What I Got For Christmas 2019

I can honestly say that for Christmas 2019 I was well and truly spoilt with gifts I had no idea about at all. Obviously I am super grateful for all these as the family have definitely gone for the practical and useful approach of gifts as they will come in handy and actually be used. There are a few bits I picked out myself but obviously 90% of the items I received where total surprises. I always got told Christmas stopped at 18 but it seems to have carried on and I absolutely love it, the best part of Christmas though was definitely spending time with my family. So here is what I got for Christmas 2019...

One of the best surprises was definitely this Sooty Steiff bear. Growing up I was obsessed with Sooty and watched it religiously, even now I put it on every now and again for Noah to watch (just so I can watch it) so to receive this was brilliant. But what makes it special is it is the anniversary one that was made for the 60th anniversary which occurred in 2012... which just so happens to be the year I turned 18 too so it is extra special. This will definitely be going pride of place in the spare room.

My parents got me the Mrs Hinch book which I am looking forward to sitting down and reading, fingers crossed it might also motivate me to actually clean. My grandparents got this really cute Cath Kidston mug to add to my ever growing collection and Noah got me this brilliant crazy aunt coaster which looks too good to use. 

I got 2 more Stitch figures to add to the collection too. I have one of him laying down which is from my parents and will probably end up in the living room with the rest of the figures, it will be joined by the figure Liam got me too which is Stitch dressed as a devil. I honestly think we might need another shelf soon. My auntie and uncle also got us some more Disney push pins to add to our pin board in the games room. They also got me 3 Disney Christmas candles which I have put away ready to use this Christmas.

My parents got me an Olaf hooded blanket which I already know is going to be perfect when we get our games room back. It will mean I can stay nice & warm and comfortable whilst playing on my games or even whilst I am sat at my PC blogging away. To go along with the Frozen theme they also got us some frozen tea towels which I had been on the look out for before Christmas, we were in desperate need of some new ones so they have come the right time. They also got us a Christmas pug blanket which has been put away ready for this Christmas. My auntie and uncle also got me the Saffron Barker duvet cover from Primark and I already can't wait to put it on the bed. 

Is it even Christmas if you don't get chocolate? I did quite well this year and haven't got too much just enough to keep me going whilst also trying to eat better. The Aero one is great as it is full of the sharing sized bars and I also have some pink gin creams which just sound gorgeous. I am actually surprised as I have only eaten 2 items out of all this so far.

Next up we have the alcohol which has been kept to a minimum this year luckily as our cabinet is so full now. I got a bottle of Dead Man's Fingers rum which came with a great skull glass from my auntie and uncle. They also made me this little hamper filled with different craft beers along with chocolate & crisps. My sister got me a great little Sailor Jerry's set too which came with the tin can, mixer and even a metal straw.

My sister also got me a Stormtrooper beer and glass set which I had been looking at in the run up to Christmas. Liam's dad got me a gin mixer set which is brilliant as I am always short on mixers. Liam wrapped up some of my favourite hot chocolates as a joke as I thought I had none left and he also got me this retro looking coco pops set which I have wanted for years now but I have finally got it. 

I got 2 different salt sets too as during 2019 I got a little bit obsessed with pink Himalayan salt, now thanks to me going on about it so much I have enough to last me. My parents also got me a tin of sweets with a sloth on which I love, the tin is probably going to end up as somewhere for me to keep my USB sticks / memory cards.

I had been running low on a lot of my perfumes towards the end of 2019 so my family have definitely saved me by getting me some new everyday favourites. My parents got me one of my all time favourites the CK One, they also got me a little travel size courage one from Primark, this became one of my favourites last year so I am glad to have a bit of a stock pile of this now. My auntie & uncle also got me the Shawn Mendes perfume which smells absolutely gorgeous and is definitely going to be in rotation. They also got me a Taylor Swift perfume pencil which I had never heard of before so I am looking forward to giving that a go. I got a couple of bath bomb sets to keep me going, I got some of my favourite Wilkinson's ones and also a dinosaur set. My parents also got me a face massager which has been added into the bathroom already.

It isn't Christmas without toiletries is it? I have been complaining about my skin for far too long so my parents got me the Simple face wash, face wipes and moisturiser, lets hope this works for me. My parents also got me some of my favourite Ice Chill Lynx unfortunately one of the shower gels didn't make it as it had come open in the wrapping paper but this has now been restocked I am really looking forward to trying this shower foam though as I haven't used this before. My auntie & Uncle also got me the Lynx gold which smells lovely. My parents also got me stocked up on some Johnny's Chop Shop products, I got the hairspray & 2 cans of the volumizing mousse, perfect timing to receive them too as I was running low. I also got a super cute Simba face mask which I am looking forward to using.

2020 is the year that I am definitely getting back on the health kick and getting back into the gym. Nothing is going to stop me this time as I am more determined then ever. So to help me on the weight loss journey my auntie & uncle got me a new Gymshark t-shirt and this giant water bottle. 

I am hoping to do a bit more travelling this year so I got a few items that will benefit this. I got a holdall from my grandparents which looks brilliant and goes well with a backpack that I treated myself to. My auntie & uncle got me a new wash bag too that goes well with everything so it kind of matches. Hopefully these will have their first trip out in March when we head up to Scotland. My parents also got me a glass travel coffee mug, now I can take a cup of coffee everywhere with me.

2019 I a year where I spent a lot of my time blogging / getting ideas down for the blog. So my parents got me this to do notepad which is going to be great for me becoming more organised this year and actually keeping on top of things for a change. My auntie and uncle also got me a set of Toy Story notebooks which are nice and small so will be great to slot in my backpack for if any ideas come up whilst I am on the go, they will also be handy for any football matches I want to report on or events I go to.  They also got me this cute little dinosaur pen which is going to take pride of place on my desk.

If you know me you know I have a geeky side. My grandparents got me a new Funko Pop to add to my collection so now I finally have Buzz lightyear. They also got me Detective Pikachu, this is a film I have wanted to watch for so long but never got around to so now I am ready for a movie night. My parents got me some Call of Duty pyjamas and I have to say they are so soft, they are going to come in really handy for the days watching films and playing games I have planned. Liam got me the Descendants box set as I had been complaining about not seeing the 3rd yet, so I can't wait to sit and watch this. He also got me a new PS4 controller in rose gold, at least now we can play games with each other on the PS4 and I don't have to use the boring black one.

Now this is a present I got for myself. I picked up the Canon EOS 4000D, I have wanted a new camera to help me improve my blog photography and this was on offer at PC World so I left it a week or so to determine if I really wanted it or not just to make sure I wasn't wasting money. I can't wait to get using this and making my pictures better than they have been. 

Finally another big surprise is that me and my sister got Apple watches from our parents which we were really lucky to receive. I set mine up almost straight away and I love it, the watch now means I don't have to check my phone all the time plus the activity part will hopefully help encourage me with getting fit again. 

My grandparents got me a ticket to go to the pantomime too which should be a great family night out. Me and Georgia also received some money from our parents so we could go hit the sales, this seems to have become a yearly gift and usually comes with some rules (not serious or at least I hope not mum?) such as no tattoo's & no trainers as she knows that is very happily what we would spend all our money on. I can't wait to head out and spend it as this is possibly the latest date that I have had all the money left.

So there you have it that is what I got for Christmas 2019, I have definitely been very lucky and very spoilt. I can't wait to get using all these items.

See you soon

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