My Current Favourite Summer Outfits

It is safe to say that the weather has warmed up here in the UK and I have been loving putting outfits together for going and about. This time last year I hated it as all my clothes were clung to me but now they fit just right it is actually quite fun getting ready as I am trying out different things.

Over the past few months I have found myself reaching for some items a lot more than others and those items are some of my favourites but again if I had these items last year I probably wouldn't have even gone near them due to them really pushing me out of my comfort zone due to the fit and the colours. 

There are two outfits that I am planning on wearing a whole lot more over the summer due them capturing the styles I want to achieve brilliantly, one is super casual whilst the other one is on the smart casual end of the scale so is perfect for those nicer days out where I want to make an effort. So here are my two current favourite summer outfits...

First up we have the more relaxed casual outfit which honestly is just a day to day one for me when I don't want to make too much of effort. first up we have my ever faithful denim shorts I have mentioned these so many times lately as they are my go to shorts due to the length and comfort of them. They are also really versatile so go with a lot of my wardrobe which is why they are worn so often. I am loving how these look with my fairly new Adidas t-shirt which has also very quickly become another favourite t-shirt thanks to how it fits. If you had shown me this t-shirt last year I wouldn't have gone anywhere near it due to the light colour but this year I am really trying to embrace trying new things and this has proven the point as I love it that much. It is a bit of an over sized fit so is perfect for the warmer weather as it keeps you nice and cool. It works really well against the light denim too. To finish off this outfit I just throw on a pair of white sneakers and I am good to go. It used to be my Nike Air Force that I would wear with this outfit however, I actually prefer how my fake Alexander McQueen's look with this outfit. 

Another outfit I am loving is more on the smart casual end and is one I have actually surprised myself with as I never thought I would pair these items together. First up we have some really soft and comfortable navy blue chinos from Matalan. To be honest I am really starting to love chinos again but have never actually had navy ones so it makes a nice change. they are the perfect fit on the waist and in the leg which makes a nice change although I do wear these cuffed. I team these up with a plain navy blue t-shirt and my short sleeved denim shirt and I love how it looks. The t-shirt and shirt complement each other really well and I just love the look it creates. I prefer to wear my shirt open so that the t-shirt is visible just like I do with a lot of shirt I own. I also like to add my silver jewellery to the outfit as it is just an added detail that is often forgotten. On my feet I tend to either wear my plain white sneakers, Vans or Converse as I think these finish off the look perfectly and capture the style I am going for really well. 

So those are my two current favourite outfits for summer and now things are opening up a little bit more these days I can not wait to be wearing these outfits a whole lot more, I also can't wait to start experimenting with other outfits too as my confidence is growing a lot more. 

What is one of your favourite summer outfits? 

An Outfit Made Of Items From The Primark x NBA Range

Recently Primark released their NBA range and it is safe to say it hasn't disappointed with plenty of clothing and accessories across all the departments whether you shop in the men's, women's or kids section. So far I am building up quite the collection of NBA clothing from Primark most specifically Chicago Bulls items as they are my favourite team. So far I have the items in this post, some cycle shorts, slides, socks and a hoodie and all of the items are reasonably priced and great quality. They plenty to offer for a variety of teams as we have also got my nephew some Bulls and Lakers pieces so we can match. They definitely have plenty to offer and I honestly think if the items that I am missing from the collection had been available in my size I would have easily purchased them all as no a single item has disappointed me. 

So here is my favourite outfit I have put together with my items so far... 

I am usually really hesitant about buying white t-shirts as they are often too see through and don't really do anything for my size. However, this Chicago Bulls one is a bit thinker than other t-shirts so isn't see through which is fantastic. The sleeves are nice and loose and the length is perfect for me as it doesn't ride up it just sits nicely where it needs to be. I actually braved this in a size down from my usual due to my weight loss journey and surprisingly it provides a really nice fit as it isn't clung to me and is in fact a little loose in some areas which is ideal. What I love about this t-shirt though is how the Bulls logo takes up the majority of the t-shirt and is a standout, I think if this was any smaller I wouldn't have bothered with it however, due to it being big it draws eyes in and away from any lumps and bumps that might be on show. There is another small detail on the bottom of the t-shirt which simply says Devine 8, this doesn't distract from the logo but you know it is there and is just a nice little addition. 

I teamed the t-shirt up with the joggers from the collection which again are nice and simple and fitting with the Bulls colour scheme. I didn't actually own any black joggers so as soon as I saw these ones I knew I had to get them as they would be a great addition to my wardrobe. They aren't plain either which is what I like about them. They have a thick white panel going down either leg on the side with red piping going down either side of the panel which just makes them stand out a bit more. They are nice and soft inside too which makes them really comfortable and perfect for lounging in and those days where I want to make a bit less of an effort. Surprisingly the length of the joggers are perfect too which makes a nice change as I don't have too much excess material around the bottom of them and they are a nice slim fit towards the top too. I can see me wearing these a lot throughout the autumn and winter as I tend to stay in more at those times and spend too much time lounging and making very little effort. The only other details on the joggers is the Bulls logo and the Devine 8 similar to what is on the t-shirt but honestly you can barely even see these with a longer fitting t-shirt on at the same time. 

