December 2023 goals


Here we are at the end of the year already, the final month that is going to be full of festivities and no doubt it will also mean less time just lounging around. I already have a few things booked in for the month which I am looking forward to as they are bound to make the final month a bit different to previous months. It might be a busy month for a number of reasons however, I am also hoping that it is a productive month so that I can head into the year a bit more relaxed than I have been throughout the whole of 2023. The goals for the month are hopefully a bit more realistic than they previously have been but here is what I am hoping to achieve throughout December...


Get the wash baskets emptied

Right this one has been failed so many times with bigger items lingering at the bottom of the wash basket as I know they will take forever to dry however, I am 100% determined that this is going to change in December and by New Years Eve these baskets will be completely empty and I will be heading into the new year not having to worry about being caught up on washing and with a new mentality of finally keeping on top of it throughout 2024.

Wear 1 Christmas jumper each week

I am definitely soaking up the festivities this year and after a look through my wardrobe I have realised that I can very easily wear 1 Christmas jumper a week without having to repeat any of them. I can definitely have fun doing this with a mixture of themes on the jumpers I own. The Grinch is not making an appearance this year, in fact I am soaking it all up as I am in the mood to celebrate the season more than ever, even if I am not too sure why. 

No wearing sneakers daily

The habit of just opting for a pair of sneakers everyday is slowly creeping back in my day to day routine and this December I want to get out of that habit as I try to smarten myself up and create habits going into the new year. I have plenty of nice pieces of footwear to rotate between so it is about time I start to mix things up and make use of that smarter footwear, plus I need to start doing this to justify some future purchase I want to make but more on that another day.

Go up into the loft to find old gems

A while back I put some clothing up in the loft for safe storage and due to the fact it wasn't really the style I was going for anymore however, I think I am ready to go back there and get these pieces back out as it is definitely the sort of style I am aiming for currently. If I do find these pieces and they fit me right I know I am going to have some brilliant nearly new additions in my wardrobe to carry me through to the new year and they are much smarter options to what I currently have on offer.

Plan my outfits out in advance and get them out ready

I have done quite well with planning outfits out lately however, it is back on the goals list as it is a habit I want to continue with. Planning my outfits out in advance has helped me out so much as I know what I want to wear on those specific days and I have even gone as far as planning out workout outfits when it has come to going to those sessions. The plan now though is to build on this and actually start getting the outfits out and lined up will help reduce the guess work on a morning of 'where did I leave that item', the time getting ready each day will massively be cut back and will free up more time to get into a real morning routine to start the day on the right foot.


Enjoy the festive period

In previous posts I have mentioned how the festive period didn't go to plan for me last year which I think is why I am so determined to have a much better time this year. I want to get out to Christmas markets, enjoy cozy days with Liam and the dog and just soak up the magically time of the year. This December is going to be the most festive one yet I am determined of it so keep an eye on social media to see what I get up to.

Get all the gifts wrapped early in the month

In previous years I have left all the gift wrapping until last minute which has resulted in a lot of stress on Christmas eve and that inevitable bad back from trying to wrap everything in one go. This time around though thanks to being more prepared I am hoping that I can have all the gifts wrapped before the second weekend of the month just giving me more free time and so that I am much more organised. I managed to finish the shopping early so let's hope the wrapping follows suit.

One long walk a week

Throughout the month of December as things quieten down on a weekend the plan is to have a long walk with the dog on either a Saturday or Sunday every week. Just a few hours in the fresh air whilst enjoying the time in the outdoors together. We all love these walks so we need to make the most of the quieter weekends and get as many walks in as we can no matter how cold it is. No doubt as we have time off over Christmas and new year we will cram even more walks into that space and make the most of our time off.

Book in the plasterer

We are determined to get more jobs done around the house in 2024 as 2023 really didn't go to plan. The plan is though to really hit the ground running in 2024 and make a start on the jobs we want to do straight away rather than delaying them over and over. We have been saving for getting the bedroom done so the plan is that we get the plasterer booked in for January so we can start the prep work and have an all new bedroom in the first few months of the year.

Plan out the bedroom work

As I just mentioned once the plasterer is booked in all systems are a go for the new bedroom so we need to sit down together and make a plan of action for getting the room ready for plastering, what colour we are painting the room and what furniture will fit and needs buying. I am looking forward to this planning part much more than Liam is however, we do both realise it is going to be worth it in the end when we have a much nicer looking room.


Don't go overboard on festive food

I know I said a goal is to enjoy the festive period however, I also need to remember that I don't need to go overboard when it comes to the food I consume. I am a nightmare for just saying 'ah it's Christmas after all' and going on to eat everything in sight so this year I want to try reign it in and not eat for the sake of it. The annual how many pigs in blankets can I eat will still be taking place as I am determined to beat last years total. 

Gym two times a week

I recently signed up for a new gym that has opened up so the aim to get it into my routine is to head there twice a week to start with. I think this is a more realistic goal than saying I will go 4 times a week as with the 2 times I can be flexible with the days due to festive events but at the same I can use it to build the habit and make it just a normal part of my routine whilst I get back into working out regularly.

Lose 3lb

I think if I did everything else on these fitness goals I could easily drop 3lb this month however, it is all going to depend on that festive food one though I think. If I can reign it in and control the portion sizes and mix in the workouts I think 3lb is a very realistic goal for the final month of the year but I guess time will only tell if I can reach this or not. Let's hope we do see a loss for the end of the year though.

Weight lifting at least once

With it being the final month of the year I expect it to be a busy one so the plan is not to make huge goals in this area and rather than trying to hit every week when I might have stuff on I am going to be much more realistic with it and aim for just the one session as I know I can definitely get there one week so any extras will be an added bonus. I am loving these sessions so I am really hoping I can get to more than one session to end the year on a high.

Meal prep and plan

I am determined to get this habit worked on in the final month of the year as I am hopeful that if I can get into the habit of doing this in December I am more likely to carry it on into the new year. It is really going to help me out as I won't be trying to think of what to have at lunch time and spending a fortune on meal deals like I currently do. By planning and prepping I am definitely going to be heading in the right direction with my weight loss goals.


Daily post on TNG

My content on Instagram is going to be changing in the new year however, I want to try build on the habit of posting before the change comes into play. I have really struggled with posting throughout 2023 due to a mixture of lack of ideas and my confidence in front of the camera disappearing. I am really hoping if I can post continuously throughout December I can carry this on into the new year.

Set up the printer

Thanks to a lack of time and effort I still haven't got around to setting up my printer in the spare room/office. I am hoping that December has plenty of more relaxed days which will mean one day will be spent getting this sorted out along with all the other jobs I have been delaying. This really needs to be done if I want to hit the ground running with new things in 2024 so lets hope a few free hours crop up so I can sort this and everything else out.

Print off 3 products ready to launch 

My little project is going to be properly launching in January and I want to be prepared for it so the plan is to print off the 3 items I think will sell the most and get them ready to be sold rather than rushing around leaving things until last minute like I have done all through 2023. This is something I really want to work on and build upon in the new year so fingers crossed I can get ahead of myself before the start of 2024.

Get January's content sorted for all sites

This is also a step towards being a lot more organised for 2024... I want to make sure I am starting the year with a full blog content plan for the month of January for all 3 sites, I want notes made on at least half the posts however, if I could actually have at least the first 2 weeks typed and ready to go that would be even better as it means I can try be consistently ahead of myself. I am determined to see growth on the sites in the new year and by planning ahead I put myself in a much better position than I have been in 2023 to achieve this.

