January 2020 Favourites

Most people say January is lasting forever but I feel like I have blinked and I have missed it, thanks to it seeming to go by so fast. It has been quite a busy month and has definitely been a month of changes for me that are paying off brilliantly so here are some of my favourite things from January...

I wrote a post all about the Nike Court Borough mid trainers, which you can read here, these trainers have been a staple piece for me through January as they seem to have become my everyday trainers. Easy to get on & easy to style they have been perfect for me and plenty of occasions. I wear them to work, football matches and even everyday shopping trips, thanks to them being so comfortable they are perfect for the longer days.

Another favourite has to be my Rivici t-shirt, I wore this for the first time on New Years Eve and loved it since then I have worn this plenty more times, even for a family meal out. It is so easy to put an outfit together with the t-shirt and I am so impressed I have been looking at other items from the brand. Keep an eye on the blog as a post all about the t-shirt will be going up very soon.

My new camera is definitely a favourite. I bought this just before the New Year and I am so glad I did. It has really improved the quality of my photos and it is actually helping make me want upload to Instagram each day. Now I just need to get a bag/case to keep the lenses & camera in so I can take them out and about and get some even better shots. 

Another favourite is getting stuff done, this month we have booked 2 trips away, I have done a lot better with keeping the blog & Instagram updated too. This seems to be from a little switch flicking in my head and telling me just to go ahead book the trips away while we can, last year we didn't go away at all as we spent a lot of time working on the house but not this year, we are going out seeing new places. This new mindset has also seems to be really helping me with blogging too, I have so many ideas I am currently working on and the blog is already doing better than last year.

Savings, savings, savings I finally have money in my savings account. Last year I was just going out and buying for the sake of it, I didn't need half the stuff I bought and that shows as clothing still has tags on & games are still un-played. Throughout January I think I have had 1/2 shopping trips and I have only bought items I have wanted for a long time or that are useful additions. I have decided I am going to be a lot more sensible with what my money goes on so I aren't wasting it.

Finally we have got progress with the spare room, in fact by the first week in February I am hoping to have it completed and everything unpacked into it. It is so nice seeing everything come together and taking shape. I can't wait to finally have somewhere to go sit & get ready on a morning. Plus it means I will finally have a full length mirror to check on outfits before I head out. 

Another home favourite is the bathroom, since having this done I can spend a lot more time in there and having a much longer bath has been absolutely fantastic relaxing has never been easier. It just makes the house look a lot nice to me too as it looks nice and fresh. Keep your eye on the blog to see a completed bathroom post. 

Health & Fitness
My number 1 favourite for this category has to be my Apple watch, the activity watch face has been absolutely fantastic and has really helped keep me motivated to reach those goals. The watch has become an everyday accessory for me and I love it. 

My weight loss is another big favourite, I have made some small changes to my diet and my routine & things are really paying off. For this month I have lost  4lb which may not seem a lot but is definitely a great start for my journey. I have managed to do this without heading to the gym but now we are planning to go start again (now we are both feeling better) I can't wait to see what progress I can make.

See you soon

Trying A Different Style Of Trainers

My trainer (sneaker) collection is forever growing, so much so I am actually trying to find some better storage solutions for them all so they don't just look a mess at the end of the hallway. One thing I have noticed is my choice in trainers is slowly changing once again. I have gone from Converse & Vans all the time to trying out plenty of different silhouettes. Adidas & Nike are very easily becoming my go to brands and thanks to JD Sports & Footasylum having some brilliant deals on 90% of the time it is even easier for me to try out different trainers at a fraction of the cost.

My most recent pick ups were the Nike Air Max 200's. Thanks to being able to fit in anything for a 6 to a 7 in trainers I managed to get these from the Junior section in JD Sports for just £40.00. What stood out to me for these trainers were the fact there is plenty of colour on them. They aren't just two tone they are white & black with a bit of red, green & yellow on. If the colourway doesn't make them stand out enough already the chunkier silhouette definitely helps the case. The whole pattern on the upper of the trainer is brilliant as well as it looks pretty abstract in my opinion, the black line just really makes the design stand out and makes them so much different to what I would usually wear. even the laces suit the style, sometimes I have found that laces can look out of place on a trainer i.e.. the colour choice been totally ridiculous however, the fact these are black they just fit really well, I might even give them a go with white ones to see how they look.

 I have only ever owned one pair of Air Max in the past but I love how the air bubble looks at the heel of the trainer plus it just adds a little extra comfort to the trainers as a whole.  When I have worn them I have actually referred to walking in them as walking on clouds and having a spring in my step as they are just so cushioned. Some trainers I own I can wear for a while and then my heel starts to hurt due to not having enough protection however, this is definitely not going to be an issue in these with them being so comfortable.  The heel tab makes getting them on even easier meaning no more crushed backs plus I love how it incorporates the swoosh.

