May 2021 New In

Well my whole plan of not spending a fortune in May didn't really go to plan by the looks of how long this post is going to go on for. It has been a pretty busy month though, I have been back to work full time but I have still managed to find to go out and spend plenty of money in between working, I also had a few nights away which led to me picking up a few new pieces too. I am also starting something new very soon that I need a few bits for which added to the spending but it is all for a good cause. I have certainly bought a mixture of things over the month in a variety of categories so here is what I picked up...

First up we have the most random of them all on the list, a new soft toy which I got whilst I was away. At the little fun fair they had I had a go on the darts game and ended up bringing this soft toy home with me, it was one of those where you get a price every time but I actually surprised myself my by getting close to getting the next prize up.

There was this really good American sweet shop whilst we were away to so I had to call in to see what was on offer. I wasn't expecting to buy anything but when I saw these Dragonball drinks I knew I had to at least get Liam a can, but I ended up buying us both a can in the end. They were a couple of pounds each but even if they taste no good the cans look cool. 

Now this is a very random purchase but I wasn't leaving it behind. My sister tends to have a halloween party each year so when I saw this Optimus Prime costume for £3 I thought I might as well pick it up ready for this halloween if we can get back to having parties by then. It is a good fit and surprisingly good quality to say it was so cheap to buy... maybe a post might make it to Instagram one day but who knows. 

I have been redoing my gaming PC set up which also happens to be where I do a lot of my blogging from. So as I have to monitors I picked up this dual monitor arm so that I have a bit more space on my desk for writing in my notebook with blog ideas. This fits my screens perfect and has really done the trick in creating more space for me.

Is it a gaming set up without RGB lights? I picked up this Govee strip light to add to underneath my desk and along the back as my other one was rubbish. This is perfect and I can also control it with my phone which is great. I love this light strip that much I am actually hoping to get the same for on the back of our console set up too.

You can't have a new set up without a new desk really can you? This in total cost £20 and it is perfect for what I wanted as it is nice and light so brightens up my little corner a bit more and it also gives me a little extra space to blog and game on. I honestly wish I had purchased this a lot sooner. 

I finally made the jump and purchased myself a new headset for my PC which will also work on the PlayStation so I get extra value for money in that sense which is great as this headset wasn't cheap. So far this is fantastic and much better than my previous headset which was really falling apart. I know that I am definitely going to get my wear out of this.

My auntie has been on the hunt for football shirts for me and she managed to find me this Manchester United shirt with the one and only Chicharito on the back. This is definitely too big for me but this is one of my favourite Man Utd shirts and Chicharito is one of my favourite players. This is going straight into my shirt collection.

I managed to get Liam a treat this month too, I got him this Barcelona 17/18 third shirt from an account I follow on Instagram and honestly I wish I had got myself one too as it is such a nice shirt. I absolutely love the colours of this shirt and the detailing in the actually print of the shirt. 

One of my favourite YouTubers Ellis from Away Days brought out his own football shirts so I managed to get one of these too and I am so glad I did as I had missed out on the previous ones he did. The colours of this shirt work really well and the detailing is fantastic. I can't wait to get wearing this. 

My dad won a competition run by Bradford City Women a few month back and this month he received his prize (thanks to us forgetting to go collect it). He very kindly gave me the prize as unfortunately he is a Chelsea fan but he knows how much I love Bradford and football shirts. This is this seasons shirt signed by this seasons men's first team and it is going straight on display as it is the perfect addition to my forever growing collection. 

It is safe to say my parents are very supportive when it comes to my football blog and whilst we were away they got me this brilliant personalised street sign with the blogs name on it. I am slowly turning the spare room into a bit of an office for myself so this will be going pride of place on one of the walls so I can see it daily. Who knows it might even end up in a few blog photos in the future as it just looks so good. In fact I could easily be tempted to purchase another one for if we ever went to an event or to have in image backgrounds. 

I have recently started a boxing fitness class and I needed some gloves for it so I picked these ones up from Sports Direct, honestly I don't really know what to expect from these but I think they are going to be perfect for what I need them for. I am just glad I picked the right size as I almost bought the ones that were a bit too heavy. 

With the warm weather hopefully approaching soon I thought I would pick up this Everlast vest top for my home workouts. I love the colour of this and it was only £7.99. I tried it on and it is a really nice fit so I can't wait for the weather to finally change so I can get wearing this. Hopefully I can get some workouts done outdoors too this year and this will be perfect. 

I finally picked up some new Sports Bras for boxing and working out as my other just weren't cutting it any more. This time I have opted for some high impact ones as that is the sort of workout I will be doing. These were 30% off from Marks & Spencer and I really hope they are better than my previous ones. 

I ended up getting me and my nephew some matching socks from Asda too ready for the Olympics and Euros. I just cant get enough of anything football related so these were perfect and cheap too. I think I might end up buying more socks from the Asda kids section as they fit me much better than other pairs I have had in the past. 

