June & a few other months of 2023 New In...

Well I think it is safe to say it has been a while since we have done one of these posts, the products have kept on building up so this is going to be a long one as we look at the items I have picked up recently. There have been a nice mix of purchases, some clothing that I have wanted for a long time, some footwear I just couldn't resist and of course those purchases I really didn't need but ended up making anyway. The whole saving money and not purchasing too many items hasn't really gone to plan lately so here is everything I picked up...

We went away in June and honestly I spent a small fortune trying to win a baby Yoda soft toy however, it just wasn't happening so Liam went to one of the shops near where we were staying and just bought me the soft toy to save me some money which I am super grateful for as it means the soft toy I have been trying to win for what seems like forever (I have tried on multiple holidays) is finally home with me.

Whilst away I got me and my nephew one of these Pokemon card tins each as I have wanted to get back into collecting the cards for a while and it is a nice little treat for him too. These tins seemed like the best option at the time with them being £10 each but now I am starting to realise just how expensive this hobby could end up being if we both really end up getting into it.

It had been a while since I had bought any new games and honestly I didn't really need these as I have loads already waiting to be played. I got these from Argos though on the 2 for £20 offer and I am really looking forward to playing them, Assassin's Creed III is one of my all time favourites and I have wanted to try Immortals Fenyx Rising for the longest time. I ended up getting them on the Switch though so that I can play them on the long car journey for my August holiday.

I am on the Asda rewards app and I had £15 that I needed to use up so it gave me the perfect excuse to treat myself to some new books at long last. I am determined to try get back into reading before bed on a night just to help me switch off a bit more than I have been doing recently. I ended up getting 2 books for £8 one which I had seen all over social media and the other is by James Patterson, one of my favourite authors but then I ended up in the young adult section and got 2 Holly Jackson books for £7, now I just need to pick which to start first.

I think it was more or less the second Leah Williamson announced she was releasing a book that I ended up going on Waterstones and pre-ordering it. Of course I ended up with the signed version thanks to it being one of my favourite Lionesses. I know this is definitely aimed at a younger audience like that Marcus Rashford book we won't talk about but I couldn't miss out on this one.

The women's world cup is almost here which means anything that mentions the tournament is being bought. I found this book for £2.99 in Home Bargains and couldn't resist adding it to the memorabilia collection, it is so nice being able to buy things specific to the women's game now and I think these activities will be fun to do with the nephew.

This might be a random purchase to some people however, this box is actually to help spur me on with my weight loss journey a little bit more. This is now my weight loss rewards box, so I can purchase items I really, really want and add them to this box so when I reach milestones I can take an item out and I will know I have earned it. I can't wait to start filling this up with treats ready for when I smash those milestones.

We decided recently we wanted to change a few bits around in the bathroom, just make it look a bit nicer so we headed to B&M where they have some really nice bits in at the moment. We got this little tray for on the windowsill to put face clothes and other bits on just to make it a bit tidier. This is actually quite heavy and good quality so we are looking forward to adding bits to it.

When we found the tray we also came across these glass bottles which are going to be used for shampoo and conditioner once those items have been restocked. the colour on these are gorgeous and we are already thinking of going back to get a few more for soap in the bathroom and kitchen as it is just a nice alternative to those boring looking plastic bottles.

Finally for the bathroom we got a few of these storage containers just to put smaller bits and maybe some bottles in just to tidy up the bathroom shelves which are currently an absolute mess. These should help us be more responsible when it comes to buying items as we will be able to see what we already have and definitely don't need.

I really wanted to take some jewellery away with me but I realised I didn't have a good way of transporting it without pieces going missing so I ended up getting this little travel jewellery box which is just the right size for me and the jewellery I actually wanted to take away with me. This is definitely going on every holiday now and I have no excuse for not wearing my jewellery.

My favourite perfume had run out and I really wanted to try a new scent but wasn't 100%  which one I wanted. In the end Liam ended up treating me to this gorgeous Prada one and since using this the compliments have been absolutely rolling in. This is definitely different to what I would normally use but I am loving it and it has made me want to try more feminine fragrances in the future too.

As a bit of a gamer geek there was no way I was missing out on the Mario x Lush collection but I managed to reign it in a bit and just bought the pieces that appealed to me the most, I got the question box bath bomb with the surprise inside, I also got the golden coin soap which smells gorgeous and I had to treat myself to my first Lush shower gel as the Mario one smells beautiful and I know I am going to use it. To be honest I had avoided Lush for a while due to the prices but I couldn't resist these items.

