Weekly Round Up 2020 #8

Another week, another storm, which meant another week with the football cancelled. I guess it isn't all bad though as it meant another day spent getting stuff done. It has been quite a busy week and here is what I got up to...

Monday was meant to be our food shopping day, but at the last minute I was invited out for a curry with my family so that didn't happen. I ended up going for the curry then came home and just watched YouTube again. 

I was at my grandparents for tea which again was brilliant and then it was straight to the gym for me and Liam. It was packed but I managed to actually run on the treadmill for the first time in ages, so I am pretty proud of myself for that. 

  Wednesday we finally managed to get our food shop done, I even picked up a few plant based items up as I am starting to make some changes to my diet. 

Thursday was a nice chilled night, we had tea whilst watching the Man Utd game then I ended up just watching YouTube again, it was nice just having a night not doing anything.

Friday as soon as Liam got home from work we ended up going to the White Rose in Leeds, I really wanted to pick up some new jeans but unfortunately the ones I liked weren't in my size. It wasn't a wasted trip though as I managed to get my nephew another present for his birthday and we ended up having Pizza hut. 

Liam was working saturday morning so I headed to the seaside with my parents, sister and nephew. It was an absolutely fantastic day and nephew had me laughing so much he just gets better and better. On the way home we called into the York Designer Outlet where I managed pick up a couple of Tommy Hilfiger items which I am sure you will be seeing me style soon as I absolutely love the pieces. 

Thanks to the recent weather the football was once again called off. This meant a day at home for me to blog and watch the football.It was a brilliant day and once again I got plenty done so maybe these storms aren't too bad. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  Liam got me watching a bit of Line of Duty which is great and I want to watch more of it. I also watched plenty of football and YouTube too, I am really getting back into watching tech YouTubers.

Reading:  I have finally started my Minecraft book and it is great so far. 

Listening to: I am loving listening to Tegan and Sara again I just keep listening to them over and over again, plus I threw a bit of KSI in the mix too. 

This week I want to . 

See you soon

Starting A Workout Plan

As I have mentioned before this year I am determined more than ever to lose weight, I have already lost a bit thanks to just changing my diet. I started off 2020 being unwell so I haven't managed to get in the gym just yet but that is all about to change. I am hoping the I can now start going back to the gym 3 times a week on set days each week just to get a bit of a routine going to start out with.

 When I was going last year I would just go on the treadmill or the bike for a while then head home. I really wasn't doing anything to actually benefit me. So this time around I want to head to the gym on those set days with a bit of a plan in mind to make the most out of my time there and hopefully help on my weight loss journey. So here is what I am hoping to do...

Day 1
This will possibly be on a Tuesday night after my grandparents so this will possibly be a nice steady session due to me having a big roast dinner for tea. I will start this session on the treadmill and will possibly do 20 minutes on that. To give my arms a bit of a session I will probably jump on the rowing machine as I have found this really helps me work my knee too. After that I will jump on the bike, before finishing off on the treadmill for a cool down. This session will definitely be a cardio session.

Day 2
Day 2 will be later on in the week and will be similar to day 1 but if I can actually get on the stepper I will incorporate this into the routine to add a bit of variation into the day. I will definitely be upping the times on the bike and the rowing machine on this day too as I really want to start moving my knee so it doesn't cause me as many issues as it has been doing lately.

Day 3
This will be on a Sunday morning when the gym is a bit quieter, I found in the past that this is the best time for using the weight machines as it is so quiet there is no waiting around. This will be the day where I work on really strengthening my knee on the leg machines as well as doing my upper body whilst I can get on the machines, I would love to be able to do at least 3 pull ups by the end of this year but I better start slowly. 

I know this possibly isn't the best way to get the most out of the gym but I am slowly trying to build up my confidence to try new machines but I know that confidence wont come until I can trust my knee. I am hopefully going to do small home workouts on the days I don't go to the gym so I can work on my abs etc from the comfort of my own home.

What are your favourite machines at the gym?

See you soon

Current TBR Pile

I used to absolutely love reading, I could get through a book so easily and would often take numerous books on holiday with me. But when I left school my reading massively declined as I spent more time on YouTube or playing games. I still buy books though, in fact I probably buy far too many for what I actually get through and my to be read pile is forever growing. 

To try get me reading more I set up a Goodreads account and set myself a challenge at the start of the year. This year I want to read a grand total of 20 books, so far we are coming towards the end of February and I have read a great total of 1 so I need to get a move on and get reading more often. Here are 5 of the books I am hoping to finish as soon as possible...

