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FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group C

So yesterday was group B which you can read all about here. Which means today's post is all about group C. Australia, Italy, Brazil and Jamaica are the teams that make up this group and honestly I think it is going to be fun to see how the group turns out. 
Australia are a team that in recent years have been on the rise and honestly they are one of my underdogs for this tournament. All it is going to take is a good service to Sam Kerr and she will slot the ball in the back of the net. They are really becoming a force to reckon with. Then you have Brazil who at one point where flying high but in recent months they seem to be struggling being defeated by Spain and Scotland, it isn't the Brazil you would have thought of in recent years. It is going to be interesting to see if they have saved their best performances for the world cup or if they are going to struggle to progress. You would think with the likes of Marta in their team they would run away with any game but they are struggling to keep up after other teams are putting more into their women's teams. Then you have Italy a team you don't see facing the big teams very often so it is definitely go to be interesting to see how they fair up against some of the big names, who knows they could be a surprise too. Finally in the group there is Jamaica another team who again don't really fair up too well when playing those bigger names but who knows they could actually end up surprising people. 

 So here is how I think the group is going to look at the end of the group stages....

I really do see Australia being the best bet to top thing group because as long as the team link up as well as they have been doing before and Sam Kerr can find herself in front of goal they should be unstoppable. Brazil I think are going to be runners up due to them not been in the best of form recently and every player is going to have to put in 100% every game for them to get close to Australia in my opinion. I also think it could be tight between Jamaica and Italy for who comes in last place.

So there you have it that is how I think group C is going to play out. Check back soon for group D.

See you soon,

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group B

So yesterday I posted how I thought group A was going to be playing out and you can see that post here. So today we are moving onto group B. Which houses Germany, China, Spain and South Africa, a group where you could envisage one team running away with the group and the rest battling for second place. Germany are one of the big names in the game and if they actually turn up to the tournament and put in the effort they did in 2015 I can see them running away with this group and progressing further into the tournament. Spain are a team that could really put up a challenge over the years their standard of football has really progressed and they are getting better at holding the bigger teams, which we saw when they held the USWNT to just a 1-0 win when you would usually expect the USWNT to win by a huge margin. China is a team who are hit and miss they can run away with the game against lower teams, lose to the mid teams and hold the top teams to close results (or in the Netherlands case win), so this tournament is all going to depend on who turns up for them, who wants to prove themselves. I am hoping we get to see some good performances out of them. South Africa is another hit or miss team so it all depends on how much they want it to see what type of performances we get from them.

So here is how I think the group is going to look at the end of the group stage...

South Africa

I honestly think Germany could run away with this group, with Spain managing to pick up 2nd place. It could be close between China and South Africa for who finishes bottom but again it all depends on who shows up and wants to prove themselves. I think this group is going to be a good one to watch to see how it progresses. 

So there you have it that is how I think group B is going to play out. Check back soon for group C

See you soon

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 Group A

As the World Cup gets closer and closer (roll on the 7th June) I think it is now time to start breaking down the groups and making a few predictions on how the group may look at the end of the group stages. I think this year is going to be bigger and better than 2015 in Canada just down to how the game has grown over the past few years and how other countries seem to be coming through the ranks and putting up a challenge. The standards are getting a whole lot better from all countries and teams are catching up to the likes of the USWNT. So today we are taking a look at group A.
The teams that make up group A are France, South Korea, Norway and Nigeria. 
France is the home nation this tournament and honestly they are a great team to watch with Renard, Henry and Le Sommer absolutely running the show both on their national and club teams. 
South Korea and Nigeria are teams I will be looking into a lot more in the next week or so but I can't wait to see how they fair up against the likes of France as you never know they may have really put up a fight. Norway is also going to be a good team to watch they did great in qualifying from what I saw and now it has been announced Hegerberg won't be playing in the World Cup it is going to be interesting to see how those who helped in the qualifying fair up on the big stage. 

So here is how I think the group table will look by the end of the group stages...

South Korea

It would be really surprising if France didn't top this group but I think if Norway play as well as they can they could really put up a challenge. It was hard to pick who would come in 3rd but I think Nigeria may just edge it past South Korea but I guess only time will tell.

So there you have it that is how I think group A is going to finish. Check back tomorrow for group B.

See you soon

Last Week #46

Another week gone by and it has been yet another football filled one. Thanks to the play offs we have had a constant supply of games and that is how I spent the majority of nights after work. Other than the weekend it was a pretty relaxed week. The weekend is where it all got busy, well especially for my dad and Liam. Saturday me and my mum went to watch the FAWNL playoff final at Valley Parade and whilst we was there Liam, my dad and grandad all got cracking on the gardens, then on Sunday whilst me, my mum, sister and nephew went out for the day my dad and Liam carried on the hard work and it is so nice to know things are finally starting to take shape. I will be doing a whole post on the garden situations very soon. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : Like I said it has been a very football filled week along with some Simpsons and YouTube thrown into the mix.

Been reading : My level of reading last week was the programme I bought from the FAWNL match but hey at least I read something last week.

Been listening to : Halsey brought out her new song Nightmare and I love it that much it had been on repeat. But that has also meant I went back and listened to her other albums through the week too.

Bought : I spent far more than I should have done once again, I got a lot of football stickers, some match warn City gear and something to put away for the nephew. Now it is a case of no spending until I get paid.

