Challenging Myself For The Last 92 Days Of The Year : December Plan


How are we already in December? It seems like we blinked and the year has flown straight by and now we are already starting to look towards 2022 which is absolutely crazy. At the start of October you will remember I set myself a challenge for the final 92 days of the year and we are already into the final 31 days of those 92. 

The first 61 days of this challenge haven't really gone to plan, yes I have worked on the foods that I have been eating but I have struggled to get back into my exercise routine so I am determined to make these final 31 days count even more than the previous I am going into it with a bit more of an open mind and a little extra determination which I am hoping is really going to get things moving in the right direction to hopefully start 2022 in the best way. So here is what I am hoping to achieve in the last 31 days of this little challenge... 


I am still really enjoying my boxing and I am hoping that I can get to as many sessions as possible before the end of this challenge, I am not sure if that will mean 1 or 2 sessions but at the end of the day it is better than none at all. I am so glad I discovered boxing in 2021 as it is definitely one of my favourite things to do these days and I count down to Wednesday's now. 


I have really got better when it comes to food choices as my diet is starting to change for the better at the moment. I am really hoping that although we are now in the festive period that I can try keep on my track with my eating habits and that when I am away for a few days at the start of the month that I can also stay on track. I will be making sure I still enjoy the festive season just not going overboard like in previous years. 


I am determined to get on track with my exercise this month and as other things slow down I am hoping to be able to get 3 or 4 home workouts in a week alongside boxing. Fingers crossed I can continue to work out whilst I am away and just make time each day to get moving a lot more than I have been doing. I think if I can get doing this I will finally start seeing the results I am hoping for. 

Mental Health

The festive season is upon us and it is one of those times when it is very easy to end up run down and worn out but I am determined not to let that happen to me this year, yes I will be going out and spending time with family but I will also be taking time for myself just to relax and switch off rather than being 100mph all the time like it has been at some points this year. I need to learn how to switch off more and build healthy habits so lets hope that in these next 31 days I can build some healthy habits to improve my mental health. 

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to do in those final 31 days of the 92 day challenge fingers crossed it is a bit more of a positive month and I am going to be stepping into 2022 with one foot closer to my overall goal and being a better version of me in the new year. I will be doing a post all about how this little challenge ended for me in the start of the new year before I do my 2022 fitness goals post. I am really looking forward to these next 31 days and let's hope the results show at the end of this.

Food, Drink & Lifestyle Items I Would Love To Receive This Christmas

 I think I must be getting old because as Christmas approaches my whole mindset has changed for when people ask me what I want for a gift. I used to ask for things for the sake of it but now I actually consider if I need the item or not. I also like to treat myself and Liam a whole lot more around this time of the year and I think I want to do this more now than ever as we might live together but I don't feel like we have actually had much time together or done much together this year. I also tend to want to ask people for bits for the house these days too as house purchases tend to be none stop and honestly they drive me mad so why not let someone else treat us to an item that we have wanted but just not got around to buying. Today's post is a look at those items I would love to receive at Christmas or that I would love to treat myself to as a bit of a Christmas present, these items are all either food, drink or lifestyle related... 

First up is a bit of something for me and Liam to do together although he would probably hate it. I absolutely love crazy golf and it has been a while since I have been to play at one, with one now being in our local town I would love to treat us both to a night out with a few rounds of golf, something to eat and a few drinks after. This would just be nice as it would get us out of the house and doing something together and I am sure it will create plenty of laughs. 

I don't actually remember the last time me and Liam went to the cinema together so I would love to treat us to a cinema trip or two. I am hoping that around Christmas time we can get on a trip to the cinema and who knows in 2022 we might get to even more if some good films are released. We definitely need to do more together and a trip to the cinema certainly ticks all the boxes. At least if I treated us to a gift card we could have a few trips prepaid for. 

When I was 16 my parents got me tickets to the Manchester United stadium tour and I absolutely loved it. 11 years later obviously a lot has changed since that tour so I would love to go back and do it again but this time I would absolutely love to drag Liam along to it with me as I think he would actually enjoy it. I am hoping that in 2022 I can actually do quite a few stadium tours for the Edge of the Area blog and this would certainly be a great place to start. 

Can you believe that even after over 3 years of living in our home we still have never owned a pair of oven gloves. I am at that stage now where I am absolutely sick of ruining tea towels by burning them as we are just wasting a lot of money by doing this. I am really hoping that I can hint to Liam that I want a good pair of oven gloves for Christmas as I plan to use the kitchen a whole lot more but if not this might be an after Christmas boxing day sale treat to myself. 

