board with the promotion of the game and don't let that historic win just disappear from the media, let's keep things moving along in the right direction.

I really don't think I could have wished for a better summer of football, it has been a dream come true which has motivated and inspired me in so many aspects of my life which I am really looking forward to starting on and working towards. These Lionesses have really inspired the nation and I am looking forward to seeing what is next for them and the leagues in the UK. What a dream month it has been and that win just proved to everyone anything is achievable if you work hard enough for it and are determined to come out on top.

What is a highlight of the Euro's for you? 

July 2022 Fitness Update

Well that is July over and done with and what an absolutely crazy month that was. The month has been spent watching the Euros either on TV or in the stadium and it has been the best month ever for me, not only did I see England win in a final but it has inspired and motivated me for my own content and goals which honestly I needed it as I was starting to struggle a bit. Unfortunately though the busy month left me struggling when it came to my workouts and nutrition. Here is how the month went goal wise...

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Unfortunately this didn't happen and honestly I believe that if I wasn't so busy I could have really pushed towards it. I did start making a lot of progress on the odd week where I wasn't so busy but unfortunately couldn't keep it up but hey I didn't gain weight so that is a plus.

Workout 5 times a week
This was always looking a bit unrealistic with my schedule and obviously I didn't stick to it due to how busy I was. I started the month well, dropped off, picked back up then fell back off again. It is time to get back on track with my workouts though and make some good progress.

Stay consistent even whilst busy 
I guess in some ways I was consistent throughout the month until we headed towards to the end of it. I was taking lunches to work each day and getting my steps in. It is time to really get cracking back on with this now as I know the consistency is going to play a big part in any future progress I am going to make.

Work on my push up goal
I am still really struggling with this one as my upper body strength just doesn't want to play ball by the looks of it.  I can get myself up but just can't seem to lower myself. We have changed the plan a bit now though and I have ways that are going to help me out with getting close to this goal and I am excited to see how much progress I can make in the future.

Play plenty of football
This one didn't go as planned, I had it all scheduled in but then a new tattoo, the extreme heat and my crazy schedule meant I didn't get to play half as much as I wanted to.I did get to play a bit more than usual as I had a training session but I am really looking forward to being able to get back to it properly very soon. It is just a case of getting time and money to able to attend as much as I would like.

So here is how July looked on the scales...

Beginning of June weight: 15 stone 6 lb 

End of June weight : 15 stone 6 lb

Total loss for the month : Maintain

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in August ...

- Sort out active wear drawer
- lose 3lb 
- skip 30 mins a day
- Workout 3 times a week
- Work towards my push up goal
- Make a start on the garage conversion (finally it will be a gym)

I honestly don't mind maintaining in July as it was such a busy month and if I am honest I thought I would end up with a pretty big gain instead so this was a nice surprise. It is time to really knuckle down in August though as we are closing in on my 3 month period of goals I had set for myself and I am still a long way off achieving any of them. Other than a holiday early on in the month I don't actually have much planned other than football and housework so it is time to really put 110% effort into making progress towards the goals before time is up early on in September... I can totally do this.

Total loss for 2022 : - 7 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 10 lb

Why I am starting to use a budget binder...

Well the time has finally arrived, I have had a light bulb moment and realised that I really, really need to start watching what I spend. This moment came when I opened my bank account after the Euros and I realised just how much I spent with only football shirts and scarves to show for it. I have never been too good with my money but now the Euros are over and done with I am more determined than ever to get a budget in place and actually stick to it. July was always going to be a high spend month as I am considering those Euros as a once in a lifetime opportunity so I kind of spent for the memories but now with the economic climate in the state it is I know I need to reign in what I am spending and actually start building up some saving rather than living pay day to pay day like I have done recently. 

There are so many things I want to change in the house and a big thing is to convert the garage into a home gym so I know now me and Liam need to start being so much better with our money so that we can get all these jobs done whilst actually putting some money aside for just in case too. 

