Weekly Round Up #13

Monday was a day as normal for me, we were still in the office, me and my dad nipped down to the supermarket nice and early so me and Liam had half a chance of having fresh food for the week. That was a successful trip and we nipped back out that evening to get some bits for Liam's mum. Then Boris announced the lockdown which totally changed the course of the week.

Tuesday was a case of nipping into work to tie up any loose ends but by 2pm I was home to begin the lockdown. By 3pm I had already taken my first lockdown nap as I was bored already.

I started home workouts for a change just to give me something to do whilst I am sat at home. I then did a few jobs around the house before doing some blogging, it was taking a while though as motivation was gone at this point.

Day 2 in lockdown and it was a bit more productive, the workout was done, I cleaned the games room and I got on with creating some blog posts. By the time Liam got home I had done plenty and was ready to relax.

This was a day off from workouts as they were already killing me, I ended up having a blogging day on Friday, no housework just getting stuff done. Then I Facetimed the family and spoke to my auntie which broke the day up nicely.  

A day with Liam at home which was great, we had a bit of a lazy morning and then tackled the dumping ground at the top of the stairs. There were items there that hadn't been moved since we moved in. Now we have a nice clean space with just the iron & ironing board in there. After that it was just a day of gaming and relaxing. Although I did end up making a huge list of blog ideas whilst they were in my head.

A more relaxed day for us both, I did a few blogging bits and played some games but that was it before waiting for some blogger chats to start on Twitter, I am loving taking parts in them lately. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Thank god for the release of Disney+, I have finally got around to watching the Incredibles 2 & High School Musical : The Series. Not only that though I have been watching some old favourites like Recess, Phineas & Ferb and Hannah Montana. Of course I have been watching plenty of YouTube too.

Reading: I managed about 5 pages of my book, hopefully I can finally finish it during the lockdown.

Listening to: Once again all that I have listened to is Demi Lovato, I just can't get enough of listening to all her different albums on Spotify. 

This week I want to be even more productive, I want to use specific days to work on each blog so I aren't bouncing back and forth on what I am doing that day, hopefully this will also help me create better content for you all too as I have so many ideas I currently want to work on. I also want to be productive in terms of housework, last week I managed to get plenty of bits clean but I want to properly sort the wardrobe and finally tackle the bottom of the stairs and get that looking good for a change. 

See you soon

The Forgotten Sneakers That Are Still Going Strong

Have you ever had those trainers (sneakers) that have been part of  your collection forever but they tend to get forgotten about? Well that was the case for me and these gems.

My grandparents actually got me these Nike Blazers for my 17th back in 2012 so they have been in my collection now for almost 8 years which for a pair of sneakers is absolutely fantastic in my eyes especially as when I originally got these they were never off my feet. There are a few scuffs on them but overall they are in pretty good condition.

One part of these sneakers I really love is the exposed sponge on the top of the tongue, it just adds something to the sneakers that others don't have for me it is those simple details that make them stand out for me. Comfort is key for these too as with some mid rise sneakers they rub my achilles but these I have never had an issue with as they are nice and soft not rock solid like past pairs. The lacing system is nice and simple too and unlike some pairs in the past there is the right amount of lace, not a load left over leaving bigger loops which is fantastic for me as I had having my laces on show or taking up most of the shoes silhouette. 

These sneakers a possibly some of the easiest for me to style too even though they are a bright red and white colour way the colours work well together and I have found over the years they go well with my black skinnies and a black t-shirt as they add a pop of colour. They also work well with lighter jeans in the warmer weather & even my chinos, when I remember to turn the bottoms of them up so they sit above the sneakers. I think as the weather starts to improve & we can leave the house again I might have to try these out with a pair of denim shorts to see how they look. It is about time I started to experiment a bit more with my sneaker & clothing combinations.

There are a few creases on the backs where I have taken these on and off but nothing major, I found sometimes these were hard to get on and off without having to loosen the laces before & after every wear but it is just something I got used to. There is also a bit of discoloration to the back of these sneakers but I can't tell if that is just from wear or dirt so maybe a good clean is in order to see if I can freshen them back up, if not I think it gives them a definitely vintage look. 

To me these trainers are absolute classics and I will try keep hold of these for as long as possible and take good are of them but recently Nike re-released the Blazer Mid '77 QS sneakers which you can find in JD Sports so I am very tempted to add a pair of these to my collection to see if they last as long too.

