January 2024 Goal Wrap Up

Well that is January done and dusted, you will see in this post that a fair few of the goals I set for myself in January didn't go quite as expected. This hasn't stopped it from being a good month though and I feel more accomplished than I did in the whole of 2023 and I am hoping that keeps moving in that direction. So here is how January's goals went...


Declutter the wardrobe

The wardrobe has been emptied ready for the bedroom work being started however, I have only partially decluttered the wardrobe as the shear amount of clothes I own was a bit overwhelming. I am slowly but surely working through this and it will be done before putting everything back into the new wardrobe as the space will be drastically reduced.

Reduce the amount of clothes I buy in the sales

I 100% managed this as in previous years I would have gone well overboard in the January sales and would have pushed my wardrobe to breaking point with new additions however, this time around as you will see in my new in post I managed to limit the amount I bought and clothing wise I only made a few purchases. I have to admit that I am quite proud of myself for managing this one.

Sort out all the footwear I own

Unfortunately time got away from me with this one and I didn't get around to it. Plus with all the work being done in the house it is actually hard to get to my shoes at the moment so that was also a factor stopping this goal from happening. I do have a lot of pairs in mind that I will be getting rid of so when I do get around to doing it the task should be pretty simple.

Smarten up my outfit choices

Well this one really hasn't gone to plan and it is once again due to the bedroom work starting. Due to the plasterer pushing the date forward a lot of things changed and in the end we have just piled all the clothes sky high in the games room and it is a struggle to find pieces. This will definitely take place when the wardrobe has been put back together again which I am hoping is sooner rather than later.

Mix up the footwear I wear

Oh look another one that I struggled with thanks to the house been such a mess. I had every intention of wearing plenty of other pairs however, they ended up behind a wall of mess from the bedroom work so I didn't get around to wearing them. I definitely need to start changing it up now though as the Forums are starting to look worse for wear.


Make a good start on the bedroom decorating

This one has been well and truly smashed as we now have an empty shell of a room ready for the plasterer coming at the start of February. This has definitely been a lot of hard work but it is all going to be worth it in the end when the room is finally done.

One long walk a week

We started off well on this one with the first two weeks having nice long walks included. However, as the month progressed other things changed and things ended up constantly being rearranged. I really want to get back into these though as it was great just to have some time exploring with Liam and the dog.

Keep on top of the washing

Again this is another one that started so well but then dropped right off. To be honest this is again due to the bedroom work. You currently can't move in the games room due to the amount of clothes so it has been hard to keep adding to it as time has gone on. There is a big plan towards the start of February to get all this done though so I have everything ready to go when the new wardrobe is built, although a lot won't be going back in.

Cut back on the shopping trips

I think in January I went shopping a grand total of twice which is a huge win as I didn't go overboard with buying on either of these trips. I basically just got what I needed and moved along, something which I don't usually tend to do. I am loving these reduced trips though and I am hoping something similar happens in February.

Kick off the years savings in a good way

This is another goal I am happy to say I have achieved especially when it comes to the home savings, I have managed to save more than enough to get the bedroom done which includes all the accessories too which I am super proud of plus I have managed to not dip into the savings throughout the month like I normally would. 


Go to the gym 3 times a week

Again due to last minute changes this didn't happen however, I did finally take the step to get back in the gym and I have been a few times now in January. I am actually finding it a little easier than I thought I would to get back into the environment and thanks to having a gym buddy when I do go I am pushing myself.

Weight lifting 3 times

Unfortunately this one didn't go to plan either due to classes either not being on or me being ill. I am really looking forward to getting back to these classes now though so keep an eye on social media to see how many sessions I smash in February. 

Stick to my Gymshark 66 for the first month

This is the longest I have ever stuck to the Gymshark 66 and I think it is because I made the habits a lot more realistic this time around. I am nearly done with course number 1 on Open University as part of my starting something new, I am also sticking to my calories really well and moving my body a whole lot more.

Build a sustainable morning routine

Now this goal was always going to be a work in progress however, I am slowly but surely starting to get my new routine together. It will be even better when the house is put back together but for now I am happy with how things are going. 

Reduce the amount of times I eat out or order takeaways

This one was massively reduced and multiple takeaways a week turned into 1 throughout the month. I did eat out a fair few times though but again this was massively reduced from previous months. I am quite pleased with how this went and with a few events in February coming up I am hopeful that I wont add on any extra eating out days.  


Post daily to the TNG Instagram account

I started well with this one but then I just forgot to keep posting and the consistency really dropped off and after 2 weeks we were lucky if I was still posting at all. I definitely fell of pace with this and I am a bit disappointed with this as I had big plans but one bad month doesn't rule out the year.

Be at least one week ahead on all 3 websites

I have been really good with this one from this website however, with the gaming and football ones it has been terrible and I have still barely posted on them which is definitely not how I wanted January to go. I am definitely planning on being on track with this one in February though as it is time to take those big plans and put them into action.

Post 3 times a week on the Edge of the Area Instagram

I think I posted once on here and then forgot about it which again I am disappointed in myself for as those big plans I had in place have now been pushed back a month. I need to be a lot more organised in February though as I want to make sure I am hitting this target.

Post on Tik Tok twice a week

Oh look another content one failed as I managed to post a grand total of once on the TNG Tik Tok account. I only got 2 videos filmed and 1 posted in the end the other is currently sat in the edits waiting to be finished off. This is definitely going to be a focus for February though.

Have February's content mapped out

Finally a content goal that has been accomplished. I have all the post ideas ready to go for all the websites and Instagram accounts and I have made notes or starting sorting images for them ready to go. I am looking forward to seeing what February has in store for the sites and social media. 

January was a really good month even though I didn't manage to hit all the goals in this post. I am pleased with the progress I have made in the first month of the year. I am slowly starting to learn you don't need to tick everything off to have a good month even a few is better than nothing. Now it is time to start thinking of February's goals so keep an eye out for a post full of those soon and let's see how the shortest month of the year plays out...

Did you hit all your goals for January? 

January 2024 favourites

Well that is the first month of the year done and dusted and I have to admit I think it is the best start to a year I have had in a very long time. I don't want to jinx it but I feel like the tide is turning and things are going to go my way this year and be a damn site better than 2023 was. The year has set off to a flying start and plenty has taken place throughout the month so here are my favourites for month one of 2024...


Cutting back on the amount of clothing bought

It is about time I started to cut back on buying clothes for the sake of it. I am taking my weight loss and savings journey much more in 2024 and the first month has helped me so much to get a head start on these goals. I have used January to start being a bit more mindful with my spending and it has helped me out so much with the amount of clothing I have added to the wardrobe even with the January sales in full force. I have also emptied the wardrobe for the bedroom work and realised just how much clothing I own which has really opened my eyes to just how much I waste on clothing.


Ralph Lauren Polo Courts

I might not have worn these sneakers yet but I absolutely love them. They are quite a bit different to other pairs of sneakers I own so I think that might also be why they have gone straight onto my favourites. These are a lot smarter than I am used to although they cost me a lot less than normal. I have been saving these for the perfect occasion and that will finally be here in February so I can't wait to get wearing them.