Bill Clinton & Jame Patterson - The President Is Missing
I don't know what it is about this book but for ages I would walk past it in the supermarket or Waterstones and would be really tempted to buy it. Then one day Liam treated me to it and it has sat on my book shelf ever since. I haven't read a James Patterson book before but I have heard good things about them so lets hope I can really get into it.

Lilly Singh - How To Be A Bawse 
I have loved Lilly's YouTube videos for years now so I had to buy her book (even better it was a signed copy I got) but again I haven't got around to reading it just yet. The book features stories from Lilly's own life to help teach you how to get the best out of your life, I can definitely see me enjoying this one.

Sean Fay Wolfe - The Elementia Chronicles Book One : Quest For Justice
Anyone who knows me will know how much I like Minecraft, it is a game that I could very easily play for hours and hours. This book is an unofficial fan adventure series from the game so it should be perfect for me. I love watching people's Minecraft adventures on YouTube so I am sure I will love a book about it.

Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl 
This is a find that is down to the Zoella book club and again it has been on the bookshelf for such a long time. It does look like a great read it is just a case of getting around to reading it. I think this could be a book I absolutely power through if it is as good as people have said.

John Green - Looking for Alaska
I loved Fault in our stars, in fact I have watched the film far too many times and read the book once. When I was going through the John Green phase I bought so many of his books that have once again just sat on the bookshelf. I think it might be an aim this year to get through all the John Green books as they are such easy reads.

I am trying to create a new routine for bedtime where instead of laying in bed scrolling through Instagram for hours I will pick up my book and have a read instead. Let's hope that works out and I can now power on through my reading and enjoy it as much as I used to. 

See you soon,

Weekly Round Up 2020 #7

The storms have really helped me out quite a bit, I seem to be getting more done and actually just seem to have more hours in the day. So here is how my week went...

The storm was still going on Monday and it was still driving me mad. After work we headed to Tesco to try pick up some nice healthy food (I think about half worked out health) then it was home for Liam to make my favourite Chili. Whilst we ate we actually sat and watched another episode of The Witcher, it was nice just sitting and watching something together for a change. 

We woke up to it snowing on Tuesday morning which wasn't convenient as we were due to go watch the football that night. Luckily during the day the weather kept easing off so the game went ahead. I don't know if we were committed or just plain stupid but we went and it was freezing, it even started snowing whilst we was there. It definitely took a while to warm up once I got home.

Wednesday was a nice chilled night once I got home from work it was a case of just going and sitting at my PC watching YouTube, I am trying to get out of the old habit of coming home from work and getting into bed watching YouTube on my laptop. Instead I now just sit at my PC and it is doing me so much good as I no longer want to go to sleep at 8pm.  

Thursday after work Liam announced he needed petrol so he picked me up, we went to the petrol station and then headed for a McDonald's. I tried their sticky and sweet chicken burger and it was actually really nice. We took our food home to eat so we sat down to eat whilst watching the Liverpool women vs Arsenal women game on TV. 

Ah Valentines day, me and Liam have never celebrated it so it was just a typical Friday for us. I went to see the nephew for an hour after work and then went for my hair cutting. I have now decided I am going to try grow the top out so it is actually getting pretty long. Then it was back home to watch plenty of YouTube. 

Saturday was a day spent inside hiding from the storm which really benefited us. We got the kitchen cleaned and finally got the games room back to how it should be, I can finally get on the consoles & sit on the sofa bed. It was great managing to get some gaming time in so thank you storm Dennis. 

Again thank you storm Dennis, these storms are really helping me in terms of my productivity. Sunday was a day sat at my desk getting plenty of blogging done for all 3 of my blogs. My to do lists have been absolutely powered through and content is ready to go. I even managed to jump on the Xbox for a bit too.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  Me and Liam watched another episode of The Witcher which I am loving. I also watched plenty of YouTube during the week.

Reading: I finally finished my Hope Solo book, it really was a great read (I will be doing a review on Edge of the Area soon) , now I just need to find my next book to read. 

Listening to: JLS announced their comeback so guess what... they ended up on repeat with a bit of Tegan and Sara thrown into the mix. 

This week I want to carry on getting the house back to how it was before we started the bathroom and spare room work, it is slowly getting there. I am also hoping that the weather improves so that I can get out and get some content shot for future blog posts as I have some ideas in mind. Fingers crossed we can get to the gym too. 

