Trying My Best To Eat Better

One thing me and Liam have been trying to do since the start of the year is eat a whole lot better. Last year was spent eating far too many takeaways and if we weren't eating a takeaway we were just cooking the same quick meals over and over again, there was no variety. 

Before the start of the year we both sat down and said we were going to change it as what was the point in going to the gym and working out then coming home and eating a load of rubbish? We definitely want to spend more time in the kitchen throughout 2020 and seen as poor Liam has done a lot of the cooking since we moved in I really want to try cook more often so he gets a break.

I am a fussy eater and as Liam says 90% of the food I actually do eat is bland, I would rather have plain chicken and plain rice than having any coatings or sauces on what I eat. So this year I am going to try step out of my comfort zone and give new foods a try, 17 days into the year and I have tried 4 completely new meals made from scratch and out of them I only disliked 1, so I guess my eating habits are never going to change until I try new things.

To do make sure we try new things we have actually picked up a couple of cookbooks to try and inspire us with new ideas currently we have the Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Home Cooking, Pinch of Nom & Joe Wicks 30 minute meals cookbook to keep us going, I have to say though I think the Pinch of Nom book could easily be a favourite of mine. We also purchased a food processor which is really tempting me to try make some sauces from scratch. 

I am hoping by getting the food processor & cookbooks we will definitely be inspired and that our eating habits will be totally transformed, it could take a while for me to start enjoying some foods but I aren't completely writing things off before giving them a try anymore. 

Who knows in the future I may even pick up more kitchen gadgets to help us make some more adventurous meals but for now I am happy just trying new bits in simple meals for now. I just hope Liam realises if I am in the kitchen more cupboards may end up being reorganised a lot more & new items may be purchased . 

Can you recommend any other cookbooks or meals for us to try?

See you soon

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