Getting into the gym

I might not have been to the gym as much as I would have liked to in January however, it has made it onto the list as when I have been I have really enjoyed myself. It had been a long time since I stepped foot in a gym and to be honest a lot of that was down to my confidence so to be able to say I am back there is brilliant as it just goes to show pushing myself actually works.


Getting work on the bedroom started 

After planning taking place since the back end of 2023 January finally saw us make a start on the bedroom renovations. There are so many different things that are finally taking shape and January saw us finally clearing this room out and getting it ready for a fresh start which has been much needed. Granted the work doesn't fully start until February so who knows it might make it on back to back favourite lists.


Alex Scott - How not to be strong

Finally I am making very good progress through Alex Scott's book and to be honest I have actually nearly completed it in January which has come as a bit of a surprise to me. I am really glad to have read this book though as it has just made Alex go up in my expectations and it has been great learning more about one of those players I grew up watching. I don't know what I will do when I have finished this though as I am spoilt for choice with reading options.


Grace Beverley - Working Hard, Hardly Working : Lydia Millen

Lydia Millen is one of the very few YouTuber's I have consistently watched for years, with others I have dipped in and out where as Lydia Millen has been a constant. When I found out she would be appearing on Grace Beverley's podcast I knew I had to have a listen and to be honest it has opened my eyes to a lot and I honestly think I could listen to it a few more times and pick up on tings I might not have noticed the first time around. I haven't liked a podcast episode as much as this in a very long time.

Overall highlight of the month 

Getting back to football 

January was time to get back to my Wednesday sessions post Christmas and after a few weeks missing due to the weather and illness I am really enjoying being back though and the love is slowly returning for the game. I have even started to train with a new team and I am already counting down for the new season starting.

Favourite thing I have learned

Taking time to recover speeds up the process

I have been ill for a little bit of January and I actually slowed down a lot more than I usually would. This slowing down and taking time to recover actually sped up the healing process and what may have taken me a week to recover from only took me a few days which was super helpful. I need to remember this if it happens again though, just take steps to slow down and recover properly.

So there you go those are my favourite things from the first month of the year, it has definitely been a good first month of the year so I am really hoping that the momentum keeps on going and the rest of the months will be just as good.

What were your favourite things from January?

2024 is the year that the watch collection grows...

From a very young age I have wanted to get into the world of watches however, I have never really put the money aside to get my journey going plus I constantly wear my Apple watch these days it is more or less glued to my wrist as I am pushing on with my fitness and weight loss journey. Don't get me wrong I do have a few watches at the moment but the collection is nowhere near where I would like it to me, a few of the watches are cheap ones I have picked up from abroad or high street stores however, I do have a few special ones in there like an Adidas one from my 16th birthday and a Michael Kors one from my 18th. I am determined though that 2024 will be the year where I finally start to add to my collection though and here are the watches I have been looking at so far...


Casio MTP-1302PD-2A2VEF

This watch has been a standout to me after seeing it on social media so often. This is by far the cheapest watch on this list but it doesn't look cheap. It looks fantastic and a lot more expensive than it actually is, as at under £50 it is an absolute bargain. The colour of the watch face is what has sold it for me though and if I did get this I could see it being worn a lot especially in the spring and summer time.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 

Now this watch has been on the wish list for a very long time however, it is expensive. I have been dropping hints for one of these for my 30th this year so I guess only time will tell if it gets added to the collection or not however, when it comes to picking which one I would like I am spoilt for choice with colours etc. This would be a dream addition to the collection for me though so I best get saving up.

Seiko King Black Dial

This watch looks a bit more classic and subtle than the others on the list and the price frame is also a lot more realistic for me to pick one up. This watch is over £1,500 however, it definitely looks like it is worth it and like it would be a nice addition to the watch collection overall. If I did pick this up I can easily say that it would become a go to for work especially when my style does go in the smarter direction. 

Tissot PRX 40mm Classic Green

The darker green dial on this is what has sold me on it as it is another nice and classic looking colour that will add a bit of something different to any outfit it is paired with. The classic green just adds a bit of elegance to the watch and works really well with the colour of the wrist strap. It is another metal strap but at under £500 it would be a brilliant addition to the collection and is in a bit more of a realistic price range for me. 

Tudor 1926

The Tudor 1926 is a little different as the wrist strap is a bit smaller on this watch but it is another classic looking watch. This watch is a bit more on the expensive side with it being over £1,500 currently however, it just adds another option to the watch collection rather than the bigger & bulkier straps of the other watches on this list. There are a few different versions of this watch so if it came to buying it I would definitely have to sit and pick the perfect version for myself.

Cartier Tank Must

Now this one is totally different to the others on the list and is also much more expensive which I think is more due to the name than anything else. This definitely looks very elegant and like a timeless piece and I am already dreaming of the outfits I could wear this with if I ever got my hands on one. This would be an absolute dream addition so if I ever want to get my hands on it I will definite need to start the saving up now but in the mean time I will keep on day dreaming. 

So there you have it those are the watches I would to have in my collection as time goes on but I know that I will just have to keep dreaming for a while. I am determined though that gone are the days of wearing the Apple Watch daily and the wrist wear is getting an upgrade and will start to match my outfits a little better than they currently do with the Apple Watch. For know though it is time to knuckle down and get those savings growing ready to purchase my first watch for the collection. 

Which of this list would you purchase first?

How I am planning to be more organised to hit my goals...

For someone who makes a lot of lists I have come to realise that organisation and planning is actually an issue for me. I might think I am good at this but upon reflection I am really not, I put things off constantly and let things pile up. I don't stick to a plan at all either, I would rather change plans all the time and then complain when things don't get done like I would have hoped even though I know that it is my fault why it is like that. The lack of planning and organisation has also meant that I haven't been able to grow my websites as I would like to as I forget to have posts written, forget to click publish and forget to add images yet I know if I was organised and planned ahead I could get way ahead of myself and have content going up consistently which I have wanted to happen for so long, this is the same for social media too, I just forget about it due to the lack of organisation. All this does have a negative effect on me in the end too as it gets me down and fed up so 2024 is the year of change... I am going to be so much more organised and planning is going to be a big part of the year.

The first big change is going to be that a block of my Sunday's will now be filled with a few hours of planning. This will mean either after the football or before depending on kick off time I will be shutting myself in the home office area and just planning out the week ahead so I know where I will be each day and what I need to be working on. Here are the sort of things I will be planning in this time...

Blog posts

This will be a case of planning out where pictures need adding etc for the week ahead and what posts require writing for the future so that I am always a step ahead of myself rather than being behind like I usually am. This will tie up any lose ends for the upcoming week but I will also add to my to do list what needs writing, what images are needed and just the progress of where I am at with them. This will be done in my notebook and on my spreadsheet so the reference is always available. I will also use this time to put in my Google Calendar what site I need to focus on each day so that I am not getting overwhelmed like I previously have. 