Plans for this week : I am determined to either stay in on a night or head to the gym. I want to make a new rule that every time I have the urge to shop I go to the gym instead as it will definitely benefit me a lot more. I am also hoping we can get cracking on with the garden a lot more and get a few flowers etc in and who knows I may even get my football nets. I want to get plenty of blog pics taken too so I can get some posts sorted out.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Bradford Bulls vs Leeds Rhinos.. Love Of Rugby Returns

Would you believe me if I said football wasn't the first sport I fell in love with? I can't believe it either with how football has taken over my life since I was around 7 year old. In fact the first sport I ever played was rugby, the league kind of course and I played this from around 6 year old to 16 years old on and off whilst also playing football. 
I loved rugby that much that me and my grandad actually had season tickets for the Bradford Bulls for countless years and experiencing the highs and the lows of the club was fantastic but then real lift (money) and football got in the way and I stopped going to games. However, this has changed this year so far I have managed to get to 2 games and am hoping to attend more. One of the games I attended was Bradford vs Leeds, one of the biggest derby's of the game which doesn't get played very often due to the difference in leagues these days.

As expected there was a huge crowd and the atmosphere didn't disappoint. Neither did the rugby I was a little worried that the difference in leagues was going to mean Leeds ran away the game but you could see how much Bradford wanted it and every player gave 100% and eventually came back with the win. The game was close but that is what I love about rugby it is action packed and end to end. The result could have gone either way. A few suspect calls from the ref as usual going in Leeds favour but Bradford didn't let it knock their confidence and just fought back even harder. 

You could tell by the players reaction just how much the win meant to them along with the reaction from the fans. With the Bulls winning it meant they advanced to the challenge cup quarter finals where they face local rivals Halifax, I am gutted though as I can't get to that game due to it being my nephew's blessing and I don't think the godparents can be missing from that. Just the feeling of being at the game and remembering why I first fell in love with it has made me want to consider a season ticket next season but still go to plenty this season to fill the void. With us also having Sky now I can see us watching plenty of games from the comfort of our home too. Going and watching made me miss my playing days too but I think those are well and truly over now I will just watch on from the stands in my Bulls shirt.

I just can't believe I forgot about it for so long but now I don't think I will be able to stop watching it and following it again. Come on you Bulls it is time to get back to those glory days and where they belong.

See you soon,

Last Week #45

A week full of shopping and sport is what last week was mixed in with just a little bit of housework. We have had a trip to the White Rose and a trip into Bradford where plenty of money was spent. Then there has been football all week to keep me entertained each night, but then Saturday after the Bradford City memorial me and Liam along with mum headed off to the rugby which made a really nice change but now I really want to go again ( I will be putting up a post about the game itself soon so keep an eye out for that). Sunday was a little more relaxing but it meant catching up on the washing, cleaning and finally getting a bit more of the little room done. So here is what I had...

Been Watching : I had watched the Champions league, the Europa league, Premier league and the playoffs. Along with this I have also watched the rugby, too many shows about sharks (cheers Liam) and plenty of the Simpsons.

Been reading : I haven't read a single thing once again but I guess there is no surprise there.

Been listening to : A lot of Halsey was listened too last week along with some Skepta, JME and Tinchy Stryder what a mix.

Bought : I got 7 red t-shirts (you will see why soon), a Hawaiian shirt for a party I am going to, some Disney bits and plenty of football stickers for my sticker book, I also finally managed to get my Lingard United shirt.

Plans for this week : I want to get to the gym but mainly I want to carry on stripping the wallpaper in the little room. I am also hoping to pick up the new England shirt and get plenty of photos for the blog as I have plenty of ideas for posts.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Gym Workout Plans

My aim this year has been to get back in the gym fully and get working towards playing football again and just improving my weight and fitness for my own good. Unfortunately though we are now in May and things aren't exactly going to plan. It isn't going to plan due to only just being signed off from physio and then having to have an operation on my abs which really set me back. But now I am all healed from the op and have been given the all clear from the physio for my knee.

Although I have been given the all clear for my knee I do still need to be careful as I am always going have the pain in it unfortunately due to the nature of the injury. Over the years I have gained so much weight that it is now getting silly and it needs to stop, as you can see in the image above back in college and playing football daily I was still pretty slim and at my fittest and that is what I want to get back to. So that means I am now determined to get to the gym at least 3 times a week to help me along my journey with more days been added once I get to the swing of things, along with me working on my diet. 

So here is what I am planning on doing in the gym....

To start with I wont be doing specific days ie. 1 for legs, 1 for cardio and 1 for arms. I will just be mixing everything into each session I do just to get back into the swing of things. I will be doing a short warm up on the treadmill as I have been advised to try keep the treadmill time to a minimum until I am happy with the progress on my knee.

I will then be hoping onto the bike or stair climber for 20-30 mins just to help my legs but also get that cardio in too. Once that is done I will be heading over to the leg press to keep the legs moving and work on adding strength to them at long last. I will then be off on to the leg curl machine as I am hoping to maximise the benefit to my legs. 

Once my legs are over and done with I will be moving onto my upper body. This will consist of free weights and a few machines but honestly I have never done any thing to benefit my arms, shoulders and chest so I am new to it and will be picking exercises as I go along. Then it will be a quick cool down on my favourite machine... the rower.

When I get home I will then carry on with a few ab exercises (I hate doing these in public so I will make sure these are done from the comfort of my own home until I am more comfortable in the gym) and just to finish the whole thing off I will end with some stretches. 

I am also hoping that alongside going to the gym I can actually get up and start doing yoga in mornings before I go to work as I think this could also benefit me.

Obviously this won't be my plan forever and I will be changing things up as I go to the gym more often. So if you have any recommendations for what could help with my weight loss and improving my fitness please let me know.

See you soon