My Overall Favourite Things Of 2020

 2020 really didn't go to plan for anything really did it? Holiday's and events were cancelled, jobs were lost lost for many and most of the year was spent with us all stuck indoors. I spent most of my 2020 on furlough from my job and stuck indoors with not a lot too do other than blogging which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Even though most of the year was spent indoors have certainly had some favourite discoveries throughout the year and here are my overall 2020 favourites.... 



Of course tracksuits are on the list as they are what I wore for most of my year. Whether I was sat at my desk for the day blogging or going on a walk I had a tracksuit on. What really surprised me is how much I enjoyed wearing a full tracksuit as normally I would just mix and match items instead of wearing the matching pieces, I think 2021 might be a year I buy even more. 

Air Force 1's 

When things got back to a little bit of a normality I treated myself to a pair of white Nike Air Force 1's as I had wanted a pair for a while and WOW am I glad that I made the purchase. Since I purchased these it has been rare that I would be spotted in anything other than these as they are just so comfortable and go with everything I own. They are beat up now so another pair is on the cards in the near future.

Football shirts 

I think by now you all know how much I love a good football shirt but during 2020 I fell in love with them even more as I was wearing them most day as they were nice and comfortable whilst lounging around and also nice and cool for the nice weather we had during the year. Not only did I enjoy wearing them but I also purchased a few new shirts during the year and a lot of really nice ones were released that I want to purchase. 


Getting ahead of myself

This might seem like a bit of a strange one but something that has been a favourite of mine all year has been logging into my blog dashboard and seeing content written and ready to post as this is the first time I have actually got content scheduled and not frantically trying to get things done the night before. It has made a huge difference and I have been really enjoying the content I have created due to this. 


Blogging is the thing that kept me going through 2020 so of course it is a favourite. When we were fully locked down I turned my focus to blogging and creating content I usually wouldn't have time for and I loved it. The year definitely helped me fall back in love with this blog and my gaming one and I can't wait to keep adding to each site and see where 2021 takes it. 


I started saving for a Macbook in January and ended up finally getting one in August and I am so glad I purchased it. The Macbook is an amazing device and is so much better than my previous laptop meaning I have been able to do a lot more on the go. It has been great for increasing my productivity and is definitely going to help me a whole lot more in the next year or so with some things I am working on. 


Games Room

I think I spent 90% of 2020 in the games room so it is definitely on this favourites list. I have managed to get jobs done in here and change things around a bit so it is almost perfect. I have been in there blogging and gaming away and honestly without this room I might have gone a little insane during the period of being stuck in the house as there is plenty to do in here and it is certainly my favourite room to sit in for hours on end.  

Back garden

Our back garden went from overgrown weeds and just a muddy mess to a really nice place just to sit and relax. We have our decking, some lovely furniture thanks to my auntie & uncle and now some gorgeous artificial grass. It is so nice to look out into the back garden and see something nice that we can enjoy instead of a wasted space. Unfortunately as it was done towards the end of the nice weather we haven't been able to enjoy it as much as we would have liked but roll on 2021. 

Health & fitness

Home workouts  

I got really into my exercising throughout 2020 as I embarked on my weight loss journey but one thing that I surprisingly enjoyed was home workouts. I got right into getting up on a morning working out and starting the day in a great mood. I didn't realise just how many great home workout videos there were on YouTube and I enjoyed them that much I actually cancelled my gym membership. 

Exercise bike 

One of my best purchases for 2020 was certainly my exercise bike as I am exercising at points I never thought I would. I simply drag the bike into the living room and cycle away whilst watching TV (usually the football) by the time you know it you have got an hours worth of exercise under your belt and feel great. It is rare that I am sat around doing nothing these days and I love it. 

Feeling more confident 

Thanks to me working out and losing a bit of weight I have become so much more confident than before. I used to avoid putting pictures of me on social media but now I can't stop. It is amazing how a few mental changes can help you out so much and to be honest my confidence is only growing which is fantastic. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from 2020. What are your favourites from the strange year that was 2020?