The monthly restock was well and truly needed for the bath salts, with all the extra steps and few workouts I have been doing these salts have become a lifesaver. I buy these in the kg bags which usually last me a month but honestly if I am having a bath these are the first things I add. These definitely help me with my recovery and are something I always like to keep to hand.

I keep getting laughed at by family members about my eyebrows, they are a bit wild 90% of the time and I have decided it is time to do something about it. My sister swears by these Studio London ones so lets hope they do the trick and I can finally tame my eyebrows once and for all.

I wanted to get a new moisturizer to take on holiday with me so naturally I opted for a travel size bottle, after a bit of searching I found these small simple bottles and as I know that simple works well with my skin I picked up a few bottles and to my surprise they scanned through at 3p each. They are definitely going to be the perfect addition to my wash bag and one might even end up in my football bag.

One part of me I really dislike is under my eyes, I have inherited the dark circles that run through my family and I am actually getting quite sick of them as they just make me look tired all the time. This is one thing that has kick started me to try look after my skin more so when in Home Bargains lately I came across this eye roll on for £2.99, I know at that price it might not be the best but it is a start in trying to sort those under eyes out.

It is almost summer time and I have noticed just how pale my body is currently looking, I am getting close to Casper the ghost status at the moment and I am wanting a bit of a summer glow this year. I have the Dove gradual tan mousse so thought I would get the matching shade of face cream in hopes to giving myself that glow ready for those summer days that are fast approaching. No more pale arms in t-shirts or pale legs in shorts. I am really hoping this works.

To go with the face cream I got a new tanning mitt as I realised that when it comes to doing my body I don't actually have a mitt ready for application. I made the mistake years ago of using my hands to apply the gradual tan and let's just say that was a disaster so I need to start making sure I have a stock pile of mitts so I am never running out.

The past few months have been pretty football shirt heavy and to be honest I aren't mad about that as you all know by now I love a good football shirt. We stopped off at the local outlets on our way back from our holiday and honestly I wasn't planning on going into Puma however, I saw a sale sign and got sucked right in. I found this Italy shirt for £10 and knew straight away I would be buying it but it actually scanned through at £5 making it an even bigger bargain. This has gone straight into the shirt collection.

Liam treated us to a football shirt mystery box too and I have yet another brilliant shirt that I would never even have known about without these boxes. I ended up with this Club Santos one and I have to admit it might just be my favourite on from these boxes to date. 

I only needed the Manchester United third shirt to complete the set for the 22/23 season so when I got a discount code I had to complete the set and of course I had to get my favourite player from the season. Let's just say I am so glad I made the purchase though as it turns out it was in fact the last time I could get Batlle on a United shirt as she has just moved to Barcelona. I wasn't too sure about this one at first but I have to say since owning it the colour has grown on me.

The time has finally come for me to ditch the long sleeve compression tops and instead get myself some short sleeve ones for football training and games. These Sondico ones are absolutely perfect and I ended up getting both a white one and a black one. These are definitely going to last me a while too which is even better as I know I won't be wasting money on this purchase.

This sport tape is an absolute lifesaver and I was starting to run very low on rolls so even though the season is done I made sure to have a restock ready for any pre-season games and just for when the season starts up again. I always have to have a stock of this tape so expect to see it on a fair few new in posts.

This purchase will make a bit more sense as you get to the end of the post but for now let's just say I could have spent an absolute fortune in the Dr Marten's shop but I definitely reigned it in when it came to making my final purchases. In the end though I couldn't resist getting a few pair of the socks as they were reduced down to just £4 a pair instead of £10 or £12. There were a lot of different colours I could have picked but I settled on these for now and thanks to their thickness they should be perfect for when the weather turns.

Oh look more items that I didn't really need but with summer coming up the shorts are going to be worn and these socks are the perfect addition to bring a little bit of fun to the outfits. Did I really need Little Mermaid socks? Of course I didn't but they will come in handy as I am forever running out of ankle socks.

With the summer here I know that no show socks are going to be my go to's, they just make any outfit with cropped trousers or shorts look a bit more put together as some outfits just don't require socks to be worn with them. These Primark ones are my go to's and I ended up picking up a pack in both black and white so I have options for all footwear I own.