I seem to have a thing for jersey shorts recently and I am getting well and truly stocked up on them ready for the warmer weather. These Lee Copper ones were just £4.99 and are really good quality. I think that for the most of summer I could be living in these to stay nice and cool. I think I need to stop buying jersey shorts now though. 

I also picked up a pair of PlayStation shorts from Asda and I am now regretting not buying the matching t-shirt too. I love the colours on these shorts and they are a really nice lightweight material so they will be perfect for staying cool in the games room in the summer and for just lounging around in our garden or a family members. I paid £12 for these and typically the week after they were reduced to just £6. 

From Poundland me and my nephew picked up some matching Union Jack shorts ready for the Olympics and for when we go away together. I absolutely love that places do mini me ranges these days as it is really fun getting to match my nephew and he seems to like matching too. These were a little snug when I originally got them so I am hoping that they fit much better when the time comes for us to wear them. 

I love the NBA and Primark now do a NBA range which looks absolutely fantastic, unfortunately the only thing I could find for me was this Chicago Bulls t-shirt but I am on the hunt for more of the range in my size. I normally stay clear of white t-shirts but this one is a bit better quality and is a nice fit, granted it is a bit see-through but I am fine with that hopefully soon it might fit me a bit oversized as I continue to lose weight.  

I have had my eye on these Adidas t-shirts for a while now and my sister is the one who told me to purchase this purple one. I am trying to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe as I am purchasing new items due to my weight loss. This was £25 and after trying it on it is the perfect fit for me. I love this one that much I already have my eye on a few different colour variations they have. 

Finally I bought yet another pair of sneakers whilst I was away. I love the Alexander McQueen sneakers but there is no way I am going to pay over £200 for a pair of sneakers so I got this pair for just £15. They look a little bit like the Alexander McQueens at just a fraction of the cost, plus they make me a little bit taller which is just what I need. I think these look quite smart and I am really looking forward to styling them and wearing them probably far too much. Who knows one day I might get a real pair but for now these will do perfectly. 

So there you go that is what I picked up in May and I definitely seemed to go a little bit overboard but let's hope I can reign it in for June. What was your favourite purchase from May? 

What I Eat In A Typical Work Day

At long last I am back to work and I am determined not to let my hard work from the past year be undone. I have tried my hardest while I have been on furlough to eat the best I can and shift my weight and it is working, that is why I am going to be cutting out going to the takeaway, sandwich shop and Tesco on my lunch and be better prepared. My eating habits have certainly got a lot better and I am set on improving them even more over the next few months but for now here is what a typical day of eating is like now I am back in the office... 

My breakfast really depends on what time I wake up and if I do a workout or not. If I am up early enough I will make my current favourite breakfast which is two fried eggs in a bagel, I have found that this fills me up a lot more than just a slice of toast and it is super easy to make. If I am in a bit of a rush though or can't be bothered cooking that morning I will just settle for some cereal, at the moment my favourite is a bowl of Weetabix protein and my diary free milk or I will pick Shreddies or Rice Krispies if I fancy something different. Sometimes the cereal will fill me up for the morning and other days it just doesn't cut it and I am hungry after a few hours so I am a bit hit and miss with it. A new addition these past few weeks has been a MyProtein Clear Whey protein shake alongside my breakfast which goes down easily and helps me get more protein into my diet. 

Lunch time is where I would go out and spend an absolute fortune on rubbish food but that has changed as I now try to prepare my food in advance and bring something with me daily which isn't only a healthier option but it is also a much more cost effective option which we have found. What I have for my lunch honestly depends on if I am in the mood to cook the night before or not. On the days where I am happy to cook I tend to go for a turkey taco mix which is turkey mince with taco seasoning and some peppers, I have found this is really filling and really tasty. If I fancy a cold lunch though I tend to go for a sandwich and these days I have Quorn vegan chicken in these as it is a lot nicer than I thought it would be, team it up with some Violife cheese and you are onto a winner. Someday's though I will just bring a ready meal with me that is a low calorie option from Tesco and Asda, these are my go to in the cold weather as they have some great warm meal options such as curry. 

I have definitely cut down on my snacks throughout the day however, when I do fancy a little extra to eat just to get me through the day I seem to always go for the same sort of thing. Of course I have a coffee whilst at my desk every day just to give me a bit more of an energy boost and keep me awake but I will also usually have a Fibre 90 cake bar which fills any chocolate craving and fills me back up a little bit or I will have a birthday cake Rice Krispie bar which is still low calorie but really nice. Some days though I will end up grabbing a protein bar as I am loving those at the moment especially the Snickers ones I have recently discovered, I actually prefer these over a normal Snickers bar. 

Once I am home from work we seem to tend to pick the same sort of meals for dinner, if we can't be bothered that day or if we fancy a treat we will order something in from our favourite takeaway but if not we tend to stick to meals that involve chicken or our favourite turkey burgers. We have have found that these sort of meals are just easier to make after we have both had long days at work, my favourite at the moment is Asda's hunters chicken it is absolutely gorgeous. 

