What I Keep In My Bag On A Work Day

When I go to work I always have my backpack with me which everyone seems to find quite funny, but by taking the backpack I have everything I need for the day plus a little bit more. As I have quite a long lunch break I like to take certain items with me to pass time on my lunch break and some are also sorted in the backpack once I have arrived at work ready for when I am about to head home at the end of the day. So here is what I take to work with me daily... 


My Macbook goes everywhere with me these days and work is no exception. When I am on my lunch I like to work on blog posts and check on my social media accounts so I love having this with me to use daily. I make sure this is charged up so I don't have to pack my charger everyday. The laptop is kept in its sleeve to give it a bit of extra protection as I am a liability and often fall over my bag daily. 

Notebook & Pen

I always keep a notebook and pen in my bag as I never know when I am going to get an idea for a blog post or when I need to write something down as a to do for my sites or something I need to generally remember. At home each blog has its own notebook which is filled with things I really need to do for those blogs but just so I aren't taking up too much space in my bag I have one general notebook and then I transfer things over when I get home if needed. 

Tech Bag

I keep my little tech bag in my backpack too so that if I need my memory card reader or memory stick then I have access to it instead of having things left at home. It is so nice having everything in this little bag as I aren't losing things half as much as I used to as everything is put in there. 


I also keep my diary in my bag so I can just check if there is anything coming up that I need to do and so I can always check if I have something on in the future and get back to people as soon as possible instead of agreeing to things then having to change things round. I also keep my diary in here as it shows me what blog posts need to go live that day.


It wouldn't be my bag if it didn't have snacks in it. Although lately it doesn't have as many snacks as it used to. I will normally have one of these skinny bars for mid morning and a protein bar for mid afternoon. I am really trying to stay on track with my eating so I don't ruin my progress from the past year and continue on the right track with losing my weight. 


I keep my lunch in my backpack until I get to work unless it is just cupboard food then I tend just to keep it in my bag until it is time to cook it. I am trying my best to take lunch to work with me daily because if not I tend to spend a fortune on junk for the sake of it. I am hoping that by taking my lunch daily I save money and continue losing weight. 


I am terrible at remembering to wear my glasses but I have tried getting into the habit of wearing them more often. Even if I don't start the day wearing them I will always have a pair in my bag for later in the day as I can guarantee that my eyes will start hurting as the day progresses. I really should just keep a pair at work but at least if it is in my bag I always have access to them if I end up needing them if I head out anywhere else. 


If I am walking to work I have my earphones with me so once I get to work I put them in my backpack ready for when I go home. It is also handy to have these just in case I want to watch something or listen to something on my lunch break too. I am absolutely loving these earphones my parents got me for Christmas as I am no longer having to worry about tangled wires. 

Hand Sanitizer 

I honestly never though this one be something I carried around in my bag with everyday but it is one of the first things I make sure is in my bag. We do have plenty around work but this is great for if I am going straight to the supermarket after work or if I need to nip out for work. I do find that this is definitely the best one for me though as it doesn't dry my hands out as much. I definitely need to add some hand cream into my bag too. 


I tend to keep my mask in my coat pocket so I can get to it a lot easier but I always seem to misplace them so I always make sure I have a spare just in case. We don't actually need to wear them at work but I always need one for if I am going to the Post Office or Tesco. It is strange how they have become an essential and how they are always needed so I would rather have one or two with me so I can get into places when needed than get somewhere and not be able to go in.

Water Bottle

Something I am trying to do more often is drink plenty of water as I started to find myself not drinking for hours and getting really bad headaches then turning to caffeine for a quick fix. That is why I now try take a drink everywhere with me to stay hydrated. 

So that is what I keep in my backpack on a work day I tend to swap some contents for different scenarios so keep an eye out for those posts in the future. What are some of the first items you put in your bag when you are heading to work? All I know after doing this post is that I really want to treat myself to yet another backpack.

Things I Am Going To Treat Myself To As I Lose Weight


With me losing weight I have set myself some incentives to help keep me on track and making positive progress. Most of the incentives are clothing related as I have realised that as I am losing the weight I am going to need new clothes as my old ones will be getting too big for me. My rewards are all for at different points of my journey so that I always have something to aim for and to be honest these items are all ones I have wanted for a long time but have put off due to me wanting to use them as goals and so that they will fit me for longer. So here are those items that I am really hoping to pick up as rewards as I lose the weight.... 

Gymshark Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I have had my eyes on some Gymshark long sleeve t-shirts for a while but I have decided I don't want to purchase anything else until I am down to at least a medium in clothing. I have enjoyed working out in long sleeve t-shirts lately as they just add an extra bit of warmth during workouts but they also do some nice ones that could be used for lounging too. 

Gymshark Joggers

I currently have 1 pair of Gymshark joggers and they are one of my favourite pairs. So one of my goals is going to get a new pair when I drop at least 1 more stone as I want them to fit me better and last me a while. There are plenty of options on the Gymshark site for me to pick from and luckily I have plenty of time to pick which ones I really want.


I have never owned a pair of Levis but there jeans look absolutely brilliant and I have had my eye on some for a while now. I really struggle finding nice jeans at the moment but I am really hoping that as I lose more weight and get closer to my end goal that I am going to be able to fit into some dark denim and black ones comfortably. 

