I am learning it is about lifestyle changes


This fitness and weight loss journey is really starting to open my eyes to a lot of different things and how my body works but one thing it is really showing me is that a certain saying is 100% true... it isn't a diet it is a lifestyle change. By realising this it has really helped me build new habits and stay on track rather than doing something for a week or two then completely giving up. 

In the past I have tried crash dieting which did me absolutely no good and I ended up gaining more weight than anything else. I used to think the only way to lose weight was to cut out everything that I liked and that is where I was going wrong, as long as I am in the calorie deficit I can eat anything in moderation and I will still be able to lose the weight I want to lose. Which is a good job as it means I no longer have to force myself to eat salads like previous diets have said... I absolutely hate salads and I am a fussy eater to a certain extent.

It has also taught me that exercising all the time isn't going to do the trick, you still need to be in that calorie deficit so there is no point in working out for 3 hours a day and then eating 3 takeaways way over your daily calorie allowance. I now know that I need to eat right to get the results I want rather than just focusing on the working out part. It has even helped me cut back on the amount of takeaways I have as I have now realised just how awful I feel after having them, now I would much rather just eat what we have in the house as I know exactly what is in it and I know it won't be half as greasy as my usual takeaway order. I am still eating burgers once a week but this time I am eating turkey burgers which I now prefer over beef ones and they are much better for me calorie wise, I still have the treats in my diet but even with those I am making better choices and having them fit around my calories for the day. I am even trying to gradually add more fruit and veg into my diet to make it a bit healthier and as a fussy eater on this side of things it has been hard but also great to do as I am trying new things and actually liking them. Even when I am out and about I am trying new meals at pubs and restaurants instead of going for the biggest burger on the menu which I used to do and it is safe to say I am actually having fun trying new things for a change. My new go to meal though is turkey bacon and eggs, it is so simple to cook, tastes great and has plenty of protein in for the start of my day, it is funny though as I wouldn't have bothered with anything like this a few years ago before my journey started. 

I have also learned that planning is super beneficial for those changes to take place and stay consistent. Every Sunday I sit down and plan out the meals I will be having and I will also plan what workouts I am doing each day so I know how to plan my to do lists on the day. The planning just helps me have a clearer view so I don't over do it and I get my daily tasks and workouts ticked off even if my life is starting to get busier again. Planning also helps me think more about the choices I am making too so it definitely helps me stay on track and I can always change things around if I really need to although that hasn't happened yet as I always plan to make my life easier at any given chance. 

It is definitely the simple swaps that are making the biggest difference and those gradual changes I am putting in place are really making a big impact on my life overall as I am feeling much healthier, more confident and even more motivated. I am even easily increasing my step count which is a big shock as I didn't realise just how easy it would be for me to actually increase them like getting a lift to work has stopped and I will happily walk to and from work now with no complaints. My mindset has definitely changed for the better and I am still only at the start of my journey so I am really looking forward to seeing the progress I can make in the future as these changes are definitely helping things go the right way.

The summer wish list to update my wardrobe...

Summer is finally here and the weather in the UK is finally starting to represent the season we are in as for once it has warmed up nicely and the sun is shining. This has let to a little dilemma for me though as due to my fitness & weight loss journey a lot of my clothing that is suitable for the warmer is far too big for me now. Granted I don't mind my clothing being over sized however, some of my t-shirt options now just look like they are burying me which I definitely aren't keen on plus I can't cope with how big my shorts are as they are constantly falling down that is why a bit of a summer wardrobe refresh is currently required. I know that anything I buy now should hopefully last me a while and some items would possibly be suitable for the autumn weather too, I am actually planning items that I am going to get plenty of wear out of now rather than just getting an item to wear for one season then get rid of it, it is time to start being smart with my money, but more on that bit in a future post. So here are the items that are currently on my summer wish list... 

Jordan Shorts

Every time I am browsing the Nike website or I am browsing my local JD store the Jordan shorts they sell always catch my eye and I am determined to get myself a pair as they look like they would last me a very long time. They have some subtle pairs with just the small logo on them or some pairs with a bolder print and honestly I would love a mix of pairs from the Jordan brand in basic colours so they would go with the rest of my wardrobe. I am definitely hoping to have a black or grey pair very soon.


