May 2018 Favourites

may 2018 favourites

May seems to have flown by and I am so glad because it means less time until I go see Demi Lovato at long last. I am just so glad May had a couple of bank holiday's as it has meant that we have got quite a bit more done in the house. So here are a few of my favourite things from the month of May...

Beauty wise it has been a slow month and I haven't really fallen in love with anything new apart from this Power Legend Intense Eau De Toilette, granted this is for men but it isn't too strong and smells so good. When my auntie bought this for me they told her it was made to smell just like a Tom Ford I aren't sure which one but it just smells so good. I have also been loving my Lynx Unity spray as it is just the perfect scent, not too weak and certainly not too strong. 

I started getting back into the gym in May and wow I may have only lost a little bit of weight but it is slowly going plus clothes are starting to get big on me and others are complimenting me on my weight loss. We finally got around to cutting the grass in all the gardens too so that has meant I have been able to get out and just kick the football around again which I am absolutely loving as I really have missed it. As I said above we have managed to get more done around the house throughout May, we are now at the stage where the bedroom is basically completed and it just feels so cosy, it is great having the house feel more like a home.

Nights have been spent relaxing and watching either a TV series or films. I completed Riverdale at last and seriously when is series 3 coming out because that show is just brilliant, I think I got through series 2 in a week. Since moving in with Liam I have started watching Dragon Ball which is something I wouldn't usually have picked to watch, but having access to all Liam's DVD's I am getting the chance to watch new things, so far it is really good and I can't wait to watch more of it. The big thing for me was The Greatest Showman finally coming out on DVD and I was lucky enough for Liam to pick this up for me, I can't get enough of it, the film is absolutely amazing I need to try get Liam to sit and watch it with me.

Music has been on everyday throughout May, whether it has been whilst walking too and from work or doing jobs around the house. Fifth Harmony unfortunately begun their hiatus in may and I am still quite upset about it, I have lost count of how many videos of their final performance I have watched and how many of their music videos I have been watching. Plus they have just released their farewell video for Don't Say You Love Me, which is brilliant and just happens to be my favourite song. Another strong favourite for the month has been Shawn Mendes, Me and Georgia are going to see him next year and I have just purchased his latest album, In My Blood is a brilliant song but my favourite so far has to be Youth. Finally Camila Cabello dropped her latest song with Pharrell called Sangria Wine and if you have read this blog for a while then you will know I have been waiting for this single for a long time, it is brilliant and I can not get enough of it. Although I really think Liam is sick of hearing me randomly singing it.

What have you been loving this month? 

See you soon,

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