Weekly Round Up #44


Well what a fun week last week was. There was plenty done around the house, I got some blog bits and gaming done and I just generally had a great week. So here is how the week went...


Monday was a typical Monday in the office followed by our weekly food shop. I am really having this part of our normal routine back and having a nice stocked fridge for the week ahead. Once we got home we unpacked the bags and it was a case of just relaxing.


 Tuesday was a day with the nephew again which is great having that time with him. Once I got home from being with him I just had a chilled night watching the football. 

On Wednesday I was in work again but the day absolutely flew by. Once I got home I went on the exercise bike for a bit before having a night of blogging. 


Thursday was another day with my nephew and honestly the days with him go by far too fast. It was a case of just getting some blog bits done and chilling out. 


Friday I was back in work and just had a night of catching up on YouTube once I got home. It was a very well needed night off from doing anything.


On Saturday Liam was at work in the morning so I got up and just got cracking on with some blog bits I wanted to get finished off. It was a day of just getting things finished really and I spent 90% of the day sat at my PC which was great as a lot got ticked off my to do list. 


Sunday was a very fun day as we put up the Christmas tree. We ended up purchasing a new tree this year and I absolutely love it as it is a snowy one. We ended up having a nice relaxed day once the cleaning and Christmas decorating done, we watched the football, did some blogging and played some games which was great. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: A lot of football was watched but I also watched a lot of YouTube. 

Reading: The only reading I did was reading blog posts as I wanted to get caught up. 
Listening to: I ended up listening to a lot of Demi Lovato last week. 

This week I want to finish off getting the house looking spotless again. I am getting my hair cut too which I can't wait for. I am also hoping I can get some more Christmas presents wrapped and the last few bits purchased. If I get chance I would love to get more blog pics taken too as there are a few bits I need to take images for. The main thing though is to get the house sorted.

See you soon

A Chunky Jumper Is Perfect For This Weather

Last year I was desperate to pick up a chunky knit jumper however, I just couldn't seem to find one that would fit me. But thanks to me losing weight this year I finally managed to pick on up in a grey colour from Primark. At just £12 this jumper is fantastic, it fits me nice and it has been washed a few times now and hasn't clicked or lost its shape. 

One thing I have looked for when it comes to chunky knit jumpers is one that is the right thickness. I don't want a thin one as that just defeats the whole reason for getting one seen as it is highly unlikely to keep me warm. I didn't want one that was going to be too thick either as it could get too warm very easily when I have my coat on too but this is the perfect in between. 

If you have read this blog for a while you will know I often have problems with the length in the body of some jumpers and same with the arms but they are perfect for me, it is such a nice fit. The arms rest just a bit past my wrists but they aren't half as long as previous jumpers. The neck doesn't ride too high on this one either it sits really nice and doesn't make me feel like it is strangling me. 

The pattern on the jumper is really nice too with the different patterns working well together and creating a great overall design. I was worried the pattern may ruin easily as it stands off the jumper a bit but so far there has been no damage at all and the design has held up really well.  

I have found that this style of jumper goes with a lot of my wardrobe but my favourite look is definitely the jumper with my skinny cargo pants and my white air force 1's. It is a really nice look and works well together. To me this is definitely a smarter look but I can always dress it up a bit more by swapping the Air Force for my black converse which will definitely smarten it up that little bit more. Even throwing on a nice pair of Chelsea boots with this outfit would look great and I am sure I will be using that combination quite a bit in the future.

I am so glad I can finally own a chunky knit jumper as it is something I have wanted for so long so who knows there may  be more getting added to the wardrobe soon as I think I would love a navy blue one. 

Do you like wearing chunky knit jumpers or are you more into a t-shirt and just layering up in the winter months? 

What I Would Love To Treat Myself To For Christmas...

Christmas is somehow fast approaching and to be honest I am glad as it means this year is nearly over. It is a year where most of it has been spent with nothing to do but it is also year where I have absolutely smashed my blogging and fitness goals. When I have been asked this year what I want for Christmas I have been drawing a blank as honestly I can't think of anything. I think that is because I am trying to lose weight and I have decided I don't want random little bits that are going to be cluttering up the house. I want the gifts to be something I need rather than something that is going to be wasted. So here are the items I am will be mentioning when people ask me what I am wanting...

Vans Old Skool

I love the Converse that I got for my birthday but there is just something drawing me into the Vans Old Skool's. They are just a classic that will go with so much of my wardrobe and will be a great addition into my sneaker collection. I would definitely opt for these in the black and white colourway so that they did go with the clothing I have already and are more convenient for me. 

Photo credit : Rmdy Clothing 

RMDY 1/4 zip

RMDY is a brand that I have discovered on Instagram thanks to Dom Hadley, since having a look at their profile and their website I have absolutely fallen in love with this 1/4 zip in this image. It looks so good and like it will keep me nice and warm and comfortable. I have heard that the RMDY stuff is good quality too so if I do end up getting it this should last me quite a while. 