These are definitely a pair of sneakers that I will never stop loving. What are your thoughts on the Nike Blazers?

March 2020 New In

I have decided that this year instead of doing random hauls I will be doing one big haul between my paydays.

 I get payed on the 23rd of each month so these purchases have all been made before March 23rd. I originally wasn't going to spend much throughout March but with a mix of my nephews birthday, wanting to add to my wardrobe and some great game releases I have spent far too much.

My mum picked me up a copy of The Witcher: The Last Wish as it was on a multi buy deal and she was getting something. I am loving the TV show and can't wait to get started on the game so this book should make the perfect companion. 
I had a bit of Christmas money left over and was saving it to purchase a few games for the Nintendo Switch, the reason for waiting so long was because we had a trip to Scotland towards the end of March which has unfortunately been cancelled but at least now we are stocked up the games. I really wanted Two Point Hospital after seeing plenty of streams of the game and seeing a lot of things on Twitter about the game. I am really looking forward to getting started on this. I also picked up a copy of Minecraft as I just can't get enough of that game, in fact I love it so much it is on my PC, Laptop and all my consoles now. 

Now Animal Crossing was a no brainer of course we were going to get it. Liam managed to pick this up on release day for us so if we do end up stuck in for a while I can see this being played a lot, well even if we aren't stuck in too. I fell in love with New Leaf so lets hope I play this as much as I did that one. 

The gyms are closed but I am determined to try work out from home, I have been doing so well with my weight loss and even though the weight is taking a while to drop off it is doing. My auntie and uncle picked these weight plates up for me from Aldi for just £3.99 so now I have no excuse I need to carry on working out. 

I ran out of BCAA's the other week and then MyProtein were doing a deal of 50% so that combined with one of my favourite YouTuber's discount codes meant I got an absolute bargain. I picked up my favourite blue raspberry ones and decided to give the strawberry & lime ones a try. I also picked up another shaker for these.

For the nephew's birthday we went to The Deep in Hull, I hadn't been there before but I absolutely loved it as there were plenty of sharks. I think the obsession with sharks is still there too as you can see in the image above. I picked up a shark tote bag, a shark soft toy, a shark mug, a shark notebook and a new pen. 

My auntie managed to find me an absolute bargain. She found this Kelly Smith book in a charity shop for just 49p and it is in great condition. This book has been on my wish list for a long time but I have struggled to find it so to get it so cheap is fantastic.

I am terrible with the amount of product I put in my hair daily so I thought I would give this Fish deep cleansing shampoo & conditioner a go. I am really hoping this is as good as the VO5 gunk go I used to use.

I also got stocked up on some VO5 products that I haven't used before. I am really looking forward to giving the surfstyle paste & thickening powder a go as they could really make a difference to my style. I am sure you will be seeing these on the blog a few times. Would you like to see reviews on them?

I also managed to pick up a few other bits that were actually a few bargains, I got the Listerine cool mint from Poundland as we were running out. But then in boots they had some travel miniatures on offer and still on the 3 for 2 offer. I picked up a couple of the baby oils as they are really helping me out with my scars and helping reduce the visibility and keeps the skin nice and soft, these were just 10p each. I got some Nivea Men energy shower gels for when we finally go away, these were just 8p each and finally I got some Elvive shampoo for just 35p each.

Also from the pound shop I got a couple of containers to store my BCAA's in as I am sick of getting covered in the powder every time I go to make a drink. I have the powder in them at the moment and it looks great as well as being more convenient. 

My mum also managed to pick me up a few cleaning bits while she had been out. I had asked for her to have a look out got the 1001 carpet fresh as I have just run out so not only did she get me that but she also got me the Fabulosa version too. She also picked my up some new microfibre clothes & Windowlene as I am determined to get as many jobs done in the house as possible just to do a bit of a spring clean.

On one of my mum's trips to Asda she was right place right time as she managed to get some bits off the £1 sale rail. I am obsessed with checked pants at the moment so she managed to pick me these up and I love them. They fit really nice & are really comfy too so an absolute bargain.

I seem to have switched from wearing Nike socks daily to Primark trainer socks. They are really comfortable and at just £2 a pack I have got stocked up in the 3 main colours that go with the shoes I own. They seem to last me a while too but I go through that many pairs compared to how much I do the washing I like to be fully stocked. 

