Trying To Stick To A Skincare Routine For 1 Month

I recently mentioned on the blog my current skincare products, these are all the products that are going to be helping me over the next month as I try to create a skincare routine that I am actually going to stick to and do daily instead of neglecting my skin like I have done lately. I have recently been told by my doctor that what I thought was just a small breakout was actually acne which knocked me back a bit as I honestly didn't think it was that bad but looking it a lot closer it definitely isn't just a small break out and I really need to take care of my skin a whole lot more and use the cream the doctors prescribed me as I should be doing. I have also ended up getting sunburn a few times already this year which I said I wouldn't , after last years incident I said I was going to take more care whilst out in the sun but that hasn't happened and my skin is bright red and very sore. 

So from today I am going to try stick to a skincare routine for 1 month to start with to try develop a healthy habit that I am going to stick to for a lot longer than the upcoming month. I am hoping that in that month I can develop a routine that is going to really benefit my skin and improve my acne too as I have found a bit of confidence has disappeared since the acne flared up.  So here is what routine I am going to try stick to...

On a morning I am now getting up and working out before I start my day the majority of days so once my workout is done I will jump in the shower. Before I jump into the shower though I will use a cleanser to help remove any product from the night before. Whilst in the shower I will give my face a good wash to just remove any remaining product and I will use the Simple face wash to do this. Once I am out of the shower I will then towel dry my face before applying my eye cream and either some suncream or my day time moisturizer. Once that is done I am ready to go for the day, if it is a particularly nice day I will also top up suncream throughout the day as and when it is required. 

On an evening just before I am ready to call it a night and go to bed I will be heading into the bathroom and applying my foam cleanser to help get ready of any products from during the day and any dirt that might have ended up building up whilst I have been out and about. I will follow up that with my face wash again just to make sure my face is as clean as it can be before I dry it and finish off my routine with my cream from the doctors that is meant to help with my acne breakout so fingers crossed it really does work. My night time routine is definitely going to be a nice simple one as I just can't wait to climb into bed at the end of the day. 

Along with doing these routines I am also planning on drinking a lot more water than I have been doing as I have been slacking in that area lately but when I have drunk a lot of water for a period of time in the past I have noticed my skin definitely improves. I know that this routine might not work for me straight away and a few things might need to be changed however, for now this is my starting point and fingers crossed when I am writing my round up post in 1 month time I can write about some great changes that have happened and that the condition of my skin has begun to improve too. 

3 Outfits I Plan On Wearing During Spring

Well spring is here and I am determined that in 2021 I aren't going to be wearing the same things over and over like I have done in previous years. I am also determined that in 2021 I am going to step out of my comfort zone and actually wear clothing that is not just black all the time as I am getting sick of wearing black 24/7 and I really want to try build my confidence to wear different colours for a change. With me planning my outfits a whole lot more at the moment I am definitely experimenting with things a lot more and stepping out of my comfort zone, so here are just a few of the outfits I will be making sure I am wearing throughout spring and no doubt into summer...

Red is one of my favourite colours to wear and I aren't sure why I don't wear it more often because it is really easy to style especially with my current wardrobe so I am planning on wearing it a whole lot more over the coming months. I will be pairing my Nike t-shirt up with my red Nike Blazers which are a hidden gem in my wardrobe that I need to wear a lot more often as they are so comfortable. Throw on my black cargo pants with the these and I have a nice little casual outfit that will keep me nice and comfortable through the day, I can always throw on a hoodie with this too if it drops cold and it still looks great. 

This next look is a bit of a street wear look in my opinion and I love it. I love this oversized fit grey t-shirt I got from River Island as it looks nice and simple at the front but then it has a big image on the back which looks fantastic. Team it up with my ripped jeans and some white sneakers and it looks so good. I love to throw a jacket on with this if its a bit colder but it still looks great especially with a bit of jewellery on too. This just has me wearing a bit of a lighter colour whilst still having a little bit of black in it, plus the oversized t-shirt part helps me a bit with my confidence. 

Finally we have an outfit that is definitely a big step out of my comfort zone due to it being so light and different to what I normally opt for. I am loving these chinos at the moment with a pair of white sneakers and it makes a nice change from wearing black jeans all the time as the chinos don't cling to me like my jeans do. Team it up with a nice t-shirt and my light denim jacket and I am onto a real winner I believe. Before I started losing weight I would have laughed at you if you said I would be going out in such a light outfit but I can't wait to wear it lately. I think it looks a little bit smarter than just wearing jeans all the time too. 

