It is time to get the upstairs of the house complete

We have been in our house for nearly 5 years now and there are still so many jobs we want to get done to make the house feel complete and like our home. When we moved in we did everything on a budget and to be honest we rushed it so there are plenty of rooms we aren't happy with and we haven't really made it a priority to get any of the rooms redone. Currently we have only redone the games room and the bathroom since we originally did them almost 5 years ago, the bathroom was the biggest job with a wall knocked down and a whole new bathroom fitted where as the games room was done before any other rooms thanks to it being the room we spend the most time in. Since doing the games room we haven't done any other jobs due to lack of money, well more the fact that we have been spending our money elsewhere on things such as football trips, pointless shopping trips and generally on everything other than what we needed to spend the money on. This year though we are making saving for housework a priority and we are determined to get the upstairs of the house completed so we can finally move onto the downstairs which is definitely going to cost a lot more. 

To be honest the two jobs that we are aiming to get done in the house in 2023 are actually going to be two of the cheaper jobs to get done and thanks to the amount of time we spend upstairs it should hopefully make the house feel more like our own. One thing we don't want to do though is going in totally under estimating the cost and having to cut back in certain areas, I want every room to be perfect as this is the last time they will be decorated for a very long time. That is why realistically we are setting a target amount to achieve before actually going ahead with the job so we know just how much we have and a plan stick to rather than winging it like we did previously. A plan should mean that we stick to the budget whilst also getting our perfect room. So here is how we are looking to budget for the two rooms that we want to get done in the house this year...

Spare Room 

The spare room has turned from a dressing room for me into a bit of a hybrid room with it now mainly being an office spare with a bit of a dressing room crammed into the area. With the amount of time I spend in this room I really want to get it redone now as wallpaper is coming off the wall and the current vibe isn't what I want from the room. The plan for the room is to have it football based as it will be where I am on zoom calls etc for my football website so the theme for backgrounds needs to be there. This room is probably going to be the first done though as it is a small room and I will mainly be reusing the furniture I already having which will be a huge saving, I will just be reorganizing things a bit to get the most out of the space and make it a room I am happy to spend time in creating content etc. 

Realistically we are budgeting £400 for this room to be done exactly how we want it. We will be getting the room plastered like with did the games room however, this should be much cheaper as it is a much smaller room. Once it is plastered it is then a case of painting the room, there will be a feature wall where I hang my shirts etc for the football backdrop then the rest of the room will be painted a nice colour to compliment the feature wall, with how much paint I am actually going to require I shouldn't be spending more than £50 on this. The paint and plastering is going to be the main cost gone however, I might treat myself to a new light shade to match the room better. I am really excited to see how this room comes together because I spend a lot of time in here creating content and getting ready, the changes should make it the perfect hybrid room. 

The bedroom 

Our bedroom was certainly rushed when we moved in and with wallpaper peeling away and the wardrobe being a diy job that doesn't work well it is definitely time we really made this room the perfect room for us. This is definitely going to be more costly as it is a pretty big space and we need more doing than other rooms so it might not get done for a while however, the big aim is to have it done by the end of the year. 

We are realistically setting a budget of £1,200 for this room as just like the other rooms we will be getting this one re-plastered and it is probably going to be double the spare room so that is a big cost already. However, we then need to get the fitted wardrobe redone which will involve new doors, new shelving, new rails etc and I know this is going to be a lot more than the plastering as it is all going to be done from scratch but the cost will be worth it for a wardrobe is much more functional as we share it. We will also need to repaint this room but who knows we might opt for colours we have used in the games room or the spare room but just in case we don't and need more we have added a bit of money in the budget to cover for this. When we first did the room we opted for cheap bedside tables and a cheap cheat of drawers from Ikea and to be honest I was never happy with them so we are looking at getting new and have added the cost into the budget for these. Then it will just be a case of picking up things like new lamps and decorations to finish off the room which probably won't cost a lot at all as there won't be too much being bought for this space as I want to make it as clutter free as possible this time around. 

So there you go we are realistically budgeting £1,600 to get these two rooms completed so fingers crossed we can get to this totally very soon so we can get planning everything out and make a start on these jobs as they are the big aim so that 2024 can focus on the rest of the house which is definitely going to cost more as they are much bigger jobs when you sit and think about them. Once these two jobs are done it is time to get working towards the hallway, staircase, living room, dining room and then the dreaded kitchen. With us saving for these jobs whilst also doing the gym & gardens (more on that soon) it is definitely going to be a case of every spare penny goes towards jobs ticking off but honestly at this stage now I am just thinking I would rather have our perfect house than going on holiday etc after all we spend day after day at the house so why not get that sorted first. If we can get the upstairs of the house done by say October time I will be very impressed and fingers crossed we will be in a good position to get the hallway & stairs done by early 2024 to really kick start getting the house complete but these days with the cost of living etc we are just going to have to be realistic and make sure we are budgeting whilst not putting a strain on ourselves in other area. It is definitely all hands on deck now though to get jobs sorted and get this house perfect for us both inside and out. Let's just hope everything goes to plan. 

Check back next week to see how we will be budgeting for the jobs outdoors that we want to get done in 2023, luckily though these should be a bit more cost effective meaning we can focus on the jobs in doors. 

I am looking at changing my clothing style, so here is what I am planning...


As I am losing weight I am needing to buy new clothing but I am also working out what clothing works best for me and what doesn't which has led me to realise that I am currently buying clothing that doesn't fit the kind of style I am wanting to achieve meaning either the items are not being worn or I am forcing myself to wear them and my outfits don't look as put together as they used to. I am really starting to work out what works for me and what doesn't whilst also realising the kind of style I am wanting to opt for as I reach my end goal and require the wardrobe rebuild. I don't want a wardrobe the size of the one I currently have, I want a smaller wardrobe filled with items that I know I am going to wear and that I am going to feel good in and actually enjoy piecing together outfits around. I am using this time whilst I am losing weight and aiming for my end goal to experiment with my style whilst sticking to a budget meaning I am learning what works for me in the styles I want to achieve whilst also working out what really doesn't which should help my complete wardrobe rebuild much easier as I won't be worrying about wasting money on my big shopping trip as I will know exactly what I need to purchase and exactly what I need to avoid. 

My weeks are filled with work Monday to Friday and for the weekends most of the year is filled with football but when that isn't in season it is filled with shopping trips and general days out. I am sick of wearing the same clothing for work and days off so I am aiming to rebuild with a work section of my wardrobe and then a day to day section for my days off and weekends, this will just help me separate the two with a bit of a different style for the occasions. For work I want to opt for smart office wear and a smart casual vibes someday's where as weekends etc are going to be more relaxed and casual with a bit of smartness added in if there is a special occasion taking place. I am hoping that by separating the two wardrobes I can feel more like me whilst separating work and day to day something which currently doesn't take place. So here are the styles I am going for and the items I am looking to have in my wardrobe to help me create those styles... 


