The Disney Tag - It's Harder Than You Think

When reading Jenny's blog Jenny In Neverland I came across her Disney tag that she did and it was a  brilliant read so I reached out to her and asking if she minded me doing on her and she said yes. I am a huge Disney geek and have been for a very long time (I even have a Stitch and Star Wars tattoo)  and I can see the Disney tattoo's growing. Here are my answers to the Disney tag it definitely wasn't easy. 

1. Favourite Character

This is possibly the easiest question to kick the tag off with. For me it is definitely Stitch.
2. Favourite Princess

Seen as the house is filled with Ariel items I think it is safe to say Ariel is my favourite princess.
3. Favourite Heroine

4. Favourite Prince

Eric seen as Ariel is my favourite princess haha
5. Favourite Hero

Dash from the Incredibles
6. Favourite Animal
Simba, he is so cute.

7. Favourite Sidekick

8. Favourite Villain

9. Favourite Original Character

To say I am petrified of ducks and birds in general Donald duck is my favourite original character.
10. Favourite Love Song

Tangled - At last I see the light
11. Favourite Song

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is by far my favourite I find myself wandering around the house singing to this.
12. Favourite Villain Song

Poor Unfortunate Souls
13. Least Favourite Song

I am forever skipping The Unbirthday song
14. Favourite Kiss
Belle & Beast
15. The First Movie You Saw

I honestly don't remember but it must be Bug's life or Lion King
16. Favourite Classic

Beauty & the beast
17. Song That Always Gets Stuck in Your Head

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
18. Favourite Pixar Film

Toy Story (1-4 please don't make me pick)
19. Least Favourite Pixar Film

Wall-e, I actually fell asleep watching this in the Cinema.
20. Favourite Sequel

Strangely it has to be Lilo and Stitch 2
21. Overrated Movie

Snow white
22. Underrated Movie

Big hero 6
23. Movie That Makes You Laugh

Hercules always has me laughing in parts thanks to a few characters
24. Movie That Makes You Cry

Toy Story 4 and to be honest it is hard to make me cry with films
25. The Saddest Scene from Your Favourite Movie

When they try taking Stitch back and he starts saying how Lilo is his family and he found them.
26. Saddest Death

Can I class Stitch's near death in Lilo & Stitch 2 as this? It almost had me in tears.
27. Favourite Quote

Ohana means family.
28. Favourite Theme Park

Disney World Orlando
29. Favourite Theme Attraction

Space Mountain in Orlando or Big Thunder Mountain in Paris. 

30. Favourite Theme Park Show
The car stunt show in Disneyland Paris

I honestly didn't think it would take me as long as it did to do this tag but some answers had me seriously stuck. Are any of these your favourites too?

See you soon

Last Week #63

Another week done and dusted, and to be honest I had a pretty productive week. I have managed to get more jobs ticked off in the spare room which seems to be coming together slowly but surely, who knows it may even be done in time for Christmas. I had a day out shopping with family where I started getting a few Christmas presents sorted out and even picked up some new clothes for work. Nights have just been spent getting jobs done but on Saturday there was a nice change as I went to my Sister's Halloween party. Unfortunately though thanks to enjoying myself a little too much, not much got done on Sunday. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : YouTube, YouTube and more YouTube. It is all I have been watching lately and for some reason it has been make up and skincare decluttering videos. Oh and of course I have still been keeping up with the Sidemen videos.

Been reading : With so much going on in the house unfortunately once again I didn't have chance to read.

Been listening to : I have once again listened to nothing but the Descendants soundtrack it is just so good.

Bought : I went a bit mad last week with the spending, I bought a load of presents, a new t-shirt for myself, some clothes for work and yet another pair of trainers (can't wait to style them soon).