So there you have it those are my 3 outfits I think I am going to be reaching for the most during spring and as summer approaches. I am determined to use this time to help build my confidence and step out of my comfort zone as I want to feel comfortable as it gets warmer instead of wearing all black and feeling like I am melting. What would be one of your go to spring outfits? 

The Current Home Gym Progress.. If You Can Call It That


Well after thinking long and hard since the end of last year when we cancelled our gym membership we have decided we aren't actually going to keep our gym just to turn it into a home gym although I would absolutely love to, we just would prefer a bit of extra garden space but you never know we could always end up changing our minds a little bit further a long the line or we could even end up back in the gym who knows. I think I could possibly get away with getting a bit of equipment for outdoors that could be stored in the shed but I will see how that plays out as the garden and shed definitely need sorting first before anything else is added. 

Even though we aren't having a dedicated area as a home gym we have plenty of equipment that we have acquired over the past few months to help me on my weight loss and fitness journey and each item is certainly coming in handy. I am using equipment that I would never have used if I was just in the gym as back then I would stick to just using the treadmill. So here is the equipment I have at the moment for the makeshift home gym... 

Resistance bands

I have a pretty good selection of resistance bands already and am looking to add to them as they are so helpful in my routine. I can use them instead of the weights if I like for certain exercises and to be honest at times I prefer using them as I feel like I am using the correct form and feeling what is happening. They are also fantastic for building up strength in my leg once more too and I am really feeling the benefits of it and my knee is actually feeling a bit better these days. 


I have gone from 2 tiny dumbbells to having a really good variety of weights to pick from so I can progress at last when weights start to get a bit easier for me. It means I can finally make some progress with my strength training and actually use weights as it is a section I definitely avoided when I went to the gym previously. It is nice to finally have a barbell too as it is something I have always wanted but never actually got until now. It is nice finally incorporating weights into my routine and I am definitely making the most of them. The weights we have go up to 25kg which is all I need at the moment but sooner or later I will probably end up buying even more. I want to add more kettlebells too as I currently only have 1 low weight one. 

Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is what started all this really and I am so glad we purchased it. I use it whilst I am watching TV which is great as it just means I am moving about instead of just laying around. It is nice and lightweight too which is another bonus as I can use it anywhere in the house if I like and who knows I might even take it outside as the weather improves. The bike is one of the pieces of equipment I enjoyed most in the gym so to have it at home now is fantastic. 

Rowing Machine

I managed to rescue an old rowing machine from my dads offices which he had at his house years ago. To be honest this isn't a piece of equipment I use too often as it still hurts my knee when I use it however, I know Liam does use this a fair bit. Again this is something I can move around easily so it can be used indoors or outdoors and I know that as soon as my knee gets better I will be on this a lot more as it might be a basic machine but I love it. 

Ab Roller 

I picked up an ab roller towards the end of last year and to be honest I haven't used it half as much as I would have liked due to not really knowing what to do with it. I am determined to use it a whole lot more though over the next few months as I think this simple piece of equipment could actually be very beneficial. 

Skipping Rope 

The skipping rope was a bit of an impulse buy that I haven't got much use out of yet but I have got plans to incorporate it into my workout routine a whole lot more especially now the weather is warming up and it isn't raining as often I can get out in the garden do a bit of skipping and see how it helps my journey as I have heard it can be very beneficial. 

Foam Roller

I picked up a foam roller after a recommendation from my old physio and I am so glad it did. It really helps me when I start to feel the pain in my knee and just a quick session especially after a tough day of working out or over using my leg can really help it from hurting it as much the next day.

Nintendo Switch Boxing

Surprisingly I managed to pick up a new game for the Switch before Christmas which was a fantastic buy which I just need to incorporate into my routine more. The game is Fitness Boxing 2 which definitely puts you through your paces and makes you work up a sweat for sure. I didn't really think it would be any good but it has certainly surprised me and I can't wait to get playing it more often. 

There is plenty of equipment in the house at the moment to really help me get my weight loss and fitness journey going but like with everything I would love to add more things to push myself more and try new things as I often get fed up of the same things over and over and I know there are some things that I could really end up enjoying so here are the bits of equipment I would love to add to my little home gym if you can call it that...

Yoga Mat

This is something I definitely need to pick up soon as I think it would really help my back etc when I am doing my home workouts. Downstairs our floors are stone under the carpet so it isn't the nicest surface to be on and certain workouts can really hurt at times. I did have a yoga mat but it was so thin it was barely worth it and it kept ripping so a new thicker ones is on the to purchase soon list. 


The treadmill is probably what I miss the most about going to the gym as it was my favourite thing to go on. I would love to pick up a treadmill to use at home but right now space is definitely an issue so until I can find a small fold-able one at a good price this is at the bottom at the list to purchase. I would love to be watching the football whilst being on a treadmill instead of being sat on the bike. 