Levis Hoodie

This is something else that I have wanted for such a long time however, I have held off buying it. I am hoping that by the time I have lost 2 stone I will be able to find one that fits me nicely. I think I will end up with the grey one that I have wanted for so long. 

All Saints T-Shirt

Again this is another item that I have wanted for so long but haven't picked up yet. I want to be able to try this on before I buy it to make sure it fits right. I am hoping that by the time it comes to me picking up with this  I will be able to actually try it on in store. There are some pretty good ones available at the moment from the brand so I am hoping that I make my mind up on one I want soon.

Manchester United Shirt

This is definitely going to be the 1st item I pick up once I hit that one stone lost goal. I want the shirt with Heath printed on the back as I have wanted a Heath shirt for far too long. I am just glad that by the time I get to my goal it might be reduced in price a bit as the prices have got ridiculous on shirts lately. 

Adidas Joggers

I have had my eye on these 3 stripe joggers for years now but I haven't been able to get a pair that have fit me nicely. I am hoping that as I lose weight that these will finally fit me right as I know I will get plenty of wear out of them too. They are definitely on the pricey side at £50 but for how much I would wear them it is definitely worth it. 

North Face Coat

Finally we have probably the most expensive item on this list... a North Face coat. Again this is something that has been on my wish list for a long time however, I can't fit into one comfortably at the moment. I think this again is going to be for when I reach my end goal as I want it to last me as long as possible. 

So there you have it those are the items I will be rewarding myself with for my weight loss, I definitely find it more motivating having those rewards to aim towards. Do you set yourself rewards for when you hit your goals?  

90 Day Challenge Part 2


Well my second go around at the 90 day challenge for my weight loss and fitness journey went a bit better than the first time but it definitely hit a few hurdles. The 90 days in which this took place we went into lockdown, came out of lockdown and then went back into it so things were a little bit all over the places but that didn't stop me from giving the challenge a good shot. 

One thing I noticed throughout the 90 days is my weight really was going up and down all over the place and to be honest at parts it did get to me a little bit as I felt like even though I was doing my best things weren't working. I did noticed that my clothing was definitely looking a lot better on me though so that was definitely a bit of a motivation booster for me when I was having those days when the scales weren't my friend. My motivation certainly wasn't there for the 90 days though as it was the lowest it had been in a long time, I honestly aren't sure why though it could have been the lockdown or it could have been the fact that in the run up to Christmas I was ill and on antibiotics which took quite a bit out of me. Being ill also meant that I didn't actually get to exercise half as much as I wanted either which was frustrating. When I did get the change to workout though I really did push myself and I guess in the end it definitely did pay off though as you will see later in the post. I really do believe though that the whole way the 90 days went is due to me not starting off in the right mindset from day 1, I think if I started off in a better frame of mind things may have been different. 

The weather definitely didn't help either as I am someone who likes sunlight and nice light mornings which we obviously we aren't getting at the moment. Throughout the 90 days we managed to get out on a few walks but the weather really didn't help from the midway point of the challenge as it got very snowy and icy meaning it was definitely hard to get out for walks without risking falling over. Plus with the dark mornings I really struggled getting out of bed as I just find getting out of bed very difficult with the darker weather and thanks to it being so dark early on a night I ended up going to bed super early too so trying to fit workouts in when I had motivation was a little difficult but I still tried to get up and do it as much as possible and I really felt great for it when I did it. 

There is one big factor that has really effected me in both attempts of this challenge... my diet. I am a fussy eater which really doesn't help but also if I am not bothered I will skip a meal or we will just order in which is something we tended to do far too often in those 90 days. Plus with the festive period I ended up having a bit too much food and drink, mix that with not eating right it wasn't good and it really had an impact on my progress. So here is how the month went in terms of my weight loss on the scales and my measurements... 

Start weight 15 st 12 3/4 lb end 15 st 11 lb

Waist start : 106 cm end : 104 cm

Hips start : 113 cm  end : 110 cm

Right thigh start : 62 cm end :63 cm

Right calf start : 42 cm end : 43 cm

Right bicep start :  32 cm end : 34 cm

Left thigh start : 62 cm end : 61 cm

Left calf start : 42 cm end : 42 cm

Left bicep start : 33 cm end : 34 cm

At least this time around I saw a loss even if it is just 1 & 3/4lb. Any loss for me at the moment is a plus as seeing the scales go down is something I haven't seen too often lately. What impressed me the most though is the measurements as seeing those go down is brilliant and it just goes to show you don't always need to rely on what the scales says as I am definitely seeing progress with the measurements a lot more than I do with the scales. My waist and hip measurements are definitely going in the right direction and these are certainly the two measurements I am focusing on at the moment. 

I definitely want to give this 90 day challenge yet another go which will be my 3rd time but I want to go into it with a better mindset from the start and with a plan, I wont be doing this until later on in the year but this what I want to do next time around... 

Stick to a routine

I find that I do a lot better when I have a routine in place so before I start the challenge again I am going to sit down and try plan out a routine that I can stick to and get the most out of. 

