The Fitness Items I Wish I Could Purchase.... Maybe One Day

We all have those items we wish to purchase but never do don't we? Well in 2020 I started saving so that I could afford those items I wished for and I ended the year with a Macbook, PS5 and Gucci ring which is some good going for me as I usually can't save £5 and spend my wage straight away. Looking back on 2020 got me thinking.... 'what items would I really love to save up for in the future and purchase if I could finally afford them' and to be honest items that jumped out on me are ones I have wanted for a while or ones that are going to help me in my journey. So here is what I would love to save up for and hopefully own in the future as at the moment these items are certainly out of my reach... 

Home Gym (£ - Various)

I would love to spend my money on getting a home gym build for us so we can have all the workout equipment we need to hand and I could do a variety of exercises instead of just weights or the bike. We already have the base of a garage in place however, it is damaged so work would need to be done on this to turn it into a gym. I would just love it if I could have one space with all the equipment in that I need to achieve my goals.

Peleton Bike (£2295.00)

I would love to upgrade my exercise bike to a Peleton bike as they just look so good and I would love to take part in the classes they do. I currently have a very basic Opti exercise bike so this would be a huge upgrade and help me make my cycling workouts more demanding. 

Peleton Treadmill £2295

In addition to adding the Peleton bike to a home gym I would love to add the Peleton treadmill as just like the bike this looks like a fantastic piece of equipment. The only thing I actually miss about the gym is actually the treadmill as this was the machine I spent the longest on each session. I aren't confident enough to go running outdoors yet so a treadmill would be ideal, especially one with as much technology in it as this one has. If I do get that home gym this might be one of the first items I invest in. 

If money was no object these would soon be purchased as soon as possible as they are definitely items that would be beneficial to me, well minus the suitcase which would simply be a treat item. What item have you always wanted and wish you could afford? 

My Current Training Plan

Whilst I have been on my weight loss and fitness journey I haven't really ever stuck to a specific training programme as honestly I get bored of things being too repetitive. I have found that even being spontaneous I have seen results so why change it now, granted with a specific routine I would see more and probably better results but for now I am happy with what I am doing and how often I am doing it. So I guess here is my current training plan... 

I mainly stick to YouTube workout videos at the moment as they don't go on for too long and each one is different, this way I feel that even though I am just using YouTube I am actually mixing up what I do. I am loving Em K Fit videos at the moment which is a surprise as these are dancing workouts which any other time I would avoid. I also enjoy jumping into some of the Chloe Ting videos as they target specific areas of my body more than the dance ones. I also enjoy the couple of workout videos that Alex Costa has on his YouTube page. I find that trying different videos just keeps me more motivated and focused as I aren't getting bored of repetition. 

Along with YouTube dance videos I have also stepped out of my comfort zone in another way... I have actually started using weights. I wouldn't go anywhere near the weight section at the gym due to confidence so this is actually a pretty big change for me. Currently I am incorporating weights into my training routine 2 to 3 times a week just as I get used to them, I am easing myself into using them as I learn new exercises as I don't want to end up with any injuries. 

I also have my exercise bike that I purchased in 2020 and the rowing machine that I managed to rescue from my dad so these have very easily been integrated into my workout routine. I am definitely using the exercise bike a lot more than the rowing machine but it is nice to alternate between them to mix up my routine a bit. 

I am trying my best to workout daily and so far I am doing really well but I honestly do think this is all down to having a mixture of a routine and not just doing the same thing day in day out and feel like I am stuck to doing that. If I wake up wanting to do weights that day I will do but if I want to do a dance workout I can easily do that too without going off plan and feeling bad about not being on plan that day. 

It isn't just working out the I am trying to work on as I am also getting my diet on track in 2021 too so the plan for that is to have 1 vegan or vegetarian meal per day, I have tried this before and I really benefited from it. I am also trying to cut back on the amount of snacks I eat each day too as I eat far too many at the moment, I am also hoping to change my snacking habits so that when I do snack I have something a lot healthier than a bar of chocolate. I know that once I get the snacking sorted out my progress will end up getting a lot better and I will feel much better too. 

So that is my current training plan if you can call it that. I am just happy to be making progress and enjoying what I am doing. What does your training plan look like?

How I Style The Classic Vans Old Skools

If you have read the blog for a while you will know just how much I have wanted a pair of Vans Old Skool's in the black and white colour way, well for Christmas my parents got me a pair and I am in love with them already. I haven't been able to wear them as much as I would have liked due to the current situation but I have been piecing outfits together ready for when I can get out and about in them.  I think I under estimated just how great owning a pair of these sneakers would be as when it came to working out outfits for them I was honestly spoilt for choice, they go with 90% of my wardrobe which is fantastic as I know I am definitely going to get my wear out of them, this is thanks to the super simple silhouette of the sneaker that just makes them really versatile and I know that I am going to be able to wear these all year round thanks to how simple yet classic they look. So here are the outfits I am definitely going to be wearing with the Vans Old Skools... 

For me this is a classic look for me and is one that I tend to opt for a lot of the time but now I am loving it even more as I think that the Vans make it look a bit smarter than a normal pair of sneakers. I loving wearing my red and black flannel shirt open with a plain black t-shirt underneath and a pair of skinny black jeans. This just gives it a more casual look than having the shirt buttoned up which I only do if I am wanting to feel a bit smarter. I think this is definitely a smart casual look but the Vans just make it seem a bit more dressed up and smarter than it actually is. The colours of the Vans work well with the rest of the outfit too and don't stand out for the wrong reasons. 