Get January's Instagram content sorted

I also want to make sure I have a piece of content planned for each Instagram account so I can be posting on those consistently and again I am hoping I can get more of these sorted and scheduled ready to go up daily and have content done in advance rather than forgetting to sort it and neglecting the platform as I have been doing. 2024 will be the year of growth on Instagram at long last, I wonder just how much we can grow over the course of the year.

So there you go those are my final goals for 2023, I am determined to finish the year much better than the rest of it has been going so I am looking forward to seeing how many of these goals actually get ticked off and help me start the new year much better than I started 2023. It is time to hit the ground running.

November 2023 goals wrap up...

Somehow we are already at the end of November and we are fast approaching the end of 2023 which to be honest I will be glad to see the back of. I had huge intentions for November however, it hasn't gone to plan and I have used any downtime just to relax before things go a little crazy over the festive period. I had set out some big goals for the month and as you will see from this post I have barely achieved any of them but I am not mad as I know that I needed to relax more than anything and that break has helped me realign for the new year and plenty of planning has actually taken place. So here is a look at how my goals for November went...


Keep the wash baskets empty

This one has been a massive fail as the effort to be up and down with the wash basket just hasn't been there. I made a good dent in the washing but just not as much as I would have hoped, I guess with this one I just need to stop being so lazy and just have one weekend where I do as much as I can as within a couple of days I do think this issue could be resolved and we could be having a fresh start when it comes to how full those wash baskets are.

Buy no new clothes

Oh look another one that was a fail however, I did only buying clothing I actually needed. My wardrobe is now well stocked for the cold weather and I shouldn't need to buy anything new for a while now. I didn't spend a fortune on the clothing either as I stuck to Primark and they had everything I needed to fill my winter wardrobe whilst also making it look a little smarter. I shouldn't need anything else for a while now luckily.

Plan outfits weekly

I mean this one is half done half not. I had the outfits for each week in mind however, I just didn't actually get them laid out each day like I intended to. It was so much easier knowing each day what I intended to wear however, it would have been even easier if I actually got those items out and in sight rather than having to rummage around for them each morning. Having the outfits in mind worked so the next step is just to be more organised and get them out ready before each morning rolls around.

Wear my Dr Marten's more often

I had every intention of doing this one however, I will be honest I didn't go anywhere to actually wear them. The only places I went to throughout November weren't really suitable for them so I stuck to my Adidas. With the festive period approaching though I should have plenty of times to wear them coming up before the end of the year.

Accessorize outfits

I actually managed to do this one a fair few times throughout the month however, I do wish I had done it more often as I loved the way the outfits looked with just a bit of jewellery thrown into the mix. I definitely want to keep up to adding accessories to my outfits as I have plenty of jewellery for all occasions so as the festive season approaches I might as well put it all to good use.


Get 90% of my Christmas shopping done

Oh look one of the goals that I have managed to get done. I am actually surprised that I managed to get this done but I am so glad I did as it has meant I can have a much more relaxed festive period and not have to worry about needing to head to the shops when they are chaotic. It also means I can get everything wrapped up with plenty of time to spare rather than rushing around wrapping items on Christmas eve like I usually do.

One long walk a week

We managed this once throughout November and to be honest even though we got soaked and it was freezing we actually enjoyed ourselves and the dog loved it too. Now I am having a break from football for a bit it would be nice to make every Sunday a long dog walk day as we can see new places and just enjoy our time together. Who knew I would end up falling in love with walking after saying I hate it for so many years.

Bake once a week

Due to laziness this is another goal I haven't achieved. I have different goodies ready to be made however, the lack of effort means the kits are still sat in the cupboard waiting to be made. I really did have every intention of doing this but maybe I will aim to do this before the year is over as cozy days in baking in the cold weather sound perfect to me.

Declutter all the kitchen

This is another goal that hasn't taken place due to laziness however, both me and Liam agreed we would wait until a bit closer to Christmas to get this done. The declutter will just mean more space for the Christmas food shop and allow us a fresh start as we head into the new year. The cupboards definitely need sorting out so I am looking forward to spending half a day getting them sorted.

Start saving up for the bedroom work

We are well underway with the saving for the bedroom and we are actually looking at getting the works booked in very soon which we certainly can't wait for as this project has been a long time coming. The bedroom was done in a hurry when we first moved in and it is now time to get it done exactly how want it and let's just say it is going to be totally different to how it is now.


Lose 6 lbs

Well this one didn't go to plan and to be honest I have stayed away from the scales for a while as mentally my head has not been in the right place. This year hasn't gone to plan and November is no different and I am tempted to not get on the scales now until the new year and have a fresh start but we will see what December has in store and if I am in the right mindset or not.

Meal prep & plan

This was another fail and again it was down to laziness, I just didn't have the right mindset to head out to do a proper food shop and then stand making those meals. It is a time consuming task in all honesty however, I know it is a task I need to get used to carrying out as those long term goals wont be reached without it.

Go to a weight lifting class 5 times

I guess you could say I half completed this goal as I actually went 3 times over the course of the month and lets just say weight lifting is now one of my favourite things to do. I really didn't think I would enjoy the sessions as much as I do but I am so glad I gave them a try as I now currently countdown to the sessions on a Thursday evening.

Boxing at least twice a week

Unfortunately this is another fail as time just didn't allow me to get to sessions. Wednesday's are now out of the window as I have started attending a new football session and the only other day is a Saturday however, I take my nephew to football training most Saturday's. I really need to try set up a routine where I can get back to these sessions though as I am definitely missing them. 

Set the ice bath up 

Oh look another goal I set and never got around to sorting. I really need to get this set up so I can start adding it into my routine however, I really need to sort the back garden out before doing this and I just haven't got around to doing this yet due to the weather and poor time organisation. This will be getting done ASAP though as I can't wait to get using it.


Post daily on the TNG Instagram

It started off well with 3 posts in a row and then due to a lack of organisation I totally fell behind and posted absolutely nothing. I really want to get into a routine of posting more and producing better quality content so I am going to re-evaluate this one and plan much better going forward so that I can be more present on social media. I might have failed this one in November but it is time to up the game in December and into the new year.

Post some reels on the fitness Instagram

There have been no reels posted on this account as my confidence has been at an all time low so I haven't wanted to be on camera and especially not on a video. In fact I have barely posted on the fitness page at all due to my thoughts with the journey. I will be trying to do the reels again at some point however, at the moment it is not a priority and I will re-evaluate it in the new year.

Update iMovie

I finally managed to get around to updating iMovie at the start of the month however, no doubt I will need to update it again by now. I updated it with every intention of using it to create better content on Instagram however, as I have mentioned earlier that didn't go to plan either. Maybe 2024 will be the time where I actually do try using iMovie although I am now looking at CapCut so we will see.

Plan fitness Christmas content

This is one that I managed to complete too as I spent a few hours working on my fitness advent calendar so I have a story post challenge ready to go live from the 1st to the 24th of December. I am really looking forward to posting these little challenges and a few followers have also said they are looking forward to seeing the posts so let's see how the month plays out with that content.

Start mapping out 2024 content

I am really proud of this on as for here and the TNG I have more or less all of January's content mapped out and some blog bits also have notes made so they are ready to type. I have even managed to get some bits planned for the gaming and football sites too and I think after a few productive December evenings I could actually have a lot of the gaming and football Instagram content created and scheduled so lets see how that plays out, fingers crossed I can really get ahead of myself as I am hoping as it would make January go a lot smoother.