Finally with it being a Chicago Bulls outfit for me there is only choice of footwear. My black and white Jordan's. I absolutely love how these look with this outfit as the colours flow and they are technically basketball sneakers so fit really well with the theme. They don't go up too high either so they aren't filled with excess jogger and the joggers actually sit nicely just above these so it creates the perfect look as you can see the whole sneaker, I really do need to start wearing these more often too as they have been neglected recently. 

 Now I just need to try find the rest of the range as I have my eye on quite a few other items but in particular I am really want to get my hands on the varsity jacket they are doing as I think I could create some great outfits with one of those. At least now I have managed to get some clothing from my favourite NBA team at a reasonable cost and can wear them out and about or even just sat watching games. Basketball is becoming one of my favourite sports at the moment and I am even trying to get myself a basketball net for the garden so I think it is going to be around in my life for quite a while. Are you a basketball fan? Who is your favourite team? 

June 2021 Fitness Update


Well June has wrapped up and it ended pretty well for my weight loss as I smashed quite a few goals. Granted I did spend a lot of the month ill and that is a big reason why my weight went down but overall I feel so much better mentally and physically than I have done in previous months granted this is definitely not down to the illness but it is definitely from finally seeing and feeling the progress I am making on my journey. So here is how my goals for June went... 

 Lose 5 lb 

Well I managed to absolutely smash this one and lost a lot more than 5 lb however, this definitely wasn't done in a way I wanted it to be. A lot of my loss for the month came from being ill and not being able to eat. I wish I could say I lost a huge amount of weight by hard work but it certainly wasn't but a loss is a loss and now I am back to losing it in a much better and kinder to my body way. 

Go for more walks

This didn't happen at all which annoyed me a little. This is mainly due to being ill, busy or the weather but I really want to get back on track with my walking as I do miss it. I am still struggling with the afters of my illness but once I am fully fit again I am going to try convince Liam to get out with me more and get back walking like we did previously. 

 Increase my fruit intake

This one definitely hasn't happened as with my illness I just wasn't eating but even when I was fine I didn't get much fruit in my diet. This is mainly because I just couldn't be bothered having any of the fruit Asda actually had in stock which lately hasn't been a lot. This is definitely one to revisit when stock levels get much better and I have more choice. 

 Make healthier food choices when I go out

Now this one I definitely did. On the few occasions when I did go out for food I made much better choices when it came to my meals. For once I didn't pick the biggest burger on the menu and I actually thought about what I was eating. I even had scampi on one day out which is something I used to love and it is safe to say I have fallen back in love with it once more. 

 Reduce the amount of alcohol I drink

Again this is definitely a goal I can tick off as complete. In June I really cut back on the amount of alcohol I was drinking and made much better choices. Granted I drank a few times but I mostly stuck to alcohol free options or low alcohol options which I know has definitely benefited me in terms of my journey not just physically but mentally too as I feel so much better. 

So here is how my weight loss for June went... 

Beginning of June weight : 15 stone 5 lb 

End of June weight : 14 stone 10 lb

Total loss for the month : -9 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in July...

- Lose 4 lb
-Get back on track after my illness
- Limit alcohol consumption
- Less takeaways
- Get back walking
- Continue to go boxing weekly
- Don't let things opening up knock me off track

I am determined that by the end of July I am going to be closing in on the 13 stone bracket by being in the lower 14 stone section, which to be honest I know I can definitely do if I keep putting my mind to it as I have been doing and get back on track from my illness as I have had a bit of a re-feed to get some energy back. I am really impressed with how things are going lately and I can't wait to see even more progress happen as it feels so rewarding.

Total loss for 2021 : - 1 stone 1 1/4 lb 

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 6 lb

Styling White Converse For Summer

Converse have always been hit and miss for me however, in the past year or so I have really started loving them a whole lot more and I have actually picked up a few more pairs. One of my go to pairs though are my hi top all white pair as they are so versatile and go with a whole lot of items in my wardrobe thanks to them just being white. I have had these for probably 5 years now and they are still going strong however, they could do with a really good clean as they are starting to look very beat up at the moment due to how often they are being worn. What I love the most about Converse is how long they seem to last, as I say these are about 5 years old and once they are cleaned up they are as good as new with no damage to the material or gum around the edges which amazes me as they are worn all year round in all sorts of conditions from rain to sunshine to snow it just goes to show how great the quality the sneakers are. 

It is safe to say over the years I have worn plenty of different outfit combinations with these sneakers but these are 3 of my current favourites... 

First up we have probably my most worn outfit combination with these sneakers as I just love the way they look together. We have my knee length denim shorts which you know by now are my absolute favourite shorts as they are just so comfortable and fit me nicely. These are a bit on the baggier side lately but I still think they look great teamed up with the white Converse. I have actually been told in the past that this gives off a bit of a skater vibe but I really don't see it to be honest. My new favourite t-shirt to wear with my denim shorts and white Converse is this grey Gant one that my grandad kindly gave me. This is a lovely soft material and gives the outfit a bit more of a smart casual vibe in my opinion. What I love the most about this t-shirt though is that it fits me just right as it isn't too tight or too baggy which makes a nice change and the colour of it isn't too light it is the perfect shade of grey for my liking. I really love how this whole outfit looks when it is on together and it is going to be one I keep on reaching for. 

