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Well May was a strange month, one minute it looked like it was going to be a quiet month but then things picked up and it suddenly ended up quite busy at some points. My plan of saving as much as possible didn't work out either as I ended up going on a fair few unplanned shopping trips where things ended up catching my eye and I caved in plus I really struggled with my wardrobe through the month as 90% of the items I own are now too big for me so I wanted to get stocked up on some bits that actually fit me for my upcoming holiday. I definitely went a bit overboard with my spending this month but looking back at what I picked up I am happy with what I spent for a change. So here is what I bought in the month of May...

I am really trying to spend some time just switching off and relaxing so when I saw this Pokemon colour and draw book I had to pick it up especially with it only being £2. I love Pokemon and I love drawing & colouring so fingers crossed this will help me put my phone down and do something different. 

We are going away soon and I had been looking at packing cubes on Amazon just to make the whole process of sorting outfits out that bit easier but they were on the expensive side of things so I never purchased any. I came across these smaller ones in Poundland though and picked up 5, one for each day I am away. I am really hoping they are big enough to fit my outfits in as it will make getting ready on a morning so much easier. 

As you will see towards the end of the post I ended up getting some new sneakers and one thing I hate is when new sneakers start to crease. That is why I got these Crep Shields in the hopes that my sneakers will stay looking box fresh for much longer. These are £10 a pack but honestly I want them for all my more expensive sneakers just to keep them looking fresh for longer. 

I am really taking this health and fitness journey a lot more seriously lately and that is being reflected in my progress. A lot of people recommended this game to me and I had to pick it up especially with us going away as it means I can still get some challenging workouts completed without the equipment I would usually use. This game definitely seems like it is going to help keep my journey interesting and I can't wait to get playing it properly.

Just the one football shirt this month and it is thanks to the shirt being a collaboration with the site I write for that I ended up purchasing it. I absolutely love what Since 71 and Kit & Bone have done with this shirt and I am really looking forward to wearing it as it is totally different to other shirts in my collection.

I have followed Zack on Instagram for a while now and he has been super supportive of me whilst I have been on this fitness journey so when he posted his new merch I knew I had to pick a few bits up. I opted for this t-shirt and cap and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of wear out of these items as the quality is fantastic plus the cap is much needed. 

A bit of a random one but recently we went to our local Nike store and they had these Nike sports bras reduced right down in price. Granted they are a bit tight on me at the moment but they are going to fit me sooner rather than later. I ended up getting both the black and white versions as I thought they looked really nice and comfortable. Fingers crossed they do fit me soon as I have always wanted to try the Nike sports bras. 

Honestly I can never have too many pairs of Nike sports socks, they are what I wear the most as they are really comfortable and although they might be on the pricey side they do last quite a long time. I ended up picking up these two packs from the Nike store as they had money off so only cost around £6 a pack. These were much needed as I haven't bough the ankle length ones for a while and I know I will be wearing these for most of the summer.

By now you all know how hooked on 1/4 zip tops I am so when I saw this one for a big discount in the Nike store there was no way I was leaving it behind. I have wanted a Nike 1/4 zip for a while but didn't want to pay the ridiculous prices that they often charge. This is the perfect fit and I just wish they also had a grey version of it too.

Finally from the Nike store I got the simple cuffed sweatpants. As I say my clothes are all getting a bit too big for me now so I have had to restock the essentials lately and black sweatpants were one of the areas where I needed to buy new. I got these out of the women's department surprisingly and they fit really nice. They are going to be perfect for lounging around in all year round and at around £11 they are a total bargain.

Not content with just having the Nike socks this month I also purchased these sports socks from Primark which are nice and cushioned. I realised I could do with some full length socks for my workouts and these ones ticked all the boxes. For just £1 a pair even if they get worn out pretty quickly I won't mind having to replace them, I just wish they did them in other colours too. 

When I was out with my parents I came across this pink Nike set but unfortunately they didn't have my size and they weren't too keen on it. But as soon as I got home I had to start looking online for it but unfortunately nowhere had it, I ended up heading to my local JD where they had plenty in stock in my size so I ended up picking up both the t-shirt and shorts to ensure I had the co-ordinate set. This fits perfect and is going to be great for running, home workouts and football giving it extra value for the money. 

When I was picking out the pink set I also came across this black and red one. This is much more subtle so of course I had to purchase this one too so that I had plenty of options when it came to what I could wear for my workouts these days. Again this fits really well and the subtle colours create the perfect outfit. They do a 1/4 zip and some tracksuit bottoms in this colourway too so I think they could be future purchases if they are still available when I need them. 

All of my jeans are starting to get way too big for me so it was time to purchase some new ones. With the weather getting better I didn't fancy buying any black ones just yet so I went for this blue pair which isn't too light or dark it is just the perfect shade for me. I have found that Sainsbury's is the best place for me to buy jeans these days and they do last a long time. For £16 I am hoping they last me a while with the way I am losing weight at the moment. 

