I need to start looking after items a lot more...


It is about time I finally started to add accessories to my outfits for once to add a bit of something extra to them but at the same time I want to make sure that I am also looking after my accessory's and clothing overall. With the new space as I have created in my spare room which is now an office/dressing room I am hoping that I can add more accessories into rotation whilst also having space for different care items so that my clothing and footwear lasts a lot longer than it has done previously. 

There are plenty of different items on this wish list as there are different areas of accessories that I want to improve upon whilst the care items are a nice mixture of looking after clothing more and making my footwear last a whole lot longer than it has been doing. So here are those items that have made it onto the wish list.


Between the new wardrobe and the new space in the spare room there is now plenty of space for a variety of accessories to be added into the rotation at long last. This means that I can finally add pieces I have wanted for a while whilst also finally having a home for each item where it is less likely to get damaged. So here are the accessories I am hoping to pick up soon...


I am in desperate need of some new belts with my old ones falling apart. The plan is to add a few more belts into my rotation, some a bit smarter and some a bit more casual but we will see what options stores have to offer in my size. Belts are becoming an essential now with my weight loss so maybe it is time to get out and get stocked up.

Baseball caps

The house is full of snap-backs however, I feel my style now is a bit more suited to the more dad style of baseball caps. Luckily on the high street there are plenty of options available at various prices whilst still being relatively cheap so I am aiming to pick up a few different styles and colours in these for the spring/summer seasons and possibly even into autumn. First up will be a Primark trip to see what options they have I think.


My eyes don't do well with the sun at all so I tend to live in sunglasses when there is a hint of sun. Every year I go out and buy a few pairs of sunglasses and this is going to be no different this year. I now have a bit more space for sunglasses too which is going to make shopping for them a bit more fun as I can pick up a few different cheap pairs in different styles for a change whilst also looking at a more expensive pair for once, maybe it is time to purchase those Ralph Lauren ones I keep getting drawn to. 


Apparently it is blue light filtered glasses that I require after having my eyes tested and I actually have some really nice smart looking Karen Millen ones however, I am also wanting some different styles that are more casual for my day to day outfits. I know that I need to wear the glasses daily so a few new pickups to match outfits might help me with that.


All my jewellery now has a new home and after a good sort out I actually have space for plenty of new additions. Having the new home and clear out has also shown me the areas which need improvement so the plan now is to add a few more bracelets into the rotation as I currently have one, add a few better quality rings as I am struggling in that department too and I might also add a few necklaces in as I know I wear these a lot and I could use a few more options.

Care items

As I said earlier it is about time I finally started to look after items properly as it will mean I get much more out of them. I don't look after clothing as I should and as for footwear, the backs are broken after a month of wearing them so it is about time I took some care with what I have and get my money worth. So here are the items I am hoping to pick up..

Sneaker Cleaning kit

I am hoping that I can pick up a sneaker cleaning kit ASAP as I am sick of my sneakers looking dirty and worn out after just a few wears. I tend to go for white sneakers these days so I want to make sure I am getting plenty of wear out of them whilst also making sure they look nice and fresh for as long as possible. A cleaning kit will definitely help me get much more wear out of all my sneakers.

Shoe trees

I have noticed that due to how I have previously stored a lot of my footwear the shape of them is disappearing. I am determined to get plenty of shoe trees ready to add to my favourite pairs of footwear in the hopes they will help me get more wear out of my shoes due to the shape holding properly. 

Shoe horn

As I mentioned earlier I am lazy when it comes to putting shoes on at the moment and rather than spend 2 minutes undoing the laces etc I just force my foot into the shoe which results in the backs being broken and worn down. I am determined to stop doing this though and I think picking up a shoe horn to have to hand in the spare room will help me just take a little more time to get the shoes on properly without causing any damage. You can pick these up relatively cheap too so lets hope I can find one soon.