December 2020 New In

Well I said I wasn't going to spend much out of my November wage with being just around the corner but that didn't work out at all thanks to Black Friday and me just generally finding things I wanted to purchase. Although it seems like I have purchased a lot I have actually managed to save quite a bit too. So here is what I treated myself to...

Curry's Black Friday deals weren't that great this year but I did pick up a Dolce Gusto machine so I can now have as many hot chocolates as I like. This was an absolute bargain as it was only £28.

To go with my new Dolce Gusto machine I picked up some hot chocolate pods from B&M, the Mars ones were fantastic but I do still need to try the others. These we all around the £3-£4 mark so not too bad to say what they actually are. 

I am trying to cut back on some of my snacks as they have been really bad for me lately. I have become obsessed with these skinny bars from B&M and for £1.50 you can't go wrong, they fill me up and taste really nice. 

I decided I wanted to treat us to some new glasses so I ended up getting these ones, wine glasses, flute glasses and a few other kinds. I was just sick of ours as they were cheap and a lot had chipped or cracked really easily due to how cheap they were. These feel like pretty good quality though so let's hope they last a while. 

With Christmas approaching I decided to treat myself to some beers on a recent lunch time trip to Tesco. The Jaipur is by far one of my favourites so I picked up 2 cans of that and decided to pick up 2 cans I have never tried before. 

On a recent trip to one of our local markets I found a stall with a few PS2 games for £1 each and I certainly weren't leaving these behind at that price. I love the Crash games so these were a bargain for me and I used to love the Harry Potter games too. The Wolverine one is something I have never played before so I look forward to trying that. 

I also picked up two new Skulduggery Pleasant books as these were my favourite growing up and I need to complete my collection of the books as so many new ones have been brought out recently. With these being 2 for £5 they are a bargain. 

I won a £100 voucher for BoohooMan at the end of November so I have treated myself to a few new bits from there. They had this really nice bleached flannel shirt so I decided to pick it up in a large as a goal shirt as I thought it might be a bit tight fitting however, it is the perfect fit so I can't wait to get wearing this. 

I also picked up this tracksuit that is made up of a hoodie and shorts. I love the colour of this set as it is totally different to anything I would usually purchase. This is going to be perfect for those days lounging around the house and I can definitely see me getting my money worth. This will be getting worn for plenty of blogging days and gaming days. 

The final thing that I bought from BoohooMan was this wolf print t-shirt which fits nice too. I was lacking on t-shirts that actually fit me right and this also goes really well with my new shirt too so it is going to be great for layering. 

In H&M I was never intending to buy any socks but as soon as I saw the Spongebob Christmas tree ones I knew I wanted them, then I saw the Pikachu ones so I thought I may as well make the most out of the 3 for 2 offer they had on and got some Squidward ones too. I am just trying to stop wearing Nike socks daily. 

H&M also had this long sleeved Playstation t-shirt in the sale for just £7 so I wasn't leaving that behind. I love PlayStation and my wardrobe is lacking in long sleeved t-shirts that fit so this is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I am already really looking forward to styling this. 

Liam had me watching Gremlins throughout the month and I fell in love with it so I ended up buying this Gremlins Christmas jumper from Primark as soon as I saw it. It is a really nice fit and is actually really comfortable and not itchy at all. I am hoping this still looks good for Christmas 2020 too. 

I had seen the MyProtein Velocity 1/4 zip top all over my Instagram and I loved the look of it so I ended up picking one up for myself. This will be great if I go on walks or on trips to watch the football as well as working out on those cold days as it is really comfortable and fits really nice. 

Whilst on the MyProtein site I also got myself a new t-shirt as I fancied trying something other than GymShark for working out in. This fits really nicely and I can see me enjoying working out in this plus they aren't that expensive if I do like it too so who knows more maybe being purchased in the near future. 

Finally towards the end of the Gymshark Black Friday sale they hid codes on the site with extra discounts. I ended up finding one of the codes so I treated myself to this windbreaker I had been looking at for a while. This came to just £25 after the discounts so it is a real steal, I haven't worn any other coats since I got this as I love it that much. 

So there you have it that is what I picked up in December 2020, it was definitely a spendy month when it was never intended. What's your favourite on this list?

