Weekly Round Up 2020 #2

The first full working week for 2020 has been and gone and to be honest it didn't drag like in previous years. Sometimes January feels like it is going on forever but this year for me it is flying by. The weekdays were pretty relaxed with not too much happening but the weekend was quite a busy one and I feel like I barely saw Liam. So here is how my week went...

I was at work until 5 then it was straight on to doing the food shop which for once I was quite excited about as we were determined to try new food throughout the week and cook some meals from scratch. Once we were home from the shopping I ended up just watching YouTube surprise, surprise. 

Tuesday is one of my favourite days of the week as after work I go to my grandparents house for tea. My sister, nephew and auntie also go so it is nice to spend a couple of hours with them. 

After work on Wednesday is when we made the one meal I was really looking forward to... creamy garlic chicken. I don't usually spend a right lot of time in the kitchen but I actually enjoyed making this meal, it is something I had never tried before so it was really nice to try something new. Once all the food was eaten I had a nice relaxed blogging night.

Liam came and picked me up from work on Thursday as his My Protein order had finally been delivered so I didn't fancy walking with that box of goodies. Thanks to him picking me up it meant that we could have our tea nice and early so we made our pesto pasta, luckily I put some plain pasta to one side as I found out the Pesto just isn't for me. Then I was planning on getting more blogging done but that didn't go to plan as I sat and watched far too much Hollyoaks.

When work was finished I went to my parents for a bit to see them and my nephew for a little bit. I don't know what happened on Friday but I thought of so many new blog post ideas and my drafts went from 4 to 39, I was definitely motivated and came up with some ideas that I can't wait to write about.

It was an early start on Saturday as I was getting my hair cut at 8.15, once that was cut I had a nice walk to the parents house where I was only meant to be staying for a couple of hours but that didn't happen. I end up going out with them for the day grabbing some lunch and doing some car shopping. The car shopping was meant to be for my mum but I have ended up falling in love with a car for myself. 

Another day away from Liam as I headed to see the Leeds Rhinos take on the Bradford Bulls. We might have lost but it was a great day for a great cause. Once I got back from the rugby me and Liam made possible our new favourite meal, Lamb Kofta's. It was so nice last week just trying new foods out of the 4 new meals I tried there was only 1 I didn't like so that is a bonus.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Hollyoaks & YouTube have been the main things I watched last week but I did manage to watch a bit of the football too.

Reading: I only managed a couple of pages in my book last week but I am still enjoying it.

Listening to:  Once again it has been all Stormzy, is it September yet because I cant wait to see him live.

This week I want to get most of these drafts I created typed up and scheduled so I have plenty of content ready to post. I also want to try get out in my car a bit more so maybe heading to the gym might help with that, I can drive us there instead of poor Liam having to do the driving. I also want to get a few more bits done in the house so we can get cracking on with the decorating.

See you soon

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