It is finally time to start on the spare room...


Here we go we have another project to throw into the mix of an already chaotic start to 2024. We have done the bedroom, had patio doors fit and even got the home gym up and running but now it is time for the part I am most looking forward to... the spare room. This is a room I spend a lot of time in but is currently very chaotic so I can't wait to get it restarted as a much calmer space to basically live in as I spend so much time in there. This room is going to be made into a bit of a hybrid room to suit all occasions and this will be done by splitting it in 2, basically down the middle. There will be clothing and sneakers on one side then football & content creating zones on the other.

I want this room to be a pretty dark room and have done for a while so the plan is to go for dark green on the walls, this has been the colour choice for a long time so I can't wait to see this finally come to life. The woodwork will still be white to make it a little lighter in the room overall but I am looking forward to seeing how it looks when all painted. As the room is a bit darker I am planning on a better light fitting being added so that when it comes to creating content I can brighten up the room a bit more just by having a more exposed bulb. The grey blind is also going as I get rid of the grey at long last and try find a suitable replacement that matches the scheme a bit better.

Now onto the fun part and one of the sides that is going to be the most used.. the football & work side. This side is going to consist of the wall where the door is which isn't very big and then a nice long wall with plenty of space although a bulky stair head does take up a bit of space but more on that shortly. On the small wall right behind the door I will be putting a nice new full length mirror which I am yet to find for those fit pics etc. Above the mirror and along the rest of the small wall I am going to have various shelves up for a mix of things, one may be filled with collectibles, one will have my record player & some records on and one will definitely be filled with Lego that I am still to build. I am not 100% sure how many shelves I will be able to fit in this area however, I am really hoping I can get a minimum of 4 on here. Under the shelves will be that quite bulky stair head but I am going to utilize this rather than filling it with junk like I currently do. On here I will be having my printer and a few other little bits that I may not have other homes for so we shall see what ends up on there in the end, all I know is I am not filling it with junk. 

Next to the stair head I am just putting my old desk back in as there is nothing wrong with it and thanks to its size it is great for using for content creating and working at, I will definitely be getting a new chair for this though as my current one is not comfortable at all. Above the desk I am going to place a few framed football shirts that are special ones however, I need to sort the height out for this as I want to keep the space above the desk clear so that there is a bit of blank space for some of the content creating I do on the desk. Next to the desk is where things are going to change a bit, I have the 8 hole Kallax unit which is currently on its side however, I am going to move this next to the desk with it stood up. This Kallax is going to be filled with my football shirts as it always has been but I will also be adding some memorabilia to here. This is another spot which always looks a mess currently so I am thinking of moving my less worn shirts into some storage baskets to make it look a little tidier. Some of the holes with baskets in will also have some work bits in such as notebooks, paperwork, bits for the printer however, there won't be loads in here as I am planning on moving some bits into the games room where I have some blogging things near my main PC, I just need to hurry up and get the Kallax built in the games room too so I can move things across. I will be doing a declutter of this Kallax before it goes back into the spare room though so a lot of things may even end up in storage or the bin which is much needed to be honest.

Over on the other side of the room it is going to be a bit of a dressing room to make getting ready on a morning a whole lot easier and so that everything finally has its own home. My trusty Alex drawers will be being moved over to this side and they are going to be fully decluttered to get rid of all the junk that is filling them at long last. Instead of junk these drawers will now be filled with hair care bits and accessories which haven't fit into the wardrobe. There might be some hats in here and any candle overflows but we shall see what ends up going in there when it is finally moved back into the room once it is complete. At the side of the Alex drawers I am going to put a nice wall mounted clothes rail which will be to hold my outfits of the week and possibly any new in pieces that I need to keep for creating any content. Again though the plan is to make sure this rail doesn't get too cluttered as I want to keep this room as tidy as possible. Under the rail will be a nice little shoe rack with just a few pairs on that are in the current rotation so they can be quickly grabbed each day.

I would really love to add one of the IKEA Lack shelves to this room for some of my all time favourite sneakers but as it stands I am not sure if there will be space for it so we will have to wait and see once everything is moved back in as it could possibly squeeze in near the window. 

So that is the biggest part of the work all planned out but of course along with the big work there are those little finishing touches and lets just say there are plenty of finishing touches that I have in mind already. So here are those finishing touches I would love to add to the room...

New Chair

As I said earlier I am now looking at picking up a new chair for this room. I wasn't going to however, the current chair just isn't comfortable and as I spend so much time in here I want something that I am going to be comfy in even if I am sat for a few hours. I have fallen in love with this brown one from Amazon as the style is fantastic and it looks quite comfortable. The price isn't too bad either so maybe once the room is all put back together this will be by the desk. 

Byredo Biblotechque Candle

I have had my eye on one of these candles for a while now but have been previously been put off by the price of them.I think redoing this room is the perfect time to add the candle into the home though as what is better than a new candle in a new room. I already have the perfect spot in mind for this and can't wait to get it ordered. 

Reed Diffuser

The plan is to have this room smelling as good as possible all year round so a nice smelling reed diffuser is going to be a great addition. With me doing the room in the next few weeks I want to pick up a diffuser that has a summery scent however, as the year goes on I will be changing this to fit the seasons and honestly I can't wait to go shop around for options.

Sneaker Books

The plan is to have one or two sneaker books on the top of the Alex drawers on the dressing room side of things just to add a bit of decor to the room. I have had my eye on the specific book in the picture for a long time now as I think it is definitely time it came into our home. I am looking forward to sitting and flicking through this one. 

New Record Player

As time goes on if I am getting plenty of use out of my current record player I might have a look into getting myself an upgrade however, this is definitely going to be something for the future and not straight away as I want to do my research before buying anything. I just need to make sure I am getting the use out of my current one first too. 

I am sure there will be more added to this list as we start to put the room back together but for now these are the pieces I am most looking forward to picking up and bringing into the room. Who else knows what might end up coming into this space but all I can say for now is I am excited to see how this room finally starts shape. It is a long overdue project to finally get this room suited to my needs and fingers crossed this room will be nice and cosy for me to spend plenty of time in working on content or getting ready.  

There is definitely a fair bit of work to take place in here but I really can't wait to get started, first up is finally decluttering the room...