I have also wanted some new grey jeans for the longest time as my previous ones were absolutely huge on me. Again I managed to find the perfect pair for me in Sainsbury's and at £16 they seem like a bargain after how long it has taken me to find them. Again I really hope they last me a while though as they didn't have many grey pairs in stock and they are definitely difficult to find. 

I was in desperate need of some new t-shirts too as my current ones just didn't feel comfortable as they didn't fit right. Instead of spending a fortune like I usually would I opted for some of the £2.50 graphic t-shirts from Primark and I am surprised at the quality of them. This prospect one looks like a Supreme imitation but it is going to work so well with a lot of my wardrobe. 

I also found this red t-shirt in the £2.50 section and as soon as I saw what it said I knew I had to get it. I am moving forward in my weight loss journey which is why I needed to purchase it in the first place so it just made sense. For the price it is pretty good quality and even when it no longer fits me I can wear it for lounging in at that price. 

Finally I picked up this future printed t-shirt again for just £2.50. This is another design that looks like it could be found on a high end designer t-shirt but at just £2.50 if I get a few months wear out of it I am going to be very happy. This is going to look great with my cargo shorts this summer and I am really looking forward to styling it.

Yes I know these were in a new in post a few months ago but I loved them that much I went and got them in a size smaller too so that I could continue to wear them when I had lost that bit more weight. I am surprised at how well they fit me already though and I really can't wait for the weather to sort itself out so I can get wearing these. 

Did I need anymore sneakers? Nope definitely not but could I resist these Adidas Forums on sale? Nope definitely not. I have been looking at these for ages now and kept debating on whether to get them or not so when I saw them on sale I caved and picked them up. I am lacking in black & white sneakers and these tick all the boxes for what I wanted. Now the question is do I keep the velcro on them or remove that part.

Finally after literally months of searching I have managed to get myself some brand new Nike Air Force 1's. My old pair are absolutely wrecked so I have wanted new ones for ages but unfortunately it has taken me this long to finally find some in my size. These have come at the right time though as it means I will be taking shiny new trainers away with me rather than the beat up old ones.

So there you go that is everything I bought throughout the month of May, I am so glad I finally have a nice new pair of Air Force ones as they are well overdue and I am also glad that I finally have some clothes that fit me properly rather than being hung off me like my old clothes are at the moment. I definitely need to get back to saving now though so fingers crossed this post isn't as long in June. 

What was your favourite purchase from the month of May?

How I have found adding colour to my wardrobe

For many years now I have avoided having any colour in my wardrobe and I will be honest this was for a variety of reasons but my wardrobe was starting to look very miserable and to be honest I was just getting sick of how it looked as it showed no personality or anything and I was bored. I decided at the start of the year though that I was going to start adding more colour into my wardrobe and experiment with my clothing rather than just sticking to the same colours over and over again like I have been doing. 

In recent years I have tend to opt for a wardrobe full of black or grey clothing with the occasionally red or navy bits thrown into the mix. These were what I considered my comfort colours, the colours I didn't feel out of place in and where for once I felt comfortable. With how long it was going on it is safe to say buying only these colours just fell into place and I didn't bother changing anything as I wanted to feel comfortable over anything else but it always just seemed to be plain and boring. 

My biggest issue with trying different coloured clothing was my size. The only black and grey clothing started when I put on a lot of of weight and it was my safety net. I thought if I wore any other colour it would make peoples eyes fall on me and I didn't want attention being brought to my body which I hated more than anything. I avoided light colours as I felt you could see all the lumps and bumps I hated through them and I didn't feel comfortable at all. I felt like wearing black and grey just helped me blend into the background where I could get by with no attention being drawn to me. 

Now I am starting to lose weight though I decided enough was enough and that I needed to make a change and stop being boring with my clothing. It was time to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with colours to see what made sense to me and what didn't. I really wanted to broaden my horizons to see what I could get away with wearing and what colours worked in the style I wanted to aim for and so far with me pushing myself it is safe to say this little adding colour challenge is definitely working and I am finally being adventurous when it comes to my style and the clothing colours I am picking. 

Just 5 months into the year and even without losing too much weight just yet (we are slowly getting there though) I am finally starting to incorporate a variety of colours I would usually avoid into my wardrobe and I am actually wearing those clothes rather than just leaving them untouched. I never thought of buying t-shirts in white, pink, light blue or orange but now these are the colours I seem to gravitate towards the most and I actually really look forward to styling these clothes the most now. 

