Muscle Massage Gun Unboxing

I have started to work out a whole lot more this year and my body is really not thanking me for it. My body is definitely letting me know that I am doing a whole lot more as it is more or less constantly aching. In the past few weeks whilst adding football into my routine I have noticed I am getting more and more aches alongside cramps. I have had my eye on a muscle massage gun for a while now but never thought I needed one but as I am doing more exercise I have finally taken the plunge and picked up one from Amazon to help aid my recovery. 

The one I purchased was the BDBKMG Muscle Massage Gun from Amazon for around £50 due to it being on a deal of the day. What sold me on this one is that it is super quiet so I don't have to worry about listening to the vibrations and I can just relax whilst using it rather than getting frustrated with the noise. This is also portable which is great as if I am working out and then going elsewhere or if I am away I can take this with me if needed and not have to worry about how I am taking it out of the house, everything can be kept in one space rather than being just thrown in a bag. I also has a LCD touch screen for ease of use and 6 massage heads for different areas of the body so no matter where the ache is you can target that area perfectly. I loved how this one has 30 speeds too so depending on what you require there is an option there for you. 1-6 is a mild massage, 7-12 is a muscle awakening, 13-18 is fascia relaxation, 18-24 is a deep massage and 25-30 is a professional mode. The choice of levels is great as it means whatever level of massage I need I am covered so I should get plenty of use out of it. So here is what you get with this massage gun... 

As soon as you open the box you are greeted with the black carry case containing the massage gun. I thought this might have been a bit bigger but it is actually quite compact so it is going to be easy to take out and about with me if needed. I also love how it is just a plain black case too rather than having prints etc all over as it just keeps it nice and basic plus I am going to know what is in it anyway. 

When you open the case you are greeted with everything you need, the massage gun and accessories are all on the left of the case and the right has the manuals in alongside a bit of netting. I love the bit with the netting as it just gives you a bit of extra storage space rather than having to take extra bags with you for the sake of a few little items. It is great to see that everywhere has its own little space in here rather than having to play jenga to find a way to close it after use. 

Sometimes I find user's manuals too big and full of useless points that I am never going to read. This one though is small at just a few pages long and gives you the basic information that you need in multiple languages. I didn't mind actually reading this one as it was so short and actually give me what I needed and left it as that. 

The back of the massage gun has a small LCD touch screen that again is nice and basic. It shows you how much battery is left and what speed you are on which is great as I can see easily just how long is left so I don't have to worry about it dying half way through a massage. There are two touchscreen bits one is to turn the speed up and the other to turn it down and these react almost immediately so you can change it quickly to suit what you need. 

In terms of the massage gun this is a really nice matte black colour and it is nice and basic with no extra detailing on. I love the matte black effect as it all flows nicely and actually looks quite smart. The only bit of colour comes from the LCD screen on the back. There is a bit of weight to this massage gun however, it isn't too heavy to cause issue when using it which is what I like. I am pretty weak but I can easily use this for more than 15 minutes without any issues.

The massage gun comes with 6 interchangeable heads for various areas of the body and they are really easy to change over. Simply press them into the massage gun and pull them back out when you are done. There is a round head for the full body muscle, fork head for a spine massage, wedge head for shoulder blades & lower back, thumb head for hands, bullet head for joints and a flat head for the full body. I can't wait to try out the different types of heads to see if they are beneficial or not as I think some of them can be really useful. 

The charger is a just a basic one, a bit like the one I have for my record player. I thought it might have been a USB charger which would have been better as I have plenty of them laying around if this one went missing however, I guess if I do lose this one I can just pinch my record player power supply. It is strange really getting an item like this and it not being USB as I am so used to items coming like that these days.  

I am really impressed with what I have got with this product and I am really looking forward to getting plenty of use out of it over the coming months and into the future as I continue to add plenty of exercise into my weekly routine. I am hoping this item really helps aid my recovery as I am sick of my muscles constantly aching. I am sure you will be seeing plenty of this massage gun on the blog in the future as I will be doing check ins on how I am getting on with it and also posting more fitness posts again as I am getting back on track. Now let's hope this does the trick. 