Punch Bag

Boxing is something I would love to give a go and is something I have wanted to give a go for a while now so I would love to have a punch bag even if it is just on a bracket in the garden or at the side of the house that we can move in and out of the shed to keep it from being ruined in the weather. I think if I got this I would end up hooked on it and using it a lot, fingers crossed I can convince Liam into letting me get one soon.

Pull Up Bar

The pull up bar has been added to my basket and removed so many times from my shopping basket so many times in the past few months as I have ended up being talked out of it however, I think it is something I am going to end up getting in the near future. I have literally 0 upper body strength but I would love to improve it and learn how to do a pull up so a bar either in a door way or on the side of the house could be great. 

Weights Bench    

I feel like I aren't getting the most out of my workouts with my weights as I am having to adapt so many exercises due to not having a bench. I think a bench could be very beneficial and it isn't really going to take up much space either which is an added bonus. They don't have to be expensive either with is brilliant. 

More Nintendo Switch Games

This might seem silly to people who are really into their fitness but I think that with how the boxing game is working for me others could help me too. I am looking at purchasing the Zumba game and Ring Fit Adventures as I know these have worked for others and it looks like it could be a really fun workout for me especially on those days where I don't want to exercise the fun of the games may make me more determined. 

So there you have it that is what our current 'home gym' is looking like and I am loving it, I have spent money on pieces but saved on a gym membership I didn't use which is great. Don't worry if I end up getting some more bits I will do an updated post in the future. What is your favourite piece of gym equipment?

Spring Items I Have To Have In My Wardrobe

In the past autumn was always my favourite season however the more I think about it I think over the past 2 years spring has become my favourite. I don't know what it is but I much prefer piecing together outfits for spring days than any other time of the year and when it comes to removing winter pieces from my wardrobe and getting ready for spring I just love it. I find that I feel more confident in spring too I don't know if that is due to what I wear or the weather in general but it is fantastic. 

When it comes to building my wardrobe for the spring season I have noticed over the years there are some items I always need to have as each year I find myself reaching for the same sort of things. So here are the items I seem to have to have in my wardrobe for the spring months... 

I make sure that I have plenty of plain t-shirts in my wardrobe all year round however, for spring I like to have some different colours so that I aren't wearing black all the time. I use the plain t-shirts to layer under shirts or hoodies if needed but they also look great for a basic outfit with my jeans or chinos. With me needing to buy some new plain t-shirts due to my size changing I have gone for a couple of colours I haven't had in a while like the sandy tone and navy blue one, I am also hoping to find some other nice colours to get me out of wearing black 24/7 and I think it is going to be a very welcomed change. 

I like to have a small selection of short sleeved shirts on hand for spring as it just gives a bit of a smarter look to your outfits instead of just having a t-shirt on all the time. I like to wear short sleeve ones in spring as on those days when it is a bit warmer a short sleeved shirt is much more comfortable for me than a long sleeved one. I wear these open with a t-shirt underneath or buttoned up and I love the style each way gives offs as one is smart whilst the other is smart casual. 

Living in the UK spring isn't always warm and there can be quite a chill in the air so I always have some thin sweatshirts on hand for those colder days. I work in a 200 year old building too which is always cold so having a sweatshirt on hand means I don't have to worry about being too cold whilst in the office. I also love how they look with my chinos too as I feel like it shouldn't work but it does. 

In Spring I also really enjoy wearing hoodies, well to be honest I like wearing these all year round but in Spring I seem to wear them much more. I tend to wear a hoodie and layer up instead of wearing a coat all the time as I prefer the look a good hoodie gives off, plus if I need to add a coat I can just throw one on over the top. Plus on warmer days I prefer just packing a hoodie into my bag if there is a chill. 

For me you can't go wrong with a good denim jacket in the spring especially if it is a lighter denim colour. I love how easy a denim jacket like this is to style and how comfortable it actually is. I tend to wear this more when I am wearing my chinos but it looks great with my jeans too. Plus another perk is that you can pick one up at a very reasonable price, this one was just £15 from Primark and it is fantastic. 

Living in the UK it can rain at any point which can definitely be learn the hard way, so many times I have been out in the sun and it has very quickly started raining that is why I make sure I always have a lightweight rain jacket that I can wear or have in my bag just in case. There are plenty of lightweight jackets out there to suit every style and they definitely come in handy and save you spending the day wet through from the rain. I always make sure I have one in my bag  if I don't head out in the day wearing one. 