I only work at a small company with just a few of us in the office so currently I make no effort at all with my outfits as no-one is going to see them however, I know this isn't the attitude to have and I really need to get out of the mindset and start putting the effort in daily especially as I have come up with an ideal work wardrobe that will require effort putting in but will also probably help me feel so much better about myself daily. I have taken on board the say 'dress for the job you want not the job you have' and this is a practice I am going to put into place going forward to make my work outfits that much smarter and just help with that mindset switch I so desperately need lately. I am going to be opting for an office wear style that is going be comfortable for long days at my desk whilst also standing out as a much more put together smarter look. Here are the items I am looking at getting to create these perfect outfits:


Currently I tend to stick to wearing jeans to work and honestly I feel uncomfortable in them so I am looking at switching these out and swapping them for some nice trousers. I just feel 100 times smarter when I am in a nice fitting pair of trousers so I am going to be wearing these more often and adding some nicer ones into my wardrobe. Of course I will be making sure my trusty checked pants are in the section but I am also thinking some nice black & grey pairs both straight leg and ankle grazer and maybe tapered just to add some different options to my wardrobe whilst also making my daily outfits more comfortable. 


At my old job I was wearing shirts daily and I just felt really confident about myself in them as silly as it sounds, how can a simple shirt add confidence to your mentality? I really don't know why but it did. That is why I want to start adding some nice fitting shirts into my work wardrobe in hopes that this confidence comes back. When I hit my goal I will be treating myself to some nice classic Ralph Lauren ones but for now I am going to be playing about with some on a budget in the hopes of finding which colours and styles work best for me. All I know for now is I will over time be buying shirts in various colours and a blue & white striped one is 100% being added to the collection as it is an essential. I think I might get a few short sleeved ones for the warmer weather too although the office never seems to warm up.


Where I work is in a cold building so jumpers are an essential and that means I will be adding a few different styles into my wardrobe to cover all styles. I will have some chunky knits for those more casual days, some thinner wool type ones for with some nice trousers on the cooler days and some nice thin jumpers that will look good layered with a shirt seen as I am most likely to be wearing those day in day out.


I aren't planning on wearing t-shirts too often however, I do want to have a few good quality plain ones reserved for the work wear section of my wardrobe just so I have the option available to me if I do fancy it. I will just be sticking to the basics like black, white and possibly grey for these as again I don't plan on wearing them too much.


As an extra layer of warmth in the cold office I think I will be opting to wear a blazer rather than a scruffy old hoodie or fleece. This is just in keeping with the smarter outfits but it also means I can get away with wearing a blazer which just so happens to be a favourite item of mine, I love a good blazer. I will probably stick to black or striped ones for work but I know I am going to absolutely love wearing them a lot more often, plus it gives me an excuse to buy more in the future which I can't wait for. 

Smart coats

Thanks to living in the UK I always need to have a coat to hand. That is why to go with my new work style I am going to be looking at picking up some smarter coats, my current coats are all sports style ones so are no good for with the smarter vibe I am going for. I do have a short black smart coat currently though and a long grey one so as I lose the weight I will no doubt be picking up a few more of these whilst also adding more colours and styles into the rotation.

No sneakers (well most of the time anyway) 

This is going to be a big one for me to be honest as I currently wear my sneakers every day without fail however, I know that half the pairs I own won't work very well the style I am opting for when it comes to work so I will be trying my best to stick to my Chelsea boots & loafers for works whilst possibly investing in a few more pairs over time as I settle into the style, I know I definitely want some more subtle loafers whilst also getting more standout ones plus some more Chelsea boots would also be ideal. I will allow myself to wear sneakers every now and again but only my smarter & basic looking ones when they are nice and clean. No more beat up sneakers for work.

Now most of my weekends are filled with football either watching or playing however, on the rare occassion that I do have a weekend off from football and I am going out elsewhere or have an occassion I am out to celebrate I want to make a bit more of an effort than I currently do as at the moment I am just throwing on any old items together and hoping it works out. I really want to snap out of this though as like I said earlier it is all about the mindset, if I put effort into my outfit I end up feeling more confident and ready to take on the world as silly as it sounds, mentally it just does me the world of good so I am going to be putting that effort in every weekend even if it is a lounging or football day the effort will help me feel comfortable and confident ready to crack on with my day. I am going to be opting for a bit of a more casual style on a weekend where I can go for a bit of a street vibe if I wish however, I will again be aiming for more of a smarter put together vibe where I am feeling comfortable and confident. Some items maybe similar to work day ones but I will be making sure I keep them separate so I am wearing different clothes and keeping work & day to day apart so I don't feel like I am dressing for work daily. This is definitely going to have more of a laid back vibe. So here are the items I will be keeping in the wardrobe for the weekends and days off...


Again I am going to be making sure I have a selection of trousers in my wardrobe for weekends and days off, of course I will be including some checked pants in these too as I can't get enough of them however, these trousers will probably be a bit more of a relaxed fit compared to what I would wear for work just to dress an outfit down a little bit. Again the pairs I opt for will probably be black or grey.


If you have read the blog for a while you will know that I love a good pair of cargos. That is why I will be making sure I always have a black and a grey cuffed pair in my wardrobe ready for those more street wear and dressed down days. These are very comfortable and perfect for the more relaxed days whilst also still looking like there has been effort put into the outfit which is exactly what I want each day to look. 


Jeans might not be comfortable for sitting at work in day in day out however, they are almost perfect for every occassion at the weekend, going to the football? Stick a pair of jeans on, going shopping? Jeans will do the trick. At the moment though I have far too many different styles and if I am honest I am not a fan of them all that is why I will be making sure I am opting for smarter, better fitting pairs from now on. Either skinny or straight fit will be my go to and I will be limiting myself to 1 ripped pair as that is all that I require as I don't wear them too often. As for colours I am going to try stick to black, dark blue, light blue and grey, the colour will definitely depend on the season we are in at that point though.


As the warmer weather approaches I love a good pair of chinos and I get a lot of wear out of them in the spring and even in summer so these are a wardrobe essential for me to be able to create that perfect smart casual style. Team these up with a nice top and some nice sneakers either Converse or Vans and you have the perfect outfit in my opinion. This time around though I am going to stick with khaki, grey and navy ones as they are the ones I get the most use out of and what will go with my chosen style better.


I might be wearing shirts at work but honestly I love a good shirt that much I would happily wear one everyday of the week. That is why in my weekend and day off section I will be making sure I have a nice little selection of shirts in different colours. I will be having both short and long sleeved denim ones in the selection as well as some nice checked shirts as we all know just how much I love a good checked shirt. I will be having some nice plain long and short sleeved shirts in the selection too along with some nice printed shirts for the warmer weather as I fell in love with them last summer. 