Plans for this week : I really want to get even more done in the house this week, I want to get the spare room so it is ready for wallpapering, I also want to strip the wallpaper off the bathroom walls as it isn't long until the work in the bathroom starts, at last. Other than all that we have hopefully 2 football games to go to (please don't rain badly). It is definitely going to be a week at home sorting things, I love how things are finally falling into place.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

A New(ish) Brand To Try... Rivici

I honestly never thought that I would find a new clothing brand due to Bradford City signing a new player. Back in the summer we signed Ben Richards-Everton and like I do with 90% of the players we sign I headed over and gave him a follow on Instagram. This is how I found out about his clothing line Rivici. Then on his birthday he posted that the brand would be available in Footasylum, so on my recent trip to Leeds, I headed in store and picked up a t-shirt although I found there were quite a few more items I wanted but unfortunately the XL's seemed to have sold out on most things. As soon as I got home I headed on to their website to see what else I could find and let me tell you the website really didn't disappoint there was much more than I expected and here is what I am now wanting to pick up...

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Haworth Joggers -£44.99 

Remember when I posted about the perfect joggers, well I think I have found some more now. I am absolutely loving these ones as I love the white stripes down either side. Then the name just in the middle of these white stripes on either side. They do look a little skinny around the bottom though.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Morey tracksuit joggers £44.99

Now I think these Morey ones could be the ones I end up picking up first, I love the detailing on the leg and the pocket with the name on. They don't look as skinny either so hopefully they would provide me with the perfect fit. They are cuffed bottoms too which instantly makes them better in my opinion.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Morey tracksuit hoodie £49.99

A little bit pricier than hoodies I usually buy but this definitely looks worth it, plus it will go perfectly with the tracksuit bottoms above. They had a hoodie in Footasylum but unfortunately had none in my size but if this one is as good a quality of the one in store I will be in for a treat.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Keron sweatshirt £44.99

I actually tried this one on but unfortunately it didn't fit so I am now on the look out for this in an XL. The item I picked up is actually the t-shirt in the same style and I love it so fingers crossed I can find this. When trying this on you could tell it was going to keep me warm and also last a while, so this will be a definite pick up.

Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Haworth t-shirt £29.99

Another t-shirt that would go nicely with some tracksuit bottoms (especially the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this post). I love how this t-shirt just stands out with the name across the chest with a bit of a gingham pattern behind it. This looked great in the shop but once again they didn't have my size.
Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Rinsley oversized t-shirt £29.99

Another t-shirt I really like on the site is the Rinsley oversized one. I don't often even entertain oversized t-shirt but for some reason this one is really standing out to me, I think it may be down to it being so simple. With just the name across the chest and little branding in the bottom corner. It is just so simple but stands out to me. 
Photo's courtesy of Rivici.

Millburn biker jeans £49.99

Finally these jeans are an item I would love but honestly I just don't know if they would fit me, especially not until I lose weight. I love the zip details on the front, as they are different to any other jeans I have ever owned. Ripped jeans seem to be a go to for me at the moment so these are ticking all the boxes. The only problem is with them being skinny I really don't know how they would fit.

Honestly I could have picked every item off the site for this wish list but these are my top picks at the moment. Keep an eye out on here as I will have a styling post up very soon for the t-shirt I have already picked up. Will you be trying out anything from the range? I really do recommend checking them out at

See you soon

It Is So Good I Bought It Twice... Nike Tech Windrunner

Believe it or not but the only way I found out about this Nike Tech Wind runner hoodie was thanks to Tobin Heath, who posted an image on Instagram of her in it and it looked great. So when I was out and about shopping last year I kept my eye out for it. I finally found it in JD but it was a little too pricy for me, if I remember correctly it was around 80/90 pounds. But by chance one day I stumbled across it in the sale for £50 so of course I picked it up.

Since buying this it has become my go to jacket for those in between days, you know when the weather just doesn't know what it wants to do? The actually hoodie itself is quite thick but it really doesn't feel it. It has kept me warm in those cold days and has also helped keep me just right it those cooler days.

I don't often pick zip up hoodies but this one is definitely one I am glad I opted for. It looks great when it is undone, it even fits just right when zipped up which is something I usually struggle with. I usually have to size up in zip ups but with this surprisingly I had to size down and it fits really well and will definitely last me a while. Even the arms seem to fit quite well which for me and my short arms is quite an achievement. The length in the body is really nice too as it is quite long on me and it never seems to ride up like some hoodies I have had in the past.

The hoodie comes in a variety of colours too and I very nearly went for an olive green version of it but this light grey definitely goes with 90% of my wardrobe. It is perfect with my Jordan tracksuit bottoms and high tops but also goes really nice with my skinny jeans and my every day low trainers. I love this jacket so much I actually got a dark grey version with the Man City badge on for when I got to watch Man City Women play. 