I Have Taken A Liking To Whisky... Here Is Our Current Whisky Collection

Since turning 18 it is safe to say I have had my fair share of alcoholic drinks and over the years I have quickly realised what I do and don't like and more importantly what gives me the worst hangovers and what I needed to avoid. Then when me and Liam got the house we got ourselves a little alcohol cabinet which of course we aimed to fill with our favourite drinks so we were never running out at gatherings or on those nights where we just fancied a drink. 

Whisky soon became one of my go to drinks as I liked the taste of the smokiness and how different each bottle could be. It soon became a bit lethal though as the variety of whisky's out there meant I was constantly picking up new bottles to try and hopefully really enjoy. Plus it seems to be a go to gift from our families on special occasions so we are never short of a bottle of whisky in our house. Over the past 3 years our little whisky collection has certainly grown and here is what we currently have...

Surprisingly I aren't a big fan of Jack Daniels unless it is the original one but Liam likes trying the different ones they do. He actually finished a bottle of this Tennessee Fire Jack Daniels a while back and as he liked it that much he ended up picking up another bottle but he hasn't got around to starting on that one yet. I haven't actually tried this one yet but no doubt I will end up doing so soon. 

Carrying on Liam's Jack Daniels theme we have not one but two bottles of the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. I remember trying this and thinking it was sweet but I liked it quite a bit and clearly Liam did as he got a bigger bottle before even finishing his other. I love how reasonably priced Jack Daniels is and the variety they offer and I know Liam likes trying those options. 

This one is actually a Lidl brand one which I believe Liam again got as a gift but we are yet to try.  I have heard mixed reviews on this whisky so I am looking forward to trying it for myself soon. This might be one of those I reach for when I don't fancy having one of my stronger fancier ones. Mix this with a bit of coca cola or lemonade and I will have a great drink I hope. 

Next up yet another gift that Liam received but we both love. We weren't too sure on the Stag's Breath Liqeur at first but as we drunk more and more it grew on us, well especially me as the drink is just so smooth and sweet due to it having the fermented comb honey in it. I think it is safe to say that once this bottle is finished I will be purchasing it again as I enjoy it that much plus it is really reasonably priced which makes it even better.

This one was picked up simply due to it being on offer. This is just one of those whisky's I like to have in at all times just in case we have a family get together and I don't want everyone drinking our best stuff, we once had a bottle of rum gone in one sitting so that mistake isn't happening again. This is just handy to have in as it is pretty cheap and actually taste quite nice. Normally I am picky with my scotch whisky but this one makes the cut. 

This bottle of Jim Beam is also one Liam was gifted from work I believe and we still haven't got around to trying it. Jim Beam is a name I have always heard of but have never actually tasted so I am actually really looking forward to getting around to drinking this one. I quite like Kentucky Straigh Bourbons so fingers crossed this is to my liking. If not I am sure Liam and my grandad and uncle will enjoy it. 

I absolutely love the Four Roses whisky and I first had this when I was out drinking with family. Then strangley not long after we ended up being gifted this bottle with no-one actually knowing we liked it. This one went down far too easily when I tried it and I am sure this bottle will be gone sooner rather than later as I try to stick to drinking one bottle at a time otherwise I end up having too many on the go at once.  

Bulleit Bourbon is another one I tried whilst out and then we ended up being gifted it. I am really looking forward to making a start on this bottle as honestly it is up there as one of my favourites at the moment. I am so glad we got a bottle of this as just a few days before we got it we were tempted to buy it. Again this is another really great whisky and a really reasonable price. 

As you can probably see from the half a bottle left and the fact I already have a replacement lined up this Johnnie Walker Black label is top of my favourites list as it is so easy to drink and tastes absolutely gorgeous. Johnnie Walker is a fantastic brand and I am determined that I am going to own a bottle of all the different labels they do no matter what the cost is but for now I am going to stick to really enjoying this black label one although lately I am probably enjoying it way more than I should. 

There are definitely some bottles of whisky I haven't tried yet but I would love to try them soon so I will be doing a bit of a whisky wish list post in the future as I expand my knowledge in the world of whisky and expand my taste buds. Please let me know any whisky recommendations you have as I want to try as many as possible. 