Lint roller/ Clothes brush

I am undecided on whether to stock up on lint rollers or just invest in a decent clothes brush however, I need to get one of the options as soon as possible as my clothes could use their help. With the dust and bits of dog hair on my clothes I am currently in desperate need of the help from one of these to keep my clothes looking nice and clean before I head out of the door. This might be the first new addition into the new spare room space.

Valet rack

Now this is going to be a little addition to the wardrobe if I go ahead with the purchase. This would just fix into my wardrobe and I can pull it out to hang outfits on whilst I am planning what to wear each day. This would make outfit planning a lot easier and would save me from being backwards and forwards between the spare room and bedroom on those days where I am getting out fits sorted. Again these are quite cheap so I am definitely going to look into getting one. 

Garment steaming board

I actually take the time now to steam items however, I just hang them on the back of my door currently and the moisture is causing it a few issues so after a search on Amazon and seeing a few recommendations on Instagram I think one of the steaming boards is going to be a great pick up as it means I can steam my clothes much easier and also not have to worry about ruining my door anymore than it already has been. 

So there you go those are the items currently making up my accessories and care items wish list. Now the spare room is sorted it is time I started adding these items and making the space into what it was originally going to be for. 

Now let's see what gets added first... 

If I won the lottery I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs

 'If I won the lottery or came into money I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs', this is something I have seen floating around on TikTok & Instagram lately and honestly it has got me thinking... if either of those things happened to me I certainly wouldn't go around telling everyone but I would slowly make changes to my life that have previously been on the back burner due to the money I currently have. There would certainly be signs in all aspects of my life some big and some small and here are what those signs would be...


In terms of general life this is where quite a few things would change. Life is something I have wanted to switch up for a while but I don't have a magic money tree. If I came into money or won the lottery here are some things in life that would change...

Jobs in the house would finally be done

We have been in the house 6 years now and the progress has been slow which is starting to annoy me now. If I came into money then the first thing I would do is get people in to do the hallway, all downstairs and the kitchen. I would also get the driveway, trees and gates sorted too just to make the house look nicer on the outside as well as on the inside. Doing the house room by room we have seen just how quickly costs start to rack up so a big lump some to get it all done would be the dream.

Go on more holidays

For the past few years our money has been going on the house so we haven't managed to get on as many holidays as we would probably have wished for however, if the money came in then I would make sure we took full advantage and went on more holidays, granted they would be stay-cations as we wouldn't leave the dog but visiting different parts of the UK sounds perfect to me. 

More date nights

There would definitely be more date nights thrown into the mix, nice restaurants, theatre trips, concerts you name it. Me and Liam would definitely enjoy spending more time together so this would be a big priority. To be honest we need to start doing this already, maybe put some money to one side each month and take it from there. It is about time I started treating him more often.

New tech

You bet if I got some extra money I would be straight to the Apple store to get myself a new iPad and some Air-pods which have been on my wish list forever. These would be super useful and I could even get the Mac for content I have had my eye on. There would also be new gaming PC's brought in for me and Liam and new accessories to go with them.

New car

I guess everyone has a dream car? Well I have two a Jeep Wrangler or a Defender. If I suddenly came into money I would definitely make sure I had enough to purchase one of these i just don't know which one it would end up being. These cars have been on the vision board for a long time, a girl can dream right? 


In terms of fashion this is where I can really play about if I came into money and I could build the wardrobe I have always dreamt of. I am slowly finding my own style and finding ways to be more me through the clothing I wear. If the money came rolling in here is what would be more noticeable...

A better wardrobe 

If I had more money a wardrobe upgrade would 100% be taking place. I would head out to get those items I have always wanted but not got around to getting due to their cost. A Ralph Lauren trip would be on the cards and then I would spend time shopping around for those perfect pieces for my wardrobe. I would be looking a lot smarter and more put together that is for sure.

