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Last Week #42

Well the start of the week was yet another boring one, just working, but at least I saw family on Tuesday night. Thursday is where things started to get interesting the staples were removed and I can finally move around a lot more. Friday was a bank holiday so with the day off work it was well spent. Instead of the football we went to the rugby fro the Halifax vs Bradford game and it didn't disappoint the Bulls came out on top which was even better seen as I now seem to be the only Bulls fan in the family. It was also Noah's first rugby game at just 4 week old so that made it even better. I then ended up staying at my sisters longer and having tea there for a change. There was no football for us, Bradford played on Friday and were unsurprising relegated (but more on that another day) so I ended up at my sisters again as Liam was working, once he had done it was a trip to the White Rose to try find some shorts now the weather is nicer but I came away empty handed. Sunday was just far too warm for us both, so we ended up doing a quick tidy of the house then just relaxing, which for me meant gaming and blogging whilst watching YouTube. All in all it has been a pretty good week. Here is what I had....

Been Watching : It had been a YouTube filled week when I have had the time but other than that all I watched was football or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Been reading : Once again I haven't even picked up my book.

Been listening to : Shawn Mendes had been on repeat again but this time with a bit of Bruce Springsteen and Oasis thrown into the mix.

Bought : I had been pretty good again and only picked up a few presents for the nephew.

Plans for this week : I definitely want to get more blog stuff done, such as getting out and taking outfit posts. We also have a guy coming to quote for the garden doing so fingers crossed we can get started on that. 

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

BBC Women's Footballer Of The Year 2019

This morning the BBC women's footballer of the year 2019 shortlist was announced, and wow it makes a nice change to see a couple of different faces, the only 2 remaining from last years shortlist are Harder and Kerr, which they rightfully should retain their place. Gone are the days of only seeing the same names such as Carli Lloyd and Marta, now you get more variety. You see players who normally get overshadowed and those who are really helping women's football become the sport it is becoming today. So here are this years nominees:

Pernille Harder - At just 26 years old she has been capped for Denmark 110 times, and is a regular at Wolfsburg. She is a natural forward and definitely loves to score. In my eyes she is one of the main reasons why Wolfsburg actually do so well. 

Ada Hegerberg - The 23 year old Lyon forward is the first ever female Ballon d'Or winner and rightfully so. At just 23 years old she is firing goals in for the fun of it and has helped Lyon to countless victories. I am just gutted we are unlikely to see her at the world cup this year. You can check out more about Ada here.   

Lindsey Horan - Now this is the one I am most surprised to see but I am so glad she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Last season Horan was named the NWSL MVP and rightfully so not just a play maker but also a goal scorer. Lindsey gives 100% every game and really helps out the Thorns and the USWNT (when they give her the game time to prove herself). Lindsey could be key in the USWNT future with the likes of Carli Lloyd starting to look like she is coming up to retirement from the international game. Horan is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future as at just 24 as long as she stays injury free I can see her becoming one of the household names in the sport. But please Lindsey come play over in England for a bit so I can actually see you play.

Sam Kerr - This is the second year running Sam has been on this list and I am super glad. If you put Sam in front of goal and it is more than likely that ball is heading straight to the back of the net. At just 25 she is already the NWSL & W League top scorer which when you think of other players in the leagues is a huge achievement at such a young age, especially beating the likes of Alex Morgan. Sam has been made captain of the Australian team and honestly I can't wait to see her in this years world cup as I think she could be a huge threat to those she comes up against.

Saki Kumagai - The 28 year old Lyon defender is also nominated this year and I honestly think it was inevitable that a Lyon defender was going to make this list. Their defence is absolutely solid and it is rare you see a goal go in against them. Kumagai captained Japan in the Asia Cup in 2018 and honestly I can't wait to see her if she is called up for the world cup, she is definitely going to make it difficult when England face them.

So there you have it those are this years nominees I had a tough time on placing my vote but there was only one winner in the end. It is about time Lindsey got the recognition she deserves and is stopped being overshadowed by the bigger names in the team when to be completely honest she is playing better than 1/2 the USWNT these days.
You can head on over to the BBC Sport site to place your vote or click here, mine is already placed. 

See you soon,

March 2019 Pick Ups

I honestly did intend on getting this up earlier in April, but then life got in the way and I had bags of items just sat around waiting to be photographed, but finally half way through April here are the items I picked up in March...

I only went into the City shop intending to pick up a kit for the nephew (which I did, I just forgot to get a pic before giving him it) but came out with this mini kit to hang in my car. I already have a City sticker & air freshener so why not at this to it for just £3. I have gone a bit City mad.

This action camera is possibly my favourite purchase as it is actually for the blog. When I do any sneaker or football boot reviews this will be used to show off the shoe. I will also be using it for possible training videos over on my instagram. I can't wait to get using this to make my content better. At just £19.99 it is the perfect starter.

We only went to the Disney store to get Liam's mum her mothers day present yet I came out with this Dash soft toy for under £5. I was obsessed with Dash after watching the first Incredibles, in fact I used to wish I had his pace whilst I was charging around the football pitch (would have come in handy) plus I already had Jack-Jack so why not add Dash to the Disney soft toy collection.