Next up we have the outfit where I think these sneakers really get the chance to stand out as other than the logo on the t-shirt they provide the only bit of colour to this outfit. To be honest this outfit could definitely benefit from a pair of low Converse rather than the high ones but I still love how the items look together, granted this outfit won't be for everyone. My black denim shorts are a pair I don't wear very often due to them being tighter and shorter than other pairs of shorts I own however, as my confidence has been growing lately I have found myself reaching for them a whole lot more. I team this up with my now over sized Vans t-shirt and I love the vibe the outfit gives off as it is definitely a casual outfit that I reach for over and over again when I just want a basic outfit as this is definitely that. 

Now I think we have my favourite super casual outfit with these sneakers for when I don't want to make too much of an effort at all but I still think these items look fantastic together. First up we have my light grey jersey shorts which are perfect for those warmer days and those days where I aren't really doing anything specific, they are really comfortable and are the perfect length for me to feel happy in them. I then team this up with my PSG away shirt from last season which is white and quite smart looking in my opinion. The white of the shirt just goes well with the white of the sneakers and I think the whole outfit just looks fantastic together. This is definitely a super casual outfit but it is one that might be one of my most often worn down to how simple it is and it incorporating my love for football. 

I am definitely loving my all white Converse but I do have my eye of low classic white ones as they will just offer me a different footwear option with a little bit of colour on it unlike this pair which are just completely white plus I think the low ones just go with a few more bits especially in the warmer months. Let's hope I can pick up a pair before the end of next summer or going into spring next year as I think they could really transform some of my outfits. 

How would you style the all white Converse? Would you dress them up or down?

Sanctuary Bar Scarborough

On our recent trip to Scarborough we were really struggling to find somewhere to eat due to us having to book and everywhere being full however, we came across the Sanctuary bar which looked absolutely lovely and thought we would try our luck. Luckily there was space for us so we had somewhere for food and drink that evening. 

We had never actually heard of the Sanctuary bar before but we were pleasantly surprised with great quality food and lovely drinks which were needed after it being so hot during the day. As I say we had never heard of the place before so we didn't know what to expect from the menu at all but in the end there was something for us both. So here is what we both ended up having... 

Whilst we were waiting for our food we had a couple of drinks, Liam stuck with his usual pint of Coors Light which honestly looked perfect for the day we were having as it was just so warm. I ended up with two cherry cocktails as they were on offer for 2 for £12.00. The cocktails went down a treat as they were nice and fruity and definitely the refreshing drink I needed at the time. It made a nice change from having a beer too as I often find it difficult to find a cocktail I actually like but this one ticked all the boxes. 

For our meals one of us stuck to what we knew whilst the other tried something different. Liam is the one who went for the different option which was a kofta flatbread. To be honest he let me try this and it was gorgeous however, it looked too healthy for my liking and I knew I wouldn't have eaten anything other than the meat and bread so I stuck to what I knew I liked. Liam really liked this though and finished off every last little bit of his meal and even said he would have it again, maybe we should try to recreate it at home one day. As I say I decided to play it safe and get something I knew I would like so I ordered a smoking chicken burger. What I didn't realise though was that the burger would come under a glass dome filled with smoke which definitely explained the smoking part of the burgers name. Sometimes I have found that chicken burgers can be a bit dry however this one was absolutely perfect the chicken was nice and juicy and the coating was nice and crispy. The burger bun was nice and soft too and not rock hard like it has been in some previous restaurants I have been in. Even though I took everything out of burger except for the chicken and mayo it was nice and filling too although in case that didn't fill you the burger came with a very reasonably sized bowl of chips which were cooked to perfection. Overall the food was fantastic value for money and the quality actually really surprised me.

After our food we decided to stay for a few more drinks, again Liam got his usual pint of beer whilst I got two different cocktails from the 2 for £12 menu. This time I got the bubble gum one which came with a little shot. To be honest these went down far too easily and didn't last very long. They weren't as strong as other cocktails so it was just like drinking a very sweet drink without any alcohol actually in it. I could have honestly stayed in Sanctuary Bar all night working my way through the cocktail menu as it was so relaxed and all the cocktail menu sounded perfect. 

 If you do visit Scarborough I would highly recommend checking out Sanctuary Bar for yourself as the atmosphere was brilliant, we had fantastic service and the food & drink were absolutely gorgeous and great value for money. To find out more about Sanctuary bar click here

I hope you enjoyed this post as there will be plenty more like it coming very soon especially now places are opening up again I am wanting to add a lot more posts like this to the site filled with all sorts of restaurants and bars. Right now though I want to head back to Scarborough for another Chicken burger. 

The Current Progress In The Back Garden

At long last we are starting to see a lot of progress within the back garden. When we moved in over 3 years ago now it was quite simply a mess, it was overgrown with weeds and if it rained it was just one big muddy puddle it desperately needed something doing with it as you could tell it had been neglected for a long time. 

The back garden is a lot bigger than it looks and is actually a sun trap for the majority of the day so working out what to do with it to make the most out of the space and get the most out of the sun was actually quite difficult however, Liam was good to me and basically gave me free reign over what could actually be done in this space and I am pretty pleased with how it is looking so far. 