So there you have it the month was nowhere near as productive as I would have hoped but I think a bit of a lazy month is just what I needed as we run up to the festive period and I am now ready to hit the ground running in December whilst also making a bit of a head start ready for the new year which I can not wait for as there are plenty of big plans for that but more on those another day. For now though let's see what December has in store...

November 2023 favourites


Here we go somehow November is almost wrapped up and we are heading into the final month of 2023, I am not sure how though as I feel as though it was just two minutes ago 2023 was actually beginning. The year has certainly flown by and with how it has gone I will be glad to see the back of it, saying that though November has been a good month and things have started to change in the right direction at long last. November has been a busy but very productive month with plenty of changes taking place which were much needed, it has also been a month of discovering new favourites whilst also rediscovering old ones. So here are my favourite things from the month of November...


Putting effort into outfits again

Now I haven't put as much effort in as I would have liked however, I have been putting more effort in than I have for the rest of 2023 and that is why it is on this months favourites list. The month has been a month of working out different outfit combinations whilst also reaching for pieces I haven't worn in a long time due to them looking smarter than usual. It has been nice rediscovering old favourite clothing items but the plan for December is to make even more effort when it comes to getting ready on a morning.


Adidas Forums

The Air Force are officially retired and I guess you could say it is about time as they were well and truly falling apart. I was planning on rotating the footwear I wore as a replacement however, I seem to have stuck with my Adidas Forums throughout November. These have been super comfortable and somehow have stayed in pretty good condition even after all these wears which is always an added bonus. These have been perfect for the outfits I have worn this month but that may change next month.

Ugg Dupes

I have had these Ugg dupes from Primark for about 4 years now and they are still going strong. These have been great as an alternative for sneakers are are actually really comfortable however, I will admit I don't go very far in these but I am absolutely loving them for those quick trips. Maybe I need to invest in some of those mini Ugg's when these are no good.


Trying weight lifting

November is the month where I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new fitness class and I am so glad I did as it has been so much fun and is benefiting me loads. I never expected me to enjoy weight lifting but it is actually really fun and I am learning plenty of new things as I attend more and more sessions. This is certainly going to be something that I keep going to for as long as possible and I think it is going to help with the weight loss over time too. 

Signing up for the gym again

November also saw me take the step of joining the gym for the first time in a long time. This is only temporary however, as I will be cancelling this once the home gym is up and running. By signing up to the gym now though I can get a head start on my 2024 goals and also keep pushing myself on that weight loss and fitness journey which I am really hoping is coming to an end this time next year. I am glad I made the jump and signed up for the gym and I can't wait to see what progress I make from it.


Family time

In November I took the decision to step away from football for a little bit and to be honest I am quite glad I made that decision as I have a whole lot more time to spend with Liam and the dog without having to rush back for games etc. It has been really nice having more time with them as it has included time at home or long walks which is a nice change of pace which was actually much needed. 

Working on plans for the house

2023 hasn't gone to plan in regards, to getting jobs around the house done, in fact we have got nothing done at all in the grand scheme of things which has been a bit of a nightmare. We have actually spent a lot of November planning out the jobs we want to get done in 2024 though and what order we want them done in. It has been a month of planning and we are slowly making progress with the plans and know exactly what our first job is going to be.


Alex Scott - How not to be strong

Ok so this book is now on back to back favourites as I have not made reading a priority so I am still working my way through this book. I will be honest though I am glad I am taking my time with this as it is such a good read and I am learning so much about one of my all time favourite players. You really do learn a lot about Alex's life on and off the pitch and I am loving every second of reading this book.


What's Good Games

Another back to back favourite is the What's Good Games podcast, I just can't get enough of it and their content is really helping me stay in the loop when it comes to gaming which I haven't been doing as much as I previously have. This really has kept me in the loop though and I look forward to the new episodes being released weekly. I do need to start listening to other podcasts to so maybe that can be my aim for the new year... find new podcasts to listen to.

Overall highlight of the month 

Getting things ready for the festive season

I mentioned in a previous post that last years festive period was chaotic and a lot of aspects were rushed however, I can honestly say the big highlight of my November is being on top of everything and actually having all the gifts purchased and ready to wrap, I am way ahead of myself for once and it means I am going to have more time to just relax this year and enjoy everything festive with no worries and minimal stress.

Favourite thing I have learned

It is actually easier to be alcohol free than you think

I went alcohol free in September with the aim of not drinking until my 30th birthday and I will be honest I thought that it would be a struggle however, it is actually a lot easier than I realised. There are plenty of alcohol free options when out and about although so far I haven't actually thought about having a drink in a long time and I feel great for cutting it out.

So there you have it those were my favourites from the month of November, I have to say a final favourite is definitely this new format of the post too as it is actually helping narrow down those real favourites. Now though let's see what the final month of the year has in store...

The 2023 festive period bucket list...

Back in 2022 the festive period really didn't go to plan for me. I was run down and I actually spent a night in hospital with tonsillitis which actually put me out of action for over a week. Due to not being well and run down I had to cram everything into the festive period and I didn't get the chance to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I usually would. This time around though I am determined to have a great festive period full of festive cheer and activities to keep us busy without costing us a fortune like in previous years. So here is what I am hoping we can do throughout the month of December to have a fantastic festive period...

Cozy day putting up Christmas decorations

I missed out on putting the decorations up last year as Liam got it all done whilst I was unwell. This year though I would love to have one day over the weekend just me, Liam & the dog with Christmas music on in the background whilst we get the living room fully decorated for Christmas. We wont need to rush with putting the decorations up so a full festive day whilst chasing the dog around sounds perfect to me. I just need to go buy some decorations before we can do this seen as the theme has changed this year.

Build a gingerbread house

Last year we got the kits to be able to do this however, due to me not being well we never got around to doing it. I would love to give this a try this year though so the plan is to go buy a house for me and one for Liam and have the competition that was delayed from last to see who can build the best house. This will be a nice little activity for an evening after work, again we can throw some Christmas music on and just enjoy each others company.

Christmas film marathon

I would love to have at least one weekend where on the Saturday or Sunday we just sit and watch Christmas films. We haven't actually done this since we moved in together 5 years ago so why not start this year? We can get the cushions on the floor in the living room with some blankets and just watch our favourite Christmas films for the whole day. This will also mean plenty of snacks and dog snuggles which just sounds like the perfect day these days.

Visit a Christmas market

Where I live there are so many different Christmas markets within a good distance so we are really spoiled for choice however, we never really bother with them. This year though I want to change that and head to at least one local Christmas market even if it is just a small one. I really miss heading to one and having a look around whilst sipping on an overpriced hot chocolate. Who knows I might end up treating myself to some lovely homemade goodies whilst there.

Cozy days in 

I am starting to realise I don't need to be going out and spending money to enjoy myself, I don't need those pointless shopping trips and I can actually enjoy myself more just having cozy days in this festive period. I can snuggle up under blankets in the living room playing games or reading books and just enjoy my time with Liam and the dog. This will not only save me money which I desperately need to do but it will also keep me in the warmth spending time with two of my favourites.

Board game night

Now this one might be a bit chaotic with the dog but we used to have board game nights when we lived with our parents, just the two of us would sit and play for hours however, since moving in together we haven't ever really bothered having nights like this and we would definitely benefit from them as it would be much needed time together with no distractions, well other than the dog charging around.