One of the biggest challenges has been working out what colours work the best with other items in my wardrobe however, although it is challenging it has also been fun as it has felt like a bit of an experiment and learning about the colour combinations has actually been an interesting, eye opening process. Granted getting outfits put together takes a little longer than before as I am still working out what works best but it is all a learning curve that I am enjoying at the moment. The best part has definitely been learning what goes well with each of my pairs of sneakers and it has also helped me wear some pairs that I might have otherwise neglected. I have even had my eyes opened to brands I might have often skimmed straight over as their plain colours didn't catch my eye but their bolder statement pieces definitely have and it has been nice to give them a try or at least add to my wish list for when I have dropped a bit more weight. 

Now that I am getting more confident and my body confidence is improving as my weight drops and body changes I think I am going to try experiment with even more colours that I haven't tried yet and also with the styles of clothing I wearing. What I am more excited for though is dressing for seasons rather than just wearing the same colours over and over. Now in summer I can actually dress in lighter clothing and not feel like I am melting in all black, in spring I can wear clothes that are a lot lighter in colour and overall I can just feel much better with my clothing options rather than opening my wardrobe and just seeing a miserable looking colour pallet of clothing.  

I am really excited to develop my confidence a lot more and improve my wardrobe as I am starting to size down as I am finally getting to a stage where I am willing and actually wanting to make changes to my wardrobe alongside experimenting with my style a whole lot more than I have previously. I think times are definitely changing for me when it comes to clothing and I can't wait to see how it all goes.

Do you like adding colour to your wardrobe or do you keep it plain and simple? 

How I am changing my workout plan for the warm weather...


Now that the weather is warming up I think I might go back to what I did in the first lockdown in 2020... outdoor workouts. I absolutely loved just heading outside daily and working out the best I could as it meant not only was I getting my daily workout in but I was also getting out in the fresh air and also enjoying the outdoor space we have at home which was great as it was just a bit of different scenery. It would be great to get out after work and get back into the habit of being outdoors a lot more and especially on a weekend when I have no reason to be sat inside all day. So I plan on taking my workouts outdoors and here is what I am hoping to incorporate into my weekly plan...

Online Coach Plan

Of course I am going to be continuing to work with my online coach throughout this period as I am still nowhere near where I want to be on my journey. The workouts in the plans involve weights and body weight exercises so I can very easily take these out into the garden to make the most of the weather and get my full workout done at the same time. I think being outdoors for these could be pretty beneficial too as the house often gets far too warm as I found out during the lockdown's when I started doing the workouts. 


Part of my plan also includes running so I am really excited to get going properly with that and I know that the warmer weather is going to help me keep up to this and going more often. The warmer weather and lighter evenings always bring me a boost of motivation and productivity so I am planning on capitalising on that and getting on a few runs each week, granted they won't be long ones but it is still better than nothing. 


We got really good at walking most weekends the other year and then we just stopped however, now the weather is improving I am determined to get out for one long walk each weekend, if we can add a few on evenings that will be an added bonus but even if we just do every Sunday morning it is better than nothing. 


This is something I tried a few times but then I lost my skipping rope, I have found it now though so fingers crossed I can get back into doing this daily as I felt so good when I had skipping in my routine before. I used to just do 15 minutes a day out in the back garden and I absolutely loved it so if I could do that again I think it will definitely help the pounds drop off me and it should help me out a fair bit cardio wise too. 


Fingers crossed we get our side garden sorted out very soon as I am going to be having this as a bit of a football training for myself. I have the equipment ready to go but the garden just needs a good tidy and sort out. It feels great to have a football at my feet so I am aiming for a few hours a week just working on different training drills and I think the nephew could have fun doing this too. In the past the drills have helped me burn a lot of calories so fingers crossed it will do again. I am also hoping to get back to 5 a side which would be a fantastic weekly workout.


Obviously this isn't going to be an outdoor workout but during the warm weather I will still be aiming to attend my weekly boxing class as I am still loving attending this. It makes me feel great and the benefits of going have been unbelievable. On top of these classes though we now have a punch bag at home so I will be planning on dragging that into the garden every now and then just to get an extra session in when I can.

Basketball (Added bonus)

I am still working on getting a basket ball hoop in the garden and fingers crossed I can get one this year as it would definitely be an added bonus for me. I think it would be fun just to spend some time outdoors shooting some hoops and enjoying a sport I am really starting to get into plus it could provide some good challenges for me and Liam to compete against each other with. 

I am really hoping that everything goes to plan and I can spend a whole lot more time outdoors this year and that the time I spend outdoors will really help me along with my fitness and weight loss journey as I am hoping to make a really big difference this year in my journey. I definitely need to spend a lot more time outdoors overall and this is workout plan is going to be a big help in that. 

Do you enjoy working out? 

The outfits I have been loving through spring...