First up my dad came round most weekends of the late spring & summer in 2019 to build us some decking, we were originally going to get a professional in to do this but the costs were shocking so my dad volunteered and he cracked on through all weathers to get the decking in place, I was sent out for the day with my mum to keep me out of the way and Liam helped when he wasn't working. It amazed me just how big the decking space was and how much we could fit on there as I thought it would actually be a bit narrow but it is perfect and if we have people round everyone can fit onto the decking nicely. My. dad had to create a bit of a hatch to make sure the water company can access the meter and the manhole was raised but it all flows with the decking really well. 

My dad also put in a fence for us to give us a bit more privacy as we only really had a small wall between us and our neighbour. I didn't want standard fence panels so he ended up building a nice fence with wood panels which alternate between thicknesses and it looks absolutely amazing going down the full length of the garden. We finally caved and got an outside tap fitted too just to make watering the plants etc much easier than us having to run in and out of the house all the time. It will also make washing the car so much easier too although it is rare we actually do that these days. My auntie and uncle very kindly bought us a corner sofa set too which is gorgeous and we had our eye on them for ages so to be treated to one was great as it has helped us get closer to completing the garden without having to spend a fortune. 

The decking was done in 2019 but that was all we got done due to the weather and other reasons. We then got saving again and with the help from family in 2020 we managed to get the bottom part of the garden done and it well and truly transformed the whole area. For the bottom garden we have gone for an artificial grass just like my parents got as it means we can use it all year round if we want to plus it looks great and we don't have to worry about cutting the grass around here either so that is certainly an added bonus. We left a border around the edge which we filled with some light stone chippings which are all the way around and just brighten up the bottom area a little bit. Around the edge we also have some flame style lights from B&M which were just £10 a box and give off some great light and the flame effect is gorgeous. We also have various plant pots and ornaments around the edge which my grandad kindly made for us. 

At either side of the decking steps we also have planters which some solar topiary trees in either side closest to the steps just to light them up on an evening which looks amazing. Other than that though we haven't got anything else in the planters yet as we don't know what to put in them as we aren't used to gardening. So that is basically the garden so far however, we have previously considered getting a projector as we have a big blank wall which is our neighbours garage area, at first I wasn't that bothered but now I am actually really tempted to purchase a projector as I think movie nights out there could be great but I need to run that through Liam first. 

We have actually made the garden two levels now with just a small step down between them which is fantastic as it gives it two sorts of vibes I believe, the top which is the decking is for eating, drinking and socialising whereas the bottom is for whatever you like currently although it might get some seating down there soon. 

There is certainly plenty we still need to do within the back garden to make it perfect for us and I am really hoping we can get it all done by the end of this summer or at least by the start of next summer so we can get the full potential out of the garden. So here is what still needs doing:

- Finish the edging on the top of the planter.
- Find something to fill the planter with (we have no clue about plants so this should be fun).
- Put the little fence topper caps on the decking posts.
- Decide if we want to stain the decking and fence and what colour if we do want to. 
- Get a new dining set.
- Work out where each piece of furniture is going to live.
- Decide if we are just cleaning the shed or painting it too.
- Get some nice solar lights for the fence to add more light to the decking section.

So there you go that is what it is looking like now and the bits we want to get done as soon as possible. Let's hope that next time I am posting about the back garden it is about it being complete and exactly how we want it. I can see us spending a whole lot of time in the back garden once it is complete and I can't wait to have people around for drinks and BBQ's as I am hoping this will be the perfect space for that. 

The Wardrobe Essentials For The Summer Season

Summer has always been a hit and miss season for me as I love the change in weather but I find due to my size I am so uncomfortable in the weather and I really struggle to dress for it without getting myself worked up and down. However, the past year or so with my weight loss journey and I have noticed that due to an increase in confidence I have noticed that this summer is going a lot better and my wardrobe actually has clothing in it that is suitable for the warmer weather. Over the year I have been buying pieces that I know will be perfect for the warm weather and here are some of the items I think everyone should have to hand to ensure that all basis are covered for the warmer months...

On the bottom 

For so long I have stuck to wearing black jeans but now that has changed and if I am wearing jeans I prefer to go for a lighter wash of denim. They just look so much better than black ones in the summer months and don't tend to cling to me half as much. I think that they are much easier to style for the summer too as with them being light they go with a whole lot more lighter option tops. If you haven't already got a light pair of denim jeans for the summer I definitely recommend picking up a pair and styling them for yourself. 

Chinos are a piece of clothing I would wear all the time but I started to drift off of them. This year though my love for them has come back a whole lot more and I actually have multiple pairs now in a variety colours to go with various different tops in my wardrobe. These are just a great alternative to jeans for the summer as they lightweight & nice and comfortable for those warm summer days. I think a pair of chinos just gives a smarter look to your outfit than a pair of jeans as they can be dressed up or down depending on your chosen style. 

Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a nice pair of denim shorts in the summer if you get some in the correct fit as you really don't want them clung to you in the warm weather. I tend to go for a pair of knee length shorts that are a little on the baggier side as these make me feel so much more comfortable. There are plenty of options in regards to denim shorts too you can have ripped, knee length, girlfriend fit and so many more so there is something for everyone's style. There are plenty of colour options too but my recommendation for summer is definitely a lighter denim pair. 