Trying To Wear Smarter Footwear

If you have seen me out and about over the past like 5 years or so you will have only ever seen me in sneakers 90% of the time. This is because that has suited my style a lot better than anything else plus I am lazy and tend to only pick up the first pair of footwear I see which is no good really as it can often ruin the look of my favourite outfits. 

However, as I have been mentioning a fair bit lately I am changing up my style I am noticing that most of the sneakers I own don't do anything for the outfits I am putting together and can very easily ruin them plus most of my sneakers at the moment are very beat up and just look like they could do with being thrown in the bin rather than being on my feet. That is why I have been thinking lately of wearing some smarter footwear I already own along side purchasing a few new pairs to fit the looks I am going for. There is plenty of variety out there and it is about time I give them a try instead of just wearing old sneakers. So here are the footwear options I am going to try reach for more often and purchase over the coming months. 

Chelsea boots 
I have always loved Chelsea boots and I currently own a brown pair & a black pair which I should definitely wear more often especially for those smarter dressing days and work instead of beat up old sneakers. The pairs I own are currently suede material so I am always weary about ruining them and it is an excuse I use far too often not to wear them which is ridiculous really as I should be wearing them more and should just get a suede protector put on them. I am hoping to find the perfect leather look pair in both brown and black this year to add to my collection and footwear rotation. The weather gets pretty awful up here in the autumn and winter so I am hoping that a leather style pair will help me get more wear out of Chelsea boots in the run up to the end of the year. I find that Chelsea boots definitely suit my style as opposed to a lot of sneakers I pair up with my outfits as they just give a smarter look overall. 

Lace up boots black
These style of boots are ones I have wanted to add for a long time now as I used to love them and how they suited me when I had just left school but then laziness and sneakers took over and I never purchased another pair. I have been on the look out for some of these recently as more stores add autumn and winter collections to their websites and I think this is the year where I am finally going to purchase a new pair or two as I have quite a few looks that I think they would fit perfectly. I would love to wear a chunky pair but I don't think they are quite me so I will go for a regular pair to start off with I think. Fingers crossed they have plenty of options in my favourite shops so I can get some tried on and purchase my perfect pair. If I do I am sure you will be seeing them appear on my Instagram and blog a lot. I am even very tempted to go all out and treat myself to a pair of Doc Martens if I try a pair on and like them. 

Worker Style boots 
These are something I have wanted for ages now and tell myself I am going to get each year but then I never do. Every year as winter approaches and even autumn I say I am going to get a pair as they have a bit of added grip to them compared to my sneakers and up here we seem to always have frost, ice and wet leaves to slip on and the amount of falls I have had due to unsuitable footwear is a little bit ridiculous. This year though I aren't going to make the same mistake and I am going to get hopefully a black and brown pair of worker boots to give me options to wear with my autumn and winter outfits. I am sick of falling for the sake of what I am wearing on my feet, it is time to get it sorted. Plus I think these look great especially with outfits that include a check shirt, which as you know I have plenty of. I just don't want a pair that look too much like I used to have when I worked in a warehouse.  

Smarter sneakers 
Obviously I aren't going to be getting rid of sneakers all together as I just love them too much but I am no longer going to buy them just because they are cheap. I am going to buy ones that look smarter and fit my style more which is going to be ones in simple colourways rather than bright colours which I seem to have bought a lot of over the past few years. I will obviously keep some of them for some of the looks I want to achieve but mainly I will be sticking to black or white pairs with simple small logos on rather than bold prints etc. I just find these to look a whole lot smarter and they also seem to last a lot longer. There are plenty of shops on the high street that sell these for a reasonable price but maybe one day I will save up and splash out on a designer pair of smarter looking sneakers as I know I will get my wear out of them. I just need to start putting more consideration into the sneakers I buy and the style I want to achieve an fingers crossed I can keep reminding myself of that. 

It is certainly time that I took more pride in my footwear matching my outfit like I used to do and I need to start planning this into my outfits like I used to rather than just picking up something random and throwing it on. It is time to stop being lazy and get that perfect style put together. Now I just need a shopping trip to get these items. 