See you soon

Kind of a Style Evolution

Over the years my style has definitely changed and for the most part it has changed for the better, lazy days in the summer are still usually spent in a football shirt, shorts and slides but for the most part it has improved. Over the years I have struggled as I have put a lot of weight on and have generally been unhappy with how I looked so I started to get lazy with what I was wearing, I would throw anything on, it wouldn't fit and it just wouldn't suit my body shape. But then I look back at pictures of when I was younger  & slimmer and I wonder who actually let me out of the house looking like I did. I have never been a girly girl which you will definitely see throughout this post but my style has definitely been questionable over the years.

This picture was taken on holiday in Norfolk in around 2008 when someone for some reason allowed me to buy a slingshot. But the better question is who let me go out in this. Flip flops for a start are something I avoid these days, I just could never find a pair that fit me comfortably now I only go for slides as they fit much better and even last longer. Then we have the board shorts that back then I was totally obsessed with, I had so many pairs of these but these purple checked ones seemed to be my favourites. Then we have the bright pink t-shirt with an urban print on it in multiple colours and a black baseball cap. I don't know what I was thinking when I was putting this outfit on that morning. 

2009 was my Uncles 40th birthday and just look what I turned up in, everyone else was really nicely dressed and looked really smart. I rocked up in a V-Neck Henley's jumper (I spent so much on that brand), a pair of baggy jeans and some Nike hi-tops. Back in 2009 I probably thought this was the coolest outfit I owned but looking back now I could really have made more of an effort like everyone else, don't get me wrong this outfit isn't terrible I could have just done better. 

Remember Voi Jeans? Well my wardrobe was absolutely full of it and this outfit was made up of a cream Voi cardigan, grey baggy Voi jeans and a backward purple snap-back. Again nothing went together at all and why did I ever think a cream cardigan was a good idea? As for the backwards snap-back the less said on that the better. I remember constantly wearing these jeans I really thought they were the best. 

Oh look the same holiday and that same snap-back but this time the right way around. This time paired up with some yellow sunglasses, a blue Adidas polo shirt and my favourite white and gold Adidas watch, I loved that thing. Now doubt I had those grey Voi jeans on too. So many colours once again why did none pick up on this? Clearly looking back I thought this was a great look when in reality what a chav I looked. Although I do still own that watch, I just need to get it working again.  

Clearly I was trying to go for the smart casual look with this one on a trip to see the 2012 Olympic gold post boxes. A smart Original Penguin shirt with a hoodie over the top, some black and white Nike trainers along with some jeans that clearly didn't fit me right. I even had the top button of the shirt fastened which I seemed to do quite often. 

That stupid snap-back again why did I keep hold of it for so long? I actually think I went to college like this which just makes it worse. Baggy jeans once again but this time once again with a green checked shirt with a hood on with a hoodie on over the top. Why did I need 2 hoods who knows, because I probably had a coat on too. 

By 2015 my style had slowly started to get better I had started wearing the skinny jeans by then and felt so much better in them, but I also started layering kind of better. I was definitely going through a band t-shirt phase too and I definitely think this is one of my better outfits. 

Another 2015 image where I am layering and this time it is a band t-shirt and a denim shirt. I definitely started getting into the denim through that year and I had a couple in my wardrobe all in different styles. I was definitely trying to smarten myself up a bit and it has only really gone up since that year. 

I still need to work on my summer wear though as you can see when I went to Disney a few years ago, bright pink shorts and a black band t-shirt not again thank you, I need a plain t-shirt with these shorts. Summer is a time I really struggle with as I just can't find any shorts that fit and suit me but this year I am determined to get something that I really like and am comfortable in for a change. I aren't going to to be living in football shorts this year. 

I now also often find myself looking for up coming brands and even the street-wear style ones. I try to purchase items that will go with things I already own instead of buying something then having to buy even more just to create an outfit. Primark is always going to be a shop I am drawn to but it is time to only buy if it fits the look I am trying to go for. 

Looking to the future I am now learning how to style pieces together and make them work from clothing to accessories and even footwear. Hopefully as I grow older and start experimenting with my style more I am hoping I can finally find my perfect style. Keep an eye on the blog to see how my style starts to really become my own.

See you soon

Fitness Update For January 2020

January was a totally fresh start for me, I was determined to start the year with a positive mindset & the mindset that I was going to lose weight this year. Last year was meant to be the year I lost it and really got into the routine but it just never really took off. I knew something had to chance at the beginning of this year if I finally wanted to make a change and find get that body I want.

