Christmas / Sales Wish List

This year whenever family has asked me what I want for Christmas I have really struggled to give them answers. I think it could be down to moving and seeing just how much stuff I actually have that I honestly don't even need. After sitting for a while though here are a few of the items I would love to get whether it is for Christmas or in the boxing day sales.


In terms of clothing I probably really don't need anything new especially until I have cleared out what I already have (which is far too much) but with me losing weight new clothes are on the cards and I am loving wearing hoodies lately. I have fallen in love with quite a few Jordan hoodies lately so I am hoping to cop some of these. I am also hoping for a new pair of trainers, again I probably don't need any new ones but with some of the styles out now and the deals on they are really hard to ignore. I have never really been a fan of Adidas but some of their styles at the moment are amazing.

I know the image above is a Gucci watch but that is a massive wish list item, in the mean time I am wanting to add a couple of new watches to my collection. I don't have a nice 2 tone one or silver one yet so I would love to pick up one of each of these. I absolutely love wearing watches (not worn one for a while though due to dead batteries) so it is always nice when I get a new one. Topman and River Island are probably where I will be looking for these as they really do some great ones. As well as a watch I would love some other jewellery such as a necklace and bracelet, maybe even a few rings as I am really lacking on the jewellery front. If you have any recommendations of where I can get some decent quality jewellery please let me know.

I spend a lot of my time lounging around gaming lately and I have noticed I do this in my pyjamas with a hoodie thrown over the top. Primark have some really comfortable gaming hoodies in store lately so I am hoping to pick up a few of these. As I say they are perfect for when I am gaming or sat blogging. 

At £60 these Bliiq hummingbird Bluetooth earphones are definitely a bit on the pricey side but with me now having an iPhone 8 I could really do with a good pair of Bluetooth earphones. I don't know much about Bliiq as I have never used any of their products before but if they are good enough for Kelley O'Hara to promote they must be a good make. I really have fallen into the celebrity endorsement trap on this one but I really hope that I can get a pair of these. They just look so nice too in the white and will be easy to pack up when I have finished with them. I am also hoping to be back in the gym next year and get out doing some individual football training so these would definitely get used a fair bit.

So there you have it those are a few of the items I am hoping to pick up for Christmas or in the sales. I f you can recommend anywhere for some decent jewellery please let me know. 

See you soon.

Last Week #26

Last week is a week I enjoyed, apart from feeling ill for most of it, I managed a girls day out in Leeds where I barely spent anything and the rest of the nights after work were mainly spent in the house just relaxing. Friday night however we headed to the shops and picked up a few bits which we probably didn't need but we both wanted. Then the weekend came and it was great, I didn't even get out of my lounge bottoms and football shirt, we finished the games room at last and even made a start on clearing the spare room. It was a really productive weekend and was so nice not to be walking around the shops which I am sure Liam loved too. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: There is nothing like coming home from a hard days work and just putting on Netflix or YouTube. Last week it was all about gaming set up videos and cleaning videos on YouTube. Over on Netflix it was all about Making a murderer and Faulty Towers.

Been reading : There were quite a few early nights last week so no reading was done, some nights I was in bed by 8pm.

Been listening to : I caved in and started listening to Christmas music, I had the Michael Buble album and the Justin Bieber one on quite a bit. Other than that I listened to plenty of Tegan and Sara.

Bought : I picked up a few Christmas presents last week, but most money went on the games room. We got LED lighting strips for some parts of the room and even managed to pick up a Phillips Hue starter kit which came with a google home. I even went to Leeds Christmas shopping but all I picked up was some Nespresso coffee pods and some Overwatch items for myself.

Plans for this week : With the games room now done, I am hoping to have a week off doing jobs before making a start on the spare room. If we can get it to a decent standard where only a bit needs doing after Christmas that would be brilliant. I also want to spent more time on the blog I did pretty well with it last week so want to keep that up. I finally get the long overdue hair cut on Friday growing it out just isn't working for me, I much prefer my short hair. I need to try get out for some new jeans too as I am down to my last 2 pairs. 
So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Time To Stop Spending

I have noticed lately I am buying things for the sake of buying them, I really don't need any more clothes and in the run up to Christmas there is already that risk of buying something that someone else is going to get you (I have already done this sorry Liam). The house is also getting cluttered with things I honestly think I have out grown or have horded for some reason, in fact our spare room at the moment is just absolutely full of things we have yet to find homes for. 