As I just said we are going through a lot of tea towels at the moment due to using them as makeshift oven gloves too so we are currently just buying really cheap ones which to be honest are a nightmare, they fall to pieces and no matter how many times you wash them you just end up with fluff all over your nice clean washing up. I really want some nice none fluffy tea towels, again these might be a boxing day treat to myself but I just want something that is going to dry things and not leave fluff all over for a change. 

I have asked for some baking equipment for Christmas so if all goes to plan I am hoping that most of my Saturday's when Liam is working will end up being spent in the kitchen baking away, plus I am also hoping that I can get cooking a whole lot more too but one thing I am really noticing is that I am an extremely messy cook, no matter what I make I end up absolutely covered so fingers crossed I can get someone to get me a nice Apron so I can try save my clothing that little bit more. I might look a complete dork wearing one but if it stops clothes getting stained I will be happy. 
I don't know why but I am finding myself drawn towards Le Creuset items at the moment and I am wanting to add a few pieces into our kitchen, it looks like that might be made more possible with the amount of items TK Maxx have at the moment. I am really loving these small serving bowls that they do especially in the above colourway. These little bowls would be great for putting snacks in or little bits to accompany meals on taco nights etc. 

With me wanting to start cooking more and the weather being terrible around Christmas time I would love to own a casserole dish so I could make some nice warm winter meals. Again it is a Le Cruset one that is standing out to me but I would be happy with any casserole dish just so I could get started on making these. Again I think this could be a boxing day sale purchase for myself but I am really looking forward to picking one up so that I can try cook some different bits. 

I already have all the Pinch of Nom books that are currently out so I would love to add the newest one to my ever growing collection. I used to use these books a fair bit and I loved the recipes I used so I am hoping to go back to using them a whole lot more but I think this new addition would be perfect as it would give us even more options to cook each week. I am hoping by getting latest edition and using the older ones I will be in the kitchen a whole lot more. The best part about these books is that they are healthy recipes and the book itself is actually really reasonably priced. 

Now this one is a bit random but every single time I see it in B&M I want to purchase it, the little skillet looks really cute plus a kind brownie sounds absolutely gorgeous. I am sure the brownie would be eaten straight away and the mini skillet could end up coming in really handy for making other items in the future. There are other version of this too such as nutella ones so maybe it could give me some baking inspiration. 

Me and Liam have both started drinking wine a lot more often and a lot of that wine comes with a cork in it. Now that isn't really an issue apart from when the cork breaks into the bottle which has happened far too often lately. I never knew a cork retriever was a thing but now that I do I think either I need to treat us to one or I need to get Liam one for his Christmas present. No doubt this would get used quite often and it is definitely something that would be good to have around. 

I am drinking a fair bit of whisky these days and often I would like some ice in it but we never seem to have any... we even keep forgetting to put our reusable ones back in the freezer when they have been washed which is a bit ridiculous. I absolutely love these ball ice trays and I think that the ice would look great in a nice glass of whisky. Granted you only get 4 ice balls out of it but they would look cool.  
Since drinking wine I have found an issue... if it came with a cork I drink the full bottle so it doesn't go funny after just a few glasses. That is why I have decided that a good purchase or gift would be a bottle stopper. I can simply just put this over the top of my bottle rather than drinking the whole thing when I really don't need to. These do seem expensive for what they are however, if it stops me doing a full bottle of wine all the time I think it is pretty inexpensive really. 

Finally I love a good glass of gin and to be honest I only have two glasses which are printed with distillery names, I just want some plain gin glasses now as in certain areas I am going off the need for everything to be printed. I absolutely love these gin goblets that I found on the Harvey Nichols site so I would love to get myself and possibly Liam one of these so that we have matching and just something a little bit nicer. 

Fingers crossed I can drop a few hints to Liam for some of these items and maybe I can treat myself to a fair few bits too and we can finally go out and spend more time together. I am also hoping to pick up some of these items so I can finally get in the kitchen a whole lot more and make some really nice meals and bake some nice treats for us both. I must definitely be getting old to be this excited for kitchen items. 