T-shirts are perfect for layering under my checked shirts and hoodies but they will also be perfect for the warmer weather and help create a good smart casual look. I currently have a whole host of printed shirts however, I am going to reduce the number of those right down and only wear them on the casual days and only buy printed if I really, really like it and can create a few outfits with other items of my wardrobe. The main t-shirt focus will be the plain basics of black, white, grey & navy t-shirts that will go with all the bottoms I am planning on buying. Who knows I might get some different colours for different seasons but that will definitely be trial and error of what works and what doesn't.


Again I will be wearing some jumpers for work but I will be purchasing some more casual ones for my weekend looks. These are going to be a more relaxed fit and possibly in different colours however, I think the main type I will get are chunky knit ones for the autumn as I don't usually bother with jumpers on weekends unless I want to dress a bit smarter, I tend to stick with hoodies or shirts layered for warmth when needed. 


I have already mentioned hoodies a few times in this post and no matter how smart I change my style to be I will also have a selection of hoodies available as I always feel good in a nice fitting hoodie. This time around though I am going to limit the bold colours and big prints and I am going to try stick to plain basic ones that are going to go great layered up in a smart casual look. I am even going to pick up some Nike ones for those lounging days as they are super comfortable. 

Tracksuit bottoms

Lucy you said you was smartening up your style didn't you? Yes I did but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good pair of tracksuit bottoms. A nice fitting pair teamed up with a hoodie and blazer or denim jacket can work really well plus not every weekend I am going to be out and about, some weekends I will just be lounging around doing jobs around the house so comfort will be key those days and tracksuit bottoms tick all the boxes for those days. 


I am a sucker for a pair of shorts, you will find me wearing them all year round as they are very comfortable and perfect when just lounging around that is why I am going to make sure I have pairs available for all occasions. I will be getting some jersey ones for lounging around and those really casual days then I will also be getting some suitable for holidays etc where comfort is key. For those smarter days though I will be opting for chino or denim shorts as I love the look of those and know I will get my wear out of them.


As I said earlier I seem to only have sports jackets available at the moment and I am planning on changing that so that I can make sure that my jackets don't downgrade my outfits and they fit the theme much better. I have sat and looked at what jackets would fit my style the best and I know that a basic windbreaker, a nice thick coat (maybe the North Face puffer I have wanted for years) and a black & light blue denim jacket would work perfectly with that dream style whilst providing me the extra layer of warmth that I require here in the UK.


Here we go I might be limiting the use of sneakers throughout the week however, weekends are where I can really get the wear out of my collection as they will definitely go much better with the style I am aiming for on days off and on weekends. I know exactly what sneakers are going to go best with different outfits I have in mind and I will be honest I am specifically looking forward to the warmer weather as this is where I get to wear my favourite sneakers and really use them as the start point for my outfits.

I am sure I will have missed some essentials off for my weekend / day off style but as I am experimenting with what works over the next few months even possibly the next 12 months I am sure this list might change a fair bit. 

Even when it comes to working out I am going to make sure that I am putting more effort into my outfits as when my outfit is co-ordinated I have a much better training session and as that is a big focus of my future I need to make sure I aren't slacking and making sure my outfits are on point each session but that is a post for another day. 

So there you go those are the styles I am aiming for and what I am going to be experimenting with as I work towards my weight loss goal. Let's hope that by the time I reach the goal I have 100% settled into these styles and know exactly what I need to purchase to make this style absolutely perfect whilst not over running my wardrobe like I currently am. I think even the accessories are going to be looked through and possibly changed to go with these styles, every detail even down to the socks.

For now thought it is time to get experimenting and see what works and what doesn't, I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses and finally finding my style rather than purchasing items for the sake of it like I currently do. I can't wait to see the final wardrobe result when I hit that goal and I really can't wait to start piecing together outfits around these styles. I guess you could say it is going to help me level up my life. 

The 109 day challenge & why I am doing it


I love to set myself a bit of a challenge especially when it urges to me to work even harder towards my fitness goals which I am determined to smash this year as I have already mentioned a few times. I know I definitely work better when I have a challenge in mind as it pushes me and keeps me working and holds me accountable even on those days where I may also be struggling at times. If I have a date towards and have a challenge set out I know that I am more likely to achieve those goals in the long run as that date is always going to be at the front of my mind. That is why this time I am doing a 109 day challenge that started on the 14th February and will run right through to the 3rd June. I am hoping that these 109 days give me a really big push to make a difference as I have a holiday not long after this date and also I have an inflatable 5K that I will be taking part in. I really want to see and feel a difference in my body by these two events, one so I can treat myself to some new clothing for my holiday that fits me nicely and so that I can feel really confident whilst away like I did on my last holiday in summer 2022. It will definitely be an added bonus if I can I am in a better place fitness wise ready for my 5K too as I am already dreading that especially with my current fitness levels which massively need improving.

Over the next course of these 109 days I have a plan in place with various tasks I need to stick to over in the hopes of making as much difference both physically and mentally. If I stick to these tasks I think I could really see a big difference and I should make a big dent in my fitness goals for the year. I have the daily routine to stick to written on my trusty whiteboard and I keep record of my weight so I can see what is working and what isn't, it just helps me visualize the routine so much more and I know that if I can visualize this daily I am more likely to stick to it as I can see things working. So here are the things I am sticking to daily...

Read a book

I really need to get back into reading and I know that it is really beneficial as it keeps my brain active but also helps me switch off which definitely needs to happen a lot more often as life is just getting crazier. I have a lot of books to start reading and even just one chapter a night will help tick this off and will helps me relax a lot more.

Wake up before 7am

I am usually pretty good at waking up however, I am a nightmare for getting up and getting on with my day as I just lounge around for far too long when in fact I could be getting up and getting on with things and being so much more productive. I am aiming to be up, out of bed and have started my day by 7am everyday whether its a weekday or weekend, the extra time to get things done is going to be really beneficial.

No alcohol

In these 109 days I am aiming for no alcohol however, the odd few over all those days are going to be let off just as I don't go overboard. I always feel so much better when I cut out the alcohol and I always see my journey going much better so fingers crossed this little task works in my favour.

7,000 steps a day

I am determined that for the whole 109 days I will be hitting my daily step goal. I know just how important my steps are on my fitness journey so I am going to make sure they are a key focus and I am nailing that non-negotiable every single day. This is definitely going to cut back on the lazy days and is really going to help me make big progress on my journey and in those 109 days, who knows as it progresses we might see that step goal but for now 7,000 is more than acceptable.