Fitness classes/ sessions

With my weight loss journey being a big part of 2024 I will be ensuring that I am planning in all my gym sessions & weight lifting classes so that I know where I am already booked so I am not agreeing to a trip to the shops etc like I used to. I need to make sure these are all planned in so that I am not skipping them for the sake of it, I need to be hitting these sessions to progress on my journey so these are some of the most important things I will be planning.

Football matches & training sessions

If you have read this site for a while you will know just how big of a part of my life football is. With multiple matches for Bradford City most weeks now due to Tuesday evening games and the usual Saturday's I need to make sure these are all planned in so I know exactly where I am meant to be, this is the same for Manchester United Women too so I can see where a dog sitter may be required. I am also starting to play for a new team so I need to add in their training sessions and match days so I can make sure there aren't too many clashes with Bradford City and Man Utd Women, it also means I can tell the team when I am and aren't available which will be a big help for them too. 

As I say these are the two big things that need planning and I will make sure they are added to my Google Calendar as well as my paper diary which will be coming everywhere with me in 2024. I will also add my blog things to a to do list notebook I have so I can track the progress I am making. The blog things will also be added to my blog content calendar on Google so that I can do some more in depth tracking and ensure everything is getting done, I also have a similar calendar for Instagram which I will be sure to check every Sunday and make any plans and adjustments needed.

Once the two more important bits are filled in I will be moving on to planning out my meals, these will be planned around the activities I am doing to ensure that I am fueling my body correctly for a change to make sure I am making the most out of all the exercise I am doing rather than doing the hard work at the gym and spoiling it with a poor diet. This meal plan is going to be a key piece for staying on track and cutting out the takeaways that have started to creep back in.

After the meal plan is done and dusted I will be moving onto getting all my outfits pieced together for the week ahead. I will be getting my clothes out and put together to make sure I am not spending longer than I need to in a morning getting ready and the hassle is taken away. It also means that all my workout clothes will be out and ready so I can't use it as an excuse for not doing my session as everything is going to be out and ready for me. I am also hoping this will help me be able to put more effort into my outfits too as it means I will have more time to see what goes together and looks good rather than just throwing anything on. 

The final parts of the planning and organising session will be scheduling in what I can for the blog and Instagram, this just means there will something going up on each day rather than me rushing around last minute trying to find what to post, especially with Instagram. All these steps should just hold me that bit more accountable and help me keep on track with the things I am aiming for throughout the year. I will also be posting daily plans of actions over on Instagram so that I can be doubly accountable and see the progress I am making day to day and seeing where I fall off track. It should also help me avoid burnout too as I will only be planning what I am capable of and those last minute rushes will be disappearing meaning the chance of burnout will hopefully be reduced.

Let's hope this new form of planning and organisation finally gets me that consistency that I have been striving for and growth across my websites and Instagram at long last. Hopefully it helps me get closer to that end weight loss goal too if I stop skipping sessions at long last.

Now let's see if I can stick to this...

Let's sort this morning routine out at last...

I definitely underestimated just how much things would change by getting a dog. Before getting him last March I had a routine nailed however, since he has come along that has gone out of the window and mornings are now rushed so breakfast is missed and it is more or less straight up and out of the door every weekday rather than having time just to wake up like I used to. I am no longer wanting mornings to be rushed, instead I want to start my days nice and relaxed, having time to do things before work and being able to wake up properly before taking the dog out. Luckily the dog has really settled down no so our mornings are getting much better and I can start putting a new routine in place that suits both me and Odin alongside Liam who is always up and out early. So here is what I am hoping becomes my new weekday morning routine...

Wake up between 5.30 am and 6 am

I am not going to stick to a set time of 5.30 am as a wake up as I know some nights will be late ones due to football and I will definitely benefit for an extra half hours sleep. As long as I am up and moving by 6 am I will consider this to be a successful start to the day as it means I have a lot more time than I am used to for setting up my day.

Cold water plunge

Now this one wont happen until I get the ice bath set up when the garden has been tidied up a bit. However, once it is up and running as soon as I am up I will be heading outside to jump in the ice bath and start my day with some cold water therapy which I am really looking forward to as I should see a huge difference mentally by doing this daily.

Get showered

Once my time in the ice bath is done I will be heading straight back in to jump in the shower just to get ready for the day whilst also warming myself back up a little although this won't be too hot as I don't want to lose the benefits of the cold water plunge. 

Skincare routine

Once I am out of the shower I will be implementing my new skincare routine and making sure I am not skipping any days for this as I know now I really need to start taking care of my skin so much more. This routine wont be over the top but it should help sort out my terrible skin. I have some products I am currently using up for this but keep an eye on here and Instagram as the more I get into this habit I will start to buy some much better items to add into the routine.

Hair routine

Once the skincare is done it is time to move onto the biggest task of the morning... sorting my hair out. This used to be so easy when my hair was short as I would just towel dry it, run a brush through and be done. My hair is so much longer now though and I need to blow dry it and then style it to make me somewhat presentable for the day. Hopefully the more I get into doing this the quicker it will become.

Take my vitamins

This is something I have done every morning since the start of the year and it is something I am going to make sure I kept up to so it is going straight into the start of my morning routine so it doesn't get forgotten about. I keep all these in the spare room aka my office/dressing room and they are near all my hair stuff so it just makes a bit more sense taking them before anything else.

Get dressed

Once all the above is done it is time to get dressed and luckily if all goes to plan all my clothing will be ready and waiting for me so I don't need to be hunting around for what to wear. The only things that wont be out will be the accessories but a quick trip back to the bedroom will allow me to pick what goes best with the outfit when it is being worn. Having everything ready to go will just mean a much more efficient time where I am not left rushing the rest of my morning routine.

Wake the dog up

Once the dog is asleep that is it so none of the above steps will have woken him up. So once I am ready it is a case of heading downstairs to wake him up and get the day properly started also known as let the chaos begin. Liam may do this step a few times if he is up and about before me however, I quite enjoy waking Odin up and just having a bit of time the two of us. By the time I am at this stage though Liam may already be on his way to work so we shall see as the routine takes shape just who wakes the dog up each morning.

Feed Odin

Once Odin is awake it is food time so before doing anything else after opening his crate I will be heading to the kitchen to refill his food and water. This should keep him quiet and out of the way for a bit too but no doubt once the next step in the routine takes place he will have forgotten his food and be glued to my side once again.

Make my own breakfast

I am sick of skipping breakfast so the plan is to make sure I have time to eat a proper breakfast each day, I don't want a fiber bar or a bowl of cereal every morning, I want to make sure I am eating properly to help me along with my weight loss goals so my breakfasts will be leveling up to the likes of eggs, turkey bacon and chicken sausages. A little time in the kitchen will definitely help me out a lot with my overall goals in 2024. I will also use this time to pack any lunch that I wasn't able to do the night before.