I have created myself a budget which I might go into a bit further down the line but I am also hoping that I can use this budget binder to do the cash stuffing method and stick to that budget even more than I would if I just had a spreadsheet on my PC and still stuck to using my card and not referring back to my bank account like I have done lately and that is when I really do lose track of what I have spent and continue to go overboard. I have budgeted the set amount of what will go in each of these envelopes each pay day and I am hoping that over time I can have money left in these each envelopes and never go over the amount I set for myself each month. So here is what each envelope is and what it is actually going to be used for...

Football - This is for the women's football matches we are wanting to go to each month where we don't already have tickets. Each month a set amount will go in here and we will try not to exceed it. We go to a fair few games and have even more planned so I might increase the budget for this over time but for now let's see how it goes.

Halifax football - This is where I will be putting little vouchers for my Friday night football sessions and subs for when I play as all the money is bank transferred for these sessions. I am hoping that this will mean I always have money in the bank put to one side for these sessions as I try go to many more of them now I am seeing my fitness levels increase.

Boxing - This is going to have roughly £25 in each month ready to pay for each session I am going to be going to. I try to go weekly so this £25 should cover every session between pay days and in some cases I might have £5 left over which will rollover to the next 5 week period so I always have the session covered without having to worry about scraping money together on the final Wednesday before payday. The only time this should increase is if I start going to 2 sessions a week but honestly I don't see that happening for a while.

Goal Shop - This is the big one for me as it is what I am really going to need hopefully sooner rather than later. Each month I am going to be putting a small amount into this envelope and when I have money left in other areas that will also go into here as this is for when I finally get to my goal size & weight. This money is not going to be touched until I reach that goal and it is going to pay for me a new wardrobe that actually fits me and the style I will be going for.

Holiday Spends - This envelope is going to be the one that changes seasonally. As it stands it has the money in that I have saved for my upcoming holiday but once that is done I am going to change it to being for Christmas gift money with the occasion quickly approaching. The fact that I can change this so often means it should always have a purpose and I am looking forward to seeing how much I can get in it before I start Christmas shopping, although I probably will have to use some money saved on my card for a few items especially when it comes to things for Liam and my nephew.

Treats - I am hoping that by having this folder I will only buy the items I really really need/want rather than spending money for the sake of it like I have been doing each month. This is only going to be a very small budget compared to what I normally spend so I am hoping the restriction really helps me limit myself. Although I am very tempted to create a separate one just for football shirts as they are so expensive these days and I don't buy them every month honestly, this would mean I could save for all the shirts I want alongside still treating myself to other bits every now and then. 

 I am really hoping that by doing this I can stick to using cash more often and leave the card at home and by the end of the month if I do stick to this I should have a fair amount left to put into my savings at the end of each month meaning jobs in the house should get done much quicker than if things continued the way they are doing. I am really hoping this does work and I can stick to this and be much better with my money and eventually get Liam on board with it too as things have stalled in the house and it is certainly time to change that and get the house just as we want it. It is time to really knuckle down now and be much better with my money and stop wasting it like I have been doing. It is time to change my habits and the use of this budget binder should only be the beginning... 

Do you stick to a budget or do you just wing it like I have been doing?

July 2022 Favourites

 Well what a month July has been. I haven't seemed to stop with something seeming to be happening everyday. The Women's Euros finally took place and after having tickets forever we have finally been to the competition and what a fantastic experience it has been for me and Liam especially who have been to plenty of games. It might have been a very busy month filled with late nights but at the same time I have managed to discover new favourites and rediscover old ones. So here is what made the cut of my overall favourites of the month of July...


Football Shirts

Thanks to the Euros I have had a month of wearing my favourite things... football shirts. I have had one on basically everyday of the month and honestly with the new seasons starting up again I can't see this changing anytime soon. I have worn a mix of international and club shirts from around the world and with the weather being nice and warm the material of the shirts have kept me nice and cool during the warm weather we have been having. You will see over the next few weeks just how much of a role football shirts have had in my month and I am not ashamed to say I am planning on buying even more.