No takeaways

I don't know how many times I have said this in the past and not stuck to it however, this time I am really 100% focused on having this daily task one I tick off a lot. Not only will it save us money but it will also get me in the kitchen cooking much healthier meals for a change and I will actually know what I am eating rather than greasy meals that aren't even that enjoyable.  I am looking forward to trying to stick to this and playing. around with the meals I cook, it is time to make more of an effort and try new foods.

2 litres of water every day

Now I will be 100% honest this is something I do everyday without fail at the moment however, I really want to keep this on the tick list just as a reminder to keep it up. I need to make sure I am hitting no less than 2 litres a day as I know this is when I feel my best, I am hydrated and energized when I stick to this so expect a lot of water to be drunk over the next 109 days.

Minimum of 30 minute of exercise

This doesn't have to be strenuous exercise everyday it could simply be a long walk or time on the bike however, I will be mixing it up with tough days and lighter days just to find the balance in my body and give it recovery time. Exercise is so important for me as it is not only helping my journey but it also helps me mentally too so 30 minutes a day in non-negotiable.


I have been taking different vitamins now on and off for months however, I know now just how important it is for me to be taking them every single day. I have added them to this tick list to ensure I am taking them daily and giving my body everything it needs for me to function my very best and to stay nice and healthy.

Progress pictures

I am not going to be only relying on the scales for my progress, I am going to be taking plenty of progress pictures throughout the 109 days so I can see just how much change I am making and if I need to change anything else to make even better progress. I love progress pictures as you can just see exactly where the changes are happening.


Now I am working out a lot more and doing more challenging exercise such as my football and boxing I really need to incorporate stretching into my routine so that I am helping prevent any possibly injuries from over working my muscles. I have realised lately just how important stretching really is so I am aiming for 10 minutes of light stretching & mobility work just to help on the injury prevention side of things whilst also helping with post workout recovery in the long run. 

Daily gratitude

This is something I have only really started doing recently but I am really enjoying it and finding the benefits from it so I am adding it to my routine for the full 109 days. The daily gratitude just gives me 10/15 minutes on an evening reflecting on my day and what I was grateful for. This is a particularly good activity as if I am having a bad day I can check back on previous days and see the good in the to help keep me going. 

Weigh in daily 

Now I know people say not to get weighed daily however, I know that I am not going to obsess over that number and in fact I am going to use the daily weigh ins to keep an eye on if certain foods are causing me issues or if I am doing too much in one go. Weighing in daily will just help me see my fluctuations in my weight and show me areas I might need to improve on. 

Obviously I said at the start of the post that I wanted to push to feel confident on my holidays and be in better shape but I have set myself some mini goals which I am hoping to achieve by the end of my 109 days. Some goals are very realistic where as others are going to require a big push however, if I stick to these daily tasks I have the full belief that I can achieve these goals, if not do even better than them. So here are the goals I have set for myself...

Lose 1 stone 7 lbs 

Now this is just a ball park figure and to be honest it is the lowest amount I would be happy to lose, I would love to absolutely smash this number but I guess only time will tell. This would take me to over 2 stone lost overall since the start of my journey and will take it to my lowest weight in a long time. If I could hit 2 stones lost in these 109 days that would be perfect but lets keep it that bit more realistic and stick with a stone & half lost, a big push is going to be required. 

Only 4 meals out 

I know I have put a daily goal as no takeaways but the challenge is also to reduce the meals out I have as they are a big problem cause for me as I always pick the biggest burger and go way over my daily calories and this needs to stop. I have a few things going on in the 109 days but I am determined to limit myself to 4 meals out for those occassion and make sure I pick a better option from the menu when I do go out. There is no need for me to eat out as much as I do and I am using the 109 days to create the healthy habit of cooking more.

Drop 10 cm off hips & 10 cm off waist

My two big trouble areas are my hips and waist and I hate looking at them so I am hoping that by the end of these 109 days I see a difference on these areas and I would be very happy to take 10 cms off each which if I stick to the tasks daily I could honestly see quite easily as in the past I have noticed a pretty big change in these areas without the full focus on all the steps of my journey. The nutrition is going to be a big player for this so fingers crossed I get that nailed early on and make sure I am hitting all my training sessions, no excuses. 

Increase my strength 

I think this is where I could see a big change over the 109 days as if I am hitting those training sessions every week with no excuse I am going to be upping the weights a few times I hope. I have been lifting the same weights for a while now as I just haven't been consistent with my sessions for a variety of reasons but that has meant not being comfortable enough to up the weights. I would love to see an increase in my strength though as I have never really had any upper body strength and it has always been an area I have wanted to see a change in.

Smash my steps daily

I want to make sure that during the 109 days I don't slip under 7,000 steps. I want to be hitting my steps everyday with no issues as I know now just how important the steps are in my journey. I need to keep moving and need to cut out those super lazy days as they are doing me no good. If I am lazy I sit and binge eat, if I am up and moving I am not thinking of eating out of boredom and I am making a difference on my journey. Steps are an important part of the journey and I am looking forward to really challenging myself with them.

Feel better mentally 

I think this might be one of the most important goals I want to hit by doing this challenge, I feel as though by doing each task daily mentally I am going to feel so much better. The tasks are going to help me in recovery, help me physically and also help take the stress away from my life that I have been feeling so often lately for no apparent reason other than being so busy and feeling overwhelmed. I know that just feeling better mentally is going to help me out so much in the long run as my journey progresses. 

Develop a routine

I strive off a routine and when I have a routine in place that I can stick to the benefits start to roll in. That is why I am hoping that by doing these tasks daily for 109 days I create myself a routine to stick to rather than reaching the end and just giving up and losing my progress. I am fairly positive though that by day 109 I will be seeing a big difference in my routine and actually be continuing it into the future. 

Be in better shape for the inflatable 5K

As I mentioned earlier not long after my 109 days end I will be doing the inflatable 5K that I signed up for last year. I am no runner and honestly I am kind of dreading doing this but I think in the long run it is going to do me the world of good as it is something to look forward to and something different in general. I am hoping to have much better fitness levels for when this day arrives and who knows it might end up getting me into running. 

Find a good life balance 

Now this one might seem silly to some people but I think this is one of the biggest things I want to achieve over the 109 days. So many times over the past few years on this journey I have ended up worn out from life just going 100 mph with no slowing down, I have focused on far too much at once so I am hoping by focusing on those daily tasks and getting into a routine will help me find a good balance to avoid future burnouts.

Size 14 jeans

I am aiming to be able to treat myself to some new jeans by the end of my 109 days and I am really hoping that I can be in a size 14 but I guess only time will tell. Currently I am in a size 16/18 depending on where I buy from and to be honest the 18's fit that bit better so there is going to be a big push to be in a size 14 but I think if everything falls into place and I do drop the cm's and the weight overall I could comfortably be in a size 14 by the end of the 109 days in at least 1 shop. Fingers crossed this works and I can treat myself to those new jeans as I need some that fit in a more suitable colour for the warmer weather. 