This year is flying by and I can't quite believe we are in spring already. I am glad that we are though as this is one of my favourite times of the year, the football season is ending so games get even more interesting, the weather starts to warm up and most importantly it stays lighter on a night so I can do things after work rather than going to work in the dark and going home in the dark. The spring and summer months are much more enjoyable for me and this even carries over into getting ready on a morning. I much prefer dressing for the nicer weather and this year I am even trying to add a bit more colour into my wardrobe which is going to be so fun to experiment with I think. I have more outfit options as the warmer weather approaches thanks to my wardrobe being full of t-shirts, shirts and shorts so I don't feel like I am wearing the same thing all the time either. So far though there are two outfits sticking out to me that I know I am going to be wearing a lot during the spring season due to the ease of the outfits and the quality of the items in them. So here are those two outfits I know I am going to be opting for probably far too many times...

First up we have the perfect outfit for the colder weather which unfortunately still happens far too many times in the spring. No matter what time of year it is though you can't beat wearing a good hoodie and this one that was a bargain price of £3 ticks all the boxes. This is a brilliant way for me to experiment with adding more colour into my wardrobe thanks to the lighter pink colourway and it fits really nicely. The material isn't too thick so it is great for the spring temperatures and the hood is perfect for those April showers. It is pretty plain looking from the front however, once I turn around the big smiley face print on the back looks absolutely fantastic and just adds even more of a pop of colour to the design. I am just in love with the colour of this hoodie though as it works perfectly when paired up with my Jordan 1's as they have a variety of pastel colours in the colourway and the pink is almost a perfect match. I was struggling with what to wear with the sneakers previously however through on this hoodie and you have got a great pairing.  As for bottoms in Spring I tend to stick to my black ripped jeans more than anything although I am hoping to change that as the month progresses but for now these old ripped black skinny jeans help me create what I believe is a great look. 

The above outfit is definitely for a more casual/ basic day to day outfit but sometimes I do like to make a bit of an effort with my outfits especially for those longer days out where a few drinks may be involved or if I just want to look a bit smarter than some other outfit choices, plus I am still at work so sometimes I need to piece an outfit together for a long office day where I want to look nice and be comfortable. I try to reserve certain items in my wardrobe for work though so I can feel like I am wearing different items when I am out of the office however, some bits do end up crossing over and becoming both work and out of work clothing, sometimes it just can't be helped. 

 This outfit is by far one of my favourites for days out where I know I am not going to want dress a bit smarter and I know that this year these items either together or with other pieces of my wardrobe are going to be worn far too much as they were last year too. I got this denim short sleeved shirt from Primark and I love it, the fit is perfect and worn open it looks great (I wonder if it will fit even better buttoned up this year) This colour of denim is exactly what I was looking for too as it is nice and light perfect for the warmer days. I just tend to throw on a plain t-shirt under this too and with this outfit I opted for a navy blue one which is a bit different to what I would usually go for but it just helps with the flow of the outfit. On the bottom I team this outfit up with my navy blue chinos which I honestly bought not thinking I would wear them too often but they have become a favourite especially for in the spring/summer due to their material. I absolutely love wearing this outfit as it is so simple but looks so much smarter than some of my other outfits I tend to wear. I am hoping to pick up a nice white pair of Converse to go with this look this year as that is what was unfortunately missing last year. 

I am really looking forward to wearing these two outfits to death this spring and I think with a bit more experimenting I could end up with even more favourite outfits by combining a few of these items with other pieces I own or plan on owning in the very near future. I am looking forward to getting more experimenting with my style done this spring/summer so be sure to check back on here and Instagram as I am sure a lot of those new outfits will end up being posted especially those that I fall in love with far too quickly. 

What is your favourite spring outfit? 

How I will be styling the Vans Old Skools for the warmer weather

I have mentioned in the past how I went off Vans for quite a while and honestly never thought about going back to them. But then I fell in love with the simple black and white Old Skools every time I went into JD but thanks to past experiences I never picked them up. As time went on though I was still getting tempted by them and my parents asked me what I wanted as a gift for Christmas so I bit the bullet and said the Old Skool's, I think this was the only way I was ever going to get a pair as I always talked myself out of them. As soon as I got them and tried them on any worries I had soon left me as I realised just how versatile this choice of footwear was going to be. These are perfect for all weathers as just a quick spray of Crep Protect has kept these looking fresh throughout autumn & winter and now we are in spring heading into summer these still look as good as new with just a few scuffs to show they are worn. They are definitely a sneaker worth the price and here are two ways I am going to be wearing them throughout the rest of spring and into the summer...

Work still gets pretty cold in the warm weather as it is a very old building so there are no shorts worn on office days no matter how nice it is. I try to stay away from jeans though and my go to bottoms are any of my collection of checked pants when the weather warms up, admittedly I have far too many pairs of checked pants but they come in handy all year round as they just look a bit smarter than jeans all the time. I keep the work outfit nice and simple by just throwing on a regular fit black t-shirt and finishing it off with some no show socks and the Old Skools. This outfit is great for work as it is on the smart casual side of my style but it is also great for meals out etc as it is just a different style away from my typical jeans or cargo pants which I wear a lot of these days. If I am wearing this out of work and for a meal or a days shopping I will usually add a nice silver necklace and ring into this outfit just to add another layer to the outfit. 