Baking day

All through 2023 I have said I would love to have a baking day so I might as well finally have one before the year ends. The festive period seems like the perfect time to spend a day in the kitchen making treats for me and the rest of the family. I think a cold, wet weekend might be spent doing this and I have to say I am actually looking forward to it. Now I just need to think of what treats to make. 

Christmas eve tradition

The final piece of the festive period bucket list is for us to carry on our Christmas eve tradition whilst including the dog this year. Christmas eve is where we put the final touches to any gifts and any last minute cleaning before settling down in the early afternoon to just enjoy a cosy day whilst enjoying time together. We watch rubbish films whilst tackling our Christmas eve box which consists of cheese, biscuits, snacks and drinks before ordering a curry from our favourite house and settling down to watch the Muppets a Christmas Carol, the film we always watch before calling it a night and getting plenty of sleep ready for a chaotic day on Christmas day. This year the only difference will be we add a Christmas eve box in for Odin filled with plenty of treats and toys with a festive theme. 

So there you go we are certainly determined that this festive period is going to be better than last years with a much slower pace where we can just enjoy our time together and have some fun rather than heading out and spending a fortune like we usually would.

Now what shall we do first?...

The places we would love to visit as we get out and about more.

One of the big things that both me and Liam want to do next year is get out and about more whether it be a day trip or a weekend away. We are looking at getting some camping equipment to allow us to take the dog on some camping weekends throughout 2024 which should be nice and cheap trips but we would also like to go on a few trips maybe in a wooden lodge somewhere out of the way where we can go on dog walks etc, and just switch off. We are even getting some walking gear for day trips out and about on long walks with the dog just so we can enjoy the fresh air a whole lot more. 

Living up in the north of England we are lucky enough to have plenty of nice walks on our doorstep or a short drive away. There are also plenty of nice places to go for a weekend away without having to drive for hours, in fact we are probably spoiled for choice when it comes to narrowing down where we want to go. After a fair bit of thinking though we have slowly narrowed down a number of places where we would love to head to over the course of 2024 and probably beyond that as there are a few too many places and here is where we would love to head...

Lake District

We are not too far from the Lake District in the grand scheme of things and we think the dog would love it up there. We want to explore as many parts of it as we can too so it will mean having a fair few trips up there. No doubt at some point we will stay over in the Lakes, in fact 1 weekend up there is an aim for 2024 but most trips will probably consist of long days up there, a nice early start a good walk and the rest of the day exploring whichever area we head to. 

Peak District

The Peak District is also not too far away from us however, I think if we do head to the Peak District this will be for things such as camping trips or sometime in a lodge. There is plenty to explore in the Peak District and again I think that all 3 of us would enjoy our time there no matter what length of time we are there for. Now to make a list of what areas we want to explore first as again we are spoiled for choice.

The Cotswold's

Now the Cotswold's are definitely a fair distance away from us so this would be a long weekend away no doubt but I am determined to get there at some point. Anyone that I know that has been has said how nice it is so I am hoping it will really be worth the trip. Again there will be plenty of nice walks to do around there whilst also being able to explore the area so fingers crossed we can head down there at some point soon.

English Heritages Sites 

We really do need to sign up to the English Heritage once more as previously we never got our money worth. Now we are getting out and about more with the dog though it would be great to renew and go to as many dog friendly sites as we can. Again we have a fair few local sites whilst there are plenty in other areas we want to visit too so maybe that renewal would come in handy, plus Liam loves anything history related so he would certainly benefit from it.

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are literally on our doorstep so we really don't have any excuse not to go on adventures up there. There are plenty of areas that we can go explore and it wont take us long to get there either which is a win, win situation. This is definitely an area we are planning on heading to for some camping trips too so let's hope when we do go the weather is on our side.

Yorkshire Coast

A few trips to the Yorkshire coast is also on the list. Now just your typical Bridlington & Scarborough either, we want to go explore the hidden gems and Whitby is 100% on the list of where we will be heading in 2024. You can't beat a trip to the seaside and the Yorkshire coastline is full of places to go and explore. The dog loves the beach too so we will have to make sure we are going at times when he can go on the beach so he isn't missing out.

There are plenty of places for us to head out and just enjoy our time together which is something we are determined to do especially in the new year. There is no need to spend our time out of work just sat in the house or going shopping for the sake of it, we really should start taking advantage of the outdoor adventures we have around us and spend some time with the dog exploring those areas. It will no doubt tire him out but exploring is what the little bundle of energy needs and it will do me and Liam the world of good too.

Now to decide where to head to first...

Trying to create the perfect wardrobe to make getting ready easier...


2024 is the time where I will be working on a whole lot of things and one of the first things we are planning on doing is some jobs around the house. We are finally planning on getting the bedroom done, but more on that another day. The big thing about getting the bedroom done though is the old useless wardrobe is finally going to be ripped out and we can create the perfect wardrobe for ourselves to make getting ready a whole lot easier than it currently is. We are looking at replacing our old wardrobe with a Pax system from Ikea as it means we can customize the wardrobe to our liking and what is going to benefit us the most. With me and Liam sharing the wardrobe which is only a small area we need something that is going to work for us both and fit everything in so things aren't dotted all over like they are currently. 

With it only being a small area the way we are thinking is to get a 100cm wardrobe with a 50cm one slotted in at the side of it. This should fit the area perfectly and provide us with plenty of space to store all our items. So here is how we are planning on setting the wardrobes up...

The 100cm wardrobe is obviously the bigger of the two so is going to be the main wardrobe. This is going to be where the majority of our clothing is stored and this is how we are hoping to fit it out to suit our needs...

2 Rails

We are hoping to have two rails in this wardrobe one up top for any t-shirts, shirts or jumpers that need hanging up to hold the condition of the items. This will be my tops on one side and Liam's on the other so we can keep them separate but all looking good with just the tops up there. The other rail will be on the bottom and filled with our jeans and trousers whilst been separated just like the tops are. Again we just know where everything is with the items rather than having to search for ages like we currently do. The plan with this is to make sure each rail isn't overflowing too so the rule will be before new purchase we need to check to see if items can be donated etc, to make space for incoming pieces, the area will definitely be kept clutter free for once and not be overwhelming when opened.

1 Drawer at the bottom

Below the trousers I am hoping we can fit in a drawer just to store those bits that don't need hanging up or would possibly get damaged by being hung up. This would definitely be for those nice jumpers or t-shirts where we don't want them to lose shape. Again though the aim is to keep this drawer nice and organised so we can open and close it with no issues.

Accessory drawer with a glass shelf

In between the rails if we have the space I would love to have a drawer with a glass shelf over the top just for us to keep all our accessories in one place. This would be somewhere to keep belts, extra wallets and little bits like that so that we aren't constantly miss placing things or having to go into a different room to finish off getting ready. Again thanks to sharing this would be a half and half drawer.

As for the 50cm wardrobe this is just going to be for a few extra bits so they aren't all spread out. Here is how we are hoping to lay the smaller wardrobe out...

4 drawers

The plan is to have 2 drawers each within this section. These would possibly be for underwear just so it is all in one place and out of the way. The smaller drawers would also mean that again we can't overfill them like we have previously done and would need regular clear outs as new bits come in. No need to hang on to bits for the sake of it like we have been doing just due to being too lazy to declutter.

2 pull out tray for jewellery

Again this would be great to have as everything would be in one place meaning we can get fully ready in one room. The most important pieces can be stored in here whether it is just jewellery or jewellery & watches but it would be a welcomed addition. This would again be one tray each and be with our drawers so everything is in its own half. 