In spring I try to avoid wearing black daily so I like to make sure that I have some lighter denim jean options in my wardrobe, I just feel good wearing something other than black and I feel like it switches up my style from other months. I definitely want to make more of an effort to transition out of black all the time and try new things and for me spring is a time to experiment with things a bit. 

I also make sure I have at least one pair of denim shorts to hand for spring as thanks to the UK weather you never know when they are going to be needed. The denim shirts are perfect for the warmer spring days as summer starts to approach and you will probably see me wearing them a lot as we get towards the end of spring and it starts to warm up. 

I love a good pair of chinos in the spring and I have loved these for probably far too long. I make sure I have a few pairs to hand in different colours so that I can get plenty of wear out of them for months on end. I have struggled to find chinos that fit me right however, my go to store for them are Next and Marks & Spencers as they fit really well and are also reasonably priced. Throughout spring I will be wearing the ones in the picture above and a lovely grey pair. 

White sneakers are a go to in the spring as the weather warms up. I have quite a few pairs to hand and they are totally plain, a bit smarter or have a pattern on them like the reacts in the above picture. I just find that white sneakers as the spring arrives make outfits look cleaner and fresher to go along with the weather. Plus with a bit of Crep Protect on the sneakers I can wear them in any weather. 

Sunglasses are a must for me in spring as the sun is out a lot more and I used to struggle in the past with my head hurting a lot as I was squinting to avoid the sun. These days I make sure I always have some sunglasses with me just to save myself from the headaches and protect my eyes a lot more than I used to. Plus sunglasses make an outfit look a whole lot better if the sunglasses are the correct shape for your face. 

No show socks are one of the first items I buy when it comes to restocking my wardrobe for spring as with the style of pants and sneakers I wear during the spring months I don't want my socks on show and downgrading my outfit. These are really reasonably priced too so I don't feel too bad when it comes to restocking them, these are just from Primark and they do the job really well. 

When it comes to spring I make sure that I go for a lighter fragrance over my usually heavy ones. I like my fragrance to match the weather so in the autumn and winter I go for something heavier however, in spring I like to go for something like the CK One fragrance which is much lighter but not too light for me.  

I am looking forward to having a shopping trip soon to add some more essentials into my wardrobe that are going to take me into the spring and even summer months as a lot of items I already own are getting a bit too big for me. I need to plan a day soon to just go through my wardrobe to see what I do or don't need to purchase so I aren't wasting money and buying stuff I don't actually need. What are some of your go to items each spring? 

My Current Skincare Products


One thing I have noticed lately is that my skin is in terrible condition. I honestly don't know why though as I have been trying to look after it a lot more than I previously have, I have also been drinking a lot more water which is meant to be good for your skin so I don't know where I am going wrong all I can think is that my skin is getting worse due to the amount of times I am wearing a mask which definitely doesn't help with the condition of my skin. 

I have been playing around with different products lately to see what works for me and what doesn't whilst I try to get back on track with a skincare routine and so that I feel confident in my skin once more. So here are the products that I am currently using to try solve the problem for a while... 

I absolutely love this foaming cleanser from Superdrug and it is a product that I will repurchase over and over again. At under £5 this product is an absolute bargain to me and my skin seems to like it, with some cleansers in the past they have irritated my skin and it has suffered for weeks but I have had no issues with this one at all. I honestly think my skin feels much better after using this, I just need to remember to use it more often. 

On the days that I don't fancy using my foaming cleanser I use this Simple charcoal cleansing stick. This is a fairly new purchase from the pound shop of all places and so far it is going OK with this product. I am still getting used to this product but I think if I give it a bit longer I could end up really liking it and get plenty of benefits from it. I think I am just struggling as I am not used to using a cleanser that isn't a foam. 

Unfortunately I seem to have been cursed with the dark circles under my eyes from my dad and his side of the family. They have definitely been getting worse over the past year or so I have added an eye brightening cream into my skincare routine, again this is just a cheap one from Superdrug but it seems to do the trick when I remember to use it. It definitely does brighten under my eyes and makes them look so much better. 

I also use the Naturally Radiant day and night creams when I can be bothered to use them as they are really good for the fraction of the cost of ones I have had in the past. Both the day and night creams combined are cheaper than some of the higher end brands I have had in the past and they seem to work better for my skin again though I just need to get into the routine of using them daily again as I think my skin is definitely going to benefit from using them a lot more. 

This T-Zone spot zapping gel is another new purchase that I need to use a lot more before I can properly judge it. Again this another pound shop purchase and I honestly got this due to my experiences with T-Zone products in the past as when I have used them they have done my skin wonders and cleared up 99% of my spots, I just hope this one is going to work as well for me as those ones before have as it is needed.  