The Fashion Items I Would Love For Christmas

 Ah Christmas is fast approaching and we are getting to the dreaded point where all I am asked is what I want, when in fact I normally have no ideas at all as anything I want I tend to get myself throughout the year, it has been this case since I have been earning my own money. But this year I got thinking of what I would ask for or treat myself to if there was no budget. Each year I get myself at least one item which I consider to be a present to myself 2019 was a camera, 2020 was a football shirt and this year I have a few ideas of what I am going to be looking for. But today's post is about the items I would love to receive either from other or mainly from myself this Christmas period...

I have mentioned this All Saints t-shirt a fair few times on the blog now and I still don't have it hung in my wardrobe so who knows when some one asks me what I want this year I might just direct them to this as I know it is something I am going to wear a lot. I have realised I wear plain black t-shirts a lot lately and I love how this one just has the simple All Saints logo on to stop it being too plain and to be honest it looks a bit smarter than my £2 Primark ones. Surprisingly it isn't too expensive either at around the £29 mark. 

Unfortunately these days none of my rings are fitting me, they are either too tight or too big there really is no in between. I am just only the look out for something nice, plain & simple that is going to be able to be worn everyday and this Pandora one ticks all the boxes in my eyes as it is nice and subtle. It surprised how cheap this was too and I think I will be dropping hints to Liam for this one. If this fits me I think I will end up seeing if they do this in other colours too. 

Since losing the weight I have definitely needed to repurchase a fair few items for my wardrobe, one area I definitely need to improve on is my jeans as I just can't get any good fitting ones. That is why I am hoping to have lost a bit more weight in the run up to Christmas as I am hoping to get a pair of Levis very soon. I love how Levis look and both Liam & my grandad love Levis yet I have never had a pair. Who knows I might ask someone for a pair of these or treat myself to them as they are quite expensive for a pair of jeans. 

In the past few months I have been on the look out for the perfect pair of lace up boots and I think I have finally settled on a pair of Dr Martens for myself. I used to want a pair of these but then I never got them so I think it is finally time that I made that purchase. These are the item I am really considering treating myself too as they are definitely expensive but I think they would suit the direction my style is heading in really well, plus as the weather gets worse they will be better than sneakers. If I do get these though I will definitely have to make sure I look after them and keep them in good condition rather than just scuffing them and ruining them instantly. 

Another item I would love to treat myself to is a Ralph Lauren jumper, again this item is on the expensive side so I would rather treat myself to this than ask anyone else but it is an item I have almost bought for myself quite a few times lately as they just look brilliant. Again though this is an item that I have wanted to lose a bit more weight for due to the price but maybe this Christmas is finally the time to get it. There are a few different styles of the teddy bear jumper I want so I definitely need to do my research on which one I prefer the most but lets hope I can finally buy one. 

So there we have it those are the items I would love to get for Christmas either from myself or family. It is safe to say as I am getting older it is getting a lot harder to buy for me as my family tell me all the time as I would rather buy something myself rather than wait until Christmas or my birthday. I am trying not to get things for the sake of it anymore so let's hope I don't start telling them stupid suggestions just to stop them asking. Let's hope that by new year I have treated myself to a few of these items too. 

One Of My Favourite Winter Outfits...

I never used to be a fan of winter however, lately I am really beginning to enjoy it. Getting snuggled up on the sofa watching TV or getting layered up to head outside I absolutely love it. I have even started to build up a bit of a winter wardrobe with plenty of warm clothing that is going to be great as the temperature has certainly dropped at the moment here in the UK with the snow hitting us already. 

My wardrobe is definitely more suited to the winter as opposed to last year when I really struggled to put together a nice warm outfit but thanks to last years mishap I started preparing my winter wardrobe at the start of the year and it is all falling into place nicely, in fact getting ready these days is actually a bit more difficult as I have a bit too much choice on what to wear and I have outfits to wear for all occasions for a change which is brilliant. It is safe to say though I definitely have a current go to favourite which I think fits the style I am aiming for really well which is fantastic as it is something I have struggled with for a while, but that is a post for another day. So here is my current favourite winter outfit...