What does a typical day of eating on a work day look like for you? 

Changing The Blogging Set Up

I have blogged from literally all over the house but when it comes to it I have always used my gaming PC space for writing my blog posts.

This space has always been ideal for me as the dual monitors mean I can watch a video whilst writing a post or I can have extra information on the second screen meaning that it definitely helps me with my productivity. The gaming PC is pretty quick too meaning I can fly through things easily and I am in the games room with Liam there to keep me company. However, lately this space just isn't doing it for me any more and I have wanted my own space where I can either use a notebook or my Macbook without having to move the keyboard etc out of the way to create space. Plus being in the games room can be a bit of a distraction with the videos, consoles and Liam either gaming or playing music quite loud and I have noticed my productivity has dropped a fair bit. That is why things have changed a little bit... 

I am still planning on using my area in the games room for blogging occasionally especially if I feel like I haven't seen Liam much but things in the house are changing... I am creating a little office for myself, I am using the spare room and am currently in the process of changing it from a dressing room into a space where I can go blog with very little distraction which is definitely needed currently. 

A lot of my time lately is being spent on my football blog as I am taking that more serious and have plans in place to improve it and add new elements so I wanted a space where I could happily sit and do all this. One thing I am hoping to do is get into podcasting so this office room will give me a space where I can be alone and record which will be great, I can just shut any noise or distraction out. 

I can set my Macbook on the old dressing table with my to do list at the side of it and happily type a way but there is also some extra space for a notebook if needed. I can also add my microphone and iPad if I am recording too as my old iPad is currently acting as a second screen with notes etc on, although I do want to upgrade this and get a new one as my old one won't even update anymore it is that outdated. I can also keep anything charging on the floor so they are easy to access if needed. 

On the other side of the room I also have a pretty comfy sofa bed so I can always sit on here to do blog posts etc if I don't feel like being sat at the desk. It is just nice having a change of scenery sometimes and this little office space is just what is needed. The Alex drawers are full of stationary, tech and other bits to help with my productivity so everything is finally in one space and I aren't backwards and forwards for bits I have forgotten in the other room. 

With this area now being mainly for my football blog there is certainly a football theme running throughout it which I really do believe motivates me that little bit more as football is something that motivates me with a lot of things in life and it helps me align with my goals too. 

Granted this set up is temporary and unfinished for now but it is something  I am slowly working on piecing together to create the perfect blogging area so no doubt some furniture may change over time but for now I am just really looking forward to heading into this room or the games room and creating content basically on daily basis these days. I know that I am going to be using the office area a whole lot more now and I will be sure to do a full office tour once I am happy with it. 

Productivity will definitely be increasing and I am looking forward to what the future holds for all 3 of my blogs. Where do you blog or work from in your home?  Do you have a dedicated area? 

Do I Transition My Wardrobe?


One thing I love to watch on YouTube is people transitioning their wardrobes between seasons, not only does it give you ideas of items to add to your own wardrobe but it is also great to see the persons reaction when they find a piece of clothing they forgot they had. Even though I enjoy watching these videos is it something I would do myself? Well I have never actually done it before but I am currently trying to weigh up the pros and cons of actually transitioning my wardrobe for a change so who knows in 2021 I might give it a try to see if it works for me. 

Personally I think it would just feel like too much hassle having to go through my wardrobe before the end of each season to see what needed packing away or what could still be worn. At the moment our only storage space is in the loft so it would mean I would need to fit everything through the tiny loft hatch and then get it out every few month possibly, plus I know as soon as something went up there I would want to get it straight back out.  I would probably even struggle to put time to one side to go through my wardrobe as even decluttering my wardrobe is a task I usually give up on after around 20 minutes, if it isn't interesting I just drift off to something else. 

It would also just be my luck that I would put all my winter clothes away for the warmer weather and the weather turn bad a week later or vice versa. Especially where I live the weather is hardly the same as anywhere else in the UK so putting away my clothes season to season could definitely cause a bit of an issue. Plus when I look at it I don't really dress for specific seasons, any t-shirts I wear for summer I just layer up when it is cold with a hoodie or jacket and I wear hoodies basically all year round so for me to transition my wardrobe I would probably end up doing more damage than good because I would have to find pieces to suit the season or just cut back on a few pieces I already had which in that case I might as well leave the wardrobe as it is. I really just feel like transitioning would be a waste of time for me as I wouldn't wear bits as much as I currently do and it would take me time that to be honest lately I don't really have. 