Finally for the bottom we have jersey shorts. Now I never used to wear these out of the house however, lately I have managed to pick up some smarter nice fitting pairs so I will literally wear them anywhere now. For me these are just the ultimate comfort item as they are so comfortable and are actually really soft inside too. I was worried I would sweat too much in these they are a jersey material but surprisingly they make me feel a lot cooler than if I am wearing a denim pair. They are certainly perfect for lounging in the summer too due to their comfort level. 

 On the top 

You can't beat a plain t-shirt in the summer weather and there is a colour option out there to suit everyone's style. Sometimes I tend to wear a slim fit version however, in summer I normally go for regular fit so the t-shirt isn't clung too me plus the regular fit isn't too over sized so it still looks smart and doesn't look hung off me like some over sized fit ones do. I always make sure I have plenty of each colour options in my wardrobe at all times so I am fully stocked and always have an option to hand. 

I don't always stick to plain though and always make sure that I have a few printed t-shirts to hand at all times so that I can mix it up with a bold print if I prefer. For the summer with my printed shirts I certainly prefer to go for an over sized look. If the t-shirt is too tight when it is printed I have found that I tend to feel like the print is sticking to me so make sure if you are going to be wearing prints in the warm weather you are going to be comfortable. 

With my style changing and me adding more colour to my wardrobe I have noticed that I am really stepping out of my comfort zone and one of my favourite things for the warm weather are short sleeve shirts but I think opting for bold prints and colours help you great that perfect summer look with a nice pair of chinos or shorts. Short sleeved shirts are perfect for dressing smart but still being cool and summery and there seem to be plenty of options out there for smart and casual looking short sleeved shirts so there really is something for everyone. 

Denim shirts are something I love to wear all year round and to be honest it is rare there is a year go by where you wont see me in a denim shirt at multiple points. For me in summer it is all about a nice pair of chinos teamed up with a nice plain light denim shirt, short sleeved of course. I even think at points in the summer it is even acceptable to go for that double denim look. There are plenty of affordable quality denim shirts out there for everyone so just shop around and find one that suits your style. 

Carrying on the denim theme we have the denim jacket. It gets quite chilly on an evening here in the UK and to be honest most summer days can actually be quite chilly too especially in the part of the country I live in so it is always handy to have a jacket with me at all times even if I don't actually end up wearing it. For me in summer you can't go wrong with a nice light coloured denim jacket and again you can purchase these at a variety of price points so there is one out there for everyone. Also there are plenty of different styles of denim jackets, plain, washed, ripped and so many other options so there is something for everyone's style. I love this one I got from Primark and when it gets too big for me I will be replacing it like for like. 

Finally on top we have the forever essential in the UK... rain coat. With the weather being so unpredictable here in the UK I always aim to have a nice lightweight rain jacket to hand so that I don't end up looking like a drowned rat if I get caught in a downpour. I actually have a variety of options for all occasions so that I am always covered. I have sporty style ones and I have smarter looking ones just in case I need them. Just be careful though as it is safe to say not all jackets that look waterproof actually are as I have found out quite a few times. 


An absolutely essential for me throughout the summer months are no show socks. I usually only really wear sports socks for the majority of the year but when it comes to summer where I am mainly wearing shorts and cropped trousers or jeans I really don't want thick sports socks on show spoiling the look of my outfits so I always make sure I am stocked up on no show socks from Primark as they are reasonably priced and have a great grip to stop them falling down all the time. I try to make sure I have plenty of black, grey and white ones in at all times so that I can match them better to my outfit. 

I have always had a bit of an obsession with sunglasses and growing up I would own around 20-30 pairs at a time. But they were always cheap pairs that didn't really protect my eyes but now I am older I have started to understand how important it is for my to look after my eyes as much as I do with the rest of my body so I strongly recommend investing in a good quality pair of sunglasses. My go to pair are my prescription Ray Ban ones which I absolutely love as I can see clearly and I know that my eyes are getting the protection they need. Plus they go really well with the rest of my wardrobe as they are such a classic style. 

Just because it is summer it doesn't mean you have to forget about accessories. Adding accessories is something I am really enjoying doing at the moment especially when it comes to adding jewellery it is great. It is amazing how one small thing can change your outfit and with a plain t-shirt or a nice shirt a nice necklace can just change it up a bit and make it look a little nicer. My accessories for summer tend to be silver jewellery and baseball caps but there are plenty of other accessories for everyone's style so definitely have a shop around to see what works best for you. 

On Feet 

You can't go wrong with a pair of clean white sneakers and that is why I always make sure I have multiple pairs to hand especially for the summer. I like to make sure I have a pair suitable for any occasion I might need them for so I have my Air Force which are definitely more sporty and casual, some low all white sneakers for smarter occasions and then I have a couple of others that are more of a smart casual vibe. The fact that I have multiple pairs just means I am covered for anything and I have more chance of having other pairs stay cleaner for longer. I will tend to basically live in white sneakers these days. 

