Things Are Going To Be Different In 2020

Now we have gone into 2020 and I have looked back on 2019 I have found somethings I really want to do different this year. They are all changes that won't just benefit me but will hopefully be beneficial for Liam too. 2019 was spent wasting far too much time just doing things for the sake of it like shopping trips when we could have done something in the house instead or gone to the gym. So here are the things I am wanting to do in 2020 to benefit me and also get things done.

Eat better
This is a bit one for me that I really need to do. Throughout 2019 far too many takeaways were eaten and this year it is going to change. I know how to do a chicken tikka masala and that is it but I am going to learn to make different meals and stop leaving it all to poor Liam. Too many times we have just said we can't be bothered so lets just order in, but by cutting this out not only be doing our health a favour but also our bank accounts.

Get my fitness back on track
I was in and out of this through 2019, stopping and starting with going to the gym but not really committing to it. So this year I am going to go to the gym a lot more often, maybe even go on some nice walks. I have gained so much weight lately that I really want to change that so going to the gym & walking should help me. I am also hoping to join the local walking football club when it starts up so that may help too, plus not only will it help lose weight it should also help my knee get better.

Shop more consciously
The is something I really need to do.So much money has been wasted over the past few months which has meant items have just been sat around unused & clothes unworn. Then there are the stuff that I buy because they are cheap and they break or don't last too long meaning I have to buy them again so spending twice as much. Even if I have to spend a little more for something that will last me longer it will benefit me more. Also before buying any items I need to actually need to stop and think do I really need this, like if I pick up a pair of shoes I like I need to stop myself and tell myself maybe they aren't needed same goes for clothing it will be a case of do I already have something similar & can I style it with plenty of other items so it doesn't go to waste. There may even be a bit of a wardrobe update/declutter post coming to the blog in 2020 so keep checking back for that.

Be more confident in front of the camera
This is one that will definitely come in handy especially with me really wanting to grow the fashion side of the blog. Last year I had so many fashion posts I wanted to do but I really didn't want my picture taking for them so they have ended up been pushed back to 2020, where I am actually going to get all those posts written. If the confidence comes for me I will be able to be more creative with my images and my Instagram should also look a lot better. I think if I lost weight this would be a lot easier for me as I would be more comfortable with how I looked but I need to get over that mindset and just take the pictures the more I do it the easier it will hopefully get.

Travel more
Travelling is something I want to do a lot more of through the year even if it is just days out with Liam or the family, but I also want a few weekends away with just Liam as we haven't been on one in ages. The main thing I want to do is travel around the UK and I think the football blog may help me for this as there are events I want to go to, stadium tours I would love to do and away games that would be great to go to. But I do want time away from football too so maybe when it is the off season we may have to have a few adventures.

Do more blogging & improve it
Last year I really enjoyed writing all the posts I did so lets hope that in 2020 that continues. I have so many ideas of posts I really want to do so I will definitely be dedicating time to get those typed up and the photos taken for it. I just need make sure I keep plenty of time free to get all this content done & actually get organised this year. Plus I have just treated myself to a new camera (more about that coming up in a post soon) so fingers crossed that also helps the photography side of the blog posts become even better as I won't be relying on my phones camera quality. I am also going to take time to edit those pictures to get the very best out of them.

Save more money
This is definitely one of the big things I want to do. I don't know where most of money went last year and that annoys me, I do know quite a bit went on things for the house and getting the bathroom done then a lot was spent on my nephew but this year I am going to try not to spend too much on him as he doesn't really need anything yet (obviously I will still get him the occasional treat). Plus there isn't much more left to do in the house, the spare room is a priority but then any money save will go towards the hallway and the garden. All I want doing in the house is the spare room and the garden the rest can wait the saving is more important to me so if anything unexpected crops up I have it covered. Another thing I am going to do to try help me save is take a set amount out of my account each month for treats, then once that money is gone it is done I don't need to spend anything extra if I have anything left in my wallet at the end of the month I will put that in a savings jar & keep an eye on how much I have at the end of the year/ halfway through the year. I can then pay that money back into my bank & put it in my savings account.

Spend more time with family
This is another big thing for the year for me, I want to spend plenty of time with my nephew as he is growing throughout the year but I also want to spend plenty of time with everyone else too. It would be great to have gatherings with everyone at our house or in the garden in the summer so lets hope we can try get stuff organised for that. It would be great to have them come around for food with us too as my auntie & uncle have been around so have my grandparents now I just need to cook for everyone else. 

So there you have it those are the things I am hoping to change throughout 2020, I might check in on this post halfway through the year if not I will do one big round up this time next year. If I can pull off even half of these I think I am in for a great year. What are you hoping to get out of 2020?

See you soon

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