Honestly I don't know what I am going to do when these checked pants really don't fit me anymore as a lot of my favourite outfits revolve around them. The black/grey & white pants from Matalan have a small checked detail and my favourite way to wear them is with a plain black t-shirt which is normally slim fit but unfortunately I don't have any of those that fit me at the moment. The Vans just keep with the black and white scheme of this outfit and look really good with the clothing. This is definitely my go to smart casual outfit and one that I love wearing for going out or being in the office as it is really comfortable. If you can recommend any pants like these please let me know as I definitely need a replacement pair.

This is another look I am definitely going to be wearing for work. I treated myself to some long sleeved polo shirts to smarten myself up for work and I love how it looks with my black skinny jeans and my Vans. The maroon just adds a little bit of colour to the outfit without it being too in your face and keeping it looking smarter. To be honest I probably wont stick to just wearing this for work, I would also wear this if I was off out of going somewhere nice shopping and I wanted to make a bit more of an effort. I think these will also work nice with my grey version of this top too. 

Finally we have an outfit that could very easily become a go to outfit for the weekends and shopping trips. I got this Space Jam hoodie for Christmas and it has already become one of my favourite hoodies as I love the grey of the material with just the small Space Jam logo. Sometimes the logos can be too in your face however, this one is perfect as it is a good size and is central so even layered you could still see the detail. Teamed up with the skinny jeans and Vans I think it gives off a casual relaxed look perfect for those colder days. 

It has taken me too long to get a pair of these and I am starting to regret how long it has taken me. I have always been fan of the Vans clothing but I started to go off the sneakers but I think these might end up making me fall in love with the sneakers again. 

I just can't get over how good these sneakers look with a variety of different items in my wardrobe, I honestly like them already that much that I think when it comes to replacing them when they are beat up I will definitely be repurchasing them. I now want to add the hi top version and grey version into my sneaker collection so who knows I might end up with them in the near future. Keep an eye out on the blog for seeing how I plan on styling these for the warmer weather. 

Only Buying Clothing I Really Need

If I was to look at my bank account for the past few years I honestly think I would be horrified to see just how much money I have wasted in previous years whether it is something in the games room or most importantly what is causing my wardrobe to overflow. That is why recently I have taken a step back on what I am purchasing and taking stock of what I already have so that I am no longer wasting money on items that are just going to be gathering dust. 

That is why I now have a few routines I go through before going out and spending excessive amounts on items I am possibly not going to wear that often. There are a few things that have lead to me doing this, number one is that I have just got sick of spending money on things I don't need instead of having extra savings in my account. Number two is due to me just having far too many items in my wardrobe and chest of drawers, I could really down size my clothing as I always seem to wear the same sort of things. Then finally number three is the fact that with me losing weight I am going through different sizes of clothing so there is no need to keep buying things when they may not fit me after a few months as I really wont be getting my money worth.  

I now take stock of what I have as there is no need to go out and buy an item you already have three of, for so long I would pick up a black t-shirt from Primark as it was cheap however, I then ended up with far too many black t-shirts which there is absolutely no need for. 

Lately I try to try my clothing on regularly so that I know what still fits me and what doesn't. Too many times I have been out and picked up some jeans then realised I already have plenty of very similar pairs in my wardrobe that I haven't really worn. There has also been plenty of times where I have thought I had plenty of say black jeans in my wardrobe but then none have fit me. This is why I now tend to keep up with regular checks of the wardrobe so that I am no longer caught out with something not fitting.

By doing these regular checks I can also make sure things are still in a good condition, I don't want to go out and have a hole in my t-shirt or it not fit right due to shrinking in the wash. Now that I do these checks I can keep on top of the quality of clothing and know what needs replacing and know what is good until I do the next check. 

To make sure I stay on track of what I need I try to stick to a list when I go out. When I have done my check of my wardrobe I will write down anything I need to replace so I can stay on track whilst I am out and about. I have found previously by having a list I tend to only buy off that therefore I aren't wasting money. Plus with the list I can also add some treat items so say I want a designer hoodie or t-shirt that is going to cost me a bit more than usual I can just add it to the list so it is always in my site and I can eventually tick it off. 

So there you have it that is how I am now trying to buy only what I need fingers crossed this will help me stay on track, streamline my wardrobe a bit more and save me a bit more money. How do you keep on track with what you spend on clothing and keep control of the amount of clothing in your wardrobe?

The Wardrobe Essentials : Workout Wear

 With me now taking more of an interest in working out I have started to see my workout clothing selection really starting to grow lately. This is because I have found that it is best to have a variety of different items for different workouts you might be doing. You are going to need different items for working out outdoors than if you are just going to be indoors doing cardio or weights. If you do a variety of exercises you are going to want to be prepared so here are the items I think everyone who works out needs so they are prepared for all occasions. 


I much prefer working out in shorts as I like my legs feeling free especially if I am sat on the exercise bike for an hour. I like how shorts don't restrict my movements during HIIT workouts either so I can stretch more and feel more of a benefit. I usually go for 5" or 7" shorts as I find these most comfortable and less restrictive. I have found that the best shorts for my workouts are from Gymshark as they are comfortable and don't ride up when I do certainly exercises.

Compression Shorts 

I often put on a pair of compression shorts under my shorts whilst I am working out as I test out to see if there are actually benefits to wearing these. According to most a pair of compression shorts will help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts. I am currently trying this out to see if it is try and to see if I can recover faster from a workout just by wearing a pair of compression shorts. I am currently trying out a pair of Nike Pro's which I would definitely recommend having in your workout wardrobe as they are really comfortable and not that expensive. 