A better footwear rotation

I wouldn't be wearing the same beat up sneakers day in day out that is for sure. I would make sure I always had some crisp white sneakers on the go, some smart sneakers, smart shoes and various boots to mix up what I wear with each outfit. There would be no more throwing on any random pair and thought will go into purchases rather than following trends.

A better fragrance rotation

Any extra money would definitely be put towards upgrading my fragrance rotation as there are so many different fragrances out there that I would love to get my hands on however, they just cost so much money these days. Tom Ford would definitely being added back in the rotation but I would also love to try some fragrances from brands I haven't previously tried.

Better skincare

Just like with the fragrances, there are so many skincare products I want to add into my rotation and try at long last however, the price has always been off putting. I would love to have a much needed upgrade in the skincare department with brands that I have always wanted to try out. The likes of Origin & Kiehl's would definitely be being purchased.

Better accessories

If the money came in my watch collection would definitely grow with a mixture of brands but I would also make sure I was upgrading my jewellery too because there is no point having a nice watch next to a cheap bracelet is there? All my accessories would get an upgrade right down to the belts I wear on a day to day basis. 

There you have it the trend really did get me thinking and honestly these are the ways that people would notice if I won the lottery or came into money, the changes wouldn't be noticeable right away but they would definitely happen over time. 

What would you change if you won the lottery or came into money?

June 2024 Goals


Well I think I can honestly say May didn't really go to plan, in fact it was a bit chaotic in the end and nearly everything I intended to do got put on the back burner. I am determined though that this isn't going to be the case in June as I am hoping there is a bit of a slower pace throughout the month with only a little bit of football and scheduled events thrown into the mix. Knowing that I have a few things coming up in June I have tried to be more realistic with the goals I am setting for myself so that when it comes to wrapping the month up it is more positive than negative & I feel like I have a good month overall. 

So here are those goals I have set for myself...


Declutter my coats, hoodies & shoes

Currently our house is full of coats, hoodies & shoes we don't use and it is getting to the point where it is stressing me out as it just makes the house look a mess and it is overwhelming when picking different items to wear. The plan is to really reduce the number of each item to only those bits I actually wear quite often or what I want to start wearing. This will help getting ready become less stressful however, it will also help when it comes to us redoing the hallway too as the declutter will have already taken place and we will know just what kind of organisation system we require. 

Put more time into planning outfits

At the moment I am still just throwing any old clothing on and not really caring what I look like however, I am determined to change this in June. I want to spend time on a weekend planning out outfits for the upcoming week and actually think about the pieces I am putting together. This will be made easier by me completing a goal I will talk about later on in the post so let's hope that it all falls into place. I have a funny feeling though that I will be planning a lot of football themed outfits with the upcoming Euro's.

Rotate the footwear I am wearing daily

I am getting a little better at this as I am slowly stepping away from the beaten shoes however, I am still finding myself picking the easy option that is laying around for weeks at a time rather than picking a shoe that fits my outfit better. If I declutter my footwear as I mentioned in the first goal this will be so much easier to do as I will know exactly what footwear I have for each occasion. I guess this should motivate me to get that declutter done asap. 

Make sure I am adding accessories to my outfits

An accessory can help elevate an outfit and I know this, so why haven't I been doing it? I have been so lazy lately with outfits and to be honest a lot of my accessories are still packed away from doing the bedroom and spare room. The plan now though is to go through all my accessories and get them all laid out so I can get rid of any I don't wear and create an area where I can just reach for what I need based on the outfit I am opting to wear. Whether is is jewellery, glasses or a hat it is time to start adding accessories every day now.

Make a start on sorting out my summer wardrobe

I actually have a summer wish list post coming out in a few weeks so keep an eye on the site for that, the plan for June though is to pick up a few bits to add to my summer wardrobe so I aren't struggling for outfits if the weather suddenly decides to warm up. Luckily a lot of the spring items I have purchased will work for summer too however, there are a few more little bits I would like to add but not that many for once.