Walks I Would Love To Do

Where we live we are spoilt for choice with some fantastic walks right on our doorstep however, I have yet to actually do any of the properly. But now I am on this weight loss and fitness journey I am starting to enjoy walking so I would love to tick a few of the local walks off the list and actually get into the habit of walking more. I know Liam really likes walking too so he will really enjoy these ones and he has actually mentioned a few of these to me in the past so I think it is time to just get them done especially now my leg is starting to get much stronger too. So here are the walks I would love to start off with....

Aysgarth Falls
This one has been recommended to me by quite a few people now and just look how gorgeous it looks. This is a triple flight of waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales so isn't far from us at all and from heard it isn't too long of a walk through woodland and farmland. I have heard good things about the village of Aysgarth too so I think it could be a really nice trip out for both of us. This definitely looks like a nice relaxing walk compared to the others I had recommended to me. 

Penyghent is one that Liam keeps on mentioning to me so I think this could be one of the first ones we end up doing. This is a fell in the Yorkshire Dales so again isn't that far away from us at all and it is the lowest of the three peaks although it still looks like a huge challenge for my poor little legs. This is close to Ribblesdale so I am thinking of having this walk combined with a weekend away in a glamping pod with a hot tub which I have seen as I think it would make for a fantastic weekend and means we can relax once we have done the walk. It does look like this could be an interesting one for me to test just how far I have come on my journey so far.  

Ilkley Moor 
Ilkley Moor is the closest of these walks and to be honest I have visited Ilkley so many times but I don't think I have ever been for a walk on the moors or if I have I don't remember it. I think with this being so local it is one we need to do soon and I think it is a great starting point for us. Plus once the walk is done we can always head into Ilkley for a wander around and something to eat as a treat as it is a lovely place to visit. 

Malham Cove
I remember going to Malham on a school trip and that is the only time I have visited it which is a bit annoying as we didn't do the walk properly but it is such a beautiful place. My auntie and uncle go here quite a bit and have highly recommended it so I really do want to go back and have a really good walk around it for myself. Again this isn't far away from where we live so we don't really have an excuse for putting it off. 


Finally we have Ingleborough which is another walk Liam keeps mentioning so it is currently quite high up on the list however, I think it might be too much of a challenge for my poor little legs at the moment so it may have to wait. Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Dales and is part of the 3 peaks challenge alongside Whernside and Penyghent that we mentioned earlier. I think if I do Penyghent and do well I will be more than happy to climb Ingleborough with Liam although from the picture it does look quite scary. 

I think we are going to have to get some of these walks completed and also possibly combine some with a camping trip or glamping trip as a bit of a treat. But first I need to get some actual walking gear as I currently go walking in the most un-supportive trainers and my clothing isn't really suitable for going walking. I think we could do with a few more camping bits too if we are planning on going more often. Now I just need to get everything purchased and actually get out walking but until then I will stick to doing some smaller walks closer to home. Can you recommend any nice walks for us to add to the list? 

Creating A Working Space In The House

Something I have needed for a long time is somewhere that I can go sit to blog and work on other projects without any distractions so that I can get a whole lot more done daily rather than going off on a tangent. That is why I have finally taken the step of creating myself a little bit of an office space in the spare room. 

Before this was the office area it was a bit of a dressing room so some of those aspects have stayed the same to create a bit of a hybrid room for now. So here is how the room is currently looking...

As soon as you go through the door you are greeted by what used to be my dressing table however, I have now turned this into my desk area and so far it is working really well. This is just a small dressing table from Ikea and in the drawer I keep my glasses and stationary then I have this really comfortable chair from Jysk, I was going to swap this out for a desk chair but it is surprisingly comfortable.  On top of my desk I just have a little box which I made where I keep things like memory cards, cables and any other random bit. I usually have my Macbook and iPad on here too as that is what I work on. I tend to keep my backpack at the side of here too so I can pack it quickly for the following day. 

Above the desk I still have my mirror up as this is still where I sit to do my hair on a morning. Then we have my two new whiteboards which are working brilliantly for me as they are helping keep me on track with where I am with content. One whiteboard has all my post ideas for the month on and what stage I am at then the other is filled with an extra to do list, appointments I have and football fixtures that are coming up, since getting these I am on top of everything so lets hope that continues. 