Photo credit : Rmdy Clothing 

RMDY T-shirt

Similarly to the 1/4 zip I have fallen in love with a few of their t-shirts on the site. I love how you can either get something that is nice and bold or something a little more subtle. My eyes are definitely on the reflective panel t-shirt though as this is definitely a t-shirt I could pair with a lot of my wardrobe and it is a standout for sure. 

North Face Coat

I have had my eyes on a North Face coat for quite a while now but just haven't found the right one yet. I would like a nice waterproof puffer style one as I know that will fit my style the best plus I have wanted one for so long but just have never been able to get one that fit but thanks to this years weight loss this might actually fit me this time around when I find the perfect coat. 

Vans T-shirt

Vans have brought out a brilliant selection of t-shirts recently and JD have some fantastic Vans t-shirts in store so maybe it is time to add a few into my wardrobe. The good thing about JD is that some of these Vans t-shirts are also on 2 for £30 which is great value as I have had Vans clothing in the past that have lasted me years due to the quality of them.

Nike Socks

I don't think you can beat a good pair of white Nike sports socks, in fact they are actually what I wear 90% of the time especially any time I have my Nike Air Force 1's on. They are brilliant as they are so comfortable and if you can keep them white they do last quite a while.

Gymshark Shorts

All my gym shorts are currently far too bit for me which is driving me mad. I have found quite a few pairs I like on Gymshark but I can never find them in my new size which is driving me mad. I don't want to go overboard with the amount of gym wear I am buying as I don't go to the gym anymore, I just work out at home plus I am also still losing weight so there is no point in wasting loads of money when I might need to buy another size down a few months later. 

Peaky Blinders Whisky Glasses

I said at the beginning of this post I was only going to mention practical items and not stuff I don't really need but I love the Peaky Blinders thanks to binge watching it during lockdown. I also love whisky so what better than some Peaky Blinders whisky glasses for those nights I want a nice drink.

Christmas 2020 has definitely come around far too quick and to be honest I will just be happy spending time with my family for it but for those gifts these are the ideas I have come up with and would love to treat myself to too. What's on your Christmas wish list? 

What's In My Bag For A Week Away?

We have recently got back from a week away, a little stay cation at the Norfolk Broads. What this meant though was a long car journey there and back so I wanted to make sure I had plenty to keep me entertained and sane whilst I was sat in the back of the car. 

I don't know about you but I just can't cope with sitting around waiting to get to the destination I would rather be doing something that is productive as I feel I reach the destination quicker this way. One good thing is I have managed to do on this journey is work on more blog ideas and plan future content which always helps fill in any spare time I have. So here is what I packed for that long journey...

Nintendo Switch
I love gaming and I have a lot I want to play to review for my gaming blog. Being in the car is perfect for getting a few hours of a game completed as there are very little distractions so you are focused on the game not everything going on around you. The Switch is the perfect console for me as I can start a game at home on the TV then pick it back up on a journey to give it even more game time.  

Blogging Notebooks
I don't go anywhere without my blogging notebooks as they hold all my to do lists, content ideas and notes for each post. I packed these so that if I wanted to do a bit of blogging in the back of the car I could have all my notes at hand and see what needs working on.  

Tech bag
This is where I keep all my chargers, external hard drive and accessories for when I am blogging and just for all the different items I take with me seen as it seems so many items need charging so often. I have my laptop, phone and watch charger along with my Switch charger, hard drive ,USB-C hub, memory cards. I use a make up back to store all these in at the moment but I will be buying a real tech bag soon so things are stored a lot better. 

This was the first long journey with the Macbook and it didn't let me down at all. I mainly used this when we got on holiday but it was super quick to use in the back of the car to make notes. It is easy just to put in my bag due to it being lightweight and it had all the things on that my PC at home does so I could just open the laptop up and get on with the things I need to. 

I always take a book away with me so that if I head to bed on a night early I can have a quick read of my current read or even if we are just sat around I could pick it up and make a bit of progress in my book for a change. 

Hand sanitiser / Inhaler / Mask 
These 3 are now some of the first items I add into my bag. Hand sanitiser has become a new essential for me as I am sick of using a mix of ones from shops as they are doing my hands no favours. Of course a mask is now needed to go into shops so I put a few in my bag so if I misplace one I know I have back up. Then I add my inhaler because I know that if I did forget about it I would end up needing it. 

No road trip is complete without snacks, but this time instead of a lot of junk food I took some oat bars and raisins which definitely made a nice change. Every trip needs snacks so I make sure I am well stocked for when I do start to get hungry. 

I have started taking my glasses everywhere now because I have been struggling with headaches lately due to me forgetting to wear my glasses. It is definitely handy to have a pair in the bottom of my bag just to make sure if I do really need them I have them for a change. 