Glass trays about each jewellery tray

Above each tray I would love to have a glass tray so that our fragrances can be in one space too. Again this would be a shelf each and would just mean it is all in one space. Currently we have bottles in the bedroom, bathroom and the spare room so to have everything in one space would make life so much easier and we can easily see what bottles we have to suit what we want to wear that day and also so we can see what we are running low on.

This layout would be absolutely perfect for us both so the plan is to sit down and measure & plan everything out properly to see if the layout would fit how we want it to so fingers crossed it does. Alongside the wardrobe we will also be getting a chest of drawers for the bits like pyjamas and workout clothing but we will go into that in a post another day where we will look at the full plans for the bedroom.

I guess that ripping the old wardrobe out will give me the chance to finally have that big wardrobe declutter that I keep on putting off, then I can just put back in those items I really want to keep as I push towards my weight loss goal and goal shop. 

By changing the wardrobe like this getting ready is going to be much more enjoyable and easier each morning as everything will be in one place and much easier to access at long last. Now it is just a case of finally starting on the work which will hopefully be at the start of 2024 and completed by the end of the first 3 months but we shall see. Once it is done it will be more time to focus on the weight loss so we can fill the perfect laid out wardrobe with the ideal clothing.

Roll on getting the bedroom done now and let's start getting the jobs ticked off at long last.

It is time to have a real go at cold water therapy...


When I started on my fitness and weight loss back in lockdown in 2020 I started giving cold showers a go but now it is time to step it up a gear...

Cold water therapy seems to be a really big thing at the moment especially on social media and after looking into it more and more the decision has been made and an ice bath has been added to the garden. There are so many potential benefits from consistently partaking in cold water therapy so I am hoping that by adding it into my routine more often I can really feel those benefits. Especially as I have a few health conditions that if research is correct cold water could really help reduce those conditions and give me a better day to day life.

One condition I suffer from is Raynauds which effects your circulation, after searching to see if there were circulation benefits I ready a fair few articles that all said that it can have a positive effect on circulation so I am looking forward to adding it to my routine to see if it does help reduce the effects of my condition which can be an absolute nightmare 24/7. I also suffer from Osteoarthritis in my knee which causes a lot of pain at times and again after a bit of research I have found that the cold water can be really beneficial for this too and honestly I will try anything that can help reduce that pain. There is also plenty of research which says cold water therapy can aid weight loss which is something that I am aiming for so if I do see a benefit from this then even better as I am now back to my starting point.

I know from the previous cold showers though that a huge benefit for me comes mentally. When I started my days with a cold shower I always saw the impact it had, my day would be better, more productive and I was up and ready to hit the ground running where as days where I didn't do this I struggled to get going. When I did the showers consistently I saw a huge change in my moods, I was happier and more confident. I definitely had a whole lot more energy too which lead to a lot more getting done during those days which certainly helped me out a lot within various aspects of my life. 

The cold showers have been hit and miss within the routine but as I am trying to make this consistent I am taking this up a gear and making it a permanent feature in my routine. Not satisfied with just using the shower I have purchased my very own ice bath for the garden. After a lot of deliberating I opted for an Immerse Recovery one as the company have been super helpful on social media.

Immerse Recovery have been producing some great content since they started up and I have been really impressed with what content they have produced as it is insightful and they have also been great with any questions over direct messages, any question they answered so I knew that I was making a good decision getting from them. The owners really know what they are on about and can explain the benefits etc and put your mind at rest plus their own social media accounts replicate the company and show them actually using the products, which is always a good sign that they trust their product and the benefits, rather than just doing it for the money like some owners do. Plus once ordered it was hand delivered which was a nice added touch even if I was out at the time and Liam took in the delivery.

The ice bath itself is great quality and seems like it is going to last me a while so I am firmly believing I have invested my money into the right item that is going to last me my journey and beyond but I guess only time will tell with that however, I have high hopes it will last. The ice bath is going to be placed out in the garden so that I can head out in a morning and start the day the right way. Luckily it is in a secluded area too so I don't have to worry about the neighbors judgement, who knows when the gym finally gets done I might add a little area to the outside of it for the ice bath to be moved to. 

I am excited to see how my fitness & weight loss journey progresses with the addition of the ice bath but in all honesty I am more looking forward to seeing how I grow mentally with the new addition as I think with a bit of consistency I am going to see a massive improvement over all. This is all a step towards the self growth I am looking to achieve in the next year as it is a big priority going forward but more on that another day as there is plenty to talk about there. 

Keep an eye on here and social media too as I will definitely be posting how I get on with the ice bath and any progress I see.

Have you ever given cold water therapy a go?

The 2023 winter wish list


Winter is certainly here already, the temperatures have dropped a lot and the rain seems to be a constant feature now. The sudden change having seemingly skipped autumn has actually had me looking at the contents of my wardrobe and I am starting to notice some key pieces are missing that could make winter a whole lot warmer for myself and even a whole lot more stylish if the key pieces were added into a winter rotation. It has surprised me just how much I have got missing due to clothing not fitting right, the dog destroying a few pieces or just general wear and tear, the plan is though to pick up a few items on a budget to ensure that all basis's are covered. So here is what I am hoping to pick up this winter for the wardrobe... 


Lightweight Sweater

I actually buy these from Primark and pay no more that £10 for a lightweight sweater but they do last the whole season and that little bit longer. My older ones are now a few years old and are looking worse for wear so it is time for an upgrade as these are my work go to items. The plan is plain black, grey, navy for definitely but who knows a few extra colours could be added as I know I am going to get my wear out of them.

Chunky Sweater

I used to have a really nice chunky sweater for day to day wear from Primark once again however, it no longer fits me so the plan is to hunt down the perfect grey or neutral chunky sweater for this winter. I don't want to spend a fortune on one of these as I know it could end up not fitting me in a few months time but a chunky option would be perfect for day to day wear.

Plain Hoodies

I think I mentioned recently that all my current hoodies have graphics or branding all over them and to be honest I am starting to move away from those types of items so the plan is to pick up at least a black and grey plain hoodie for the cold weather. I have done a bit of shopping around already and Matalan seem to have the best looking basic hoodies and I have had one from them in the past so I know they are good quality and will last me a while, my previous one I have had for around 5 years already.

Checked shirts

It is the time of year where the checked shirt restock takes place... I buy these cheap every year as my size changes and Primark is once again the go to for these. I get the men's £8 ones as that is a bargain for how many I go through and I tend to get 4 or 5 each year to keep me going. I am aiming for a nice mixture of colours this time around those not just the standard ones I get every year so let's see which I do opt for.

Darker coloured smarter shirts

I keep on saying it but I am determined to start smartening myself up and I want to make a start on this throughout the winter months as I think I can have some fun experimenting with this. The aim this winter is to pick up some nice shirts for my work wardrobe in darker colours than I have been used to without the shirts being too formal. The hunt is now on and I am sure I will post them on here or Instagram if I do find some.

Long sleeved t-shirts

Now this item is just going to be a restock of ones that no longer fit me properly. This is another Primark item and I simply get the plain long sleeved t-shirts in black, grey and navy for layering under clothing just for a bit of extra warmth. Who knows this time I might end up with some different colours too.

Dark jeans

Other than a few pairs of black boyfriend fit jeans my wardrobe is filled with lighter denim however, I would love to add some darker denim into the rotation to match the season. I don't want to spend a fortune on these however, a pair in dark blue & one in dark grey should do the trick and help me create some nicer winter looks. A pair of black skinny jeans is also on the list.