Medium tops 

Now I buy all my tops from the men's departments as they just fit me better and are a lot more comfortable. Currently I am in a large so I am hoping the hard work over these 109 days will take me down to a medium in normal day to do shirts and t-shirts so that I can have a little shopping trip before my holidays to get some nice fitting clothes to take away with me. I am already squeezing into medium football shirts but it would be nice to fit these a bit more comfortably by the end of the 109 days too as it will be time to start buying new season & World Cup shirts which means plenty of treats.

Have my shorts fit better for my holiday

I got some really nice shorts in a large men's last year for my holiday but they fit quite tight. I am wanting to wear these again for this years holiday so fingers crossed I can get to the stage where they are fitting me much more comfortably so I can wear them as much as possible on the holiday and into those warmer months. I just have a feeling I might need to go try find these in a size smaller though if I am making as much progress as I am hoping to, I just want a good fitting short this time around.

So there you have it that is my plan of action for the 109 days between the 14th of February and the 3rd of June, so far I am off to a pretty good start but I know I really need to focus in and get ticking off those daily habits with no excuses day in day out if I want to see the progress I have set out to make.  I have my trusty whiteboard to hand and ready to get marking off those steps and really see progress. This ear is the year where I really want to push to my end goal and lets hope this really helps make a big step towards it.

I am looking forward to hopefully smashing a lot of the goals set and getting into a new routine. Do you think I can do it? It is time for me to start believing in myself and show myself just what I am capable of.

Why do I want to save for so many sneakers?


If you have read the blog for a while now you will know just how much I love sneakers and the whole culture surrounding them. This has been a love of mine for a very long time now and thanks to sneakers being all I tend to wear daily the love for them just grows and grows and with social media playing a big part of life these days my attention is being drawn to even more absolutely fantastic pairs and the cost of the wish list just grows and grows so I know now that I need to start saving for the pairs I really want rather than buying pairs just because they are cheap which I usually tend to do.

As I am trying to get better with my money I know now I need to cut back on the amount I spend to save for everything else I want to do but I really don't want to cut out buying sneakers as they are an area I use to express myself through my style, they are what I centre a lot of outfits around and I wear most pairs daily so I know it is an investment rather than a waste of money. I would rather use a pair of sneakers to make my outfit stand out rather than a t-shirt or an item of jewellery as the sneaker can easily become a conversation starter and also adds a sense of comfort to the outfit especially if you are on your feet all day. 

As soon as I started earning my own money I was buying sneakers more than any other item, as I say it was just my way of experimenting with my style however, over the time I have spent a lot of money on a fast growing collection and I am one of those people who have pairs they don't wear as they don't wear them so I am making an effort to save for the sneakers I want whilst trying to wear the sneakers I already own and finally get the wear out of them. I know that I could discover new favourite sneakers whilst saving for the pairs I really, really want.

With the current sneaker market it is so hard to find the pairs I really want at retail price, in 2022 it took me months just to get a pair of air force which drove me mad, it shouldn't have been that hard to find a pair of white sneakers. I am determined not to spend over the odds for most pairs however, there are a few pairs of sneakers that I have wanted for years now and they are still pairs I am aiming to buy now as my stance is still on the same these. I would rather save up to get these pairs at long last rather than buying cheap pairs for the sake of it. I actually have a bit of a separate savings pot set up now ready to build up a fund to buy those pairs I really, really want. 

I can definitely save up for these sneakers if I just stop getting caught up in the brands promotion campaigns as currently I get a bit too sucked into the campaigns and buy the sneakers just for the sake of it and then regret it a few months down the line. I think by knowing I have to save up to get the sneakers it might actually help me keep putting more money into saving and it might also help me save up a bit more as it will definitely feel a lot more like a treat compared to just a usual purchase. 

Lets hope this all goes to plan and I stick to only buying the sneakers I really want rather than just throwing money away.

Trying to make do with the clothing I have whilst losing weight


I have mentioned a few times on the blog recently how I am just throwing money down the drain thanks to buying so many new clothes whilst I am on a weight loss journey. It is actually getting ridiculous at the moment just how much I spend each month when clothes just aren't lasting on me and this is only getting worse as the weight is dropping off more and my body size & shape is changing so often. I can buy a new item of clothing and just a month later that item no longer fits and is pushed to the back of my wardrobe never to be seen again. I even have a lot of clothing in my wardrobe with tags on them that I bought and never got around to wearing thanks to them not fitting in the season they were purchased for. I am really just buying clothing for the sake of it at the moment, mainly so I don't leave a shopping trip empty handed and I am now realising that I really need to stop doing this to not only save money but to also stop overcrowding my wardrobe. I am also noticing that my style is starting to change as the weight drops off so again items of clothing are purchased but then no longer fit into the style I am opting for so go unused, another waste of money. 

As the weight is starting to drop off more frequently now I know that I can't go on buying clothing like I have been doing and I really need to make changes and simply make do with the clothing I have so that I have the money available to buy clothing when I really need to which could be months or weeks down the line, plus it will mean even more money in my goal shop fund ready for when I do hit that final goal and go on a big shopping trip to completely rebuild my wardrobe in the clothing that fits my style and new shape perfectly. 

One simple way of making do with the clothing I buy is simply adding a belt to my trousers or jeans. This is going to save me plenty of money rather than buying new trousers every two minutes and should mean I get a few more months out of each pair rather than buying a size down which might not be fully comfortable yet. Belts are a pretty cheap way to add some extra life to items and it should mean I get plenty more wear out of the pairs I already own rather than just getting rid the second they get a little bit big on me. 

The over-sized look seems to be in fashion right now so that could work in my favour. I actually don't mind my t-shirts and hoodies being on the over-sized of things so I am just going to make do with opting for that look rather than a fitted one all the time which I have to admit I do prefer but sometimes you have to adjust what you like for a short period to get what you really want and I am starting to learn that more and more as my journey progresses. To be honest I think I could have a fair bit of fun playing around with styling what I own in an over-sized way.

I am also making do with cheaper clothing, I know now that I really don't need to be buying designer & branded clothing at this moment in time as I am just throwing the money away when I do this and I might as well save that money for when I am at my settled weight and size and treat myself to the items that are going to make me feel more like me. If I do need a new item I will be looking for dupes to the expensive ones I want and putting the money saved to one side for my goal shop. I have found sometimes the cheaper items purchased actually fit me better for longer so let's hope this is the case as I will be making do with the cheaper purchase for now, anything expensive comes once the weight drops off. 