The Final Weekly Round Up


Well it is finally here the final weekly round up of the year and for the near future of the blog. I have a post coming up in the next few days with the changes that will be happening on the blog in the near future but for not here is how Christmas week went for me....


On Monday I had a very lazy morning just enjoying my first day off from work. I then ended up nipping to the shops to pick a few bits up before we went to do our big food shop. It was then a case of coming home unpacking the shopping and I ended up watching plenty of YouTube. 


On Tuesday I ended up nipping into town for a few last minute bits and once again ended up coming home with way more than I actually needed, in fact Liam finds it hilarious some of the bits I picked up. Then I decided to just have a nice relaxed night for a change and just watched TV and switched off for the night. 


Wednesday was a fun day as I went to see my nephew for a bit after waiting in for some parcels. We watched Frozen 2, played with the face paints and just had fun. Then once I got home I just ended up doing a few blog bits before settling down to watch some YouTube. 


 Thursday was Christmas eve and Liam was working for most of the day so I had a bit of a lazy morning before I got up and did some jobs around the house before he got home. Then it was a case of getting a takeaway and settling down for the night. 


 Friday was Christmas day and to be honest it was a later start than I expected. Me and Liam opened up our presents and had a really nice breakfast together then it was off to see my family for me. I spent the day down at my sisters and it was great as you could see how much my nephew was enjoying the day too. I didn't get home until pretty late so once I was home I was in bed. 


Saturday was boxing day and me and Liam just ended up having a pretty chilled day, we did a bit of tidying up and then ended up just doing our own thing for the day. We spent most of the day in the games room with him playing on his PC and me watching YouTube. 


On Sunday we had another day of cleaning up and got most of our Christmas gifts sorted out but we still have a fair bit of tidying to do, we didn't do it all in one go though as we both have plenty of time off to get it done. We then just had another relaxed afternoon of playing games and catching up on YouTube and doing a few bits for the blog. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  I haven't actually watched much other than the football and YouTube. 

Reading: It has been too busy to read lately but I want to make it a new year resolution to read more.    
Listening to:   I just can't get enough of Taylor Swift at the moment. 

So that is it that is the end of the weekly round up posts. I can't wait for you to see the content I have planned for 2021. 

See you soon

Merry Christmas Everyone


Merry Christmas everyone. 

Just a quick post to say have a great day whatever you are getting up to. I know things aren't going to be the same thanks to the strange year 2020 was but make the most of whatever you are doing, relax and just enjoy the day as much as you can. This year has been a challenge and we don't know when normality will return but we have made it so far. 

Thanks for all the support on here and social media, my love for blogging has definitely returned this year and I am excited for what is still to come. 

2020 Fitness round up


Whilst 2020 was a very strange year in most ways it has been a year where I have really been able tackle and focus on one thing I have wanted to for a while... my weight loss and fitness journey. 2020 has been the year where I have managed to really focus in my journey along with being able sit back and evaluate what is working for me and what isn't, which has been great. 

One thing I was worried about in January when I started working out was how I was going to keep it up and fit workouts in whilst also working full time. I guess going into lockdown was definitely a positive for me as I worked out more or less daily thanks to being all out of routine which was fantastic as I started to see a lot of changes in my body, my fitness and my mental state. I honestly think that working out actually got me through the lockdown we were put in as it was my focus. I even managed to go walking more in 2020 which is funny as in 2019 if you would have asked if I wanted to go for a walk I would have laughed and told you no chance but with how things changed I loved just heading out for a walk and I would often do 5k which was great as it gave me the chance to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I think this is definitely something I want to carry on doing through 2021 and maybe try different routes. 

What I didn't expect to do whilst on my journey was cancel my gym membership, to some it may seem crazy to do that but for me the gym just wasn't working out so I got some weights, resistance bands and an exercise bike and now all my workouts are done from the comfort of my own home and it is fantastic as it definitely makes sure I get my workouts in. It also helped me save a little more money over the year too which is definitely an added bonus. 