The best part is that these items didn't just help beat the boredom in the back of the car but it also helped as it meant I could do some blogging throughout the week when we had some spare time, so even though I was away I was still being productive and not just sat around the house. What do you pack for those long car journey's do you have any essentials?

Weekly Round Up #43


Another week just seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye and we are edging closer to the end of November... how this year has gone so fast I don't know. Last week was a nice mix of things such as work and getting things done at home for a change. So here is how the week went... 


On Monday I was in work until 5pm then we had a trip to Asda to get our food shop done. This is just a typical Monday routine for us lately and to be honest with all the things going on at the moment it is nice just to have that little bit of normality. 


 Tuesday was a day with the nephew again. We went on our usual walk then I ended up spending a few hours in a tent in the middle of the living room with him watching some films on Disney+. These Tuesday's together are brilliant and I am just enjoying our time together before I am back in work full time. 

Wednesday I was in work again and once again the day absolutely flew by. I ended up having a nice relaxed night once I was home. I did a quick workout then I spent the night playing some games. 


Thursday was another day with the nephew but once I got home it was a case of getting the new PlayStation set up. I had been waiting for what like forever for the new console to turn up so of course I was setting it up straight away. 


Friday I was back in work again and again the day went nice and quick so it felt like I wasn't even their 10 minutes. Once I was home it was a case of installing more bits onto the PS5 and working on some blog posts. It was a nice night just getting bits done. 


On Saturday we honestly didn't do much it was a really lazy day. I did some blogging and played plenty of games which was basically the perfect day for me. We then sat and watched a bit of Netflix together before I went and caught up on some YouTube. 


Sunday was basically the same as Saturday. It was a lazy day of blogging and gaming whilst getting ready for this week. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: We sat and watched American Murder : The family next door on Netflix which was definitely an interesting watch. I also managed to watch a lot of YouTube once again.

Reading: To be honest I didn't bother doing any reading last week.
Listening to: I ended up listening to a lot of Halsey last week and to be honest I have been loving it as I forgot just how good her songs are. 

This week I want to have plenty more time to play some games as I am really enjoying it at the moment. I am also hoping that we can get the Christmas tree up at the weekend so it is up for the whole of December. I am enjoying the slower pace of weekends and life at the moment so I want to make the most of the rest of the lockdown by getting bits done and ready for when the pace of life picks up again. 

See you soon

The Wardrobe Essentials : The Lounge Wear We All Need Right Now

2020 has definitely been the year of the lounge wear and luckily when lockdown begun I was more than prepared for being comfortable whilst been stuck in the house. This is thanks to the amount of lounge wear I have had in the house for a long time, there has been plenty of options for me to reach for whatever the occasion. Whether it has been sitting at my PC blogging all day, binge watching TV or simply playing games I have had outfit choices for any of them. So here are the different piece of lounge wear I think everyone should have to hand... 

Dressing Gown

You can't beat a dressing gown when the weather drops colder but you don't want to put the heating on. I have worn mine so many times these past few months to stay warm whilst blogging away. The best thing is you can get thick or thin dressing gowns so you can get them for all seasons. I literally wear mine for anything it is even great for when I am sat gaming as it is comfortable but keeps me warm without restricting my movements whilst playing or typing.


Hoodies are great for all times of the year whether you are wearing them outside or not. For those full days indoors I love just throwing on an old hoodie and staying nice and warm throughout the day. I tend to wear the hoodies with a pair of shorts all year round on those days in as the outfit is just so easy to throw together and it doesn't matter if the outfit looks put together or not as at the end of the day who is going to see it other than me and Liam? 

Slippers / Slides

I have a pair of slippers that I tend to wear around the house especially when I am at my desk as it keeps my feet that little bit warmer. But if I need to run outside or I am just sat around downstairs I will throw on my slides as they are just as good as the slippers but a lot more practical for heading out in for a quick run out to out something in the bin or check something in the gardens. 


I never thought I would bother with sweatshirts as I would rather pick up a hoodie however, 2020 is the year that has changed for me. I actually enjoy sitting around with a sweatshirt on rather than a hoodie all the time as the sweatshirt is often less heavy and it feels nice not having a hood hanging around my neck all the time. The best part though is that sweatshirts are a really reasonable price so you can get stopped up without having to break the bank. My current favourite is actually one I picked up for around £3 in the Sainsbury's sale of all places. 


Sweatpants have also been something I have reached for a lot more often lately as they just add a bit of extra warmth as opposed to the shorts I usually wear.  Just like with the sweatshirts there are plenty of reasonably priced options and there are all sorts of fits too, my personal favourites are a pair of slim fit ones I picked up from Primark for £9.