As soon as it is even close to being warm enough for shorts I am in them as much as possible and I have the perfect outfit option for these sneakers when the weather gets to this point. I still wear dark clothing in the warm weather although I am changing that this year, one outfit I couldn't get rid of though it this one as it is so simple yet so comfortable, I feel myself in it and I don't get paranoid about people looking at me or anything even if it is a bit more fitted than other outfits I wear. Obviously we have the Old Skools and no show socks in this outfit again but this time we have my old faithful black denim shorts which unfortunately I don't think I will be fitting in next year so I need to find a replacement pair if anyone has any recommendations? I then simply finish the outfit with my trusty old Vans t-shirt which again I don't think I will be wearing much longer as it is getting a bit too baggy on me now. If the temperature does drop I usually throw on a black hoodie with this just to keep the colour scheme flowing. I really do love this outfit and I think it is one I am going to try keep in my wardrobe as long as possible so I need to find some new black denim shorts and a new Vans t-shirt. 

So there you go those are the go to outfits with my Old Skools when the weather starts to get warmer. I think this year though they are going to be worn a whole lot more than previous as they will go well with a lot of my new pairs of shorts and cargos. I am pretty excited to be styling them in different ways too as I think it is going to be a fun experience trying new combinations. I just hope I don't end up absolutely wrecking them this year as I have already spent a fair bit on new sneakers this year with more purchases lined up.

What is your favourite way to style the Vans Old Skools in the warmer weather? 

My must have items for Spring...


Ah Spring, a time of year I enjoy as it means the football season is getting to the interesting part as teams fight for survival or the title but it is also a time where I get out of the house a bit more too thanks to the weather changing, sometimes for the better as it begins to warm up however, the spring season does bring plenty of rain with it where I live. Something I really do enjoy though in spring is piecing outfits together, I spend a lot more time putting together the best outfits as I can as the change in weather just makes it a bit more enjoyable for me and it works better for what I already have in my wardrobe. Now that I have settled on a style that works the best for me I think this spring is going to be much more enjoyable as I am going to know what style I am aiming for each day rather than spending time just staring into my wardrobe scratching my head wondering what I fancy wearing that day. So now I do know that style I am aiming for here are the items I am going to make sure I have in my wardrobe ready for the spring season...

Plain T-Shirts

These are an essentials for me for every season as I love them under my hoodies or I can have them under an opened checked shirt or smarter looking shirt which I usually wear for work. The plain t-shirts I buy are from Marks & Spencer's men's department and I love them, they are a bit more expensive than the Primark ones I used to buy however, they are a bit thicker and fit me nicer so that bit extra doesn't matter. I try to always make sure I always have a few black, grey and navy blue t-shirts in my wardrobe so I always have an option

Printed T-Shirts 

I went off printed t-shirts for a while but now I am back to absolutely loving them as they fit my style a whole lot better especially when teamed up with some cargo pants. I don't just stick to short sleeved ones though as I have a fair few long sleeved ones in my wardrobe thanks to Primark & River Island. I don't just buy these for the sake of it now though and I actually consider if the print is going to go with my style or not, that giant Puma logo isn't going to fit my style but the Jordan one will, I have just learnt to make better choices with the prints rather than buying on the cheap. 

Checked Shirts

You will all know by now I absolutely love checked shirts and happily wear them almost all year round and spring is no exception, in fact I probably wear them more in spring than I do in winter. I tend to get the thinner ones from H&M for spring as they are great for wearing open or under a nice jacket in the cooler weather. I also try to go for lighter colours rather than the dark reds and blacks I would opt for in the autumn months. I am not sure how often I will wear them this spring but it is always good to have them as an option. 


I used to only ever wear sweatshirt when it was really cold however, I now have a couple of sweatshirts I am very happy to wear all year round so I know that in spring I will be wearing these and also adding a few new ones into my ever growing collection. At the moment it looks like I have a thing for red sweatshirts as that is all I have but I am planning on adding some more soon in a few different colours that will work well with the rest of my wardrobe. I think I might have to look at getting some plain sweatshirts and a few more printed ones. 


We all know by now that hoodies are an all year round thing for me, no matter what the weather I will either have a hoodie on or one by my side just in case I feel like I am getting a bit cold. I like to have a variety of hoodies at all times which vary in thickness and colours as well as either being plain or printed as this just means all choices are covered when it comes to getting ready for the day. I think I definitely know which hoodies will be the most worn during the spring though. 

Denim Jacket

Ah spring the time that the light denim jacket gets dusted off and worn far too often. I actually avoided denim jackets for a fair few years but now I count down to the spring when I can bring my light coloured one out and style it with items of my wardrobe I wouldn't usually reach for daily. The denim jacket is perfect for those warmer days where just need a bit of extra protection against any slight chills. I spent a total of £15 on my denim jacket and it is still going strong 2 days later.