Sandals are a bit of a step out of my comfort zone as I absolutely hate feet but I have realised recently sometimes having a pair available to you can be really beneficial. I now make sure I have a pair of sandals at all times as they are great for just throwing on to go to the beach when I have been recently or simply just going out to the garden in. Maybe one day I will venture a bit further in them and wear them more often but for now they are definitely a garden and beach essential for the summer. 

Sometimes you just need to through on a pair of Vans or another pair of canvas sneakers such as Converse and in summer they can help create the perfect outfit combination. For me I tend to go for my Vans Old Skool or some Converse style sneakers I picked up from Primark but I will be getting some actual white Converse very soon I hope. I find that they just look a lot nicer for the summer and add a bit of a more summery feel rather than wearing leather sneakers all the time. I have noticed they look absolutely fantastic with a pair of chinos too. 

So there you have it those are the items I believe everyone should have in their wardrobes for the summer season. There are plenty of options out there to suit all style and it might just take a bit of experimentation to find what works for you and your style best but I would honestly say these are the key pieces that everyone needs. What is a summer essential you always need in your wardrobe? 

3 Summer Outfits I Will Be Wearing During The Warmer Weather

Summer is the time of year where I basically find any excuse to wear my shorts and it has been this way for a number of years. For some reason I just prefer wearing them and as soon as I get home from work or a day out I will throw on a pair of shorts and usually a football shirt as I just feel more comfortable in these when I am just in the house or garden. 

To be honest the fact I can wear shorts at any point without freezing in summer is actually why it is one of my favourite seasons, you can't go out in shorts without funny looks in winter but in summer even in the rain it seems acceptable. That is why the three looks in this blog post all involve shorts I can't put together summer outfits I know I am never going to wear I want to be honest with you in this post and show you the three outfits I will be wearing on days where I aren't at work over the summer and shorts an occurring theme. So here are the outfits I plan on wearing as much as possible whilst the sun is actually out and it is quite warm outside... 

I have been trying to add a bit more colour into my outfits this year as I am normally dressed in all black. This Adidas has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe to help me add a bit of colour as it is just so different to what I would usually wear with it being so light. I love the purple colour of the t-shirt with the white detailing for me it is just perfect for the summer months and the oversized fit of the t-shirt means it is nice and cool too so you can wear it no matter how warm it is. I think I am going to be wearing this a lot and not just in summer as it is such a good quality t-shirt. Team this up with a pair of knee length denim shorts and you are good to go. I definitely prefer knee length shorts as I really don't like my legs so at least these cover them a little bit more plus they are a bit of a looser fit which is perfect and I don't feel restricted in them at all. Throw on a pair of white sneakers with these items and you are good to go in a nice brighter outfit than you will usually see me in. 

It really is the summer of sport, we have had the Euros and we are approaching the start of the Olympics which I can't wait for then we have the football season beginning, basically I am in my element. Over the summer I tend to wear a lot of football shirts as they keep me a lot cooler due to the material they are made off and this summer my go to shirt seems to be the England away one, not just due to our great run in the Euros but also because it actually looks really smart to me with the colours, collar and buttons. I have definitely got my wear out of this shirt already but I will be wearing it a whole lot more too. Throw on a pair of nice jersey shorts with this and you are good to go. This is the most comfortable outfit I wear these days and the items work together to create a great casual look. I have noticed recently I have been really neglecting my Puma Suedes and thanks to the blue of the England shirt I am getting so much more wear out of the sneakers as they work so well with the shirt. 

Finally we have totally the opposite kind of outfit... all black. This is an outfit I revert back to so many times and thanks to me owning the items for years I have actually worn this outfit for the past few summers, minus the sneakers they are a new option. This Vans t-shirt has been one of my favourites for years now and I need to buy the size down in it now but the oversized look this one provides is actually great as it keeps me nice and cool. It is nice and simple with just the small Vans logo on the chest which fits the simplicity of this outfit so well. I team this up a pair of skinny black denim shorts to carry on the all black theme. These shorts are definitely on the tighter side but surprisingly I love them a lot as they are actually really comfortable plus I love the little turn up on them. On my feet I tend to have my Vans Old Skool as they work really well with the black theme and actually look pretty smart with the rest of the outfit, I need to get more wear out of these too. 

So there you have it those are 3 of my go to outfits for the summer granted I will be wearing more than just these 3 outfits whilst we have the warm weather but these are the ones I tend to reach for most, I have a whole other post coming up with my two overall summer outfits coming to the blog very soon so keep your eyes on the blog for that. 

What is one of your go to summer outfits? 

My Go To Summer Office Wear Outfits

It is safe to say summer is starting to arrive here in the UK and with me being back in the office I have had to have a good look through my wardrobe to see what clothing I own that is suitable for work and the weather. With my style changing it has been hard finding the exact pieces I want as I am still buying a lot to fit that style but I have made existing pieces work just as I wanted them to. 

It is hard with where I work as it can be 22 degrees outside and inside it feels like 5 due to us being in a really old building so I have to try dress so that I don't freeze inside and so I don't melt when I step back outside. It is safe to say my outfits have a dark theme due to that being the colour palette of my wardrobe these days but I absolutely love planning out fits for work and getting dressed up a bit as it just makes me feel a bit more me or at least the me I want to be. 

So here are my 3 current favourite outfits to wear for work during the summer months...

First up we have the most casual look I go for, a black t-shirt & black jeans. This is something I will throw on if I haven't planned anything out as it is nice and simple but gives off a bit of a smart casual vibe. This t-shirt is from Matalan and has a bit of a textured effect to it and a little bit of detail on it with some grey stripes and a red bee that just stops it being too plain. I tend to team this up with a pair of either black skinny jeans or black straight leg / girlfriend jeans as I find them comfortable for sitting around in and also they fit me much better than other sorts of jeans. I tend to wear the straight leg or girlfriend fit jeans more often these days as for some reason I am just going off skinny jeans a bit and they are appealing to me less and less everyday. I make sure I don't wear my ripped jeans anymore for work too as I just feel so much smarter in plain jeans. I usually team this outfit up with a pair of white sneakers and I am good to go. 

I have to admit I think this is actually my favourite look of them all and is my most frequent go to. In fact I love these trousers so much that every time I drop a dress size I purchase a new pair of them but they are getting hard to find at the moment which I aren't enjoying as I will be gutted when I can no longer get them. They are a really soft material meaning they are really good for sitting in all day in the office and they fit me really well as they are a bit of a tapered fit. The dark grey colour makes them look a little smarter in my eyes and I don't only wear them for work but I wear them for days out too as they are that nice. I just tend to team these up with a plain black t-shirt as I feel with what I have in my wardrobe at the moment this works the best. I am hoping I am going to be able to get some nice shirts to go with these as the weather takes a turn for the worse but for summer I will be wearing the trousers and a plain black t-shirt for now, if you can think of any other way to style these please do let me know. On my feet with this outfit I will either wear my Vans old skools or a nice smart looking pair of plain white sneakers. Throw on a nice bit of silver jewellery and you have the perfect look. 

This is the look I have experimented with the most and honestly I am really loving it as it is so different to what I would usually wear. I love it so much I wont just be wearing this outfit for work but I will also be wearing it for shopping trips, day drinking trips and so much more. It is just such a versatile outfit which I wish I had found out about sooner. This outfit is made up of a nice lightweight denim shirt from Primark which just adds a pop of colour to the outfit, a navy t-shirt from H&M which was really reasonably priced and fits nicely and then on the bottom I have my Matalan chinos which I love as they fit so well. They are the perfect leg length and fit nice on the waist too for a change. I went off chinos for a while but my love for them has certainly returned and I am looking at buying them in a variety of colours and wearing them more often. Again these are comfortable for sitting around in and are really reasonably priced. I tend to wear my Converse or some smart white sneakers with these as they seem to work the best. Again I love adding a bit of silver jewellery to this outfit as it just adds something a little extra to it.  

It is safe to say that over the next few weeks/months my wardrobe is going to be changing a fair bit and no doubt my favourite work outfits will be changing as I experiment with different combinations more often but for now these 3 outfit combinations are the ones I will be opting for as each one is that little bit different but makes me feel that little bit more confident. 

I can't wait to keep adding new pieces into my wardrobe and create tat style I am going for a lot better but for now I will stick to experimenting and loving these outfits. Which is your favourite outfit of the 3? 

My Current Training Plan Going Into the Next few month

 The weight loss journey has been going so well recently and honestly I have loved seeing the progress I am making as clothes start to get bigger and the scales are actually going down. Granted being ill has definitely helped me out the past few weeks but I am getting better now and I am determined to get back on track with my journey and smash even more goals I have set for myself. 

Until I got ill I was doing so well with eating well and working out most days of the week but thanks to being ill and taking a while to recover I have really slacked off and have struggled to get my workout motivation back... the bad weather hasn't helped either as it is dark on a morning so I don't want to get up. I am determined though that as of today that changes and I am going to create myself a routine that I love and want to stick to once more so I can see those inches continue to drop off me rather than creep back on. So here is what I am hoping my training plan is going to look like for the next few months as I work towards the end of my 90 day challenge and head towards my birthday...

Weights haven't been in my routine for a while now due to various reasons however, I am determined to start using them a whole lot more instead of spending more time just looking at them. I used to love using the weights and as someone with next to no upper body strength the really were a huge benefit to me in increasing that. Even if it is just one or two weight sessions I do a week I will be very happy with myself for picking them back up. 

Dance Workouts
If you have read any of my fitness posts in the past you will know that I have really surprised myself over the past year and one of my favourite kinds of workouts are in fact dance ones. They are all so different and just so fun to do however, I haven't done one for a while so it is about time I get back into doing them. Emkfit have uploaded so many new ones that I need to give a try and I can't wait to get started again. I used to do these daily and it wouldn't surprise me if that doesn't end up happening again. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to be finishing off at the weekly Fitfans programme I attend at Bradford City, this is a 12 week course and it has been absolutely fantastic and I really look forward to going every Monday night. It is with a great group of people and it has given me so much more knowledge and confidence than I had before I started the course, I think I will actually be pretty sad when it ends. 

I will also be continuing with my weekly boxing classes which I am absolutely loving too. Again this has given me so much more confidence as it is in a group setting but wow people aren't joking are they when they say boxing is a fantastic workout for burning calories. Just an hour at a session and I burn loads and wake up the next day aching in places I didn't know I could ache. Granted it kills me off every Wednesday night but I love it. 