As some of you may know I am absolutely obsessed with Stitch so when I saw this bubble blower for £14 in the Disney store I wasn't leaving without this. To be honest this is only 50% for me I have also got it to keep at ours for the nephew but I don't know who is going to love it more me or him. This is going to be perfect for any BBQ's we might have. 

Carrying on with the Stitch theme the family has also been keeping well stocked. The Primark Stitch range is killing it right now so they got me a new water bottle, some novelty straws and this jug and tumbler set. The jug and tumblers are also going to be perfect for when we are out in the garden.

My nanna also picked up these star wars mugs for us and I love them, although they are absolutely huge. Did we need new mugs? Definitely not, but I am so glad we did. 

I also finally found a Philadelphia Eagles hat and it is about time. Liam has the Patriots version of this and I was so jealous as it is super soft and cosy. So as soon as I saw this I picked it up. It also means I finally have some Eagles merchandise. 

The Eagles hat was on a 2 for £35 offer, so to make the most of it I treated my self to a Calgary Flames t-shirt. I can't quite afford a hockey jersey yet (they are far too expensive) and the flames are my team. I had wanted some flames merchandise for a while but it is so hard to find at a reasonable price here, no way was I passing on this t-shirt.

So there you have it, those are my pick ups for the month of March.

See you soon

A Waste Of Space

 When we moved in I don't think we realised just how much space we had between the living room and the stair case. Although it has worked out pretty perfect for me as it is the perfect space for my sneakers. We got this set up pretty quickly when we moved just as a quick fix so I could have access to my shoes, which is why we ended up getting this extendable shoe rack (which is actually full when all the shoes are put where they belong).

As you can see though this space has slowly just become a dumping ground as there is so much wasted space, the hoover doesn't belong there but has ended up there, same with the Ikea bag and hoodie. Behind the hoodie along the back wall is also a load more sneakers that are still in boxes as I don't want them just sat around. Seeing this in it's current state really got me thinking about what I want to do with this space and I finally had an idea, that I just need to discuss with Liam now. In regards to the decorating, that is going to have to wait until we do the complete hallway but for now we could add the products we want and get using this space more efficiently. 

First off that coat hook will be getting moved to the right so that the coats don't hang over any other items, just to make it a little tidier. The hoover will also be moved to where it belongs. 

Now for the fun part. I would love to have all my sneakers moved to the back wall as there is more space this way. But instead of having top to bottom just shoes I would love a couple of these Lixhult cabinets from Ikea, they are only £30 and if space allows I would love 2 of these. Not only could I put some shoes in these I could also add in some accessories that don't fit anywhere else such as extra shoe laces, maybe some blogging equipment and my ever growing collection of Crep Protect, which I am aiming to fill a cupboard with someday (reviews of each product coming soon). 

On top of each unit I would love stacks of drop front shoe boxes to store all my shoes in. These just give added protection to the collection and look a whole lot better than keeping them in shoe boxes. My favourites at the moment are the Crep Protect boxes but at £35 for 2 they are definitely pricey. I would love to have all my sneakers in here but with the price I don't think it would be possible, so now I am on the look out for some similar ones at a reasonable price. If you can recommend me any of these please let me know.

I think making just these few changes to the area will make it look much better and make the space look a whole lot tidier, which is exactly what I want for the space. Once we get this area sorted I will do a little tour of the stairs for you as we have a few bits all around this space just to make it a lot less bare. Also keep an eye out on the blog for more sneaker posts as I want to add them to the blog a lot more especially with them being such a huge love of mine.

See you soon

Last Week #41

Well what a mixed week last week was. I had a week off work but not for any good reasons. Monday I finally had my op and that was Monday written off all I did once I got home was nap and eat. Tuesday was Liam's birthday and unfortunately he spent the day looking after me as I was still suffering, his family did come visit though so it was nice to see them even if I was just laid on the sofa all day. Wednesday I was feeling a bit better and I am so glad I was as I went to see Shawn Mendes and did a spot of shopping in Leeds, it was nice to get out of the house and actually do something plus Shawn is absolutely amazing. Thursday was a recovery day which was well needed as my stomach was absolutely killing me the day consisted of playing on the PS4 watching YouTube and sleeping. Friday was spent shopping with my mum, sister and nephew where we also went and renewed our season tickets to City. Saturday was the perfect day just relaxing and blogging whereas Sunday was a shopping filled day with plenty of football watched after. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Plenty of YouTube has been watched along with far too much Keeping up with the Kardashians thanks to the Sky Go app.

Been reading : Last week would have been the perfect time to get through some more of my book but honestly the thought of reading never crossed my mind.

Been listening to : I have to be completely honest here and the only thing I actually listened to all week was Shawn Mendes

Bought : I got a few bits at the concert and far too much from Primark but you will see all about those very soon.

