The go to items I wear for football training and playing...

Oh the joys of playing football again, there is nothing better than getting ready on a gameday in your teams kit, lacing up your boots and heading to the pitch. I really have missed the feeling of doing this and now I am back I am falling in love with getting ready for games once more. With it being autumn and the temperature dropping the layers are in full force but I love it, I am enjoying getting ready for training too as it is giving me the chance to wear my 1/4 zip tops a whole lot more and we all know I absolutely love them. So here is what I tend to wear for training and on a gameday...

First up we have training, I actually finding myself looking forward to training and I love searching through my workout clothing to find what to wear each week and to be honest each week I opt for different tops whilst the bottoms stay exactly the same. First up for the socks I always wear the Sondico Elite football socks, these are more expensive than the basic ones but I find that they fit much better and have a more cushioned feel which is definitely needed in the boots I currently wear. Under the socks I have my Puma shinpads which surprisingly fit perfect and are held in place with some Nike sleeves as my Puma ones have gone missing surprise, surprise. In terms of shorts again I just picked up a few Sondico pairs from Sports Direct as they are pretty cheap but fit really nice, under these though I always have on my Sondico Core shorts which just provide an extra layer and are a compression fit which helps with my circulation throughout the training session. On the top with the weather dropping a lot colder it is all about layers that aren't going to restrict my movements and luckily with the items in my workout rotation at the moment I can piece together multiple items and not have to worry about feeling restricted. I tend to reach for a simple Gymshark t-shirt for training as they fit me the best at the moment, then I will throw on a 1/4 zip over the top just to make sure I am staying warm whilst having the hour long session, my favourite 1/4 zip for training in at the moment is definitely this BoohooMan one as it fits really nice and looks pretty good too. On my feet I just wear my firm ground boots which I really aren't a fan of but more on those later.

I haven't played many games just yet due to other commitments clashing however, my game day outfit isn't going to change other than if the weather warms up or if we need to play in our alternate shirt. Obviously on top I have our teams shirt which is either the red or yellow one depending on who we are playing or what is picked in the run up to game day. With it being cold I am currently wearing the Sondico Core compression shirt, this just helps me stay warm and honestly I feel that bit more comfortable having this under my shirt, the only time I won't be wearing this is when it really starts to warm up but who knows if that will happen during the season with how the weather has been lately. On the bottom we have the club shorts which I ordered in a size below my usual, I was hopeful that they would fit when the arrived and they are a bit tight but still work perfectly fine as they don't restrict my movement. I of course then have those Sondico Core shorts on underneath to give me an extra layer and help with circulation during the game. In terms of socks I always wear some of the Nike ankle socks as I like how comfortable they feel however, over the top I have the kit socks which are surprisingly comfortable, I hadn't heard of the brand before but they are really thick yet not too tight which has been an issue with football socks in the past. I think I prefer these socks over the Sondico ones I wear for training they are that comfortable. Under the socks I have the same Puma shinpads and Nike sleeves that I wear for training the only difference is on game day I will wrap some sock tape around them to really make sure that they stay in place and don't start slipping around. 

For both training and game day I wear my Adidas Ghosted firm ground boots, these were under £30 as they are a very low take down model and I will be honest now I am wearing them more often I am starting to realise I really don't like them. I feel like I can feel every mould under my foot and they just aren't comfortable. By Christmas these will hopefully be replaced by a Nike pair which are quite a bit more expensive but I know they are going to feel better on foot and to be honest I much prefer Nike boots and always have it is just a case of working out which pair I am going to enjoy wearing for a long time. Now I know I am going to be playing and training a lot more I know I can justify paying for a better quality pair.

Now it is time to hit the ground running and get more games and training sessions under my belt. I am so glad to be back playing. 

Well I guess I play football again


From being a very young age, I have absolutely loved football whether that was watching or playing the beautiful game. I have always loved watching but I will be honest I have much preferred playing, there has never been a better feeling for me than kicking a football about. So when I had to stop playing due to injury at 21 I was lost, I didn't know what to do with myself, the weight flew on and I just wasn't as happy as I used to be. That is why I started my football blog Edge of the Area as I wanted to feel a part of the game once more. Then the Euros happened this year and I was well and truly inspired to be even more involved in the women's game, which led to me changing my site but most importantly I took the step to put my boots on and get playing once again.