I have used the same face wash for years now and honestly I don't know if I am going to end up switching it for something new or not. My skin seems to like this face wash but I aren't sure if its stopping working lately as my skin has got used to it due to how long I have used it for. This Simple face wash is definitely the nicest to my sensitive skin so if I can find something similar to switch it with that would be great. 

My mum  recently give me this anti-redness cream that wasn't working for her and I am hoping it does work for me. I have heard good things about La Roche-Posay  so fingers crossed it does work for me as I have started to notice a few red patches appearing on my face lately and that isn't just the sunburn I caught the other week on those two sunny days. 

On a night I am still using the Freederm overnight clearing serum which when I do keep on top of using it regularly really works and it helps reduce the blemishes over a short space of time however, I have been useless at remembering it recently so it hasn't had the desired effect. If I can start remembering to use this again I could end up clearing up all my problems a lot sooner.

Finally a new addition that I am definitely going to be using practically daily to save myself from being burnt as often as I am lately. I seem to attract the sun far too much so I am going to start adding some suncream with a decent SPF into my skincare to hopefully stop me getting burnt so easily. the sunburn definitely isn't helping my skin condition so it is time to finally sort that out. 

I really do need to start making a lot more time on a morning and an evening to make sure I am really making the most out of these products and getting on track with getting my skin back into a good condition at long last. I have a plan for this so keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to see something I am planning on doing to try make my skincare routine stick. What skincare products do you like to use? 

My Current Training Plan


Over past year my biggest focus has become working on myself especially in terms of weight loss and fitness. I have set myself a pretty big goal to aim for and that is why I have started to take it all a lot more seriously and invest in what I am doing to improve my knowledge and make sure I am taking the right steps to make the most out of my time and make the progress I really need to make to achieve my goals. So here is what my current training plan looks like...

I went from not having a clue what I was doing to having a nice new routine that is really putting me through my paces but I love it. I never used to have set days for things and would just do whatever but having a routine has really helped me. I am now stretching daily which makes me feel so much better as my muscles are less tense and I feel a lot less stiff. It has also got me using muscle groups I had neglected for so long. 

I also have set days now where I go between the following programmes so that I aren't overdoing it on specific muscles over and over again like I was previously doing. This means I am getting the rest I need whilst still getting workouts done. So one day I do upper body then I do lower body, once they are done I will then have a day where I do a circuit working different groups and then I will have a day doing a leg nurturing programme just to try build the strength up in my leg and stop it hurting so much. 

On the days where I don't have a programme to follow I tend to mix it up some days are literally just rest days but on other days I will do a weights session with my dumbbells or bar bell, I am loving having weights in my workouts now as it is something I have neglected for so long. If I don't want to do a weights session though I normally just find a 20 minute dance workout on YouTube to make sure my body is moving, I never thought I would enjoy something like this but it is fantastic. I am trying to use the exercise bike a lot more again as I seemed to drop off from using it as much as I used to. I am hoping that over the next few weeks I can use this for half an hour a day if not more so I can get more cardio into my routine. I am trying to walk a lot more too so if I can't get on a walk I will do that instead of going on the bike as I don't need to be over doing it. 

I am really enjoying my training plan at the moment as I am really feeling the benefit of it and I am certainly seeing progress. Next up is trying to get the nutritional side of things sorted out so I can really reach my full potential as that side is definitely holding me back from smashing my goals sooner. I am also hoping to incorporate some different types of workouts into my routine so I aren't just doing the same things over and over again on those rest days where I do the dance workouts. I am hoping to give shadow boxing a try and also start doing some more skipping and football drills which I have definitely been missing a lot recently but fingers crossed now the weather is changing I can get outdoors to work out a bit more. 

I am planning on mixing it up a bit each month so I don't get bored of working out and I think this is really going to help me when it comes to staying motivated and continuing to make progress. it is going to be nice trying new things as I go along too to keep things interesting. Keep an eye out as when my routine changes I will be doing an updated post for this. 

How I Style The River Island Sock Sneakers

Over the years I have tried to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to sneakers as I was sick of wearing the same style over and over again, then my auntie and uncle bought me these sock style sneakers from River Island and I fell in love. These are totally different to any other sneakers I own and they have saved me a fortune as in the past I have been looking at the Balenciaga sock sneakers which cost far too much for what they actually are. 

To be honest with how good they actually are it is hard to believe they are from a high street store because if they had a designer name on them they would definitely sell for a whole lot more and I would love to know what the actual designer ones were like as these do the job perfectly for just a fraction of the cost. The green and red band across the front of the sneaker reminds me a little of the branding you would see on a Gucci sneaker for a whole lot more than these cost. 