I won a months worth of online training with a personal trainer which definitely taught me a lot and I saw some great results from this but due to the cost it wasn't something I could continue with so I ended up creating my own little challenges which I will be doing into 2021. One big challenge I did for myself was a 90 day challenge which went well and I stuck to some parts of it really well but I didn't get the results I wanted so I have restarted this to finish in February, no doubt I will end up doing this at another stage too as it is great and helps me get in the correct mindset. Documenting my journey has definitely helped me out a lot too as it has held me accountable and I think that is what has helped me do as well as I have done. 

In January I was an XL in menswear and a size 20 in women's clothing but by mid year that had changed and I was in large in menswear and an 18 in women's clothing which has been fantastic. In the summer I tried on a pair of shorts I bought in 2019 that were a size 22 however, when I put them on they fell straight down which was a big surprise but the bigger surprise was when my size 20's did the same so to fit in an 18 was absolutely amazing. With my clothing size changing it definitely helped my confidence boost which is something that I have wanted to happen for so long as my confidence was at an all time low. 

In terms of food I have had a much better relationship with food and have cut back on portion sizes and started eating a lot better. I have had less takeaway and honestly I have felt better than ever for it as just eating better has helped me clear up my skin, sort out health issues and also just get me feeling happier without all the junk food going into my body all the time like it used to. I actually ended up having 1 vegan meal a day for a few months and I noticed a huge difference on the scales, in my measurements and my stomach issue. Having at least 1 vegan/vegetarian  meal a day is something I want to carry into 2021 too as it helped me try new foods and certainly benefited me in a great way, I think I could actually go a full year doing this if I really put my mind to it and could find some great new meal ideas. 

I wont be putting my finally measurements and weight in this post as I have a December round up post coming in January where I will be going over my final stats for how the year started and ending, I am really looking forward to seeing that as I definitely think I have made progress and in my mind I now know exactly how I want progress next year. 2020 being as weird as it has definitely worked in my favour for this journey and I am proud of how well I have done over the course of the 12 months and I only hope to keep building on this so bring on 2021 and lets hope I see even more results and progress. 

Weekly Round Up #47


Well the week that holds Christmas day has arrived and although it certainly wont be the same this year I am quite looking forward to it. I have finished work for the year now and am looking forward to relaxing and just enjoying my time off. Here is how last week went... 


On Monday I was in the office followed by our usual shopping trip to Asda which was surprisingly quiet. Once I got back I ended up going to play some games but thanks to them needing updates I stuck to watching YouTube instead.


On Tuesday I had the day off to spend it with my nephew and it was great. It was followed with a trip to the toy shop to pick up some last minute gifts before heading back for a cheeky Burger King. Then it was straight to be thanks to a busy day. 

On Wednesday it was back to the office for me but I was actually in on my own for the day. To say I was in on my own the day went surprisingly fast and before I knew it I was home. Liam ended up with an early finish too so it was great to have an extra couple of hours with him. 


Thursday was another day with my nephew and it was fantastic. I ended up with my face painted we watched some of his favourite shows and just had a generally great day. Again though I was so tired by the time I got home I ended up going straight to bed. 


Friday was my final day of the year in the office and 4pm arrived sooner than I thought it would. To kick start my Christmas break I ended up just having a very relaxed night. 


Saturday was a quick trip into town before heading home to spend the rest of the day with Liam. It was nice to have the day with him even if we did spend most of it cleaning and watching the football.


On Sunday we both decided a nice chilled day was in order so we spent the day playing games, watching football and watching films, it was a nice change of pace and we definitely need to do it more often. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: We watched a few films, some football and a lot of YouTube which was a nice mix. 

Reading:  Once again I didn't get around to doing any reading. 
Listening to:  I spent most of the week listening to Christmas music. 

This week I want to finish off my last few blog bits for the year so the Christmas eve and day are just spent away from the PC enjoying myself. Liam finishes work on Christmas eve so I am hoping to have things done by then so that the days he has off we can just spend together. It should definitely be a great week. 

See you soon

Having A Clothing Budget

Throughout 2020 I have definitely got better with my money and seem to have managed to control what I spend my money on instead of wasting far too much each month. But I want to try up my game a bit more and be even better with my money so I can put more money into each of my savings each month. One way I plan on doing this is by giving myself a monthly clothing budget as this is definitely an area where I spend far too much money on things I don't actually need. 