Someday's a pair of leggings just work a lot better for a decent workout. I often reach for a pair of leggings if I am heading outside for a section of my workout or for a workout in the house nice and early in the morning when it is still cold. Leggings also come in handy for just relaxing around the house as they are nice and comfortable. 

Tracksuit bottoms 

Similarly to leggings sometimes a good pair of tracksuit bottoms will come in handy. These are good for those outdoor and early morning workouts in the cold but they are also perfect for recovery and rest days. I tend to go for tracksuit bottoms when I don't want skin tight leggings on as they have a baggier fell however, you can easily get a skinny fit pair or a baggier pair it just depends on your personal style and what you are going to use them for as to which pair you end up purchasing. 


You are going to want a good variety of t-shirts for working out in. I have realised over the years that sometimes a standard t-shirt isn't going to have you feeling comfortable during a workout. That is why I now check what style a t-shirt is before purchasing. My favourite t-shirts to workout in are the ones made from a nice lightweight, stretchy material that is going to fit tight to my body. Yes granted it doesn't look good clung to all my lumps and pumps however it is comfortable and isn't weighing me down when working out. If I am just sat on the bike for a hour though I will wear something a little heavier and in a thick material as it is going to be comfortable and keep me feeling just right during the workout. Gymshark and MyProtein do some great active t-shirts at reasonable prices that last quite a long time without losing shape. 

Long sleeved t-shirts 

For those colder days you are going to want to feel a bit warmer which is where long sleeved t-shirts come in really handy. Again you can get these in all sorts of materials to suit whatever workout you are doing but a long sleeve t-shirt is going to help you stay warm in the cold weather and is going to help you keep pushing through a workout rather than give up as you are cold. You are going to want to find a long sleeve t-shirt that has sleeves the correct length for you as you aren't going to want to be breaking off to roll your sleeves up every two minutes.

1/4 Zip jacket 

I love a good 1/4 zip jacket whilst working out as I think it gives off a nice smart look whilst keeping you warm on the cold days. I used to just wear it for going to the gym and then take it off once I got there however, now I have left the gym I wear it when I am doing weights at home or when I am on the exercise. To be honest I even throw it on if I am having a kick about in the garden just to add an extra layer. Another benefit of these 1/4 zips is that they look really nice and you can get away with wearing it on a day to day basis too not just for working out in. 


To me a hoodie is great for warming up in and for rest days, I wouldn't necessarily workout in a hoodie but I would wear one before and after working out just for a bit of comfort rather than anything else. There is a great variety of hoodies out there on the market that are all different styles and  weights so there is something for everyone. I know some people do like to workout in a hoodie and if I did I think I would go for something a bit more lightweight and save the heavier bits as rest day items. 


If you are doing outdoors workouts or going running you are going to want a windbreaker jacket to protect you from the elements. A windbreaker jacket is perfect as they are often water resistant so will keep you dry plus they are lightweight so you aren't going to be weighed down or bugged by it during your run or workout. Plus just like with the 1/4 or hoodie you could always just throw this on when you are out and about running errands. 

Correct footwear Such As Running shoes

To prevent injuries you are going to want to make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear for whatever exercise you are carrying out. So if you are running you are going to want some running shoes to support your ankles on your runs. But if you are going to be doing weights you are going to want some flat shoes for those lifts. You can get specific weightlifting shoes but if you don't want to invest in something like that you can always wear a pair of Vans or Converse to do these workouts in, these are pretty flat shoes and seem to be popular with the weight lifting community lately. 

Cushioned socks 

To go with those shoes that are correct for your workout you are going to want some nice cushioned socks which I have come to love in recent months. The big sports brands and the likes of Gymshark do some great cushioned socks which are great for a variety of workouts as they are a bit thicker so your shoes are less likely to rub you during your workout and they create a more comfortable fit. There is no point wearing a pair of thin socks that are going to rub after 2 minute as you aren't going to carry on your workout if your feet are in pain.

So there you have it those are the items I believe everyone needs in their wardrobe if they are into working out. What clothing is essential for you when you are working out?

How Am I Finding The Exercise Bike A Few Month On

I am honestly starting to believe that one of the best things I did in 2020 was cancel my gym membership which is pretty ironic to say I am on a weight loss and fitness journey. Even though I wanted to continue my journey I cancelled my membership as I just didn't feel confident going to the gym and would much rather work out at home, so with the money I saved from my gym membership I purchased an exercise bike. I have had the bike for a few months now so here is how things are going with it... 

Having the bike is certainly a nice change as when I did go to the gym I would avoid the bike at all costs. I would do an hour on the treadmill and leave so now to have something different to do and honestly I feel as though it is benefiting me a lot more than when I used the treadmill. 

The ease of moving the bike around has also meant that I have got a lot more cardio in since buying it as now instead of just sitting on the sofa to catch up on TV shows I actually bring the bike into the living room and cycle for an hour instead. This is great as it is encouraging me to be more active and I feel like I am getting more out of time instead of feeling like I am just sat around wasting time watching TV. 

Even if I don't have much time I can just jump on this for around 15 minutes so I get a workout in even when I am short of time, this is because the bike is just there for me to get on and get going, there is no set up time. I have been known to jump on the bike when I am waiting for someone to pick me up and also when Liam has been finishing off our food on a night. 

The only issue I have had with the bike is with the seat feeling uncomfortable but this was quickly solved by me purchasing a gel seat cover. With me being sat on it for an hour at a time I needed to do something to make it comfortable and the seat cover seems to have worked a treat. 