I can easily see these trainers lasting me a long time and I can see them becoming a pair I reach for a lot in the summer and for upcoming trips away as they will easily go with plenty of my outfit choices especially some decent shorts in the warmer weather. Lets just hope that I can keep them nice and clean & in good condition for a long time as I want to get plenty of wear out of these.

JD & Footasylum are seriously some stores I just can't walk straight past I always have to call in because you just never know what you might find. There are so many great release out at the moment I think there maybe quite a bit of trainer shopping taking place in the future, sorry Liam. 

Where do you buy your trainers from? 

See you soon

Matalan Easy Tshirt

When I was in Matalan and found my checked trousers (that you can read about here) I managed to have a really good look around the store and was really impressed with the offerings in the men's department. The range that stood out to me the most was the Easy range as there was plenty to choose from. 

I picked up this maroon textured t-shirt from the range for just £8.00 if I remember correctly and I am so glad I did as it is definitely becoming one of my go to t-shirts. It is a t-shirt I feel myself reaching for when I don't want to wear something too plain & when I want to feel a bit smarter. So in other words I reach for it on those days where I don't want to wear a sports branded t-shirt or something with a bold print.

The top is a perfect fit in my opinion as it isn't too tight but it isn't baggy either. So many t-shirts I try on are hit & miss for me in terms of the fit, some are so tight I can barely move where as overs are too baggy and make me look even bigger than I am. That's why I reach for this top so often, it is the perfect in-between. It doesn't cling but also doesn't make me look bigger. There is plenty of movement in the t-shirt too. Another thing I usually struggle with in t-shirts is the sleeves 99% of the time the sleeves are far too big for me whereas with this one they fall closer to the skin with a little big of tightness but they aren't going to cut my circulation off any time soon.

It has kept its shape too even after a lot of washes. Sometimes if you buy a cheaper t-shirt they don't keep their shape very long which goes well with the saying buy cheap buy twice. However, the quality is really helping with the upkeep of the shape as it is a bit of a thicker feel than your usual t-shirt.

The t-shirt is nice and simple too, you only have the small embroidered easy logo on the front of the t-shirt in a nice navy colour so it doesn't stand out too much but it just adds a nice little bit of detail. What really made this t-shirt jump out on me in the shop though was the neck detail. It isn't just a standard t-shirt neck it is a thicker material with the maroon & navy stripe circling around to make a nice little pattern. It just adds a little extra to the detailing. 

It is really easy to style too, my go to for this at the moment is some black jeans and white trainers but I can wear it with any other jeans I own and I have plenty of footwear options to match too. I think this is going to be in my wardrobe for quite a while.

I will definitely be heading back to Matalan & keeping an eye on their website to see what else I can pick up as I am definitely impressed by what they have lately. It is a shop I have always underestimated but that is definitely about to change.

Have you ever underestimated a shop?

See you soon

Weekly Round Up 2020 #4

I don't feel like I stopped last week, there was plenty going on that kept me really busy but it was a week where I finally started to feel better and the week was actually quite a productive one. So here is how my week went...

I still wasn't feeling too good so after work it was a case of going home and just relaxing, I did manage to get a fair bit of blogging done too, so it wasn't a night wasted. 

Instead of heading to the grandparents like I usually do on a Tuesday, we all went to the Panto instead. Usually I aren't a fan but this year Paul Chuckle and Faye Tozer were both in the show so I had to go & I am so glad I did. It was brilliant and was basically like my childhood re-lived.

Another day at work followed by a night of just catching up on YouTube and just relaxing. It was nice just doing nothing all night.

After work on Thursday it was quite a busy one, we decided to clear out things in the games room so I could actually get back to my consoles & PC. I t was great finally being able to have space in there and getting to go on my computer for the first time in ages.

Friday was my sisters best friends 18th birthday party so after clearing the spare room out we all headed off to the party and it was a great night.

Saturday was brilliant, my dad was round at ours to make a start on decorating the spare room, where he actually got quite a lot done. Whilst he was there I got out of the way so went shopping with my mum and nephew. Matalan have a big sale on at the moment so I got quite a few bits from there and I even picked up a few bits for the nephew from other shops too.

Sunday started with a trip to get another roll of wallpaper then it was the rugby for us as the Bulls played their final preseason game. It was all going so well for the Bulls but the referee called the game off early due to 'bad lighting' it was nice to go watch the rugby again though as I am really getting back into it. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I am finally all caught up on Hollyoaks as I watched a lot of it over the weekend. We also managed to watch another episode of the Witcher too.

Reading: The only thing I read last week was a few blog posts.

Listening to: I found myself listening to a lot of Halsey last week. 