Whilst I am losing the weight I am going to be making sure that when I do go out and buy clothing I am only replacing the clothing that I actually wear. If I have an item in my wardrobe that I don't wear but see a similar one whilst out shopping then I clearly don't need the similar item as there is already something unworn in my wardrobe that I could get the wear out of without spending unnecessary money on a new item. I don't need every Primark printed t-shirt just because they are dupes this time around, I can easily wait, save and treat myself to the real thing if I really want to when the weight drops off.

Sticking to the basics is going to be key to this little making do journey too as it is going to be much more effective. Rather than getting fancy items every time I desperately need to size down if I just stick to the basics of some jeans, shorts if it is in season, t-shirts and maybe a shirt or two. If I stick to those few basics then I should be able to reduce the size of my wardrobe as I go along which is something I definitely need to do and it should also mean a fair bit of money saved as I won't be buying too many clothes that aren't going to last. 

I am hoping that I can really learn to make do with the clothing I have got and just power through with them being a bit baggier on me so that I can stop wasting money on clothing I really don't need and save ready for that big shopping trip when I hit my goal at long last, if I do manage to cut out buying clothing by the time it comes to me actually having that big shopping trip I should have a lot of money ready to be put towards building my dream wardrobe for my new shape & size.

Get used to seeing me in baggier clothes from now on though as I am determined to stick to this and only buy when I really have to. 

The money saving swaps I am planning on making...


I have mentioned saving money on here a lot in 2023 so far and I won't be stopping anytime soon as this is a big focus for the year ahead and moving into the future. I am determined to clean up my money habits and get my saving accounts growing rather than having to take money out of them to cover useless purchases which I know now I really didn't need to buy. I really need to start getting my act together to increase my savings as I am still wasting money but there are so many jobs I want to get done this year around the house. When I have sat down and looked at my bank account since the start of the year I have realised just how much money I am wasting on silly purchases that I really didn't need which got me thinking about the changes I can make from now on to hopefully see my saving increase and help me make a start on those jobs I want to get done. So here are the swaps I am planning on making from now on...

Rather than spending a fortune on different shower gels like I currently do I am going to be swapping to using bars of soap. Not only will this save me money but it will also be a bit more environmentally friendly which is even better in my eyes. I am sick of buying bottles of shower gel just because they seem to be on a good offer and then I get sick of the scent before I am even half way down the bottle. A bar of soap is a lot cheaper and after trying one recently I have realised it is much better value for money, once I am through all my current shower gels I will be switching to bars for the foreseeable future, if I can stick to this I could save plenty of money. 

Starbucks and Tim Horton's trips are costing both me and Liam a fortune, it is a pretty long way for us to travel just for a hot drink so it is costing us the cost of the drinks and the use of petrol, it is ridiculous. I have got us both a flask so that we can fill that up for trips out rather than going out of our way to go purchase a hot drink. By taking a flask on car journeys we should save a small fortune and have our petrol go a lot further. 

Just like drinks we are spending a fortune on takeaway food too which we need to cut out for money saving and also for my fitness & weight loss journey. The takeaways are doing me no favours and I want to lose a fair bit of weight this year, that will only happen when the takeaways are cut back. As for the money side of things if we swapped our takeaways for fakeaways or just home cooked meals in general I really do believe between us both we could save a couple of hundred pounds. It is just down to laziness that we end up ordering in but if we just keep reminding ourselves what we are saving for I think we will happily start cooking more and we will enjoy those treat takeaways even more. 

When it comes to lunch time at work I am a sucker for a meal deal which then ends up with me adding on extras and some days I can spend over £5 on my lunch which soon adds up. Now that I have looked and seen the amount I do spend each month on those meal deals it has made me more determined to start meal prepping, just an hour out of my evening could save me a fortune whilst also making sure I am getting a healthier lunch. This is something I am determined to do each week and even those days off I have as they will certainly save me a fortune and help me put money towards those jobs in the house and I would rather see that take shape than have a meal deal any day of the week. 

I am going to do a bit of research on this next one as I think it could be beneficial if done in the correct way and that is bulk buying specific products. If I know I am going to use an item and continue to use it over and over I will look to see if bulk buying would save me a lot more than just buying it one at a time. This would be good for laundry products and bathroom products but I know sometimes companies can make you look like you are getting a good bulk buy deal when in fact you aren't saving much at all. If I find the right sort of bulk deals I will definitely be looking at them especially for laundry products where the cost soon starts to add up.

We are also going to start opting for unbranded products whilst out and about shopping on main things like food. These simple swaps again could save us a fair but over the course of the year. We have already done this swap on spices where we have gone from over £1 a jar to around 50p, even for fajita night we have gone from buying a kit to using Asda own brand sauce, salsa & wraps and it is costing us a lot less but is still as tasty. If we made these changes across more food items we will certainly see our bill reduce weekly. We can even do this with clothing, I usually go for Nike and other branded sports wear however, with me not staying in items long due to my weight loss I could swap from items from Primark and save a lot on things such as t-shirts and shorts.

When I do go shopping I need to remember to take my canvas shopping bags with me if I am planning on buying things. We are really good at taking bags with us for the food shop however, on general shopping trips those bags soon start to add up then they just leave your house looking cluttered. I have a few canvas backs which would definitely save me on shopping trips it is just remembering to take them out but I will be making sure I do start to remember as every penny saved helps plus I am sick of having a draw full of plastic bags. 

I am terrible for going out and buying items we already have loads of in the house and Liam goes mad, this is a big problem especially with cleaning products as I just buy them if I see a new scent. This has become a bit of a problem as our cleaning products are starting to spill out of where we store them and are just taking up far too much space, throw in the fact this also happens with toiletries and the house is just over run. From now on I will only be buying items when previous ones have been used up and need replacing this should save us money and help declutter the cupboards and shelves. 

I have noticed I am subscribed to a few things that I don't even use anymore so I will be going through and getting rid of those and finding free alternatives to ones which I was meant to use for the blog etc, any others will just be cancelled and I might even transfer the amount it should have been into my savings straight away so I know that is money saved and accounted for rather than seeing it as extra money to spend each month.

Finally a big swap that is going to save me a fortune, if I am bored or just don't want to sit at home all day I won't be picking shopping trips at every opportunity as this is when I spend a fortune on items I don't need and I can really save by swapping a shopping trip for a nice walk which will also help for my weight loss journey. There is also the fact that rather than going shopping I could easily swap the trip out for a content creating day where I can get ahead of myself for the blogs and social media and see improved quality and consistency on the content I am producing, this would help stop me burning out whilst also keeping me in the house and away from the shops.

There you have it those are the swaps I am planning on making from now on to try start saving a lot more money. I am determined to start seeing my saving accounts increase rather than decrease as there is so much I want to get done this year in the house to ensure that the upstairs is basically complete and we are ready to move onto the bigger job of the hallway and the downstairs of the house. It is time to get my act together and see these swaps working. 

