I Have Found The Perfect Trousers

Do you ever find an item of clothing that just jumps out at you? Well that was definitely the case for me when I went to Matalan recently, to be honest though it was actually my Dad who spotted these and said straight away they were 'me pants' whatever that is supposed to mean? 
But as soon as I saw what he was holding up they went straight in the trolley ready for me to go try on. I have definitely fallen in love with the check trend and these have to be my favourite pair of pants. 

They are really lightweight but the best part about them is that they are tapered, and they just look really smart when on. I could very easily dress these up with a nice shirt or go for the casual look of just a t-shirt and trainers. Some pairs of checked pants I have seen lately look a little too in your face but with these it is just nice and subtle which to be honest for me makes them easier to style.

I struggle with women's pants 90% of the time as I have pretty big thighs and waist but quite small calves so getting a pair to fit just right is a struggle but these have ticked all the boxes as they don't cling to me but also they don't look far too baggy like most of my other pants at the moment. I just think a nice fitting pair of pants makes the outfit so much better and makes it look a lot cleaner & sharper.

One thing I struggle with is getting pants that are just the right length, as you can see in the image above these are perfect for me. They don't trail on the floor and they stop just at the right point above my ankle. Which means no frayed bottoms and I can show off what ever pair of trainers I am wearing that day. I will probably try pair these with some simple and plain trainers for once as there is definitely enough going on with the checks.

I  am also loving how I can dress the pants up or down just depending on what coat or jacket I wear. When I first got these pants it was still warm so I was just wearing these with a t-shirt but now it has got a bit colder I have started wearing them with my Next coat (in the images above) which just looks a whole lot smarter but I also want to work through my jackets and see what else I can mix them with. I can honestly see this outfit with the smarter coat becoming my go to though as it is about time I smartened myself up.

For £16 I don't think you can really go wrong with these and I can see me getting plenty of wear out of them. I would definitely recommend going to you local Matalan to take a look at them for yourself or take a look by clicking here.

Can you recommend anywhere else that are doing some nice checked clothing? Let me know.

See you soon

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