Make Up Inspo : Lauren Jauregui

I am super lazy in a morning, although I wake up at 6am I just lay around watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Twitter. But I really want to start making more of an effort, I want to actually starting getting up earlier to give me more time to get ready. This is mainly because I want to start using the make up I own, Liam always buys me it and I am just too lazy to put it on and make an effort. We are having the spare room as a guest room / dressing room for me so I can keep things in one place and hopefully get into a routine of getting up and going in to apply my make up.

One person whose make up look I have always wanted to recreate is Lauren Jauregui's. What I love about Lauren's look is she keeps it so natural but brings focus to her already stand out eyes. I have never been a fan of over the top makeup and when I do actually put it on I keep it as minimal as possible but enough to cover up my terrible skin. These 2 looks below are some I will definitely try to recreate. I need to learn how to do the eyeliner as that is something I really struggle with but I am sure my sister can help out with that. I also love the nude lips, in fact these are the only sort of lip products I currently own.  This is perfect for an everyday/ subtle look.


The look below is one I also love and would love to recreate in the autumn / colder months. This one is a little darker on the eyes and it goes perfect with the darker lips. Just look how it makes her eyes stand out even more than usual. I want to start being a little more adventurous with my make up so this with the darker bolder lips may possibly be one of the first steps I take.  

Me and Liam really do need to start going out more often, whether it is for drinks or a meal, we don't really do it often enough as I currently hate going out due to 0 body confidence. But as my weight is going down my confidence is rising, I am finding myself wanting to get dressed up and go out for the night. Not only do I want to dress up nice but I also want to have the nice make up to go along with it. Which is where the below look comes into play, I would love the really dark lips and heavier eye make up as it just looks so smart and classy the way Lauren does it. 

I am sure this won't be the last you see of Lauren on the blog, she has already been on one on my Fashion Inspo Posts which you can check out here. Do you have any tips for me recreating these looks? I would love to know, leave me a comment below or get in touch on Twitter.

See you soon

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