Quotes That Keep Me Going

I am trying my best to get myself back in to the mind set of loosing weight and actually getting in shape. One thing that put a stop to any possible working out lately was the physio advising me against anything more than the exercises I had been given. They told me to stop pushing myself too much and advised me to take it steady unlike others who were giving me too much to do. I am hoping though I get the all clear on Wednesday to build some little home workouts back into my routine. 

It has been an uphill battle for me lately as I hate my body and my weight but due to pain I am struggling at the moment to shift it and then when I am sat around all I do is eat as it gives me something to do. But if I want to get better and fitter I am going to have to change this and get myself into a positive mind set once again. I want to prove people wrong and prove to them it isn't too late I can get back on track and hopefully find a football team to play with again.

To get that mindset back here are a few of the quotes I seem to end up looking at to give me some motivation...

This one from Meghan Klingenberg is one that I really do seem to keep gravitating to, if I don't believe I can how do I expect myself to get any better?

This is one of my favourites a lot of people think my days of playing football are long gone, they don't think I will lose weight either. When I think about this I just think how good it will be to see the looks on those people's faces who doubted me.

This is one is one that especially speaks to me in terms of working out. I used to go on the treadmill do 15 minutes and start to be tired, this was due to just how unfit I had got. But then I realised I was just tired it didn't mean I couldn't do more  I could keep going until I physically couldn't it was just in my head. So I gradually built it up and I could eventually do 45 whole minutes. I want to get to this stage again, I want to make sure I aren't giving up too early when I know I can do a lot better. That is the only way I improve and am going to get better.

Another one to keep me motivated to get better and prove them wrong. Reminding me to keep going and keep up the fight.

I don't want to just give up doing what I love I want my knee to heal and I want to be more active once again, so I am going to get back into the mindset of eating better, living better I won't give in and I will work as hard as I can. I will get to my goal weight and overcome any set backs. Nothing is going to hold me back any more. If my mind ever wanders or struggles I will keep looking at these quotes to keep me going.

See you soon,

The Perfect Relaxing Night*

Since we moved things have seemed to be none stop, we are more or less stripping everything out of each room and starting a fresh so there is something constantly going on. I was recently contacted by Sanctuary bathrooms to see if wanted to take part in their perfect night in, I jumped at the chance. Our bathroom is currently not how I want it as I want to rip it out and start fresh, but that's going to take a bit of saving up. I have actually spent a bit of time browsing the Sanctuary site for inspiration, I had not heard of them before and their products look brilliant, I am surprised I hadn't heard about them before due to the industry I work in and the fact they are a local family business. If you want to take a look at what Sanctuary bathrooms do for yourself take a look here.

As for the perfect relaxing night for me this starts in the bathroom with a nice long soak in the bath. At times this can be a little less relaxing as I will pick out the faults with what we have now, but I can't wait to get it redone. I currently make sure the laptop is set up at the side of the bath as I will either watch a TV show or listen to my music. Then I will decide whether that day I fancy a lovely Lush bath bomb or my trusty Radox muscle soak bubble bath, this has always been a favourite as it actually manages to make my leg ache a little less.

Once the decision is made I will then apply a face mask, I usually use a Superdrug one however, lately I have been giving sheet masks a try, and so far so good. I have noticed my skin has taken a bit of a turn for the worse especially the tops of my arms, so whilst this is happening I am exfoliating a lot more I will then finish off with the Nivea Shower Cream Gel as it just smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

I am also trying to get into having a candle lit whilst I am in the bath as it just makes the room smell really nice and the little votive ones don't take up much space but do give out a great smell. You just can't go wrong with a nice smelling candle in whatever room you are in and Yankee candle do some of the best ones, I just need to try unpack the rest of the ones I own.

Once I am out of the bath I will either head into the games room, to play a bit of whatever game I am on at that point or I will head straight to bed and watch some YouTube or a film. No matter what I do I will end up eating a full bar of chocolate, I am trying my best to be healthier at the moment so I am trying my best to switch to eating dark chocolate, plus I think it tastes a lot nicer. I will also make sure I have a good drink by my side, this could literally be a glass of prosecco, a whisky or a glass of coca cola, depending on what mood I am in, sometimes I will also take this in with me whilst I am in the bath. Then once I start to fall asleep that is it, lights out for a good nights sleep.

So there you have it those are some of the ways I create a perfect relaxing night in for myself. Parts may change over time but this is what I try stick to as I have found it really works for me. I just can't wait to get the bathroom done so I can relax perfectly in a space I have created.

See you soon

* I was sent the items in the image above to include in this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Last Week #24

Last week seemed to be none stop, every night we seemed to be doing jobs around the house, we didn't even get chance to do our big food shop although we did manage to get our shelving units for the dining room. I even took a day off to go to the Imperial War Museum with the family which was a great day out. The weekend was just as busy, Liam was working Saturday morning, whilst I went and did a bit of shopping with my auntie before we went to the cinema. My auntie and uncle then came to ours for some food. Sunday we was at an adoption and ended up staying longer than expected and I definitely drank more than I intended. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: I have managed to get quite a bit of YouTube watched, I had been loving catching up on videos from Alex Costa and Man For Himself, they are even giving me a few ideas for gifts for Liam. I managed to watch the England women's game too and what a game it was.

Been reading : Once again reading had gone straight out of the window, I really want to start this book soon.

Been listening to : Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz and Disney had been on a lot of the time throughout the week but there had also been the addition of Miley Cyrus.

Bought : Through the week I tried not to spend on things I really didn't need, this is mainly as I am trying to save money lately. I did however buy the two shelving units for the dining room, and a lovely new grey hooded shirt.

Plans for this week : I am hoping that this week is a bit more relaxed, which may mean plenty of reading and even more YouTube. I am also hoping a bit more work is done in the games room, so I can unpack more boxes and finally get it looking almost complete. Plus doing that will mean more space in the little room and we will be a step closer to starting on that.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Last Week #23

Yet another cold Saturday spent at Valley Parade, yet another loss although we did play a lot better. To be honest our week last week wasn't very interesting nights after work were spent relaxing or gaming we honestly didn't do much. Even on the weekend Friday we went to a party which was really good, Saturday we went to pick up a dryer then went to the football. Sunday was basically a quick trip for Liam to pick up a new belt and Chromecast, then heading home and cleaning. But here is a run down of what we had....

Been Watching: I finally watched Bend it like Beckham and caught up on plenty of YouTube but I have to admit I think the best thing I watched was Jack Whitehall : Travels with my father, it is absolutely amazing. I don't think I laughed that much in ages.

Been reading : The level of reading I had done is probably thumbnails on YouTube, that is how bad I have been this week. The good news is that we can unpack books this week though.

Been listening to : I seem to have gone old school this week by listening to the likes of N-Dubz, Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder, to be honest I have absolutely loved it.

Bought : Personally I had been pretty good and only bought the shelving units for the house which makes a nice change for me.

Plans for this week : We have our shelving units to build for the dining room, some boxes to unpack and I am also hoping to get a start made on the shelves in the games room. I am also hoping to get to the cinema to watch a star is born.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Football / Training Haul

I finally decided to invest in some kit and gear for going to a local field to work on my football and fitness. Then I got told at physio not to start, so it is all still sat in the drawers waiting to be used. I decided I want to get out as much as possible so here is what I got I know that most of these items are going to last a while plus I have managed to get Liam on board with the plans....

Nike shorts have always been my go to. Although I really do want some Under Armour ones, these are a really thin lightweight material that is perfect for running around and kicking the ball as they don't restrict you. Nike have a great range of gear out at the moment so I am going to keep an eye out on anything else I could pick up.

Although Nike are killing it on this particular day I couldn't find any t-shirts so I picked up this Sondico one, although it is a cheap one this brand is actually really good and in the past these t-shirts have lasted me a long time. I also picked up some of their socks just to get me started. I know that I will probably end up wearing Nike or Under Armour ones in the future.