To the side of my desk are my Alex Drawers which are a filled with a mixture of items at the moment. Most of them have either stationary or camera equipment in however, a few are filled with hair care products or extra accessories to help me get ready on a morning. To be honest I thought this being mixed would be a bother for me but I can easily remember what is in each drawer so I don't have to open them all to find 1 item. On top of here I just have a couple of captains armbands from football games my dad has worked at and my favourite Manchester United football. To the side of the drawers I just keep my camera bag and Tripod so I can quickly access them when needed plus its the only place they would fit. 

On the other wall we have my clothing rail which has made life so much easier for me since we put it in. This is mainly where I keep the outfits I plan on wearing for work so I just put them together hang them and on a morning pick whichever one I fancy that day. If I am going on a day out I will also put those outfits on here before the day so everything is planned out. This has also been great when it comes to shooting outfits as I can have everything here ready to go instead of searching through my wardrobe and drawers. I also tend to put any new purchases on here too so I can find them when it comes to doing the new in posts. 

Speaking of new in bits this little corner is where I keep anything I need to photograph. To be honest this corner always ends up looking a mess after just a few days so I really need to think of a way to store these better and create a bit more space in the room. 

With the room being our spare room we have sofa bed in it just in case anyone every does come to stay with us but for now it is just filled with cushions, blankets and some old soft toys I found at my parents. There also seems to be two of my new footballs on there as I haven't decided if these will be displayed or kept in the shed yet, I guess I could get some of those ball holders from online and have them displayed when I aren't using them. The sofa bed is just a nice addition for if I don't want to work at the desk too as it is quite comfy although I might replace it at some point. 

I love the shelves in the corner of the room as they hold a lot of my most valuable things. The top shelf is full of vintage Sooty items and a Little Mermaid figure which I absolutely love and fingers crossed they are nice and safe whilst they are up nice and high. The other two shelves are just filled with my old football and rugby trophies which I love having back out on display again. I also have this amazing City Gent picture that fits in brilliantly with the football theme. 

Finally on here is where I just keep random little things and to be honest I also class it as my little snack corner as I always have some form of snack on here. It definitely is random though as I have my Google home and my record player which I really need to start using again as it has definitely been neglected lately. 

On the top of here though I have definitely tried to stick to a football theme again and I have a few Edge of the Area pieces, an EA football, a footballer bottle opener and a football sand art. The room is filled with football but I really don't mind as I just love football a bit too much. 

There are still somethings that need doing in the room and those things are...

Set up the Google Home
Put a shelf up for books
Put the street sign on the wall
Hang some prints

So really there are only a few simple tasks to do and the room will finally be complete. I have already started using this room and I am loving it as it is free from distraction and I am getting so much more done. Plus the football theme is absolutely perfect for me as I really am football mad. No doubt over the years this space is going to change but for now it is perfect. 

Making Changes For The Rest Of The Year

Sometimes you just wake up one day and realise it is time to make a change and do things you have been putting off for so long and I am now starting to realise that. These past few months with a lot going on I have been really considering the direct I want to take my content in as there are some things I am absolutely loving in life at the moment that I would have loved to have posted on the blog but I didn't as I didn't think it would fit my theme. So that is why I am writing today's post... it is time to change things up a bit and add the things I am loving lately. 

You might have noticed a few things change page wise on the blog other the past few weeks as I start to gradually incorporate some bits but it is time to explain what is going on. First up I aren't bothered that much with beauty, skincare or hair care any more so I won't be putting a focus on these areas. Yes there might be some hair content every now and again but it isn't going to be a big thing. My fashion and sneaker posts aren't going anywhere but you might notice a change in some of the content as my style is beginning to evolve lately, there is hopefully going to be better images with these posts too. My fitness content is still going to be here but I don't think I will be doing as much as I have been doing as it is something I am hit and miss with lately but who knows as I get back on track with my journey I might find loads of inspiration and it might be featured a lot more. 