Overall the bike was definitely worth the purchase as once I have been on it for an hour I feel great and energised and like it has really worked my body. I am glad I used the money I saved from my gym membership as I know that over the coming months and years whilst I am on this weight loss and fitness journey this bike is going to be a very valuable piece of equipment. 

How I Style Suede Chelsea Boots

For years I have always had a black and brown suede Chelsea boots in my shoe collection and they are actually the only pairs of shoes I ever wear. If I don't have a pair of sneakers on my feet it will be Chelsea boots and to be honest I aren't quite sure why they are the only shoes I ever seem to buy, it could be the fact they are so easy to style or the fact that they smarten up any outfit at a low cost. The 2 pairs I currently own are a brown suede and a black suede pair that I got from Primark for less than £10 and they have lasted me two years so far so they are a bargain in that sense. I will be honest the past few years I only really wear them on nights out or if I want to smarten myself up for work however, I am trying to get away from wearing sneakers everyday so the Chelsea boots are going to be called into action a lot more especially throughout the spring & autumn months. The best part now is that thanks to my style changing a bit the Chelsea boots will go with a whole lot more of my wardrobe meaning it will be even easier for me to style them. So here are some of my favourite outfits to wear with my Chelsea boots at the moment. 

This look is a new one for me but it has soon become one that I think will be worn for work quite a bit and also for those smarter shopping days. The light brown jumper was just £5 from Primark and teamed up with the brown Chelsea boots and some well fitted black jeans this outfit looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. The jumper and boots work well together and the black from the jeans just breaks it up while still looking coordinated. Through on a smart black coat with this in the colder weather and you will have a brilliant smart look. 

I think this is the look I go for a lot more than I thought I did. It has actually become my go to going out outfit as it looks smart but not too smart and is very comfortable. It is a nice and simple look but teamed up with the right accessories it is perfect. The black Chelsea boots are teamed up with some Matalan checked pants (can you recommend any similar as once these don't fit I need a replacement pair) and just a plain black t-shirt. I love this look as it is as it is so simple but I do usually throw on some nice jewellery to add to the look and just add a different colour to the look with the silver. Again when it is colder you can put on a nice smart black jacket or blazer with this to keep you that bit warmer but this is an outfit I wear all year round.


A new favourite outfit of mine is a pair of black Chelsea boots, a pair of well fitting black jeans and a checked flannel shirt. This checked shirt is one with a bleached detail on it from BoohooMan and it is definitely my favourite in my wardrobe at the moment as it fits nice and is really comfortable. If you put a black t-shirt under this you can have it undone instead of buttoned up but either way with a pair of Chelsea boots and jeans this can give off a nice look which is a bit different from the previous two looks as it is a bit more casual. 


My final favourite outfit with my black Chelsea boots is another one involving a shirt but this time it is a short sleeved one. I love short sleeved shirts all year round and the one in the image is one I have had in my wardrobe for years now. Again this looks great buttoned up or open with a t-shirt underneath, teamed with some black jeans again and the black Chelsea boots this creates a nice smart casual look for any time of the year. In the colder weather just thrown on a smart jacket and you are good to go. I just think that a shirt and Chelsea boots are a great combination. 

I am determined that at some point through the year I am going to pick up a black and brown pair of leather Chelsea boots to suit the weather where I live a bit better, but for now I am determined to wear these suede ones a lot more.  I am hoping that by wearing these more I will start to transition away from sneakers all the time and venture into different footwear, especially as I am eyeing up a pair of chunky boots and Dr Martens to add into my collection this year so I have a variety of boot options to hand. 

What is your go to outfit when you are wearing your Chelsea boots?

Why I Could Never Do A Capsule Wardrobe


Whenever I open YouTube I seem to be greeted by a lot of videos regarding capsule wardrobes and how great they can be for various reasons. Every time I see these videos I wonder if this is something I could do or if a capsule wardrobe simply isn't for me. the conclusion after months of consideration... they just aren't for me and by doing this I would really struggle and probably fall out of love with my wardrobe far too many times. 

There are plenty of reasons for this but the main reason is my style changes on a daily basis. I don't just have one style that I stick to and honestly what I enjoy wearing changes on at least a weekly basis. One week I might be in just printed t-shirts or shirts, the following week I may just go straight for a plain t-shirt and leave it at that. Some weeks I will literally wear a different style each day due to me having days off or being in the office, some days I might opt for smart casual and other days I just opt for super casual. This is just quite frankly down to the fact that my mind changes daily and it all depends on what mood I wake up in each day for what I wear.  

I really do believe that if I was to do a capsule wardrobe I would feel far too restricted and end up falling out of love with the wardrobe far too early on so I would never stick to it. I would feel restricted as I can't stand wearing the same thing day after day. I change my look daily and don't ever wear the same thing two days running. Often on the YouTube videos I see people are wearing black t-shirts 7 days a week, which to them may be great but I just wouldn't be able to get on board with that idea as I would be fed up of wearing the same style t-shirt in the second day.  

When it comes to different occasions such as birthday parties, family events or events where I have to dress a bit smarter I like having plenty of options available so that if one option doesn't seem right I have got something else to fall back on. I feel like if  I did a capsule wardrobe I wouldn't have as much freedom to do this as I do now. I know the capsule wardrobe is what you make it but I just wouldn't like to restrict these options and possibly end up not liking what I had to go to these events in. 

I really enjoy trying out new brands and clothing too so I don't think that I would do well with cutting back on buying new items and getting rid of ones already in my wardrobe. I don't necessarily keep up with trends but I do like new up and coming brands that I discover online so I like broadening my wardrobe with those hidden gems. 