I kind of like having plenty of choice in my wardrobe too as it makes getting ready quite fun as I could literally wear anything that day, if I was transition my wardrobe I would be taking away a section of those choices each day and I think I would easily get bored of my options and end up going out spending far too much on new pieces just to change it up from day to day. There is also the fact that my style actually changes from day to day, in fact no two days are every the same really. One day I could go for a super casual look and the next day I might end up wanting to dress a whole lot smarter. Some days I like to play around with layers and other days a t-shirt is a winner for me so I think by transitioning my wardrobe I would actually feel a bit deflated as options would be gone and I would be dressing the same over and over again. 

On the plus side though by transitioning my wardrobe I would create a lot more wardrobe space which is always needed. Me and Liam actually share a wardrobe and it isn't the biggest wardrobe in the first place, I definitely take up 3/4's of the space in the wardrobe so poor Liam barely has any space. If I was to transition my wardrobe though I would easily be able to create more space for if Liam wanted to buy any new clothing for himself for a change. Having some more space would definitely be great as it would look a lot less cluttered and it might stop the rail from looking like it is going snap at any moment. 

By transitioning my wardrobe I would also be making planning outfits much easier for myself too. If I put away the clothes that aren't seasonably suitable then I am making it easier for me to see what is suitable for the weather. If I am limited to seasonally appropriate outfits then the hunt for clothes will be reduced each day and I don't have to waste time getting changed multiple times. This definitely an area that I could use help in so who knows it could be really beneficial to actually begin to transition my wardrobe. 

A big positive is that it could actually save me money. If I am story pieces away until that specific season appears again I could end up rediscovering old favourites or even coming across an item I was going to splash the cash on as I forgot I had it. If going in the loft and bringing out the clothing I stored away gives me that feeling of having new clothes every couple of months then my bank account would definitely be happy for me to start transitioning my wardrobe. 

So far I am definitely still on the fence about actually trying to transition my wardrobe from season to season but I am planning on fully rebuilding my wardrobes contents when I have lost the weight I need to get to my goal size so who knows by the time that happens and with me starting a fresh already I might end up happily transitioning my wardrobe on a seasonable basis especially as I am already planning on making better choices when it comes to my clothing. Do you transition your wardrobe? 

Morning Routine Work Day

After a year off work due to being furloughed my routine has been all thrown out of sync however, now I am back in work at long last I am having the chance to create a whole new routine that is going to fit my new lifestyle a whole lot better. Over the past year with me not being at work I have spent a lot of time working on myself and improving my fitness whilst losing weight, I didn't want to ruin my progress and I wanted to stay on track with my goals and continue making the weight loss progress and keep it off. I also feel more energised throughout the day these days so I wanted to keep aspects in even if it involved waking up a bit earlier to fit everything in. So here is my new work day morning routine now I am finally back. 

First stage is getting up and now I am back in work I am having to wake up a bit earlier so I set a few different alarms to make sure I am up and out of bed. I am currently aiming to be out of bed by 6.30am although I definitely want to make that 6am once my body gets used to the early starts again. 

Once I am up I throw on my workout clothes and get my workout done. These take me anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and I find it such a good way to start my day. I have found if I start my day with a workout I am more energised throughout the whole day and mentally I just feel much better. 

When the workout is complete I jump straight into the shower and try not to spend too long in their as I don't have the time to waste so it is basically a case of straight in and straight out, I just hate going about my day after a workout if I haven't had a shower. Plus now my hair is back short it doesn't take 2 minutes to wash. Once I am out of the shower I do my new skincare routine before heading to the spare room to get ready. I tend to lay all my clothes for the week out on a Sunday now just to make getting ready easier each morning as it definitely speeds up the getting ready process. By the time I am dressed my hair is usually dry so I quickly style that how I want it (post coming soon) and head on to the next step in my routine. 

Once I am dressed it is time to head down and have some breakfast. For so long this has been something I have skipped but since having it daily I have noticed I am snacking a lot less and it is just a good way to start the day. I tend just to stick to eggs or cereal on a morning as I never know how much time I am going to have but I now make sure I am eating it daily no matter how small as it still makes a difference. 

Once breakfast is done I will go to get my backpack and make sure I have everything in there that I need. I always have my glasses in here and a few other bits including my laptop so I can do some blogging on a lunch time instead of sitting around. Once I know I have everything I will then add my lunch to my bag which is usually sorted the evening before and I will just add any extra snacks such as a protein cookie and some crisps and some drinks. 

When I have checked I have got everything I will then head out of the door and walk to work. For so long I would be lazy and get a lift to work but now I happily get my steps in to start my day. It feels good to get some extra fresh air and I actually get to work a whole lot quicker. 

So there you have it I am hoping this new routine is one I can stick to as it is definitely going to be very beneficial for me and I am still getting my workouts in instead of having to worry about fitting them in at the end of the day after a long day at work. No doubt this will be adapted a few times but for now it is great and I actually look forward to getting out of bed and getting ready for work as it isn't one big rush.