There are new categories added to the blog which are areas I can't wait to get working on as they are something I have wanted to do for a while now but kept talking myself out of due to worrying about what others would think. So here are the new categories...

I am really looking forward to adding more home content to the blog as it is something I am really enjoying lately. We have done a lot of work in the house since we moved in 3 years ago but still have a lot to do so I want to document that. I also want to show off new bits we buy and so much more. I already have quite a big list of home orientated posts I can't wait to write. 

After being stuck indoors for so long I just can't wait to get out and about properly again. I will be adding days out and holidays to the blog once they start back up again as you never know who might end up going somewhere based on your recommendation. I have already been on a few great days out and I am sure I will only be going on plenty more over the course of the year and I can't wait to document them. I also want to try local businesses such as golf and bowling so they are brought to other peoples attention.

Food & Drink
This is something that I can't wait to add as it is something I have really got into lately. I will doing mini reviews of places I visit and drinks I try and  I really can't wait. I have already done a few posts under this now and I really enjoyed writing them so expect to see more before the year is over. 

Where I have tried sticking to specific days to post a specific type of content I won't be doing this anymore yes I will have my main posting days but on these I will post anything so one Monday might be food the next might be fashion it is just going to be as and when the content is ready but I will try to mix it up a bit so a full week won't just be fashion. 

I am definitely hoping to change the amount of time I spend blogging too as it is taking up so much time lately and I feel like I aren't seeing Liam or spending time with him due to this. So  I am going to make sure that from now I try cut back to just a few evenings a week working on the blog and the rest spent with him and the rest of my family. I really just need to learn to manage my time a whole lot better so I have a little bit of free time to do other things I enjoy. 

As we get closer to the end of the year I will be going over the changes I have made to see if I need to mix it up once again or if things are working well and I am enjoying myself. Fingers crossed this will help me fall back in love with blogging a little bit more as that love is slowly slipping away at the moment. 

July 2021 Fitness Update

 Well July was the month where I was going to be getting back on track after catching covid but that didn't exactly happen. It seemed to be a month of being none stop and filling my stomach to make up for what I lost during being ill which wasn't a bad thing as it definitely helped my recovery. I was barely at home in July which was a bit annoying as I found motivation slipping and me falling back into old habits which wasn't good at all so let's see how I got on with July's goals...

-Lose 4 lb
Well this didn't go well at all and I actually ended up gaining weight although this month I haven't let it get to me as I know I have been building muscle especially in my legs plus I have been eating out a lot alongside just trying to recover from my illness where I barely ate anything. It was just a case of getting my energy back from food and it worked but now it is time to get back on track

Get back on track after my illness
This one has definitely happened in some areas but not with my eating. In terms of getting back on track exercise wise I absolutely smashed it though and even started playing football again which has been great. Now I just need to sort out what I am eating as that really has been my downfall. 

 Limit alcohol consumption
This didn't happen as there was the end of the Euros and then the nice weather where I ended up having a fair few drinks. There were also days out where I would have an alcoholic drink instead of a none alcoholic equivalent. I am really going to try cut back even if the weather does turn nice I will be limiting myself to one treat evening a week for now instead of all weekend which should work wonders for me. 

Less takeaways
I didn't do well with this at all the heat meant neither of us wanted to cook and then we just fell into a bit of a downward spiral with it all which wasn't good at all. We ended up ordering in far too many times in July and I really aren't happy with it and the damage has been done. Now it is time to knock that on the head and make a better change and eat a whole lot better. 

Get back walking
I think we managed to get on one walk throughout July as it was either too warm or raining far too much. I definitely want to go on a whole lot more walks though as when we did our one in July it was a great start to the day and I just felt so much better for it. Plus it was great seeing how many steps I had done at the end of the day compared to other days. 

 Continue to go boxing weekly
Of course I have been going to boxing weekly and to be honest I would love to go twice a week but my body just wouldn't allow it. It is so nice having something to look forward to each week and seeing my fitness improve weekly just shows me it is working how I wanted it to. Wednesday evenings are fast becoming my favourite evenings. 