Jersey shorts

As I said earlier I always tend to throw on a pair of shorts and a hoodie on those days I have indoors and there is nothing better than a good pair of jersey shorts. My favourite shorts are some jersey ones I pick up from Primark every year. They are so comfortable and are nice and thick too so even on the cold days they keep you a little warm. Again though there are plenty of different types of shorts out there and something to suit everyone, I think my next pair maybe Nike as they look great. 

Lightweight T-Shirts

On those warmer days or when we have the heating on it is all about t-shirts in this house but if I am lounging around I stick to my lightweight t-shirts, I try to avoid my heavy ones as I want to be nice and comfortable which for some reason with t-shirts I much prefer something lightweight against when I pick up a hoodie. My favourites are just plain black t-shirts from the likes of H&M or Marks & Spencer's which again are very reasonably priced. 


You can't beat a good pair of pyjamas when you are lounging around especially on the cosy winter nights when you are curled up watching films with the fire lit. There is nothing better in my opinion than a long pair of pyjamas on whilst wrapped under a blanket with a hot chocolate watching a film, if the pyjamas are nice and comfortable too that is even better as you could easily end up falling asleep you are that comfortable. A pair of short pyjamas are great for the warmer weather too as they can be thrown on as soon as you get in from whatever that day is held and just get nice and comfortable and relax from the day you have just had.

So there you have it those are my perfect items for lounging around in. But what do you prefer? Can you recommend any good brands for me to try when it comes to restocking some lounge wear bits?  

How I Style The Blue Champion Hoodie

Ah hoodies, my go to on those cooler days. I used to just throw on any old hoodie but now I tend to take consideration to what I buy and make sure the hoodie is going to fit with other items in my wardrobe. My current favourite hoodie is this blue Champion one as it's colour is so different to any I would usually wear and it is certainly a stand out piece. 

With it being a stand out piece I need to make sure I style it correctly, I don't want it to draw attention to a mess out an outfit. I want it to draw attention to a nice clean outfit so here are two of my favourite ways to style the hoodie... 

First up we have the hoodie teamed up with some skinny fit cargo pants and my Nike Air Force 1's. This seems to be one of my go to ways to wear any item lately as the cargo pants and Air Force 1's are so comfortable for whatever I am up to that day. The hoodie just adds a standout element to that otherwise basic black and white outfit. I have come to realise there isn't anything wrong with having a bit of colour in your outfit and in fact it just changes things up from time to time. 

For that super comfortable style I team the hoodie up with some slim fit joggers from Primark and my Nike React Element 55's. The sweatpants just add that extra level of comfort whereas the sneakers add some extra colour meaning it is a very colourful, stand out outfit over all. Neither the sneakers or hoodie are too in your face to over power each other but they in fact compliment each other quite well. 

I love how comfortable and simple this hoodie is whilst still catching your eye due to that stand out colour. I am certainly on the lookout for more Champion hoodies as this hasn't let me down and is going strong a few years after me purchasing it.

How would you style this Champion hoodie?

My 90 day challenge... The results

Back at the beginning of August I decided to try tackle a 90 day challenge to try improve my fitness and help my weight loss journey. I set out with great intentions of really making a difference and continue the progress I had made since the start of the year however, I have to say I haven't seen as much progress as I would have hoped and I know exactly why. I really started to fall off track from more or less the beginning of the challenge as lockdown restrictions started to lift and I started to go out and about more often which involved a lot of eating out. I actually disappointed myself by doing this and just never really fully got back on track as my final stats show but I did make progress in some areas which I guess is better than nothing. 

The first few days involved a camping trip where I just ate and drank which did no good for me at all as it took me a long time to get back on track. By the time I did get back on track though it was my birthday and I certainly made the most of the celebrations then too. After that things were just going down hill and to be honest I was started to give up again. It wasn't until the final week of the challenge I really started to put that effort in again which shouldn't have been the case as I was more than capable of making more progress than I did. So here is what happened on the scales...

start weight : 15 st 9 & 1/2 lb

end weight 15st 11 & 1/2 lbs 

This disappointed me the most as I know if I had just tried harder to get back on track after falling off I know I could have made so much more of a difference, I could have really been pushing for that 1 stone loss in the 90 days but instead my weight was up and down throughout and by the end I gained weight. 

But here is how my measurements went...

Hips start :116 cm end : 113cm

Waist start :112 cm end : 106cm

Left leg start : 63cm end : 63cm

Right leg start : 63cm end : 63cm

Left arm start : 32cm end : 33cm

Right arm start : 32cm end : 33cm 

I am quite pleased with these results as I saw a different in the 2 main areas, my wast & hips. For me as long as they are going down I am heading in the right direction. It does make me wonder how much I could lose if I really put my mind to it and stayed on track for a full 90 days.

To be honest I really do feel like I started this challenge at the wrong time with a camping trip, a weeks holiday and my birthday all being in that time frame along with other events happening within the family & lockdown restrictions being eased. Heading back to the office also proved a test as I went from being able to cook any meal at any time to having a set lunch time with me having to take food with me or buying from the local supermarket. 

