Dressing Room Wish List

 Now the dining room is in the process of being decorated, I am already starting to plan out the dressing room/spare room. Unfortunately we can't start on this until everything is out in the dining room as the spare room at the moment is just being used as storage for things yet to be sorted through.  But as we go along doing room by room it is slowly getting emptied, at long last. Granted there will be a few other bits that we need to find a space for until our loft is done but I am sure it won't take too long. So here is what I am hoping to get to get the dressing room fully done....

We are lucky enough to already have a sofa bed which my dad kindly give to us when we first moved in. So this is a black sofa which just turns nicely into a double bed. It is pretty comfy too. I am going to move this into the spare room and have some nice cushions on this along with a nice throw, which will just mean it looks nice whilst just being used as sofa on a day to day basis. 

Along the back wall with the sofa bed will be a freestanding mirror, which I am hoping is this one from The Range as it looks brilliant and only costs £27.99. At the moment we only have a tiny little mirror, which causes chaos sometimes when trying to piece an outfit together. I am on countdown for getting this as it will just mean getting ready on a morning is one million times easier for both me and Liam. 
For the dressing table I have my eyes on the Malm dresser from Ikea, at £80 I don't think it costs too much and after looking at it quite a few times I really am set on purchasing this. I will be keeping all my makeup in the drawer as I don't really have that much and on the top will be a nice mirror, my makeup brushes and a mirror plate holding my favourite perfumes. I just don't want it to look too cluttered. I just need to find a nice black chair/stool to go with the dressing table, as I don't want anything too big.
When we were last in Ikea I saw quite a few artificial plants that I really liked and these started at just £3.00 each. I think I may get a few of these for the window in the room and one to go on my dressing table. I usually hate things like this so I aren't too sure what is making like these ones. Obviously I will be getting some nice little pots for these to go into.

I have wanted the Alex drawers for so long but never had anywhere to put them, but now we have this room they will fit just nicely at the side of the dressing table. I have far too many hair products as you will see in a future post, so these are perfect. I can put my styling tools in the deeper drawers and have separate drawers for different types of styling products. It will just be so nice to open a draw and everything be neatly put away and easy to access. It might also have some of my jewellery in as I don't have that much and I don't like my current jewellery holder.  I will also be keeping my record player on the top of here as I love listening to music whilst getting ready. 

I really want one of these wire baskets too as at the moment I have a few home workout items just left laying around the house so this could be a place where it is all just put together. I just need something big enough to hold my yoga mat and foam roller. Plus if I get one like this and the items fit in so that the lid still fits, that will be an added bonus as I can put something nice on display on the top. 

Finally to finish off the room I really want to add some nice art prints, with my current trainer (sneaker) obsession I think I may have to get a few off Etsy that I have recently seen. Especially any that are Yeezy's or Nike. 

I really can't wait until this room is done and I will be sure to keep posting updates on the blog as things slowly progress.Can you recommend anything to go in here the room?

See you soon,

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