I am still absolutely loving my H&M cargo pants that I have had for a while now. These cargos are the perfect fit for me at the moment and the perfect style for what I am aiming for these days with the street style look they give off. I really like the cuffs on the bottom of these pants too and they sit perfect above the top of my sneakers and this time I opted for my white Air Force 1's which are still to this day are my favourite sneakers, I just need to get myself a new fresh pair as these are certainly beat up. I have on a plain black long sleeved t-shirt underneath my hoodie and I have found that for £4.50 these are perfect for layering up and making sure I am warm whilst out in the cold. This WNBA hoodie is one of my favourites at the moment as it is so different to what I would usually pick. Normally I would opt for dark colours however, this is the total opposite and is a brilliant stand out orange colour. I absolutely love the small Nike tick on the wrist of the hoodie and the bold white WNBA print across the front of it. This hoodie is a little oversized and is nice and thick so it is definitely on the warmer sized but it isn't too big if I need to add a jacket over the top of it for some extra warmth. Plus it is a hoodie that supports women's sport so you really can't go wrong. 

So there you go that is my current favourite winter outfit at the moment and it is safe to say it is a nice warm one that I will be reaching for over and over again, it is even going to be coming away with me later this month when I go away for a few days. I think I need to find these pants again & some more hoodies like this as it is just brilliant.

The Sneakers I Would Love To Receive This Christmas

It is safe to say my love for sneakers has really come back towards to the end of this year and honestly I don't know why it has returned so much. But I can't complain as I have spent countless hours lately scrolling through websites trying to find pairs that I would love to pick up, granted a lot are on the expensive side but you get what you pay for these days I have noted and I have made a list of the items I would really love to pick up. As I have said a few times now over the past few weeks it is around this time of the year I get asked what I would like for Christmas and also when I start thinking about treating myself to new items as Christmas presents for myself so today's post is a bit of a sneaker wish list that I would mainly love to treat myself to however, there are a few pieces I will be suggesting to family members as they are a whole lot cheaper than the actual sneakers. So here is what made the wish list... 

Jordan 1 Mid - Armory Navy-White-Black 

I am loving Jordan 1's at the moment but they are so expensive and hard to get hold of which is a bit of a nightmare. However, I would love to get some of the Navy mid's as I don't own that many darker sneakers and there would go perfectly with half of my wardrobe. I think 2022 is going to be the year where I start to purchase some darker footwear and this would be the perfect start. 

Jordan 1 Mid White -Hyper Royal Blue

I know I just said I would be getting darker footwear but I absolutely love how the hyper royal blue looks on these Jordan 1's. It is a nice and vibrant blue which is going to make the outfit it is paired with stand out that bit more. If I can find these at a reasonable price I will definitely be purchasing these at some point. 

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black-Chile Red- Grey Fog

 I wear my current Air Force 1's almost daily but I fancy a bit of a change, I also want some darker footwear so this pair of Air Force 1's is definitely standing out to me. I can't actually think of any black sneakers I own other than my Van's or Converse so these would be the perfect addition to the sneaker rotation. I love how the black, grey and white all work so well together and I already have so many outfits in mind for these if I do pick them up. 

Nike Air Force 1 Low 

As I just said my Air Force 1's are worn almost daily which also means they are a bit of a mess at the moment and are actually falling apart at the back which is pretty annoying but with me wearing them daily and not really taking care of them it can be expected. I think it is about time I treated myself to a nice clean box fresh pair and actually take care of them this time around. These look so much better when they are clean. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage 

I have a red pair of blazers that I have had for almost 10 years now and they are going strong even after all of those years that is why I have my eye on another pair. The red is a bit of a bold colour so I am wanting a nice pair of Blazers that are more subtle and these '77 Vintage ones tick all the boxes and to be honest I think they look quite smart too with the simple white, grey & black colours. I am getting a bit ahead of myself but I have so many outfit ideas in mind for these for all 4 seasons. 

Nike Waffle One

There is something about the Waffle One's that just seem to be pulling me towards them and honestly I don't know what it is. A year ago I probably wouldn't have even looked at these but they are different and I would love to have a pair in my rotation especially for the spring & summer. I think it might be the back of the sneaker I love the most but I just want to try them for myself and see how good they look in person. 

Nike React Vision

I already have a pair of Reacts but they aren't as chunky as this and they have a variety of colours on them. I love how the silhouette for this sneaker looks but most importantly I love how well the colours work together. These are definitely a pair of sneakers that would be perfect for the summer months teamed up with a nice pair of shorts and a graphic t-shirt. They are on the more expensive side of things for what they are but I just love them. 
Nike Dunk Low Light Soft Pink-Lime Ice-White 

The Dunk's aren't a sneaker I have been particularly bothered with but this pair is just tempting me to buy my first pair. If you have read the blog for a while you will know that I love sneakers that stand out and are different and this pair definitely ticks those boxes. I love the softer colours on these and again they could be the perfect pair for when the weather starts to warm up again. 