We also picked up an agility ladder and some cones to help me improve my speed, fitness and skill. The good thing about these items is that I can use them on my own when Liam doesn't fancy practising with me and they are easily portable.

Now for the best part... the new boots. Back when I was younger and playing one of my favourite things to do was go pick out new boots when needed and to be honest even now I still love looking at them. There are just so many good ones on the market these day (and in the past but more on that another day), I have never really swayed away from Nike boots, I have had the occasional Adidas pair but this time I have opted for these green Under Armour ones. I love the Under Armour brand and seeing the ones they do for the likes of Rachel Daly and Kelley O'Hara I had to give them a try myself. Plus I absolutely love bright boots. 

Liam on the other hand opted for a classic pair of Puma's, they really do have a classic look to them and look really smart but I think I will stick to my nice bright ones.

So there you have it those are the items I picked up to get me started. Keep an eye on here for more football and health & fitness posts.

See you soon

Recently Read & TBR

This year I really wanted to read a lot more, then we bought a house. Which meant books were packed into boxes, most aren't even out of those boxes 6 months on. It also meant 90% of our time was then dedicated to decorating the house not giving me much time to read at all, once I was done at work I would go home do a load of jobs then fall asleep the second my head hit the pillow. That been said I have definitely read a lot more than I have in previous years. Here is what I have managed to complete (there is definitely a theme)....

Forward - Abby Wambach
Abby is one of my all time favourite women's footballers, she did so much for the game. It was interesting to read all about her growing up, her personal struggles and how she over came issues, becoming a world cup winner and a pretty big deal in the game. I even think this could be a possible re-read in the future.

Breakaway Beyond The Goal - Alex Morgan
A pretty big name in the women's game right now is Alex Morgan. She is one of the players I certainly look up to and reading all about her growing up and suffering injuries whilst trying to play the game at the highest level has really given me an insight into who Alex is and how she just wants to be the best she can be whether that is for club or country. 

Under the lights and in the dark - Gwendolyn Oxenham
This was definitely one of my favourite reads. Showing the trials and tribulations that the female footballers have to overcome throughout different countries all over the world, from being homeless and playing for their national team to having to play in underground mens leagues. I have actually spoken to my grandad about this book and he has asked if he could borrow it. The book is a real eye opener and honestly makes you hope that one day things might get a little easier for the female players.

I also have a couple of books unpacked ready to be read and honestly I can't wait to get through them these are...

Solo: A memoir of hope - Hope Solo
Yet another football book. Hope is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world but controversy seems to follow her around no matter what she does. There has been court appearances, suspensions from the national team and a contract termination. I can't wait to dive into this book and here from Hope herself what really happened and what her like has always been like. I just really want her back playing one day.

When nobody was watching - Carli Lloyd
Ah Carli Lloyd, she is up there on a level with Abby for being one of the best in the game. Carli has always been hard work and determination, so I am looking forward to reading all about her life in this book. She is an absolutely amazing player so it will be great to see what goes into making such a player.

I,Justine - Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
iJustine is one of the first YouTubers I started watching religiously watching her tech, gaming and baking videos are something I look forward to seeing in my subscription box. Just like the other autobiographies I have read I can't wait to find out more about iJustine other than her amazing amount of love for Apple and Apple products. 

So there you have it that is what I have currently been reading and what I am hoping to read very soon. I think I have a little issue and need to try mix up what I read and not just stick to football autobiographies. When we unpack more books I think I am going to have a big shock on how many are currently unread, but I am hoping that for the rest of the year and next I can get through a big chunk of them.

See you soon 

September Favourites

September seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. My birthday was at the beginning of the month and I had an amazing time, we had family around at our house for a party which was so nice. The house is definitely beginning to feel a lot more like a home to us now too which is perfect seen as we have now been in it 6 months. So here are a few of the things I had been loving throughout September, I didn't have many though as I seemed to be constantly switching things up... 

In terms of beauty I didn't have many favourites through the month but one of them was my R+co Dallas thickening spray, it has worked wonders on my hair and I know it is something I am going to keep repurchasing. I had also been loving my Victoria Secret body mist, I got it a while back and never really bothered with it but now I wished I had started using it earlier. 