I am going to give this challenge a try again but try to stick to it more and if I do fall off track make sure I pick myself straight back up and make progress instead of moping around. I am going to do this by creating a chart with my plan for the 90 days on along with a chart for my weight loss, my main chart will focus on the plan for each day such as workouts, if it is weigh day etc and my other chart will literally just be one I can mark off per 1lb lost this way I can see big milestones approaching and hopefully it will motivate me a little bit more. On those big milestones I plan to put little incentives so for example when I lose 1 stone I can get a football shirt or game and so on, hopefully seeing that if I achieve the goals I can pick up something I really want will give me that extra push.  

MyFitnessPal is also going to be my best friend as I am going to track all my meals so I know just what I am putting in my body and keep an eye on those weeks that have worked and those that haven't. I also plan to eat a lot better by planning meals using my new meal planner and prepping meals for work so I aren't going out and buying junk. If I am out for the day elsewhere I will try take a meal with me instead of just eating whatever too, so say I am at my sisters I will take a meal instead of just having a sandwich or a load of snacking items. I also want to incorporate more fruit and veg into my diet too as I am really lacking in that area. 

I will also be using my Instagram to post my meals and the workouts I do to help me be accountable too as I know a few people on there will help me stay motivated and on track and also call me out if I am slipping into old habits. My workouts are also going to be increased and I will be adding a variety of workouts into my routine to keep me going and so I don't get bored of my routine and am putting my body through different challenges. One day I might be doing a hiit workout, a walk or weights but I will be mixing it up every now and again just to keep me on my toes.  

That mindset that I was in at the start of the year needs to come back as I really was making progress and going in the right direction whilst really improving both my physical and mental health. That is why I am going to jump straight back in and try this 90 day challenge again. I will be starting the challenge on Wednesday the 18th November and ending it on the 16th of February so lets hope it goes better the second time around and I see changes in both my measurement & on the scales. Lets end 2020 on a high note and start 2021 heading in the right direction.

Weekly Round Up #42

We are edging closer and closer to Christmas but most importantly for me I am finally getting closer to receiving my PS5 which is basically Christmas come early for me. I had another great week last week and here is how it went... 


I was in the office on Monday but had to drop my car off for its M.O.T first, luckily the car passed so it didn't cost me a fortune. Once Liam got home it was our usual trip to Asda to do our food shop before coming home and just relaxing for the night. 


On Tuesday I was with my nephew for the day and it was fantastic. We had his tent set up in the living room and we had hours of fun. We want on a nice long walk and I ended up as a climbing frame for the day. I was absolutely worn out so by the time I got home I ended up crawling into bed and caught up on YouTube. 


Wednesday I was back in the office and as usual the day absolutely flew by. When I got home I went on the exercise bike for a bit before working on some new blog posts. 


Thursday started with an early morning workout then it was another day with the nephew and we smashed another nice long walk which was brilliant even if it was really windy. It was another brilliant day but again I was definitely ready for bed by the time I got home.


Friday I was in the office again but 4pm came sooner than expected and I was home and doing a hiit workout. Once that workout was done I jumped on the exercise bike for an hour before spending the rest of the night blogging. 


Liam was at work Saturday so I nipped into town to pick some bits I needed. Once I got home it was time to watch some women's football before going into the games room to get plenty of blog posts written and finished off.


Sunday was a bit of a mixed day, we got some jobs done around the house and then I spent the rest of the day playing some games and working on some more blog posts. I am actually quite enjoying my Sunday's at home whilst we are in the second lockdown. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: All I did last week was catch up on YouTube videos. 

Reading:  I managed a few pages of my book but that was it. 
Listening to: To be honest I didn't really listen to much music at all last week as I was listening to YouTube videos instead. 

This week I want to get more blogging done as I am so close to actually finishing all my 2020 content which for me is fantastic as I am never this organised. We hopefully have the PS5 arriving on Thursday so I want to move some things around so that I can have the PS5 exactly where I want it, this will mean moving my older consoles around, changing what is on the sofa bed and just generally having a good tidy up in the room. I am also very tempted to make a start on wrapping Christmas presents too before we get all the decorations out.  

See you soon

The Classic Converse I Have Slept On Too Long....

This year I have really invested in my wardrobe and my sneaker collection to add pieces that are what I consider classics. For years I only had a pair of red low Converse so this year was time for me to finally get my hands on a pair of the classic black ones. 
The red ones were great don't get me wrong but unfortunately they don't fit with most of my wardrobe which is what I am now looking for as I want to start getting my money worth from sneakers instead of wearing the same over and over due to them working with more of my clothing. These black ones do just that, they fit with about 90% of my wardrobe and are going to work very well through all the seasons as I have outfits in mind for them all, they are just so easy to style and you can easily piece together an outfit around these sneakers if you want to. I could through these on with a pair of chinos. jeans or sweatpants and it works. Same when I through on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and bomber jacket with these you get a preppy kind of style, which is just what sort of style this silhouette really gives me. 