Stick to a diet 

I am really going to try push myself out of my comfort zone with food and try new things instead of just sticking to what I know as that is often an unhealthy choice. I also want to cook more as I always leave it to poor Liam as I aren't very good at cooking. Hopefully if we share the cooking throughout the week we might not need to order in other than when we want a treat. 

Go for more walks 

I am hoping that as the weather changes we can get out a lot more to go for walks as our local has some great walks with some great views so we would be stupid not to take advantage of that. Plus we are hoping when lockdown restrictions are starting to be lifted we can venture out a bit further to places like the Yorkshire moors and do some walks up there and maybe turn it into a weekend away too. 

Incorporate other bits into my workout routine

I am currently just sticking to YouTube videos, weights and the exercise bike for my workouts at the moment but I want to add other means of exercise into my routine too mix things up a bit so I don't get bored. I have some bits of equipment where I can add solo football training into my routine which is something I can't wait to do and I am trying to convince Liam to get us a basketball net so I can add that too. I am also hoping to get out skipping more often and also give shadow boxing a try as I have heard good things about this. 

I am definitely determined to get back on track and get the results I know I am capable of and it is time I stopped slipping back into those old habits which are definitely doing me no good. It is time to make a new plan, take action and get back on track.

Dressing Up A Pair Of Sneakers And How To Plan Outfits Based On The Sneakers...

I have mentioned a few time before how I love wearing sneakers, no matter what the occasion is I am most likely to be turning up in a pair of sneakers. I try my best to match my sneakers to the occasion so my outfits look a lot more put together and fit where ever I am or what I am doing. There is a pretty good selection in my collection to ensure I never struggle picking a pair to go with an outfit. I tend to sick to a pair of white sneakers, my black Converse or my River Island sock sneakers (which are meant to be like those Balenciaga's) when I want to get more dressed up as they are definitely the easiest to style for these scenarios. 

For me dressing up doesn't just mean for parties or events it can also be for something as simple as going for a day shopping when I want to make more of an effort, especially when I go to places like Leeds or Manchester, because for some reason I just prefer to feel a lot smarter and put together when I go to go to these places. At the same time I like to make an effort if I am out on a little pub crawl with family members but I still want to wear my sneakers to make sure I am comfortable. 

When it comes to pairing up the sneakers with an outfit there are a few things I take into consideration before actually getting ready and putting the clothing on and these things are.

Are the bottoms I am wearing the right length? 

When I am making more of an effort I tend to stick to the same pairs of skinny jeans, chinos or my favourite checked trousers. So when I am getting ready I want to make sure that whichever pair I pick aren't going cover up my sneakers and hide them, you want them to be seen as they are part of the outfit after all and if your trousers / jeans cover them for me this just doesn't create a good look as it looks like you haven't put much thought into the outfit. You need your whole outfit to fit correctly so there is no point focusing on all the details then wear trousers or jeans that don't fit. 

Do my accessories work well with the pair I have picked?

Something I have really started to enjoy doing is adding accessories to my outfit especially for those days when I am dressing up. But I always try to pair my sneakers up with the accessories I wear so that everything flows nicely and looks good together. Luckily as I tend to wear mostly plain sneakers when I am getting dressed up 90% of my accessories work well with the sneakers I pick and that is from the jewellery, hats (only when it is really cold), sunglasses to my usual glasses.  

Socks on show or not?

I have found that sometimes having your socks on show just really isn't needed and often makes the outfit look dressed down. That is why when I am now putting together outfits I even take time to consider what socks are being worn with the sneakers and the rest of the outfit. When I am wearing my River Island sock trainers I tend to wear my patterned socks or my crew socks as you can't see them due to the sneakers, same with my Converse, however, when I wear my white sneakers I tend to wear invisible socks or my ankle socks as these are a low profile sneaker and I don't want my socks standing out and taking away from the rest of the outfit. 

Are the sneakers clean?

If you want an outfit to look smart and put together you need to make sure that your sneakers are clean. That is why before I go out anywhere I give my sneakers a once over and if needed I give them a wipe over because dirty scuffed sneakers don't exactly fit in with the whole put together dressed up look. 

So here are two of my favourite looks for dressing up my sneakers especially for those smarter shopping days where I just want to make more of an effort...

How would you dress up a pair of sneakers out of your collection?

Best Tips For Trying On Clothes & Working Out What Is Right For You...

In the current climate it is becoming more and more difficult to buy items that fit correctly 1st time and I have struggled due to my size changing and being unable to try on before I buy or having to use guessing work. I have used some tips to make my experience better and easier when buying clothing over the past year or so and it is actually working and some of these tips also help with the fact that online shopping is happening more often and fitting rooms are shut. So here is what I do to ensure I aren't wasting my time and money when purchasing new clothing...

Think about the outfit you are wearing before you head out or start trying on

For so long I would head out shopping all layered up then get stressed when it came to trying clothing on as it would take me forever to get changed and then get dressed again once I had finished trying on. Now when I know I am going to be looking at clothing I make sure I am dressed with the basics and not too many layers so getting changed is much easier and I aren't spending forever in the fitting rooms. This just speeds the process up and I don't get fed up before even trying the 1st item on. I even take shoes into consideration when I go out to purchase clothes as I don't want to wear something that is going to take me ages to get on and off. 