Hit the 1 stone lost mark

To be honest I am not focusing on the number on the scales too much lately as I am seeing my shape change daily however, I would absolutely love it if I could see myself hit a stone lost in the month of June. I am not actually that far away from achieving this so fingers crossed I can make it happen. 

Complete the Total Warrior course

Last year I stupidly signed up to do this years Total Warrior and I honestly think I totally underestimated what I was letting myself in for. The course is over a 12 Km distance with some very tough looking obstacles thrown into the mix. I am hoping I can somehow drag myself around this course and show myself I can do it if I put my mind to it.

Push on with the Couch to 5k 

Yes I did just say I am doing a 12 Km Total Warrior but I actually can't do a 5 Km run at the moment. We started doing the Couch to 5k towards the end of May so the plan for June is to continue pushing through the different weeks so I am making my way to running a consistent 5k without having to stop.

Start saving for a treadmill

The home gym is complete for the time being however, I really do feel like it is missing a treadmill. The plan for June is to start putting some money to one side so I can finally add one of these into the space which I guess will also help my running journey as I can go on that indoors instead of running on a road if the weather takes a turn. I need to start looking around to see what treadmill I want to pick up so I know how much I need to save.

Use the home gym 3 times a week 

Now I have this space to workout in at home I am really hoping to step things up a gear in my journey rather than not getting on with things and making up pathetic excuses for not doing my sessions. The plan for June is to get out into the home gym 3 times a week to complete my two full body sessions and my mobility session that is on my programme. 


Have one date night as a minimum

With a pretty busy month coming up I want to make sure that me and Liam are still having some time together. I am trying to work on a little crazy golf date night for the two of us in June however, a pizza night at home would also be perfect for us. If we can have more than one of these nights then it will be even better but we will see how the month goes.

Get out walking with the dog more

There is a lot less football on in June so I would love to get up early on a weekend and take the dog on some nice long walks before the weather gets too warm for him. I actually really enjoy these long walks now so fingers crossed we can get a few planned in and visit a few different places for a change. 

Make some more progress on the back garden

In May we got a little bit of the back garden but thanks to the weather and being busy we didn't do as much as we would like. The plan in June though is to spend some evenings after work just getting on top of this and getting it perfect for when it does finally does start to warm up. There is a fair bit to do in here but I am hopeful we can get it done throughout the month of June. 

Start decluttering the dining room

The dining room has really become a dumping ground especially as we have gone around doing different jobs around the house but I am determined that in June it is all going to finally be decluttered. We don't need the empty Prime bottles or half the junk that has been left on the bookcases. The books will also be sorted through as we look to move those when the hallway has been redecorated but it is just about getting the room sorted at long last so it doesn't stress me out every time I look at it.

Declutter the hallway

I guess the by doing the coats, hoodies and shoes this will be half done as that is where they are stored & this is the messiest part of the hallway. Once this is decluttered the space should look loads better. We also have some bits in the hallway which need donating such as an old sofa bed so by decluttering that we will have plenty of space open up in here. There is also a set back bit that used to be a cupboard where we have just dumped items over the years so that plan is to remove everything out of there and get rid of as much as possible. Once this is all done we can finally get some quotes for getting this space redone at long last. Hopefully this wont be too big of a job and a few hours after work will get it sorted once and for all. 


Post daily on the TNG Instagram page

I am slowly getting back into creating content for TNG and to be honest I am starting to enjoy it once again so I am hoping that in June I can post a piece of content each day. If I manage to get the spare room redone in early June as I am hoping then I should be able to create this much easier however, we will see how things go with this. I am hopeful I will be able to manage this though.

Post more frequently on Edge of the Area's Instagram & Tik Tok accounts

Throughout last season I really slacked on content for Edge of the Area so I want to start building back up during this pre-season so I am back in people's minds before the new season begins. I have plenty of ideas for what I want to do in terms of content for June so it is just getting prepared and actually creating it and posting it. I have high hopes I can do this though. 