I made a H&M order this month too and picked up some Cargo pants, I got them in black and khaki at just £12.99 a pair they are fantastic. I have had plenty of compliments about them and they are so comfy. I am loving the cargo style so keep an eye out on here and Instagram as I think you will be seeing these more often.

As I said I am loving cargo pants at the moment so I also picked up these from Primark. These have metal zippers on and aren't cuffed at the bottom so they are a bit different to the H&M ones. These are a bit of a jean material too so they are a bit smarter.

Primark are doing printed t-shirts for just £2.50 at the moment. I picked this one up for just layering & lounging around in. Who knows it may become a pyjama top in the future too after a bit of wear. At £2.50 I may end up picking a few more up just for the use of pyjama tops.

Finally I picked up this striped top for the spring/summer season. I think this will be perfect for pairing up with some shorts in the warmer weather. The best part about this is that it scanned through at just £3 so it was definitely a bargain.

So there you have it that is everything I picked up in March. Let's hope I don't spend as much in April.

See you soon


Weekly Round Up #12

Another week with a lot of uncertainty and the last week of normality for us. I have now decided that as of Sunday I will only be going out for work & food shopping so here is what I got up to last week where we tried getting on as much as normal...

Monday was a pretty quiet day, it was work as usual for us both then we decided we didn't want to face the supermarket so we had a nice night in instead. 

Tuesday was the same as always by heading to the grandparents after work for tea, I know some of you wont agree with this but they aren't in the at risk category and they actually want us to still go see them. I can't see this happening for much long though.

After work we finally braved the supermarket, we managed to get a fair bit of stuff and it wasn't too busy luckily. Then it was McDonald's (the drive thru as always) for tea as neither of us really fancied cooking. 

After work on Thursday was a case of getting the nephews presents wrapped ready for Friday. This definitely took us a lot longer than expected so once that was done it was straight to bed.

Friday was the nephews first birthday and we actually went to the Deep, they were closing on the Sunday and there was a fair amount of people there, but it was nice as it definitely was a lot quieter than it should have been, there was no way this virus was going to ruin his special day. I know some people wont agree with this but only the immediate family went, we followed all measures & the Deep was still open so it was nice to support them before it shut.   

Saturday I was out with my mum where we went to the local market to pick up some food ready for Noah's little birthday party (immediate family only). I definitely will be going back to the butchers in our local market as the quality is absolutely fantastic plus it will definitely help them out when all this ends. We then had Noah's little party / mothers day celebration as who knows when we are all going to see each other again properly. 

Our first day in, or at least it should have been. We ended up having to run round to my parents to quickly help my dad fix the garage door. But we did spend a lot of the day just getting jobs done and I spent a lot of time getting blogging done. I decided that as of Sunday I was only going out if it was really essential such as work & food shopping. Luckily there is plenty to get done in the house and in the garden so there is enough to keep us going. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I have only really been watching YouTube.

Reading: Once again I need to start picking up my book, I have neglected it lately.

Listening to: Demi Lovato is all I have listened to once again.

This week I want to get even more jobs done around the house and get back to having dedicated blogging time. Plans have changed so I am making the most of my time at home and become a lot more productive.

See you soon

A Tommy Hilfiger Bargain

On a recent trip to the York Designer outlet I called into the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store just for a quick browse as I wanted to give the brand a go. Fortunately they had a bit of a sale on going and I could easily have spent a fortune. This t-shirt was marked up at £15 however, scanned through at just £9 so you really can't go wrong with a designer t-shirt at that price. 

The t-shirt is a regular fit and has a nice feel to it, the neck doesn't scoop too low and the length is perfect as it isn't too short like some t-shirts I have owned in the past. The sleeves aren't too tight either as they actually have a nicer fit than most designer t-shirts I have owned. 

This t-shirt is going to be perfect for me in the late spring/summer as it will fit a lot better as I start to lose more weight (it does fit now but it is a little tight). I can see this becoming a bit of a go to t-shirt with its nice simple design of grey with a bold red and slight blue Tommy sign across the chest. Team this up with my light denim jackets, some chinos or possibly even some cargo pants I have recently purchased. Finish this look off with some nice white converse and it is good to go.

It is a pretty versatile t-shirt too as for the it is really easy to style due to its simplicity. I love this t-shirt with my Mennace jacket, black skinnies and mid courts. The colours just make it so much easier to style as they are subtle. I know that I will now definitely be keeping my eyes out for more Tommy Hilfiger items.

Have you tried the Tommy Hilfiger brand before?