Eat breakfast and plan out the day ahead 

Once my breakfast is done I will be sitting to the table away from the TV and eating this whilst planning my to do list for the day. This will include planning anything I have to get done at work, any blog or social media things that need sorting as well as what I need to get done after work such as fitness classes, football or anything else that might be taking place that day. This just gives me time to think about the plan of action and not losing track or double booking myself.

Check social media

Once breakfast is done it is time to sit and relax for 10 minutes or so with the dog before we head out. This time will be designated to checking my social media, making any last minute scheduled posts, replying to comments or messages and just scrolling. Having a time limit for this before work should help me consume less social media and also keep me on top of things for once.

Walk the dog to work

Once all the above is done it is time to head out the house and get Odin a nice walk in before heading to the office. I like to make sure we do a longer route these days as it tires him out a little bit more and he settles much easier when we get to work. No matter the weather these longer walks get done although it is so much nicer when it is dry and cool rather than wet and freezing.

So there you go that is going to be my weekday morning routine going forward however, on those days where Liam has the dog I will definitely be adding more chill time into the mix and going at a much slower pace. In an attempt to be even more efficient I will also be making sure my work bag gets sorted on an evening and all outfits are planned the day before. All this is just going to make mornings much more enjoyable and help get the day off to a great start.

Keep checking on social media to see how this routine ends up working out and keep checking back here as once I get settled into an evening routine I will be sure to write about that too.

Items that will be going straight into my new wardrobe (when I can buy clothes again)

 The plan when it comes to my goal shop is to rebuild my wardrobe with timeless pieces where the quality of the items are going to have a big impact, there will be no buying for the sake of it and there will be no buying cheap and having to buy twice, those days are gone.

Whilst I am losing the weight to head towards being able to do that goal shop I am putting myself on a clothes buying ban so I can save my money and put it towards the goal shop, in fact I will only actually be buying clothing when I really need to such as if a pair of jeans look ridiculous due to the weight loss. I have finally realised there is no point me spending a fortune on clothing now as I hopefully wont be in those pieces too long as my size changes. 

Today's post is all about those classic pieces I am going to be bringing straight into my wardrobe once I am at my goal. These won't be getting added before then as they are on the more expensive side of things plus they will also probably suit me a lot more once that size has been hit. Plus with them being expensive I guess that is the whole reason that I started the goal shop in the first place... to treat myself after all my hard work. My style is certainly changing as I get older too so there are actually some items on here that a few years back I wouldn't have even considered but due to the changes they are now high on the priority list. As I say a lot of these are also more expensive too due to me opting for the quality in future purchases however, I am definitely on the side of thinking that investment will be worth it these days. So here are those clothing pieces that will definitely be being added into my wardrobe once the big rebuild happens...

Holland Cooper Stamford Country Coat

This 2 in 1 coat and gilet would tick two boxes in one purchase for me as the coat would be perfect for the dog walks and the detachable gilet has been on my radar for a while as it fits the kind of style I want to aim for perfectly. At £349 this is definitely on the expensive side of things but I need to remind myself you get 2 products in 1 really and they should easily last me a long time. It really does have autumn and winter dog walks written all over it

Holland Cooper Fleece

At £129 this fleece is more expensive than any others I have previously looked at however, again the quality looks absolutely fantastic. The details on the elbows sell it for me and the branding which is noticeable without being too in your face like some other brands. Again this is an item with dog walks in mind especially on those crisp days that don't quite require a coat, this would be the perfect option.

Ralph Lauren Shirts

I have never been able to comfortably fit into the regular fit Ralph Lauren shirts that I have been after for so long. I am hopeful though that once I do hit that goal I will be comfortably into these shirts as I am planning on bringing at least 3 into my wardrobe if that is the case. I am hoping to add a variety of colours of these once I do the big rebuild so I have a much smarter work wardrobe on its way.

Ralph Lauren Jumpers

There are actually a fair few styles of jumpers that I want to pick up from Ralph Lauren to add into my wardrobe for day to day wear alongside them being for work. I will definitely be opting for a few different styles to mix up the outfit types I can create however, I may just stick to the basic colours when purchasing these to ensure I will get my wear out of them.

Lily Silk Cashmere Jumpers

The more I see these jumpers on social media the more I get an urge to just order one there and then but I am going to be good and wait until I am at my goal size so that I am not spending more than usual on a jumper for it not to fit me in a few months time. I want to make the purchase when I am at a size I will be at for a much longer period of time though so that I know it is going to last me and is probably going to fit me much better.

Barbour Jacket

I know I have already said that I want to add the Holland Cooper coat to my wardrobe but I will also be adding a Barbour jacket. My current jacket game is terrible so this is where a big upgrade is needed so this item is top of the list. I am spending so much time outdoors these days and walking the dog in all weather so a quality jacket like a Barbour one really is a must have.

Schoffel Country Fleece

These fleeces are all over my Instagram feed these days and the more I see them the more I fall in love with them as they are super simple but look so comfortable. Again this is a purchase with those cooler dog walks in mind as it should keep me nice and warm whilst adding a bit of a smarter element to my outfit. 

POSH Harrogate 1/4 Zips

I keep getting drawn into buying every colour 1/4 zip that POSH Harrogate sell however, I keep telling myself that these are not being purchased until I hit that goal, again as I want to make sure they all fit me for longer than a few months. These look absolutely brilliant and the colours they sell are all a bit different to what I would usually pick up. Who knows just how many options there will be from the company by the time I finally hit my goal.

Nice Trousers

As part of my total wardrobe rebuild and me smartening up my style I am planning on bringing in some good quality smarter looking trousers into my wardrobe. These will be mainly for my work outfits but I am looking forward to going and finding the perfect pairs. On the list are definitely a grey, black and navy pair but as for other colours we shall see what I find, I will certainly be shopping around for these.

Ralph Lauren Belt

I am absolutely loving these reversible Ralph Lauren belts and the plan is to invest in some good quality statement belts so these will be a good starting point. Again I have been so tempted to get these already however, for the price I may as well just buy some cheap belts for now and wait until my size levels out. I may be looking forward to getting this most off the list. 

I am sure that a lot more items will be added before I finally get around to the full wardrobe rebuild especially as I am taking a lot of inspiration from Instagram these days. All I know though is I am really looking forward to building up my new wardrobe when I finally hit that goal and who knows a whole new Lucy may be incoming.

This post is all about the clothing that I am wanting to purchase however, I haven't forgot about the footwear side of this website. I am not on a footwear buying ban so those pieces will be coming in throughout the year although you may see a change on the styles I end up purchasing. Keep an eye on the site though as I have a full footwear piece coming up before the end of the month.

For now though let's stop buying those clothes and work towards having the money available to purchase these items...

I will be doing a low spend year to sort my life out

2024 is going to be the year where I really start to focus on getting my finances in order, as currently I am not in the right place with them. I am still in the habit of spending money for the sake of it and I am realising now just how much I am wasting and how the money could be saved and put towards something much more worthwhile like getting a room in the house redecorated. 