I am sick of wasting money on things that just don't get worn as I have impulse bought them with no intention of actually wearing them. This is the case with most t-shirts I buy as I like the game they refer to so I pick them up then I don't wear them as I go off the printed merchandise. I do this far more than I would like to admit but I really need to stop as it is just throwing my money away. 

The amount of clothing I have with tags still on that don't even fit me is actually ridiculous or clothes with tags on as I forgot I had them is also a common occurrence.  This is because say Primark has a sale on I will pick an item up just because it is cheap and then I just throw it in the bottom of the wardrobe and forget about it. I would love to wear everything I buy but thanks to me buying so many items just for the sake of it I don't get the chance, especially with me losing weight nothing seems to last two minutes these days. I honestly think it is a case of I can't go shopping without picking something up so new clothing is an easy option as you can find some bargains for clothes. 

My wardrobe is shared with Liam and I have far too many items in there compared to him so he barely has space for his own bits which I am feeling guilty about these days. There is also the case of the rail literally bending every time something new is added to it so before long if I carry on shopping as I am the wardrobe will definitely end up breaking.

So here is the plan for from now on to stop the waste and save me some more money... 

Cut back on the shopping trips

I have found with the lock down's in 2020 that I don't need to go shopping as much as we used to. Previously we would go shopping basically every weekend and some nights after work, we definitely don't need to do this anymore and I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise this. Instead of shopping I will spend my time going to watch the football (when we can do) and playing the games we own for our video game consoles. This means I am getting through my backlog of games and not wasting money on games I don't play thanks to going shopping all the time. It will nice spending plenty more time in the house with Liam too without him driving me around all the time.  

Budget of £30 a month

This might still seem like a big budget to some but even if I don't spend this money on the money it was meant for I can always build it up for one big shopping trip when I really do need more clothing either due to my weight loss or just general wear and tear. The budget will be a lot less than I spend now and it is going to be nice to have that money building up ready for a big trip when I need it. 

Shop my wardrobe

If I am out and see something I like I am going to leave that item behind and try find something similar in my wardrobe back at home. I buy myself far too many items that I practically own already as they are so similar so by doing this I can stop having so many of the same items. 

Make a list if I do go shopping

If I do go shopping I am going to try make a list before I go so that I am only buying things I need. This way I have a clear goal in mind and aren't buying what I need. If I just have the list on my phone as a tick list I can add to it when I do need something new and then remove things as I do get them so I don't go overboard and end up with more than I need. 

I am really hoping I can stick to this and budget in more other areas (posts on that coming in the near future) so that I can have more money for things I want to do such as jobs in the house or going away. It is time to stop wasting money for the sake of it and actually save and make a better impact on my bank account and I guess on the environment too as I won't have a load of clothes to get rid of when they don't fit or just hung in my wardrobe never being worn.

Do you budget for things such as clothes so that you aren't wasting money? 

My Favourite Jacket Is Actually Something I Never Thought I Would Wear

My go to jacket for so long was a Superdry jacket with far too many zips, I think I wore it for so long due to the amount it cost me. But now I am starting to branch out and alternate my jackets just like I do the rest of my clothing as items are getting neglected and some items go better with each other than with that Superdry jacket 24/7. 

One jacket I am absolutely loving is this Original Penguin bomber jacket. This jacket was originally bought for my dad but he either wasn't too keen or it didn't fit him so I ended up with it. This cost around £30 at the time due to a sale and honestly I think I would have paid even more for it as it is so comfortable and fits in with most of my wardrobe. 

Granted this jacket isn't particularly waterproof so isn't really great for most days here in the UK but for those days where it is quite chilly but dry it is perfect. The material isn't too heavy either so it is great for layering too, which just so happens to be my favourite  

It is nice and plain in design too with just a little bit of colour around the collar lining which makes that area pop a little more. 

I love wearing this jacket open with a printed sweatshirt underneath, a pair of skinny jeans and black converse. The Converse give the outfit and preppy look but for me the bomber jacket also gives the preppy vibe and adds a bit of a vintage kind of look to it too. The jacket is a bit of a navy blue colour and with it being so dark it actually works really well with the rest of the outfit. This is how I wear this jacket 90% of the time and I need more sweatshirts to be able to do this look with. 