This week I want to get more of the spare room finished, I don't think there will be much longer until it is fully complete. I am hoping this means a trip to Ikea too which I think I am most looking forward to. Fingers crossed I have plenty of time to get some content planned for the blogs too and finally start getting more organised.

See you soon

Travel & Camping Wish List

With me hoping to get on a few trips away this year, especially ones in the UK it has got me thinking that we don't even have some of the basic items we need. Like a suitcase for example, me and Liam haven't purchased one still and whilst I still lived with my parents I always just used their suitcase. So number 1 of the wish list is a cabin style bag, this will be the perfect size for a Monday to Friday trip like we are going on in June or just those weekends away we want to go on. 

I also really want to get a travel journal, just so I can document the trips I am going on along with writing down memories from each trip. This is definitely a great idea so I can look back in years to come and see where I have been and where I still want to go or even better if I want to go back somewhere.

I got my new camera as a Christmas present to myself however, I still haven't picked up a bag for the camera and the lenses. This has meant that I haven't actually taken my camera anywhere yet as I just don't want to damage it. Top of my list for my ravels is a camera bag that will also protect my lenses. I can't wait to start going around the country and using the backdrops for making my content better on here and on Instagram. 

The first 2 trips we have planned are both up in Scotland, which means you are looking at a 4-5 hour drive. One thing I have always wanted to give a try is a neck pillow as I just want a little extra comfort on the journey and hopefully it would mean I could have a little nap. Primark have some great ones in at the moment and fingers crossed I can get my hands on the NASA one.

With the journey been a long one a portable power bank would be a great purchase too, it would mean that for the full journey me and Liam could take turns playing on the Switch (or I can hog it) without having to worry about it dying. It also means I can listen to all the music I like without having to worry about my phone dying before we reach our destination, I could even recharge my earphones if needed. This item is one I should have purchased a long time ago but never actually did.

A few of the trips I am hoping to go on are camping trips, we purchased a tent last year but unfortunately never got to go away. But I am hoping that this year we can get a couple of trips booked in when the football season ends. One thing we will be doing when we go camping is walking, Liam really wants to go walking in the Dales so I guess I best get a nice lightweight jacket for that. One I can just fold up in to a bag as you never know when the weather is going to take a turn, plus if you are out in the middle of nowhere and the rain starts at least I will be covered. 

If we are going walking I will also need some decent walking shoes as I just don't think my usual trainers would be suitable for the places we would be going. I am hoping that I can find me a pair that will last me a while too as this isn't an item I want to be spending money on over and over again.

Finally I am hoping to find a really good sleeping bag. even in the summer I can end up being cold on a night so I need to make sure whatever sleeping bag I end up buying is going to keep me nice and warm, plus if I can find one that is nice and comfy that will be an added bonus.

So there you have it those are the items I am hoping to pick up for when I go on holiday or camping. Can you recommend any good places for me to find these items? Or can you recommend anything else I may need?

See you soon

All White Mid Trainers... I Will Take Them

I went through a phase of only wearing hi-top Converse for quite a while, then it was the hi-top Air Force 1's but unfortunately they were so worn they were starting to fall apart and looked far too beaten, whereas I like my shoes looking fresh out of the box.  

I had been on the look out for some new all white trainers to replace my Air Force's but was really struggling to find something I really liked. But then on a trip to the Designer Outlet I cam across these Nike Court Borough mid trainers for just £20.00, so I tried them on and instantly fell in love. On feet they felt very similar to the Air Force's, I just didn't have the strap going across the top. I picked these up in a size 7 ( I usually get anything from a 6 to 7.5 dependant on the brand and style) as they provided the best fit for me but to be honest if they had a 6.5 available even they might have provided a good fit for me.

The trainers are all white which is exactly what I was after and are really comfortable. I have worn these to a variety of different things such as shopping days & theatre trips, I even wear them to the football and no matter what I am doing they don't feel uncomfortable and I have had no issues with them. Another plus side is that they haven't really started creasing yet I have worn them a lot. The top is a bit of a cushioned material to that just breaks down the silhouette a bit but also adds extra comfort around the ankle. 

They are a nice simple design too with just the Nike tick & Nike written in all white so you know it is there but it doesn't stand out far too much meaning the simplicity of the trainer is kept. An issue I have had in the past is getting the shoes clean especially if I have been caught in the rain and dye has run onto the shoes but I have found these are easy to clean and remove stains from so fingers crossed they last me a little longer due to that. 

Thanks to them being all white too it means I can wear them with a variety of outfits too. My current favourite is them with some skinny jeans but they work well with my Jordan tracksuit bottoms too, I think in summer I will even try team them up with some nice shorts so I am getting wear out of them all year around.

I have definitely found a bargain in these trainers and will be on the look out for more great deals on future visits to the outlet stores. 

