Fashion Inspirations #2 : Ria Mae

 Ria Mae is someone I came across thanks to Tegan and Sara. I instantly fell in love with her style, when I saw her perform she was in a black t-shirt, black converse,black jeans and camo jacket. I love this style of outfit as it is so basic but so stylish.

As you can see in the above picture she also mixes it up with a snap back and leather jacket. Which again is super easy and perfect for most occasions. 

I also love the above look she has from one of her photo shoots. I love a good snap back and honestly think this could be one of my go to looks this summer. A sleeveless hoody would be perfect with jeans or shorts depending on the weather or where I am. One thing about Ria I love is her style doesn't conform, meaning she can pull of the androgynous style and still keep it looking fashionable.

Who are some of the people who's fashion sense you look at for inspiration? Let me know in the comments below.

Mankind Hair Wishlist

By now you all probably know how bad I am with my hair. It has to be perfect otherwise I aren't happy which my family are starting to realise. It is my hair I spend most on in the morning. I am currently wanting to try out new products and after browsing mankind I have found the ones I want the most.

Mitch Clean Cut Cream - £14.95

I have wanted to try some of the Mitch products for a while now and I have currently started styling my hair a little different. So I believe now is the perfect time to try a cream instead of my usual clay.

American Crew daily moisturising shampoo - £7.96

My hair is becoming a little dry now and my hair seems to have gotten used to my current shampoo so I think it is time to make a change. The daily moisturising shampoo is standing out to me as I am hoping it will bring a bit of life back to my hair.

Be Bop Brush - £2.75

This is something the barber I go to uses on my hair. Not only does it create the perfect style with ease it also massages your scalp and feels super good when used. This is something I will be buying as soon as possible.

Wahl Max Pro - £15.99

I have only recently begun using a hair dryer again. Before I would just towel dry my hair and hope for the best. But I have found using a hair dryer adds extra volume and helps me create a better style. I am at the stage now where I am sick of having to steal the dryer my mum and sister share or having to wait whilst they take forever to do their hair. This is why I have my eye on this, I have wanted to try a Wahl product and at this price you can't go wrong.

Seen anything you want from mankind? Hope you like this post see you soon.

What is in my bag

 I have got to the stage where I really need to take a bag out with me instead of just throwing my wallet and phone in my pocket. I am currently using this batman messenger bag I got a while back in the Sainsbury's sale. I am looking for a smarter one but for now this will do. It has one large compartment and a tiny Velcro bit at the back.

In the main compartment are obviously the essentials. I have a can of hairspray just in case I get caught in the wind or rain. Along with this I have my Lynx wax and foldaway comb. I even keep a little fragrance in there because who knows when you are going to need it. I always carry a pack of tissues too usually character ones from the pound shop. 

I am also trying to get back into using my camera again so this is an addition to the bag. Hopefully i will be able to get back into my photography.

Also in the main bit I keep my glasses, these should be on my head all day but usually I just don't want to wear them. I am also trying to read more so I have my new book by Hannah Hart to try power through. As always I am a bit of a geek so my 3DS is always on hand, so is my notepad because who knows when post inspiration is going to strike.

In addition to these I also have my phone (which was used to take the images), my keys (gone missing at the moment) and my wallet which to be honest has also disappeared. 

So there you have it that is what I keep in my bag, what is in yours?

Hope you like this post and see you soon 

Morning Essentials

 I never used to take long to get ready in a morning but now I seem to take longer and longer as I add more and more products into it. First up I use the L'Oreal men expert tattoo reviver on my arms as I am determined to keep them looking bold as long as possible. I am on the look out for a full body moisturiser too if anyone has any recommendations.

One my arms are done it is onto the face, I start off using the Nip Fab cleaning pads followed by the Nivea toner. I am also currently using the Byron Bay moisturiser which I am loving, but a full post is coming up on that soon. 