I was definitely worried about how easy these would be to take on and off due to them being the high silhouette and me being used to sneakers that slide on and off not just a high canvas shoe. I didn't need to worry though as once I got used to how tight the shoe needed to be I got used to getting it on and off whilst not having to loosen it too much so it fit nice once put back on without spending ages messing around. The laces did feel too long at first but I have started looping them around the shoe and then fastening them which is something I first saw on Instagram, it has made the laces feel a bit shorter whilst also making the shoes a little bit different. 

They are really comfortable too, which to be honest I didn't expect. I am used to Adidas's Ultraboost technology these days and the comfort that gives me but to be honest the Converse aren't bad at all. When I have worn the Converse it has been on days where I am on my feet all day walking around and I haven't had any issues at all with them. They haven't needed to be broken in just straight out of the box, on my feet and out for a full day, I have had no blisters and they haven't rubbed me at all which was a great surprise as if they had caused me any issues no doubt I would have put them on a shelf and never bothered about them again.  

I actually really want to pick up a pair of the white high top Converse & both the black and white low versions so I have plenty of options for all weathers as they are such good value for money. The different colours and silhouettes will definitely give me plenty of options for different seasons and weather scenarios. These black high top black ones were £57 which when you think about it isn't too bad at all compared to the price of some sneakers out there these days. 

I think it is safe to say I am definitely a Converse convert now and I am on the look out for more pairs in the near future. You just can't go wrong with these and I can't wait to style them in different ways.  

 I am still in the process of adding classic items that will go with more items in my wardrobe and last me a while as I am wanting to make investments as opposed to just buying cheap. Can you recommend any shops or items for me to check out? 

The Podcasts I Have Been Loving Through 2020 So Far

At the beginning of lockdown I started to listen to a few more podcasts when I was blogging as I was finishing my YouTube subscription box far too easily. Listening to podcasts though just offered something a little different as I could just put on my headphones and listen to topics I love whilst working away on my latest blog posts or playing some video games. Podcasts just mean I aren't sat staring at a video on my screen and getting distracted from what I am writing about as in most cases I can watch a video version or just listen to the audio only version minimising those distractions. 

I am definitely more productive when listen to a podcast as I only have to listen however, not only am I productive but I am also more inspired and motivated due to the topics some of the podcasts I listen to cover. They have helped me work on my blogs and make some great progress with them too as they inspire me to do better, show me what I need to improve on and just give me more confidence. So here are some of my favourite podcasts at the moment...

Same Brain

This podcast is by sisters Justine & Jenna Ezarik, if you enjoy tech YouTube you will probably know Justine as iJustine. Same Brain is mainly a tech & video game podcast however, they do sometimes cover other topics too. I am a bit of a tech geek so I love this podcast as both the sisters know exactly what they are talking about and it gives you a bit more of an in-depth look at topics. 


Feature is a podcast from YouTuber Justin TSE and covers tech & lifestyle. It is a fantastic podcast and it has given me so much inspiration and motivation to work on not only my blogs & the ideas I have had for the future but also inspiration for working on myself. Justin talks a lot of sense and talks a lot about how he has developed over the years which really helps give you inspiration and motivation for the future. 

Whats Good Games

This is the first ever podcast I listened to years ago and have continued to listen to. Britney, Andrea, Steimer really know their stuff when it comes to video games and the podcast echos that. This podcast is what keeps me up to date with what is going on in the video game world and hearing the opinions on games from the hosts has actually helped me find some games I have enjoyed that I never thought I would try. 

Glow and Grow Show

I absolutely love the Glow and Grow show and I end up sitting and making so many note when I listen to this podcast as it is really one of the things that is helping me grow my blogs and social media channels. Granted I have a long way to go with building my blogs and channels and I still have a lot of things I need to put into practice but it has given me some notes to start. This is a podcast I just go through over and over again to see if I can pick up any different pointers on each listen. I would definitely recommend this if you have a blog or social media you are trying to grow. 

If anyone can recommend any other good podcasts for me to listen to in the self help, technology or fashion genre please do let me know. Especially if they are fashion related as I am really wanting to listen to some of those but can't find any that grab my attention. 

October 2020 Fitness Update

Well October has been a great month personally but my weight loss journey has taken a bit of a hit. The month started with a week away where I just ate anything insight and had a few too many drinks. Then I returned to work for more days a week so I fell out of my new found routine. I was definitely struggling with trying to balance everything so I did do pretty well though to say how off track I went. The lack of a routine was really starting to get to me so towards the end of the month I tried to create a new routine which clearly worked well for me as I had two loses instead of gains for the final 2 weeks of the month. 