Nike Crew Socks 

The Nike white crew socks seem to be the only socks I wear these days, I have tried other pairs recently but none are as good as the Nike ones, the only issue is they don't stay fresh white for long and I hate it when they start too look worn out. I have dropped a few hints for some new pairs for Christmas so fingers crossed someone has listened and I can have fully white socks once more. 

Crep Protect Sneaker Shields 

I absolutely hate when my sneakers get creased and my family actually find it quite funny with how much it annoys me. I have recently bought a pair of these sneaker shields and they are great so I would love to own a few more pairs as my sneaker collection grows so I can keep those sneakers that crease easy, Air Force I am looking at you, crease free. 

Crep Protect Pill 

I have actually wanted these Crep Protect pills for a while now as with me wearing specific sneakers more than others I want to make sure they are always kept smelling fresh. If these do the job right then I think I could end up with a pair for each well worn pair in my rotation as if they keep the sneakers odor free it makes life so much easier. 

Crep Protect Wipes 

I have always got some Crep Protect wipes in stock at home so I can keep my sneakers nice and clean, just a quick wipe before heading out or when I get home makes the sneakers last a lot longer and just makes them look a lot better too. I can go through these pretty quickly so this pack of 32 wipes could come in very handy especially in these wet and muddy months, plus they don't break the bank to keep stocked up on either. 

Fingers crossed I can treat myself to a few items off this list and maybe drop a few hints to Liam or others for a few of the cheaper items. I really do enjoy treating myself around Christmas and with how this year has gone with the growth of my blogs etc I think I deserve the treat this time around. Who knows you might end up seeing some of these items on the blog very soon if I do manage to pick some up but what I can say for sure is that there is about to be a whole lot more sneaker content coming in 2022, which how I style them etc and I can't wait to get writing.

Are there any sneakers you would love to pick up soon? 

You Can't Beat A Good Spiced Rum

I have mentioned over the past few month how I enjoy a good whisky or gin & tonic but another of my favourite drinks is a good rum. I don't even know what got me started on this drink as it is one that Liam really can't stand but for me I love a good rum and coke every now and then and to be honest sometimes I will reach for this a bit more than I do the whisky. There are plenty of types of rum out there but the only kind I really like is spiced rum as you will see from the rest of this post. If I aren't ordering a gin whilst I am out drinking you bet I will be ordering a spiced rum & coke to keep me going for the evening. So here are the bottles of rum we have currently in our collection at home. 

My grandparents actually got me the big bottle of the Peaky Blinders rum for Christmas last year and my mum got me the smaller bottle earlier this year. They all know just how much I love Peaky Blinders so they said once they saw it they had to get me a bottle. This one is actually really nice to say I hadn't even heard about it before I received the bottles. I am looking forward to making my way through this bottle properly very soon. 

When I go out one of the rum's I always hope is available is the Dead Man's Fingers rum as it is one of the first ones I fell in love with. So my auntie and uncle got me a bottle for at home which I really can't wait to get stuck into. The only issue I have had with this rum is that I have found it goes down far too easy and before I know it I have had a few too many to drink, although luckily rum doesn't seem to make me suffer like some drinks do. 

When my mum got me the mini Peaky Blinders drink she also got me this mini Dead Man's Finger rum which is actually a coffee rum. I hadn't even heard of this one until she got me it but I had to have a sip and WOW it tastes gorgeous. This is definitely a sweet rum but it is one I know I am going to really end up enjoying, who knows a bigger bottle might also end up being purchased too. 

Last year me and Liam went to Norfolk for the week with my family and he treated me to this Black Shuck spiced rum which is one that I hadn't heard of before but wanted to try. Unfortunately I haven't got around to drinking this just yet but I am looking forward to getting tucked into this as it smells lovely, I just don't want to finish this bottle though as I think getting a restock maybe a bit more difficult than with other bottles on the list. 

Finally we have a bottle of good old Captain Morgan spiced rum. If I remember correctly this was actually the first rum I had on a night out and it is just a good cheap option to have to hand especially if anyone comes round and fancies a drink, this is usually a bottle I pull out for those occasions. I think the collection is always going to have a bottle of Captain Morgan in it just to be on the safe side. 

One thing that writing this post has made me realise is that we really need to get a few more bottles of rum added to our collection as what we have not surely isn't going to last very long. I love cold nights with a good rum whilst I am gaming and I know this year is going to have a fair few evenings of drinking and gaming lined up with rum being the go to choice of drink for me. 