Checked Trousers

I have recently tried on my checked trousers which have been a wardrobe staple for me for a long time now and lets just say I have 1 pair remaining. This winter I am hoping to add 1 new pair into my wardrobe to give me an added option however, I need to find the perfect pair as none are really standing out to me at the moment.

Grey Trousers

The hunt for some nice grey trousers has been going on for far too long now so I am hoping that I can finally pick a pair up this winter. The ones I have come across so far all seem far too formal whereas I am hoping to get a pair that are more on the smart casual level. Let's hope that at some point during winter a pair finally gets added into the wardrobe as I have so many outfits in mind for when I do get them.

Waterproof coat

I am massively under prepared for the winter dog walks, none of my coats are actually waterproof so that needs to change as I can't continue getting soaked daily. The plan is to head to a walking shop and invest in a good quality coat that is waterproof and warm for the winter months. It is definitely needed so there is no budget I just want to stay warm and dry.

Smart tan coat

A few years ago I got a smart black coat, last year I got a smart grey one so this year I think it is time to pick up a nice tan one in a long style. Usually this time of year is when you can get some great deals on them so hopefully I can find a bargain. My grey one came from New Look and I love it so I think that will be the place I keep on checking. The budget is £40 for one of these so fingers crossed.


Chelsea boots

These were mentioned in my Christmas wish list post as a suggestion I would be giving to my family however, I did say I wanted both new black and brown Chelsea boots so I will definitely be treating myself to a new pair this winter. I am hoping that I do end up with both colours however, the black ones are definitely the biggest priority as they will go with so many outfits I have in mind.

Chunky Loafers

I have one pair of chunky loafers but they are very shiny so I want more of a toned down pair for the winter months. Again you can usually find these at a reasonable price so I will be doing a bit of shopping around in the hopes of finding the perfect pair at a bargain price. This could honestly end up just being another Primark purchase in all honesty though.


Just like with the coat my footwear is also not suitable for the winter dog walks so right up towards the top of my to buy list this winter is a nice pair of wellingtons for the cold, wet dog walks. I was planning on just getting a cheap pair from a high street store however, I have done a bit of research and you can actually get Barbour ones for a really reasonable price. Now I just need to work out if I want long or short ones. No doubt the decision wont be made until I have tried a few pairs on.



I practically live in hats in the colder month, the only time I am not in one is when I am in work although it is that cold there I could probably do with wearing one there too. All my current hats have logos on them so I want to pick up a few nice neutral ones this winter so I can have some nicer, smarter looking coloured hats to go with the nicer aesthetic I am aiming for. Luckily for me I can pick up a few of these at a good price from Primark.


With the sort of style I am working towards I think a nice scarf would compliment outfits really well so this winter I am on the hunt for a few different colours to go with different outfits and coats. No doubt I will end up getting a few different styles too but I think their addition would help with looks and also add that little extra warmth during the cold period. The only condition for the scarf is that it needs to be nice and soft and nothing like a football scarf.


Why is it gloves always seem to disappear? Every year I have to go out and buy new gloves and this year I am not going to just get the cheapest pair I see. Normally I just get the plain black magic gloves but this winter I want something a bit nicer and in Primark I have seen some nice tan coloured gloves that are in a smarter style so those are top of the wish list. Again they are relatively cheap so the plan is to get a few different colourways in these to cover all basis.

Thick socks

My current sock rotation is Nike socks or thinner crew socks however, with the weather changing and my footwear changing I could really do with some thicker socks. For the dog walks I am going to be wearing walking boots so walking socks or thicker cosy socks will work a treat. Again these are items I can get at a reasonable prices from Primark so I guess that is where I will be heading.

Heavier fragrance

For me the colder weather calls for a heavier scent and I will be honest my fragrance rotation is declining very quickly, I am slowly working through the bottles I already have and I am now out of winter appropriate fragrances so whilst the offers are on in the build up to Christmas I will be on the look out for a nice heavy fragrance for the winter period. Who knows which one I will actually end up with in the end though.

So there you have it those are all the items on my wish list this winter. I think it is safe to say if all goes to plan we can see a Primark haul happening very soon but I am more than happy to buy these items on a budget and saving some extra money towards that big goal shop in the future. Some items though I will be definitely putting more money towards such as the walking coat and boots as these need to be able to withstand the elements.

What's on your winter wish list?

My Christmas wish list 2023


Here we go my favourite time of year, we are well and truly entering the festive period so let's kick it off with my Christmas wish list for this year. As always this list is a mixture of what I will be suggesting when family members ask me what I want to receive this year and what I will be hopefully treating myself to. There is certainly a mixture of items on this list however, I have broken it down into categories and after sitting & really thinking of these items I think this list could really help me work towards a lot of things on my goal list in 2024 and other items are just for a bit of fun. So here is what is on my 2024 Christmas wish list...


Nice Coat

I am spending a whole lot more time outdoors since getting the dog so I am constantly on the hunt for new outerwear, I am also currently trying to smarten myself up a bit so the plan is for Christmas I want to treat myself to a nice & smart coat that is suitable for all occasions. The stand out for me at the moment is a Barbour one and with outlets locally I could possibly pick up the perfect coat at a bargain price. This is certainly top of the wish list though as I need to be more prepared for being outdoors.

Manchester United Shirt

We are currently over a month into the Manchester United Women's season and I still don't have the latest shirt to attend games in, this must be a record for how long I have waited. The big problem is I always get a player on the back and I currently can't make my mind up on who I want this time around. Let's hope I make my mind up so I can treat myself for Christmas and head to the games in the new year in the new shirt.

Nike Miler T-shirt

In my fitness and workout wish list recently I mentioned I really wanted to pick up some of the Nike Miler t-shirts, with Christmas coming up when people ask what I want I might suggest one of these as they don't break the bank and will come in super handy throughout 2024. This can also be helpful as I can get the family member to pick the colour out for me as I am finding it difficult to narrow down which one I want first.

Nike Shorts

As I mentioned in that fitness wish list post you really can't go wrong with a matching set to workout in so I am also going to suggest a pair of shorts to match the t-shirt perfectly. The set will come in handy for all the workouts I am planning on doing and who knows it might give me a bit of a confidence boost. Again it would help me if I got these for Christmas as I can't work out which colour I really want first. 

Nice Pyjamas

I am over the stage where I need novelty pyjamas, all my current pairs have cartoon characters or game related things on them and I really want to change that. Primark and Next have some really nice ones at the moment and comfort is key so I might need to drag Liam out for a quick shopping and convince him that a pair is required for Christmas. No doubt I would get my monies worth out of them whilst I was off work over the Christmas period but you really can't beat a nice pair of pyjamas at Christmas.


Vans Knu Skools

I know I keep saying that I am trying to smarten myself up and this type of sneaker doesn't really fit in that but at the end of the day I am also going to want a casual sneaker for those dressed down days. I absolutely love these and they are so different to pairs I would usually go for. They are chunky and will look great for casual fits all year round.

Plain White Sneakers

I am sick of looking for a nice smart pair of white sneakers now, Primark don't do the version I have currently anymore so I need to find something new. I have seen a few pairs under £30 that I am tempted to suggest to family members or even treat myself to. I just need the 1 pair and they should last as I am not planning on wearing them everyday. I just want some that fit with the smarter looks I am aiming for.

