Week #11

I have had quite a good week this week. Not only have I been in the gym a fair bit but I got some new jeans a size below what I would normally buy, it looks like the hard work is finally paying off. I have even managed to get a few posts up on here, one about fashion and the other about injuries
There has also been plenty of football to keep me busy. 

So here is what I have....

Been watching : Lots of football. There has been plenty on TV and I have loved watching the women's international friendlies, the NWSL (Orlando Pride vs Portland Thorns) and the return of the FAWSL. I have been watching some football work out videos too. We even went to see some Wrestling this week which was amazing. 

Been reading : I made a start on Abby Wambach's book on Wednesday and I am almost finished, it is a great book that I can't wait to review.

Been listening to : I am listening to my gym playlist daily these days, even when I aren't in the gym the playlist is on. 

Bought : I bought Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach and Hope Solo's books, more wrestling tickets and some hairspray. To be honest this whole not spending a lot is going pretty well.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

When Injury Strikes

I have played in different sports for as long as I can remember, the main 2 being football and rugby. when I was 16 I broke my collar bone playing in a rugby competition and give it up. Over the years of playing rugby I suffered through a lot of bust noses but this was the worse injury that had occurred. To this day 7 years on I still have a pain when the weather gets cold and still struggle with weights on that side. 

However due to this I put more time and effort into football I played on and off through various injuries such as damaged tendons in my hand and sprained ankles. In May a few years ago I though I had suffered my worst injury, I spent a few weeks on crutches after damaging the ligaments and tendons in my left ankle, I didn't let this bother me and after a few month I was back playing but with my ankle supported. I thought I was back on track but then the big injury happened. 

Back when I was 7 I went to the doctors because my knee constantly cracked they thought nothing of it and the pain slowly went away, but by the time I was 21 the pain was becoming more unbearable. I played my last game for my Sunday league team in November 2015, I haven't stepped on the pitch since. It turns out after a lot of x-rays and doctors appointments my knee didn't line up correctly. In 2016 I begun physiotherapy and March 2017 that came to an end. My knee still doesn't properly line up and the pain I have learnt to deal with although it is still very bad.

Since stopping playing football my activity levels have dropped, I eat out of boredom. I have gained so much weight. I was also told I had depression a while back and I can tell you now being stopped from doing what you love really doesn't help. I have broke down on Liam so many times saying my dreams have been shattered, I aren't good at anything anymore and most importantly I aren't worth anything. I get in a dark place when I talk about playing because the doctors told me I would never play again, I  believed that and didn't try picking myself back up I let those words play around in my head.  Football was my only escape and was taken away from me. 

Any one who knows me knows what football means to me, if I aren't watching it, I am reading about it. I just wish I could be playing it again. My dream was always to play pro but that is never realistically going to happen now so my current situation is wanting to put on my football boots again and just play for my local team to get back kicking the ball I aren't going to give up. I will keep on trying and I will get on that field again.

I have seen so many players battle back from injury Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. These women are those who I look up to. They may be professional athletes, world cup winners, but if they can get back why can't I? I will get out of that dark mindset I will get back up and finish what I started. I know if I get back to football I will be in a much better place overall. My weight will drop, my fitness levels will increase and most of all my anger will be left on that pitch and I will be left with a clear mind.

So how am I going to get back? I am pushing myself to limits I didn't know existed in the gym. If I do one set of 12 reps on the leg press in the gym, I will do one more set. I went from 15 mins on the treadmill to 20 then I carried on until 45. I am going until I can't no more. I will be getting some cones and practise my techniques in the garden and on a field, I wont give up until my body does. I am taking care of my leg, I wear a knee brace once I have worked out I will either heat it or freeze it, which ever I think is going to do the most. I will take pain killers when I need to and rest days when required. Although I will push myself further each session I won't go too far. Once I feel I am ready I will sign back up for a team and get some game time in. But I will never give up I will keep going, I won't go to that dark place anymore, I am better than that. If those I look up to can bounce back so can I.

Nothing is going to stop me anymore.

See you soon,

Fashion Inspo: Ashlyn Harris

If you aren't sure who Ashlyn Harris is, she is a USWNT and Orlando Pride goalkeeper with an amazing sense of style. She has an amazing androgynous style and one that I have loved for quite a while now. She has chopped off her long blonde hair and gone for a short brown style which I adore. I am in fact hoping to start doing my hair a bit like hers as something a little different. Her tattoos just add an edginess to her entire look.

I love this t-shirt in this image as it is slightly oversized and goes perfectly with the darker coloured trousers. The glasses even go with this look as the frame goes well with the t-shirt. The watch is the perfect accessory too. This who look isn't too basic but isn't too dressy, perfect for a casual type of party. The hair in this image is also the type of style I think I want to go for.

I also love the whole black outfit that Ashlyn pulls off quite often. the black hat, t-shirt and trousers with the small silver watch just work together so well. The sunglasses also fit Ashlyn perfect which  is something I struggle with.

Something else I really struggle with is shoes. I just throw on the same old pair day in day out. I really want to try spend more time in a morning piecing items together. Ashlyn has done this so well in this image as the red vans match the shirt perfectly and the washed type of jeans top the outfit off.
I think it is about time I start focusing on matching outfits and stop being so lazy.

For a super casual laid back yet on trend look I love the way Ashlyn teams a printed t-shirt up with skinny black pants, black and white trainers, watch, sunglasses and a backwards snap back. Perfect for a casual day out or a shopping day this whole outfit looks so comfy.

