EFL League 2 Predictions

The league 2 season is set to kick off on Saturday and it is back to league 2 for my Bradford City, I have seen some fans saying it is going to be a walk in the park for us but in all honesty I think we are going to come up against some tough challenges. We might have strengthened our side but we are also going to be coming up against sides we haven't faced in a long time and sides that have played in that league a while. That been said though I think we have a good chance of promotion and will finish in the top 2. One team I think that may struggle is Leyton Orient, with the unfortunate death of their manager at the end of last season this could go either way, it could make them play some of the best football they have ever played or they could struggle under new management and inevitably go down. To be honest I think it may be the latter and they go down or are close to going down. It has been a bit of a struggle to come up with these prediction as until now league 2 has been a league I haven't really paid that much attention to as I have been more focused on League 1 and the Premier league. I think though that some of these teams may surprise me but let's wait and see. So here is how I think the league is going to finish...
  1. Scunthorpe
  2. Bradford City
  3. Forest Green Rovers
  4. Plymouth
  5. Salford
  6. Crawley Town
  7. Northampton
  8. Carlisle
  9. Stevenage
  10. Walsall
  11. Oldham
  12. Morecambe
  13. Port Vale
  14. Crewe Alexandra
  15. Macclesfield
  16. Swindon
  17. Colchester United
  18. Newport
  19. Grimsby
  20. Exeter City
  21. Leyton Orient
  22. Mansfield
  23. Cheltenham Town
  24. Cambridge United
So there you have it those are my predictions what do you think? Roll on Saturday. 

See you soon

NWSL Prediction Update

Remember back in April when I did my NWSL prediction post? If not you can check it out here. Well the internationals are all back, teams have played without some of their star players and there is only around 3 month left of the regular season. Some teams have played more games than others, such as Houston playing 15 games and Utah, Reign and Washington only playing 13. It is a close call at the top 2 at the moment with just 1 point separating the teams and similarly it is a close one between spots 3 through to 7 so it really could go either way. 

So remember when I predicted how the league was hopefully going to look at the end of the season well that is below...

North Carolina
Washington Spirit
New Jersey

But how is it really looking with October getting ever so close. 

North Carolina
New Jersey.

If we compare the predictions to the actual standings well I have got a grand total of 2 correct so far with Portland sitting at the top and New Jersey at the bottom of the table. What is really surprising me though is Orlando sitting in 8th, I honestly had high hopes for them this season with Marc Skinner in charge but it doesn't seem to be clicking yet at all. Portland though are doing brilliantly and have showed that even with the internationals away they are still a strong side. I just hope they can keep this up. Utah are another side that have really surprised me I had them up in the playoff spots but something just isn't working right for them at the moment and they are down in 7th but as I said earlier it is that close up there they may be able to claw something back especially if Press carries on in the form she is in. 

So let's how when I do the finally league position post and round up in October that I have a few more correct and teams start gelling and playing as they should be doing as each team has so much potential if they can just click.

See you soon,

Last Week #52

Another week done and dusted and another week of work. Why is it the weather was absolutely gorgeous whilst I was stuck in the office but once the weekend comes around it is absolutely awful. Other than work though we did manage to get to get out and about even though the heat at times was unbearable. Tuesday we were at the football watching City vs Park Avenue which was a great game. Wednesday we went for a nice walk with my mum, dad and nephew. The rest of the week was pretty chilled although we did have a trip to the White Rose on Sunday to try find me a top for Rock of Ages on Saturday. So other than that here is what I had...

Been Watching : I managed to start the new season of Orange Is The New Black and wow it is actually really good. Other than watching that it has mainly been a YouTube week for me. 

Been reading : To be honest I have been tempted to read my book but then been distracted by YouTube so I need to stop doing that and actually read. 

Been listening to : Tegan and Sara released a new song ' I'll be back someday' and I fell in love with it instantly and it has been on repeat since with some of their older songs.