So to do this on a trip to town with my mum I ended up picking up a weight loss chart which is now pride of place on the side of the fridge and guess what this motivation seems to be working so far as I look forward to sticking another star each week or just working towards gaining that star.

I don't weigh myself as much as I did last year just once a week but if I am feeling a bit off track I will do a midweek weigh in just to see how things are going and if I need to make any changes. This is a lot better than when I would constantly want to weigh myself as it means if I haven't weighed myself during that week seeing the scales go down is a great surprise.

Unfortunately thanks to me being unwell throughout January we were unable to get into the gym which means my weight loss is even more surprising, I have surprisingly hated not working out but it has given my body time to recover so now I am ready to go again. I am actually hoping to work on my own plan for working out in the gym such as what exercises to do as well as setting up an at home workout plan for those days I can't get to the gym.

One of the biggest changes I have definitely made is with the food I am eating. My snacking has really gone down, I aren't bothered about having all those bags of chocolate I used to and instead if I do want a snack I just have a few chocolate raisins or grapes which is better than a giant bag of chocolate buttons I would used to have just a few weeks ago. We have even made a few recipes out of cook books too which has made me step out of my comfort zone and actually try new food for a change. I would have just eaten junk food or the same food over and over again but now I am more than willing to try new things. My favourite thing at the moment is sitting and looking the Pinch of Nom cook book to see what we will be having next. One thing I really want to do though is try to incorporate more fruit and beg into my diet, I don't like much fruit or veg but I think if I give them a try over and over maybe I will start liking them meaning I can eat a lot more of a variation for our meal times. 

I have decided that along with my reward chart as soon as I reach those stone marks I will be treating myself to some rewards that I am currently working out ( I have a few ideas but am struggling on others) hopefully knowing that I have a treat in sight will help me keep on track and reach those goals. I know once I reach my target weight my reward is going to be a big one that I have wanted for a while. 

So here is how the weight loss went for January:

Begining of January weight : 16 stone 2 & 3/4lbs
End of January weight : 15 stone 12 & 3/4 lbs

Total loss 4lb.

I am quite proud of myself for managing to lose this much weight without being in the gym. But here is what I am aiming for in February

It is time to hold myself accountable and finally get this process moving. I am glad I am slowly losing weight as I have heard if you lose it slower the harder it is to put back on.

Overall 2020 loss so far : 4 lbs.

See you soon

Weekly Round Up 2020 #6

It has definitely been a mixed week, the weather has been all over the place, we had a day off & we have had some productive nights. It is great getting the most out of our nights instead of doing nothing. So here is how the week went...

Me and Liam both had the day off on Monday seen as it was the Super Bowl on Sunday. It wasn't a day of relaxing though as we had the carpet fitter round nice and early to finally get the carpet in the spare room. Once he had gone it was a case of building the furniture and moving things into the room. It is coming together so well and I can't wait for it to be fully completed.

Back to work, woke up to snow but still ended up at the grandparents after work. It was great going to theirs as I felt like I hadn't been for a while. Once I had done at theirs it was back home to just relax and get back to the PC because I can finally get back to my desk now.  

On Wednesday after work I ended up dragging Liam to Jysk for us to get a chair for dressing room and we found a great one. Once we had finished at Jysk we headed off to Tesco to do our food shop since we didn't go on Monday. 

After work Thursday it was a trip to Frankie & Benny's to celebrate my sisters birthday. It was a brilliant meal and my nephew definitely kept us entertained, he really is a little character. By the time we got home I just felt like relaxing so I got into bed and watched some YouTube on the laptop. 

An nice early finish from work meant I got to do my usual of going and spending an hour with my nephew before my sister went cheerleading, again he was on top form and provided plenty of laughs even if he did steal my food. Then it was home for a little tidy up.

Liam was working Saturday so I spent the morning catching up with Hollyoaks and getting some blogging done. Then it was a trip to the football which was possibly one of the better games I have seen this season. Once we got home I ended up spending some more time on my PC before reading a bit more of my book. 

The storm had fully hit so we didn't move out of the house. Instead I was sat in front of my PC all day getting blog things done for a change, it is so good having a clear inbox for once and content planned out.  It was great just having a nice productive day in and I have actually got plenty of things planned out for a change.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  I finally got caught back up on Hollyoaks but I have watched a lot of YouTube but more specifically Alex Costa.  

Reading: I finally managed to get 2 more chapters of my Hope Solo book done. 