With Christmas coming up I also want to stop spending on myself so I can actually get some presents for family, the majority of my money this year has gone on the house but we are at a stage now where we can slow down a little, we only have the spare room to do then we will be saving to do the garden, bathroom and hallway. These are all the bigger jobs that are going to cost us quite a bit but other than that it will just be a few finishing touches to other rooms when the spare room is complete. This means I really do need to put money to one side for these big jobs and that will only happen if I stop spending what I have. 

At the moment it drives me mad sitting around in the house as it is just a mess with items needing unpacking and boxes that need throwing away. But now things are coming together and the majority of works should be done after this weekend I will finally be at a stage where I can sit and relax without looking at rubbish or stuff that still needs doing. I don't need to go out after work every night and I really don't need to spend weekends dragging Liam around shopping. 

We should have time just to relax, enjoy our home and just relax together whether that is having gaming days together o having film nights. It is about time we just chilled out maybe had a date night every now and again where we cook together or for each other and actually sit together not at our desks. 

I can't wait to spend more time in the house and actually start building up some savings as well as having a happier Liam as he hasn't been dragged out after a hard weeks work. We could easily spend weekends just going to the football and then spending the rest of it inside, training for football or going on walks for a change. It means I can also spend more time on the blog and hopefully improve my content.

Fingers crossed I can actually stick to this and only buy things that are needed to decorate the spare room or Christmas presents for others.

See you soon,

Sorting Out The Kitchen

I recently fell into a spiral of just watching cleaning and decluttering videos over and over on YouTube once again. It has made me a little more motivated to actually get our house in shape and decluttered, we only moved in back in March but over that time we have accumulated a lot of items. Items just got dumped when we first moved in (the top of the wardrobe is frightening) but now with things coming together I want to head to each of the rooms and get things cleared out and looking more organised. We are currently on with the games room which will hopefully be done at the weekend. One of the places that won't take that long for us to do is the kitchen, when we moved in we just threw items in random cupboards and under the sink. All this room needs is some simple organisation and here is what I am hoping will help. 

Instead of bulky boxes and packaging taking up cupboard space I want to put products into their own jars. We currently have a couple for a few of our cereals and snacks, but eventually I want all our snacks and cereals to be neatly organised into these so you aren't having to rummage through boxes, also with this you can see just how much of item you have left. These should also be perfect for our different variations of pasta as we do have a lot of these. 
 For the cupboards I am also helping to get a box to store our different varieties of tea and some storage baskets for the items that won't go into jars such as our snack bars and porridge packets.

We also have quite a few different spices in the cupboards which can get pushed to the backs or are totally different shapes and sizes of packages. I love these spice jars so everything can look the same, just add some nice looking labels and put them somewhere accessible, I think it will look great. 

Most of the drawers are overflowing already too, we have the junk draw full of letters and other stuff we really don't need to keep so it will be great to sort through this, along with the Tupperware drawer which is overflowing with products that could be thrown out. All we really need in there are our lunch boxes, a few water bottles, shaker bottles and the ones for our blend active. We also have far too many glasses and mugs which could be easily reduced, a drawer which holds a toaster which could easily be used for other things. 

The drawers have definitely become a nightmare to try get through but honestly I think with just a few hours work they could be some much easier to look through.

One of the areas that drives me mad the most is the sink and under the sink. Dishcloths just get thrown on the side, which just looks untidy,  the window sill also just gets covered in items which could easily be sorted out. A simple sink tidy on the side where we could keep everything in one place would be brilliant, no more dumping things as everything would have its place. 

Under the sink is worse, you can spend 10 minutes searching for the bin bags or the cleaning product you actually need. Space is actually limited under here so we have tried cramming in as much as we can, we have a meter under here too which really does us no favours. I want to get some little storage baskets under hear to organise products. I can also move some products to our cupboard which has the boiler in once we clear that out too as it is a mess seen as we haven't touched it since we moved in. 

So there you have it that is what I am wanting to do with the kitchen, it shouldn't be too expensive and it really shouldn't take long at all. Then I may be happier to spend more time in there cooking as I won't have to spend 90% of that time rummaging around. I think once it is done I may do a little kitchen tour over on here. Keep an eye out for these posts as I am going room to room getting things more organised, plus I will be doing a spare room post before we start doing the work on it.

See you soon

England vs Sweden

Sunday I was lucky enough to finally get to an England women's game. This was mainly made possible due to the fact they were finally playing up north, something they don't do very often. Since purchasing my tickets I couldn't wait as it meant I was finally getting to see some of my favourite players play together for the first time, it also meant I finally got to see Rachel Daly who is one of my favourite players in the NWSL over in America.