During the Euros I was contacted by someone from where I went to play 5 a side a few times, they said that they were starting up a new team and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. Now to be honest at first I was really on the fence about this as it meant that I would have to meet new people, my weight still wasn't decreasing as I hoped and of course I was worried about my knee, it was only just getting easier to deal with the pain and somedays I also had no pain at all, did I really want to ruin this? In the end though the urge to get back to kicking a ball around was too much and I got signed back up. So far I have only played one game and done a few training sessions but I am already noticing some changes and those are... 

Losing weight

I am on the weight loss journey and before I was back playing I was struggling a bit, I wasn't getting the results I wanted each week and to be honest I was skipping workouts as my head just wasn't in it. Since getting into a routine with training though I am noticing the weight is starting to move again and I am fitting in each weights session and pushing myself to the limit to see improvements. I am feeling so much better from this and I am really looking forward to seeing the weight drop more and more as the season progresses. Getting a cardio training session in every week and a game a few times a month is going to be really beneficial. 

Confidence is growing

I have always suffered from very low confidence and meeting new people has been an absolute nightmare for me in the past. This was one thing I was really worried about with joining a new team, I would have to meet new people and see them weekly. I have noticed though my confidence is growing I am happy to be around these people as they are really welcoming and are easy to get along with. I will happily join in conversations with them and I have even signed up to go on the teams Christmas party which is something I would normally avoid. My confidence is just growing all round now and I can only see it growing as the season progresses.

Knee feels so much better

This is one that has surprised me a lot as I thought that it would have gone the opposite way, I thought I would be in a lot of pain but now the pain seems to be easing and overall it just feels a lot stronger than before, maybe it is due to me using it more but it will be interesting to see if this stays the same way throughout the season or not. I am so glad it is holding out for me as this really was my biggest worry going into my first sessions. I am hoping that at some point I can ditch the knee brace and play without a worry but that might be in a few seasons time, fingers crossed though. 

Feeling much happier

As I said earlier when I was told to stop playing mentally, I wasn't in a good place, I loved playing and I couldn't see my weekends without it after playing for so long. Now though even after just a few weeks I am noticing a big difference, you could say I am walking with a bit of a spring in my step. Granted before I was writing a game but it isn't the same as actually putting on your boots and playing. The changes mentally are helping in plenty of areas of my life and I think Liam is grateful for this happening. My moods have been so much better and I count down to training day and when I can play. The high after training is unbelievable too I just hope I can keep it up.  

More determined 

This is a big one for me as before starting to play again I was struggling as I said earlier in the post. I just wasn't getting the results I wanted, I was getting in my head a bit and slacking but since getting into a training routine that has totally changed. I am more determined than ever to achieve my goals as now I know that achieving those goals are going to help my playing performance. I am determined to see those goals hit and my performance improve.

I am so glad that I can finally play again and I am really looking forward to seeing how the season progresses for both the team and me personally, if I am noticing these changes already what am I going to notice by the end of the season? I don't look at my weight as an issue now as I know that as I play more and more I am going to lose that weight and improve my fitness massively. Being back playing is going to do me the world of good on my weight loss and fitness journey and it might help me reach my goals sooner, it is going to be a massive change mentally for me too as that thing I love is back, 90% of my week is football filled and I really can't complain. 

At the end of the season I will be doing another post to see just how much my fitness and weight loss has changed since putting my boots back on, plus any other aspect of my life which might have benefitted from playing again. 

Now it is time to have a great season. 

If I could only buy this autumn...

This autumn I am having to restock quite a few items in my wardrobe as unfortunately the down side to losing all this weight is that nothing fits me properly anymore. I want to purchase some new items that fit me right but don't break the bank as I aren't planning on fitting in them too long as I push towards my weight loss and fitness goals. I do want to make sure the items I am buying though aren't too cheap and will last for both the autumn and winter whilst also fitting in with the rest of my wardrobe. So here is what I would purchase if I could only buy one item to fill each category this autumn...

The hoodie 

I absolutely love these simple Nike hoodies with just the small logo on the chest. I have tried one on in the past and it fit really nice and was really comfortable which is exactly what you want from a hoodie. These are quite reasonably priced and I know that Nike lasts so I think it is time I invested in one at long last plus when it doesn't fit I can always use it for lounging around in as the weather gets colder. There are a lot of different colour options for this hoodie but I think I might go for a black or grey for layering in the cold autumn months.  