 When it is a bit cooler I tend to switch the sweatshirt for a long sleeved t-shirt and it still creates a great look. I am sure a t-shirt would even work under so I may have to try that too. I am so glad my dad ended up giving me this jacket as I know that over the next few years this jacket is certainly going to become a staple piece in my wardrobe. I am sure you will be seeing it plenty of times on my YouTube in the future too. 

Do you own a bomber jacket or something similar how would you style it?

Weekly Round Up #46


We are getting closer and closer to what has been one of the strangest years and to be honest it has surprised me how quick it has gone even though not much has happened. It has been a mixed week but overall a good one so here is what we got up to....


Monday was just the usual day of being in work then going and getting the food shop done at this point it has just become routine. Once I was back I did a quick workout before just crashing out for the night.


Tuesday was another day with my nephew and he was introduced to painting so that was a very fun day. I think we did about 6 activities before 10am as he just couldn't make his mind up on what he wanted to do. Once I got home I finally managed to get caught back up on some YouTube. 

Wednesday I was back in the office but once again the day absolutely flew by. I actually managed to get a few blog bits done for the first time during the week which was great as I am wanting to get plenty done before Christmas so I can just relax between Christmas and new year for a change and enjoy spending time with Liam while he is off work. 


Thursday was another day with the nephew which was great but the day went by far too fast. We went to the park, did plenty of crafting and just generally had a great day. Santa was making his was around our village that night too so we ended up going out and waiting for him although the nephew wasn't too keen. Once I was home it was a night of just relaxing once again. 


Friday I was back in the office but thanks to a nice 4pm finish I was home in no time. I ended up having a gaming night on Friday which was fantastic as I think it was definitely needed. 


On Saturday I was out and about for the day but when I got home I ended up back on the Xbox where I managed to complete yet another game. I really enjoyed playing more games and honestly in 2021 one of my goals is going to be to make more time just to play instead of writing all the time. 


Sunday was an early start as I wanted to get some stuff done before I went to the football. Then my afternoon was spent back at the women's football which was great as I have certainly missed it. Once I was back from the football I did my match report for Edge of the Area then finished off some other blog bits before jumping into another game. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I managed to catch up on YouTube occasionally but to be honest I didn't watch much at all.

Reading:  Once again I didn't end up getting any reading done.
Listening to:   I spent most of my time listening to Taylor Swift as once again she has released a fantastic new album.

This week I want to get plenty more blogging done as I want to be able to just relax over the Christmas period, I don't have too much to do in the run up but I do want to start cracking on with next years content so I am ahead for a change. Most of my Christmas bits are done but there are few bits to finish which I am hoping to do before the end of the week. Other than that I just want to sit and play games again.

See you soon

Winter Essentials Everyone Needs

 Winter is here and the weather is definitely changing. Winter is definitely my 2nd favourite season not too far behind autumn just due to the fact. I love getting layered up and watching the snow fall, when it actually snows properly so I always countdown to that time of year, plus it just so happens to be Christmas in winter too so that is an extra bonus. My wardrobe normally stays the same during the autumn and winter months with not many additions coming in as if it drops colder I will usually just add on another layer. So here are those all important winter essentials...

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is perfect for layering as they look great with a hoodie underneath. These are great for those days when it is cold but dry outside and you want to layer up. I definitely need to pick up a new leather jacket that is going to last me as long as my previous one did as I have so many looks I would love to piece together with a quality leather jacket. 

Thick coat

I have my eyes on a puffer style jacket this year as it is what is seriously missing in my wardrobe. I love putting on a nice thick coat to head to watch the football or go on a winter visit to the seaside which is one of my favourite things to do. I currently have a thick coat from Primark which is fantastic as it keeps me nice and warm however, I do have my eye on a North Face puffer style jacket in the near future. 

Dark Denim Jacket

I love wearing my dark denim jacket in the winter months when it isn't raining as it is perfect for layering. Throw on the denim jacket over a hoodie and you have a perfect look in my option. There are some great options out there but my current one I have had for a few years now and it is still going strong and it only cost £25 from Primark. So you can definitely get a decent denim jacket for a reasonable price. 