I am challenging myself to having a low spend year in 2024 and I am determined to really stick to this not just for the financial benefit but also as I am hoping that 2024 is the year that the house has a whole declutter transformation. As it stands all the surfaces & cupboards are over run with unnecessary things and products which just need using up rather than having duplicates taking up even more space. I am really hoping that having a low buy year will help me massively reduce the clutter as I will be bringing in the bare minimum to the house and instead using up everything I already own. 

As I go around decluttering room by room I will be sure to take note of what I do need but I wont rush out to get it straight away. This should help me stick to the low spend year and also get me really thinking about it the purchase is really going to be worth it or not, something I need to learn to do in most areas as I spend just so I don't come home empty handed.

As I have mentioned a fair few times on here already this year, my big focus is on building up those savings and finally getting the house how we want it by redecorating all the rooms we can and if I do manage to do a low spend year I am more likely to get all the jobs I want to do this year done but there is even the possibility of getting more done if them savings really start to take shape.

January is all about taking stock of what I have got to ensure I am well prepared for what sort of things I need to keep an eye out for and allow space for in the budget, it will also help me work out what I really don't need to consider repurchasing again for a long time, if ever again at all. In terms of main focus areas I will be taking stock of what we have food wise in the cupboards as currently I know we have far too many packets of pasta and I can stop buying that for a long time. I will also be taking stock of all the clothing I have, I realised lately that I have 3 pairs of the same jeans which is no needed and lets not get started on how many of the same t-shirts I have. There will also be a focus on bathroom items as there are so many things I could use up before buying more however, I get sucked in by offers in stores and things end up going to waste, again something I am trying to stop doing. 

The big rule for this low spend challenge is that I can not re-buy something until I am completely out of what I already own, so say I see a shower gel I want but I have 4 bottles at home I have to use those 4 up before buying new. As for clothing the same applies, if I want new jeans I will remind myself of what I already have and if those still fit me then I don't need new ones. 

Granted with clothing I may need to re-buy a few bits as I head towards my weight loss goal especially as the seasons change. However, the plan is to limit the shopping trips and clothing purchases to four big shops during the course of the year. I will save up for these shopping trips so I go with a budget in mind and will make a list of things I actually need before heading out so I am not buying things for the sake of it. I will be doing the 4 trips as this should have me covered for every season. This should save me a lot of money in the long run by cutting back and going armed with a list. I will also be saving towards any concert merchandise within this too so again I can't go overboard.

Of course the big plan for the year is to get the jobs around the house done so within the low buy year I will be having to buy a lot of paint, furniture and accessories however, these are all budgeted for already so it will all be within the rules of the low buy plus when it comes to the accessories I won't be going overboard and buy loads of pieces like I have in the past, I will put a limit on them. I will also be budgeting for holidays however, again I will not be being silly and spending every penny whilst away like I usually do.

To keep track of all this I am going to have a notes page and a bullet journal page where I mark down what I am allowed to buy ie. things to help with jobs, odd treats that all fit within my budget, what I really need to pick up as essentials. I am also going to put down what I really wanted to buy but didn't so I can see any repeat offenders and just how much I am saving by sticking to this. It is going to be fun to see how this develops over the year and to see just how my spending habits change.

I am really hoping that this low spend year is going to help our savings massively grow even with us doing the jobs around the house which will eat into the savings a fair bit. Those jobs really are a priority though so any extra money towards getting them finally done is really going to help and will put us in a better place for getting the rest of the house sorted. I am really looking forward to seeing how the year doing this goes and seeing how my spending habits change over the next 12 months...

For now though let's go start the declutter and make January's pay day allowed to buy list.

There is plenty for me to look forward to in 2024


2024 is a year of change as I have mentioned on here a fair few times and it isn't just fashion wise where things will be changing. I am planning on spending money on memories rather than items this year. I would rather go out and experience something rather than buying something to never use it and see it gathering dust. Plus I can share the experiences with family members which makes it even better especially if it means making memories with my nephew or Liam. 

Already at the start of the year my diary is starting to fill up and events are taking place which I am on countdown to. We have concerts, days out and so much more that are going to make days super special and months are going to be a nice mixture of things. So here is what we have booked already...

Hot Wheels : Glow Live

We all got tickets to take my nephew to this as he absolutely loves Monster Trucks and we have wanted to take him for a while now so whilst it is on our doorstep we might as well give it a go. I am really looking forward to this as it looks like it is a great show so lets see if it lives up to expectations.


We have had this one booked for what feels like forever now and honestly I think I might be a bit more excited for this than my nephew is. Growing up I absolutely loved just sitting and watching Sooty so this is basically going to be me reliving my childhood and I am on countdown for it. We went to Sooty Land back in August so I think that helped me get ready for it too.


This is another one that we are all going to with my nephew and I have to admit again I am really looking forward to this one even if it is aimed more towards little kids. I am not sure what it is about Bluey but we see on social media the show has drawn a lot of people in and a lot of adults actually don't mind sitting and watching it, to be honest even our dog is hooked and will sit and watch a full episode. This show should be great and a nice little pre-birthday treat for the nephew.

Jonas Brothers

2024 seems to be the year of reliving my childhood and I am really not complaining. The second I got the notification that the Jonas Brother's were coming to Manchester I was making plans to get there. Luckily thanks to being a Co-Op member I got the tickets pretty easily and the countdown soon begun. I got my sister a ticket to join me as her Christmas present seen as our time growing up was spent listening to them so it is going to be nice to relive our childhoods together, plus there is no way Liam would have gone with me.


Pink is someone I have wanted to see for far too long, you watch the videos of her show online and realise it is more than a concert you are attending plus all her songs are absolutely brilliant. When she announced her tour me and a few friends set up a group chat and luckily one of us managed to get all the tickets we needed so in July I will be heading to Anfield (wish it was any other stadium) to finally see Pink live with a great group of friends.

Total Warrior

Do you ever look back at something and think why did I sign up for that? Well that is the question I ask myself every time I remember I am doing the Total Warrior course. This is a 12k track with some pretty brutal obstacles in the way. I am definitely working out a lot more in 2024 to get myself ready for this so I guess it should really help me power through my weight loss & fitness goals too plus if I do finish this it is going to be something to be very proud of. 

Family holiday

We have a full family holiday booked for 2024 and the countdown is on. We tend to do these once a year where we all go including my grandparents which makes the trip that bit more special. The dog is also going with us for this one and where we are going couldn't be any more suited to going on a lot of adventures. No doubt we will have plenty more holidays booked throughout the year with some of the family so I can't wait to see where we end up.


We are back to the theatre with this one. Hairspray is up there in my top 3 musicals so when my dad said he was getting my mum a ticket for Christmas I asked if I could join her. This isn't until November however, I really can't wait to go see this once more. I don't think this will be one of the only musicals I go to in 2024 either as I am determined to head to as many shows as I can as there are plenty coming on tour locally that I have been waiting to see.

So there we go those are all the things that I have booked that I am really looking forward to in 2024, throw in the football schedule and we are sure in for a busy year as no doubt even more things will be getting booked as the year progresses. As I have mentioned before 2024 is all about making memories and going on adventures so I can't wait to see where the year takes us. 