The sneakers 

Do I really need any more sneakers? Probably not but I can't help doing a bit of window shopping lately and that window shopping has led to me falling in love with a certain pair of Nike sneakers. I have had a pair of red Nike Blazers for years now and they are still going strong. That is why I want to treat myself to a pair of white ones with the black Swoosh. These will go with 99% of my wardrobe and just look a lot smarter than other sneakers I own and will be perfect for the outfits I want to create in the colder months.

The flannel shirt  

In the autumn a flannel shirt is an essential item for me. If I am going out anywhere or even just heading to work there is a high chance I will be wearing a flannel shirt. My wardrobe is full of them in different colours but they have been around for a while now, they are getting big for me and some are starting to look a little worse for wear so it is time to grab a new one for this autumn. H&M have them for a really reasonable price and they fit me better than ones from other stores so I will definitely be heading there to see what colour I can pick up for this autumn.

The bottoms  

Now normally this would be a pair of checked trousers, but my wardrobe is absolutely full of those at the moment. That is why this time around I would love to try something different, I am absolutely love cargo pants and have a few pairs now so I would love to add to that this autumn. I love the Jordan cargos that are available, and they are different to other cargos I own so maybe it is time to give them a try. Who knows if I get them they could end up being a pair I purchase over and over again as my size changes.

The jeans 

I am going through far too many pairs of jeans at the moment. They just don't seem to fit me for 2 minutes and a lot of my darker coloured pairs are way to big for me now. I tend to get all my jeans from Sainsbury's these days so I will be heading there soon to pick up a new pair of black jeans, I would love a skinny pair but lately I have been preferring the slim fit options they sell so if I can only get one pair of jeans this autumn it will be a pair of slim black ones.

The smart coat 

My coat collection is more suited for trips to the football than nice days out but I want to change that. I have seen so many smart looking coats that I would to try but this grey one from George at Asda is standing out to me the most. It is a bit of a longline coat which is something I wouldn't usually go for due to my height but I love it. I think if I try this on and like it the purchase will be made almost immediately. It would help create some great smart casual outfits for those colder shopping trips.

The everyday coat 

As I said before my coats at the moment are more suited for sitting out in the cold watching the football, I did have a Superdry coat for everyday wear however, this ripped recently so it is time for an upgrade as it was getting a bit big anyway. I would really love a North Face jacket but I think that is going to have to wait until I am at the target weight due to the cost of them. In the meantime though I am going to look for something similar on a budget.

The jewellery 

I have noticed that I tend to wear more jewellery in autumn, I am not sure why but that seems to be the way it goes. I have a few necklaces that are perfect for adding a little something extra to an otherwise simple outfit. What I am really lacking though is some rings that is why if I only buy one piece of jewellery it will be a new ring. I have been looking at a few Serge Denimes ones lately so no doubt it will be one of those that I go for. 

The fragrance 

I have been living in the CK Summer fragrance for the past few months but with the weather changing it is time to get a more autumnal that is a bit heavier and fits the season better. I have plenty of fragrances at the moment but they are much more suited to the summer weather so it is time to purchase something new. I think if I buy any fragrance this autumn it is going to be the Tom Ford black orchid one as I have this in the past and it became one of my all time favourites. The only issue is the price of this but it does make it worthwhile when you get plenty of compliments on it. 

The accessory 

Finally we have the accessory, if I can only buy one this autumn it is definitely going to be a new beanie. I absolutely love wearing hats in the autumn especially when they go with my outfit, I already have a grey one but I don't have a black one so that is going to be top of the priority list. I want one that is going to last me though so I am definitely going to have to shop around. If I can't find the perfect black one though I think I am going to get a different coloured one but make sure it goes with plenty of my wardrobe. 

So there you have it, if I could only buy one item from each category this autumn that is what I would buy. I am hoping that I can stick to just buying one item from each category as I am sick of wasting money on loads of clothing that doesn't last two minutes due to my weight loss. Plus with how bills are rising here in the UK I really do need to get saving more than I am currently doing. I am trying to do much better with my money and the items I am buying so fingers crossed doing this will be a big help. 