Can you recommend any good bottles of rum for me to pick up? 

How Did I Find Wearing Footwear Other Than Sneakers For A While?

Remember earlier on in the year when I said my style was changing and I was getting fed up of wearing sneakers all the time, well I have tried alternating to different footwear for a few months now and honestly it has opened my eyes to a fair few points but the question is did I enjoy wearing different footwear or has it just made me want to wear sneakers a whole lot more? 

The idea of trying different footwear came from me just genuinely getting fed up of only wearing sneakers and mainly down to the fact I would really only wear my beat up Air Force 1's. I wanted to feel a bit smarter as my style was changing (more on how that has gone in a future post) and to be honest I just wanted to try something new to see how it went. I ended up dusting off some of the boots I already owned and even bought a new pair that were more suitable for the weather, granted I didn't spend a fortune on new footwear choices but it made a difference and as you will find out later I am glad I didn't go out and spend a fortune. 

I noticed almost straight away just how much a pair of Chelsea boots dressed up an outfit compared to when I wore sneakers, on my birthday trip to Manchester I simply wore a pair of skinny jeans, a checked shirt and a pair of Chelsea boots and the outfit looked a whole lot smarter than when I team up my Air Force. This might have been a smarter look but I can honestly say I would have been much more comfortable in my sneakers and maybe I wouldn't have ended up with blisters from all the walking. I found it nice feeling that bit smarter due to the finishing touches of my outfit but honestly was it really worth the pain? 

It was also a nightmare actually finding some boots to fit me. I really wanted a nice pair of lace up boots at a reasonable price but finding some seemed impossible at the end, I am a UK size 7 so some pairs just didn't look right, they made my feet look huge and I didn't want that. Then the pairs I found that I really liked I couldn't even get them over my calves which drove me mad. If they involved a zip I had absolutely no chance and even if they were just pull on 9 times out of 10 I struggled. It really started to annoy me after a few weeks of not finding anything and honestly I just ended up giving up and not purchasing a pair at all, I just got fed up of looking. 

When I wear sneakers I am always comfortable as I know what fits and what silhouettes are the best for me and that is why I love wearing them so often as there are just so many options out there and you can either get subtle, quite smart ones or really stand out ones which I always tend to purchase. I also think they help me with my bad knee quite a bit too as the pain doesn't feel so bad with some sneakers I wear. Whilst trying different footwear though I didn't feel half as comfortable as I quite often felt restricted due to the build and sturdiness of the boots I was wearing, it was just really uncomfortable and after 10 minutes on that birthday night out I had enough of the boots and wish I had taken my Vans instead. Plus as I mentioned before I kept getting blisters which drove me mad as I wasn't used to having them, for some reason I never get them from the sneakers I purchase. 

I even struggled to walk properly in the other footwear I was wearing and successfully managed to ruin a pair of boots on the same day of purchasing them. I just couldn't seem to walk right I don't know if it is due to how different they felt to sneakers or what but it was a nightmare, it sometimes felt like I could feel the floor underneath me too which I really wasn't keen on. 

There are plenty of styles of footwear out there but honestly after the past few months I think I am going to be sticking to wearing sneakers 99% of the time, I would rather be comfortable and I can use my Chelsea boots for parties etc where I need to make a bit more of an effort than usual, they can be reserved for the very smart days. Yes other footwear might be cheaper than half the sneakers I buy but honestly I would prefer the comfort and variety that sneakers offer. It is safe to say after this little experiment I have also found that sneakers just fit my overall style a whole lot better too. 

Even if I want a smarter look at the end of the day I can still achieve this with a nice pair of clean white sneakers as I have found in the past, yet if I want my outfit to stand out a bit more I can also through on one of my bolder pairs of sneakers that I own. It is safe to say that with the sneakers I own I can definitely change up my style to whatever I feel that day. Sneakers are also much better for when I am having long days out or if I am doing a fair bit of walking due to the comfort levels they offer, I don't want to suffer from blisters again just so I am wearing something other than sneakers for a change.

All this little experiment has made me want to do is experiment with my sneakers a whole lot more and try out different colours and silhouettes to change up my style a little bit more and create different outfits. It has made me realise just how much I love sneakers and I will definitely be sticking to them on a daily basis. Plus it has also made me want to go out and purchase more sneakers too so keep an eye out on here and Instagram to see any future sneaker purchase I make. It is time to level up the sneaker collection at long last.