We went to see Paramore back in April and let's just say a fortune could have been spent on merchandise they had available. In the end though I got a t-shirt and this baseball cap, you will see over the next few months that I am really getting into wearing hats more often and this is the perfect addition as it has a bit of detail but isn't too in your face like some other hats I have my sights set on.


Now this is a purchase I really didn't need but it is basically a throwback to my childhood so me being me I couldn't resist buying these items. First up I saw this Powerpuff Girls t-shirt in Primark and knew I had to get it but then I walked around the corner and found these shorts to go with it and couldn't resist it. Granted I won't be wearing these outdoors however, they will be perfect for lounging around in. 

I am slowing running out of space to store my printed t-shirts as I am buying far too many lately however, when I saw this one in Primark I couldn't resist, it will go perfectly with a lot of trousers I own and is a nice change for the nicer weather as I only tend to own darker t-shirts these days. I am really trying to experiment this year and for £3.50 this is a bargain piece to try out.

Oh look another t-shirt but this time it is an over-sized one from Sainsbury's of all places. They had 25% off a while back and this t-shirt came to £4.50, it is over-sized, grey and perfect for summer but no doubt it will be worn more often in autumn and winter as I can definitely use this for layering outfits. This is almost the perfect fit for me so when I have dropped a little more weight it really will be the perfect fit.

I ended up getting 3 more over-sized t-shirts too but this time from Primark, again these all fit perfectly and they are a nice mixture of colours. These t-shirts really are the perfect basics for all year round and I think they could become wardrobe staples for me.

There seems to have been a theme of me getting stocked up on basics lately and I have to say I am all here for it as I am not having to rush out and buy what I should already own at the last minute. I have ended up using the past few months to get stocked up on these basic vest tops from Primark, at under £3 each I have so far got them in white & black, perfect for those warm days or simply for layering.

I have wanted to add more shirts to my wardrobe for a while and Primark have had some absolutely brilliant ones available lately that are lighter weight for the nice weather. I fell in love with this linen style shirt as soon as I saw it and when I saw it was under £20 there was no way I was leaving it behind. I can't wait to get styling this shirt as I have so many ideas in mind already.

I have been wanting to add a plain blue shirt to my wardrobe for a long time now but haven't found the perfect one. My mum actually found me this one in Asda of all places and I can safely say I absolutely love it as at the moment it is the perfect fit and is perfect for those days where I am wanting to dress that little bit smarter. I am hoping this lasts me a while as I think the search for a replacement could take a while once more. 

I really took this adding shirts to my wardrobe seriously didn't I? This is another Primark pick up and it was just £7 so I couldn't resist it. I wanted a light blue shirt with a bit of detail to it and this hits all the boxes with the stripes and those big white cuffs. I can see me getting plenty of wear out of this especially for those smarter work days so £7 is a bit of a bargain really.

This is the final shirt I promise, well from the past few months anyway there might be more to come in the future as it seems like I just can't stop buying them. This is another Asda purchase and I love how light this shirt is meaning I should get plenty of wear out of it in the warmer months, it will even be good for layering if needed too when the weather starts to change. This is another bargain at under £10 and again I can't wait to get styling it.

I fell in love with these linen style shorts as soon as I laid eyes on them in Asda, who seem to be doing some amazing clothing at the moment. These are going to be absolutely perfect for my upcoming holiday and again I am looking forward to styling them as they are a lot different my current go to of cargo shorts or denim shorts.

My auntie kindly gave me these brand new denim shorts that she picked up from a local charity shop. These are just what I was looking for this summer and are going to work really well for a lot of outfits I have in mind for the upcoming months. The fact these are brand new and were only £4 is just an added bonus.

Primark have had some really nice pieces in and one item that stood out to me in the men's section were these track & field shorts and for £8 I couldn't resist. Sometimes you just need a really comfy pair of shorts for lounging in or those more casual days where you don't want to make too much effort but still look like you have made some. These are such a versatile pair of shorts and I will 100% be getting my wear out of these.

Just before I went away at the start of June I realised I didn't have any lighter coloured jeans to takeaway with me. A quick trip to Primark though and that issue was soon gone and I have even found my new favourite fit of jeans from there. These fit absolutely perfectly and I think this style could end up being my go to as my sizes change and as the colours need changing due to the season.