Have some form of fashion inspiration 

For me most of my fashion inspiration comes from Pinterest or Instagram and when I am on the look out for new clothing I consider how some of my favourite items look on the people on those platforms. This just gives me a rough idea of what sort of fit I should be looking at before finding the item. If the item looks better as an oversized item, I want to head into my shopping looking for a similar fit as the item possibly won't look good skin tight. 

Consider how sizing runs for that store 

This drives me mad, some stores I can be a large, others I am an XL which definitely makes shopping online a lot harder however, if you have bought from the store previously then you will have a rough idea of how a t-shirt or shirt is going to fit from there and what sizing to opt for. If you are shopping online at a store you haven't had anything from before then have a look at size guides, reviews and see if there is a comparison online to stores you have used before. 

Does the fabric work for you?

You should have a rough idea of what fabrics work for your body, for me I know certain jumpers will cling to me so I tend to avoid them and I know that some will be too itchy and stiff so they are uncomfortable that is why I stay away from anything like that. I know what flatters my  body and what really doesn't so I have a rough idea of what to look for when I am buying new items. 

Is the item you are trying on the correct length?

This is something I really struggle with when purchasing clothes, thanks to me having short arms and legs I struggle with sleeves and trousers being too long for me. That is why now I make sure everything is a length that I am comfortable with and that still looks good. For jeans and trousers I don't mind having small turn ups however, I don't want them with too much excess material or ending up being too short. This is actually one of the first things I check when trying any trouser or long sleeves now. 

Can it be altered?

If the item fits perfectly in some ways not others can the item be taken somewhere to be altered? This may cost you a bit of extra money to take it to a professional however, if it is an item you have wanted for a while or something you have fallen in love with then that extra cost will seem small if you are getting that item. If say a pair of jeans are trying on fits perfectly on the legs and in length but not very well on the waist just think about if you could have them taken in to fit a lot better and create the perfect fitting pair of jeans. 

Do you feel comfortable

This is a big one for me when it comes to trying on clothing. Am I going to be happy to wear this outfit all day in the office or when I am out and about? Is it going to be comfortable to sit around in? These are big factors that I consider when I am trying anything on, if something feels too tight, I aren't going to buy it as I won't want to be sat at my desk all day feeling restricted. Similarly if an item is too baggy/oversized I just don't feel comfortable in it. I don't want an item where I am going to be pulling the sleeves down all day either as it is just a nightmare. 

Will it fit with the rest of your wardrobe?

I used to pick up any random item just because it was cheap then I would try make it into an outfit and it wouldn't go with anything else I owned. Now when I try items on I try to picture what I already own so I know if it is worth picking the new item up or not. There is no point wasting money on something you aren't going to wear or where you are going to have to buy other items to fit it into an outfit straight away. When trying it on and looking in the mirror try picture it in 3 outfits or more that way you know you aren't wasting money.

Fingers crossed it wont be too long before fitting rooms start to open once more and the clothing shopping experience is made even easier and we are having to return less purchases. Just remember these tips work for online shopping, trying on store purchases at home and when the fitting rooms open so they will hopefully help you reduce the amount of returns you have to make and also stop you buying the wrong items when in store. 

I hope these tips help you like they have me, let me know if you have any tips for making sure your clothes fit right before you make a purchase or keep an item. 

My Updated Jewellery Collection

I have always had a pretty small jewellery collection, thanks to me not really wearing it that often however, as my style has changed I have found myself wanting to grow my collection a bit more so I have pieces that work well with each outfit. With me staying in the majority of 2020 I haven't actually picked up as many pieces as I would have liked to, there was no point spending money on something to sit in my jewellery box all day everyday but as things started to open up a bit I ended up picking a few bits up which I am absolutely in love with. So here is what I picked up throughout 2020...

Feather Necklace 

My sister and nephew picked this up for me for my birthday from River Island. I absolutely how this looks against the majority of my t-shirts. I think what makes this necklace so good for me is that it hangs at just the right length and isn't too heavy like some necklaces you can get with pendants. The feather has really nice details on it and really makes a minimal outfit a whole lot nicer. 

Compass Necklace 

My sister and nephew also got me this one from River Island for my birthday and just like the feather one it is fantastic. The men's jewellery in River Island is fantastic and honestly I could spend a fortune on it but this necklace was a stand out to me. I love the little details on it and the black and silver colour again works so well with the clothing I own. Just like the feather one this also hangs at the right length too. 

Grandad's Ring 

Whilst I was helping my parents clear out the loft we came across a box of my grandad's things and there was some of his jewellery in there. My dad gave me this ring which I know is going to be kept nice and safe for a very long time and I will probably only wear it for special occasions so I don't lose it. It is a really nice ring and surprisingly fits me, it is just really nice to have something of his in my collection. 