Once the face is done it is onto fragrance. I have used the Lynx attract for a long time now only swapping it for the male Lynx. Once deodorant is on it is time for my perfume. I am using the Ralph Lauren Big Pony No.2 at the moment however I believe I only have a few days left of this. If I am heading out for the night or going somewhere fancy I use the Zadig & Voltair that I got after Christmas.

 The final step in the morning is always the longest because it is my hair. I like my hair to look its best so first up I get it to the style I want using my tangle teezer and then put the finishing style in place with my Johnny's chop shop comb I got in a set after Christmas.  I have also gotten back into straightening my hair a little just to get rid of any kinks and make sure its not stuck up at ridiculous angles. 

Once the hair is in place it is a choice on what products I want to use. Some times I will use the Fudge styling mousse but this isn't very often. My go to at the moment is the Lynx clay or Fish wax as I find these give the best result. Other times I may give the Lynx wax a go every now and again too. Every day though the products that definitely get used are the Fudge hairspray and Vo5 fluff tamer to make sure the look is completed.

So there you have it that is what I use daily. I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon.


Engagement party look

Saturday was my little sisters engagement party. So it was the perfect excuse to go out and get a new outfit. I got my polka dot shirt from Primark. It is the first shirt I have bought from the women's section in a while and now I remember why, I found it a little too short in the body on the night and kept constantly pulling it down. My leather jacket is a Primark bargain from 2016, it only cost £14 and I am in love with it now I actually have things to wear under it not just football shirts. 

I feel there was a real Primark vibe to the whole outfit as my jeans are also from there. I just love the rip details on these as they aren't fully ripped. To finish off my outfit I went for my ever so comfy all white converse. 

Liam is wearing a blazer from H&M, River Island shirt, jeans and Chelsea boots.

I can't wait to start putting more fahion posts on here and I am even more excited to go on my next shopping trip.

I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon


Fashion Wishlist

 There are many different items I really want to get my hands on in the next few weeks. One of these is some plain t-shirts. These are perfect for just under my shirts or for under my blazer. I always buy men's as I prefer them baggy. The one in the image above is £3.99 from H&M however there are some really good quality ones for only £2 in primark.
I literally live in black skinny jeans so I am determined to get my hands on a good quality pair. I am also wanting a ripped pair. These literally go with anything in my wardrobe.
 I said in my last post how I loved the leather jacket look, my current one is getting a little bit too small I love this one at £27.99 from H&M, however I am sure there will be some good ones in Primark too. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket and I can always switch between this and my blazers.

Converse are a shoe I have loved for a very long time. I currently have a red pair and an all white pair. Although I am sure I have a few more pairs laying around the house too. Converse are great for a casual look and to be honest I even wear them on nights out every now and again. Hopefully in the next few months I will have more pairs in the collection.

I have been in love with Vitality design products since the first time I saw Tegan Quin wearing some of their rings. This necklace has been on my list for a while now. I am on the look out for some long necklace to put with my plain t-shirts and blazer look just to add a bit of a focus point.

I am hoping that I will have some of these items sooner rather than later so keep an eye out for these in future posts.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


Fashion inspirations #1

You all know by now that Tegan and Sara are a big part of my life. One thing I really like about them is their fashion sense. They can pull off so many looks but the ones on this post are some of my favourite. I am slowly beginning to develop my style and these have been some key aspects in me trying new things. The above picture is one of my favourite looks, I love the shirt and blazer look Tegan has on and this has been a go to style of mine for a while now. However I also love the look that Sara has going on with the shirt and leather jacket.

 I also love Sara's casual but smart look in this image. I love the smart blazer long necklace and casual t-shirt, mixed with jeans and canvas shoes. This to me is the perfect spring look for a casual day.

 I love the look Sara has here with the plain t-shirt and smart leather jacket. The sunglasses to me also finish off this look. Tegan's casual look here I think would look perfect for the summer (if we have one in the UK this year). I love the denim jacket on top of a patterned t-shirt.