See you soon

Trying To Make Some Sustainable Changes

One thing I want to do this year is be a little better on the environment as well as save myself some money in the process. These 2 things can definitely go hand in hand so is beneficial to both me and the environment. When I look back to last year and take a look around the house I realise just how wasteful I can be and how simple habits can change this for the better. So here is what I want to do...

Recycle more
I actually started this towards last year but seem to have stopped again. It isn't hard and it is just a routine I need to slip back into. Over 50% of the things we use in our house could easily be recycled but I either can't be bothered reading the product to make sure it can be recycled or I don't want things cluttering up the sideboard (where we keep it piling up until instead of just taking it straight outside). So to combat this I am going to look into getting a small storage box / bin where we can keep it in the kitchen and put everything that can be recycled in there, once the box is full we just pick it up and take it to the recycle bin ... nice and easy for us and has a better impact on the environment.

Take a water bottle out with me 
The amount of plastic bottles I pick up are ridiculous, every time I go to the football I get a bottle of water, if I am out shopping I will buy a bottle and once I have finished the drink I will either just throw the bottle away or it will go home with me be reused a few times and then thrown. I need to get back into the habit of taking my water bottle out with me, I have so many at home there really is no excuse for buying a bottle every time I go out.

Take a coffee cup out with me 
Similarly to taking a water bottle out with me, if I fancy a coffee I should take a coffee cup with me instead of having the possibility of getting a takeaway cup. If I was getting a coffee from the coffee shop I could just ask them to put it in my cup instead of a takeaway one. Not only does taking my own cup help the environment but it will also help my bank account. I can just make a quick coffee or Nespresso before I head out and save me paying to get one whilst out as some places are ridiculously expensive.

Take my own bags out when shopping
This is something we do every week when we go do our food shop but I want to implement this for when I go shopping all the time. Do I need to buy bags from each store I head to? Nope not when we have a basket full of reusable tote bags at the bottom of the stairs. If I have them already I may as well start using them. Plus it isn't like they would be a bother to take out. I could just pop them in my back pack and grab them when needed.

Go to sustainable stores and buy plastic free
I didn't realise that in the Piece Hall in Halifax are 2 great stores where I can pick up healthier food and plastic free items. In the next few months hopefully I will be visiting these stores to see what they do and if we can make any changes to our lifestyle by visiting them. Would you like to see posts about these stores on the blog?

Use metals straws
We purchased some metal straws but I am actually still to use them, currently I have a stash of plastic straws I keep in Liam's car for when we go to McDonalds as I hate those paper straws, but once they are gone I will be using my metal straws every chance I get. Plus they came in a nice little carry bag so I can always keep these in my back pack too for when I am out and about.

Eat food before it goes off
We are terrible at buying too much food. There is just the 2 of us in the house but majority of the time we will go overboard and items have to be thrown away or we forget that we have had specific items in the house. The big thing at the moment that I always forget about is fruit, we buy so much and it ends up going off. Next time I buy those grapes I am determined to eat the lot, as at the moment I am literally throwing my money in the bin.

So there you have it those are the changes I am hoping to make over the course of the year to be better to the environment as well as my bank, I want to see those savings accounts going up this year not down.

See you soon

Weekly Round Up #11

Well the Coronavirus seems to be really starting to cause a stir and last week it ended up cancelling the football, when will it be back? Who knows? But I guess it is keeping us all a bit safer with it being cancelled plus it gives me a little more time to get things done around the house. So here is how last week went...

A bit different from most weeks but I went to my grandparents on Monday last week instead of Tuesday as they were going away. It was a great night as my auntie was there too and she had just got back from her holidays and I hadn't seen her for a while. Once we had done there we ended up going to collect the nephews final birthday present.

Tuesday I was really thrown off as I usually end up at my grandparents after work however, with me going on Monday I was stuck for something to do so I ended up having a bit of a blogging night. 

We ended up doing our weekly shop on Wednesday last week instead so after work we headed to Tesco, before coming home and just going to bed to watch YouTube. 

Another night after work where I just wanted to relax. I don't know what it was last week but motivation just seemed to drop.

Friday after work I headed down to my sisters to spend some time with her and my nephew. Once I had done there it was home to watch some more YouTube & do a few bits for the blogs.

It was meant to be a day of getting stuff done around the house but my parents asked if me and Liam wanted a day out with them instead. So we ended up going to Southport with them for the day. It was a great day and it was nice to spend some time just the 4 of us.