Gucci Ring

The Gucci Ghost ring was one of my biggest purchases of 2020 but is one I am so glad to have made. I had my eye on the ring for a while bit wasn't too sure if I could justify the price but after a bit of saving I gave in and picked it up. I absolutely love the Ghost range and the details on this ring. Now I just need to be able to go out to get dressed up and wear it. This is the only high end piece of jewellery I own but I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

As I seem to have found a style I love the most now in terms of my fashion, this now flows through my wardrobe and I would love to pick up some more jewellery pieces I would love to add to my little collection that also flows with that style. I want to purchase versatile pieces that are going to work with a lot more than just a few outfits. I would love to add a couple more necklaces into my collection and I actually have my eye on a few already. I could also do with some new earrings as I tend to just stick to the same pair over and over and I fancy mixing it up a bit. There are also a few places I would like to pick up some rings from as I have seen some fantastic designs thanks to the people who I follow over on Instagram. My main aim though is to pick up some bracelets as this is the area I am really lacking in and I am sick of my wrists feeling so bare. 

Who knows 2021 might also be the year I find some Apple Watch straps that go well with the rest of my jewellery instead of just using the black strap all the time. Let me know if you have any jewellery or watch strap recommendations. 

My Current Favourite Sneakers In My Collection

When I started earning my own money I also started a bit of a sneaker collection and in recent years I have added quite a few pairs that I instantly fell in love with however, I do have quite a lot of pairs that stand out to me more than others and that I tend to wear a lot more than others as they just go with more of my wardrobe or are comfier than other pairs. It is very rare that I ever pay full price for a pair of sneakers too so these favourites of mine aren't exactly hype sneakers as I just can't justify those prices and these are actually mainly bargains I have found whilst I have been out and about, there are a few accidental finds on here that quickly cemented themselves on this list so here are my current favourite sneakers in my collection... 

I picked up these Nike Air Max 200's for just £40 and I absolutely love them. The colours on these work really well as they are mainly black and white with the little bit of red, green and yellow that just make them a little different to other pairs I own. These are really comfortable too which is great as I can wear them for long periods of time without having to worry about them hurting my feet if I am out for the day. They are also a lot chunkier than some of my other sneakers so they are perfect for those different street wear style outfits I opt for sometimes. 

I never used to bother with Puma sneakers as I always seemed to steer towards Nike or Adidas but a while back I was looking for some white sneakers for the warmer weather and I came across the Puma Nova 90's Bloc sneakers which are definitely different to other sneakers I have ever owned. What I love most about these sneakers is the bit of pink on these as that little bit of pink just makes them perfect for a variety of outfits in the warmer weather. They are also really easy to clean so I can get away with wearing them in the UK weather a lot more without having to worry about them getting easily ruined. 

Adidas NMD's had been on my wish list for a very long time so I was really happy when I found these red and black ones for under £100. They are so comfortable and the darker colours are great for the autumn which is when I tend to wear these most. They are really easy to style with most of my wardrobe been dark too but they are also great in the summer too with a nice pair of shorts. They are really comfortable due to the boost sole and the knitted upper, with some sneakers I find my feet feel restricted due to the upper being tight but these are brilliant and actually stretch nicely without losing shape. 

My everyday sneakers for work, walks and those random shopping trips seems to be the white Nike Air Force 1's as they are really comfortable, easy to get on and off and also really easy to clean. I am surprised that these have stayed in such good condition with the amount of times I have worn them and with the tasks I have worn them for. These are one of the only sneakers I have actually paid full price for recently as I had wanted them for such a long time and I have already told everyone these are a pair I am going to repurchase over and over again due to how impressed with them I am. 

Finally we have a pair that I haven't worn much yet due to the weather but have made it to my favourites list due to the design of them and the fact that I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of them when the weather changes. I originally bought the Element React 55's for the gym but seen as I cancelled that membership before wearing them I know these are going to be the perfect summer sneakers. I can see them being so easy to style with some shorts or joggers and the colours on the sneakers are nice and stand out without making the sneakers too in your face. I just hope they are easy to keep clean & clean when needed. 

I am trying to stop spending so much money on sneakers as I really don't need anymore and need to get wearing more of what I own. Off this list which pair would be your favourites? What pair out of your own collection are your favourites that you wear or want to keep in good condition? 

How To Build The Perfect Wardrobe On A Budget


It seems to be taking me forever but I am slowly trying to build me the perfect wardrobe but I aren't going over board at the moment as I am in the process of losing weight. This means I am trying to build my perfect wardrobe whilst trying not to waste money which is why I try set myself a budget when buying clothing. What doesn't help is that my style keeps changing, every few week I will go between phases of loving the street wear and printed t-shirts or wanting a smarter casual look so there is no point spending a fortune on something if a few week later I might not want it anymore. Plus with the weight loss I don't want to spend a fortune on specific items if they aren't going to fit me a few month later. 

On this journey so far of trying to build my perfect wardrobe on a budget I have come across a few tips and tricks to stay on track with the budget whilst still bringing new items in and making the most out of what you do buy. So here is what I have learnt to make the most out of my budget and get the looks I want....

Get clothes that fit you right

I have found that buying clothes that fit you correctly actually helps your outfit look more expensive too. If they fit right then the outfit will look more put together meaning it will just overall look a lot better. I have also found that a £5 black t-shirt that fits right can look better than a £20 black t-shirt so there is no need to spend a fortune just get a correct fit and you can definitely create an expensive looking outfit. 

Get the details right

If the details are right no one is going to be judging how expensive your items are. A nice necklace over a nice fitting t-shirt will draw peoples attention to the necklace rather than what t-shirt you have on. Similarly a nice watch will draw peoples attention to your wrist rather than the rest of your outfit. Also if you get those outfit details right then the outfit will look a lot more put together and again that bit more expensive than it actually is. 

Pair up the right shoes 

If you have a good selection of shoes & sneakers then you can have them in rotation and pair them up with plenty of different outfits so you get the wear out of the items you own in your wardrobe. This is a great way of creating plenty of different outfits that you already have plus you can see what works best for you to repurchase and what to avoid in the future. Again though if you team up the right shoes with the outfit it will look a lot better and like you have put more thought in to it. One of my favourite outfits is actually a plain t-shirt from Marks & Spencers with a shirt over the top teamed up with some black jeans from Primark, that whole outfit works out at around £36 then I add my Air Force 1's and they just make it look like a much more expensive look. 

Shop sustainably 

This is something I really want to try avoid in the future as fast fashion is not only harmful for the planet but it also isn't any good for my bank account. On so many occasions I have bought something from a high street store just because it was cheap and it didn't last two minutes so I was just throwing money away. Granted some stores that deal in fast fashion have some hidden gems but sometimes paying that little bit more for something a bit better quality & more sustainable will benefit you in the long run as that item may last longer and fit better. 

Don't rush into buying items  

Rushing into a purchase is something I often did but now I don't seem to do it much as I like to take time about items I want. Instead of purchasing some bits there and then if I haven't got them on my to buy list I will add them to that list and revisit it at a later date. If when I revisit the list the item doesn't jump out at me I will remove it as I clearly don't actually need it. Plus by doing this I usually end up saving a bit of money as by the time it comes around to purchasing the item it has gone into the sale which is always a bonus.

Try to slowly transition your wardrobe 

I have learnt this the hard way there is no need to transition to a totally new style all in one go. What happens if a week later you change your mind and find out that you don't actually like it? Then you are stuck with all your clothes in that style that you aren't really going to wear. I try to have a little bit of a mix of clothing in my wardrobe as my style depends on my mood so I like to have a few bits for every mood I might be in, then when I am fully set on a style or two I will transition my wardrobe a little bit more into those styles. 

Be patient 

The transition isn't going to happen over night especially if it is on a budget so just be patient and things will soon fall into place. It is better for the progress to be slow so you can get things right and not spend a fortune on things that are going to waste if they don't suit the style you are going for. There is no point in rushing this if you want to do it right so take your time and find your style in your own time remember it isn't a race, I am 2 years into building my wardrobe so far and am still nowhere near having my perfect wardrobe.  

So there you have it those are my tips for if you are wanting to build your perfect wardrobe on a budget just like I am trying to do. Keep an eye on here and my Instagram to see how my wardrobe progresses throughout 2021 as I carry on adding pieces for my ever changing style and keep up with my clothes not fitting after the weight loss.  

My Favourite Printed Shirts From My Wardrobe

One thing I don't think you can beat is a good printed t-shirt. I do have a good selection of plain t-shirts but I definitely find myself picking out a printed t-shirt most days when I aren't working. Each print is something different and adds another layer and a bit of personality to my outfits. My most worn t-shirts are hung nicely in my wardrobe and those that are a bit older and not worn as often are in a drawer where I can easily pick them out if needed. I certainly have far too many printed t-shirts and it was actually quite difficult to narrow down which ones are actually my favourites but here we go here are the six that made the list...

I love this Gods of Basketball t-shirt that I picked up from Footlocker. This was only £9.99 so it was a real bargain to say how much I have worn it since I bought it. The t-shirt is a thicker material than most of my other t-shirts which is great for the cooler weather. What I love most though is the huge print on the front that really grabs your attention. You can tell it is good quality too as it has gone through the washer & dryer plenty of times but hasn't started to crack yet. I don't plan on stopping wearing this anytime soon and I can't wait for summer to wear it with some shorts and my Jordan's.

I became a little obsessed with buying Levis t-shirts the other year and I actually own 6 of them at the moment which are basically the same t-shirt but just in different colours. My favourite out of all these though is the grey one with the batwing logo as it is so easy to wear with plenty of the jeans etc in my wardrobe. I do tend to wear this more in the spring & summer though as it looks great under a denim jacket or teamed up with my shorts. It has really held its shape too after plenty of wears and washes. I just need to start wearing the other colours of this t-shirt a bit more too as they are definitely being neglected. 

I picked this grey River Island t-shirt up last year and it really kicked off my love for the store and got me shopping there more often. This was another bargain at just £7 in the sale but it is that nice I would have definitely purchased this at full price too. I love how from the front this looks so simple but then you turn around and there is a large print on the shirt created in a different type of material which just makes the t-shirt stand out and makes it nice and different, I can't wait to wear this in the summer to show off that print. This t-shirt is different to most of the others in my wardrobe though as it is actually oversized and I think this could definitely be a look I find myself picking more often thanks to this t-shirt showing me how good it can look instead of always having the perfect fitting t-shirt. 

 Another favourite that has come from River Island, the store really did become one of my favourites in 2020 as they had some fantastic clothing on sale. This black t-shirt is another sale find and was just £7 again like the grey one so yet another bargain. Again I love how this doesn't just have a print on the front it has one on the back too. On the front is is a nice simple print on the chest, but then on the back you have some printed writing on the bottom with the word community larger so it stands out. I love the colours on this t-shirt too as it is so simple with the black t-shirt, write writing and a little bit of pink writing to stand out that little bit more.

Weekend offender is a brand that I have loved for years and it was actually my sister who brought it to my attention. I love how the brand incorporates both football and sneakers which are two of my favourite things. I love this Elite Squad t-shirt due to the big sneaker print on the front of the t-shirt as the colours work really well together. The only problem I have had with this brand is that it sometimes runs tight but this one is perfect. This has been in my wardrobe for years now and I can't get enough of it.  


My final favourite is another one from Weekend Offender but this time it is the Casuals FC design which again has been in my wardrobe for years and again the print isn't cracking which goes to show how good it is in terms of quality. The main reason I love this t-shirt though is because of the giant football on the front which is the main reason I bought it in the first place. Plus the colours on the football just add something different to my wardrobe instead of the usual black, grey and red which is what I have the most of. Teamed up with some skinny jeans, converse and a bomber jacket this t-shirt looks fantastic. 

I definitely have too many t-shirts and I am now going to try stop buying them until I have dropped down another clothing size so that I finally stop wasting some money and streamline my wardrobe a little bit. 

What are some of your favourite printed t-shirts in your collection? Or do you tend to just wear plain t-shirts?  

January 2021 Fitness Update


Well 2021 has started the right way for me with me seeing my weight on the scales go down along with me noticing a lot more clothes looking a lot bigger on me which I am finding the best way to measure my progress at the moment. It is great seeing the clothes getting bigger as it definitely motivates me when those scales aren't motivating as much as I would like them too. January has definitely helped me get back on track and seeing progress is helping me keep going after December was a bit of an off month with lots of junk food and very little working out. 

In January I got back on track though and have been smashing my workouts and I have even incorporated a lot more weight sessions into my workout routines which has definitely made a difference and is something I am going to incorporate more and more as I have actually really enjoyed it. The new lockdown has definitely helped with all this as I have had more time at home again to focus on my workouts but another thing that has helped is Gymshark66 but I won't go into that too much as I have a whole post about that in March. It has just felt really good to have some motivation back and see the hard work payoff. 

Something else I have done is have 1 vegan meal per day for January not only has this helped me with my health issues but I also believe that this has helped me with my weight loss too that is why I am going to be carrying it on for the foreseeable future. My big issue has been snacking though as due to me being around the house all the time I am just heading in and out of the kitchen to grab a biscuit or a Skinny bar, looking at my stats for the month though I really need to cut back on this as I know my results could be so much better if I cut back on this. So here is how the month went in terms of my measurements...

Waist start : 106 cm end : 104 cm

Hips start : 113 cm  end : 110 cm

Right thigh start : 62 cm end :63 cm

Right calf start : 42 cm end : 43 cm

Right bicep start :  32 cm end : 34 cm

Left thigh start : 62 cm end : 61 cm

Left calf start : 42 cm end : 42 cm

Left bicep start : 33 cm end : 34 cm

I am actually really impressed and surprised with these measurements from the month as I honestly wasn't expecting them to as they are, especially in terms of my waist and hips. I actually expected all of my measurements to go up rather than down so to see a bit of a mixture of progress is brilliant. 

And here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of January weight : 15 stone 11 & 1/4 lb 
End of January weight : 15 stone 10 lb

Total loss : - 1 lb

To be honest I am impressed with the 1lb loss as at the end of the day it is a loss and not a gain. I definitely know that more could be done to improve on this like cutting back on snacks & swapping the snacks for healthier alternatives. I am also going to try do a lot more workouts too to try make even more progress. I am also determined that in February I can up my water intake too as I am really slacking in that area. All I can say is bring on February. 

Total loss for 2021 : - 1 lb

Total loss since start of journey : -6 & 3/4 lb

How I Style My Black & White Jordan's

When I purchased my black and white Jordan's from the Nike outlet a few years ago for the bargain price of £20 I knew I was going to love them due to how easy the silhouette and colourway is to style. The simple white mid sneaker with the simple black outlining  means it goes with basically all my wardrobe which is always a positive as the more outfit choices I have the more I enjoy the sneakers as I can wear them a lot more often than some of my more out there pairs that I own. So here are my favourite ways to style the sneakers in the colder weather.... 

On those milder days I love to team up the sneakers with a pair of skinny fit joggers and one of my current favourite t-shirts... my Gods of Basketball one from footlocker. I just love how this t-shirt fits and how it fits with the basketball theme of the Jordan's. Throw on a black tracksuit jacket with this and have it open and it is a great look. This is one of my favourite casual looks as it is really comfortable and perfect for those more relaxed days when the weather is a bit milder. 

This look is a new favourite thanks to this Space Jam hoodie I received for Christmas. I absolutely love this hoodie and the simplicity of it and teaming the grey hoodie with the black skinny jeans and the sneakers looks great. This hoodie is nice and simple but the logo in the centre of the chest just adds something to look at in the outfit which is otherwise pretty basic. This is great for those days where I just want to make a bit of an effort but not go overboard so for occasions such as days out shopping. Throw on a nice jacket with this to add an extra layer and it is great for the cold days.

