Favourite Disney Quotes

Something you really can't beat with Disney films is the amount of quotes you can pick out of them that really stick with you. I have realised that some are just great words of advise and others just make you have a little chuckle when they pop into your head at random moments. Disney throughout the years have come out with some truly inspiration quotes that can motivate you and really change your outlook on things, those quotes can also alter the course that you thought that specific film was going down and they can definitely be eye opening. I have certainly gained favourite quotes throughout the years and here are the ones that really stick in my mind to keep me motivated or just have me laughing. 

To Infinity & Beyond / Reach For The Sky - Toy Story
All the Toy Story films definitely have some quotes/phrases that really stick in your head. The 2 that are always in my head are To Infinity & Beyond along with Reach For The Sky. They are certainly 2 of my favourites, not just because they are inspirational but because when you heard them you just automatically think of the film. My nephew is only young but he already seems to enjoy the characters from Toy Story and he has a Buzz Lightyear & Woody attached to his pram so it is great just listening to my mum say these phrases to him over & over again, I can't wait to watch the film with him.

I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy - Finding Nemo.
Now this is one of my favourites all thanks to Liam, my family find it hilarious when my phone rings or I get a message and the name Squishy pops up. It all came about when me and Liam watched Finding Nemo ages ago and I jokingly called him my Squishy, well since then the name has stuck and he's been called Squishy in my phone a good few years now.

Ohana means family - Lilo & Stitch
I love this quote from Lilo and Stitch so much I actually have it tattooed on my arm so it is always with me. I don't know why I love this so much but it is one of those quotes that just always sticks in your head plus it sounds adorable when Stitch says it.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney
It is actually from coming across this quote all those years I started up my blog, I had been tempted to start one up for a while and just hadn't got anywhere then someone posted this quote on Twitter and it made me think why not just go for it. Now I have been blogging for quite a number of years (granted not consistently), made some friends through it and am planning on continuing to grow my little blog. I even took this quote into consideration when wondering whether to start up Edge of the Area or not. It is also a quote I am keeping in mind everyday as I try to make new opportunities come true and make my goals happen.

Adults are only kids grown up anyway - Walt Disney
We have this quote hung pride of place in the games room at home. My mum saw this on a card and framed it as a gift for me and I think it just sums me up. People have always joked that I am just a big kid due to my obsession with Disney, video games & just collecting different things such as football stickers (yes I am 25 and still get football stickers) but that is just me, why bother growing up fully I will always be a big kid at heart and my love for these things I highly doubt is going to go away.

Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it. - Peter Pan
This is one that I love and am actually starting to try live by. I have set myself some goals for this year and I know I am going to put time into things for them to come true but that is what 2020 is going to be all about for me... getting stuff done and making this blog a whole lot better. 

So there you have it those are my favourite Disney quotes. What are yours?

See you soon 

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