Post more frequently on the TNG blog

The consistency of blog posts has really dropped off so I am hoping that in June I can start to be a lot more consistent and actually post content rather than making notes and never doing anything with it. The plan is to post every weekday from the 4th June so let's see if I can actually stick to this. I definitely need to plan content evenings to keep on top of this and have everything ready to go, I am looking forward to seeing how things turn out by the end of the month hopefully we can see some growth. 

Get the TNG Games website up and running again

The month is all about being productive and getting things moving in the right direction once more. I don't remember the last time I posted on the TNG Games website but again I have so many ideas of what to post and a lot are in the notes stage. The plan is to get the notes typed into actual posts and finally get some content on the website again. Who knows some growth might come with it too.

Get the TNG Games Instagram & Tik Tok's back underway

The TNG Games social media has been neglected more than any other accounts so I am determined to get a few posts up each week in June just so that I can start to become visible again and hopefully get some new blog readers. Again I have all the plans here ready to go but I guess only time will tell if I manage to pull this off.

There you have it those are my goals for the month of June, I am looking forward to seeing just how productive I can make the month and let's hope that by the time it comes to doing my wrap up post at the end of the month there are plenty of bits ticked off as complete and that the month sets me up for a bit more of a relaxed July but I guess only time will tell. 

Now it is time to get cracking on with bits that will help me actually achieve these goals...

Football is over for a few months so what is next...


I am always gutted when the football season ends as it takes up so much of my life August to May and although this season hasn't been best for any of my teams I am still gutted that the season is over with as I am never sure what to do with all the free time the off season brings. The off season brings plenty of free time as I am not going to games on Saturday's or Sunday's plus there is no football on the TV so with nothing on the TV I find I am much more productive as my nights aren't ruled around what games are going to be on that evening. 

The plan this off season is to be as productive as I can before Bradford City kick start their season in August. Granted I might end up going to a few friendlies for City and there is the Euro's taking place plus I will still be playing in a few friendlies for my own team however, in the grand scheme of things football is going to be on the back burner and I am planning on getting other things done instead. So here is the plan for whilst there are no football distractions...

Declutter the house

The house is far too cluttered at the moment and we have let standards slip so the plan is to go round room by room and fully declutter and deep clean them. There is no need for them to be in the state they are currently in so by getting all this done I think it is going to make the house a much less stressful place to be in and might help us relax a bit more. This is going to be easy in some rooms but a bit harder in others so let's see how it goes.

Get bigger jobs done

The spare room is another big job that is nearly complete so the plan is to do the final bits of this and finally have the home office area I have always wished for. Once the spare room is done I want to try get the back garden done and possibly even the side and front garden's done. The main priority though is the back garden as I want to be able to enjoy my time out here in the nicer weather.

Enjoy some family time

I want to spend plenty of time with family during this off season whether it is with my nephew or just Liam & the dog, I am determined there will be plenty of adventures before the season is up and running again. Whether it is days out or a few days away the plan is to spend time together before football once again takes over. 

Date nights

Alongside that family time I am hoping that me and Liam can have a few date nights together before the season starts. So far I am hoping that we can go bowling, mini golf and even a few food themed night like Mexican nights or Pizza nights. It will be nice to spend some time just us for a change. 

Work on content

Throughout the season the content has been lacking on all my websites and social media channels so the plan in the off season is to have plenty of nights and weekends to get ahead of myself so that when the season comes around I have plenty of content there ready to press post on even when things get busy again. I want to get plenty of blog posts written & plenty of social media posts created so I don't feel like I am chasing my tail again and so that I am keeping up the consistency rather than not posting at all like I did during the season that has just ended.

So there we have it that is the plan for this off season let's hope that it does fall into place as I am really hopefully that the next few months are going to be more productive than stressful. I really need the time to just de-stress a bit and also work on things whilst I aren't backwards and forwards to games.

Let's see how this plays out...