Listening to: For some reason I fell down the Jonas Brothers rabbit hole, my Spotify has been filled with them.

This week I want to finish off the last few bits in the spare room, I really need to find a blind for the window. I also want to continue working on bits for this blog and get some images for future posts. I also want to try get some bits done for the Edge of the Area blog as we have a trip to Scotland planned where we will be heading to a football event, I would love some bits to take up their with us with the blogs logo and details on. It is time to get more organised instead of leaving things until the last minute.

See you soon

My Favourite Instagram Fashion Accounts

Instagram is an app that over the years I have fallen in and out of love with however, over the past few months I have been loving it more and more. In fact it is now one of the first apps I check in a morning and the last one I check on a night, whether it is scrolling through my feed, uploading to my own grid or watching others stories from other accounts I have even started uploading to my own stories as much as I can lately. As I say I am enjoying the app even more and I have come across some great accounts which post a variety of content. I find myself watching all the stories these accounts post and check the account's grids to make sure I aren't missing out on any new posts (Instagram please stop hiding posts).  So here are my favourite Instagram fashion accounts...

Kitty's account is one of my favourites by far. Not only does she have great style she also posts plenty of sneakers (trainers) so it is perfect for me. Her stories are great too as you could get anything whether it is fashion, food or an event she is at that day. That is only one of the best parts about Kitty's account though as she also engages with those that follow her. If you comment you get a response, even if you respond to a story you get a response, with so many other accounts over 10K you can often feel ignored, but not with this account. If you like sneakers & fashion this is definitely the account for you.

Jess is a Yorkshire blogger & YouTuber who has an absolutely fantastic Instagram account, so what is not to love about it. Her style is definitely a lot different to anything I would ever wear but I think that is a reason why I love her account so much, it is different to anything else I follow, that means her uploads stand out on my feed to and stop me scrolling straight past. Jess is another who interact too whether it is by a comment or a message response. This is another account where I watch all the stories, some of my favourites have to be when Jess has been to a concert as she has great taste in music. 

On to the men's fashion now and first up we have Iwan aka Mr Carrington. Iwan's account is one I have followed for a long time and has been a favourite for just as long. His style is absolutely fantastic and unlike some Instagram accounts the clothing he tags is actually affordable as he wears the likes of Primark, Burton & Zara. Iwan has actually influenced quite a few items I have picked up in the past and gives me a bit of inspiration for when I go shopping. His stories can be brilliant and I watch them daily. Not only does Iwan have a brilliant Instagram but he also has a fantastic YouTube where I watch plenty of his videos.  

Joel is another account I follow on both Instagram & YouTube. His style is definitely out there but works so well. I especially love his streetwear style outfits I just wish I had the confidence to pull off some of my favourite looks of his. Joel's style can definitely be a bit more on the expensive side at times but it is great to see those options on my feed at times plus it isn't always expensive items, there can be a nice mixture.  

Jack's account is one I believe I came across last year & it instantly became a favourite. He is a fashion and lifestyle account and his style is brilliant. It really gives you inspiration for those casual days where you just want to make a little more effort and look a lot smarter. Again the account is one that features affordable clothing too so there is something for everyone. I know I always end up looking at the tags & often head over to those accounts to see if there is anything else that catches my eye. His shots are brilliant too and always look so good, it makes me actually want to go out and take some pictures for my own blog & Instagram, I just end up backing out. 

Luke is an account I discovered thanks to Iwan (mrcarrington) they are also heading out to shoot content together and filming YouTube videos. Luke's Instagram is a favourite as again the outfits he posts are definitely affordable and stylish. With him working with brands such as River Island & Primark some of the items he posts are really easy to find on the high street so you can pick up the items yourself. Not only does he do fashion posts though he also has food, lifestyle & interiors on his account. His recent bedroom makeover looks fantastic. An added bonus for Luke's Insta is all the Luke & Zara content you get on stories, him & his flatmate are absolutely brilliant together.

Another Jack on the list and another fantastic account. Jack recently moved to Norway and his content to me seems to have got even better. The Norwegian backdrops just add something different to his account and I love it. the account is full of fashion, lifestyle and the added bonus of fitness posts, so there is something for everyone. Jack's style is nice and casual too and you can get some great brand recommendations just by scrolling down his feed.

If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can head over and see my account here. If you are looking for new accounts to follow I would definitely recommend give all the accounts above a follow as they all post something different due to their different styles so you will have plenty of variety on your feed.

See you soon