Making better choices when shopping


I have realised at the start of 2023 that I really need to make better choices when it comes to clothes shopping and to be honest shopping in general because if I want to hit those savings goals I have set for myself and achieve other goals my money needs to actually start going into savings rather than on items that I really don't need. At the moment my shopping habits are absolutely terrible and I am really buying things for the sake of it. I need to sit down and really try to find the cause of my terrible spending habits but the big thing for me seems to be that I never want to come home from a trip out empty handed and I know now looking at things closely I need to change this attitude and really make changes to my spending. To be honest like many people around the country our bills are increasing so I need to make sure I have enough to cover this plus we have something pretty exciting happening soon so we need extra money for that but more on that another day. I really need to start increasing my saving pots and if we want to get those jobs around the house done we need to get money sorted and get started on them as they are all pretty time consuming jobs and we are already in the second month of the year. I am also at the point where I am sick of buying new clothes, getting round to wearing them and them already being too big thanks to my current weight loss journey having an impact on my size constantly changing. I am literally just throwing money away and that needs to change now. 

My attitude towards money and spending overall really needs to be altered and here are some of the better choices that I am going to start making when it comes to general purchase and especially clothing purchases from now on...

In general I will be...

First up I will be making a list on my phone prior to any shopping trips for things that I need, such as cleaning products, homeware, clothing. I am hoping that creating these lists prior to shopping will mean I can refer back to the list whilst out and about and have a clear idea in mind on what I actually need to get and what I would be wasting my money on. Each month I will sit down whilst looking at my spending tracker and put on the list items I am 100% allowed to buy and try keep it to a small amount each month to help the savings grow but I will explain that in another post very soon as I am actually putting a real budget together now that I am 100% determined to stick to. 

I will also be thinking about purchases a lot more rather than rushing in and purchasing something straight away which I currently do. If there is something that catches my eye that isn't on my allowed to buy list I will be actually considering if it will be a worthwhile purchase I really need or if it is just going to be another wasted impulse purchase. If I will the shop and can't stop thinking about said item for an hour, a day or even a week I clearly didn't need it and I don't need to go back for it. 

A big thing that is going to happen is less shopping trips will be taking place. I have found I go shopping far too often just out of boredom and there is no need for it. I convince Liam to go out shopping rather than staying in a doing jobs around the house or other productive things I could get doing. If I cut out the shopping trips I could easily have extra hours to sit and work on blog posts & increase my productivity and consistency on all my social media platforms. The lack of shopping trips would be beneficial all round really I could grow my blogs, get jobs done and save money, it is a no brainer option really and I should start to only go shopping when I really need to. 

As part of my new budget I will be having a bit of a finance bullet journal which I am looking forward to sitting down and creating. In the journal I am going to have 2 specific pages each month... one for purchases made and one for the purchase I didn't make. I will add these up at the end of the month and see where I could save in the future and what I managed to resist and save money on. I am hoping that having these side by side will just spur me on to save more over the future months as I can visualize just how much I have saved by cutting back on purchases whilst out and about.

So those are the better choices for shopping in general however, my big issues seems to be with buying clothing, that is where a huge chunk of my money gets wasted especially now I am on my weight loss journey so here is how I am planning on making the better choices when it comes to clothes shopping...

First up I am going to go through my current clothing and see what fits and what areas need restocking. This way I know what I have plenty of and what items I actually need to be on the look out for when I am out and about. This way I can add essential items to my shopping list and make sure I am only buying what is on that list rather than wasting money.

I will also be making sure that if I want something but don't actually need it I am not just throwing my money away like previous, the money I would have spent I could easily move straight into my goal shop fund ready for that big shopping trip when I hit my goal weight, this is just another way to spur me on to save more as the money I save for this will only help provide a bigger and better shopping trip when I finally hit that goal weight & size.

When I do need to repurchase clothing items though I am going to make sure I shop around for the best deals, I don't want to be spending a fortune on clothing items that are only going to last me two minutes, I want to be budgeting my money so when I am at a stable size I can buy what I really want. Before buying anything I also need to consider if it is going to fit the style I am aiming for or is it just going to sit unused in my wardrobe. I also need to consider if I have any items similar already, if I do then I clearly don't need to purchase another. Finally I need to consider if the item I purchase is going to look good over sized as I am planning on making clothing last as long as possible but again more on that in another post, I aren't just buying clothes to get rid of them a month or so later, they need to be able to be styled well even when they are on the bigger side of things. 

Whilst I am out and about shopping I just need to make sure that I am keeping in mind all the things I want to get done and all those goals I set myself at the start of the year. if I am constantly losing weight there is no point in buying clothes, I can save for that goal shop and build my perfect wardrobe and more importantly if I want to get all the upstairs of the house sorted then I needto be adding plenty to my savings each month or we are just going to be pushing jobs back into 2024 and delaying completing the house at long last. 

I am really hoping to see a big change in my spending habits and increase those savings in 2023 so I need to start making these better choices and get more money in the bank. As I get going on this journey I will be adding more budget & finance posts on my blog and social media in the hopes that it holds me more accountable and helps me hit those goals.

January 2023 new in

Well here we go the first new in post of the year, the year where I said I would be saving a lot more than previous but as you will see in this post... that didn't quite go to plan in the first month. I set out with every intention of saving more than I spent during the month however, the sales and a few trips out got the better of me and I have spent a lot more money than I expected to. Some of the purchases have been totally random whilst some should actually help me saving money in the long run and even help me on my weight loss and fitness journey over time. So here is everything I picked up throughout the month of January...

This is definitely aimed at kids however, with it being reduced to just 50p I couldn't resist it. It is a well known fact now just how much I love women's football and with things becoming more available for the women's game I seem to be buying anything I set my eyes on. I have had a flick through this so far and I think I am going to enjoy this little book.

Oh look another women's football item and this is one I definitely wasn't leaving behind. I have been wanting a scarf to wear for the Man Utd matches for a while now however, they all seemed to just be generic men's ones apart from the Russo & Toone ones I already had. I love this one with this seasons squad on it and I am hoping this is only the start of more women's merchandise at games.

We had a trip to the seaside in January and I couldn't resist going on the claw machines in the arcades. I could spend a fortune on them however, normally I walk away empty handed this time though I seem to have got very lucky as just £1 later I was walking away with this Groot, a super cute addition to the games room. 

Both me and Liam wanted the latest Pokemon games before Christmas, we just never seemed to get round to purchasing them until January. I ended up opting to buy Scarlet whilst Liam got a copy of Violet. I have a massive backlog of games to get through so this is just sat on the shelf at the moment but I am really looking forward to playing it when the time comes.