I finally got my first pair of Dr Martens and thanks to getting them from the outlet I managed to get them for an absolute steal. There were a lot of pairs I could have opted for but in the end I settled on these 101 Mono's in warm sand which I will probably end up wearing a lot in the summer and definitely next spring. These were reduced from £139 to £55 so were definitely a bargain that I can't wait to style.

I was hoping to find some Dr Marten sandals in the outlets but that never happened so the hunt continued into around mid June when I finally caved and ordered the Dr Marten Blaire sandals. Luckily I had a discount code so got these for a lot cheaper than I expected which makes the purchase even better. These are going to be absolutely perfect for my upcoming holiday in August and I am so ready for the nice weather to be able to wear these more often.

Finally I had to pick up my first pair of Crocs and after a lot of consideration I ended up opting for this nice neutral pair that is hopefully going to go with a lot of outfits I have in mind already. I always said I wasn't going to purchase a pair of Crocs but I have to admit I have absolutely fallen in love with these and I am looking forward to getting plenty of wear out of them.

I am really hoping that July is a much better month with money actually being saved but I guess only time will tell as I am determined to use the month to finish off my holiday shopping but that is all I am trying to get as I really need to stop wasting money like I have been doing. Then once holiday shopping is done I am going to try save as much as I can to go towards a new autumn and winter wardrobe which I might require if my weight loss journey starts to go to plan again. Let's hope this is the last super long new in post for a while.

So what is finally happening with the home gym?


Well I think it is safe to say this home gym project seems to have become the most drawn out project ever however, we have finally got the wheels in motion and the project is actually making progress, who knows we might actually have a home gym that is fully usable by the time my birthday rolls around in Spetember. 

We were going to go for a prebuilt structure however, once again we changed our minds and are back to building the structure from scratch ourselves which is going to take a bit more time however, it is going to be perfect for us and will be more suited to what it is being used for. We finally have the old garage gone so we now have a blank slate to work from and let's just say things are getting really exciting now. So here is the plan so far to get the structure built...

Now that the old garage is out of the way we have seen that we are going to need to bring the old floor up in areas to get the flooring level, we will also be creating the base for the structure once the floor is level. This part is also going to involve doing a bit of damp coursing as the last thing we want is the gym getting damp not long after building it. 

One the base has set it is time to get onto the fun part which is building the structure which is going to be wooden possibly with some cladding just to make it look a bit nicer from the outside as it is going to take a lot of space outside and is going to be one of the first things you see. The actually frame shouldn't take too long to build due to the lengths etc so fingers crossed this part goes without a hitch and we can start cladding it nice and quickly. The roof shouldn't take too long either due to the size so fingers crossed that is on in now time and the structure is done ASAP, with the work being done on a weekend the actual structure should take around 2 weeks we believe if all goes to plan. Once the structure is up and nice & secure with a decent door we need to go buy then it is a case of checking it is all water tight before running some electrics for the electrical equipment we are planning on purchasing and adding the lights which we still need to decide on.

Once all that is done it is on to the fun part really as we will be able to see the inside really start to take shape which is the bit I am definitely most excited for if I am honest. So once the electrics and lights are done we will be adding some insulation to the walls for the added bit of warmth before boarding over the insulation. Once boarded we will be painting the walls and at the moment we are considering a bit of a dark grey however, we won't be 100% on the colour choice until we see what the space is like when it is all boarded, I am also very tempted to put a quote on one wall from a female footballer but again I am not 100% sure on that just yet. Once the paint is all dry a few mirrors will be added to the weights are and then we are all good to lay the gym flooring which we are still on the hunt for, once that is down and secure though we can focus on moving everything into the gym and actually start using it. 

Luckily we already have a fair bit of equipment with a spin bike and just a normal exercise bike which to be honest might be going if we need the space for anything else as we don't really need two bikes. We also have a rowing machine which will be going in and hopefully be being used more often, this is a very old rowing machine but if we do start using it more an upgrade may happen in the future. We also have plenty of weights to go in weights corner already too which is more than enough for what I can currently lift and these weights will be joined by an incline bench and plenty of resistance bands. There will also be a punch bag and a few other little bits heading into the gym on day one and it is more than enough to get some good workout sessions in.