What is one item you would love to buy for the autumn?

September Favourites

September came and went in a flash, it was yet another busy month with so much going on including my Birthday but we have certainly made the most of the month and got so much done. I feel like I have barely been home this month which is a bit of a good and a bad thing as I have loved everything I have done but at the same time I could really have done with just sitting and relaxing. With September being another busy month once again I have discovered a lot of new favourite things alongside rediscovering old ones which have once again played a big part in September. So here are the favourites that made the cut this time around...


Football shirts

You will see in my new in post that September was a month where a fair few new football shirts were added to my collection, which I have to say is getting way too out of control at the moment. I can't complain though as the new additions are firm favourites at the moment as the have all been in support of my favourite female players. I have to admit too I seem to have been living in football shirts at the moment as they are the only shirts that fit me properly, but I can't complain as you can't beat a good football shirt.


Heading to the driving range 

Liam has got right into going to the driving range lately and the Sunday after my birthday he took me along and to be honest I am hooked. We have made it routine to go on a Sunday morning before we do anything else and it is nice to just go do something together that doesn't involve football but we both enjoy. He has gone as far as invested in a set of clubs and I keep stealing them as I am determined to get good and actually get it beyond 50 yards.


Having a blogging space

I honestly think one of the best things I have done this year is turn the spare room into an office area so that I have my own little area to sit and do anything blog related. Throughout September I have spent a lot of time in this room just getting things perfect, building the best set up whilst also creating plenty of blog posts and taking plenty of blog images. It is great having somewhere to consistently take photographs without having to change everything around. It is definitely making blogging life easier and I am sure it will continue this way for a very long time.

Health & fitness

Getting back to football 

I have said it before and I will say it again, I never ever thought that I would be back playing football but here I am. I had my first training session in September which I actually really enjoyed and it has been a month of getting ready for the start of the season in October. Going back to football has made me more determined to smash my goals as I know smashing them will really benefit me playing football too. I am sure this is going to become a pretty common favourite once the season gets going.

So there you have it those are my favourites from September. What are your favourites from September 2022? 

The clothing I want to re-invest in this autumn...


Well autumn has well and truly arrived with cold weather rolling in a lot sooner than I hoped it would. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year as I absolutely love layering up and having cosy nights in after sitting freezing at the football. I don't tend to go out much in autumn other than to watch the football but when I do go out I like to play around with my clothing to layer up and create the perfect outfit. My biggest issue at the moment though is due to my weight loss I barely having any suitable autumn clothing that fits me and it is driving me insane at the moment trying to get ready on a morning, everything is far too oversized or still a bit too tight which certainly isn't ideal especially when it comes to layering up, I don't want everything oversized and hung off me. This got me thinking about what items I would really want to purchase for the autumn season which I would really get the wear out of and wouldn't just be hung in the wardrobe unworn like some items previously have been. So here are the items I would love to rebuy or add to my wardrobe this autumn...

Chunky knits

I had quite a few chunky knits from Primark last year and I loved wearing them for work or those shopping trips where I wanted to make a bit more of an effort. I tried on the ones I owned recently though, and they just hung off me so I definitely need to restock these for the autumn season as no doubt I will end up wearing these in winter too so I would definitely get my money worth. I am thinking grey, navy, maroon and even some autumnal brown ones of these for this year.  

Long sleeved t-shirts

I got some plain black long sleeved t-shirts last year and found these were perfect for layering, I had them under shirts and hoodies and felt comfortable and warm all day long. I definitely want to add more of these to my wardrobe this autumn as they soon became an essential item for me, I am hoping to get them in a few more colours too so that I have a few more options. I also fell in love with printed long sleeved t-shirts last year so again I will be adding a few more of these to my wardrobe ready to style with my cargo pants which I won't be stopping wearing anytime soon.

Rugby shirts

This is a new one that I have surprised myself with to be honest as I never thought I would own one of these. I picked one up from Primark recently and absolutely fell in love with the fit of it and came up with countless ways to style it which again surprised me as I thought I would struggle with that. I am definitely on the lookout for more of these in different colours as I can see them becoming an item I wear a lot over the next few months. 