I stay away from all my thicker coats in the spring as I definitely prefer to layer up rather than just rely on my big coat at least then if I get warm I can just take either the windbreaker or hoodie off and still stay warm rather than being in just a t-shirt. I definitely prefer sporty style windbreakers such as my Nike ones as again they go with a lot of my outfit options and keep the outfit looking good. 


Now most people will think I am made for this as it is still pretty cold in spring however, I love lounging around in my jersey shorts even when it is a little colder plus we do sometimes get warmer days especially towards the end of spring and on those days I will usually be in some denim shorts or even jersey ones if I am going for a more relaxed look.


I seem to reserve my chinos for spring and summer as I think due to the colours this is when they work the best. I didn't wear them as much as I would have hoped last year which was mainly down to me not going out as much to places where they would have been suitable. I am determined though that this year I am going to make more of an effort to wear my chinos and style them in different ways as I think I could create some great smarter looking outfits with them. 

Cargo Pants

It is no secret that I am absolutely loving cargo pants at the moment, whether they are my green ones or my black ones I am opting to wear them outside of work rather than my jeans. These pants just give my outfits the style I am aiming for and fit me much nicer than most of my jeans do these days. The cuffed bottoms on these pants are one of my favourite parts of them and I am hoping that I can find some more pairs of these when my current ones don't fit me. 


When I aren't in my cargo pants I am more than likely to be wearing some form of jeans, previously I would stick to wearing skinny jeans however, these days I tend to be opting for straight leg jeans that just look a little bit baggier as again I think these fit my style a bit better plus I feel a lot more comfortable in these. In spring I tend to move into lighter coloured denim when it comes to jeans as I think it just looks better with the weather changing plus it is just a bit different from the other seasons.

Tracksuit Bottoms 

If I am at home and not in shorts you will find me living in my tracksuit bottoms as comfort is key for me all year round. I have taken to wearing my grey tracksuit bottoms a lot more frequently and I think for more relaxed days in the spring these with a hoodie and a good pair of sneakers could very easily become a common outfit for me as they just make me feel so comfortable. I definitely want to pick up a few more pairs of tracksuit bottoms in time for spring, maybe some black ones and obviously a few more grey pairs. 


I really need to get back into wearing my jewellery again and to be honest I think spring is going to be when I do so as I find that the jewellery I own goes with my spring outfits a bit better. I am making sure I have plenty of silver jewellery at my disposal this spring to pair up with my outfits and just add a bit more detail. I might even try to add a few new bits too in gold and rose gold just so I have a few more options available. 


In previous years I have been caught out in spring thanks to the sun and I wont be making that mistake again this year. A new essential for me is sunglasses, I am making sure I have plenty to hand so that my eyes are protected from the sun. I have picked up a few pairs recently in different styles so I will always have an option that looks great with the outfit I am wearing. My go to pair though are my prescription Ray Bans as they look great and doubly protect my eyes. 


You can't beat a hat no matter what the weather. I tend to stick to beanies especially on the colder days but every now and then I will throw a snap back or trucker hat into the mix. I never used to like wearing snap backs or trucker hats out in public but last year I really started to enjoy it so I think I will be adding a few more to my collection soon. I love my beanies but it is time to mix it up a little bit, my go to hats are a plain beanie, my Nike snap back or my Ralph Lauren hat but I think I am going to add some more Nike / Jordan ones this year. 


Spring is the time when I start to bring back the trainer socks and no show socks back into rotation as these just work a lot better with my outfits. In the winter I tend to go for higher topped sneakers whereas in spring I go for lower ones so I need it so my socks aren't on show as this can spoil the outfit I have found lately. I also tend to opt for white sport socks in the spring too as they are more comfortable in some of my sneakers and also good with some of the outfits I will be wearing as they kind of fit the style a bit better. 

So there you go those are my essentials for the spring and I will definitely be making sure that I have all these items filling up my wardrobe so that I have everything I need for the full season to create the best outfits I can. I am really looking forward to getting ready on a morning as I really think that these essentials are going to make getting ready a whole lot of fun. Remember the essential sneakers are in their own post as there were a few too many for me to add onto this one. 

Keep an eye on social media to see what outfits I do come up with as I play around with what I have in my wardrobe. 

How I am trying to change my diet as a fussy eater


For as long as I can remember I have been a very fussy eater, some foods I refuse to eat what so ever, some it would take a lot to get me to try and other I used to love but for some reason I will no longer go near them. Compared to other members of my family though I aren't too bad as them and we can go anywhere and I will find a handful of items that I will eat even if some bits need removing from my plate. 

I am not sure where it all stems from but I just tend to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to food and opt to have what I know I will like rather than trying new foods, it is why most weeks our meals are more or less identical there is not really much variation and my plate looks pretty plain and lacking in colour which I know isn't good for me. 

