All White Mid Trainers... I Will Take Them

I went through a phase of only wearing hi-top Converse for quite a while, then it was the hi-top Air Force 1's but unfortunately they were so worn they were starting to fall apart and looked far too beaten, whereas I like my shoes looking fresh out of the box.  

I had been on the look out for some new all white trainers to replace my Air Force's but was really struggling to find something I really liked. But then on a trip to the Designer Outlet I cam across these Nike Court Borough mid trainers for just £20.00, so I tried them on and instantly fell in love. On feet they felt very similar to the Air Force's, I just didn't have the strap going across the top. I picked these up in a size 7 ( I usually get anything from a 6 to 7.5 dependant on the brand and style) as they provided the best fit for me but to be honest if they had a 6.5 available even they might have provided a good fit for me.

The trainers are all white which is exactly what I was after and are really comfortable. I have worn these to a variety of different things such as shopping days & theatre trips, I even wear them to the football and no matter what I am doing they don't feel uncomfortable and I have had no issues with them. Another plus side is that they haven't really started creasing yet I have worn them a lot. The top is a bit of a cushioned material to that just breaks down the silhouette a bit but also adds extra comfort around the ankle. 

They are a nice simple design too with just the Nike tick & Nike written in all white so you know it is there but it doesn't stand out far too much meaning the simplicity of the trainer is kept. An issue I have had in the past is getting the shoes clean especially if I have been caught in the rain and dye has run onto the shoes but I have found these are easy to clean and remove stains from so fingers crossed they last me a little longer due to that. 

Thanks to them being all white too it means I can wear them with a variety of outfits too. My current favourite is them with some skinny jeans but they work well with my Jordan tracksuit bottoms too, I think in summer I will even try team them up with some nice shorts so I am getting wear out of them all year around.

I have definitely found a bargain in these trainers and will be on the look out for more great deals on future visits to the outlet stores. 

See you soon

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