Nike T-shirts 

Baisc Nike t-shirts are always on offer in JD 2 for £30 so it is about time I caved and picked up a few of them. They are pretty basic with just the small Nike logo on the chest so will be great for creating simpler, laid back outfits. These t-shirts come in a nice variety of colours too so I think I will be opting for ones that are going to be suitable for summer & autumn and that would look nice layered if the weather does drop a bit colder.

Nike Socks

I really don't believe you can ever have too many pairs of Nike sports socks, they are just so comfortable and go well with the majority of sneakers they are paired with. The start of summer for me is a time to get restocked on those classic white Nike socks, I will be getting myself some of the ankle socks and the crew ones so that I am well stocked for all occasions. 

Nike Hoodie

The simple Nike hoodies with the small logo on the chest have been another item that have jumped out at me on plenty of shopping trips in the past and I think now is the time to make the purchase. I am hoping to get a few light colours for the summer but also some that will still look great in the autumn, I can see 3 of these possibly being purchased very soon but I guess we will have to wait and see what the fit is like when I finally try one on. 

Adidas T-shirts

I have got a really nice purple Adidas t-shirt with the 3 white stripes on each shoulder and I absolutely love it, the t-shirts is lightweight and super comfortable so I think it is about time I picked up a few more of these for the summer so that I aren't just living in Nike. I currently have my eyes on a light blue one and an orange one so lets hope I can find one in my size to try on to see if the colours actually suit me.

Printed T-shirts

Every single time that I go into Primark I am drawn straight into their printed/graphic t-shirts and they are a nice variety of price points. I think I am going to treat myself to a few different ones for the summer just so I have a nice variety of t-shirts to pair with my different styles of shorts. I don't mind getting plenty of these ones as they are pretty inexpensive so if my size does change quickly I will just switch them to being pajama tops if they are too big to go out in. Plus if they do still fit in autumn then they will be great for layering up under open shirts or even under a zip up hoodie which I sometimes like wearing.

Hoodrich T-shirts

Hoodrich is a brand that I have wanted to try for a while but haven't got around to it yet as every time I go to purchase an item they never seem to have my size which is annoying. I am determined to get a few of their t-shirts throughout the summer though as they have some great bold colours available, I especially want to get a purple one and a blue one. 

UNC Dunks

The UNC Dunks have been on my wish list for a very long time now however, they are just so expensive so I haven't managed to get them yet. i am really hoping that I can get a pair this year though as I think they would look absolutely fantastic with the majority of my current wardrobe and I already know that Dunks are super comfortable. I have got my fingers crossed with this item.

White Converse

My parents got me some black Converse a while back and they are still so comfortable so I think it might be time to lighten things up for the summer and finally purchase a pair of the white classic hi top Converse. I know they are comfortable and will last me a while so it might finally be time to bite the bullet and stop putting off buying an item I really should own already. 

Bape x Vans

These khaki Vans have been in my sights for a while but the price has been putting me off a little bit but I think it might finally be time to purchase them. I love Vans and Bape is a brand I have wanted to try for a while but items have been way out of my price range whereas looking at the price of these sneakers they are reasonably priced compared to others on the Bape website. These would definitely help me change up the different coloured outfits I wear and just give me a different direction to go in. 

Crep Protect

I am not sure how I have let it happen but my Crep Protect has run out so I definitely need to purchase a new can ready for the summer weather. It might be nice when I head out the door but with us being in the UK the weather could change at any moment so I want to make sure all my sneakers are fully protected before I leave the house. A new can should last me until late autumn or even winter so buying this is a no brainer really as it is a small cost to pay if my sneakers last longer.

Those items are all ones that I can get plenty of wear out of not only throughout summer but also through the autumn and further seasons. The t-shirts will be perfect for layering and those sneakers will look fantastic in any weather, just as long as they don't get absolutely destroyed in rain or snow when the weather changes again. I am really starting to think more about the purchases I make especially with my size and style changing fairly often. I am just on countdown to when I hit my goal weight and size as that will mean one huge wardrobe overhaul to get the perfect clothing for me and I think that will be one fun shopping trip where I can begin healthier habits when it comes to buying clothes and hopefully stick to a much more streamlined wardrobe.

My home workout must haves...