You can get hoodies for reasonable prices or you can pay over the odds but at the end of the day a hoodie is perfect for the winter. If you are just lounging around the house you can throw on a hoodie and stay nice and warm throughout the day. If you are going out for the day throw on a hoodie and layer it under a nice denim jacket or coat and you are good to go and won't be feeling the cold. You could have a nice printed hoodie under an open jacket just to add a little bit of a standout element to your outfit or if you wanted something minimalist you could even opt for a nice plain hoodie. Whatever your style there is an option out there for you. 

Flannel Shirt

I honestly think that the reason winter is one of my favourite seasons is because I can practically live in my checked flannel shirts. A checked flannel shirt for me is one of the first items I restock ready for the autumn & winter season as they can create a smart outfit or even a more casual outfit. I love wearing mine open with a plain t-shirt underneath for a casual look on a day to day basis however, if I do need to smarten myself up a bit I would wear it buttoned up with some nice fitting jeans and my Chelsea boots. There are plenty of different colours out there so something to suit everyone's wardrobe. Keep an eye on my Instagram and I am sure you will be seeing plenty of checked shirt looks throughout winter.


Cable Knit Jumper

One thing I usually neglect is a nice smart cable knit jumper, but I won't be doing this year. A cosy knit jumper is perfect for the days where you want to look a bit smarter but still give your outfit a bit of a casual vibe. A cable knit jumper would look great with a smarter coat over the top and a nice scarf you will definitely have a smarter outfit for the winter months. 


If you want something a bit more casual though you could always opt for a sweatshirt. You can get these plain or printed and each one brings something different to an outfit. One of my favourites is currently my Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt as the print just makes the outfit stand out a little bit more as it certainly catches your eye and it looks great under an open denim jacket. If you want something more subtle though you could pick up a plain one and it will just tone your outfit down a little bit. I know that I will certainly be investing in some more sweatshirts for the winter season. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sometimes winter days might not be as cold as you expect so if you are like me you wouldn't want to get layered up then regret it later in the day. That is why I love wearing long sleeved t-shirts in winter, they just add that little bit more warmth than a t-shirt and you can easily throw a jacket over the top of them to stay nice and warm. If you really wanted to though you could layer it and then if you did need to remove those extra layers you would still stay nice and warm. 

Plain T-Shirt

A real winter essential for me is a plain t-shirt, I don't know what it is but if I am layering with hoodies I don't fancy getting my favourite printed t-shirts dirty when no one is going to see them. When I am wearing my shirts open I want something plain so it isn't going to distract from my shirt and keeps the outfit looking a bit smarter. 


I try to stay away from lighter coloured denim in winter just as the darker months seem to bring out my love for darker colours. As the winter months are approaching I always make sure I am stocked up on black, dark grey and dark denim jeans. I always make sure I have a few pairs of each to hand as I live in jeans. I tend to limit the ripped jeans in winter as I don't want to end up getting colder than I need to be so I tend to stick with the skinny/slim fit jeans in the colder months. 


A scarf finishes off most looks and if the right scarf is picked it can make an outfit look a lot smarter than it would be without one. I used to only use football scarves where as now I tend to avoid them and would much rather reach for a nice soft touch cashmere scarf. My current favourite is my Vivienne Westwood one which my auntie and uncle got me a few years ago as it adds a degree of smartness to my outfit and really dresses it up. 


Gloves are certainly an essential for me as my hands are always cold due to me having Raynauds. Every year I get stocked up with plenty of pairs so I am never caught short. My favourite pair recently have been my Under Armour ones which are great but definitely dress down my outfits and make them look a little too sporty. That is why this year I am on the hunt for a nice smarter pair that maybe have touchscreen ability especially if I need to wear them whilst I am at the football making notes for my match report. I would much rather wear gloves than have to try warm my hands up for hours once I get home.

Beanie Hat

I know there are plenty of people out there who will say 'but hat's on't suit me' well if you shop around I am sure you will find the right one for you. I personally love a beanie hat in the winter as due to me having short hair my poor ears get cold too easily. I used to pick up beanies with sports clubs or slogans on them but now I realise the plain and simple ones are so much better as they go with a lot more outfits so the sports ones are now kept for sports events only.