The colours of the sneakers work really well together too and keep them looking nice and simple but not too boring. The band just adds that little bit of colour they need to stand out a little bit, where as the black sock material and black heel work really well with the white on the sole of the sneaker. 

Thanks to them being like a sock sneaker when they are on it is like you aren't wearing sneakers as the upper is so lightweight, this also makes them really comfortable and when I have worn them in the past I have had no issues with them rubbing my feet or feeling too tight. They are just really comfortable and I could happily wear them daily if they went with more of my wardrobe and if I wasn't afraid of them getting ruined by the good old British weather. I definitely do need to wear them more though as the little bit of a chunky sole they have makes me feel that little bit taller which is absolutely fantastic and just makes wearing them a little bit different. 

These sneakers don't go with a right lot of my wardrobe but this is my favourite way to style them...

I absolutely love how these look with a pair of plain black skinny jeans or my ripped black skinny jeans. The socks likeness of them just makes them look like they blend into the bottom of my jeans so everything just flows and doesn't look out of place. Team this up with a nice fitting black t-shirt and a dark blue denim shirt or black denim shirt it looks fantastic as everything compliments each other really well I really like the look of the blue denim shirt with it however, I think I do prefer it with the black denim shirt as the sneakers stand out that bit more as the red, white and green on the sneakers are the only colours on the outfit. To me the outfit just looks a bit smarter than other outfits I wear as the sneakers definitely don't look out of place.

I can't wait to get more wear out of these sneakers in the near future and incorporate more items into my wardrobe so I can wear these more often. What do you think to sock sneakers? Are they something you would wear or avoid?

My Wish List As I Try Get Back Into Reading & Work On Improving Myself

I am determined that in 2021 I am going to get back into reading, so far it hasn't really happened but it will do soon. As a kid I used to absolutely love sitting down with a good book and I could power through one in no time but then other distractions came along like games, football and TV series so I started to move to those instead of reading and that habit has stuck with me. I am wanting to sleep better and having time switched off away from a screen so I am aiming to start with just 1 hour of reading a night where I can get through my TBR and enjoy the books I have neglected over the years. 

Something else I am trying to do lately is improve and work on myself, I am trying to create habits which give me a better mindset on life so I am wanting to pick up plenty of self help books as I am hoping reading other peoples experiences and tips will help me create a better routine and mindset for myself which is why 90% of this list is made up of self help books to help me out and fingers crossed inspire me.

I have plenty of books at home already which I need to read through but here are the books that I really want to pick up and read as soon as possible...

Working Hard, Harly Working - Grace Beverley

This books is on the top of my to buy list as it is sounds like it could be that perfect book for what I am wanting to achieve on my improving myself journey. Apparently this book will help me create my own productivity method, make a routine that works, help me understand my value and engage in effective self care. Grace Beverley is someone who I have followed for years on social media and her journey has been amazing so I am sure this book is going to be a great and interesting read. 

Good Vibes, Good Life - Vex King 

 This is a book that I have seen on social media a lot over the past few years and it has had a lot of great reviews. This book sounds great for me as it apparently shows you how to transform your emotions and unlock greatness which is definitely something I could do with learning as I definitely let my emotions control far too much. Fingers crossed that when I do purchase this book it is as helpful as others claim it is. 

Atomic habits - James Clear 

This is another book that I have heard a lot about from social media and it has honestly built up my expectations for it. This has been on my wish list for a while now so fingers crossed 2021 is the year I finally purchase it. The book apparently contains four simple laws that will help you set and maintain good habits which is something I really need to do as I always set something but hardly ever stick to it, maybe that book can help me stop doing that. 

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme - Professor Steve Peters 

I couldn't tell you how many times I have almost purchased this book but then put it back down due to me knowing I aren't going to read it any time soon. Again this is one I have seen a lot about on social media but when I have looked into it properly I think I could really benefit from giving it a read. There is always so much I want to do but I let my confidence effect everything I do so fingers crossed if I read this I can learn how to change this and become more confident, healthier and happier. This could possibly the first new book I purchase when the time arrives. 

Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins 

Social media has a lot to answer for really as this is another one I have seen recommended on Instagram a lot. This is written by a retired Navy Seal and in this book he tells us his life stories and reveals most of us only tap into 40% of our capabilities, the book apparently unlocks a path for anyone to push passed pain, demolish your fear and reach your full potential. Although it has been recommended a lot I still don't really know a lot about it but it does sound like a good read. 

Pirates - Charles Johnson

The topic of Pirates is one that has always fascinated me for some strange reason. I have had my eye on this book for a while now but haven't picked it up yet due to me knowing I wouldn't be reading it anytime soon. I am really looking forward to finally picking it up and giving it a read at some point as no doubt I will power through this and end up boring Liam retelling him stories that he probably already knows. 