Skipping is something I have wanted to add to my routine for so long time but thanks to the weather being hit and miss I just haven't got around to doing it yet however I am hopeful that over the next few months I am going to be skipping a few days a week no matter what the weather. I have been told by so many people this is a great exercise for not only weight loss but increasing your fitness too so fingers crossed it works for me and I notice a benefit. 

Football drills
I am really hoping the gardener turns up soon so I can get out into the garden and get some football drills incorporated into my training routine. I have bought quite a few footballs these past few months so it is about time I get some use out of them. I know that getting the ball back at my feet will be a huge benefit for me as it is something that really helps me out mentally. 

Walking is something I have really neglected lately due to the weather and lack of time but I am hoping that over the next few months I can start incorporating walking back into my weekends like I have done previously. Granted this is definitely going to be harder as the football is returning so that will take up a huge chunk of my weekends. I just need to try get up earlier and get going instead of finding excuses.

So there you have it that is how I am hoping my training plan is going to go over the next few months and fingers crossed I really see more progress by sticking to it. Now pass me the pen and paper so I can get this planned out properly...

Sneakers I Am Planning On Wearing During Summer

This summer I am determined to work my way through my sneaker collection a whole lot more instead of sticking to the same pair like I have been doing recently. Far too many pairs of sneakers are getting neglected when they could work fantastically with some of the items I have in my wardrobe. To be honest I don't tend to wear anything out of laziness as I would more much rather just get up throw on the pair closest to the door and head straight out whether that is for a day of shopping, work or something else. It just means some pairs get beat up too soon and older ones still look brand new plus it often looks like no thought has been put into the outfit which is definitely something I want to change. I want to look like I have spent the time planning every detail and make the outfit look as perfect as possible. This got me thinking about which sneakers from my collection would be perfect for the summer outfits I have in mind and which I really should try wear a whole lot more this year. The sneakers that made the cut are...


I absolutely love my Adidas Deerupts but honestly I don't wear them half as much as I should due to the fear of ruining them. These are so bright and stand out perfectly especially for a more toned down outfit where I want to add a splash of colour on my feet these are the perfect choice. My family absolutely hate these but I definitely love them and will be wearing them a whole lot more especially once they have had a coat of Crep Protect applied. These sneakers will just add a bit more to a simple outfit if that is the mood I am in that day plus if it annoys the family they are always an added bonus. 


My Adidas Aykans are that comfortable they seem to have become my go to walking shoes lately however, they are too nice to ruin on walks so I am planning on changing that very soon and getting my wear out of them for the reason they were bought in the first place. They are so comfortable that they are perfect for long days out and the subtle colours go with a lot of the clothing I own meaning that they are really easy to style. I don't own any other sneakers in these colours and these tick all the boxes so it just makes more sense to start wearing them more often. Again though they need a coat of Crep Protect before they are worn more often. 

Puma Nova 90's Bloc

I absolutely love these sneakers and they are certainly perfect for the summer but I am too scared of ruining them to actually wear them more often but that will be changing very soon. I love the style of these sneakers and they actually look great dressed up or down, especially with a nice light pair of check trousers I own they look fantastic. These sneakers have a lot of wearable potential and I just need to get over that fear of ruining them as it is just a waste them being sat on a shelf a bit of Crep Protect and I should be good to go, I am sure you will end up seeing them on my Instagram quite a few times this summer. 

Fake Alexander McQueen's

There is no way I am paying the price for a real pair anytime soon but I absolutely love the sneakers silhouette so when I saw these fake ones for £15 I had to buy them but I haven't actually worn them properly yet. These look really close to the real thing and give me a smarter sneaker option with a black and white colourway. I have so many outfits in my mind for wearing with these sneakers and I think they have the potential to elevate my outfits even more than the other sneakers I would wear. Now lets see if I can get plenty of wear out of these before being tempted to save for a real pair in the future as they are so nice. 

Vans Old Skool

Another recent pair of sneakers I don't wear as much as I should are the Vans Old Skool but that is due to them starting to rub my heels however, a few blister plasters should cure this and I should be wearing them a lot more often. They are such a classic style and again really have the potential to dress up an outfit and make it look a lot smarter. These sneakers not only go with my trousers and jeans but they also look great with my shorts and almost all the tops I own so there is really no excuse for me to be wearing them more. I just need to get on with breaking them in and get creating some great outfits with them. 

Nike Air Force 

These are actually the pair of sneakers I am too lazy to change out of these days as they just go with everything. I wear these for literally every occasion and you can tell as after a year I am desperately needing a new pair, the backs have been worn down and they are beat up & filthy. They are just great to wear though as they are easy to style and are really comfortable plus with how much I paid for them I want to make sure a penny doesn't go to waste. These are definitely staying in my summer rotation but honestly I just need to stop wearing them daily and give other sneakers a chance. 

So here you have it that is what I am hoping my summer sneaker rotation is going to end up looking like. I just really need to get wearing pairs a whole lot more than I am as I am really wasting money on sneakers that are going unused just due to laziness. What sneakers or shoes will you be rotating between during the summer months?