Bought : I spent a fortune on cleaning bits as we were running stupidly low, got some bits for my nephew and some gaming items so it hasn't been too bad of a week.

Plans for this week : The main one is get back into the gym, we didn't go last week as it was far too warm to consider it, I am aiming for 3 days this week. I also have my appointment at the hospital this week so lets hope I get some progress there. Other than that I want to plan some ideas for the fashion side of my blog and actually get plenty of content typed up. I am just gutted I miss the first game of the season on Saturday.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

My Go To Gym Outfit

Do you ever have those outfits for the gym that you always find yourself reaching for? Well before I picked up my Gymshark clothing it was all about Under Armour, in fact I still find my self reaching for this now as I hate mixing brands usually (don't know why but I always have done) plus when the Gymshark is in the wash I need a different option to go to. 

These Under Armour items were actually some of the first gym clothing items I had bought in a long time and I am so glad I did. I have said it before but until Kelley O'Hara and Rachel Daly started promoting the brand I never actually tried it in fact I had only heard of it a few times. But when we went into our local DW Sports after joining the gym I decided to give them a try as the were discounted so what could I lose?

I picked up this t-shirt with the small logo and grey panelling down the side and I instantly fell in love it wasn't too big and it didn't actually cling to me when working out. I like to be ale to move freely in my clothing whilst working out and this top allows me to. Another big advantage to it is that it doesn't ride up whilst working out so when doing specific exercises no skin is on show which is brilliant for me. There is also room to move in the sleeves so it doesn't get too tight whilst on the weights. I have noticed that I don't seem to sweat as much in this top and I think it is down to the really lightweight and breathable material which is super comfortable.

To go along with the t-shirt I picked up some of the Under Armour shorts with the giant logo on the leg, which are perfect as they match the colour way for the t-shirt. Again these shorts are in a really lightweight and breathable material which as you can imagine is just as comfortable as the t-shirt. I can't do with tight shorts I like them nice and baggy and these ones tick those boxes. I also need them to be a decent length whilst I am working out and that is something I usually struggle with in the past they have either been too small or far too long but these get it spot on as they sit just above my knee.

Something I have done since my college football days is wear Nike Pros under my shorts, I did this for football and for in the gym and it is just something that has stuck with me over the years. They are a compression short that fit really nice and honestly you forget they are there at times. I mainly wear this to the gym so that if my shorts do ride up I still feel a lot more comfortable. These will always be one of my go to items for the gym or if I get back into football as they are a bit of a holy grail product for me. 

Finally to finish off the outfit I have these Under Armour trainers which are so comfy. I never thought of trying Under Armour trainers before as I said at the beginning of this post but I am so glad I did, my Nike's where at the end of their life and these were on offer so I didn't second guess picking these up. I won't go into these trainers too much though as I have a full post coming up on them very soon.

Under Armour are definitely a brand I have underestimated in the past but are a brand I am always going to go back to as I think I have fallen in love with them. Have you tried Under Armour, if you have what do you think of the brand?

See you soon

Gymshark Haul

Remember last week when I posted about going to the Gymshark event in Manchester (you can read all about it here) well today I finally have the post showing what exactly I bought whilst there. I tried not to go overboard but I was spoilt for choice. I shop in the men's section in most stores as the clothing just makes me feel more comfortable and Gymshark is no different they have so many brilliant items but here is what I decided to buy after trying quite a bit on... 

I got this black block pullover and I was surprised with just how well this fit me. I was worried it may have been a little bit tight but it was a perfect fit which to be honest I aren't used to from clothing at all these days due to my size. One thing I always struggle with is the arm length on hoodies like this as I have pretty short arms but this was a really good length for me. I also struggle with overall length as I am pretty short but even this fit well on me. Initially I got this for the gym but now I think I may actually keep it for just going out and about due to how nice it is. It is a lightweight material so if I did wear it to the gym it wouldn't sit too heavy on me but also great for those cooler days out and about, it is really soft too so it is really comfortable.