Although I will never do a capsule wardrobe there are some ways that it would certainly benefit me in the long run. One of those benefits would be on a morning / evening when I am deciding on my outfit I would have a lot more time to myself as I would have less to chose from and I would know exactly what went with what item taking away all the time I spent rummaging to pair outfits together. 

It would also mean I had more money to spend on other things as I would be limiting my clothing spend each month which sometimes can be a little bit too much. This would mean more money for other things and experiences which would make a nice change. With saving money I will also be able to start buying better quality items as that money would have been put to one side and building up for items I really wanted. 

So although there are plenty of benefits to having a capsule wardrobe I just don't think this is the right route for me to take, so for now I will be continuing as I am but trying to buy less. What do you think to capsule wardrobes? Would you give one a go or like me are they just not for you?

All I Seem To Wear Is Black Jeans... How Do I Style Them?

Over the years I seem to have fallen into a bit of a trap... I started to only wear black jeans and it is currently getting to the stage where I want to change out of the habit but there is something that always pulls me back into just picking a pair of black jeans instead of picking up something different. Even in the summer for some stupid reason I end up wearing black jeans all the time which isn't necessarily good in the heat but they still work well for my summer outfits, I just can't step away from them.

I think it is due to how versatile black jeans are. They are really easy to style and go with my whole wardrobe which is always an added bonus as it saves time when getting ready as I know I can put on a pair of black jeans and any top and it will work well. I can dress a pair of jeans up or down depending on the occasion of the day in question so I can look smart when needed or have a comfortable casual look if I am just going shopping for the day.

There are plenty of types of black jeans but I have found recently I prefer a standard pair of skinny black jeans or a pair of girlfriend fit jeans as there suit my body and style much better than others. I did go through a phase of loving ripped black skinny jeans but I started to get fed up of them and have moved on from them. No doubt I will fall back in love with ripped ones again but for now I am trying to stay away from them for a bit. The skinny fit ones are fantastic for that smarter look but I have found girlfriend fit ones are much better for those days where you are dressing more casual and comfortable as these provide a much looser fit and are certainly not clung to your skin. I actually went off ripped jeans as I started to think they made me look a little scruffy but I know with the right pair this could totally change and I could create some fantastic looks with them, so now I am on the hunt for that perfect pair. 

I have learnt over the years that you need to get the right fitting jeans if you are wanting to create a more put together look and not like you have just thrown any old pair on. I am quite short so have always struggled with finding the right length of jeans but now I know the right length makes the jeans look nicer as there isn't a lot of excess material hanging around. You don't want your skinny jeans to look baggy either so make sure the overall size and fit is going to be a good one otherwise you may as well just pick up a pair of straight jeans. Same with any baggier style you are going for, don't go overly baggy as it might not end up looking like a good fit and like you are just wearing something far too big for you. Pairs don't have to break the bank either some of my favourites are £10 from Primark or £16 from Sainsbury's and they last me quite a long time so just take time to shop around and find the right pair for you. 

Not only do I wear these on a day to day basis for shopping etc but I also wear them for work as they don't look too dressed down, in the past I have even worn a pair for an interview and still kept the smart appearance going. What I love about black jeans the most though is that I don't have to worry about what footwear I am going to wear when I wear my jeans. I have a pretty extensive shoe collection and about 90% of the collection works well with my black jeans so I am never stuck for what to wear. I can team them up with a nice pair of sneakers and they look great and depending on which sneakers they are I could have a smart or casual look or I can throw on a pair of Converse and have a nice casual look too. If I do want a smarter look though I pick my plain white sneakers or my Chelsea boots as I think they just make the outfit look that bit smarter and put together, plus it means I am wearing some different footwear for a change. 

Black jeans are certainly my go to item of clothing and although I try to move on from them I think they are going to be my go to for a while thanks to just how many ways to wear them there are. 

Do you love black jeans? 

2021 Fitness Goals


Well 2020 was a pretty good year for me on my weight loss and fitness journey. Yes the scales were up and down quite a bit but I found progress in other places. My knee and side hurt a lot less than previously. Alongside that I learnt that measurements were a great way of tracking my progress rather than focusing on what the scale said all the time. I even managed to fit into clothes that I haven't fit in for a while as I dropped a clothing size for my tops and bottoms which has definitely been a big bonus as I have been able to buy more when I go out shopping as places actually have my size. I don't want to just sit back and ruin all the progress I made though so I am hoping that 2021 is a year I step it up a gear and see more progress. So here are the fitness goals I am setting myself for 2021...

Drop another clothing size

I went from an XL in men's clothing to a Large, and in women's clothing I went from a size 20 to an 18 so to some it may not seem a lot but for me it was a pretty big change. I am hoping to at least drop 1 more clothing size in 2021 but if I can get 2 sizes down that would be fantastic but to make it realistic lets just stick to 1 size down for now. 

Work out more 

In 2020 I started working out quite a bit but to be honest it was a bit of a mix as I would either work out loads or not at all so in 2021 I want to work out more and more consistently. There is no point giving it my all for 2 weeks then sitting back for a month doing nothing. I saw plenty of progress in 2020 so if I stick to working out more and more consistently just imagine the results I could get. 

Start running 

This is something I have wanted to do for a while but I have delayed due to not wanting to go out alone and also due to worrying about my knee. I am hoping that 2021 could be the year where I end up finally putting on my trainers and taking up running. Mix this in with other workouts and I could hit my other goals sooner than expected. 

Drop into the 13 stone bracket 

This is a long shot but if I aim for my other goals I should make a lot of progress to this one. This was my aim for 2020 but I certainly fell short of it so if I can do this in 2021 that would be fantastic. This would mean I would be working to a 3 stone loss since the start of my journey in 2020. 