Now that I have been working out a whole lot more and for a long period of time I am really starting to realise just what I need to have to hand to make sure I am having a good workout session. Before I would just throw on any old clothing and stick on a YouTube video to get my daily workout in however, these days a bit more consideration is taken in terms of what I am doing that day and what I want to get out of the session. With my current training plan things get mixed up each time but luckily they require the same sort of equipment so I don't have to go overboard with what I own but sometimes small changes do crop up and I need to adjust slightly so having exactly what I need to hand is perfect. Today's post is a look at my must have items for my at home workouts. I honestly never knew these items would find their way into our house as previously I would have looked at them and laughed as if to say yeah right why would I need that. So here are my home workout must have items at the moment...

Comfy Clothes

With me working out at home I used to just throw any old clothing on for my workouts but then I realised I should get ready for these workouts as if I was heading to the gym to do them because at least then I would be comfortable. I started off wearing clothing that was too baggy for me and was weighing me down then I ended up with some items that restricted my movements so I wasn't performing exercises properly. Now I go for comfort and the correct fit when I am buying my workout clothes as I know I have my best workout in this as I aren't restricted,weighed down or having to adjust the clothing every two minutes. This even applies to socks for me as well as for me I have to have a pair of Nike cushioned sports socks on whether it is for a run or a weights session they are just so much more comfortable and don't irritate me when working out. 

Correct Footwear 

Before starting this journey properly if I had to do a workout I just put a generic pair of athletic sneakers on and hoped for the best but as my journey progressed I realised I was going wrong in this area and I really needed to sort this issue out as it was actually causing me pain and injury. Now I make sure when I am doing any weight related work I wear my Converse or Vans as they keep my feet flat to the floor, then for running I will wear my Nike Pegasus 38's which are great for this type of workout. I definitely want some Nike Metcon's for lifting when the home gym is done though as they look so comfortable.

Water Bottle 

Possibly the most important for me is a good water bottle, not one that is going to leak down my t-shirt as I am sipping it but one that is a good solid make and can survive being dropped. That is why I have this Buildlife one from Amazon, it is a 2 ltr one so I can make sure I get enough water in during the day and it also means I won't be running out of water mid workout, the weight of this bottle when it is full makes for a bit of an added weights workout. 

Yoga Mat 

I originally overlooked getting a yoga mat as I wasn't planning on doing yoga so why would I need it? Turns out though having one of these mats out when doing exercises involving laying on the floor such as sit ups or even doing the plank & push ups is a great benefit. It just makes it a little bit more comfortable for you and I have noticed my form is better on sit ups when I have this as I aren't worrying about my back hurting as much as if I was directly on the floor. My current yoga mat is getting a bit worn now though so if anyone has any reasonably priced recommendations please let me know. 


Before doing these workouts I avoided weights at all cost, I was one of these that thought if I used them I was just going to get bulky and there was no way it could help me lose weights. Now I am working out properly though I am realising just how beneficial adding weights into my routine can be and I am noticing I am getting much stronger already whilst loosing weight. I don't lift heavy so I just have a 25kg barbell set and a few extra dumbbells at the moment but they are doing the trick and I would be lost without them.

Resistance Bands

A bit like with the weights I didn't actually think I would require resistance bands however, they have been a constant throughout my journey so far and I don't think I would be where I am without them. They are a great way to do weight based activities without needing a set of weights as the different resitances that you get in a pack let you pick just how difficult you want the exercise to be. I love the bands I have so much that they have even gone on a few holidays with me now so I could continue to get those workouts in effectively. The set I got come in a little bag so I can just through them in my bag and workout wherever I like. 

Knee Brace

If you know me or have read the blog for a while you will know that I struggle really bad with pain in my left knee and have done since I was really young. That is why a good knee brace is a must have for me and why I don't work out without one on anymore. I have found wearing one to work out in just helps ease of the pain during the workout and also stops it from hurting for days after like has previously happened. Since wearing one for all my workouts the pain is definitely starting to get more manageable after exercise. 


I definitely can't workout without my earphones or any form of music to be honest. Sometimes I will just put YouTube on the TV and workout with that playing but I have found if I workout with my earphones in I do so much better and have a better workout as I aren't having to skip ads and I can just get on with the sets I need to. As we get the home gym complete I know I will be wearing my earphones to workout a whole lot more and as we plan to get out running I think the earphones are going to become even more of a must have.

Massage Gun

My final must have is something I picked up last year I believe and I don't know how I worked out without one before. My massage gun has been a must have for any workout session as a quick use of this after a workout really helps ease the aches and pains that I usually get from completing a workout. This comes in especially handy after a boxing session as it just helps bring a bit of life back into my arms. This is definitely one of my best purchases of the year and I know it is going to be very useful for a long time to come.