Euro 2022

As I said at the start of the post the Euro's have been a big part of my month and to be honest the competition has totally taken over my life this month. I have been to see plenty of games live including the final and what an experience it has been. Even if I haven't been in the stadium watching the games I have been sat glued to the TV or working on content for my football site. The tournament has been fantastic and it really has been a summer of football and the perfect build up for the new seasons starting. Free time no longer exists for me as once again it is looking like football every weekend.


Spare Room

When I haven't been glued to the TV or at the football I have been shut away in the spare room which is of course our new make shift office space in the house. This room is a firm favourite as I have done some blogging from here, taken images for my blog and Instagram and it has also given me the perfect space to create reels at long last. I am so much more productive with this room and I can't wait to get even more use out of this room with the ideas I have had for my content. Just to be able to shut myself in the room and get on with things is brilliant as no distractions definitely help.

Health & fitness

Improving Steps

Another favourite that is mainly down to the Euros. With going to the games at the Euros a lot more walking has taken place but at the same time I have noticed that even with a lack of time I have been a lot more active than usual. Improving my steps is something I have been trying to do for a long time so to be able to finally do this even when I am so busy it is safe to say I am proud of myself and fingers crossed I can keep it up.

So there you have it those are my favourites from July. What are your favourites from July 2022? 

July 2022 New In

Well July has been and gone in the blink of an eye but I have to say it has been my favourite month of the year so far as I have been following the Euros on TV daily and have even gone to plenty of games which honestly has been a dream come true for me and it has been a month of creating memories I will never forget. It has been a busy month but honestly I can't complain about that as it has been such an enjoyable but honestly this is the start of life really picking up pace again with the football seasons starting up again. My bank account has taken a pretty big hit this month and I need to get back to saving once more, but this month was a bit of a one off really and I have gone a bit overboard but it is a month I will probably never experience again or at least for a very long time. So here is what I picked up throughout July...

Liam signed us up to become English Heritage members and everything finally came through in July. When we went away in June we saw a few places we would like to visit but it would have cost a fair bit in admission prices so Liam caved and signed us up for a 12 month membership that we will hopefully be able to put to good use soon. There are a fair few local places I would love to take a look around.

My birthday isn't until September but I have learnt the hard way, if you have a theme and see things early just get them or you will never see them again. We have decided this years theme is a Pokemon one, something both me and my nephew love and I have surprisingly struggled to find bits in stock so when I saw the party bags, table cover and plates in The Range I weren't leaving them behind. I still have my eye on other bits so no doubt they will end up in my next new in post. 

My brain has been in overdrive lately and I have hated it if I am honest. I feel very close to that burnout stage and with life only getting busier I think it could get worse so I am going to try combat that the best I can by trying to schedule in time to relax on an evening rather than constantly working on things. One way I plan on doing this is by creating a bullet journal where I can write my end of day thoughts, track things and just get creative with without really working, it should also help me switch off and stick to schedules a bit more too and the creative freedom will create some relaxing, fun evenings doodling on different spreads. I got this book from Amazon and I can't wait to make a start on it in August and see if it actually does benefit me.

Liam is full onboard with me embracing my love for Spider-Man and over the year he has enabled me to purchase a fair few Spider-Man bits but this month he actually ended up treating me to this fantastic Spider-Man book from our local comic book store. I absolutely love this as an item that I know I am going to keep for a long time on display on our dedicated Spider-Man shelf but at the same time I am really looking forward to just sitting down and reading it too as it looks perfect for any Spider-Man fan.

I think Liam is trying to tell me I need to read more as he also got me this Women's football book which I have been talking about since it was first announced. I absolutely love the women's game and honestly that love is only growing, there are plenty of books about the game on the market too and I am determined to read all the ones I find. I am actually really looking forward to sitting down and reading this book.