Next up I got the black Veer short sleeve t-shirt for the gym which I am absolutely in love with. It is such a lightweight stretchy material, before I tried it on I thought it would be a little bit too clingy too me but it is absolutely perfect, the fit is perfect but doesn't clingy and definitely isn't too big for me. The fit around the arms is spot on too as there isn't a lot of excess material just hanging there. It makes such a nice change having something that fits and looks so nice for a change. Plus it is really basic with just the little logo in the top left and a little bit on the back in a grey strip.

Finally I picked up the Manchester t-shirt basically just as a bit of a memento of going to the event but I actually love this top again the fit is perfect even around the arms, the length is also perfect as it is a little bit longer at the back but not too long. This is just like standard t-shirt material and I am still undecided as to whether I wear this out and about or to the gym. My favourite part to this though is the back where it says Manchester down the spine in a bold print.

I still can't believe I got all this for £67.00 which for the quality I believe is great value. I think its is safe to say black is my go to colour lately but after looking on the site this could soon change as I have already got my eye on a load more items on the site, wish list coming soon, plus I am getting another of the Veer t-shirts for my birthday from my auntie and uncle which I can't wait for. It is a brand I will definitely be buying a lot more from so keep an eye out for more hauls from these in the future. Do you have anything from Gymshark, if so what have you got?

See you soon

Bradford City vs Bradford Park Avenue

City vs Park Avenue is one of the preseasons we aim to get to every year and to be honest it could be one of my favourites. When we went last night I wasn't expecting much as a side had already played Bolton (and lost 2-1) behind closed doors and to be honest I thought they would have played the strongest side against them, which they may have done but I cant seem to find a team sheet from this but it looks like Donaldson and Vaughan did play.

To be honest we didn't put out a bad team at all in fact I was pretty impressed by it. O'Donnell was in net and honestly during this preseason he has put in a brilliant effort as he fights for the first choice spot, but honestly I think his performance has been massively helped by the quality we are now plating with in defence. Riley also started this game and to be honest I had my doubts about him after last year but since Bowyer took charge he seems to be really out to prove a point and I can see the potential in him. O'Connor was also in defence and to be fair my verdict on him is still to be decided yesterday he had some good plays but after last season and a few silly mistakes this preseason I will need to see him in the league before I can make my mind up. 
Devine captained the side and I love Bowyer for the fact he is actually giving Devine a chance, I believe in league 2 he could have a big impact for us as he has shown when he has played the quality he processes, he just needs to be given a chance for a change. 

The first half was very back and forth with neither side really hitting the ground running, it definitely wasn't a spectacular half with little chance and the ball just been worked around. What is nice though is seeing City actually managing to string passes together and work as a team.

The first half ended 0-0 and it looked like the second half was going the same way until City were given a very soft penalty, it was substitute Ismail who stepped up to take it and hit the ball straight into the post, possibly City's best chance of the game wasted.

 The game did finish 0-0 after the 90th minute, which meant the game was heading to penalties as this is played for the Tom Banks Memorial trophy each year. 
Ismail fired way wide on his effort which meant Park Avenue were up 1-0 thanks to none other than Gary Thompson converting his penalty. But after some great saves from O'Donnell City ended up retaining the trophy after winning 3-2 on the penalties. 

Park Avenue really did surprised me as with a few trialists in the side they did look like some tough competition and really look like they could do well in their upcoming season especially if their defence and midfield can do as well as they did last night. For City though it may not have been won in normal time but its a win to add to the results and gives them a few bits to work on which to me would be calling for the ball more, penalties and just that final push in the final third there just didn't look to be too much of a threat there which we need. Yes some of these players may be 2nd choice but all it takes is a few injuries and they will need to step up.

If I had to pick a man of the match though for me it would be Omari Patrick, he ran around that field trying to win every ball especially when he lost it and he actually got City in some quite threatening positions. It was a close choice between him and Devine though as he put in a great shift and really showed just what an impact he could be.

