Weekly Round Up 2020 #3

Last week was a bit of a mixture some nice relaxing days and some pretty busy days but overall the week really dragged, I don't know if that is down to how slow some days were or just because that is usually the case in January. So here is how my week went...

Back to work for me and Liam and once again followed by the food shop. The weather was awful and the supermarket was empty so luckily it didn't take long at all. Then it was straight back home and into bed as I still wasn't well.

After work Tuesday was the usual as I went to my grandparents for tea. It was great to spend time with them, my auntie, nephew and sister again. Then it was home and bed as I was far too tired.

Wednesday was a day in work followed by a hospital appointment which went well. It is also the day I broke my no eating fast food or takeaways, unfortunately time wasn't on our side due to how late my appointment was so we ended up getting McDonald's on the way home, I don't know if it is just psychological or not but I didn't really enjoy it.

I finally ended up going to the doctors on Thursday after not bothering thinking I just had a cold since Christmas, it turns out I actually have a virus. At least now I know what it is. After work Thursday was just spent relaxing and doing some blogging bits.

Liam had an early finish from work which meant he came and picked me up when I finished. We went home and actually had a pretty productive night, I cleaned most of the house whilst he carried on painting the doors.

Saturday was an early start as my dad came round to do a bit more work in the spare room. Then it was a trip to the football for me, Liam & my mum where once again City messed up a lead to end up drawing. Was it worth sitting out in the cold for when I was already ill? I don't think so.

Sunday we finally got a lie in and I got caught up with YouTube before we went out for a meal with my family. It was a lovely meal then we all went back to my grandparents where I spent plenty of time playing with my nephew and watching Man Utd vs Liverpool. Then it was back home to watch more YouTube.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Once again there was a lot of YouTube, Hollyoaks and a bit of football.

Reading: I didn't pick my book up last week at all.

Listening to:  Whilst cleaning I had the Descendants soundtracks on full, then between that it was a mix of Stormzy and Tegan & Sara.

This week I want to get a budget worked out ready for payday, I am trying to save for a few things at the moment and I really want to finally get on top of my money and stop wasting it. Fingers crossed we can get a few more jobs done in the house too as everything is finally coming together and the spare room should be done sooner rather than later. Other than that I think it may be a blogging week.

See you soon

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