If you would like to see me do a similar post with must haves for football and boxing or anything else then let me know and I will get one put together for you.But for now those are the items that I have to have for my at home workout sessions so I can really get the most out of them and also recover correctly after each session. 

There will be plenty more home workout content coming soon as we finally start to convert our garage into a home gym at long last. I can't wait for a space where I can just take myself off and workout in peace with no distractions whenever I feel like it, I think having the space will make a big difference over all. 

What are your home workout must haves?

How has it been 1 year of boxing already...


A year ago I stumbled across an advert for a women's only boxing class at our village gym and to be honest when I first saw it I wasn't too sure about it, did I really want to go to a class when I was still this big and unfit or should I wait until I have lost more weight and got a bit fitter. That is when I realised how stupid I was being as going boxing once a week would massively help with my weight loss and getting me fit, I needed to stop doubting myself and just get out there and do things I wanted to do whilst helping my journey along in the process. 

Boxing is something I wanted to give a go for a long time so there was no stopping me and after a chat with my sister she agreed to come along to the classes with me and in no time I fell in love with the activity and all the benefits I got from it. Now I never thought I would do a group class as I remember seeing some where people would turn their noses up at you and everyone had their own little groups but this isn't like that at all everyone is lovely and makes you feel welcome and comfortable whilst giving you words of encouragement when you start to feel too tired to keep going. My sister going with me was my safety next for so long but then she kept dropping out, a few times I didn't attend the class due to this but the more I went the more my confidence grew and I stepped out of that comfort zone and actually went alone. Granted my anxiety still plays up when this happens but now I just get on with it and still have fun and push myself just like I do when my sister is there.

When I had to miss classes due to having my surgery I was absolutely gutted and couldn't wait to go back that is why when I had a follow up appointment at the hospital my first question was 'can I go boxing again?' I was so relieved after 5 weeks when I could return to the classes as I had missed it and I wanted to carry on making progress in my journey rather than sitting at home bored stupid, I was straight back and absolutely loving it once more. 

The class is an hour long but honestly that hour flies by and is over in no time, it might go quick but you definitely get your £5 worth throughout the hour and my clothing often changes colour due to just how much I sweat in that hour. Even when you don't think you are doing much your body is being put through its paces and the amount of calories my watch says I burn in an hour is pretty unbelievable and the first few times I thought my watch was broke due to the amount it was showing sometimes it can be in the 500 range. It is safe to say attending this class is really helping me on my weight loss journey and I am noticing my arms are getting stronger and are toning up just a little bit too, even my fitness levels seem to be increasing especially when I am going consistently without skipping any weeks that is when I am noticing the biggest differences, I just wish I could go solidly for a few months with no other occasions popping up as I think I would notice a massive change in me. The hour is split up into two sections the first half is fitness and the second half is boxing. To be honest I thought I would hate the first hour  but it is brilliant and really gets you set up for a good session, I could just do without the burpees as my body certainly hates them. The boxing section is different each week too with different pad work or punch bag work so no two consecutive weeks are the same which keeps it nice and interesting. As I say it really puts me through my paces but I feel great at the end of the session although I am definitely sore the following day as my body adjusts to what has happened in the session. One big thing I have noticed though is that my knee might still be sore and playing up but it is nowhere near as bad as it was before which is brilliant and as I keep going & losing more weight it makes you wonder if that pain is going to end up being almost nonexistent.

I love the classes so much I have even got a punch bag at home ready for when I get my home gym sorted out, I love just having a short amount of time on this working on punch combos as it is just a little extra workout for me and it is something I don't mind doing as I enjoy it. As I said before my confidence is definitely growing and I think as I continue these classes it is only going to keep growing and I am going to be able to do so much more thanks to this like go to more events for the blogs etc. I have realised it is interesting to see just what can help boost your confidence and boxing is one of the big things for me at the moment. 

I am absolutely loving these classes and I wish I could do the Saturday one too but unfortuately that is just a bit too much for me at the moment with other things going on too but who knows one day the classes might end up being 2 days a week rather than 1 but we will just have to wait and see. All I know is I am planning on going to these classes for a really long time and even when I have got to my weight loss goal I am planning on continuing to attend as I enjoy it that much. Wednesday evenings are my new favourite time of the week. 

Do you take part in any fitness classes?