So there you have it those are the books that make up my wish list and I can't wait to pick up these books as I know they are going to help me out with my life and the direction I want to head in, plus that Pirate book looks fantastic. would you recommend any books for me to add to my wish list in the future?

My favourite Ways To Style The Grey Levis T-Shirt

Do you own a t-shirt that you always seem to reach for no matter what the weather is like? Well that is the case for me when it comes to my grey Levis batwing t-shirt in fact I love this t-shirt so much that I also own it in navy blue, black and blue versions that I also reach for a lot of time but my favourite is definitely the grey version. It is just so easy to style and feels so comfortable due to the fabric feeling so soft, it is great for layering but is also light enough to wear in the warmer weather without it starting to feel stuck to you and heavy after a few hours as the day starts to heat up. This definitely seems to be my go to t-shirt when I want to wear a colour other than black too which is something I am trying to do a lot more often. As I said earlier this t-shirt is super easy to style and here are some of my favourite ways to style it over the different seasons...

As the weather really starts to warm up and I am reaching for this t-shirt I pair it up with my denim knee length shorts and my Nike Air Force 1's. I love how these items all work together and none of the colours look out of place in the outfit. The grey works well with the light denim of the shorts and the length of the t-shirt and the shorts also work well together too. I think this year this is going to be my go to summer outfit and I could probably even get away with wearing this outfit for work over the summer months too. 

I finally have a pair of khaki chinos with I am in love with and I honestly believe that throughout spring and those cooler summer days I am going to end up wearing these chinos a lot and I love how they look with the Levis t-shirt teamed up with them too. The fit of the t-shirt currently works well with the chinos which fit well but not perfectly and throw on a pair of smarter plain white sneakers and it is the perfect outfit for those spring shopping trips or days out. Throw on a light denim jacket and you have a perfect extra layer to keep you warm especially as we are all spending a lot more time outside these days. I can see me wearing this outfit a lot of times over the next few months as I try not to wear jeans daily for a change, this will definitely be a lot cooler of an option as the weather starts to change. 

Oh look this outfit is a lot more of the usual me as it is a whole lot darker than the other two options we have just looked at. This look gives me preppy style vibes as the classic Converse work well with the black skinny jeans, the t-shirt adds a little bit of colour to the other wise very dark outfit and the bomber jacket just gives it that preppy style in my opinion. I love teaming up the Converse with this bomber jacket as I love the way they work so well together. The t-shirt just gives a bit of a different layer to the outfit and stops it looking a bit too plain. 

Finally we have my new favourite pairing. I love the Vans Old Skool sneakers my parents got me for Christmas but unfortunately I haven't been able to wear them much lately, instead I have just been sat working out how I want to style them. I love how they look with my Levi's t-shirt, black skinny jeans and my dark denim jacket. For me I just think this whole outfit works really well together and none of the items look out of place to me. I think that once we end up back in autumn this is going to be a bit of a go to outfit on those warmer autumn days.

It is safe to say when this does get far too big for me I am going to be repurchasing this t-shirt in a smaller size as I can see it becoming a long term wardrobe staple for me. It is so easy to style and is perfect for all year round.  How would you style this grey t-shirt? 

March 2021 Fitness Update

Well march has been and gone and it has been a strange month. It started off really well with things going in the right direction but in the last two weeks of the month totally went off track and any progress I did make disappeared and to be honest I aren't going to be too hard on myself because at the end of the day it happens from time to time. So here is a look back at the goals I set for March and if I achieved them... 

Be more Consistent in my fitness/weight loss journey

I was more consistent in terms of working out for the first few weeks but then due to various reasons that just stopped. The final few days of the month were great though as I really reset my mind and reminded myself of my long term goal. 

Lose 4 lb

This certainly didn't happen as I ended up gaining 1lb but honestly it could have been a whole lot worse. It does make me wonder just how much I could have lost if I continued to work as hard as I did at the start of March throughout the full month. 

Add more fruit & vegetables into my diet

This one I struggled with but I did add a few bits of broccoli into my meals and some apples. I am determined to try add even more into my diet in April especially more fruit, I am going to try add in some fruits I haven't had before or haven't had for a long time as I am getting sick of apples all the time. When I did have fruit and veg in my diet throughout March I felt much better on that day. 

Go on more walks

I went on a few walks at the start of the month but then I stopped going as often however, I went on a walk everyday for the last 3 days of the month which was great. It was nice getting out in the fresh air a bit more and my body felt much better for it. 