Make better food choices 

I started to do well with this at the start of 2020 but then I started to fall off track by ordering in & snacking on he wrong sort of items. So in 2021 I want to make better food choices which will hopefully see me work towards other goals too. I want to really cut back on eating out and ordering in as this definitely is my down fall. I want to limit takeaways to a maximum of 2 a month and if I do eat out I want to get the healthier options for a change. I also want to meal prep so I don't fall off track at work too. Fingers crossed I can become a better cook too so we aren't always eating the same things and I incorporate more veg into my diet.

Get more daily steps in 

When I am in the office I don't really move around a lot so if I could increase my daily steps that would be fantastic. In 2021 I want to try go for more walks whether that is on my lunch time or after work just so my body is moving more and helping me get my step target in. 

Improve my sleep 

For years my sleep pattern has been terrible so it is time to change that too. I want to get into a nighttime routine of switching off my phone and laptop and just winding down for the evening and read my book so I am relaxed and away from the harshness of screen light. I am hoping that doing this will help me get settled quicker and have a good nights sleep.

Don't get down about lack of progress

This is possibly the biggest goal for me as I got really down when things weren't going in the right direction which made me fall off track even more. I want to try have a more positive out look on things in 2021 and hopefully that will help me stay on track and if I don't see progress but know it is coming soon maybe I won't just want to give up.

Those are my 2021 fitness and weight loss goals. Have you set any for yourself for the year ahead?

As the end of the year approaches I will do a follow up post so we can see how many I have actually managed to tick off. 

My Current Sneaker Wish List

It is no secret that I love a good pair of sneakers and in the past few years there have been some fantastic pairs released for everyone's style. Sneakers are easy to style with the majority of my wardrobe and I have noticed that over the years I have gone from wanting standout pairs to more subtle ones that I can wear with any outfit so I am getting more wear out of the pairs I own. Here are some of the sneakers I would love to own in the near future... 

Vapormax Flyknit 

I have wanted a pair of Vapormax for a while but the price tag has really been putting me off as they seem far too expensive for a pair of shoes. The more I look at them though the more I am tempted to finally make the jump and add a pair to my collection. I definitely want a pair of Flyknit ones as these are my favourites but there are plenty of nice pairs of Vapormax out there. 

Nike Blazers 

I currently have a pair of red and white Nike Blazers which I got for my 16th or 17th Birthday if I remember rightly and they are still going strong. They are a really good sneaker and have shown just how long they can last so I think another more subtle pair is in order. I love these white ones with the black swoosh as they will definitely work well with more of my outfits than my red ones do. Plus the Blazers just look a bit smarter than some other sneakers. 

Adidas Stan Smith's 

I love my Nike Air Force 1's but I would love to add a pair of Nike Stan Smith's into my collection especially for the summer months. The Stan Smith's are a bit of a classic pair of sneakers in my eyes but I have never owned any so I would love to finally purchase a pair. I think these would be a great addition for the summer and autumn months as they will work well with my shorts.. jeans or even a pair of chinos. 

Jordan 1's

I currently own 2 pairs of Jordan's but it is one of my aims to finally pick up a pair of Jordan 1 mid's, these have been on my wish list for a while as I love the whole silhouette and if I could get them in this black and red colourway that would be even better. The Jordan 1's look like an absolute fantastic shoes and they would be really easy for me to style as again they would go with plenty of my autumn / winter wardrobe. 

Puma Suede

Just like with the Blazer's I also have a few pairs of Puma Suede's in my collection which are a bright red pair and a royal blue pair but now as my style is changing I want to purchase a black pair which is a lot more subtle and easier to style. The Puma Suede's are a really comfortable pair of sneakers so I would actually be happy to purchase these in every colour if possible but for now I am just aiming for a nice classic black and white pair. 

New Balance 574

I have never owned a pair of New Balance sneakers before but these 574's are really jumping out at me. They just look so different to anything I would normally purchase but they also look like something I definitely need to add into my collection. These would be fantastic for the autumn months with some lighter colour denim jeans and a more casual look. 

Nike Air Max 97

Just like the Vapormax I have wanted a pair of Air Max 97's for such a long time but unfortunately I haven't purchased any just yet as they just seem so expensive. I love the silhouette of these sneakers and have done for a while plus there are some fantastic colourways for these sneakers so there is something for everyone. Who knows I might find a pair at a reasonable price but for now they will just have to stay on the wish list. 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

In 2020 I started working out a lot more and my love for fitness and running shoes grew. I want to carry on with my fitness journey and I think a new pair of sneakers might be a reward for any weight loss plus I am very tempted to give running a go and these look like they could be perfect for me. I love the colourway of these sneakers so these may actually be my first sneaker purchase of the year. 

There you have it those are the sneakers I would love to get my hands on in 2021 who knows I may end up picking a few pairs up or I might get none or all of them but those Pegasus are definitely top of the list. What sneakers are you hoping to pick up in 2021? 

Tips To Make The Right Online Purchases

Lately I much rather sitting in front of my PC or laptop and purchasing the clothing I require at that moment in time. It is much better than having to go into town, find what you want, get annoyed they don't have your size then return home empty handed. I would rather sit at home and know if something is in stock or not so I aren't making a wasted journey not only does this save time but it saves a bit of extra money too. Granted though shopping isn't always easy, sites may come up that you have never heard of before and you might not be sure who to trust or you may just not know what size you need so you spend forever making returns. Well here are my personal tips for making shopping online that bit easier.

If you are shopping on a budget here are some of my favourite tips...