Throughout the warmer months it is all about invisible and trainer socks however, as soon as the weather starts to change I end up picking up my thicker sports socks or some smarter dress style socks. You don't want your feet or ankles getting too cold as it takes ages to warm back up so pick up a thicker pair of socks and you are good to go. Plus in winter you will tend to wear boots and smarter shoes so the fact these go above your ankle will make those shoes feel a bit more comfortable too. 


I tend to pick up my Chelsea boots more than I do my sneakers in the winter as they are just smarter and go with more of my outfits. I will also be opting for some military/combat style boots this winter too just so I can have a few more smarter options as opposed to just Chelsea boots or sneakers. 

White Sneakers  

When I do pick a pair of sneakers in winter 9 times out of 10 I will opt for my plain white sneakers as they give my outfits a bit of a smart casual vibe whilst not making them look too sporty. A good pair of white sneakers will last you for all 4 seasons if you look after them correctly and they are not just a winter essential but a year round essential. 


I have recently add a pair of classic black hi top Converse to my wardrobe and they are treating me very well. They are really easy to style and look great with 90% of my wardrobe for the winter season. They give outfits a bit of a preppy looking whilst also looking a bit smarter than if I was just to trow a pair of sneakers on. Team these up with some skinny jeans, a sweatshirt and a nice jacket and you have a perfect winter outfit combo. 

So there you have it those are the winter essentials everyone should look into owning as they will keep you nice and cosy through the cold months whilst still making your outfit look fantastic. What are your winter essentials? 

November 2020 New In

November has been and gone and honestly I did a lot better with spending than I thought I did which makes a big difference compared to previous months. I think with Christmas coming up I am trying to stop spending as who knows what I am going to receive come Christmas day. The things I have purchased though are mainly things that are going to be really useful or things that I have wanted for a while now. So here is what I purchased throughout November...

Liam had been complaining about the bedding we were currently using so I decided it was time to change that and bought us a fleece duvet set which is far too comfortable and we are currently struggling to get up on a morning thanks to this. It is really comfortable and great value for £28. 

I also got us some new throws for in the living room and they were a bargain from Wilkinson's at just £5 each. Now the weather is changing I wanted something a bit warmer seen as our current throws are really thin. These are so comfortable thanks to them being the teddy material. 

As a bit of a joke I picked up this napkin holder from Poundland just to go on our little treat table we have every year. to be honest I just thought it looked cute. 

I am fed up of having to ask Liam what is for tea each night so I picked up a meal planner for us to stick to the fridge so each  week we know exactly what we are having each day. This should hopefully mean I stay on track weight loss wise and also that there is less food waste. 

We also got a new scale for me to  be able to get correct food weights seen as our last set went missing. These are just from amazon and cost around £10 so they aren't overly expensive and they are going to be really useful. 

Gymshark had their black Friday sale in October so of course I picked up a few new items. I have had my eye on this Glitch t-shirt for a while so when I saw it in the sale it went straight into my cart. It is great too as I needed to size down so this came just at the right time. 

I also picked up a pair of shorts as all my current ones were getting too big for me. These are a lot shorter than I would usually go for too but I think I prefer them, I am sure you will be seeing them on here and Instagram in the future. 

I won a charity auction for this England Lionesses shirt on Twitter for just £25 which is fantastic as I had this shirt missing from my collection but I really wanted it so for me to pick it up and support a great cause at the same time is fantastic. 

When in Asda I came across this Assassins Creed Valhalla t-shirt for just £10 so I picked that up straight away. Asda have some fantastic gaming merchandise in store lately and this was definitely one of my favourites. The best part is I actually did need this t-shirt too as my others are getting big on me now.  

Finally my favourite purchases of the month... the PS5 and Man Eater game. I feel like I have waited far too long for this console but finally it is here and I am loving it so far. I also picked up Man Eater for this console as I have wanted to play this for a while now but was holding off until I got my PS5. 

So there you have it that is what I have picked up during November 2020. What have you picked up in November?