I love January as everyone jumps on the fitness trend and new products find their way into stores. I took full advantage of this happening in Home Bargains and ended up with a fair few new protein treats to try, they didn't last long though and I definitely found new favourites.

I have been taking EAA's for a while now to help with my post workout recovery so when I saw this for £6.99 in Home Bargains I knew I wasn't leaving without it as my MyProtein one was slowly running out. I am looking forward to seeing how this one compares and if it actually does the trick or not.

Now this was a bit of a random one but I am sick of my pre-workout not mixing properly so I have bought this in the hopes that it is going to make the mixing process smoother and a whole lot quicker. I am sure it will be used on my EAA's & Vitamin tablets too just to speed the whole process up.

I love the Pinch of Nom cookbooks so as soon as the latest was announced I knew I would be purchasing it. We are really trying to sort out what we are eating this year whilst also saving money on takeaways so this book is definitely going to be used a lot and I can't wait to see what we are going to make first.

As I said we are trying to save money so when I saw these flasks on offer at Tesco I thought I would treat myself in the hopes of cutting out those takeaway coffees that soon start to add up. This is going to be great to take out and about with me as we drive to the football a lot in Manchester and always fancy a coffee. It should keep my drink warm once I have finished playing too for the journey home.

We also picked up these food containers for the same reason as we got the flask... cutting out takeaways on days out. Rather than going to Tim Horton's after football and spending a fortune we could simply fill these with things like chilli or pasta and have a cheaper, healthier home cooked meal. 

These little dishes were all over my Instagram at one point and thought they would be perfect for smaller portions of things like lasagna or even baked oats which I am wanting to start making. These were a few pounds each but are going to be used a lot as we have plenty of ideas of what to put in them.

We have been in our house 5 years in March and we are still using the knives from when we first moved in, an upgrade was definitely required. We got this Japanese set from our local Pro Cook shop and I can't wait to get using them as they look a lot better than our current ones. 

We got a new dining set in January (forgot to take a picture) and we knew we wanted all matching so we ended up getting these pasta bowls to go with the rest of the set. I love the colour of this and I just think it looks so much better the set we have had since we moved in all those years ago.

I am making my lunches for work a lot more lately and it always involving coating some form of meat in seasoning so I picked up this pastry brush in hopes of making coating quicker and easier than it has been and hopefully making it less messy. Fingers crossed this does work as planned.

One of the only things I can cook is a chicken curry and for years I have looked at these dishes for our curry nights but have never actually bit the bullet and bought them as usually you have to buy them individually. When I saw a set of 2 in Asda I knew I wasn't leaving without them and I can't wait to have our first curry night with them. 

All my jeans are getting too big but I am currently in between two sizes so I don't want to be buying new just yet plus I am trying to make do with the clothes I have got rather than buying new all the time but more on that another day. I finally picked up a new set of belts from Primark just to keep me going, these last me a while and are pretty cheap so will do the trick for now and keep me in the jeans I currently have.

I am trying to experiment with my wardrobe a bit and also getting items when I see them rather than missing them especially when I have seen things in Primark. For just £6 I have treated myself to a pair of leggings and a pair of cycle shorts ready for playing around with items in my wardrobe. These are simple items which as my style is changing could soon become essential items in my wardrobe.

Oh look more essentials and these are going to come in super handy as we transition from winter into spring. These long sleeved plain t-shirts from Primark are always available in my wardrobe and I have plenty in black so I have picked up a few in white & grey just to keep me going. These are great for layering and will be worn a lot over the next few months.

I am trying to smarten myself up a bit for work so I am getting items to suit that style in a size smaller than I currently am to make sure I am not wasting the money and have a start to a smaller wardrobe. I picked up this shirt from Primark in a 14-16 in the hopes of fitting in it in spring yet it is a little on the big side already so I guess I might need to purchase another size down by then. I love this shirt though and think it will go great with the sort of style I want to aim for in the long run but again more on that another day.

I love the Primark Chicago bulls items so when I saw this on sale for £5 I knew it was coming straight home with me, it is just going to be so easy to style and even as I lose more weight and it gets baggier it should look great in and over-sized look. This should look great layered up in the spring too and I can't wait to get wearing it. 

This is another Primark sale find that I am loving and will be styling on social media very soon if all goes to plan. Again this was only £5 and is nice and lightweight so should be great from the transitioning weather we will be up against soon. I can honestly see this becoming one of my most worn items.

The boots were reduced down to just £10 each in Primark and ticked all the boxes for the type of boots I have been wanting for a while now. I love the colour of these and the sole of them just make them that bit different. They were a lot cheaper than the Timberlands I had been loving at too so have saved me quite a bit of money.

I am trying to be more confident in my body and when I saw these shorts for £4.50 each I knew I needed to pick some up for my home workouts. Again though I got these in a size smaller than usual so they should fit me for that little bit longer and hopefully they will just help me continue to build up the confidence.

I wanted to treat myself to some new workout clothes out of my Christmas money and I had a few ideas in mind of exactly what I wanted. I knew a few Under Armour t-shirts were at the top of the list as they currently fit me the best. In the end I got a dark grey one from our local outlet and this bright orange one from JD Sports. These fit me perfectly and are super comfy when working out too.

Whilst doing some outlet shopping I found these shorts in the Champion store. Shorts are an area in my wardrobe that is really lacking so I wasn't leaving without them, no doubt they will be put through plenty of boxing and home workout sessions. They will be perfect for lounging in during the better weather too.

It was freezing in January and my poor legs were feeling it at football so I decided to finally purchase some compression leggings for training and games in the hopes that it will just add an extra layer for warmth. I am hoping these will keep me warm but also help me with my knee issue as the compression should be a relief for it but I guess we will see over time. 

I wanted some new shoes for boxing, home workouts and eventually for when I get running so I got these Puma ones from the Puma outlet as they were only £30 and really supportive and comfortable when I tried them on. I love bright stand out colours for sports and workouts so these were perfect for me. 

I have wanted a Jordan Nobbs shirt for the longest time but held off getting an Arsenal one, I guess I did right as she was transferred to Aston Villa in January. Of course once the move was announced I ordered my shirt and I love it. Finally I have my favourite players shirt in my collection.

Finally we have another football shirt and this was actually my first purchase of the year. This England remake shirt was just £28 and it is based off one of my favourite England shirts so I wasn't planning on leaving this behind. The retro style makes it perfect for styling up and wearing day to day so I can't wait to get styling this and no doubt over the warmer months I will be leaving in it. 

So there you go it was definitely an expensive month but I got sucked into the sales so fingers crossed February is a bit of a better month. We are saving for something pretty exciting whilst also saving for jobs around the house so we need to try save as much as possible in February so fingers crossed February's new in post will be much smaller because it definitely needs to be but I guess only time will tell.