Look at the outlet/clearance section on a website

Sometimes you can get some fantastic bargains by searching in the outlet of a site and it can end up saving you money in the long run. Do you want a plain t-shirt? Check the outlet first as the site might be trying to get rid of them. You can often find some great items in here that surprise you. 

Sort by discounts high to low 

This is a great thing to do as you could find yourself picking up some great items with a massive discount meaning you definitely end up getting more for your money. You may find a bargain of an item with a 80% discount compared to a similar product for just 20% off. You might as well get more value for your money.  

Sort by price low to high

If you aren't bothered about the discounts you could alternatively just change the sort by to price low to high. This will show you from the beginning the cheapest products and gradually increase. This way you can stop scrolling when you get to your budget and not traumatise yourself with those items you know you can't afford. 

Sign up to stores for discounts

These days you can go onto a site and almost immediately be greeted by a discount code for your first order, so why not make the most of them? If you go on and are greet with this you may as well just add your email which you would be doing at checkout anyway and get that extra discount. Make sure you make it worth it though and wait to make a big order to really benefit from this. 

Keep an eye out for newsletters in your inbox

If you are signed up to newsletters from companies then you are likely to receive emails from them all the time which could get really annoying at times but at the same time could be fantastic for your bank account. Have a look at those newsletters and see if any involve discounts just for you being subscribed which many will give you every now and again. 

Check second hand sites

If you are on a budget but there is an item you want on the more expensive side make use of second hand websites such as eBay & Depop. You can often find items second hand on these sites at a fraction of the cost of what it would usually be. If you do end up finding an item on one of these sites make sure you read the description to ensure the item is going to be good quality and not faulty before purchasing. 

If you are going to be making orders online you are going to want to check these things too...

Make sure the site is secure

When you are placing your order you are going to want to make sure that the site your are on is secure which will be shown in the bar where the website is shown by a little padlock appearing. You want to make sure this is there before entering any personal details because if it isn't a secure site who knows where your data could end up.

Check site reviews

If the site is for a company you haven't really heard about before then make sure you check out any reviews you can find before making a purchase. This will help you find out what the company you are possibly going to be purchasing from is like in terms of delivery, customer service and also what their products are like. This is a good way to separate the scam companies to the legit ones.

Check return policies

Before you make an order you want to make sure it isn't going to be a hassle to return anything that doesn't fit or doesn't look like it did on the website. Companies should always have their return policy on their website so you can easily see their return policy and know just how long you have to send things back and the process you need to follow before sending anything back. If it is going to be a nightmare to send it back you are going to want to make sure the item is going to be perfect before you order or you might just want to avoid it all together. 

Wait until you have a few items to make an order

This is something I have fallen foul to quite a few times. I have previously rushed to purchase items from sites, paid a stupid amount for delivery then a week later done exactly the same again. I have started to learn that the best thing to do is make the most out of my delivery charge by waiting a few weeks building up an order and then placing it. Granted this can be risky if it includes an item that is in high demand although I do tend to make exceptions for those. This also helps me because I aren't impulse buying half as much as I used to. 

Finally in terms of getting the items you want and getting the correct things then you are going to want to do the following...

Check size charts 

If you are unsure of if an item is going to fit you or what size you need don't just guess have a look at the size chart that you get at the side of the item you are looking at. These size charts will give you a good idea of what it is going to fit like on your body and if it is going to be too big or small. If you check these and know your sizes then you are going to hopefully cut out a lot of unnecessary returns and help you stop wasting money.  

Take note of how previous items have fit you 

If you have shopped at the specific store before and are looking to purchase an item you have previously bought or tried on from them you know roughly what the fit is going to be like on those new items you are looking at. If you know a large t-shirt fits you then you are going to want to look at that size but if you know the clothing runs a little tight you are going to want to shop the size up. 

Double check cart before purchasing

This is certainly a part you are going to want to pay attention to. You are going to want to make sure that everything is how you want it. Check the quantities are correct & the sizes are what you need this way you are going to minimise those returns again. You are also going to want to make sure your delivery address is correct too because after finding those perfect items you are going to want to make sure you actually receive them.

So those are my tips for making the online shopping experience a lot easier and efficient. But what are your online shopping tips? 

My Personal Goals For 2021

Well what a strange year 2020 was, like many I had plenty of things planned for the year and they all fell through thanks to the Covid situation. Even though it was definitely a strange year I managed to make progress with a lot of my goals such as my weight loss and savings but I am hoping 2021 is going to be an even better year. I want to improve on goals from last year and set myself a few new ones to make my life more organised and be a bit more productive. So here are my goals for 2021. 

Drop another clothes size

I have a separate post coming for my fitness goals for the year but this is certainly one of my big overall goals... I want to drop another clothing size. I did well in 2020 as I went from an XL in menswear to a Large which is also starting to get a little bigger on me. I would love to end 2021 as at least a medium. I have also managed to drop from a 20 to an 18 in women's sizes so I want to try get to a 16 in those. If I drop down even further by December that would also be fantastic but I will be happy even dropping the 1 size. 

Save even more money 

I did really well with my savings in 2020 but I want to go even better in 2021. I want to save enough to get some big jobs in the house ticked off but also so that I can treat myself and still have plenty left over. Thanks to my efforts in 2020 I have a good starting point but I want to put double what I have in 2020 into my savings accounts and still have plenty left over when jobs have been done. 

Keep working on the blog 

My blog did surprisingly really well in 2020 and I want to capitalise on that for 2021 and keep momentum going. I want to keep doing the same amount of posts I did in 2020 and maybe add a few extras in when required. I also want to get better at planning out my posts so I am well in advance and things aren't rushed. Fingers crossed this will help me see more growth. 