The new routine focused on what I ate and how much I was eating. It meant less takeaways and eating out and tracking what I ate on MyFitnessPal, which I will certainly be using plenty of from now on. I am hoping that by continuing this routine I will really see a difference over the next few months. 

 So here is what the physical changes went like:

Waist start : 110cm end : 106 cm

Hips start : 112 cm  end : 113cm

Right thigh start : 64cm end : 63cm

Right calf start : 42cm end : 43cm

To be honest I actually aren't too bothered with the results of the measurements as the waist has gone down which is one of my priorities at the moment plus there was only a 1cm difference with my hips. Fingers crossed though next month will be a decrease in all areas.

Beginning of October weight : 15 stone 8 & 1/2 lb 
End of October weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2lb

Total loss + 2 lb .

 Here is what I am aiming for in November: 

- Get back on track with my workouts
- Get my steps up 
- Add more fruit & veg into my diet 
- lose 2lbs to get back over the half a stone mark

Overall 2020 loss so far : - 6 & 1/4 lb

I may have gained this month but my measurements are on the right track so I aren't too upset about the gain. Fingers crossed I will get the weight back down in November though as I am really trying to get back on track now and I am determined to get as close to 1 stone lost before December 31st. 

Anyone got any tips for staying on track?

Weekly Round Up #41


Another week closer to Christmas which I am certainly getting excited for and am actually prepared for this year. We are also another week closer the release of the PS5 which we have on preorder and I can't wait for. The week also saw the start of another lockdown which is hopefully going to fly by but over all it was a pretty good week and here is how it went...


Monday was back to work and once again the day just seemed to fly by. Then it was the dreaded food shop trip which to be honest wasn't too bad however, there was a lot of items that had clearly been panic bought as some aisle were lacking in products.


Tuesday was a day with the nephew again which I love having time to spend with him. We went and did a lot of Christmas shopping and I actually nearly managed to complete my list which is great. Then we watched the Bradford City match online which was great as we finally won.


Wednesday was another day in work which I didn't seem to be in for 2 minutes before I was finished and heading out for a meal. We ended up at Alibi in Halifax for Steak night which was fantastic then having a few drinks, surprisingly it was actually really quiet and nice to be out for a change.


Thursday was a day with the nephew again, we spent the day just having fun at home, watching TV, playing with his toys & doing some crafts. Then it was home to do a bit of blogging which I had neglected last week. 


Friday I was in the office again before heading home doing a workout and just relaxing for the rest of the night. It was definitely nice just having a night of doing nothing.


Saturday was a day of getting stuff done. We got blog pictures taken and I got some blogging done which I wanted to get done and out of the way so I could have Sunday just relaxing and gaming.


Sunday went just how I hoped, I got up after a little lie in to finish off some blogging bits before spending the rest of the day gaming and watching YouTube.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Again I only watched YouTube as I had a lot to catch up on 

Reading:  I didn't get around to reading anything at all. 
Listening to: I ended up listening to a lot of Fifth Harmony again for some reason.

This week I want to get fully caught up on my blogging as I have quite a lot of posts I am in the process of writing. I also want to try pick up an Xbox if my car doesn't require anything doing to it when it has been in the garage. The big thing I want to do though is sort the games room out ready for the new console additions. 

See you soon

October 2020 New In

October has certainly been a spendy month thanks to me needing new clothes due to all my clothes I already owned starting to hang off me, I am loving the weight loss but honestly my poor bank account isn't enjoying it. I have actually ended up discovering new stores for my clothing too which has been great. Not only that but I have picked up some items to help my fitness journey as well as picking up something to help make my blogging better. there have been a few treats thrown into the mix too and here is what I picked up...

I finally picked up Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated for the Switch to keep me occupied whilst on Holiday during the month. To be honest I didn't really get to play much of it as there was plenty going on but what I did play I really enjoyed. 

October was the month FIFA 21 was finally released too which I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. This was my holiday treat as I was actually away when it came out and I had put some money to one side for it. I treated myself to the ultimate edition this year too for a change. 

I managed to a USB-C hub at long last for my Macbook. It was definitely need as now I can finally put my memory card straight into the Macbook instead of having to mess around getting images on to it. This is great for making the most out of my Macbook when I am on the go too as I don't have to wait until I am home to use my PC as I now have all the ports I need. 

You can't beat a good can of Fanta lemon, I love this as it reminds me of being on my holidays. I always struggle to find it though so when I came across it in my local B&M I got stocked up. 

Whilst we were away Liam treated me to a bottle of Rum which I had my eye on for most of the week. These days I don't drink half as much as I used to and the drinks cabinet is actually overflowing but I haven't seen this one before and am really looking forward to trying it.