Luckily we have plenty of equipment to fill the gym already as the cost is going to mean nothing new can be purchased for a while however, I am hoping that once money allows and once we know how much space we have to play with then a few more bits of equipment can be purchased to take those workouts to another level. A treadmill is high on the priority list and is why one bike may be going to allow for space. We are also hoping that we can add some more weights into the area so that when we are able to lift heavier the options are there waiting for us. Along with more weights we are hoping to add a bit of a multi-gym/cable pulley system for those targeted weighted sessions, which option we go for is definitely going to be based on the space so lets hope there is space for one of these as they will definitely be helpful for my journey. Fingers crossed I can find a reasonably priced flat bench for weights too seen as our other bench doesn't have a flat setting. We will also be purchasing a little bit of storage for all the smaller pieces of equipment so that the home gym will always look nice and tidy.

Obviously all those new purchases will dependent on the budget and more importantly the space we have available but fingers crossed we can have a fair few new additions to the gym by the end of the year. I just can't wait to get this home gym built as it is definitely going to help me get back into a routine and help me hit my workouts unlike the way I haven't been bothering lately. Having this space means we get the house back too as the downstairs will no longer be filled with workout equipment. Overall though I am just excited for my own space to progress with my journey with no distractions as it should really do me the world of good and hopefully we will start seeing some progress once again rather than my journey seeming to go backwards like it currently is doing.

Let's hope things get moving soon as I am definitely getting excited now.

The goals I have set for July


Rather than doing the monthly fitness updates like we used to I have decided that I am going to do a monthly goals post, then at the end of the month I will do a wrap up post to see if anything actually got done or not. I am really hoping that doing these posts hold me a bit more accountable and break those big goals I set myself for the end of the year down a bit for me as when I look at those now I get a bit overwhelmed as I am so far behind where I wanted to be this year. Things just don't seem to have been going my way but maybe having a monthly post that I know I need to update will help me actually get these things done and push hard to work towards them. 

So here are the personal, fashion and fitness goals for the month of July that I have set myself...

Start adding to my summer wardrobe

My summer wardrobe is seriously lacking as I just don't have many clothes that fit me from this time last year. With me still losing weight though I don't really want to spend a fortune on clothing that is only going to last me a few months so the plan is only buy items I can't stop thinking about or those essentials I just can't do with out. I definitely don't mind adding plain t-shirts to this as I know they are fine all year round as I can layer them easily in autumn and winter.

Have all holiday clothes purchased 

I don't actually go away until the start of August however, I am determined to get all my holiday shopping out of the way by the end of July, just due to the start of August being very busy and the fact that for my holiday in June I was rushing around trying to find items the day before and panicking that I couldn't find what I needed. 

Buy a new piece of jewellery

I have been saying I have wanted to do this for a while now but keep putting it off as I haven't been wearing jewellery as much as I would like to lately. I am determined though that I am going to use some of my money to buy a new piece of jewellery. I definitely have enough necklaces however, I want to treat myself to a new bracelet as I only really have a charm bracelet and that doesn't really go with everyday outfits.

Create a new skincare routine

My skin ended up in terrible condition towards the end of last year and I just haven't managed to get it back right since. I am determined though that by my birthday in September it will be in much better condition than it is now. Throughout July I really want to create a new skincare routine that I am going to stick to and fingers crossed by doing this I will have much better looking skin than I currently have.

Sort all my footwear out

My footwear options are getting a bit overwhelming lately as I just have so many pairs lying around unworn due to me just picking up my Air Force day in day out. Plus there is no organisation when it comes to my footwear so finding a pair is a bit of a nightmare. I am hoping though that I can have a few hours in July just going through my footwear, tidying the storage up and just making it easier to find the pairs that deserve to be worn more. This way I can try not to wear my Air Force every day too and switch my footwear up based on my outfits those days.

Lose 4lbs

My weight loss journey really isn't going to plan lately and I am seeing the scale increase rather than decrease and it is starting to get me down a bit. I am hoping that I can drop 4lbs throughout July though to get the weight shifting once more. I would have set a bit of a bigger target but 4lb seems a bit more realistic and 1lb a week doesn't look too scary where as 2lb a week might have put me off a bit. 4lb or over though and I will be very happy.

9,000 steps daily 

There was a time this year where I could barely hit 5,000 steps a day but now I have increased that quite a bit and am hitting roughly 8,000 a day on average. I really want to push myself in July though so I am setting myself a goal of 9,000 steps a day throughout July. With how things have been lately this is definitely an achievable goal and I am excited to see if I manage it or not. 