How I currently style my Lebron Witness sneakers

Did I really think I would be walking around for hours on end in basketball sneakers? Nope I definitely didn't but these Lebron Witness sneakers were too much of a bargain to pass up on and as I am trying to wear the sneakers I buy a lot more often rather than having them sat gathering dust I knew I had to give these a bit of a test drive and see how they would hold out for a full day of walking... it is safe to say they definitely passed the test and I can't wait to get wearing them more often. 

I ended up going up 1/2 a size when purchasing these are they are a bit more on the tight fitting side and honestly I think I could have pushed it and gone a full size up just for an extra bit of room but honestly even at just half a size up they were still comfortable and I could honestly wear them for a full day without them starting to feel uncomfortable. 

I absolutely love the colours on these sneakers too as they are pretty subtle until it comes to the laces which are nice and bold plus the lion head sticking out at the back just adds a bit more to the sneakers without making them too in your face. The sole plate of the sneaker is brilliant too and I think that is what makes the sneakers really comfortable and you can tell they are made for playing basketball due to the shape of the sole and the amount of cushioning they provide. I am actually really tempted to purchase a basketball just to see how good they are for playing the game. 

When it comes to styling these sneakers I am determined to keep it nice and simple so that the sneakers are the focal point of the outfit but of course I had to keep that basketball theme flowing throughout the whole outfit. For the outfit I have worn my gods of basketball t-shirt from Footlocker which I have had for a while now but it is still one of my favourite t-shirts as the print looks so good and it fits just right at the moment. I have then just thrown on some nice comfortable black jersey shorts to add to the comfort of the outfit whilst also keeping the colours the same throughout the outfit. This is definitely my go to look with these sneakers but if I do want to change it up I will swap out the jersey shorts for some cargo ones just to give the whole look a bit more of a street style outfit. If I was going to go for the whole basketball look though I would definitely pick up a basketball jersey and some basketball shorts to create an outfit I would be happy going to a basketball court in. 

I am so glad I go these sneakers as they are definitely nice and different to every other pair I have in my collection and to be honest I have been nagging Liam for a basketball set up in the garden for a while now so who knows by having these I might finally be able to convince him that having our own mini court in the garden is a good idea, but I guess we will just have to wait and see if that works. 

My love for basketball is constantly growing and I really can't wait to pick up some jerseys at long last and finally get wearing these sneakers a whole lot more than I have been. They are definitely up there as one of my favourite pairs at the moment.

How would you style these sneakers? 

6 months into the year how is the fitness journey going?

 How are we already so far into 2022? I really feel like we should still only be around the March mark but this year just seems to be racing away from me, I feel like all the plans I had at the start of the year just haven't worked out due to a lack of time however, one thing is going pretty well so far and that is my fitness journey. I am glad that this part of the plan for the year is going so well as this was my main goal, lose some weight and finally improve my fitness levels, if this area of life is progressing everything else can keep plodding along in the background. 

To be honest I didn't think my journey would actually be going so well this year as even a clear plan in mind things were derailed a bit when in January I was told I needed an operation, I knew this would possibly set me back a bit and honestly I stopped working out for a bit and started binge eating due to nerves surrounding the procedure but I didn't let it get me down for too long and I was making some good progress before I finally had my operation in March. 

I knew that I wouldn't be able to do much for a while after my surgery but I didn't let it stop me, I was stuck in bed for a week due to the pain but I tried my best to keep on track with my eating and that honestly helped so much so I didn't regress during my surgery recovery. When I had my check up with my doctor after 4 weeks the first thing I asked was when I could get working out and luckily enough I was cleared straight away and to be honest there has been no stopping me I got straight back into my workouts and building up the healthy habits for me to actually stick to this time around.

One thing I have noticed over the past few months is that my measurements are actually changing, granted these are changing very slowly but slowly is better than not at all.  Even when I am looking in the mirror I am noticing the changes where those measurements are dropping especially in my thighs and around my waist. I am definitely enjoying seeing this progress and not just relying on the scales for a change. I am noticing the biggest difference in my face though as my cheeks are no where near as chubby as they were this time last year. 

My confidence is getting a whole lot better too and I am finding that I am experimenting with my style a lot more. It is amazing what the smallest of changes can do and with how it is going and I can't wait to see what my confidence is going to be like when I have got to my goal size as I certainly have a long way to go. The mental changes have been great too as I feel so much more positive than before and my attitude to a lot of things is changing in a way that I never expected. Fingers crossed these mental changes continue to happen as I think I will be in for a treat in the long run and it will help other areas of my life improve too. 