Plain hoodies 

Now when I say plain hoodies I don't mean 100%, they can have small logos on, I just don't mean the ones I currently have where the prints take up the whole front or back of the actual hoodie. I just want some simple coloured plain hoodies that I am going to be able to layer under my dark denim jacket or as a way to dress down a blazer look, which is something I have seen on Pinterest and really want to try. I think 3 hoodies a black, a grey and a white would work well but then again who knows what other colours I could find and style. H&M and Nike have been the ones I have been looking at the most lately and I think these will be the ones I purchase first. 

Shirts for work

Working in an old building at this time of year is not ideal, the building is cold all the time so out go the t-shirts I have lived in all summer and in come the long sleeves which could easily become a favourite as I have seen a fair few shirts, that I want that are thicker than normal and will certainly make my outfits a bit smarter this time around. By adding these to the wardrobe it should really make a bit more effort with my work outfit plus it might also break it up for me as I would finally have work clothes and out of work clothes.

Checked shirts

Is it even autumn if I aren't wearing checked shirts far too often? Of course it isn't. I need to purchase a few new ones though this year as others are either too big now or are looking a bit worse for wear. There are some nice coloured ones in H&M at the moment and I think a few of them are going to be added into my wardrobe very soon. I definitely love styling checked shirts more than anything else in my wardrobe, so I am really looking forward to experimenting this season with both new and old checked shirts. 


I used to absolutely love wearing blazers over a t-shirt but I no longer have any that fit me. It is time to get a few different blazers back into the wardrobe though for this autumn as I really want to try recreating some looks, I have seen on Pinterest where it is a blazer over a hoodie with some nice jeans. I am thinking of getting a nice black one, a grey one and possibly even a checked one. I just need to make sure they don't look too much like they are workwear and are more casual. 

Black jeans

Out of all the black jeans I currently own I think I have 2 pairs that fit me but they are starting to fade so I definitely need to get rid of these and finally purchase some new ones. I know I definitely want a new slim fit pair & a new skinny pair but I am also considering purchasing a ripped pair as I think that they would go well with the style I am leaning towards this autumn. I am definitely struggling when it comes to buying jeans at the moment so honestly I will take what I can get.

Checked pants

The past few autumns I have ended up living in checked pants. They just create much smarter outfits than jeans do and I actually feel really comfortable in them which is always an added bonus. I have always had my favourite pair from Matalan, I actually had 3 sizes of the same style at one point I loved them that much. My favourites are all too big or too worn out for me now so it is time for a restock.

Thick coat

It is time for me to invest in a much thicker coat than I have already. My Nike and Gymshark jackets aren't going to cut it on the much colder days so I am thinking of investing in a padded jacket that will hopefully keep me a lot warmer for those days out. I really want a North Face jacket this year but with the cost of them and how my size is changing I think I am going to find a cheaper alternative to one of these and save up for the real thing when my weight and size is where I want it to be and where it is going to be kept for a while. 


I don't know why but I have wanted a gilet for the longest time and I think this autumn could be the time when I finally purchase one. I have had my eye on a few different ones at the moment but I am not 100% what style I want just yet. Either way when I do get one it will be used for layering on the cooler days, going to golf and going on walks. It is time to finally find the perfect gilet and make the purchase at long last. 

Biker style boots

Oh look here we are again, Lucy's wanting to wear something other than sneakers but is she actually going to purchase some this year? Well I am hoping if I find the perfect pair I will finally make the purchase. I have seen a few pairs that I want to try on so let's hope one of those pairs feels like the perfect one. These would certainly go with the style I am aiming for this autumn and it might finally make outfits look smarter than when I style them with sneakers.

Dr Martens

Another pair of footwear other than sneakers that I have been after are the classic Dr Marten lace up boots. I keep putting this purchase off due to the price though so maybe I will use some of the money I have saved up to treat myself to a pair at long last. I think I am going to get these in black, so they go with more of my wardrobe when I do finally purchase a pair. I think if I got these for autumn I would definitely get a fair amount of wear out of them plus they would definitely come in handy in the winter months as they will have a lot more grip than the sneakers I currently wear. Is it time to splash out on these boots at long last? 

Nike Blazers

I have had one pair of Nike Blazers for years and they are still going strong, the only problem though is they are bright red so don't really go with a lot of my current wardrobe. I have seen a few simple colourways such as white & black ones that are going to work with everything in my wardrobe. These would look great with the rugby shirts and chunky knits I am planning on wearing all autumn. They aren't too expensive either so should be the perfect addition and will hopefully last a while like my other pair. 