For a more dressy event I love how Ashlyn teams up a dark shirt with the tie and skinny pants. Although this outfit is very dressy the nice white clean converse add a little bit of a laid back feel to the whole look. Teamed up with the smart watch this outfit would be perfect for a meal out, night out or possibly even a laid back meeting. 

So there you go those are just a few of Ashlyn's looks I love. I hope that one day I can get a couple of outfits thrown together like this and spend more time planning outfits instead of just picking random outfits out every day. It is time to start loving my style and trying out different combinations to find what is perfect for me. 

Can you recommend any shops where I may find the best items from these looks? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

Week #10

This week has actually been great fun. I have been at work but the nights have been spent either relaxing, playing bingo... I actually won and I have even got back into the gym. The quote above is something I am beginning to live by (as well as a few others but more on that another day), my dream is to get back to playing football and be the best I can be both at football and health and fitness wise. Being back in the gym has been great and I am aiming to be back at football very soon.

So here is what I have....

Been watching : My week has been spent watching YouTube videos of the USWNT in both games, the gym and during training. This has been to help me get a workout routine together and also a football training workout together.

Been reading : I haven't ready anything this week however I really want to find copies of Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgans books.

Been listening to : My gym playlist is full of Tegan and Sara, Paramore and LP so that is all I have listened to really. Although whilst I have been on YouTube I have been listening to a lot of this version of fight song. If you get chance you should really have a listen.

Bought : I have been good again this week all I have bought is train tickets for when we go see Manchester City Women and a few DVD's me and Liam have been after.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

What I Got For My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday and wow was I spoilt. I always got told birthdays stopped at 18 but this year the family went all out. I got the new Bradford City home shirt from my parent (forgot to get a pic of this one) I told them that was more than enough but it was like Christmas morning not a birthday. In fact my sister actually complained I got more than she did last Christmas. 

So here are just some of what I got....

 I have been after the Marine films for ages so my grandparents treated me to all 5 (i forgot to get a picture of 5). I even got Scooby Doo at Wrestlemania from my Auntie and Uncle. It was quite a WWE themed birthday this year.

 I have been collecting Funko Pop's for quite a while now so my Grandparents added to my WWE collection, with a few that I was really looking forward to receiving, I didn't like Eva Marie as a wrestler however as a person on Total Divas I loved her and John Cena is up there as one of my favourites. My awesome friend Jess from Twitter got me this super cute sitting down sitting. I think I am now only missing a few from the Lilo and Stitch collection.

 As I said at the beginning of the post my parents really did spoil me. I collect Tsum Tsums and had never actually got any of the Star Wars ones. So when I opened this super cute mini boxed set I was super impressed as it contains most of my favourite characters. They also got me this lovely framed Disney card, they are constantly telling me to grow up which I always reply with I never will, I can't wait to get this put up on display.

Liam's family know me so well too, they got me this really soft Stitch blanket and 2 Stitch note pads which I think I am going to use to plan out the blog.

My dad got an echodot for Christmas and after I used it a few times I really wanted my own. So I was really excited for this, I need to sit and set it up and will actually do a review of this once I have got to use it properly. My nickname is Rex as I apparently have t-rex sized arms so there were a few t-rex items such as this keyring and a little bronze t-rex necklace. Jess also got me this amazing Assassins Creed necklace which I adore as the game is one of my favourites. 

My Auntie brought one of these candles to my Grandparents one week and I fell in love with it, she asked if I wanted one and I ended up getting all 3. They all smell gorgeous without even being lit. I have a few candles to get through at the moment and I have to say these may become my favourites.

I have saved my favourite lot of presents until last. Liam really went all out this year and wow was I spoilt. First up was this bunch of Lush stuff. He knows just how much I love a good bath bomb, in the scarf were a total of 6 bath bombs including my favourite Dragons Egg. He is also apparently sick of hearing me complain about my skin so he got me a toner tablet, face mask, toner water and moisturiser.

Net up from Liam was this beautiful bunch of flowers with the sweetest message in the card. We had to go get me a new phone Saturday morning but when I got home these were waiting for me. He also got me this Roo soft toy, every time we went to the Disney store I was tempted to buy him but never did, I have to admit he is super cuddly too, I totally forgot about Liam and ended up cuddling Roo that night instead.

So that is what I got for my birthday. Do you want to see a review on any of these items? let me know.

See you soon,

All Time Low : Signed CD Sleeve - Pure HMV

I fell in love with All Time Low a long time ago after reading about them in Kerrang and listening to Dear Maria, Count Me In. So when I saw that Last Young Renegade was coming out I couldn't wait. especially due to the collaboration with Tegan and Sara. Unfortunately I haven't managed to buy the album yet although I will be doing once I sort my money out but I do listen to it via Spotify and YouTube.

I saw that they were doing signings at HMV however I always manage to miss the signings that I really want to go to. The All Time Low ones for the Last Young Renegade where just too far to get to. But thanks to the perks of being a PureHmv member I managed to bag this signed sleeve for just 5,000 points.

PureHmv is basically a loyalty scheme with amazing perks such as tickets to events, signed merch and goody bags. There were a limited number of these sleeves but I was one of the lucky ones and it arrived within a couple of days.It came in great condition and I can't wait to find a space to have it framed on my wall. 

I love the fact that although I actually missed the event I still get what I originally wanted, I can't wait to see all the other great rewards get added in the future. Now just to finally get my own copy of the album.

See you soon,