The 90 Day Challenge Part 3


So here we go again, I have done two 90 day challenges so far and haven't got the results I wanted, mainly just slacking off or falling out of routine. I could have done so much better but it just didn't work out and honestly I felt deflated by that. However, now I am back in work and back into a consistent routine I am going to give this challenge another go and hopefully it will be third time lucky for me. 

I can go into this challenge knowing that I am now in a great routine thanks to being in the office five times a week and not going out and about now things have reopened. Since I have been back at work I have been really motivated and I am actually doing a lot better in my weight loss journey as I have that consistent routine that I thrive off. That is why I think this time around I am going to see the results I want to as I have the motivation and the time to put into this. If I don't take a lot of snacks to work I can't sit snacking everyday and I can't be fueling myself on junk food like I did when the first lockdown was lifted. Plus there are other things going on that are definitely going to help me on the journey and keep me on track unlike before. 

During these 90 days I will be taking part in a 'fitfans' initiative through Bradford City which is all about nutrition and exercise, this will be going on for 12 weeks and I honestly think I am going to end up learning a lot from this and I think it can also really help me drop some extra pounds. I am also starting a boxing fitness class once a week with my sister which I know is going to push me to my limits but should be fun at the same time as me and my sister don't do much just the two of us. I think doing the 'fit fans' and the boxing mixed in with my other workouts I am going to be heading in the right direction plus I am hoping the weather finally improves and I can finally get back walking with Liam on a weekend which would be nice for us both and I surprisingly like walking these days which is definitely a bit of a shock to me as I used to hate it. I am really looking forward to trying out some new exercises and I think something different is just what I need to get me dropping those pounds again and staying on the right track. I would love to go swimming at some point during these 90 days too but honestly I don't know how likely that is going to be, it would be great if it did happen though. 

One thing that let me down the previous two tries at this challenge is what I was eating. I was eating too much junk and it took its toll on me. So this time I am determined to eat much better. I am going to track my meals properly so I know that I am within my calories daily, when I have tracked previously I have done really well so I need to get back into this habit, plus by doing these I can see if there are any trends to when I eat good or bad. I know that with things reopening I am going to be having some days out but whilst I am out I am determined to make healthier choices rather than ordering the biggest burger like I normally would. I am also planning on having a lot less takeaways this time too, I rely on Liam cooking too much so I am hoping to help him out in the kitchen a lot more so that he doesn't just want  to order in as he is sick of cooking which is normally the case. By cooking some meals for myself too I can experiment with new foods which are going to help me with my weight loss and make different things as we do tend to repeat what we eat quite often which does get a bit boring. I am also going to try my best to limit the amount of alcohol I consume during these 90 days too as I have done this in the past and had fantastic results, I know that is more than possible to really limit this apart from a few days when I am hoping to go out with Liam or family, I just need to not go overboard on those days. 

This time around I am also hoping that having some incentives I am going to push myself and achieve my goal for the end of the 90 days. I am going to treat myself to a new pair of sneakers when I get to half a stone lost as I have my eyes on a few pairs lately but I want to earn them rather than just buy them. When I lose a stone I am going to treat myself to a new football shirt or two as I have my eye on a few and they are definitely a treat for working hard and losing such a big amount of weight in just 90 days. I am hoping that in the 90 days I can lose a total of 1 stone which is my main goal but if I do lose more than this then that will be a fantastic result I just think that 1 stone is a realistic goal for the amount of work I am planning on doing to achieve this. I just need to remember to keep on track with my measurements this time around too as I really slacked on that last time and I think I could end up seeing some big changes. 

So there we go I am going to be creating some great habits that I am going to stick to and work on throughout the 90 day challenge and beyond as I am determined to do much better than last time and keep up with any progress I made to continue my weight loss journey in the right direction. I have 90 days to make a huge difference on my journey and lets hope by the end of the 90 days on the 22nd August I am happy with how things I have gone and that my round up post is a very positive one.

How I Style My Hair Now It Is Finally Short Again


After struggling with much longer hair for far too long this past year due to the lock down's now it is back to the length I prefer it at I have found I am spending a lot more time styling it and making sure it is looking the best it can each and every day. I have always enjoyed having shorter hair as I can style it just as I like it and honestly it just make me feel more me and much more confident, that is why as soon as I could I booked into the hairdressers to get it back to just how I liked it. 

Over the years I have purchased a lot of products to help me get the perfect style and I use products on my hair daily to ensure I get the right style and hold which has meant every morning I have plenty of options of what I want to use that day although sometimes I just really can't make my mind up on what I want to use. So here is how I typically style my hair... 

First up I wash my hair using the Johnny's Chop Shop born lucky shampoo which has a shot of conditioner in it. I have found this works really well for my hair and it has actually been my go to shampoo for a few years now. It is a really reasonable price and has never caused me any issues, a bottle of this lasts me quite a while too. 