The Fitness Items I Would Love For Christmas

I mentioned previously about my fashion Christmas wish list but the main area I am wanting to increase is my fitness clothing and accessories as it is a bit part of my life at the moment and I need some more clothing especially for the colder weather. I would rather get more fitness items than fashion at the moment as if I am not in my work clothes I am more than likely in workout clothing plus I am getting more and more into my boxing and football so I want clothing and equipment for that. Fitness is now a big part of my life so if I get asked what I want for Christmas or if I want to treat myself here are the items I would love...

I am really lacking in jog bottoms at the moment which is surprising as I live in these lately so I would love to purchase a few more pairs just to make sure every occasion is covered. After looking on the Nike website recently I came across these tapered training trousers for £39.95 which is not too bad for a pair of Nike trousers. I think these would be perfect for those colder boxing sessions that are coming up plus they would be pretty good for going to watch the football in as I can't cope when my jeans get wet and I am having to sit around. Fingers crossed I can find these in my size soon. 

Also on the Nike site I came across these football dri-fit pants for £30.95 which again is cheap for the quality you are getting plus they look really nice. I have some Manchester City ones a bit like this and I know they fit me well so fingers crossed I can get the pair in the image above for when I am playing football or even for when I am boxing as they are really comfortable. They do a matching jacket for these so maybe I could end up getting the full set. Again I could even wear these for going to watch the football. 

I definitely don't struggle when it comes to t-shirts to work out in but it can't hurt to add a few more right? I absolutely love the Nike Swoosh training t-shirts and they would be perfect for those home workouts and boxing sessions. I think  I could even end up wearing them for b lounging around in as they look that comfortable. At £27.95 they are on the more expensive side for what I am used to but if they fit as good as they look I would be happy to build up a little collection. I want to try get some colours I wouldn't usually buy too just to add a bit of variety into my wardrobe. 

I have a fair few pairs of shorts at the moment but none that are really suitable for playing football in so I think I am going to ask someone for a pair of these woven training shorts as they would be good for football, boxing and even home workouts and with them being £27.95 I would get my money worth out of them. These are a bit longer in length so are better suited to me so let's hope we can find a pair that fits me nicely. Nike is definitely my favourite when it comes to my football gear and I can't see that changing any time soon.

With me being back playing football I can finally get back to buying football boot, where I play now I need some Astro trainers rather than molds so fingers crossed I can either treat myself to them or convince Liam to get me a pair as you can never have too many pairs. I really want a new Nike pair as they have some great ones out at the moment so fingers crossed we can find some I can settle on that aren't going to cost a fortune. It is so nice being back playing and being able to buy boots again. 

I have mentioned before how I am looking to create a training garden for me to incorporate football into my workouts a whole lot more. That is why I would love this Flick Urban skills net to practice shooting which will help me strengthen my knee too so it is a bit of a win, win situation. The best part is my nephew could have hours of fun with this too and we can practice together. I can easily pack this away and take it to a local field if I wanted as well. 

If you have read the blog for a while you will have seen I pick up a fair few footballs. This year the EFL have moved away from Mitre and it is now Puma who creates their match day ball so I would love to add this one into the collection. These are really reasonably priced and after picking up a fair few recently I can't really neglect this one with it being the first by Puma. Plus it could always come in handy as an extra review post over on our football blog. 

As I said earlier I have really got into my boxing and for a while now I have been asking Liam if we could get a punch bag for out in the garden. I would love to have this either attached to the house or in the side garden so I could head out whenever I wanted to get some more practice in or just have an extra boxing session at no extra cost. Fingers crossed he will finally take the hint and we will see on added for 2022. These Everlast ones look great and are really reasonably priced. 

Finally we have another boxing item but this time it is a pair of boxing gloves. I have some black and grey Everlast ones at the moment but I would love to pick up a new pair the are a bit more colourful. I originally wanted these red and white gloves from RDX so I think I might ask someone for a pair of these at last so I can alternate between pairs and give the other pair time to stop stinking. 

It is safe to say I am definitely opting for more fitness related products lately as it is slowly taking over all my free time once more and I am really pushing myself to make sure I lose this weight at long last. I think by asking people for items off this list it is going to help motivate me a little bit more and get me back on the right track. Plus these items definitely won't go to waste as I would use them multiple times each week. 

If you could ask for a fitness related item for Christmas this year what would it be?