Plans for this week : I finally get my staples out on Thursday and although it has only been a week of having them in I am passed it. I want to be able to move and sneeze again without the pain. I also want to be able to tidy the house, get the washing done and also I really want to declutter my wardrobe as it is getting a little crowded now, fingers crossed I can move a bit better after Thursday and get this done.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Shawn Mendes In Leeds

 Yesterday the wait was finally over. After having the tickets for around a year me and Georgia finally got to go see Shawn Mendes. I was getting laughed at and told maybe I shouldn't go seen as I had my operation on Monday but after a quick shopping trip around Leeds and some lovely Wetherspoons lunch I was feeling better than ever. When we got into the Arena we were given a wristband and told that when Shawn came on stage to take the little pull tab out and it would light up which was actually a fantastic as it did react to his music and even fit with the backgrounds.
Obviously before finding our seats I had to head to the merchandise stand but with me not wanting to hurt my stitches I was really glad to see a little pop up booth selling exactly what I wanted with none of the pushing and shoving, I managed to grab a t-shirt and wristband, I was quite impressed to see the bags were actually Shawn Mendes tour bags too. 
Once we got to our seats I don't think either of us could believe just how good they actually were, they were pretty central, and definitely not too far back so we had a perfect view of the stage. My seat was actually on a little bit of a corner too giving me a little extra room to move around, I just love the Leeds First Direct Arena as I don't think there is a bad seat in there.

Before Shawn came on it was time for his support act Alessia Cara, another Canadian singer song writer and to say I only knew 2 of her songs she actually wasn't too bad. Unfortunately she was suffering from a sore throat but I still think she sounded pretty good. In fact I think I am going to try giving her music a listen as I am always on the look out for new artists to listen to. The songs I knew were How far I'll go from Moana (one of my favourites) and Stay, the song she did with Zedd which I didn't even know she sang. Overall she was actually pretty good and I could listen to her again. 

Then it was time for the main even Shawn Mendes, after such a long wait the time finally arrived. He definitely didn't disappoint. Some people may think we were stupid paying £60 each for a ticket but it was worth every penny as he really does put on a brilliant show.  

He had 2 stages, the main one and then the one below the sage which unfortunately I couldn't see but it was all good as he didn't spend too long on that stage and when he was it was shown on the big screens. I absolutely loved the rose just hanging there as it really does give off the Shawn vibes. The good thing with Shawn is he gives it his all on stage everything seemed like he was giving 110% all the way through his set. I honestly wasn't expecting him to hit those high notes he does in his songs but WOW when he did, I don't know how he does it he is just amazing. 

 The set list worked out perfectly too as he kicked off with one of my favourites, Lost in Japan along with singing Nervous, Where were you in the morning, Stitches, Mercy and of course my absolute favourite Youth. It was a nice mix of new and old but the fact he sang so many of the songs I have fallen in love with made it even better, in all honesty though he could have sang Youth then walked off stage and I think i would have been happy. 
He also had some amazing backgrounds that fit his songs perfectly throughout the night and I think my favourite definitely had to be the one pictured above. Gone are the days of the young kid on Vine, Shawn is out to take over the pop scene and I can't promise you all this now, I will be seeing him again as it is one of the best concerts I have been to.

It was also nice to spend sometime just me and Georgia. Before the concert we went shopping in Leeds with my mum, auntie and nephew then it was just us 2. We don't often do things just the 2 of us so it made a really nice change and it is nice to do something together we before enjoy. Plus thanks to her coming with me we ended up spotting someone selling posters of Shawn in his Calvin Klein add so thanks Georgia for spotting them.

Next up it is a case of trying to convince someone to go see Khalid with me, any takers?

See you soon,

NWSL Predictions

The NWSL kicks off again on the 13th April, and I can't wait. It only ended last season in September last year but it feels like it has been gone forever. I am hoping that this season isn't such a one sided race and goes down to the wire, something that is going to be a good test for the teams is the World Cup, there is a short break in the league for the tournament however, the break doesn't last the full competition meaning that some big names my be missing out on a few rounds if their National team progresses in the World Cup and some of those names missing could be Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath and Sam Kerr to name just a few. This will mean that some rookies may get chance to make a name for themselves alongside those fringe players. It is going to be a nice change from having the same players week in week out and picking up some new talents. It could really be those few weeks that the big names out that could really mix the league positions up as it really opens the teams up.

So here is how I realistically think the league could go this season,

North Carolina
Washington Spirit
New Jersey

It took a while to pick out the order I think the league will play out in but honestly my opinions are based on the teams losing big names throughout the world cup but being strong enough with the rest of their squad. I really think Portland could have the depth needed to just help them break through. I think Utah could be a strong challenger in their second year too as they can have the build up to the World Cup with O'Hara, Sauerbrunn, Corsie and Press but again I think their squad has the depth required to pull off that time when the big names have gone. 

I have had to put Sky Blue down at the bottom as I think some of their off field issues may have had an effect and with so many players moving around i.e Leon to West Ham I think they have a fair bit of rebuilding to do plus with the possibility of losing Lloyd for a few games this could also effect them.

So there you have have it that is just a quick prediction post to get ready for the NWSL kicking off. I can't wait to sit and watch as many games as possible. It should hopefully be a good season. Keep an eye on the blog too as there will be plenty more football content coming very soon.

See you Soon