The next step all depends on how much time I actually have and what stage my hair is at in length. Due to it being short it actually dries pretty quickly so most days I will just towel dry my hair however, if I am in a bit of a hurry I will use my hairdryer on a medium heat just to speed up the drying process a little bit. Before my hair is fully dry I will apply a little bit of argan oil as I love how this makes my hair feel as I feel it is in a little better condition when I use that. 

When I towel dry my hair I will brush this into position as it is almost dry as then it is drying in the place it should be and I aren't having to mess around with getting my totally dry hair into position as I have found this can be a complete nightmare. Once it is in position and ready to be properly styled the process is massively sped up and plain sailing as I have my products in order of their use. 

First up in the styling process I will apply some VO5 thickening powder as my hair is quite thin and really benefits from the extra boost this product provides. This is a relatively new purchase and I absolutely love how easy it is to use. Just apply the powder to your roots, rub it in and you are good to go. I have definitely noticed a difference since I have started using this and I will be repurchasing it when it has run out. 

Once the thickening powder is on I will use what I have left of my VO5 fluff tamer to just tame any stray hairs I have, these are normally on the sides where my hair is shaved but a small amount of the fluff tamer does the trick. My only problem is that this is now discontinued so I need to find a replacement for when this runs out as this is a life saver most days. 

When that is all done it is onto the penultimate and most important part of styling my hair... applying the main product. For ages I just used a VO5 paste however, I am now using the Got2B beach matt paste. This little tub is lasting me a while and cost me under £5 which is fantastic. It is really easy to apply and just a small amount goes a long way so you really do get great value for the price you pay. What I have noticed with this is that once applied you can't see the product which is fantastic as I have had ones in the past that have left me needing to wash my hair again which is a nightmare. This paste helps give me the perfect style and holds for 90% of the day until I start messing around with it, even when I have been caught in the rain my hair hasn't budged thanks to the paste. 

Finally I hold my hairstyle in place with the Got2B glued hairspray which I am still unsure about, yes it gives a fantastic hold but it has a very strong glue smell to it which does drive me a bit mad. This has been my go to hairspray for a while now but I do tend to switch between different ones every few month. This one is great though as even in the rubbish British weather I can go out without a hood or hat and still be confident it isn't going to move, even in the strong winds my hair doesn't move thanks to this. 

I tend to stick to using a roller brush or comb to do my hair as they are perfect for my short length and you can pick them up pretty cheap which is always an added bonus. So that is how I currently style my hair, it is so good having my hair back to a short length once again because it just gives me a bit of a confidence boost which I am always grateful for. I never thought a hairstyle could make me feel so good about myself but after that time of it being too long during lock down I have realised just how much a short hair cut can do for me. 

What are some of your favourite hair styling products or tools? 

It Is Time To Clean Out My Wardrobe


At long last I am finally going to be tackling my wardrobe and giving it a really good declutter. I haven't done this for years but now is the time for me just to pull everything out and be completely ruthless with my decisions and stop clinging onto pieces for the sake of it, some of my clothing is about 5 years old and I am never going to wear it again so why am I allowing it to take up space? Simply for sentimental reasons that needs to stop. Me and Liam share a wardrobe and chest of drawers and thanks to the amount of clothing I have he barely has any space for his clothing which is just ridiculous. I also have things for all seasons out in my wardrobe when I could very easily save space by packing away items that wont be used for months, like having shorts out for winter it just isn't needed so much space could be saved and Liam could have more items of clothing for a change if he wished. I keep saying I am going to clear out my wardrobe and I will get rid of 1 piece and call it that but I just need to pull everything out and get rid if I haven't worn it lately. 

So here are some of the main reasons why I want to finally just go into the bedroom and have a really good clothing declutter...

Sick of hanging onto items for the sake of it

As I said at the start of the post I am just sick of holding onto an item for a silly sentimental reason, like old band t-shirts that I got just because I liked them at the time or clothing I wore in the early days of mine and Liam's relationship. They just take up space that could be used for other items that I am going to wear because the ones I am holding onto are from my teens and are never going to fit me again. 

Items No Longer Fit

I am currently absolutely sick of going into my wardrobe pulling something out to wear that day and it no longer fitting me. I have steadily been losing weight since 2020 so a lot of my clothing is now too big so I just need to go through try bits on and finally get rid of the items that are too big or that are too small and I am no longer going to wear. This will not only save space but will also save me having to get changed multiple times in a day. 

Items Are Old, Worn Out & Have Lost Shape

I have noticed when putting outfits together lately that some of my clothing is just really out of shape due to the amount of times it has been through the washer and drier, honestly I hate it when this happens as I feel like it just downgrades an outfit so I like to keep my items in top shape, that is why anything out of shape will be gone and I can start a fresh. I have also noticed a few of my black t-shirts have started fading too due to washes and sunlight so I need to stop clinging to them and get rid at last that way I can purchase some new ones and have them looking black again like they should be. 