Limit the alcohol I drink

Now I will be honest I don't actually drink too much however, recently I have noticed I am drinking more than previous. This isn't helping my weight loss at all so I really want to reduce my intake and make better choice when I do have a drink, no heavy lagers maybe something a bit lighter. This goal is definitely one I should be able to mark off as complete at the end of the month.

3 workout sessions a week

My workouts have really dropped in the past few months with the puppy taking up most of my time however, I am determined to try get into a better routine to help me with those weight loss goals which seem to be getting further away lately. I want to make sure I am going to my boxing sessions weekly as well as adding another two sessions just to my weekly routine. It is time to start looking after me again both mentally and physically.

It isn't just those goals I want to focus on though, I wanted to get so much done around the home this year and I have practically done none of it so I am hoping that these posts will help me get a move on with those jobs too and here are my home goals for the month of July...

Declutter the wardrobe 

This has been on my to do list for far too long and I know I really need to get it done as once it is complete getting ready on a morning is going to be so much easier whether that is for work, a day out or even just for workout seen as my workout clothes are going to be a part of this declutter too. Once things are cleared out I will know exactly what fits me and just what goes with what other item I own. My getting ready time should definitely be halved by doing this simple task.

Keep the wash baskets empty

I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to doing the washing as it is the job I seriously hate doing, especially when it comes to putting the washing away. My aim for the month of July though is to keep the wash baskets empty and make sure everything is put away straight away. This way I won't be stressing at the task at hand and wont be complaining about not having clothes to wear like I have been doing recently. This will make the house look a bit tidier too so it is a bit of a win, win situation.

Make progress on the home gym

Finally we made a real start on the home gym in June and I really want to keep the momentum going heading into July and fingers crossed by the end of month I will be able to report that we have made a good dent in the building of the structure. This home gym has been a long time coming so I am really excited to see just how much progress we can make in July.

Sort the bathroom shelves

This job is a bit like the decluttering the wardrobe one, I keep saying I am going to do it but never get around to it. But not in July as this job is finally get done and out of the way for a very long time. Once these are done it means I will be able to easily see what products I actually have meaning I will stop buying duplicates of products and also hopefully stop wasting products as I will be making a new rule to check what I have before buying any new items in the future.

Sort the bottom of the stairs

By doing this I will also be doing the goal of sorting out my footwear as this area is where all my footwear is kept. The bottom of the stairs is a right mess at the moment, it has become a dumping ground with shoes all over and things that need taking upstairs which I have been too lazy to do so far. Just sorting out this area will tidy up the downstairs a lot more than it already has been and it will make it easier to find the footwear, hoodies and other bits that are kept in this area making getting ready much easier. 

Declutter the shed

The shed is a bit of a death trap at the moment and to be honest it has been a long time since I have been in it or used it as there is just no access thanks to things just being dumped in there. The plan for July though is to get the shed totally emptied and only put back in what we really need to. This way we can use it for the intended use of garden storage and not just junk. We are thinking of adding a bit of racking in here too so we can have a toy section for the nephew, a football equipment section and of course an actual garden item section.

Start on sorting the side garden 

Since having the garage removed we have realised that there isn't actually as much to do in the side garden as we originally thought. This area is going to be for me to do some extra football training and for the nephew to play in so it is just a case of tidying it up and getting rid of bits such as the BBQ we are never going to use and the old vegetable patch. Doing this is just going to create a bit of extra space for us. Then it is a case of saving up for the trees removing in the future and a fence being put in their place, if I can get Liam on board with the idea.

Complete the back garden

The back garden saga has been going on far too long so hopefully in July we will finally have it complete and ready to use if the weather becomes nice again. The decking will be getting jet washed & painted, the fence will be painted and the planter will be getting turned into benches. Once all that is done it is a case of weeding and cleaning up the furniture and we should be good to go. This is the goal I am absolutely determined to complete as I really want to get out and enjoy what has the potential to be a great space.

Fingers crossed that I can have a really good month so that at the end of July when I do my wrap up I can say that I have completed nearly all of them. A productive month will definitely help me in so many ways as I can finally get jobs done that I have been putting off for a long time and I can just have an easier month in August, which is bound to be a busy one. It is time to start taking action rather than letting other aspects of life take over. Check back at the end of July to see what I actually managed to get done. 

Do we think that I will be able to get all these goals completed? I really hope so.