Finally Tegan's look here is a look I have worn a few times. The denim shirt is one of my favourite items and I am on the look out for the perfect one for this year. The boots just give it that little bit of an edgy look with the jeans.

I am hoping to do more fashion related posts in the future on this blog and I have even got a few looks to post in the next few weeks. So keep your eyes out for those.  I can't wait to finally be comfortable in what I wear and be a little more adventurous.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


Juicy Fuel Cola

When the people over at Juice Shed Company asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their Juicy Fuel Cola range I couldn't say no. A naturally grown cola has to be better than normal cola right?

Here is what they say about the cola on their site.
Juicy Fuel Cola is 100% natural craft cola. Made by us here at The Juice Shed Company. Honestly, its one of your 5 a day. 
No preservatives
No e-numbers
No added sugar

No added sweeteners

All natural goodness served up in cola form.
Made to fuel your body the right way.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had sent me not just 1 but 3 cans of each cola. The one in the red can is just a normal cola fruit juice drink. Out of the 2 this was my least favourite. I loved the product but I wasn't too keen on the after taste this one left. I gave Liam a can to try he seemed to have no thoughts other than 'can I have another can'. I guess he like it that much.

My favourite was definitely the cherry version. I could have honestly drunk this all day long. It didn't leave as much of an after taste as the normal one. Even though it left a little after taste it wasn't half as strong. Liam also tried a can of this and I am guessing by the way he wanted more he was also liking the flavour.

I will definitely repurchase the cherry one for myself in the future and would recommend giving it a try yourself.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


February Favourites

Wow it is only the 2nd of March and I am already posting my favourites, this must be a first. Honestly I haven't tried much new in February but some great things have happened. 

First off a favourite of mine is the Nip Fab cleansing pads. I have used them everyday in Feb and am seriously noticing a difference in my skin. I aren't going into too much detail on these though as I have a whole post dedicated to this coming very soon.

The Vo5 is once again one of my favourites. It is my sisters engagement party on the 11th of March and I have been trying to leave my hair to grow so I can get it cut just before. This has meant the side that gets shaved has now become a very fluffy mess. The Vo5 however actually does calm it down just a little.

The L'Oreal men's expert tattoo reviving moisturiser is another I won't go into too much detail on however I love it. I use it daily, it is bringing out the colour in my tattoos and also leaving my skin super soft.

I have also gotten back into reading in February. The book I am currently on is Bruce Springsteen - born to run. I aren't very far but so far so good.

February was also a big month as I got to see Tegan and Sara twice. This meant getting to see my little Tegan and Sara family again which couldn't get better. The first show I was lucky enough to get meet and greet tickets for so I was over the moon as you can see in my previous post. The shows were amazing and the company was awesome. I was also lucky enough to meet Ria Mae and Alex Lahey at both shows. I am in love with all their music now so that is an extra bonus.

My final favourite of the month is this Brewdog IPA called Elvis Juice. I first had this to settle my nerves before meeting Tegan and Sara. I can honestly say I am hooked. This one is tastes just like grapefruit.

So there you have it those are just a few of my favourite things from February.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.


Just Bee

 Just before Christmas the wonderful people over at Just Bee drinks sent me a selection of their waters. I honestly wasn't sure hat to expect as they contain and drop of honey (which I had never tried). I can honestly say I absolutely loved these drinks.

 I got a selection of the 3 flavours and also some flower seeds just to keep the bees going which I found a lovely touch.

First up was the blueberry. To be honest this was my least favourite, I aren't too keen on blueberry's however this did taste nice just the other two tasted better.

I absolutely loved the Lemon and Green tea one this was by far my favourite. Which was very surprising seen as I don't like lemon or green tea.

The final one apple and ginger was also a pleasant surprise as I hate both these ingredients on their own but loved them in this drink.

I can honestly say I will be buying every single on of these drinks again as they are a much healthier option than my usual drinks.

You can check out Just bee here

Hope you liked this post and I will see you all soon.