See you soon

Is There Too Much Branding?

Can an item of clothing have too much branding on it? In some cases it can end up like a brands logo has thrown up all over your clothing but done the correct way a bit of overbranding can actually look pretty good.

Remember that Gucci tracksuit everyone on Instagram seemed to own with the GG print all over it? I believe it was the Gucci Jacquard print. This was just far too in your face and honestly it didn't look good at all, I definitely wouldn't have spent that much money on something like that. But Nike seem to have done their overbranded range justice as you get that overbrand but it doesn't fill ever inch of the item you are wearing.

It was on a recent trip to the York Designer Outlet that I first saw this range and as soon as I saw the black t-shirt I knew I was picking it up, especially with a price of just £13.00 (original price £19.95) it was a bargain. From how it was hung you could only see the 2 Nike Swoosh logo with the TM stood boldly on the front of the t-shirt along with the little trademark box in the bottom left corner, there is plenty of branding on the front that catches your eye without going over the top. 

Then as I lifted the t-shirt down I noticed even more details, the trademark was in a pretty large print going down the left hand side of the t-shirt which without a jacket on is definitely a stand out. Going across the back is even more details of the Swoosh & Nike logo but again this isn't too big but definitely catches your eye. 

The thing that makes this t-shirt work really well is that the branding is spread out and not covering every inch of the top so there is actually some plain space unlike with other overbranded clothing. If I was to wear this with a jacket over you would just think it was your standard Nike t-shirt but once that jacket is taken off the extra details add to the outfit. 
Nike have used nice simple colours on the t-shirts too as the black one is simply black and white with a little bit of volt, so a little bit of simplicity is kept in the design. If there were any other colours added I think there may just be a bit too much going on, simplicity is definitely key. 

Nike t-shirts seem to be getting better in quality lately too, this is a really nice material which feels a little on the thicker side than some t-shirts I have picked up lately but once it is on you can't feel any weight to it. I also have faith in it lasting me a while with how the material feels, fingers crossed it does and even when I lose weight I will be wearing this as an oversized option. 

I loved the tops so much I ended up picking another one up that is the same design just in red. If they had more options I think I would have ended up with them all.
Since finding these items in the Designer Outlet I have also seen them in the Leeds Nike store and I really wish I had picked up the matching hoodies for these items as they would have been perfect for the really cold weather we are currently having. Although I can see these t-shirts becoming a spring/summer essential in my wardrobe. In fact I think Nike as a brand could easily become an essential brand for me.

 What would you wear this t-shirt with?

See you soon

Weekly Round Up 2020 #3

Last week was a bit of a mixture some nice relaxing days and some pretty busy days but overall the week really dragged, I don't know if that is down to how slow some days were or just because that is usually the case in January. So here is how my week went...

Back to work for me and Liam and once again followed by the food shop. The weather was awful and the supermarket was empty so luckily it didn't take long at all. Then it was straight back home and into bed as I still wasn't well.

After work Tuesday was the usual as I went to my grandparents for tea. It was great to spend time with them, my auntie, nephew and sister again. Then it was home and bed as I was far too tired.

Wednesday was a day in work followed by a hospital appointment which went well. It is also the day I broke my no eating fast food or takeaways, unfortunately time wasn't on our side due to how late my appointment was so we ended up getting McDonald's on the way home, I don't know if it is just psychological or not but I didn't really enjoy it.

I finally ended up going to the doctors on Thursday after not bothering thinking I just had a cold since Christmas, it turns out I actually have a virus. At least now I know what it is. After work Thursday was just spent relaxing and doing some blogging bits.

Liam had an early finish from work which meant he came and picked me up when I finished. We went home and actually had a pretty productive night, I cleaned most of the house whilst he carried on painting the doors.

Saturday was an early start as my dad came round to do a bit more work in the spare room. Then it was a trip to the football for me, Liam & my mum where once again City messed up a lead to end up drawing. Was it worth sitting out in the cold for when I was already ill? I don't think so.

Sunday we finally got a lie in and I got caught up with YouTube before we went out for a meal with my family. It was a lovely meal then we all went back to my grandparents where I spent plenty of time playing with my nephew and watching Man Utd vs Liverpool. Then it was back home to watch more YouTube.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Once again there was a lot of YouTube, Hollyoaks and a bit of football.

Reading: I didn't pick my book up last week at all.

Listening to:  Whilst cleaning I had the Descendants soundtracks on full, then between that it was a mix of Stormzy and Tegan & Sara.

This week I want to get a budget worked out ready for payday, I am trying to save for a few things at the moment and I really want to finally get on top of my money and stop wasting it. Fingers crossed we can get a few more jobs done in the house too as everything is finally coming together and the spare room should be done sooner rather than later. Other than that I think it may be a blogging week.

See you soon