Order less takeaways

Again this is something that I did well with at the start of the month but I ended up falling off track around the middle of the month when everything else started to fall apart. When I did order in though I tried to order something that was healthier than a big greasy pizza each time. I have a bit of a plan in mind though to combat the ordering in which I will go over another day but I am determined to really cut back on those and get my nutrition sorted out. 

Don't get down if things don't go to plan

Personally I think I did quite well with this one. It wasn't things going wrong in terms of my weight loss journey that got me down it was other things happening in life such as not knowing what is going on day to day. I am someone who likes to plan out their days but lately that hasn't been able to happen and it's totally thrown me out of sync which I don't like. I am just glad that I didn't let my 1lb gain bother me as much as I would have in the past.

Add a new style of workout into my routine

I didn't necessarily try any new workouts in my routine however, I did end up going back and adding in a few dance workouts which I did in 2020 which was great. I forgot just how much I enjoyed those dance workouts and I found I actually missed doing them so I can't wait to keep adding more of these into my days, they really get your heart rate up and get you moving like you probably wouldn't normally do. 

So here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of March weight : 15 stone 12 lb 
End of March weight : 15 stone 13 lb

Total loss for the month : + 1 lb

I honestly wasn't surprised with me gaining 1lb as I did definitely fall off track towards the back end of the month and to be honest I thought that I would have actually gained a lot more. Seeing the scales go up though has just made me more determined to crack on and get back on track to see the scales going back in the opposite direction. I have set myself some goals I want to achieve for the month of April and these are... 

- Lose 3 lb
- Take my meals to work
- Reduce the amount of takeaways I have
- Try new fruits
- Keep on top of my workouts
- Try shadow boxing as a workout
- Continue going for walks 

These are definitely realistic goals for me to achieve if I just put my mind to it and aim to get back on track. March started off so well but then quickly went down hill but I aren't going to let that happen again in April. Fingers crossed April goes a bit more to plan.

Total loss for 2021 : + 1 & 3/4 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 3 & 3/4 lb

Shoes I Am Going To Be Living In During Spring

I am determined to make sure that during Spring I am rotating my sneakers a whole lot more than I currently do. At the moment I tend to wear the same pair for weeks on end just out of laziness of picking out a new pair daily but I am definitely trying to get out of the habit of doing this and trying to get plenty more wear out of all the other pairs I own for a change instead of just having them sat on the shelf unworn.

So here are the sneakers I am planning on rotating between this Spring...

Vans Old Skool

I got my black and white Vans Old Skool sneakers for Christmas and I haven't managed to wear them much yet so I am hoping to get plenty of wear out of them throughout Spring. These will be good for all weather as I will be keeping up with coating them in Crep Protect so they shouldn't end up too ruined if it does suddenly start raining. I love the silhouette of these sneakers and there are definitely plenty of outfit options in my wardrobe for with these, they will definitely go well with my skinny black ripped jeans and dark denim jacket which is going to be when I wear them most. 

Black Converse

I got these for my birthday in 2020 and have only been able to wear them a handful times so far but when I have worn them I have loved them due to them looking so good and fitting so comfortably. Again these will be getting coated in Crep Protect so they don't end up being ruined but I am really looking forward to styling plenty of outfits around these sneakers over the next few month and I already have a few in mind.

Air Force 1 

My white Air Force 1's are my go to sneaker at the moment and they are looking a bit beat up however, I am determined to get them cleaned up a bit as I will definitely be carrying on wearing them through the next few months. These sneakers are really comfortable and really easy to style as they go with a lot of my wardrobe so I am never short of an outfit to wear with them. 

White River Island Sneakers

These sneakers are slowly becoming my favourites due to them looking a lot smarter than my other pairs. They are really comfortable too so I can definitely see me wearing them for long periods of time. To say they were only £15 they are actually a lot better quality than I thought they would be and fingers crossed they are going to last me a while. I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of these as I already have outfits in mind I just hope I can keep them nice and clean too.

Sock Sneakers

These River Island sock sneakers are a pair I have neglected far too much lately and I think I have only worn them twice as I was worried about ruining them. I am determined to get them worn a lot more over the next few months though as I think they will go really well with my ripped jeans and other items from in my wardrobe. Plus it will just be something a bit different as I don't wear any other sneakers in this style, I think it could definitely be a nice change to wear as they certainly feel like a nice lightweight option. 

I really do need to start circulating my sneaker rotation a whole lot more so I don't keep on wasting money on pairs that go unused, I have some sneakers that are around 5 years old and still look brand new due to the lack of wear which is something I aren't happy with. There are plenty of ways I can style these pairs and I am really looking forward to styling them in all the different ways possible. What sneakers do you think you will be wearing the most throughout spring?