Thick socks 

Granted I wear the Nike sports socks all year round but this time of year calls for some that are a little bit thicker especially if I am planning on wearing boots. Primark usually have some pretty decent packs of thicker socks for me to get stocked up on and they are good value too. No doubt though I will just end up opting for more Nike socks as they are just so comfortable. 


As someone who suffers from Raynaud's gloves are essential when the temperature drops. I like to make sure I have a few fingerless pairs for the autumn time as well as some thinner pairs just in case. I currently only have a pair of Manchester United gloves so it is time to invest in some new ones. I am also going to try get some that are suitable for when I am playing football as I know I am definitely going to need them for this when the temperature drops.


It has been a while since I treated myself to a new beanie hat but this year I already have my eye on a few different ones from different brands. I have silly coloured ones at home currently so I want some more neutral ones that go with more of my outfits so that I can wear them a lot more often as I have always loved wearing hats. The silly coloured ones can then be reserved for watching the football in. 

Thick pyjamas 

With the cost of bills increasing, we are trying to find ways to stay warm without putting the heating on, plus there is nothing better in the cold weather than snuggling up in some thick cosy pyjamas so this autumn I am going to be purchasing a fair few pairs that are going to take me into winter too. I am thinking 3 pairs should do the trick and I am really looking forward to finally getting some as it means I will be nice and warm when in the games room for those long gaming sessions too.

So there you have it those are the items I will be looking at adding into my wardrobe this autumn. Fingers crossed these items will all help keep me nice and warm throughout the season and no doubt they will also be perfect for going into winter too which gives me the perfect excuse to actually buy them.

What is one item that you have on your autumn wish list? 

September 2022 new in

Well I wasn't planning on spending much this month and honestly I didn't think I had until I sat writing this post and my eyes were suddenly opened as to where all my money actually went. I honestly didn't realised just how much I had spent throughout the month and looking back now as few purchases were definitely impulse ones that maybe I shouldn't have bought but I decided it was time to treat myself, I really need to stop telling myself this though as it is costing me a fortune. Here is what I ended up treating myself to this month...

Well this was probably my biggest impulse purchase of the month because did I really need a Rocket Raccoon backpack? The answer to that question is definitely a no but it just looked so cute I couldn't resist. I have to admit it was the fluffy tail and ears that sold me on this. I think it is going to become my new work backpack as it is easily going to fit in my laptop and notebooks for my lunchtime blogging.

I am embracing spooky season this year and I was going to decorate the house for the occasion but I only ended up purchasing this set of little pumpkins. I love how they look and they are definitely going to come in handy for plenty of years as they are quite good quality for the price. I can't decide though whether they are going in the living room or the games room.

I needed to restock my hairspray and to be honest I was getting bored of the Got2be one and was starting to find it a bit expensive. With me trying to watch my money a bit more I ended up opting for this Shockwaves as I got to cans for the price of 1 Got2be one. I am hoping this change is going to be a good one as it could save me a lot of money in the long run.

This bar of soap is another change I am trying to make as it was just £1 for 2 bars so it is much cheaper than the shower gel I have been using and also is going to be better on the environment which is an added bonus. This is one of my favourite Lynx scents so I am really hoping the change from gel to a bar is a good one as it is going to save me a fortune and be a much more sustainable choice in the long run.

My skin has been awful in recent months so I am trying to build a skincare routine to stick to which is going to hopefully to make my skin look a whole lot healthier. I found this brush set for £2.99 in Home Bargains recently and thought I would give it a try to see if it is any help at all in working the products into my skin a bit more. I have wanted one of these for a while so fingers crossed it does the trick and doesn't break easily.

Did I buy this magazine just for the picture on the cover? Well I guess you could say that is partly true but I was also really looking forward to reading Leah Williamson's interview in here. Leah is one of the players I love to watch and for such a young age she really is an inspiration to a lot of people. I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading this properly as I think it is going to be a really interesting read. 

It was definitely another football related month of purchases as you will see in the remainder of this post. I found these books in the kids section in WH Smiths and couldn't resist picking them up as they actually feature some bits about the women's game. I am loving seeing the women mentioned a whole lot more and I know these are going to be easy reads that I enjoy and who knows in a few years I might be reading some of the stories to my nephew. 