Chelsea Boots

I have had a pair of Chelsea boots from Primark for around 3 years now however, they are very scuffed and not looking in the best of shape so I would love a new pair to go with these smarter looks I am aiming for. I know I am planning on treating myself to a brown pair so a nice new black pair will be a Christmas gift suggestion. That way I will have the two main colours to pair with different outfits.


So I have a pair of chunky loafers that I absolutely love however, I really want to get a smarter pair for these smarter outfits I have in mind. The chunky ones will still be worn however, another pair in the rotation would be great and really add some depth into my footwear rotation that weren't sneakers. You can get some nice pairs for reasonable prices too which is a win, win really.

Football Boots

I got a pair of Elite boots last Christmas and I love them however, I keep them for matchday's so they last me longer. For training I am currently wearing a pair of Adidas I got for £20 however, I am not a fan, Nike boots have always been my go to so I would love a nice pair of cheaper Nike's for my training boots. There are plenty of options out there so it is a case of shopping around before picking a pair up for a Christmas present to myself.


Winter Perfume

The colder months call for heavier scents and it is what I am lacking at the moment. Every year though me and Liam treat each other to a new fragrance so I will be asking for something that fits the seasons a bit better. It is time I started matching my fragrances more rather than just picking up the first bottle I can find so let's see which one I opt for if I do get the chance for a new one this Christmas.

Origins Moisturizer 

This item has been on my wish list for so long and I think Christmas 2023 could finally be the time when I bite and finally purchase a tub to try out. I am definitely trying to work on the condition of my skin in 2024 so this product would certainly come in handy. It definitely costs more than I am used to paying for skincare so lets hope if I do treat myself to this for Christmas it is worth it. 


I go through cans of hairspray so quickly that they make the perfect stocking filler for me these days. I get them for my birthday and they are also suggested for Christmas gifts as they are practical gifts that mean I am well stocked and don't run the risk of running out any time soon after Christmas. The brand I get seems to change a fair bit however, I think the one I request this Christmas could be one I stick to for a long time. 



Is it even Christmas if you don't receive socks? In previous years I have actually always asked for sports socks from the likes of Nike however, this year I think with how my style is changing the request is going to be for what I would call 'dress socks' something a bit smarter in a variety of colours without having branding all over them. Primark or H&M do the best ones of these and are pretty reasonably priced too so they will definitely be top of the suggestion pile, you really can't ever have too many socks.

Boxing gloves

I am determined that I am going to be back boxing more regularly in 2024 and my current boxing gloves are starting to crack a little bit. I would love a nice unique coloured pair for Christmas and I have actually sent a few little hints across to Liam so we will see. Maybe getting a new pair would make me more determined to make more session in the new year too. 

Lydia Millen Evergreen

I mentioned this book in my recent book wish list post and the more I look at it the more I am hoping to unwrap it for Christmas. This book just looks absolutely fantastic and like one that I could read over and over again without getting fed up of it. Lydia is certainly one of my favourite content creators so this book should tick all the boxes for me. Plus it will look great on my bedside table or bookcase.

Lego Set

I got a fair few Lego sets for my birthday this year and to be honest I can't stop looking at new ones to pick up. The plan is to ask Liam for a new set or for me to treat myself to one for Christmas however, I just can't narrow down which one I really want. The aim in the new year is to have more screen free evenings so a night building Lego is sounding perfect to me.

Sock Tape

Ok possibly one of the most practical items on this list is sock tape. I am going through loads of this since being back playing football and I keep getting to the point where I am almost forgetting to restock it in time. A nice little stock pile of sock tape would hopefully see me through the remainder of the season if not half of it. Plain black does the trick and luckily Liam found me a go to where by the box it isn't too expensive.

Bath Salts

Another practical item on the wish list as it is another that I go through far too often. With me planning on increasing my amount of workouts I know these are going to come in super handy and probably won't last me too long. These get purchased in the 2.5kg bags and last about a month or so. It is safe to say that these would be a hugely appreciated gift to see me through the months where I put my body through its paces.

So there you have it that is my 2024 Christmas wish list for both suggesting to family members but mainly for treating myself over the festive period. It is definitely a list of items that would really benefit me but also a few random bits thrown into the mix. It is time to start thinking practical rather than wasteful.

This goal shop wait is driving me mad...


The wait for the big goal clothes shop continues... but is the wait getting annoying now?

Since 2021 I have been putting money to one side so that when I reach my goal size/weight on my fitness & weight loss journey I can go out and restock my wardrobe without having to worry about how much it is going to cost as that money is untouched and I am slowly adding away to it so by the time it does come around I could possibly have a few thousand pounds in it if I keep it up meaning a full restock would take place without having to raid my bank account.

The money is to cover absolutely everything as my size is going to change a lot if all goes to plan. I have now been waiting 2 years for this shop and I think I am going to end up waiting at least another 2 which is definitely a bit annoying as there are some clothing items I have been after for years now. I just refuse to buy them until the goal shop as they cost a lot of money and I don't think they would suit my current shape. I have to say though I am quite impressed with myself that I haven't caved and purchased them yet as any other time I would have given in straight away and wasted my money.

I have to admit though it becoming very hard not to cave in and just purchase the items because as you will have seen in my new in posts I love buying new clothing and experimenting my with style. Although lately I have been trying my best to reign in my spending on clothes however, I just need to stop getting sucked in with deals and trends as that is certainly where my downfall is. I get sucked in and end up spending a fortune on items I don't need, I think once I see that mindset change we will see a big difference and the spending on clothing will be brought under control until I need to head out on the goal shop. 

The big thing I need to remember is that I don't need to go buy clothes as they aren't fitting me for long these days, why spend £20 on a t-shirt if it is going to last a few months then be too big for me? Yes it is going to be annoying however, it will be worth it in the end when I can really start investing in quality pieces once I hit my targets, I can also work on my journey rather than shopping which will help me get towards that goal shop a lot sooner hopefully.  

If I can stop shopping I can really save up that money as I wont be buying for the sake of it and I can put what is saved straight into my goal shop fund. I mentioned earlier I could possibly end up with a few thousand pounds by the time I get around to the shop but I do believe if I really save up and put in what I would spend on shopping straight into the savings I could be at £3,000 by the time I hit my goal weight & size. This will more than cover the rebuild of my wardrobe and I can keep the extra for future shops or even buying new accessories.

So the plan now is stop buying for the sake of it, I am going to allow myself essentials and basics when they really need replacing such as if they are falling apart or if they are looking far too worn. My size is also going to change a fair few times on this journey so it is inevitable some items will need a restock however, it will all be on a budget as things shouldn't be lasting too long if everything goes to plan. 

A lot of items on my goal shop wish list are on the expensive side of things so it is time to really knuckle down and push on for the saving and stopping the pointless shopping trips so I can use that time to work on myself and work towards that big goal which is still a long way off.

It might be annoying waiting but it should all be worth it in the end right?

My current fitness & weight loss wish list


Right no more messing around now, it is time to really jump back into my fitness and weight loss journey. This year I have really fallen off track and I haven't seen the results I have wanted. I have been making excuses for not working out and eating junk but I know with a bit more planning I can very easily get more workout sessions in and eat much better than I have been doing. Going forward though a big focus is going to be on being more active once again so getting more workouts in, going on more walks and just not sitting glued to the computer all the time. 

I know that moving more is going to be super helpful for my journey both mentally and physically so it is time to really focus and find a routine that really works for myself. One thing that always gets me motivated to work out more is new clothing and equipment so today's post is all those new bits I would like to add into my wardrobe or house to really motivate me to get back on track and working out. Plus some of the older bits are getting a bit worse for wear now and an upgrade is needed. So here are the bits I want to pick up...