I didn't expect to be seeing my clothing size drop like I have done so far as I didn't think the changes I had made in my body were as drastic as they seem to have been when I have had to go clothes shopping. In terms of t-shirts I started the year in an XL and I am now comfortably in a large and pushing towards a medium which I am hoping to be at by the end of the year. The biggest changed has been when it comes to jeans though I started the year in a size 20 and I am now in a size 16 which honestly came as a huge shock to me, even in other sorts of bottoms I have gone from an XL to a large. I really didn't think these changes would be happening and I can't wait to see how this progresses for the rest of the year.

When I had my operation I under estimated just how much I would miss boxing each week, I am really enjoying going there still and I am seeing some good progress each session. I am so glad that I started attending the sessions as I am certainly benefiting from them and it is safe to say I will be continuing to go to these sessions for as long as possible. I have even done something this year that I never thought I would be able to do... I have signed up to play football once again and my first tournament is happening very soon and honestly I can't wait. Thinking back to a year ago I would definitely not have been in the position to do this due to my weight, fitness and confidence but with all those factors changing I am ready to put the boots on and play as often as possible. 

As I said earlier my scale weight certainly isn't changing but with other factors such as my measurements going down. fitness levels improving and even my strength improving I am extremely happy with the progress I am making this year, I didn't expect to be where I currently am in my journey and I am so proud of the progress I have made so far which is only making me more and more determined to absolutely smash the rest of the year by improving my eating habits and building a more consistent routine. I think the end of year results could be good ones, let's do this. 

I just couldn't resist these Pokemon Converse


One thing that has been a constant love of mine throughout the years and that is Pokemon. The franchise is just one that I have never been able to stray away from and even at almost 28 year old I am still buying and playing the games whilst also getting tempted by other items they bring out. 

I remember growing up I had to have everything Pokemon as I just loved it that much, when I was in primary school if we had to dress up the fancy dress I opted to be Pikachu for so many years, in fact I definitely out grew the costume but continued wearing it as it was my favourite. Even my skateboard was a Pokemon one with Pikachu underneath the deck and the helmet & knee pads matched that. 

As soon as I saw that Converse were bringing out a collaboration with Pokemon I knew I would be buying at least 1 item from the collection and honestly the collection didn't disappoint. It was quite hard to narrow down which pair I wanted but in the end I knew I didn't need more than one pair plus I didn't need any clothing at the time so in the end I just opted for the one pair which of course had to be the classic black converse with some of my favourite characters from the game on the sneaker. 

I honestly just thought that the sneaker would have a few characters on them and that would be it but I was definitely wrong with both sneakers having the 4 classic characters, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle on the outer and then having Meowth on the inside of the left sneaker and Jigglypuff on the inside of the right sneaker they are brilliant as the characters are the perfect size for each sneaker and don't look too clustered together which could have easily happened. 

the detail doesn't stop with the characters though as the Converse patch has been transformed to look more like a Pokeball and they have done a great job of making it look like one and keeping the theme in the sneaker well. Even the top eyelets on the sneakers are made to look like Pokeball so that Pokemon detail is flowing throughout the sneaker and no part of the sneaker is left out.

Even the heel detail has the little bit of Pokemon thrown into it with the lightening bolt in the middle of the All Star. Sometimes it is the little details that stand out the most on a sneaker and honestly this part and the eyelets really stood out at me when I first unboxed them but those characters look amazing and vibrant on the sneakers and I am glad they kept it with the classic characters rather than going towards the newer generation ones. 

I am really looking forward to wearing these Converse more often and they will probably be teamed up with some nice simple black outfits however, I have been searching Zavvi a fair few times lately and have seen some great Pokemon t-shirts that would look great with these sneakers, maybe I might have to treat myself to some of these and try make the perfect outfit with them. 

How would you style these Pokemon Converse?

May 2022 Favourites

How are we through May already? This year is definitely going by far too fast for my liking. May has been a pretty good month as it has been at a much slower pace than previous months this year, with the football ending we have had much more free time to get on with other things we have wanted to do and honestly I just feel so much better for the change of pace. The month has been a great month overall and honestly I think from now on they are just going to get better too with quite a few fun things lined up. Here are my favourite things from the month of May though...