When we got to the Stadium I had to of course get a scarf and programme as a bit of a memento, it was just my look that Daly was on the cover of the programme too. We also picked up a free copy of the latest She Kicks magazine, I am really starting to think I might have to subscribe to this, what could be better than a magazine all about women's football. When we got inside the stadium every seat had a complimentary England flag, which I thought was a nice touch but now I have a flag at the house with nowhere to put it.

This game also marked the 100th cap of one of my all time favourites Steph Houghton so the atmosphere was great the attendance was actually the 2nd highest it had ever been in the UK. The game ended 2-0 to Sweden which obviously wasn't a result I hoped for but there were a few questionable decisions from the referee, we should have had at least 2 clear penalties. There was also the blatant time wasting the ref ignored from Sweden and players going to ground far too easy. But at the end of the day things didn't go England's way and a few players really did seem nervous and off their game. When Georgia Stanway was brought on the games pace changed from England's point of view, she is such a great player at such a young age, her vision is brilliant. There could have easily been more goals in the game when she got the ball but Sweden were brilliant at getting back behind the ball preventing this. I think Bright and Greenwood did well in England's defence too as they really weren't afraid of getting stuck in with the tackles and did well clearing the danger when they were called upon.

After seeing them against a bigger side I think Phil needs to sit and work out a game plan for the World Cup and how he can get the full potential out of whoever he picks. Honestly though I would hate to be Phil because there are so many good players how do you narrow down your roster? We might have finished the year on a defeat but sometimes you need to suffer that to get back to playing the way you should be and pushing yourself. Roll on the World Cup 

Top 3 players of the game : Millie Bright, Georgia Stanway, Alex Greenwood

See you soon

Last Week #25

I finally managed to get to an England match, granted it wasn't the result I hoped for but at least I got to see them for a change and even got to see Steph Houghton get her 100th cap. Not only that but things have started to progress in the house to meaning we are that bit closer to starting on the dressing room (basically just the spare room). Other than a busy weekend of football and getting stuff done in the games room (a post on that to come soon) the rest of the week was pretty relaxed. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Once again I watched a fair bit of the football, I also managed to watch a bit of Making a Murderer too. Other than that it was all YouTube especially decluttering videos.

Been reading : I have spent more time reading my twitter feed than anything else. I have just spent most time on YouTube.

Been listening to : The only thing I have listened to this week has been Tegan and Sara, I have really gotten back into listening to them.

Bought : I was lucky enough for Liam to get me a new monitor for my PC, other than that I bought some presents for people, a few Christmas decorations and also some posters for the games room. I also picked up a few bits from the England game which you will see in a post soon.

Plans for this week : Tomorrow I am heading to Leeds to do some Christmas shopping but other than that this week is going to be working on the blog, finishing off the games room and just relaxing. I may even clear out the little room ready to start decorating it. Alongside all this I really need to start thinking about decluttering the house as certain parts are a mess.

Last weeks posts : Sneaker Freak x Umbro

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Sneaker Freak X Umbro

I love wearing sportswear no matter the occasion as it is just so comfortable and every now and again brand collaborations come along which you really need to pick up. 

Umbro is one of those brands where growing up I wouldn't wear it but now I am constantly on the look out for what pieces I can pick up, especially with Ashlyn Harris promoting a lot of their items. Back in August whilst in Manchester me and my auntie called into Footlocker where I saw this brilliant jacket. There were a variety of colours but for some reason this blue one really stood out. It is a bit like an anthem jacket players would wear before a football game but it also looks pretty smart when on. 

I am picky when it comes to jackets, they need to have a decent collar and need to stand out most of the time, this one ticks both those boxes. Teamed up with some skinny jeans or joggers and a clean looking pair of trainers this looks absolutely brilliant I am so glad I picked it up.

On the front you have the white Umbro logo and white Sneaker Freak logo teamed up with a white zip and white Umbro logos on both sleeves. Meaning there is plenty of detail which all stands out. Then on the back you have the large Sneaker Freak logo just in case anyone missed the front.  This is my second Umbro jacket but my other is much more subtle so this is a great addition to my wardrobe.

The material is stretchy but it goes back to its original shape especially around the wrists which is where I usually struggle for a good fit. This is definitely a jacket I will be wearing for years to come. Keep the brilliant jackets coming please Umbro.

I need to try out a few other Umbro items soon too and see how they live up to the jackets.

See you soon