I will be posting little round ups of the shows we have attended & the adventures we have been on to the blog once they have taken place so keep an eye out for those, also keep an eye out on Instagram to see just what we get up to on those adventure days.

I am doing the Gymshark 66 once again...


The start of the year always means one thing... the return of Gymshark 66, this is a 66 day challenge that I always start on January 1st however, I have never completed it. 2024 is going to be different though as I am 100% determined that at some point after day 66 is March I will be writing a full wrap up post on here saying how I managed to complete all 66 days and how I feel so much better for it. 

I gave up previously for the silliest of reasons and I put too much pressure on myself but this year I won't be making that mistake, the goals I set myself before were just too unrealistic so I have really toned it down whilst also making sure what I pick is going to help me achieve those goals I set myself for the year. This years 66 is all in app which is going to make keeping up super easy, plus the app will show me my progress meaning I am more likely to stick to it. To take part this year all you had to do was pick 3 habits to tick off daily, there was plenty of choices across 3 categories: 




The fact these were the categories just seemed to reel me in to giving the 66 another try as these are 3 areas where habits being built would be really beneficial for me. My big goal for 2024 is self growth so the 3 habits I picked for this would help me on my way to achieving that in the long run. After some careful consideration I ended up opting for a habit from each category and here is what I chose & why...

Stay in my calorie target

Over eating was a big issue for me in 2023 and is one of the many reasons why my weight loss journey went backwards rather than making the progress I had hoped to. I am hoping that by having stick to my calories as a habit for the first 66 days I will just naturally fall into continuing this when the challenge is over. I know that with my lifestyle as it is now if I can stick to this and get my nutrition under control I will soon start to see the benefits.

Learn something new 

This is another one I couldn't resist when I saw it. A big goal of mine is to finish 4 Open University free courses to help me out in various aspects of life so when I saw this I knew I had to have this one as part of my Gymshark 66. In the 66 days of the challenge I should be able to complete a few of these courses and hopefully it will inspire me to push on for the rest of the year and complete even more than the 4 I set out to complete.

Daily workout / exercise 

I really need to get my body moving again as I really slacked off in 2023 and you can tell. Daily workouts & exercise are something I am striving for as I know it will do my knee some good and help me on my weight loss journey. I know that it will also help me mentally as I know when I am consistent in working out my mental health is so much better. This doesn't need to be high intensity every day either some days might simply be going on a longer dog walk but I know each day will be different to keep me going.

I am 100% sure that if I stick to these habits for those 66 days I am going to end up carrying them on beyond that and really seeing the progress I want to see in 2024 so let's hope it all goes to plan unlike in previous years. I really want 2024 to be a much better year so let's hope completing these 66 days sets me off on a good start.

The jobs we want to get done in 2024

 I know I am repeating myself again with the start of this post however, just like with everything else in 2023 things didn't go to plan when it came to getting things done around the house and we actually got nothing done throughout the year which in all honesty is pretty annoying. We are certainly hoping that things go a lot differently in 2024 though and we have a nice long list of jobs around the house that we would like to get done and thanks to us going into the year with our heads well and truly screwed on, knowing what we want to achieve, we should be able to really make a dent in these jobs and end 2024 with a fair bit of the house completed. 

We have said down and worked out exactly where our priorities lie this year and we know that a big aim for the year is to get as much of the jobs around the house done as we can, we can probably get all the upstairs done and a lot of the outdoors space if we keep our goals in mind and keep our heads screwed on. If we can get the upstairs done then 2025 can be focused on the expensive jobs downstairs and if we focus on the outdoor space in 2024 we can spend our summers relaxing at home rather than going out spending for the sake of it, a nice garden space for us to sit in whilst the dog charges around would be ideal for 2024. 

Financially we are in a much better place too which puts us in a much better position to get things done over the next 12 months and with a bit of time & effort we could fly through this list, so here are the jobs we are hoping to get done in 2024...

Our bedroom

This job is already booked in and will be underway in the first month of the year which is a big step in ensuring we get this full list ticked off this year. By getting our bedroom done early on we are getting a more expensive job done early on to be able to get saving for other jobs for the remainder of the year. I have a post coming up about the plans for this job so I won't go into it too much but lets just say it is going to be a complete change and we both can't wait for it.

Office/dressing room

The office, dressing room is our spare room and it is only a small room therefore it shouldn't cost us too much to do up. This room is just going to be a case of plastering the walls and painting them whilst rearranging the furniture we have in there. With it being a relatively low cost job I am hoping that we can do this early on in the year but I guess we will see. The aim here though is to make the space more practical and more appealing to be sat in whilst I am working on content etc. A good declutter will also take place in here and only those essential items will be going back in whilst being tidied up as the state of the room currently stresses me out and does nothing for my productivity.

Home gym

I guess you could say we started this in 2023 as we got the old garage structure pulled down however, that is all we got done. The aim is to have the new structure built and in use by my birthday in September, this will free up space in the house and will also just give me that easier workout option as the year progresses. Even if it is a case of just doing bits as and when the funds are available to have it done in 2024 will be a huge weight lifted as we are sick of the sight of gym equipment in the house. It also means I can save more money by cancelling my gym membership. This really would be the perfect addition to the house and has been a long time coming so let's hope by mid-year I can report that things are well underway.

Back garden

The back garden is something we wanted to get done in 2023 but time and weather wasn't on our side so we never got around to completing it. We are hoping though that by the time summer rolls around the back garden is fully complete. The aim for the back garden is a case of having a general tidy up, paint the decking and fencing, turn the planters into seats and just making the window area look nicer. Once all that is done we will also be rearranging the furniture & accessories whilst adding new just to make this space perfect for those long evenings. Hopefully we will get this done and be able to have people round for BBQ's this summer which would be perfect as the dog would be able to enjoy it too. This should be another low cost job but will require a fair bit of hard work so let's see if we can get it done.

Front garden

The front garden is another low cost job but it is another that is going to require a fair bit of hard work. The window and door area here is going to require some freshening up which will be a simple job however, the trees need sorting out as they are overgrown and old plants need ripping out as there is no life left in them. The plan then is to dig out the old border and add some plants just to brighten the area up as at the moment it is all just overgrown grass and the curb appeal is none existent. A little fence also needs to go up between ours and our neighbors just to make it more secure for the dog. One nice weekend should just allow for this to be completed and I can't wait for it.

Side garden

Now the side garden shouldn't cost too much as it is just a case of getting rid of the old flowerbed (which should be done at the same time as the gym build) and the old BBQ we are never going to use. Once those are removed its just a case of tidying the area up and getting it ready to use for kicking the football around in. The only cost for this area may be getting some fencing of some sort just to secure it for the dog but we need to sit and have a think about that as it comes to sorting the area out.