I recently picked up a couple of Levis t-shirts which I am absolutely in love with, I think I would honestly wear these everyday if I could. They are really comfortable and easy to style. Another fashion favourite was my Nike Air Force 1's they became a staple piece for me last month and you can now really tell they are starting to fall apart from how much I have actually used them in the past few years, I will be getting myself another pair soon.

Fifa came out in the last few days of the month and it was an instant favourite, I managed to get Kim Hunter's journey completed and have started a new tournament. It was also great just putting finishing touches to certain rooms in the house (you can check out the update here) it really is starting to come together. Even the garden is at a stage where we could actually venture out into it to have a kick around or get started doing work on it.

See you soon

Haze Shop Backpack*

 I love a good backpack, in fact I would much rather use a backpack than a handbag because not only does it suit my style better but I just find it a lot more convenient. My backpacks are usually character ones such as Star Wars or Sooty, or simply just plain black. I was lucky enough recently to receive this backpack from the people over at Haze. 

This one is called Golden Wave and retails at £49.99. Granted this is a bit pricey for a backpack but it is a really well built one and I can see it lasting me a long time. Usually I wouldn't go for something as bold as this but the detail is really amazing and it is just such an eye catching piece. It definitely makes a statement. 

The front of the bag not only has all the golden details but it also has the details in the black parts meaning there is detail everywhere to catch your eye. The bag is also vegan friendly so is suitable for everyone. I have even used the bag in the rain and can say that it is pretty water tight as nothing inside got wet, one thing that every bag needs to be due to where I live.

When I first looked at the bag I have to admit I was a little worried as the straps didn't seem very padded so I thought they may rub my shoulders a little and feel uncomfortable but I can assure you I haven't had a single issue with these and they are actually pretty comfy, I have also finally found a good quality bag where the straps don't constantly fall down.

 The detail doesn't stop on the outside either as there is plenty of little details on the inside, nothing is just plain and basic, there is a pocket for a laptop, a little zip compartment and 2 card sized holders. The bag has plenty of space for all the essentials, in fact in this image I had all the things I needed to take images for 2 blog posts and it all fit with room to spare. 

I just absolutely love the attention to detail on this backpack and I have actually seen a lot more items on the Haze website which I may have to treat myself to in the future. But for now I can see this bag getting a lot of use for a very long time. I have already had quite a lot of compliments on it.

You can check Haze out for yourself over on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I am currently working on an updated whats in my bag post for the autumn/winter so keep an eye out for that very soon. It is just so nice having a product which steps out of my comfort zone that I absolutely love.

See you soon,

*Items in this post were sent for the purpose of a review - all words and opinions are my own.

Last Week #22

Last week was a pretty good one. I saw Bradford play twice (although Saturday I wish I had stayed at home), the new Fifa came out, we got our new bed and had plenty of chill time. It has been nice just to take a step back and not have any big DIY jobs to do at the moment, although we will have a few bits to do soon, I am still hopeful of getting the spare room done by Christmas. Christmas items are also heading into the shops so I have been trying to get some inspiration on what to buy people. I even went out and took some fashion images for the blog for once. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: YouTube has been on a lot through the week, mainly decluttering and cleaning videos. I just need to take inspiration from these and actually do some myself. I also watched a lot of faulty towers.

Been reading : The only things I read last week were website pages of home accessories and Christmas ideas. I really am trying to get a little more organised so I think I may need to start my Christmas shopping and buying decorations as I am really excited to decorate our house.

Been listening to : I don't know what has got into me but I have been listening to a lot of Disney soundtracks along side One Direction.

Bought : I treated myself to a copy of Fifa 19, 2 pairs of jeggings and a slytherin jumper last week. I really shouldn't have but I couldn't resist. 

Plans for this week : I really want to get the wardrobe and drawers in the bedroom sorted, I also really want to try buy some bookcases for the dining room because that will mean I can unpack more of the spare room. I also want to get measured up for the shelving in the games room. I am also hoping to get more blogging done seen as we don't have much on this weekend.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon