Snap back collection

 I do love a good hat. In autumn and winter I spend the majority of my time in beanies but as soon as it begins to warm up the Snap-backs are out. I have to admit that although I have these I don't wear them as often as I would do a beanie, but this year it is all about to change and I can't wait to get wearing them again.
 A good hat really rounds off an outfit in my opinion. It can add a bit of character and a bit of style depending on what the design is. The majority of mine are pretty childish and involve characters but I can't wait to look for other companies who have great simplistic designs to go with any outfit. Here are the ones I currently own.

Fallout Vault 111 
I got this when I picked up the game and honestly I haven't really worn this one. If I think back to it I probably got this just to display but I am hoping to find an outfit this will go with.

 Chicago Bulls
Now this is my favourite and it came from an outlet store. I think in total this only cost me £5.00, it quickly became one of my most worn and I can't wait to wear it again this year.

This one I didn't buy and instead my sister had enough of it and just passed it on. She got this from the clothes show one year, honestly I don't have a clue when this will be worn.

 Batman #1
Believe it or not this is from the kids department in Sainsbury's I got it last year for around £5.00. It is a good fit and is another of my favourites. This is another one I can't wait to wear this year.

Batman #2
Yet another from my sister I haven't had chance to wear this yet but I can't wait to. The design is nice and simple I may even take it on holiday with me 

LA Lakers
My sister was a big Lakers fan a few years back she had the jersey the lot. But then she just stopped liking them so once again the hat was passed to me. I am quite looking forward to wearing this one.

So there you have it do you know any places I could get some plain / simple snap backs from? If you do please let me know in the comments section below.

See you soon

Holiday Haul

So I finally get a nice relaxing holiday on Monday and I can't wait. I am looking forward to little adventures and relaxing by the pool or on the beach with quite a few drinks. I haven't been abroad for a while so this has meant my bank account has felt clothes shopping full force. With me only going for 3 nights here are just some of the items I have bought.

 Marks and Spencer shirt - £12.50

Now this is a shop I never go in but I love this shirt to go with my chino's in the image below. It is a bit of a tight fit but it does look great plus the material is lightweight. 

 Marks and Spencer Chino - £19.50

I got a grey and pink pair of these as they are perfect for an evening and are super soft. I usually only wear jeans so these will be a very nice change.

Sainsbury's Girlfriend Jeans - £16

Next stop was Sainsbury's for the 25% off event. I really only wear black skinny jeans so with me going abroad I really fancied something a bit lighter and these baggy girlfriend jeans are perfect. Plus they are something I can wear all the time here too.

Sainsbury's Bermunda Shorts - £14

I loved these the second I had them on. They are not too tight and felt super soft. These can be styled anyway I like and don't break the bank. I am hoping they last me a while too.

Primark Farrell Shirt - £9.00

The second I saw this shirt I was in love. A cool design and lightweight shirt this is going to be one I definitely wear one evening. It looks great buttoned up or even half buttoned with a plain t-shirt underneath. 

Primark Printed shirt - £7.00

I love a good Primark shirt as I am sure you all know.  That is why as soon as I saw this I had to get it. I am looking forward to styling this and even wearing it in the summer over here. The material is perfect and the design just adds that little bit of adventure into the outfit.

 Primark Vest -£2.00

At £2.00 I have got a couple of these and a couple of plain t-shirts just to wear whilst relaxing around the pool or even for under my shirts etc. I literally live in the t-shirt's over here already so I know I get my wear out of them and that they last. 

 Primark Denim Shorts - £10.00

I got these before I got my Sainsbury's ones. My mum told me to take them back but you can never go wrong with these types of shorts and it is always handy to have a few different pairs. These are also a little skinnier than the Sainsbury's ones.

 Primark Swim Shorts - £5.00

I love these types of shorts just for lounging around in and at £5.00 you can't go wrong. These are a little shorter than I usually wear but I love them. The print also just adds a little extra to these shorts.

Primark Sliders - £4.00

Now I was going to get the Adidas ones of these but for how long I will wear them these are a great alternative they are already super soft and comfy as I have to confess I have been wearing them around the house.

So that is some of what I am taking away with me. Who would be interested in some outfit posts of some of these items together whilst I am over there?

See you soon

Favourite jacket of the moment

I went to York designer outlet quite a while back in fact I bet it is now pushing on 2 years, whilst there I got this Original Penguin baseball jacket. I had only ever had an Original Penguin shirt in the past which I adored and wore all the time. This was around £20 in the sale back then so there was no way I was leaving it behind.  The material is amazingly lightweight and cool. It also looks very shiny at times. I love the pres stud button up design as some days I will just wear it open or simply do a few buttons up. I also love the red detailing around the collar and on the sleeves as it is an excellent contrast with the overall design.  

Now where as the front maybe very simplistic the back is definitely not. This was one of the main selling points of the jacket to me. It gives it that old school American high school design in my opinion and really does bring attention to the jacket. The white really stands out but also perfectly matches the other colours on the jacket. I have started wearing this more than any other jacket and team it up with my black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and my white converse. I can't wait to try more Original Penguin products in the future. 

See you soon

Top 3 albums at the moment

It has become rare that I listen to anything other than every single Tegan and Sara song. But these 3 albums are the ones I currently have on repeat.

Lucy Spraggan - I hope you don't mind me writing 

I have loved Lucy ever since I first saw her audition on the X-factor. I think this may have already become one of my favourite albums of hers. Two of my favourite songs on this album are Dear You and Loaded Gun. I may do a full review on this post someday.

Tegan and Sara - Love you to death

Of course Tegan and Sara are on this list as this album is seriously addictive. The upbeat songs are perfect for just relaxing to or even driving around. I am can honestly say Tegan and Sara are one of those bands I will never get sick of. My two favourites on this album are BWU and Hang on to the night.

Stormzy - Gang signs & prayer

This is all thanks to my little sister getting me back into this type of music. I was that used to listening to his music over and over that I went and got the album and now I can't get enough. Who knows there may even be a review of this up soon. My two favourites on this are Lay me bare and Big for your boots.

See you soon

To Be Read

 I have slowly started getting back into reading again, which is really helping me relax a lot more. I am almost done with Hannah Hart's book Buffering. I will do a review of this when it is completed. 

I have just booked for a few days in Spain. I am hoping that I can get through at least two books on this holiday as my backlog is far too big. Here are the two books I will be taking.

 I loved John Green's fault in our stars and I am hoping to read that again. However when I had read that I went out and bought all his other books which then got pushed to one side. I am hoping this book is just as good. 

This book I found on one of Sara Quin's SKQ Reads. I started to read it a while back but then forget to pick it back up. 

I can't wait to see if I can get through these. I have also set myself a challenge over on goodreads to read 20 books this year. Hopefully these will start it off nicely.

What are you currently reading? Let me know below.
See you soon