The two books I just spoke about were actually on a 3 for 2 offer and I found the perfect addition... a colouring book. Again this features some of my favourite female players so I couldn't leave it behind. I am trying to switch off and relax a lot more and I think this colouring book could easily be the perfect addition to a relaxing nighttime routine.

We have transformed the spare room into an office area for me and it is finally complete for now. The backdrop for any video calls is now fully football related and I love it. to create the backdrop we ended up getting an Ikea Kallax unit where we have displayed football items on the top as well as having an new home for all my football shirts (well the ones that aren't stored away). This has created much easier access for my shirts too so getting ready is a whole lot easier. 

My workout clothing is getting a fair bit big for me so I did a quick, cheap restock. This time I decided to give the Primark men's workout wear a try and I managed to pick up a t-shirt and shorts set for £9 which I think is a bargain. These items are pretty good quality and fit nice too which as always is a bonus and I think I might end up getting more in the future. 

I absolutely love the printed t-shirts Primark are doing these days as the prints look fantastic. I ended up picking up this Los Angeles one as the print on the back looks fantastic and it looks a bit like a Palm Angels t-shirts with the bit of writing on the neckline. I can see this being worn a lot especially with my cargo pants.

Barely any of my thicker long sleeved t-shirts fit me now, they are all a bit too big for my liking so I need to get restocked on them. I ended up falling in love with this printed one in Primark and as it was less than £10 I decided to treat myself to it. This is another perfect addition to my wardrobe as it is going to be worn a lot over the coming months especially with my favourite cargo pants, I just have so many ways to style it in mind.

The Nike outlet had 30% of the socks again when I was in recently so I ended up picking up a few more packs to keep me going. The black ones are perfect for working out in and the grey and white will come in handy for when I don't fancy wearing full length socks. I always pick these up when they are on offer as I know they are my favourite, most comfortable socks.

After years of saying I was going to get me and Liam matching Christmas pyjamas I have finally bit the bullet and gone ahead with it this year. These Grinch ones are perfect for us and I am going to be making sure he is wearing his on Christmas morning. These are from Home Bargains and were £9.99 a pair which I wasn't expecting, I thought they would be more expensive. I am sure these will last us a while too making them even better value.

I really needed some new jumpers for work now that the weather has changed and with me constantly losing weight I didn't want to spend a fortune on some this year if they weren't going to fit a few months down the line. That is why these days I just opt for the basic jumpers from Primark (men's department) I picked up 4 for £5 each recently, 2 black & 2 grey and I know they are going to work perfectly for going to work and also for layering on a day out if needed.

I have wanted a rugby shirt for a long time now but I have never felt confident enough to wear one, I guess I was been silly really thinking this. I tried this one on in Primark recently and it is safe to say I fell in love with it. Liam says I look like the guy from Blues Clues in it but it fits really well and fingers crossed it is going to last me a while too as I have so many ways, I am planning on styling it. It is definitely different but in a very good way.

With the Nike outlet having a 30% off sale on I think we all knew that I would end up walking away with some new sneakers. Air Force 1's are one of my favourite types of sneakers these days and I just love the colours of these as they are different to any others I already own, the pink definitely makes a statement.

Oh here we go, the most expensive part of this post. As I said earlier football has certainly played a big part in this months spending and to be honest with this purchase I have definitely made use of my birthday vouchers well. I have wanted this Earps goalkeeper shirt for the longest time and thanks to my birthday voucher I got it for 10% off which is always a bonus. I love the design on this shirt and I can finally say I have a shirt in support of my favourite female goalkeeper. 

Liam surprised me with this Lauren Hemp Man City shirt as part of my birthday and I couldn't be happier as Hemp at the moment is one of my favourite upcoming players in the women's game. I love the design of this shirt and I love the fact it has the WSL patches on it even more. This is my first Puma City shirt and it has surprised me with the fit of it and the quality of it. I can't wait to get to some games now.

When England got to the Euro final I said I would get the club shirt of whoever scored England's winning goal, luckily for me it was a Man City player who scored and it ended up being a player I actually enjoy watching. In the end though Liam purchased this for me for my birthday so I saved a bit of money but still upheld the deal. Maybe this isn't the last of the Euro winning deals though... you will have to wait a bit long to see the next one though.