Don't let things opening up knock me off track

I honestly do believe that I have let this happen but seen as it is the first month in a long time I have been able to do some things I aren't even mad. It has meant catching up with family and just enjoying myself so how can I be mad? I have been out for drinks and food and days out have ended up with me eating badly but I am almost all caught up now so it is time to limit what happens and make healthier choices. 

                                        So here is how my weight loss went for July

Beginning of July weight : 14 stone 10 lb 

End of June weight : 15 stone 1 lb

Total loss for the month : +5 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in August ...

- Lose 6 lb 
- Go on at least 1 walk a week
- Try consume less alcohol 
- A lot less takeaways
- Try cook once a week
- Make sure I am doing 3 x workouts a week
- Get back eating more fruit & veg
- Keep going to football

I am definitely a lot more motivated than I was in the month of July so fingers crossed that motivation is going to bring back a lot of progress as I am sick of seeing the scales go up once more I want to make some good progress in August and help make more changes to my mindset so fingers crossed I can smash all these goals. 

Total loss for 2021 : - 10 lb 

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 1 lb

My Go To Instagram Accounts For Fashion Inspiration

 Instagram is one of the places I turn to the most these days if I want some outfit inspiration and I find myself aimlessly scrolling almost everyday just looking at peoples different outfits and styles and some often stand out a lot more than others. As my style has been changing recently Instagram has really helped me discover different ways to create my new style and capture it how I want to. I definitely feel inspired whilst scrolling by other peoples styles and I am influencer by some of them so much that I try to incorporate some of their styles in my own as they are what I am hoping to achieve when I piece together my own outfits daily. 

There are definitely some Instagram accounts that stand out to me more than others lately whilst I am scrolling as not only do they post great content but they also have fantastic styles which work so well together from the footwear to the t-shirt or shirt it just all flows fantastically. So here are those accounts that are standing out to me at the moment and really inspiring me. 

Nathan is someone I actually discovered on YouTube first due to his absolutely amazing fashion content and I ended up following him on Instagram straight after I watched my first video of his as after my first look of his feed I knew it was going to be an account that I was going to be inspired by for a long time. I absolutely love Nathan's style as it is different to what I would usually like with it being on the over sized side of the fashion world. I love the sneakers Nathan wears too as they are something I would love to wear in the future but for now I need to get working on my confidence as I don't think I could pull chunky sneakers off like Nathan does. I am slowly trying to incorporate some more over sized clothing into my style and Nathan has been a big inspiration in this. 

Dom is another person I found through YouTube and his content really stood out to me as his fashion sense is brilliant. If I found him a few years earlier I don't think I would have like his stuff have as much but honestly I found him just at the right time. I love how he makes street wear looks even better than they should do and he isn't afraid to experiment with vintage items either and it is nice to see how he styles them. Dom has also recently started up the brand Ultrapleats which make some fantastic looking trousers and shorts. I am really hoping to get some bits from his brand very soon as they look great. If you love street wear and vintage clothing definitely check Dom out. 

Like the other two accounts I found out about Ali through Instagram but I didn't actually find him through his own account, I in fact found him through his wife Lydia Millen's channel. As soon as I saw him in more and more videos I knew I would like his own content as it was different but stood out and made sense to me for some reason. Ali has a bit more of a smart and sophisticated style which I love as it isn't like my usual style but is one I am trying to work towards as I really like it. I love Ali's smart style when he is going to events and I also really like his more relaxed style too. Watching his YouTube and following him on Instagram is definitely helping me find clothing I want to add to my wardrobe and it is giving me new ideas and a whole new list of brands to try. 

Tristan is someone who I found simply by scrolling through my Instagram. I went to search something one day quite a while a go and there his was on my explore page. I loved the image of his that was shown on my explore page so I clicked on it and instantly fell in love with Tristans's feed so gave him a follow straight away. What I love most is that Tristan's style is one I really want to try recreate over time as he is stylish without looking like he is making too much effort, it is the perfect way for me and he keeps it down to earth with a lot of high street brands being worn throughout his feed. His style is definitely more on the smart casual style and it looks fantastic and you can tell he is proud of the looks he creates. Tristan has definitely inspired me on a lot of items already and he is great to chat to as well so if you don't already I definitely recommend you go give him a follow. 