When it comes to fruit I stick to what I know I will like and very rarely try anything different but even then I tend not to eat a right lot of fruit as I have never been fully keen on any of the items I do have. If I do buy fruit it is apples, grapes, strawberries and blueberries but those are all I go for and as I said I don't necessarily like them. Similarly I aren't a fan of veg either and I will have brocolli, cauliflower and carrots if I really have to but I won't go out of my way to add them to my diet. Now that I am on this weight loss journey though I know I need to start adding a lot more fruit and veg into my diet and it is going to be one of the things I try to change most over the coming months, I want to try more fruit & veg and incorporate it into my meals so maybe if I am having a burger I can add a bit of lettuce etc just to give it a go plus the burger might mask the taste of the the salad bits I am trying... I can hope right? 

As I say if I go out and order anything I will remove any traces of salad especially if it is a burger, just as I know it would go to waste but I want to try push myself more and try new things. It is textures that I really aren't a fan of but if I can push myself and get used to this then maybe menu options would be expanded for me and I can finally try things I have always avoided. I always seem to order the same things when I go out for food too so I want to change that and finally try different items on the menu rather than only ever having hunters chicken, a burger or gammon. I know there is so much I am missing out on and if I could just start trying new foods I could actually switch up what I eat when I go places and would probably end up finding new favourite meals at home. 

Obviously trying different foods whilst eating out could prove to be quite costly especially if I don't think I am going to like the items I am getting so I think the perfect place for me to start experimenting will be at home. This way it is just the cost for ingredients that would be wasted and I can make the recipes as cost effective as possible to stop this occurring. I always leave poor Liam in charge of the cooking but I want to try cook more meals different to our usual at home as it will help me try more new things but maybe me cooking it might make me appreciate it a bit more and also help me be happier to try it. I really do think me being more involved in the kitchen could make a big difference overall and it also means I can take inspiration from the cook books we own and rarely touch. Maybe 2 new meals a week could be a good thing to aim for and might help add new things into my diet. 

It is time for me to get out of the comfort zone and try new things to improve my health and help me along with my weight loss journey. Fingers crossed slow and steady changes are going to help my diet progress and I can finally try some meals I have previously been weary about.

I Have Found The Perfect Sneakers For Me

You will all know by now that I love buying sneakers however, I usually stick to buying them in the sales so I save some money on my purchases, some sneakers though you just can't wait for them dropping in price and these Nike Dunks were that pair for me. Just before Christmas my mum sent me an image of them in our local Footlocker and jokingly said she needed them as they are our football teams colours, what she didn't realise though is that in that same week I would be going to the store and purchasing them for myself... there was no way I was missing out on these. 

I have wanted a pair of Dunks for a long time now but they always sell out so quickly and the resale price for the ones I want is always ridiculously high so I have been put off but the fact this colourway is my first pair and at retail cost just makes everything better, it is almost like it was meant to be. 

The sneakers are super comfortable and the fit is perfect for me so they are definitely worth the £110 I paid for them. I even picked up some crease defenders just to try keep them crease free for a lot longer and fingers crossed I can keep them in great condition for years to come as they are by far my favourite pair of sneakers at the moment. I was honestly a bit worried when buying them that they wouldn't go with a right lot in my wardrobe but here are the two outfits I have created with them so far... 

First up we have my favourite outfit and honestly the reason I bough the sneakers. I love our football clubs colours and I wear them quite often whether it is game day or not so I knew these sneakers would work well with them. Through this seasons away shirt into the mix you have a near perfect match that looks great on top and bottom. The shirt compliments the sneakers really well and just keeps the colour way flowing. Team these up with my cargos or even some black slim fitting tracksuit bottoms and you are onto a winner in my eyes. 

The second outfit is pretty similar as I will wear either my black cargos or my Nike tracksuit bottoms which are black and fit a lot better than baggier ones and this time I team them up with a nice Nike track jacket. I love this jacket as it is nice and fitting whilst keeping it simple with the colours as there is only some small white detailing on the jacket. I really do believe Nike are putting out some great pieces at the moment and a lot more Nike is going to be going into my wardrobe over the next few months and possibly throughout the rest of the year. 

It is safe to say these sneakers add a brilliant pop of colour to the outfits they are paired with and I am really looking forward to creating more outfits with these sneakers in the near future and I think they could become most worn in the summer months as I have quite a few ideas in mind for them but we will have to see if those come together or not. Fingers crossed this isn't my only pair of Dunks either as there are so many others I would love to get my hands on. 

How would you style these Nike Dunks? 