So there you go that is everything I picked up in September, my bank account really didn't like me at the end of the month and to be honest I wasn't too happy with myself either so I have redone my budget and I am determined that this post will be a whole lot shorter in October as I am planning on only buying items that I really need rather than wasting it all. I am also hoping that October is a month of wrapping up Christmas shopping for a few family members so that I aren't rushing around in December like I previously have done. It is really time to get saving money for a change.

September 2022 Fitness Update

I always knew September was going to be a difficult month for staying on track especially with birthday celebrations taking up a full week in reality, then I got ill and struggled to get back on track. Looking back though I might not have done too well goal wise for the month of September, but I have seen some progress as my measurements have dropped once more on the problem areas such as my waist and hips which is an added bonus. Here is how I got on throughout September though...

Get in the minimum of 3 workouts per week

Unfortunately, I only managed the maximum of 2 workouts per week throughout September. This is mainly due to poor planning on my behalf, I would schedule in working out but then I would end up having something else crop up during the day that I would end up doing. I am determined to get better at planning though and making working out a non-negotiable as I need to be getting all my workouts done each week, no excuses.  

Get into the 14 stone bracket
I am in touching distance but not there just yet, it does make me wonder though if it wasn't my birthday month and if I didn't get run down after the celebrations would I have actually reached this? All I know is with how close I currently am, I am more determined than ever to do everything possible to finally get into this weight bracket.

Enjoy my birthday without going overboard
Oh look a goal I set that I actually managed. In the end I had around a week of birthday celebrations mainly involving eating and drinking but in the end I managed to reign it in and didn't go overboard. I enjoyed myself without drinking far too much or eating everything in site which I used to do. This is definitely a sign that my habits are changing alongside my mindset when it comes to celebrations and not wanting to destroy any progress I have made.

30 mins on bike or punch bag each day

This is another goal that didn't happen due to time constraints. I wish I could have done this and honestly I think that I am going to give it a go again soon as I know my body will really benefit from this. I managed a few days on the bike but nowhere near as much as I wanted to do. It is time to try this again one day and really plan my days so I can achieve this.

- Limit to 3 takeaways throughout month (not including planned meals out)

Another goal I didn't hit and I am totally blaming that birthday period for this. Once the birthday was out of the way I ended up run down which led to me not wanting to eat properly and we had far too many takeaways which really didn't help progress for the month. Takeaways are definitely getting cut back on now though as they really are a waste of money.

 Lose 4 lb

Well this really didn't go to plan and I ended up actually gaining weight. Luckily though it was only 1lb I gained but honestly after the birthday I thought I would have gained a few more lbs. I am determined that October will be back to losing ways, but I guess only time will tell.

 Start really getting into the habit of meal prepping

Another goal that didn't happen due to poor planning on my behalf, I am determined to do this in October though as I want to start eating much better as I know that this is going to be key in me actually making progress in the new month. I really do need to start eating better and even if it takes 2 hours one day a week to ensure this happens it is better than eating junk all month.

 Make more progress on the home gym

Unfortunately progress stalled on this during October as it was in the hands of others and the delay couldn't be helped. We are really hoping though that in October we can get things moving a little bit as I really want it done by Christmas so we can have our house back and so that I can actually have somewhere to workout without having to drag equipment around every too minutes. Plus I really, really want a treadmill. 

So here is how September looked on the scales...

Beginning of September weight: 15 stone 2 lb 

End of September weight : 15 stone 3 lb

Total loss for the month : + 1lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in October ...

- Go boxing at least 3 times throughout the month
- Hit steps daily 
-Sort out my workout clothing once and for all
- Lose 5lbs
- Add more cardio to the routine 
- Go to football training every Monday
- Sort out some new football boots

September didn't really go to plan but to be honest I didn't really expect it to as I honestly thought it would take me a while to get into things once my birthday celebrations were over and done with plus September seemed to be a lot busier than expected. I will be honest I am quite proud that I only gained 1 lb throughout September as I really did think it would be much more. It is time now though to make October my best month yet, I have a clear goal in mind, football is becoming more regular and I am into my new programme with my online coach so lets hope the new goals for October are absolutely smashed by the time I am writing my October update post.

Total loss for 2022 : - 10 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 13 lb