Travel more

I had plenty of plans that got cancelled in 2020 but I am hoping that in 2021 I can get on trips away with Liam & my family. I am wanting to travel to go on stadium tours for my football blog so I am hoping to incorporate those into some short breaks which would be fantastic. My big ones are a trip to Manchester for the two stadium tours there and a trip to London to hopefully do a few stadium tours down there. It would certainly be great to have a few trips to other places too just me and Liam to go relax for a bit. 

Get more jobs done in the house 

In March we will have been in the house for 3 years and we have nearly got the big jobs out of the way. I would love for 2021 to be the year we get even more ticked off as it will definitely make a big difference. My big aim is to get the garage ripped down and the side garden sorted out so that the only thing really left to do outside is the driveway and the side of the house. It would also be great to finally get the loft boarded out and the hallway done as then the upstairs is also all complete. The hallway will definitely be the most expensive job as we want to add some fitted cupboards to the area too. It would also be great if we could start planning for our new kitchen in 2021 too although that may be a job for 2022. 

Have more me time 

Even though 2020 was mainly spent indoors I didn't really have any down time as I was constantly doing something whether that was cleaning, blogging or working out. That is why in 2021 I want to make more time for me, where I can just sit back and relax with a book or watch a film. I am hoping that I can have certain nights for cleaning and blogging so that some time is freed up for me and I may be able to get through my to be read pile if I do this. 

So there you have it those are my goals for the year and I am really hoping that I can make a difference and achieve these goals as it is definitely going to be fun seeing the house really come together, seeing new places and seeing my financial situation improve. What are your goals for 2021?

December 2020 Fitness Update


Well the final month of the year is over and done with and am I glad as it didn't go to plan. I spent the majority of the month in pain and unable to work out which led to my mood declining and I ended up eating for the sake of it which ended up making me feel worse. All though I was off track I ended up thinking more about 2021 and what I wanted to achieve for the upcoming year. By doing this I ended up getting some motivation back and I know I am going into 2021 with a better mindset and an idea of what I want to achieve. 

So here is what the physical changes went like over the course of the year:

Waist start : 122 cm end : 106 cm

Hips start : 120 cm  end : 113 cm

Right thigh start : 66.5 cm end : 62 cm

Right calf start : 46 cm end : 42 cm

Right bicep start :  33 cm end : 32 cm

I am actually really surprised with how these measurements have decreased and it just makes me wonder how it would have gone if I had really stuck to everything fully in 2020. Seeing these changes has definitely made me even more motivated to do even better in 2021.

Beginning of December weight : 15 stone 10 & 1/2 lb 
End of December weight : 15 stone 11 & 1/4 lb

Total loss : + 3/4 lb

I kind of expected a gain for December as due to illness I haven't managed to do any working out and my diet is terrible. It has actually surprised me that the gain wasn't higher due to not working out, eating terrible and the Christmas period. 

Here is what I am aiming for in January 

- Workout everyday as I take part in Gymshark 66
- Eat 1 vegan / vegetarian meal per day 
- Have a better diet
- Lose 4lb

 Overall 2020 loss : - 5 & 1/2 lb 

I am determined to see an even bigger decrease in my weight in 2020 so I am hoping that January is going to be a case of hitting the ground running. 

My Blogging Plans For 2021

2020 was a year where I really fell in love with blogging once again and seemed to get into more of a routine with content and when I posted. Not only that but I started focusing on a specific set of topics I loved the most which I think is why I have fallen in love with the blog even more. 

I focused on so much content in areas that are my passions and I have had a great year of growth and I want to build up on it in 2021 and grow even more and get even more enjoyment out of my content daily and have others fall in love with it as much as I am. So here is what I am hoping for in 2021...

I want to post 4 days a week as I have loved having those consistent upload days but I want people to know what to expect each day. That is why Monday's will be sneaker related as this is a topic I have really fallen in love with in 2020 and a lot of others seem to have taken a liking to that content too. Tuesday's will be fashion related as this is a topic I really want to add to as I am on my fitness and weight loss journey. I find that this really helps me stay accountable so I hope that by posting my journey others might be inspired by my journey and get motivated by it.  Wednesdays will be fashion related which will focus on styling pieces, hauls and other bits to bring my love of fashion to the blog on a weekly basis. Finally Fridays will be tips or lifestyle posts that focus on a variety of topics, so there will be something for everyone each week. There may be different posts thrown into the mix on other days but for now these will be the main days. 

The weekly round up posts wont be returning for 2021 as to be honest I have just got fed up with them and I believe others are fed up of these too so the time has come to get rid. But my monthly favourites, fitness updates & new in posts will be posted in the first week of every month as they are all posts I really enjoy writing and looking back on. 

There are a few other things I am looking forward to in 2021 which I am hoping to get done for the blog. I think it is time it had a bit of a refresh so keep an eye out for a new theme and logo in the near future as I just fancy freshening things up a bit and these areas have stayed the same for a long time now.

I will also be planning to be more consistent with my social media content in 2021 as it is an area I have enjoyed working on a lot throughout 2020 but I have been hit and miss. If I have posted a lot on Instagram I have neglected other platforms so I am hoping to change that and stop neglecting areas that I could do well with. This might mean I have to actually sit and plan in advance and create a social media calendar to keep me on track & do drafts to make sure I am still being consistent in my content. Let's hope I can really make my Instagram a lot better than this year with some quality content that runs along side my blog. 

Bring on 2021... I can't wait to get writing blog posts that are for those topics I really love writing about. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see.