See you soon

Jumpers For Goalposts Festival

Do you ever see something happening and just think ah I wish I lived closer and wasn't doing anything that weekend, well that is how I feel about the Jumpers for Goalposts festival. This is a brand new festival taking place over 2 day (3rd & 4th August) at the Printworks London. The festival offers those attending a variety of unique and interactive experiences designed to highlight the power that the whole footballing culture has with it bringing people of all cultures and backgrounds together.

What I think is great about this festival is that is has plenty going on and is supported by some great organisations with the London FA and Admiral Sportswear (a brand I have loved for a while and would love to have more of) both on board. The schedule is jam packed with plenty to do over the full weekend, it includes the UK festival premiere of the BT Sports films documentary State of Play, this is actually something I would really love to watch as it focuses on how the game effects not only the players but also those involved in the game the documentary has interviews from some of the games leading players such as Gareth Bale, Frank Lampard and Les Ferdinand. After this screening there will be a panel where the documentary's producer and director are interviewed alongside former player Drewe Broughton and author Michael Calvin whose bestselling book inspired the making of the documentary, after this panel Michael will also be signing copies of his book.

That's not all though there are other panels going on over the weekend such as:
  • The making of Herstory which is hosted by Vaishali Bhardwaj a sports journalist and broadcaster about the legacy that has been created for women's football in the wake of the brilliant 2019 World Cup. Joining the panel will be Lewes FC player Shannon Moloney, CEO of Women in football Jane Purdon and Debra Nelson who co-delivers the football beyond borders girls programme, she even featured as the voice over for the Lionesses Women's World Cup Nike campaign.
  • Beating the Press: Football and the media, this will be hosted by Jon Mackenzie of the Football Media Podcast. This will also involve Laurence McKenna the Creative Director of the YouTube channel XO, the amazing Fadumo Olow who is the co-founder of the I think She's Offside Podcast, Michael Delaney the Chief football writer for The Independent. 
  • The future of the game will also be discussed by Daniel Geey, David Goldblatt, Michael Cox and Peter Lowe as they look ahead at how the game may change by 2029.

Shannon Moloney comments; “It is important that we do not forget the success of our Lionesses this summer and that the impact and legacy will remain beyond 2019. I would like to see an increase in female participation in football driven by clubs, organisations and football providers to ensure that provisions are set up to encourage, develop and sustain the women’s game. Our female sports stars should have equal sponsorship and media coverage, and the relevant bodies at the FA should work to increase equality, not just in pay, but also access to facilities, healthcare and provisions for all players.”

It isn't just panels all weekend though there is plenty more going on:

  •  More panels than those discussed above along with more talks
  • Workshops
  •  A marketplace
  •  Book signings
  • Family activities 
  •  Stalls with games
  • Street Food
  •  Live screenings
The festival will be showing the Liverpool vs Man City FA Community Shield game live so what better way to watch than with fellow football fans? Not only that though the screening will take place alongside a second scree which will be showing a performance by Minute books, who are a design collective who will illustrate every minute of the game, how amazing is that? Plus once the game is done this will be printed and bound into a book.  They are also showing Bend it like Beckham one of my all time favourite films.  They will also have Get Shirty being shown which shows Admiral's rise, fall and revival.

 The festivals charity partner is Sporting Memories and to support this cause there will be an exhibition of 20 on-off art pieces made by well known football creatives in response to 'My First Football Memory', these will be auctioned off to help raise funds and awareness.

In terms of the workshops there are plenty to get involved with. There is a session on alternative careers in football for women, football zine- making using old football photography and for those under 13 Alex Bellos and Spike Gerrell of the children's book series Football School will be hosting sessions using football to make school subjects fun which can really benefit those still in school and not getting the most out of it.