As I said at the start of the post it has been a month of football for us and I can't complain. We went to the Euro's opener and of course I had to get a programme to mark to occasion. I am quite glad they have just done one to cover the whole tournament as it has definitely saved me some money in the long run. This is an item I will be keeping forever as a memento of a fantastic competition. 

I have also collected scarves to commemorate the games I have been to and am planning on finding a way to display these in the long run. Between the start of the tournament I actually went to 3 games and of couse 3 half & half scarves came home with me. To have the memories on display is going to be amazing although I won't be forgetting this month for a long time anyway.

At one of the games I also ended up buying a random Sweden flag, I definitely adopted these as a second team as I saw them 3 times over their time in the competition and really got behind them up until they faced England in the semi finals. I will be having this in my little Euro display section if all goes to plan when I get around to redoing the spare room/office.

As I said about the flag I ended up adopting Sweden as my second team in the competition so of course me being me had to buy a shirt to wear seen as I was seeing them plenty of times. I was planning on getting this shirt before the tournament even started so to be able to pick it up at a game was great. This is one I will end up getting plenty of wear out of no doubt.

Oh look another treat from Liam but this time it is in the form of a football shirt. He buys from a site called Secret Shirt Co where you just give them your size and they will send you a totally random shirt. He ended up with a Getafe one whilst I ended up with a Strongest FC one from the Bolivian league. I think it is safe to say you don't see many of these in the UK and I can't wait to get wearing it very soon. The football shirt collection is certainly growing.

The new League 2 season started at the end of July and I can't go into the new season without getting a new Bradford City shirt. I have ended up opting for the home shirt (mainly due to the away and 3rd not being available yet) but I actually really like it, I am sucker for a shirt with a collar so it ticks all the boxes. Of course I had to get my nephew the kit too as he said he really liked it. Now I am just waiting for the others to be released, I am sure you will be seeing them in a new in post very soon.

Asda had a pretty decent sale on for a change and I found this stone coloured coat reduced right down to £10 and thought I would treat myself to it seen as it is a nice colour that should go with plenty of my wardrobe. Most of my coats I already own are getting too big for me so for £10 this is the perfect solution to keep me going as my size is changing as I am hoping to not fit in it for too long.

I also picked up this over-sized t-shirt from the Asda sale and I am so glad I did because once I put it on I fell in love with it. The fit is perfect for me with it being over-sized bust as my size changes this will still look great as it is meant too look big. With a small print on the front and a bigger one on the back it ticks all the boxes for me and I will be taking it away with me on my holiday that is coming up very soon. 

Did I need any more shorts? Definitely not but when I found these grey tailor fitted ones in the Matalan sale for just £6 I couldn't leave them behind. They look a lot smarter than other pairs I own and I know I can create some great looks with them due to the simplicity of them with the grey and white colourway. These are certainly coming on holiday with me too.

I have stuck to the Chicago Bulls clothing in the Primark x NBA range so far but once I saw this vintage looking Lakers one I couldn't resist. My parents actually treated me to this one and with it being an over-sized fit again it should last me a while and is really comfortable. Again I think this t-shirt is going to be coming on holiday with me and honestly I can't wait to get wearing it, I can see it becoming a firm favourite for the summer and into autumn.

It is safe to say I have spent way more than I should have done this month but I am determined to get this back on track very soon with the budget I have created (more on that another day) but for now I have just been soaking up the moment and enjoyed making memories. It is time to get back on with saving now though as I really want to get this gym done in the garage and some other jobs in the house really need sorting so fingers crossed I can get back on track and at least a few jobs get done before the end of the year, the garage and spare room/office are definitely the top of the list alongside finishing off the games room at long last. I am really hoping that having weekends filled with football will stop me spending so much and I need to try swap the shopping for getting jobs done in the house as it has been massively neglected these past few months due to us being so busy. It is time to only buy what I really need and focus on other things for a while. 

What was your favourite purchase from the month of July?