My everyday make up items

 I have not long since started using make up so my collection is still rather small. However these are my everyday go to items. I find that these products are definitely working best for me and my skin.

Make up revolution cover and conceal palette - I have found this is perfect for those pesky blemish that keep popping up lately.

L'Oreal infallible matte powder - I love this as it does hold my makeup in place throughout the day.

Naked 3 palette - With this I love how many colours there is to choose from.

I heart makeup blushing hearts - I love the colour and it gives my skin a nice glow. Plus it is a lot cheaper than the two faced products.

Maybelline push up drama - Even though I have naturally long lashes I love how this gives them just a little extra lift.

Collection Contour kit - I mainly only use this to add a little highlight to my face.

Collection eyebrow kit - This is simply just for filling in my brows as they can have plenty of gaps at times.

Mac studio fix foundation - This is the only foundation in which I have been satisfied with the coverage it has given.

So there you go those are my everyday makeup items. Are there any products you could recommend?

See you soon,

Lucy Jade :)

Tegan and Sara

At last it is finally happening I am going to see Tegan and Sara.

I first heard their music in 2004 at just 10 years old,and 12 years later I am finally going to see them. On Friday their latest album is out and with them taking on a more pop sound I can not wait to see what Love you to death is going to bring.

In the next couple of weeks I will be doing individual reviews on each of their albums but to start off here are my top 5 songs,

1. Someday
2 . Clever meals
3. 100x
4. our trees
5. Call it off

See you soon ,

Lucy Jade :)

Small May Favourites

Hey Guys,

To be honest this month I haven't really tried many new products so this post is going to be a very short favourites of what I have tried and loved.

Naked 3 palette - Make up is still fairly new to me but when I have been wearing it I have always used this palette. I just love  the colours you get and the packaging is also amazing.

White converse - I have recently started to wear leggings quite a bit and these are my go to shoes as they make my outfit nice and casual. They are also perfect with my black skinny jeans and a band tee.

Loreal lock it - This has been perfect for me lately. My hair is a mess while I am growing it out however when it does go right this spray has held it exactly where it is meant to be.

Witch foaming oil - This has really made an impact on my skin. Its not as shiny and breakouts have been kept to a minimum.

So there you have it my May favourites. What do you think to any of the products above? Can you recommend any others? Feel free to leave a comment below.

See you soon,

Lucy Jade :)