It was my cousins little ones blessing on Sunday so we were there for the majority of the day but I did actually manage to get a few jobs done around the house before hand.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I re-watched the Demi Lovato documentary on YouTube once again, but other than that all I have watched is other YouTube videos whether they were fashion, fitness or tech related.

Reading: With just watching YouTube I haven't picked my book up once again but hopefully I get back into a bit of a routine again.  

Listening to: Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato and Demi Lovato, that is all I have listened to.

This week I want to get most of the jobs on our list for around the house ticked off as things are slowly & surely coming together for us. It is my nephews 1st birthday this week to so I need to get everything ready for that & will be spending plenty of time with him too. Fingers crossed the football is still on twice this week too. The main things for the week though are spending time with family & getting jobs done.

See you soon

Just Be Yourself In The Perspective Hoodie

What do you do when one of your favourite footballers brings out a clothing line? Well you take a big interest in it. What do you do when they have a 70% off sale? Well you throw out all the rules about buying new clothes you had and you buy a couple of items. Which is what I just had to do with the Be Yourself clothing line by Jesse Lingard.

There was no way I was leaving this perspective hoodie behind as it was reduced from £28.00 to just £8.40 which was definitely a bargain. The biggest size for this hoodie was actually a large so I bought it as an incentive for my weight loss. But to my surprise when it came I tried it on and it actually fit me, in fact I have been told it is a little bit big on me. 

What I loved most about this hoodie is how simple it actually looks with the black, white and yellow, it is different to any hoodie I have had before. Plus the Be Yourself logo isn't too in your face as it is just embroidered on the chest between the colour panels.

The fit is definitely a bit bigger but even the sleeve length is great for my short arms and the body length is great too it doesn't ride up too far if I lift my arms up to adjust my hood etc. It is a bit of a boxy fit on me when on but I think I am actually starting to like this kind of fit in clothing. 

It is going to be really easy to style for different weathers too as in the spring when the weather is a bit warmer than it is now I can wear it without a jacket but when it is colder I can throw a darker denim jacket on with this and it looks like I just have a black hoodie on thanks to the colours only been on the shoulder. 

My current favourite way to wear this hoodie is with my dark denim jacket, black skinny jeans and white Nike mid courts however I can see that in the summer on those cooler nights I might end up with this thrown over a t-shirt and teamed up with some nice shorts, I really fancy experimenting with this throughout the summer so keep an eye on here for a possible future post or on my Instagram as I think this hoodie may be making a few appearances. 

See you soon

Current Skincare Routine : Day & Night

I told myself towards the end of last year I wanted to get back into a bit of a routine in regard to my skincare. I have been sick of constant breakouts lately and it is time to get my skin looking great once again. So that meant a trip down to Superdrug to see what bits I could pick up to help me get my skin back to a decent condition. This time I have decided to give their Naturally Radiant collection a go and so far so good.

So here is the morning routine:

First off I will use the foaming cleanser from the Naturally Radiant range, a little really does go a long way with this item as just one pump can provide plenty of foam. I follow this with the Simple moisturising facial wash which I will be honest with you, I only got as it has Little Mix on the packaging but it is one of the best face washes I have used in a long time. Then it is time for the brightening eye cream which is now as must have for me, I seem to be the one who has inherited the dark circles under my eyes just like my dad has. My morning routine is then finished off with the Naturally Radiant brightening day cream.

So onto the nighttime routine some items are similar to the morning routine but a few are changed around. So here is what I use on a night...

Just like in a morning the first thing I do is use my foaming cleanser this is just to get rid of any dirt that has built up over the day. I then use the Simple face wash just like I do in a morning before moving onto my Freederm overnight clearing serum, this serum has really been helping me in terms of my breakouts I am currently heaving. I then finish off the routine with the Naturally Radiant renewing night cream, I absolutely love this as it soaks right into my skin so no greasy skin for me right before bed. 

When I remember I will also use these soothing eye patches before carrying out my full nighttime routine, these are are from Primark and you get plenty in each pack (15 treatments). I have noticed  that when I have used them consistently my eyes do seem a lot better and the dark circles aren't so prominent.

Now I just need to actually do this twice a day and get it going as a real routine as some days I totally forget in a morning but more often than not I end up forgetting on a night time. What skincare routine do you currently have?

Let me know if you want a breakdown & single review of any of these products as I would be more than happy to do so.

See you soon