I am wanting to really up the game in terms of the tops I have for working out. Most of my current ones have lost their shape or are in really bad condition so it is time to upgrade them and here are the ones I am wanting to add... 

Nike 1/4 zip

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction towards 1/4 zip tops. I only have the one Nike one at the moment but it is easily one of my favourites so I would love to add a few more into my rotation. Simple black or navy ones are top of the list but who knows what others I could end up with.

Under Armour 1/4 zip

I have had my current Under Armour 1/4 zip top for a number of years now and I am only looking to replace it as it is a little bit too big on me. The one I have is just a plain grey one so I am going to have a shop around with the Under Armour brand and see what others I can pick up. No doubt another couple from the brand will creep into the workout drawer sooner rather than later.

Nike Miler t-shirts

I have been tempted to pick up a Miler for a while now but kept putting it off however, I am now starting to think it is time I finally bit the bullet and purchased some for my workout rotation. They look so comfortable and as though they would be suitable for any type of workout I am planning so it is time to start narrowing down which colours I want the most. Black, grey, navy and red will definitely be being purchased but there are a lot of other options out there too.

Under Armour t-shirts

Over the past year or so I have really started to appreciate Under Armour as a brand and I am seeing plenty of products from them that I would love to add to my wardrobe. It is safe to say that the brighter coloured t-shirts in vibrant blue and even orange are up there on the top of my to buy list. I have a few already and they are really comfortable for working out in so a few more being added won't hurt. I might be good though and try hold out for any sales to purchase new ones of these as the ones I already own are holding up pretty well still.

Long sleeve Tops

Where I live is always cold and the gym where I do my workout classes is always cold too so sometimes a long sleeved top is required rather than a t-shirt or a jacket, it just gives a nice thinner layer for a bit of extra warmth. Again Nike and Under Armour will be the go to for these but having 2 in the collection certainly wont go a miss and if I can pick some up cheap then that is even better.

Nike & Under Armour hoodies

Again we are sticking with Nike and Under Armour but this time it is for hoodies. I want to make sure I have a couple of hoodies that are kept for workouts or going to and from classes so maybe one of each will do for the time being. Again you can get these pretty cheap in sales or in outlets so it is going to be a case of shopping around however, I am going to try opt for black or grey in these so they are nice and simple to go with everything. There are plenty of options out there and I am looking forward to picking out the right ones.


I already have plenty of tops in my wardrobe for working out, even if most don't fit right however, I have a serious lack of bottoms to wear with the tops. I am down to two pairs of tracksuit bottoms and two pairs of shorts that are too big for me so the plan is to change that and add a few more pieces into the rotation and here is what is standing out to me lately...

Nike shorts that match the Milers

Nike are really good at doing shorts with just a hint of the colour of the t-shirts they do. So the plan is if I buy a Miler t-shirt, get the shorts that match the colour of the top. This just coordinates the outfit that little bit more which is what I am aiming for as it just looks a whole lot smarter and put together as the colour doesn't take over and the outfit just flows.

Nike tracksuit bottoms

I have tried so many different tracksuit bottoms over the years however, I always go back to Nike as they are by far the most comfortable for me. As I said earlier where I workout is cold so I definitely need a longer alternative to shorts from time to time and as my current tracksuit bottoms are too big it is time to get a nice simple black Nike pair that actually fits me.

Under Armour shorts to match the t-shirts 

As you can probably tell by now I like having matching sets to work out in these days so the plan is that if I get any Under Armour t-shirts I will pick up the shorts that match them. I know that the Under Armour shorts last as I have had a pair for around 5 years now and they only need replacing due to the size so again a few pairs of Under Armour shorts would be a welcomed addition.

Under Armour tracksuit bottoms

The Under Armour tracksuit bottoms are on the list for the same reason as the Nike ones... just so that I have a longer option in the Under Armour brand to go with those t-shirts rather than having to opt for the shorts even in the colder weather. I have never tried Under Armour tracksuit bottoms so I am looking forward to seeing what the fit and comfort level for them is like.

Nike Pros

I have been wearing Sondico base layers since my return to football last year but as my weight is dropping and I am needing new ones I think I am going to make the switch to Nike pro's for both base shorts and tops once more. I used to rely on these back in the day and I know that a few of each item will do well for football and other work outs. Let's just hope I can find some on offer at some point.


It isn't all about the clothing though is it, sometimes a nice little restock on old accessories or trying something completely new can do the trick and help the motivation flow. I know there are a fair few accessories I could do with restocking and some new bits I want to try so here is what made the wish list for this category...

Under Armour shoes

I know I said earlier I like matching sets but if I am matching brands then I want to add footwear into the outfit by that brand too. My old Under Armour shoes lasted for years but they are now on their last legs so I think it is time for an upgrade. The brand have plenty of nice models out there now too so I think I am going to have a shop around and find a nice new pair.

Nike Metcons

Recently I have started attending a weight lifting class and I already know that this is going to be something I stick with and add into my routine more often so the plan is to invest in the right equipment to help me progress. The Nike Metcons look like they could be the perfect shoes for as my journey progresses rather than wearing my Vans all the time so as soon as I find a pair on sale I will be making the the purchase.

Nike Socks

You can never have too many Nike socks especially when it comes to wearing them for working out. My current white ones are looking very worn out now though so I need to add more to the wish list to remind me to go buy new ones. They are definitely on the pricey side of things especially just for socks but it is worth it.

Under Armour socks

I know I have just said that I am after some new Nike socks but I am also hoping to pick up some new Under Armour ones. These are a bit more cushioned than the Nike ones and to be honest I prefer the trainer sock version of these to the Nike ones so a different option is always nice to have 

Sports headbands

Ok so maybe when I decided to grow my hair I didn't think of it in terms of working out and playing football. My hair is currently driving me mad when working out so the plan is to get some headbands, just the thin type so I can keep my hair out of my eyes whilst exercising. I already have a few Miss Kick ones for football so maybe a few more from that brand and a few Nike ones would be good additions to stop my hair from getting in my eyes.

There are a few other little accessories that I would love to purchase to help me along with my journey and they are...

Free Train Vest

If I am getting into running I want somewhere I can keep my keys, phone etc whilst out on runs and the Free Train running vest seems like the perfect option for this. It is a vest that you can often find on offer so I will be keeping my eye out for any cost reductions before I do bite the bullet and pick one of these up.

Beat Fit Pro

I've lost track of just how many pairs of earphones I have picked up for workouts but none of them do the job, they fall out due to not fitting right. I have been buying them on the cheap though so I think it is time to invest in something a bit more expensive in the hopes they work better. My heart is fully set on picking up a pair of Beat Fit Pro's sometime soon, it is just a case of what colour to get.

Whoop band

The more I see Whoop bands on Instagram the more I am tempted to get one. I currently use an Apple watch but I feel like I could get a lot more information from a Whoop band so as we approach the end of the year the plan is to sit down and really have a think about if a purchase of one of these will be beneficial at the start of 2024.

So there you have it those are the items I am hoping to pick up as soon as possible, you will have noticed that in terms of clothing I am trying to stick to just the two brands, this is because at the moment I am much preferring the designs and fit from these brands and I especially love how co-ordinated you can be with items from them. Some nice matching sets should do the trick nicely and help the motivation grow. 

Now let's see what gets purchased first I have a feeling it could be some nice clothing sets and a few accessories...