The hallway is definitely going to be the most expensive job on this list other than the home gym. It needs plastering and due to how it is we may get someone in to paint it for us but we will decide that nearer the time and budget for it just in case. We are also going to need to sort the floorboards out here and sort out new flooring for the upstairs, stairs and the downstairs which will be costly plus the flooring is going to need to be bought in bulk for downstairs as we will want to run this all throughout the downstairs areas when it comes to redoing those rooms. We also need a joiner to come fit some cupboards for us in the hallway too which we know won't be cheap. The hallway is an aim for the year however, even if we have to wait until early 2025 due to the cost I don't think we will mind... let's aim big for 2024 though so we throw excess money into the savings.

So there you go those are the jobs we are hoping to get done in 2024, both me and Liam are determined to save up to get all these done on the list so it is going to be interesting to see just how much we can get done. We will also be trying to do as much as we can on our own to cut down on costs which will be a challenge but I am sure we are both more than capable. 

I am looking forward to seeing just how much we can get done this year and I am hopeful that by the check in post around June I will be reporting that a chunk of these jobs will be completed rather than being saying I am way behind like I was in 2023. Now it is time to get planning this bedroom as it isn't long until it gets underway.

The weight loss rewards when I finally hit those targets


I promise I will stop banging on about this soon however, if you have been reading the blog this year you will have read by now that I am making my fitness and weight loss journey a main priority throughout 2024 as I am unhappy with where I am at with it currently. The plan is to go bigger & better in 2024 with plenty of workouts, a better diet and just generally pushing on to hit those goals sooner rather than later as I am really determined to see this weight gone for good rather than it creeping back on like it did over the course of 2023. The scales and size are going to be in a downward spiral in 2024 I am sure of it as my determination is higher than ever and I have those steps in place to make sure I am working towards my goals in a successful way.

With 2023 really not going to plan for 2024 I am going to be throwing some incentives into the mix. I know that a little reward every now and then will really help motivate me to keep going as I know that those little milestones will be celebrated for all the right reasons. The plan is to reward myself every 7 lbs which means every time I lose half a stone I will be picking up a little treat however, once a stone milestone is achieved I will be picking up a big of a bigger reward. I have tried to make the rewards items that are going to be used throughout my journey to keep me going and there is definitely nice mixture of things on the list, all that are going to be super fun to work towards. I am really hoping to get to at least the 3 stone reward mark in 2024 however, as I am trying to have a big push towards this I have made the rewards go up to the 5 stone mark just in case and let;s just say if I get to this I won't be far off my end goal either which will make the year even better for me as it will mean I am able to start going on that big wardrobe restock trip. So here are those rewards I am going to be picking up on those milestones in my journey throughout 2024...

7 lbs - New shin pads

The first rewards is going to be something I really need to ensure a big push towards the first target... I have been needing new shin pads for a while now as mine are a mess, stink and I have actually lost the sleeves that are meant to hold them in place. As I know that I really need this item I am hoping that it keeps me pushing to hit the 7 lbs lost goal as soon as possible and get the year off to a good start.

14 lbs (1 stone) - New football shirt

Once I hit 1 stone lost I will finally be treating myself to a new football shirt hopefully in a size below what I am currently in, as that increased again in 2023. I will be saving for this shirt as I am working towards that goal and hopefully by the time I hit it I will have enough to treat myself. I haven't bought half as many shirts as I would like this season so hopefully knowing a new shirt is on the cards will push me to drop that stone and give me that extra motivation.

21 lbs (1 & 1/2 stone) - New earphones for the gym

With me being back in the gym and being in the process of working out more my current earphones just aren't cutting it and could do with upgrading. Rather than just going out and buying a pair like I usually would the plan is to save up the money for a better pair whilst I am losing the weight and have a shiny new pair as a reward for pushing on with my journey. I am definitely going for a more expensive pair this time around so with me needing to drop 21 lbs before purchasing I should hopefully have given myself plenty of time to get the money together however, with all this motivation who knows how long it is actually going to take for me to get to this point.

28 lbs (2 stone) - New Gymshark outfit

By the time I am 2 stone down I have a feeling some of my clothing will need replacing and I feel like I might need a nice new workout outfit for hitting the gym in to throw a bit of confidence into the mix. I love Gymshark clothing however, I haven't had anything new from them for a while as I have found them to be a bit on the expensive side plus I haven't really been in workout clothing as much as I would have liked. I am really looking forward to hitting this 2 stone lost mark though as I have seen so many items I would love to own so at least I have time to narrow it down to just the one outfit to treat myself to, keep an eye on the site though as I might be posting about another way I can treat myself to a Gymshark order in an upcoming post...

35 lbs (2 & 1/2 stone) - Supplement haul

Now of course I am going to be placing orders to keep vitamins & protein bits stocked up throughout the year however, they will just be small occasional orders from MyProtein every time no doubt. Once I hit that 2 & 1/2 stone lost mark though I will be placing a bigger order than usual with some items I might have been previously holding off from, this order will also be from brands I haven't yet tried like Soccer Supplement so will open the door for different products I hope. I might even pick up something from Pure Sport as part of this order but we shall see when the time comes.

42 lbs (3 stone) - New workout outfits & football shirt

My aim for the year is to be 3 stone down by my 30th birthday in September so my reward for this milestone is going to be a bit of a bigger one but it will only be this big if I hit it in September, if not I will only get half of this reward which I guess gives me a bit more motivation to hit that 3 stone mark sooner rather than later. 2 new workout outfits will be purchased from Gymshark once I hit this goal as my size will definitely have changed by then and my workout clothing will definitely be needing an upgrade to fit me much better, I will also be trying to pick seasonal outfits as no doubt the weather will have changed a fair bit by the time I hit this one. If I hit this by September I will also be rewarding myself with a new football shirt ready for the new season, I have plenty of time to scout out my options for this one too so let's see which I end up with, if any at all. 

49 lbs (3 & 1/2 stone) - New base layers

If I do manage to hit this milestone in 2024 it will definitely be as the weather takes a turn towards the end of the year so my reward for reaching that milestone will reflect that. It might be a bit silly but my reward for hitting this is actually going to be some new base layers for football. Granted I might pick up some cheap Sondico ones as the year progresses just to make sure I am not wearing ones too big however, once I hit 3 & 1/2 stone I will finally be treating myself to some Nike Pro layers as a bit more of a treat.

56 lbs (4 stone) - New football boots for training

I am really thinking it would be a miracle if I hit this milestone in 2024 however, I am really going to push for it and see what happens. I will definitely be treating myself to some more expensive boots for training if I hit this milestone. At the moment I am in some £28 Adidas that cripple my feet so I will be getting a new cheaper Nike pair soon however, I will be putting money to one side to treat myself to a more expensive pair once that 4 stone is gone as a bit of a treat. I know I will get my wear out of them too as I have a training pair & match day pair but let's see if I can reach that 4 stone mark in 2024 first.

63 lbs (4 & 1/2 stone) - Sports massage

By the time I hit this milestone (if I hit it) my body will definitely have been put through its paces so to try relax a bit and loosen up the plan is to have the reward for hitting this goal as a sports massage. This will just give me a chance to have an hour getting rid of any niggles in my body and allow me to reset ready for pushing on with the final stretch of my journey and the rest of my football season as no doubt this will be achieved half way through my football season if I do achieve it in 2024. It could be the start of me getting regular sports massages too but we shall see.