Gavin is a proper  Yorkshire man and his profile is by far one of my favourites on Instagram as not only do you get a glimpse into Yorkshire through the background of his images but you also get some fantastic outfits. His style definitely gives off UK country vibes which is something I am definitely leaning towards a lot lately as especially with the colder days approaching it is something I have always wanted to add into my wardrobe. I am hoping to get out into the countryside a whole lot more in the near future as we have some fantastic places on our doorstep which we don't take advantage of at all. It is safe to say Gavin is inspiring a lot of future purchases and his feed is helping me piece items together which is absolutely fantastic, even his workout outfits look brilliant and I am definitely jealous of some of the outfits he pulls off. Just like with Ali he is also helping me discover some fantastic new brands which I hope to purchase from soon. 

These 5 accounts are definitely ones I can see me going back to for a long time and I find myself often just typing in their names to just scroll through and get some inspiration if I am feeling a little bit lost. It is safe to say there is a variety of styles within this post and each one is helping me find that style I am aiming for although I do think Gavin and Tristan's accounts are inspiring me the most lately. Now I just need to lose a bit more weight and go on a shopping trip to help me add some new clothing to the wardrobe that I am going to get my wear out of. 

Are there any Instagram accounts that inspire your style? 

July 2021Favourites

Well again July absolutely flew by and it was a pretty good month as there was even more normality returning, I was finally feeling better after bring ill for so long and the warmth from the heatwave was a welcome addition to the month. It has seemed to be none stop for me though with most evenings being spent somewhere other than home, I think poor Liam thinks I am avoiding him as it has been so long since I got home before 8pm more than two nights in one week and I think it is just going to get worse as more normality returns. So here are my favourite things from July and it is safe to say that there are a few new ones...


Switching up my style 

Finally July is the month where I got around to going through my wardrobe at long last and I am so glad I did as I have finally had the chance to take stock of what I had and play around with my style more. I am finally switching up my style to what I want instead of just throwing on any old items which had been driving me mad. I won't go into this too much though as I have a full post dedicated to it very soon, so keep checking back to see when that goes live. But what I will say is that I am absolutely loving dressing how I want to and I am already noticing I am feeling more confidence just due to dressing as I want. It is making planning outfits so much easier too as I know in my mind just what I want from each outfit. 


Being back at the football 

After what seems like forever we were finally back to the football in July. It was so nice being back in the stadium and watching the football live as I have certainly missed it a lot. We managed to get to a women's game and we are getting closer to the return of the season so it is safe to say I am ready to get back to the stadium on a nearly weekly basis. Fingers crossed nothing changes and I get a full season of both men's and women's football as I have plans for the football blog and I am ready to be doing something on a weekend that isn't sitting around the house, blogging or shopping. Football is well and truly back in our household now. 


Spare room becoming an office 

The idea behind me turning the spare room into a bit of an office area was so that I could have somewhere to blog and work on new ideas without any distractions and it has definitely worked. I now have a little desk set up with whiteboards to the side so I can keep track of where I am with things and keep track of where I need to be and when. So far I am doing a whole lot better with my content with this room being in full use as it is where I can write, take images and do so much more so everything is contained. I am hoping that I get to use this room a whole lot more over the coming months as I work on more and more ideas I have been coming up with lately. 

Health & fitness

Restarting football

I never thought I would be typing this as I definitely thought I was past it by now but I finally got to kick a ball again as I started to play 5 a side again. I definitely thought those days were long gone due to my weight and fitness levels but to my surprise I gave it a go and really enjoyed it and did better than I thought I would. There is still a long way to go to me being able to play as well as I would like to but I went out of my comfort zone, did something on my own and went and played football with a great group of people. I can't wait to keep going back and see improvement week after week. 

Eating better

July is when I started to get back on track after being ill and I made the choice to try eat a whole lot better and most of the time I was really doing well, there were some treat days, a few more than there should have been but other than that I did quite well. I have tried my best to get back on one vegan meal a day and have tried new foods in my diet which has made a nice change. I have even eaten quite a bit of fruit this month which made a nice change. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from July. What are your favourites from July 2021?