Sunday dives into the nostalgic aspect of the game with attendees encouraged to turn up in retro shirts. The schedule also focuses on this theme throughout the day with things such as Got Got Need: The wonderful world of football memorabilia and collectables, this would definitely be right up my street as I love things like this, I have a little collection of programmes going (which I would love to add to) and all sorts of merch from over the years. There will also be a live recording of both the Alive and Kicking 90s football Podcast and the Retro Football Shirt Podcast which should be fantastic. There will also be retro video games and even a vintage shirt exhibition.

Rahul Keerthi, Jumpers for Goalposts’ Founder and Producer says, “Jumpers for Goalposts is a celebration of football culture - yes, there's an invitation to learn and share but we also want to remind people to have fun with football again, whatever your age, background or interest in the game. 

The name of the festival should evoke the joy, imagination and unlimited possibility that football makes many of us feel as kids, but we recognise that this has not been the case for everyone. Football culture can be a force for positive change, creating environments around football that encourage people to enjoy who they are and what they can do - both as individuals and as a team or community. Football is for all.”

The festival is open from 10am on both Saturday 3rd August and Sunday, with closing times on each day at 10pm and 7pm respectively. Tickets go on sale today via Ticket Tailor.

Weekend tickets start at £34.99 for adults, while under-18s are £15.99 and 12 and under are £9.99. Children 6 and under go free. All under-18s must be accompanied by an adult and proof of age may be required. Single day tickets are also available for £20 for adults, with discounts also available for under-18s. You can purchase the tickets here.

The event will be hosted at Printworks London, 1 Surrey Quays Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7PJ

Personally I really wish I could get to this festival as I would love to go to some of the screenings, partake in some of the workshops and definitely play some of the retro video games and take a look at the vintage shirt exhibition. 

Will you be going? If you do let me know how it went and hopefully if they do this again I can hopefully attend.

See you soon,

Football Boot Wish List

One thing I have really got back into lately is football boots, I think it is because I have started reviewing them on here but also because I really love the designs companies are coming out with lately and it is even helping me discover some new brands I wouldn't have tried in the past. So here are the boots I would love to pick up...

Puma Future 19.1 Netfit - £180.00
I love these boots, I think the main reason could possibly be thanks to the colourway as they are definitely a stand out but also because they are just so different. These boots apparently adapt to fit your foot and thanks to the netting style upper you can customise the laces to what suits you. They are also meant to be super lightweight and I also love the soleplate on these boots the mix of conical studs and blades are just a perfect combination for the FG/AG. Plus it has the little bit of a knitted sock, granted they are pricy but at the end of the day they are top end boots so you get what you pay for.

Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG - £229.95

I think the thing that has made me fall in love with these boots is the fact they look so simple yet so great. I love the grey, crimson and black colourway combination and I love how the upper and soleplate just seem to merge together so easily, the pattern just seems so continuous. The soleplate pattern also looks brilliant as the blades seem to be the perfect length for FG. The Superfly's have the knitted collar too something I haven't actually used in a boot before but would love to give a go. 

Nike Mercurial Vapour Elite FG - £219.95

Another top end pair that are very expensive but Nike are always one of my go to boots. I have never had a pair of Nike boots that have felt uncomfortable or that haven't lasted me a long time so I definitely want to add more to my collection. I absolutely love the colourway on this pair with the giant writing on the upper but what I love the most is the soleplate which has a metallic shine to it and the writing continues underneath. With this being top end it comes with a strong bag too so you keep them nice and protected. The boots also have an ACC also known as all climate control finish meaning the touch is still reliable no matter the weather. Plus I loved these boots when Tobin Heath wore them in the FIFAWWC19 final.

Adidas Predator 19+ FG - £230.00

 I have never had a pair of laceless boots and you know what... I have always been on the fence about getting a pair. Made up of a prime knit upper and a sock fit collar they definitely look comfortable. The fact they are also laceless I would hope if I was to get a pair that the lack of laces would help me get a cleaner connection on the ball to provide a better strike. The soleplate itself looks pretty standard but I love the mix of black, cyan and yellow.