My Style Has Changed Over The Years

My style has definitely evolved over recent years and to be honest I am still trying to work out my perfect style to this day. I have accumulated a lot of printed t-shirts over the years, some Disney, some gaming related and others are sports related but I barely wear them now. The only printed t-shirt I wear are sports ones or those from the athletic brands anything else is just sat in my wardrobe. I definitely prefer wearing more subtle and smarter clothing as I just feel so much better in it and it fits me much better. So I want to clear out all those bits that are unworn although the gaming related ones will be moved to drawers so I can wear them whilst having lounging gaming days. I would rather have a streamlined wardrobe while I find my style rather than just having an overflowing wardrobe full of bits I will never wear again. 

Want To Categories My Wardrobe 

Getting ready on  morning is a nightmare and so is planning outfits as there are just bits of clothing all over the place with no sort of order to it. This makes it so difficult to find things as bits get hid behind others or screwed up on the shelving at the bottom. I just know by clearing out my wardrobe and organising it that getting ready daily is going to be so much easier and that clothing items are going to be worn so much more as I know exactly where they are. This will also make getting ready for work much easier too as I can have a section just for work wear which will be very beneficial as I keep wearing jumpers that are for work on just a day to day basis then I have nothing to wear for work which is a nightmare. 

Save Money By Knowing What I Have

There has been so many times that I have searched my wardrobe and couldn't find the item I was looking for so gave up and just went and bought a new version which has cost me so much money in the long run. I need to stop doing this as it would save me an absolute fortune in the long run. I am hoping that decluttering my wardrobe and having categories stops this from happening anymore as I can easily see where everything is and what I do or don't need so no more wasted money and items being neglected. 

Lifestyle Has Changed

I have gone from being off work furloughed to being back in the office on weekdays so all the lounge wear and casual clothing is not needed half as much as before yet work clothing is becoming a priority so I need to declutter the wardrobe to make space for more suitable work clothing and also clothing suitable for other occasions when I go out for meals or shopping trips. There is no need for all my leisurewear and lounge wear to just be sat there anymore when the space could be used for something I would actually wear. 

I am actually quite looking forward to clearing out the wardrobe and basically starting a fresh, if I do need to replace items though I wont be going overboard as I am still aiming to lose a lot more weight this year. I will just purchase the essentials and I am determined not to hold on to items for ridiculous reasons like I previously have. Do you enjoy clearing out your wardrobe? 

The Fragrances I Would Love To Pick Up Soon

Over the years I seem to have got a lot more into fragrances and I have experimented with different ones instead of sticking with the same ones year after year which is something I did a lot. Once I found a scent I liked I would end  up just repurchasing it over and over again which got boring in the end. Since trying different scents I have found new brands I enjoy and some that I will definitely avoid, I much prefer to buy men's fragrances as often the women's ones are too floral for my liking but sometimes women's fragrances do stand out and I will purchase them. Sometimes even the packaging could influence my decision over whether I am going to purchase a scent or not. Over the years I have definitely changed what I buy but here are the fragrances currently on my fragrance wish list...

Toy Boy 

The Moschino Toy Boy fragrance is one I actually only originally wanted due to the teddy bear bottle, I absolutely love the look of this black glass teddy bear bottle and it will look great on my dressing table due to the great bottle design. I actually managed to have a smell of this scent from a tester bottle recently and it smells like it is going to be right up my street and it could easily become my daily scent. 

CK One Summer

I am currently using CK One as my daily scent and I love it, as soon as it runs out I am going to repurchase a new bottle. When I was browsing the internet recently I came across the CK One Summer 2021 edition and it looks amazing. Not only is it in a bright summer themed bottle but it also has citrus notes which is fantastic for me as I love anything with citrus scents. I could easily end up picking this up soon.

Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2

I used to own this fragrance and I used it as my daily fragrance for a long time as I loved it that much. I keep meaning to repurchase this fragrance however, there was always a different one that came along and I ended up opting for the new one rather than the Ralph Lauren one. Who knows 2021 could be the year I finally pick up one of my favourite fragrances again. 

Tom Ford - Undecided On Which One

I used to own the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance and I absolutely loved it, even people around me would compliment me due to the smell of this fragrance and it was overall just fantastic. I would love to purchase a new Tom Ford fragrance but I don't really know which one I want just yet but it could easily be the Black Orchid one again. The only problem for me is just how expensive the Tom Ford scents are, they are definitely a treat. 

Creed Aventus

This is probably the ultimate fragrance for me as it has been on my wish list for so long however, the price is really putting off as I just can't bring myself to pay over £100 for a bottle of something that is going to need replacing sooner rather than later, if I did get this and like it as much as I think I will it could end up very costly. I actually buy scents at the moment that are very similar but a lot cheaper so for now I will stick to purchasing them but who knows I might end up treating myself to a bottle of Creed one day. 

I definitely really enjoy buying fragrances now as there are so many great ones out there. I have a good little collection recently that I love wearing but who knows new bottles might be added soon. What is on your fragrance wish list? 

April 2021 New In

Well it is safe to say I have spent plenty of money in April, in fact I think I ended up going a bit overboard however, with the shops reopening I thought I would treat myself as I had saved a fair bit of money whilst they were shut. Plus I got the news at the start of April that I would be back working full time towards the end of the month so after trying on a lot of my work clothing I realised I needed to pick up some bits that actually fit me and that I also needed some bits for the changing weather. So here is what I picked up in April...

I finally managed to pick up a tech bag after wanting one for a long time. I wasn't originally planning on picking this up in April but it was on an Amazon daily deal so I bit the bullet and picked it up. Now I finally have a space for everything so I don't keep misplacing cables and memory cards. 

Demi Lovato's new album was finally released and the UK store had a really good offer on so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Originally I wasn't going to buy this as I could just listen to it on Spotify but when I could get the album and 2 cassettes for just £12.99 I couldn't resist. I love the different artwork on each case and I am so glad I bought them as I now own every Demi Lovato album on CD, I just can't get enough of her. 

My skin has been terrible lately and I got pretty bad sun burn in April a few times so I thought I would give this sensitive skin sun cream a go. I am sick of catching the sun all the time and it is time I start to protect my skin a whole lot more and try limit the amount of times this year I spend applying Aloe Vera to the burns. 

My lips are also in terrible condition these days too which I think is a mix of getting burnt and wearing a mask a lot more. So I have picked up this Blistex in hopes of giving them more protection and repairing them. 

When I was at my parents clearing out the loft once again I came across my mum's old Bradford City jacket which I have always had my eye on as I love the colours of it. So I chanced it and tried it on and it fit me which definitely surprised me, my mum then very kindly said I could keep it and now I just can't wait to get back to the football to wear it again. 

I recently picked up the England Lionesses away shirt so when I was shopping recently and found the home shirt for just £10 I had to pick it up to complete the set. I love these shirts from the FIFA women's world cup 2019 so to have them both is fantastic and it cost me a lot less than I expected to get them for. 

When I found my England shirt there was just one of these Barcelona shirts left at the side of it and it was reduced to £15 so I wasn't leaving it behind. Granted this is a long way off fitting me but I just wasn't leaving it there as it is one of my favourite Barcelona shirts. I just wish they had the men's version of this instead of me having to get the women's one. 

My auntie was looking around some local charity shops and she came across this Atletico Madrid shirt for just £4.99. She asked if I canted it getting and of course I wasn't going to say no. The tags have been removed from it but it does look pretty real to me and at £4.99 I can't complain. 

One thing I noticed I was missing when I was sorting through my clothes was a pair of denim shorts. Yeah I have one pair at the moment but I wanted a pair of denim shorts that looked a little different so when I saw these in Primark I wasn't leaving them behind. I bought these in a size below my usual and to be honest I still have a bit of weight to lose until they fit comfortably but I am determined to work hard and fit into them by summer. 

I also needed to get some new jersey shorts so I just picked up these grey ones from Poundland's clothing range for just £5. They have actually really surprised me how comfortable and good quality they are. I am definitely going to be wearing these a lot as the weather warms up and no doubt I will be purchasing more soon. 

I have wanted some navy blue chinos for a while so when I saw these in Matalan I knew I was going to purchase them. What sold me on these is that the back is actually elasticated so they provide a really good fit. I got these a size down from  my normal size and thanks to that elastic it gives them a really good fit. 

A few years ago I got some checked pants from Matalan but unfortunately they were getting a bit too big for me but I just couldn't get rid of them as I loved them so much. So when I saw them back in store I more or less ran over to them and got them in a size smaller than previously. I can't wait to be wearing these a whole lot more. 

I work in a really old building so it is cold all year round, which isn't great for planning work outfits because it could be the height of summer outside and the middle of winter in the office. So when I saw this jumper down to £3 in Primark I wasn't leaving it behind as it will be perfect for those colder office days as it is not too thick. Plus it will be perfect for those colder spring days.

I also managed to find this shirt in Primark for just £3 so I thought I would pick it up for work just to smarten myself up a little bit. This is a bit tight at the moment as I purchased a size down from my usual but I am determined for it to fit much better in the very near future. 

I am trying my best to stop wearing black all the time so I picked up some new plain t-shirts from Primark. At £2 these are perfect to experiment with so I don't feel like I have wasted too much money if the colours don't end up working for me. Primark have some great colours at the moment but for now I just picked up the navy blue, sandy, light blue and purple ones. 

Finally my dad actually found this shirt for himself but they didn't have his size but I actually ended up falling in love with the shirt and thought it would be perfect for me for the spring and summer months. This was just £10 and I know that I am going to be able to get plenty of wear out of this throughout the rest of the year.

So that is what I purchased throughout April, it was definitely a spendy one and I think that May might just be as bad as the purchases have already begun rolling in. What is your favourite purchase from April?