As you can see from the image above when I zip the hoodie up to my collar bone line it gives the effect of the hoodie having a bit of a black contrast collar, however what is brilliant about this is that if I zip this all the way up that collar type part goes right up to my chin so my neck is kept nice and warm. It is great for when I have been in the cold for a while and just want some extra protection as with my hair been so short I definitely feel the cold on my neck. The hood also seems to have a little bit of a peak on it and honestly I do believe this is why I don't have rain running down my face when I wear this, instead it runs away from it. 

It is a brilliant hoodie to say how simple it looks, just grey with a bit of black but it is by far my favourite. I will definitely be wearing this for a few more years but I have found so many more I after on the Nike website and in Footlocker so it is safe to say I am hoping to find another bargain.

See you soon

Giving Lush Another Go.

I am constantly falling in and out of love with Lush. In the past I have mainly stuck to just using their bath bombs but the jelly ones I don't like and I aren't a fan of their glitter ones too. 

One thing I am wanting to do lately though is make more of an effort with the products I use, I want to narrow down the amount of plastic I use and I want to try move away from the usual suspects I use. Lately the only shower gel I have used is the Lynx ice chill one as it became a bit of a go to but the bottle just seems to be never ending and I am getting sick of the smell of it. So I picked up the Whoosh shower jelly, I personally haven't used it before but my sister has. I don't even know what made me pick this out of the whole shop but I can't wait to get trying it. I have to admit though Liam was quite funny in store as his inner child came out when he just stood prodding the sample they had out, remind me I need to hide this from him.

I went in really wanting to come out with a new face mask as in the past I have absolutely loved them. So I opted for my old favourite Mask of Magnaminity which is a peppermint face and body mask. This worked wonders for my skin in the past so lets hope it does the trick once again. The only thing with this is it can leave a real mess in the sink when washed off I have found so I will have to be really careful when we get the new bathroom fitted.

Finally I have wanted to try one of their tooth jellies for a while so why not jump right in there with the candy cane one. I was a bit confused on how this worked if I am honest with you but a lovely member of staff give me a demonstration and I couldn't believe how simple it actually  is to use. Plus the smell of it was absolutely gorgeous so I knew I was definitely sold.

Another thing I really love about Lush is that when you use up the products in tubs you can save them up, take them in store and get a face mask for free. So that is definitely more of an incentive for me as it means I will completely use a product alongside actually recycling for a change not wasting a product and binning the packaging.

I will definitely be having another trip to Lush very soon to try get some items to improve my skincare routine as my skin has got terrible lately. Can you recommend any products that may help my latest breakout?

See you soon

Last Week #62

Where did last week go? It didn't seem to last 2 minutes at all and I don't feel like I really did much. Weekdays were filled with work, Wednesday night meant a trip to the White Rose. Friday I went to see family and we finally booked in for the work on our bathroom doing, Saturday was just the football then Sunday was a few hours with my family before going out for a family meal. Looking back I have actually done quite a bit but it has definitely all flown by. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : I am back into the trap of the decluttering and organising videos on YouTube. Those sort of videos and a few Sidemen ones are the only thing I have really watched other than the football. 

Been reading : I read a few blogs throughout last week but my favourite was definitely Doorways & Dresses. Victoria's blog is just fantastic and I would really recommend checking it out for yourselves. 

Been listening to : I am actually hooked on the Descendants, the soundtracks are all I listened to last week. I am hooked on all the songs.

Bought : I picked up a few bits in Lush which I will be doing a post on very soon, I also spent a fortune in ShopDisney which you can read all about here.

Plans for this week : Now we know we are getting our bathroom done I will definitely be looking out for things to put in there such as new towels. I also want to get more done in the spare room because the upstairs of the house just seems to be coming along nicely. I also want to try sit down and make a list of things I need for both the spare room and bathroom so that I can have a rough idea of how much money I need to put to one side. Alongside all this I also need to get plenty more content sorted for on here and I have a day off for a shopping trip in Leeds. Fingers crossed I can actually have quite a productive week this week. Oh and I need to sort mine and Liam's costumes for my sisters Halloween party on Saturday.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon