Is There Too Much Branding?

Can an item of clothing have too much branding on it? In some cases it can end up like a brands logo has thrown up all over your clothing but done the correct way a bit of overbranding can actually look pretty good.

Remember that Gucci tracksuit everyone on Instagram seemed to own with the GG print all over it? I believe it was the Gucci Jacquard print. This was just far too in your face and honestly it didn't look good at all, I definitely wouldn't have spent that much money on something like that. But Nike seem to have done their overbranded range justice as you get that overbrand but it doesn't fill ever inch of the item you are wearing.

It was on a recent trip to the York Designer Outlet that I first saw this range and as soon as I saw the black t-shirt I knew I was picking it up, especially with a price of just £13.00 (original price £19.95) it was a bargain. From how it was hung you could only see the 2 Nike Swoosh logo with the TM stood boldly on the front of the t-shirt along with the little trademark box in the bottom left corner, there is plenty of branding on the front that catches your eye without going over the top. 

Then as I lifted the t-shirt down I noticed even more details, the trademark was in a pretty large print going down the left hand side of the t-shirt which without a jacket on is definitely a stand out. Going across the back is even more details of the Swoosh & Nike logo but again this isn't too big but definitely catches your eye. 

The thing that makes this t-shirt work really well is that the branding is spread out and not covering every inch of the top so there is actually some plain space unlike with other overbranded clothing. If I was to wear this with a jacket over you would just think it was your standard Nike t-shirt but once that jacket is taken off the extra details add to the outfit. 
Nike have used nice simple colours on the t-shirts too as the black one is simply black and white with a little bit of volt, so a little bit of simplicity is kept in the design. If there were any other colours added I think there may just be a bit too much going on, simplicity is definitely key. 

Nike t-shirts seem to be getting better in quality lately too, this is a really nice material which feels a little on the thicker side than some t-shirts I have picked up lately but once it is on you can't feel any weight to it. I also have faith in it lasting me a while with how the material feels, fingers crossed it does and even when I lose weight I will be wearing this as an oversized option. 

I loved the tops so much I ended up picking another one up that is the same design just in red. If they had more options I think I would have ended up with them all.
Since finding these items in the Designer Outlet I have also seen them in the Leeds Nike store and I really wish I had picked up the matching hoodies for these items as they would have been perfect for the really cold weather we are currently having. Although I can see these t-shirts becoming a spring/summer essential in my wardrobe. In fact I think Nike as a brand could easily become an essential brand for me.

 What would you wear this t-shirt with?

See you soon

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