January 2020 Favourites

Most people say January is lasting forever but I feel like I have blinked and I have missed it, thanks to it seeming to go by so fast. It has been quite a busy month and has definitely been a month of changes for me that are paying off brilliantly so here are some of my favourite things from January...

I wrote a post all about the Nike Court Borough mid trainers, which you can read here, these trainers have been a staple piece for me through January as they seem to have become my everyday trainers. Easy to get on & easy to style they have been perfect for me and plenty of occasions. I wear them to work, football matches and even everyday shopping trips, thanks to them being so comfortable they are perfect for the longer days.

Another favourite has to be my Rivici t-shirt, I wore this for the first time on New Years Eve and loved it since then I have worn this plenty more times, even for a family meal out. It is so easy to put an outfit together with the t-shirt and I am so impressed I have been looking at other items from the brand. Keep an eye on the blog as a post all about the t-shirt will be going up very soon.

My new camera is definitely a favourite. I bought this just before the New Year and I am so glad I did. It has really improved the quality of my photos and it is actually helping make me want upload to Instagram each day. Now I just need to get a bag/case to keep the lenses & camera in so I can take them out and about and get some even better shots. 

Another favourite is getting stuff done, this month we have booked 2 trips away, I have done a lot better with keeping the blog & Instagram updated too. This seems to be from a little switch flicking in my head and telling me just to go ahead book the trips away while we can, last year we didn't go away at all as we spent a lot of time working on the house but not this year, we are going out seeing new places. This new mindset has also seems to be really helping me with blogging too, I have so many ideas I am currently working on and the blog is already doing better than last year.

Savings, savings, savings I finally have money in my savings account. Last year I was just going out and buying for the sake of it, I didn't need half the stuff I bought and that shows as clothing still has tags on & games are still un-played. Throughout January I think I have had 1/2 shopping trips and I have only bought items I have wanted for a long time or that are useful additions. I have decided I am going to be a lot more sensible with what my money goes on so I aren't wasting it.

Finally we have got progress with the spare room, in fact by the first week in February I am hoping to have it completed and everything unpacked into it. It is so nice seeing everything come together and taking shape. I can't wait to finally have somewhere to go sit & get ready on a morning. Plus it means I will finally have a full length mirror to check on outfits before I head out. 

Another home favourite is the bathroom, since having this done I can spend a lot more time in there and having a much longer bath has been absolutely fantastic relaxing has never been easier. It just makes the house look a lot nice to me too as it looks nice and fresh. Keep your eye on the blog to see a completed bathroom post. 

Health & Fitness
My number 1 favourite for this category has to be my Apple watch, the activity watch face has been absolutely fantastic and has really helped keep me motivated to reach those goals. The watch has become an everyday accessory for me and I love it. 

My weight loss is another big favourite, I have made some small changes to my diet and my routine & things are really paying off. For this month I have lost  4lb which may not seem a lot but is definitely a great start for my journey. I have managed to do this without heading to the gym but now we are planning to go start again (now we are both feeling better) I can't wait to see what progress I can make.

See you soon

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