I am trying my best to change up my snacks lately as I want to be eating things that benefit me instead of just filling me with junk. So when I saw these on a trip to B&M I thought I would give them a try before I order anything else from MyProtein as I don't have much to order from there yet. 

Whilst on holiday I also managed to find an item I had wanted for a while... an AB roller. This is a piece of gym equipment I have wanted to pick up as ab's is an area I really need to work on but I had struggled to find one. This was only £8 and I am hoping it does the job for me. 

Whilst we were away me, my sister and my nephew all did some of this sand art where you picked what you wanted and filled it in whichever colours you wanted. Of course I picked the football as soon as I saw it and it is now on display in the spare room. 

When I picked up my copy of FIFA I got the football shirt to go along with it. I love the shirts they bring out for FIFA as they are always so different and this years is no different. It is great quality too. 

Thanks to purchasing FIFA I also got a voucher for 20% off any football shirt from Sports Direct which gave me the perfect reason to pick up the new England shirt which I am in love with. As soon as it was released I wanted it but couldn't justify the price so the 20% off made my mind up for me and I made the purchase. I am sure you will be seeing this on Instagram a few times. 

I actually had to go out and purchase some belts in October too as my previous ones were just too big for me, who knew you would eventually have to size down in belts too. Luckily I just buy the 2 packs from Primark which are £5 so they are inexpensive and last so when I do need to size down again it won't be a waste of too much money. 

I also picked up a new jumper for my nephew from Primark for £5 as we both love Toy Story. For £5 if it lasts him a few month that is fine and the design on it is great with all our favourite characters on the front. 

I needed to pick up some new black jeans that weren't skinny as I am starting to stray away from skinny jeans lately. The Sainsbury's 25% off sale certainly came at the right time as I managed to pick up these black girlfriend ones for just £12. They are a nice fit and a great change from my usual skinny jeans. 

From Sainsbury's before the 25% off sale I also picked up these grey jeans that are more of a slim fit as opposed to a skinny or straight one. They are just nicely in between the slim and skinny style and are the perfect length for me which as you will know I often struggle with. I will definitely purchase these again when I need another size smaller. 

During my weight loss I have set myself goals and I picked up these trousers from H&M as my goal trousers. As it stands I can't fasten them up but now I have something to aim for and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of wear out of these. I love the white stitching details on the black trousers.

Also from the Sainsbury's 25% off sale I picked up this stone coloured t-shirt for around £3.75. I am in need of more plain t-shirts as all my old ones no longer fit me so for the price I picked up a colour I wouldn't normally go for. 

I also ended up getting some plain t-shirts from H&M which is certainly becoming one of my favourite stores. I got a maroon one for Liam and I got a grey & navy one for myself, again these are 2 colours I am hit and miss with so it is nice to have them as an option. 

Finally for the plain t-shirts I made the most of the Marks & Spencer's 3 for £16 offer and got myself 2 black and one grey. I have found it really difficult to find black t-shirts this time around but these are a really nice material and are actually quite thick. 

With me returning to work I knew I needed to add a few new jumpers to my wardrobe as my ones from last year didn't fit and the office is far too cold at this time of year to just wear a t-shirt. This plain grey jumper was just £5 and I know it's going to last me a while and serve me well. If I want to as well I could even wear a white shirt under this to give it an even smarter look. 

Last year I had quite a few of these £6 jumpers from Primark with the stripe across the chest but unfortunately when I went to try them on they no longer fit me so I am glad they are doing them again this year. For now I just have the 1 but who knows how many I will end up with before the cold weather ends. 

I also picked up this plain grey jumper from Primark for £8 and I am totally in love with it. It fits really well and is really comfortable for the price tag. When I purchased this I couldn't see it in any other colours but I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future. 

Chunky knit jumpers are something I have wanted for a while but I have never found one that fits me nicely. So when I saw this one in Primark I picked it up, took it home and fell in love with it. This work be a work jumper but will be worn plenty of times as it looks nice and smart. Now I just need them in more colours.

Technically this isn't something I bought but it is something new in my wardrobe. This Paul Smith polo shirt was my grandads and when he first showed me it I told him how much I liked it. He said if I could fit into it then I could have it, well 2 or more years later I finally have it and I can't wait to get styling it. 

You will have seen me mention Rivici on here before but in October they had a big sale on so I picked up a few bits, a hoodie has gone away for Christmas but I loved the looked of this t-shirt for £10 so I picked it up for myself and I am so glad I did as it is so comfortable and really good quality. 

My love for Rivici started with this sweatshirt in t-shirt form so when I saw the sweatshirt was just £15 it went straight into my basket. I love the design on this and the zip details on the sides. I am sure you will be seeing plenty of images of this on here and on Instagram in the near future.

So there you have it that is what I picked up throughout October, I definitely spent more than I should have so lets hope November isn't too spendy although there will be at least 1 big purchase happening.

What is your favourite item you bought in October?