April 2022 Favourites

Seriously where has April gone? This year is going by far too fast for my liking and surprisingly what I thought would be a quiet start to the year has turned into a really busy one. Fingers crossed though it is going to be slowing down a bit in May and June though because it is already looking crazy from July on wards. April has been a strange month as I have been constantly busy but haven't got much to show for it. The month was packed with football, birthdays and bank holidays though so I guess that is where all the chaos started, I am just hoping for a few more free nights now though so I can actually get working on some other things. April was a month of new and old favourites so let's have a look at what made the cut...


Shorts Season

Finally after what feels like forever the weather has started to change and I can finally get back to wearing shorts all the time. I love wearing shorts whether it is whilst out and about or whilst lounging around the house or garden so as the temperatures have got a bit better the shorts have been brought out of storage and a lot more pairs have been purchased. If I am at home in anything other than shorts from now on then something is seriously wrong. even the workout shorts have been brought out of retirement. 


Football season coming to an end

This is a bit strange to be writing but one of my favourites of the month has to be the football season coming to an end, not because of the games ending although I will have a lot more free time once the seasons are done, but for the fact that the leagues are getting interesting a lot of the leagues I watch are closer than ever before and some teams are also battling for survival. I don't know if it is because it is the first season us fans are back or if it is due to another reason but it is so good to watch. Plus we have all the finals coming up and all the off season transfer sagas. 


Office area coming together

 Finally after a few more tweaks the office area in the spare room is finally coming together and it has been so useful so far. This area has been great for working on things with no distractions but it has also been great for taking blog images as the new overhead camera mount has come in so handy. I have even started making reels for Instagram in this area and it has been great and I look forward to making a whole lot more very soon.   

Health & fitness

Being able to do things again

I had my surgery in March and honestly it was a nightmare not been able to do anything however, towards the end of April I finally got cleared for working out again. It has been great slowly getting back into doing things that are going to help my health and fitness journey and seeing my steps starting to increase and clothes starting to get bigger is brilliant. Now I am all healed I am really hoping I can push on to make a big difference in myself this year.

So there you have it those are my favourites from April. What are your favourites from April 2022? 

April 2022 Fitness Update

April seems to have just disappeared in the blink of an eye and to be honest I am quite glad as it was a super busy month, too busy in fact but the end of it means life is going to be a bit more relaxed for a few months so I can try get everything in order in terms of setting up a good workout routine and getting my nutrition on track. April wasn't all bad though as I did manage to achieve a fair few things I set out to. So here is how my goals went for the month of April...

Lose 3lb 

As you will see I was just a little bit short on this one but to be honest it was always going to be a hard one to reach with the amount of stuff I had going on. I am still happy with the small amount I lost though as a loss is a loss and I know that I can really push in May to get a bigger loss. 

Increase my daily steps 

With how busy I was I definitely hit this with my steps increasing. My post surgery recovery has gone really well and in April I managed to move a whole lot more and I have seen those steps go up day by day. I ma hitting my goal most days and I know that I can do even better in May thanks to how my recovery has gone and the progress I am making week in week out. 

Use the punch bag or exercise bike daily 

This started off quite well but then life got in the way as it got much busier and I was just struggling to find a spare half hour to do this. I was getting home far too late on an evening and leaving the house too early in a morning so it was a struggle. As you will see though I am aiming to redo this one in May as things quieten down and I think this time I can achieve it. 

Only two takeaways throughout the month

This was always a very unrealistic goal looking back on it now as I was not at home, didn't do food shops for half the month and just struggled to get the chance to stand and cook a meal. We definitely had far too many takeaways in April but that won't be happening again in May. 

Long walk every weekend

Oh look another goal that I set before I realised just how busy April was going to be. I was very hopeful that we would be able to achieve this but then the month came around and there was no chance. We managed a few quick walks before the football on a Sunday but that was it. We really need to block some time out in a routine to make this a non-negotiable as we actually enjoy the walks we go on. 

Go on 4 runs throughout the month

Unfortunately this was another goal we were unable to achieve and again it is just due to the lack of time we actually had in the month. If things were a little bit quieter I think we could have absolutely smashed this one but that lack of time really derailed everything when I look back on the month. I am putting in another running goal for the month of May though so lets hope I can smash this new one.

So here is how April looked on the scales...

Beginning of April weight: 15 stone 9 lb 

End of April weight : 15 stone 7 lb

Total loss for the month : - 2 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in May ...

- Get into the 14 stone bracket 
- Wake up at 5.30am on a weekday to do a workout
- Go on two runs a week
- Cook twice a week 
- Drink 2 ltrs of water minimum a day
- Use bike or punch bag daily

So there you go that is how April went and to be honest I aren't mad as a small loss is still a loss plus with how the month went I wasn't expecting a loss at all. I am really hoping to push on this month though as I think if all goes to plan I can make a really big difference in my journey and really see some progress especially now I am also back to boxing weekly. I am looking forward to seeing what changes I can make over the month of May so lets hope it all goes to plan and we have another loss to report on and a much bigger scale. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 6 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 9 lb