My final favourite at the moment has to be one of my go to items these days but I just switch up the sneakers to give it a bit of a different look from time to time. I have always loved the checked shirt look open with a t-shirt underneath. Teamed up with some black skinny jeans and the black and white Jordan sneakers this just looks a bit smarter than the other outfits and is better for those smarter casual occasions. Throw on some jewellery with this look and you are onto a winner. Add a  beanie & jacket in the colder weather and this will be a great look. If I want this look to be a bit smarter I will button up the shirt as I find this is an instantly smarter look and makes the outfit look a bit more put together. 

As I said earlier these sneakers are a pair I can wear all year round and these are just my favourite ways to style these in the cold weather so winter, spring and autumn months. Keep an eye out as the weather starts to improve as I will do a post on how I style these with my favourite outfits in the warmer weather. How would you style these black and white mid Jordan's? 

January 2021 New In

Well January is finally over after what feels like forever, it really has been one of those months one minute it has gone really fast then it has just gone really slow. I said I wasn't going to spend a right lot of money been December and January pay day as it had just been Christmas but I have definitely done the opposite of that and spent far too much once again. Some of the items were needed for the return to work which didn't actually happen but I am actually really impressed with what I picked up. So here is what I got...

On a trip to our local garden centre I noticed they had some really reasonably priced beers. I love trying new beers so to see ones I had never seen before I thought I would get us stocked up. None have been drunk yet as I haven't really bothered drinking since New Year so I am looking forward to tucking into them. 

I needed a new t-shirt for Christmas day so I picked up the Mandalorian one from Asda as it was in the sale. I love this and it fit nicely and no doubt I will wear it in 2021 too as we get to the end of the year. 

Carrying on with the Star Wars theme I got these 2 pairs of socks from Poundland as it turns out I can fit into their kids range of socks. To be honest these are just so I have something other than sports socks to wear for a change plus you can't beat Yoda. 

Did I need new sneakers? Nope, but at £15 I wasn't leaving them behind as they look a bit smarter than my other pairs and I can see me wearing these a lot. River Island really became one of my favourite shops in 202 and to be honest I could have spent a fortune in store when I got these but I managed to put a limit on things. 

I also picked up a new hat that one of my favourite YouTuber's was selling his t-shirts were amazing and this hat is fantastic too as it looks good and fits really nice which makes a change for me with hats. 

Another pick up from River Island was this t-shirt, I actually have a long sleeved version of this which is really comfortable so I had to pick up the similar short sleeve version too. This was in the sale for £7 and I needed a t-shirt that fit me nice so I wasn't leaving it behind. 

To say that I bought the Star Wars socks to get away from wearing sports socks all the time I also ended up picking up a pack of sports socks from Primark. I haven't had these ones before but I feel like they are a bit comfier and thicker than my Nike ones and at £5 they are a lot cheaper. 

One of my main reasons for going out shopping between Christmas and New Year was to get some clothing for work and to be honest I didn't find much in store except this jumper from Primark. I love these jumpers as they are only £5 so I don't feel like I am wasting money while I lose weight and they fit nice too. 

JD is a shop where I normally don't find any bargains in my size as it is a pretty popular size. When I saw this Adidas jacket for just £20 and in my size I wasn't leaving it behind as I love the colours of this and how it will go with a lot of my wardrobe too. I am definitely going to be getting plenty of wear out of this. 

Also for work I ordered a couple of long sleeved 1/4 zip polo shirts from Boohoo Man. I am really impressed with the quality of these polo shirts and I am really looking forward to getting back in the office so I can actually wear these. They are definitely a lot smarter than what I used to wear. 

I needed some more BCAAs so I decided to try the cola for a change and Liam decided he wanted to try the berry burst ones too. We also got a couple more shakers as they are really good and last quite a while plus with us drinking these daily it is always worth having spares. I have really weak wrists too so I got some wrist straps to try for when I do push ups and weights. 

I have wanted Mattdoesfitness' book since he announced that he was writing one so a few days after it was released I finally picked it up. I love Matt's channel and I am really looking forward to giving this a read and hopefully implement some bits into my weight loss journey. 

I picked up the latest Pinch of Nom book too as I love these and I am trying to cook a lot more in 2021 so this should come in handy. We have all 3 of these books now so we should have plenty of meal options. 

I had been neglecting my Macbook by not buying a case for it. I finally managed to find one I liked on Amazon and it even comes with a little pouch that is going to be really handy for putting my charger in too. I was a bit worried my laptop might have been a little small for it but it is the perfect fit. 

With me wanting to start creating reels for my Instagram I have finally purchased a phone attachment for my tripod. I am hoping this makes creating content on my own a whole lot easier. 

I am sick of files constantly getting mixed up so I ended up picking up 2 more memory cards so I now have one memory card for each blog. Fingers crossed this will help me become a bit more organised and know what is where and what actually needs doing instead of spending forever trying to find the correct file. 

finally we have my favourite purchase... the Xbox Series X. I wanted this as soon as it was released but struggled to find one in stock so when I checked Argos at 3am one morning and they had it to collect that same day I wasn't leaving it behind. I know that between me and Liam we are going to spend plenty of hours on this and our games room is now complete. 

That is what we picked up in January what did you pick up? Have you treated yourself after Christmas?