T-Shirt Weather

The weather has really started to warm up at points here in the UK now even up north, this has meant I have finally been able to head out a few times without a jacket or hoodie and actually got to show off some of my t-shirts with back prints rather than hiding them away. I love it at this time of year when I can stop layering up and go out in just a t-shirt and shorts if I like and to be honest I think t-shirt weather is going to be a firm favourite for the next few months if the weather stays this way. Now I just need to keep rotation the t-shirts I wear so I am getting my wear out of them. 


Free time at home 

As I said at the start of the post now the football is finished we have a lot more free time at home and to be honest I never thought I would say this but it is actually one of my favourite things from the month of May. That free time at home has been spent getting some much needed jobs done around the house, catching up on TV shows and just relaxing. It has created the start of a perfect break before the craziness of the football starts a lot earlier for us this year as we are attending a fair few Euro 2022 games. This free time has been long overdue and I am so glad we got this in May.


Games Room

With us spending a lot more time at home one room has been used a whole lot more than the others... the games room. It has been so good heading into this room most nights after work and just switching off rather than heading to the office area to work on blogs all the time (something I am trying to reduce and find a balance with) . It has been so nice just getting caught up on some of the games I have been wanting to buy for a long time and also just laying on the sofa bed in there chatting to Liam whilst he plays away on his games. After we spent so long and so much of this room it's nice to finally get full use out of it. 

Health & fitness


I am finally back to boxing properly now after my operation and wow I am so glad that I am back. Boxing definitely puts me through my paces each week and I really push myself which is certainly helping me on my weight loss and fitness journey. It is nice to get back into the class environment too and being able to see different people rather than just seeing my family all the time. Next step now is getting back to football when I feel a lot better as we should see the results really start rolling in then for the weight loss. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from May. What are your favourites from May 2022? 

May 2022 Fitness Update

I seem to have blinked and May has been & gone. May has been a nice change of pace for me as with the football ending I have had a bit more time at home to relax rather than be constantly watching games and having full weekends out of the house. It has been great as it has meant that I have been able to spend some time developing healthy habits that I can hopefully continue as life gets busy again. It has definitely been nice to focus on myself and I definitely seeing the benefits of this. So here is how my goals went for the month of May...

Get into the 14 stone bracket 
This was always going to be a big aim and unfortunately I didn't quite get there however, I aren't made about this as it always going to be a big goal to hit and I am happy with the progress I have made over the month. 

Wake up at 5.30am on a weekday to do a workout
I managed this a few times throughout the month but not everyday which I am good with. I was just so tired throughout the month and a few later nights meant that extra hour in bed was very much needed. I am hoping to get back into a routine with this as I know with life picking up again I am going to need an extra hour to get my workout done but for May it just didn't go to plan. 

Go on two runs a week
This another one that didn't go to plan but I aren't mad as I made sure I still got different types of workouts in for a change. I am planning on getting these runs complete very especially as I have signed back up to play football again but right now I am absolutely loving using the weights.

Cook twice a week 
So this hasn't happened either and poor Liam has been left to do the cooking once again however, he has definitely been cooking a lot more often and our takeaways has been cut right back for a change which has been nice as I haven't felt too good after the past few takeaways we have had, I guess my body is changing due to the food I have been consuming. 

Drink 2 ltrs of water minimum a day
Now this one I have basically done everyday and I know that my body is so grateful for it. My skin is getting better day by day and overall I am just feeling so much better. I am less bloated and my regualr headaches are getting a lot less regular as I am actually hydrated for a change. 

Use bike or punch bag daily
This one was hit and miss really as I was on the bike a lot more often but I didn't get to do either every single day as by the time I had done other workouts, worked and blogged I was just absolutely wiped out and ready to just rest. Towards the end of the month though my energy levels have really increased and I think I will be able to get on the bike or use the punch bag a bit more often in the future.

So here is how May looked on the scales...

Beginning of May weight: 15 stone 7 lb 

End of May weight : 15 stone 5 lb

Total loss for the month : - 2 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in June ...

Get into the 14 stone bracket
Workout 4 times a week
Add more fruit into my diet
Continue with minimum 2 ltrs of water a day
Try 1 new form of exercise

So there you go that is how May went, I am really looking forward to seeing what June has in store for me though as I have a holiday, football is back towards the end of the month and also I should be back playing football if all goes to plan. June should definitely be a great month and I am 100% ready to smash it and continue making improvements to myself as I have done in May. 

Total loss for 2022 : - 8 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 11 lb