70 lbs (5 stone) - Start the new wardrobe shopping trip

If I hit this milestone in 2024 it really will be a miracle however, it is on here just in case and as a bit of added motivation to really push on to achieve as much as possible over the course of the 12 months. If I do manage to hit the 5 stone mark I won't be too far off my overall target so I will be allowing myself to finally dip into the goal shop money to purchase some items that have been on my wish list to rebuild my wardrobe in clothing that fits correctly. I don't thinking sizing wise my body will change too much between the 5 stone lost and the end goal so why not start treating myself it will be deserved after putting a lot of hard work into the year. This will involve shopping for work, day to day and workout clothes as a lot of items will hopefully need replacing from the start of the year. 

Even if I only manage to get to the 3 stone lost mark in 2024 I will be happy as it will be a lot more progress that I made in 2023. With all this motivation and making the journey a priority though who knows just how much I will manage to lose in the long run, all I can say is I am really looking forward to keeping track of how much progress I can make in the year and just how many of these rewards I can pick up.

Now less of the planning and let's get to work on seeing those pounds drop off. 2024 I am coming for you... 

The more personal goals of 2024


So recently we had my 2024 fitness and weight loss goals in a post which you can read here, and I mentioned in that post that my fitness & weight loss journey was going to play a big part in my 2024 however, that doesn't mean I am not going to be setting myself goals for other aspects of my life too. I mentioned in the other goals post 2023 really didn't go to plan therefore I am determined to have a much better 2024 all round. The aim is to come out of 2024 the best version of myself with improvements having taken place in plenty of aspects of my life, I want to enter my 30's in September in a better place but I want to end December even better. I want to be able to see the self growth and also be in a better place financially so these goals are all going to be ones that help me work towards that. 

The goals in this post are what I am calling my main goals, there are also others on a different list that I haven't posted on here however, they are equally as important so although they haven't made it onto this post they will still be celebrated on social media if I do achieve them so make sure you are following to see what goals didn't quite make this post. So here are those main goals I am hoping to achieve in 2024...

Read 10 books

I have really slacked off with reading in recent years however, I am trying to add more down time into my routine for 2024 so the plan is to try finish 10 books, they can be fiction or self development, I just want to have 10 books done with by the end of the year. This will hopefully help me reduce the screen time on an evening too as it will mean reading rather than looking through the Instagram feed like I usually do, so this goal should help various aspects of my life and hopefully improve my sleep.

Complete 4 of the free courses on Open University

I never knew that the Open University offered some free courses through their site however, after stumbling across them at the end of 2023 I have added some to my saved list and I am determined to get through 4 of them throughout 2024. There is a huge selection of free courses available and my saved list includes plenty that will help me grow and develop knowledge in a variety of areas that can help me in my work life and personal life. I am actually looking forward to sitting down and completing these so who knows at the end of the year I might be reporting on more than 4 being completed.

Work in a coffee shop once a month

Now this is something I have wanted to do for a while but due to my confidence I haven't fancied going and sitting alone with my laptop in a coffee shop. That is going to change in 2024 though as I am working on putting myself in situations I wouldn't previously have put myself in, whether it is just going to a coffee shop in the village or heading into town for a few hours the change of environment could do me some good plus I won't be distracted by the dog every two minutes.

Complete a low spend year 

I have wanted to do this one for a while but have never really been properly organised for it however, in 2024 I am ready. The aim is to absolutely smash a low spend year where only essentials or items that align with our goals are purchased. Again I wont go into this goal too much as I am going to do a separate post in regards to this goal but all I will say now is I am really ready to smash this and see the clutter brought into the house reduced whilst our savings grow.

Stick to cash stuffing

I gave cash stuffing a go in 2023 however, didn't fully stick to it with me doing it some months and then neglecting it for months. The plan for 2024 though is to fully commit to this as it shows me exactly how much I have left to spend on each category and will teach me that once that money is gone it is gone, something I struggled with in 2023 as I would just get the debit card out and be well over budget. If I stick to doing this monthly I should certainly see my savings grow so let's hope I can do.

Buy less clothing

I am determined to be saving money this year as I have mentioned a fair few times and I know that if I stopped buying so many items of clothing I would see my savings grow and it will mean money is no longer being wasted. The fact a big focus is on my weight loss and fitness journey also means there is no point going out buying loads of clothing as I am hoping my size changes a fair bit this year so if I do buy loads of clothes then lose the weight I will have wasted money that could have saved to spend elsewhere. My wardrobe is far too cluttered too so I really don't need much more added anytime soon that is why in 2024 I will only be picking up the essentials.

Treat myself to 1 big present for my 30th

I am 30 in September and I have said to myself for a while now that I want to treat myself to a big present when the birthday does roll around. This present is definitely on the more expensive side of things but it is going to be a treat to myself for entering my 30's. I have a list of ideas from clothing to footwear to watches so let's see what I am after the most by September who knows I might even be good enough with my savings to be able to get a few presents for myself.

Start saving for those bigger jobs

I have a post going up soon about all the jobs I am wanting to get done in 2024 however, I also want to use the year to start saving towards those bigger jobs that I want to get done. I know that the work in the house is going to cost a fortune once we get to doing the downstairs as it will mean changing layouts etc so I want to use 2024 as a chance to build up the savings so that we can get on with these jobs sooner rather than later. A lot of money is going to be spent on getting the upstairs done however, I am determined to balance this out by saving for future jobs too, it gives that saving a bit of an added incentive really as it will mean getting the house done a lot quicker... something I can't wait to be complete, I have even started putting little mood boards together for those bigger jobs that's how excited I am.

Pay off car insurance in a lump sum

Alongside saving up for jobs around the house I also want to make sure that I am not neglecting the car savings, I want to have enough saved to be able to pay my insurance in one lump sum like I usually do and I would also like to make sure I have money building up to cover my MOT and car tax as well towards the end of the year. If I really do stick to my savings this should all happen with no issue at all so lets see if things go to plan shall we.

End the year with £2,000 in the goal shop pot

The final goal on this is list is to increase my goal shop pot to £2,000. I am already half way there but if all goes to plan over the course of the year I could smash this target which would put me in a brilliant position for when I do head out on that big shop. The goal shop pot is for a whole new wardrobe when I have hit my target weight/size so I don't think it will take place in 2024 however, if I can use the year to build up to that big shop it will mean I have plenty of money ready for when it does take place who knows I might end up with more than £2,000 but I guess only time will tell. 

So there you have it those are my personal goals for the year and don't forget you can go back and read my fitness & weight loss ones here. I definitely have big plans for 2024 so I am looking forward to seeing how the year shapes up. 

There will be plenty more posts coming on the website too throughout 2024 so make sure you keep checking back every weekday for a new post. Let's make 2024 the best one yet...