New Balance Tekela v2 Pro FG - £160.00

New Balance aren't even a brand I would have considered for football boots until I saw world cup superstar Rose Lavelle wearing a pair. That is when I headed over to the site and came across this amazing pair. Again it was the colourway that attracted me to these boots, the dark blue on the upper with the metallic looking N on the side followed by half a metallic soleplate which merges into the dark blue once again. The stud position is great too as all the basis is covered. The one thing I would love to know more about though is the Kinetic Stitch as I am genuinely intrigued so if anyone from New Balance wants to chat about that please get in touch.

So there you have it those are the boots currently at the top of my wish list but with the high prices on these I think I will be definitely be saving up for quite a while. What sort of boots would you like to see me review in the future? And I will see what I can pick up.

See you soon

Bradford City vs Wigan Preseason

Another Saturday and finally a men's game to watch. I have really missed going to Valley Parade, yes even after the poor season last season, and since last Sunday's game against Liverpool the bug has definitely come back and bit me hard. This week City took on championship side Wigan and honestly I wasn't expecting much. I thought maybe a 2-0 win for Wigan as even though it was 3-1 to Liverpool I still honestly thought that Wigan would come out all guns blazing and we would struggle but oh how wrong was I. 

Bowyer put out a strong side in the first half and it was my first chance to see Donaldson and Vaughan up front together, I told my mum last week this could be a partnership that would work really well for us during the season and they didn't disappoint during this game, I thought they linked up really well. Looking at the 4 most forward players in that attacking line up we had Gibson, Donaldson, Vaughan and Scannell and honestly that could be the difference between a top finish or ending in the playoffs I believe these 4 could really be a force to be reckoned with their linking up and actual playing of the game was brilliant. 

City were the first on the score board after Donaldson was brought down in the box and Vaughan slotted home the penalty that followed. City honestly looked the most threatening for the first 60 minutes, with Wigan spending more time on the floor. Wigan did pull one back though a very soft goal, a lapse in defending left a clear chance for Wigan which they took with ease. 

Then came the mass change for City all 11 players replaced. The players entering the field were either trialists or those who you would believe were going to be on the bench for the majority of the season, this team didn't look as strong as the first team however, they did manage not to concede and the game ended 1-1 which for a league 2 side vs a championship side I don't think is too bad.

It is great actually watching a team that is working well together, talking to each other and linking up well for a change. It is a massive improvement from last season and hopefully this carries on into the season. Keep checking back on here as I will have a prediction post coming up soon along with a post all about those coming in and gone out of the club over the summer so far.

So far it is looking really promising for City and I can't wait to head over to the Horsfall playing fields to watch them take on Bradford Park Avenue tomorrow. Let's see what result that brings in. 

See you soon,

Last Week #51

It has made a brilliant change for it to be quite a relaxed week for us, we have been to the gym, I have spent a night at my sisters then had a day with her and my nephew. We have also done some more decorating and even went to watch the football. Even though we seemed to do a lot it has felt very relaxed which made a nice change. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : It had been a YouTube week with a little bit of air crash investigations thrown in, I absolutely love that show.

Been reading : I actually didn't get any more reading done as I was too lazy to unpack my bag from my sisters.

Been listening to : Tegan and Sara had once again been on quite a bit but I really had a mixture of music last week with the likes of Elvis, Bruce Springsteen and the Stone Roses.

Bought : I got quite a few more bits from the Disney store some items to be put away as gifts and then a Stitch mug for myself and a Toy Story top. I also got a Stephen Darby t-shirt to add to the collection and a few hair styling bits and most importantly loads of bits from Ikea.

Plans for this week : I am hoping carry on with this motivation and get back in the gym again this week, I am loving this new found motivation. I also want to carry on getting more of the little room done as we are really starting to get somewhere with it. Hopefully I can get the house properly cleaned as well as it is beginning to drive me mad, we have an overflowing wash basket, cardboard boxes from deliveries left laying around and shoes in every room, Liam is working Saturday so I think this may be a cleaning morning for me.  

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon